The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on April 30, 1970 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1970
Page 5
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.Please, sir-a simpler syn-tax »AY 01 CRANt W Thrower <-MWfiinicm«r of Internal , n. I) C ComiMUsludt-! Sum* time in thr months you fcmJ your »iaif </! «»P«rU will Hart ducuulom wi the doitfn o( t»t<- ntw irv come l*i foam for r ,,.it >e»r May I tri|x-<.Ku!l) fiiokt a »U|ji;r»tifjn' f'lrat*, »ir. don't tlo it to us again next >car Thu P)Cdr'l lofni II onr of IJn- rjiott con/mini; and complc* thai has cvrr (j*t- tn ilw American public Vou call it thr block technique It h*faWf<J a» a model ol »jrn pUcllH The ta»j>a>(rr u »vj|> j»S«l to in*- ffflly l) ;r Jo/ltit lK»t *pfi!> to hu particular U one or two furtm hi» mrj*jn- tliit j fmr Those are all (hot are ex- l«'cte<t of him You iiml | know that Hut what about the millions of hunent tnxpuym who Mruu- K\r *ilh a tux form only <jm-p ii year 1 You have tmilU-d each ol thrm ;i full id ol the cow- I'licatt-.] forrnj !o|>«rU>er wilh |>ai;r a/Iff p«f;i- ol instructions t( l.r takfs the time to jraci all thi- mslructlom arid sluil) all thr (onus I a(Jf.«-<Th*ft reported HIIA/OMU - Kverett Krf «:(, rcportrd a burglary <A a TrijKO Service SUttcwt to \\,r Sin-Mil'* J> r p( early | flu •07 D« Crorve u aufKo/ o/ ffce annual lot gvKJr, "Cut Yovr O-mn Taiti " Mr nlmuilnl Iha! J54 m cash » at mining K«-rvrh fir»l frtK*t«l thai about ll.CWJ »utih o< looh »rrr mtuing Uil ihnr »rfr lourx! <»((icrf» arc ilill irv thr case (hit he ihuulci not have too much trouble urid<.*rtturidi[>i> thttm Hut lew \teufi\v have the time or the inclination t» (Jo nil Ihiit lilodyinK these daw even concerning $o/iiclfiin« ut- important to tln-m as their Income tax return This in why I make an appeal for simplicity m-xt vein Certified public account- iiots uiiti tax ntlorne;. s claim the new fornn are i;ti-;u Hut e\f-n they, upon f u r t h e t admit the> over the fii-,1 few t el u r n i with whu-ti ihev worked Isn't this the key to |)>c i> r o b I e in, Commissioner" Kor whom are t/ie lornis Ix-inK deaiuried' Vour torn(niter operator*' The lax liractitioners"" Or the millions u! taxpayers who make Ihu a do it-yourtell proji-if Hememl/er. these [H-o|>!e work on onl> one return. their own And they do u but once a year They don I have the opportufjtiy, or the >n< n nation It, U-corne e«|«-f(i Thej merely want to cj</ .1 ll>vt<i\tt>,l\ and honest job it, tf>e shortest postitilc tim>- Tjir olher nitflit a co!!e;;«- tion asked me to help him with 111* tax return Tins man h an expert in the data processing field If he Is havini; trouble uri- (terstanding your forms and Instruction*, what chance dw» a worker with a Jwilled education ha.c'' Tax prartitionfr.s it-purl Ihey are li/niiru; away IJUM ne»» because UK-,' liase more than the> can handle With the longer time it takes to prepare n,c ni.-w forms, they have upped their lees .Soinvthirig is wrong here The lax burden is heavy enough twl;>;, Average people with uncomplicated lax p r o b I e m s should not I*- lorced to pay somebody to prepare their t;,»; return Hut since this is happen ing, the inev.-apalilc conclu sion is ttiat your forms and >our iiutriK'.iot,', are ;mt I.M, complicate!) There is of time to How can Christian Science help you? in b'.iMfit-tt administra- prepare fur next year's forms This !•, a fervent p!<-a lor simplli it;. Hon't do it \<, ir. apain Hes[K-ctluil : , , Hay De Crane Tax Writer. NewspajH-r KntcrpriM- ASMS to thi* Chrltlian Scl»nc» L»ctur« FIRST CHURCH of CHRIST, Scientist I'-M. ' 1 ' 101 Tr»a» WATCH FOR DETAILS OF MEASLES CAMPAIGN kir dr-.aiH It* '.he P.uUw. Hu*rll;> (krman M ratio ra;r.pai|tn I>! jAmrs (Uu. rh;i(;r;,.ir. (4 !)>.- » \v 5 p rr* V, r pi act- h:i» r«r! U«-r: t-rt •'™^™ ^^^^^^'^^"^^'^^'^^•^^•^^^i^^^^^^^^^i^^^^B^B^^Pi^^ This summer, keep your cool a little cooler. (by Mr. Friedrich's Incredible Electric Cooling Machine) MERE'S WHY A rRIEDRICM ROOM 'AIR CONDITIONER WILL COOL YOUR HOUSE BETTER. COOL IT MORE QUIETLY. AND SAVE YOU A FISTFUL OF MONEY EVERY YEAR ON ELECTRICITY BILLS. M»cf>ir.e n t*i:!t t 7h»t la cr«Mtf »mcx)thlv «,ittt all (»,, other* Arv<) »t,»n an t!-e •uptrso* J "y coo-tt to t>e pic!t) much ! h « t«m« And »ictpt (ui r»v»d»»th t coolti cool. tt-.« r \\,i\ air Trv« rfltj lo* a tup*rw» »T co>x)'|toT' ca-T« to ui t-»<juM »» I £»>c i ctrt4>" Of [»»»on «(xul<J rafh»c O.TI a condil>on«f One t/v»t net Mttcr arvnj more qu.vtly 1 — at cott •- but on* that lavt» (01 » | Io"|, long |irn» Wt'r* not co>ng to t*ll «.-er,one A rt«lr«ch. IMOUM a tot o( folk* bu, T conditiontu on p«ic« alor,« fried rxh cf*n«/i don't buy (hjt *i frttln) in qua'ity «nd • nd (xr<ormjnc« end MOnomy con<Jil»C"S«r runt at 'c'vin.r.f; j(:<>c-J " vo lo tp»»k !•»» a- c^^rij.'.vfl en a c»' lit *ai( to «»« ha-«. ycu'ii ncrrt •'<••.-. »ic<t'>citv »i-r!h a QUirr At * BAHAMA This banana \!,i^<l4 for the ki-;l ol qu.ct >ou get A >h a Fnr^ Q,.- cltr quiet Vi'tv, » VIP;I t-oit , be-cautc AC timpiy uie i-iore vc-ur-o i!e.iden>r-p ; r^u lation D^it aiic t>c;.iu\!- our r-'.-in^r •UNOlt tVIRT TtJM WITH MB Mlf OfttCH ( (IICTNIC cooimo MACHINt A f(»»ci»ch Air Conditioner cotli Ion 10 op«r«l* thjn moil *ny other air con d'liontr In any sir* range And your frxdnch daaltr can piov* it Cvciy »umm«r. year after year, you'll tee lower electric billt Comparative opcr^t ing wattt of all brandt o) room air con ditionera are published every year by the Aitociation ol Home Appliance Manufacturer! Your Fnedrich Dealt" hat theie figurei and can (how you euctty how much you will save iirrit TMMUOtTAT Vet tne lncre<»ib)e C'ectric Cooling Machine Coolt cc-oter lnt«Jt. Ihore't a m'ty litttc Radget called a Heat Ant.c. pator Theimojtat ' - an ingeniout pat ented device that only Tnednch hai The 'Heat Anticipator Thermottaf doet tutt ».hat it M>» it cult in futa rich't dehumidified, cool air at eiactly the right lime to maintain a more tteady. even cool in your room That at you may have guetted. i» *hy »,* call ilt cool cooler Becaut« it it Another gadget, patent pending automatically preventt your Frwdnch Irom icing up thould you lorget to clean the filter of change the tempera lure telling when the outt'de tempera ture dropt Or. any of the other reatont that make air conditioner! ice up chamber i» 10 U P'oolrd aid »>.»» jc- - . venlt. Ihe ccK'V ceo: f-. quieter And t<-c.imp c.f 6al.incei1 Co— ;-..-.-rr.| v cac'-. r»'t it ,I'H. Hie proper tpeed rt.t thaVing o< ttraminp S quieter Ana cooler to «-p!l scjrd ,- more i-ut'ct ^ to CC.'T.P out the "c"f:-r.ecr P mert.ene-d ,S wor..n>; at cut *'•. tliey .ill «-crV F riedrioh ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS 25 Modtl* Irom 6,000 lo 33.300 BTU YOU* rmtomcM MAT STILL at MAKING COOLtN COOL IN TOO) Ai you might imagine by now,. Mr Triednch't Incied'ble flertnc Cooling Machine seldom bre.ifcs down Aftei all, v*hcn all (he parts ol a machine are properly balanced they each last longer And when v,e say >x>u may bring in the year 200J »ith it, we're not laughing So. m choosing one of our 25 models, choose carefully. You'll be living with it a long time There may still be one question in your mind: Does a Fiiedrich cost more than other air conditioners? Yes. it does But its cool costs less and is cooler. Isn't that incredible? Friedrich Sells Direct To Jack Reid Saving You The Middleman's Cost SALE DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN! SPECIALS GOOD THURS. 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'1.59 VALUE WILSON'S DISCOUNT PRICE

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