Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 30, 1937 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1937
Page 8
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fftM>A¥ EVENING, APftlL fffiB PAJff A fttttlf NHW& Pfitapi, i ' /$ Prominent In Long Reign Of Terror In Harlan County, Kentucky RODNEY BUTCHER, Daily News Washington Correspondent. WASHINGTON, April 30. —the middle-aged, high-cheeked, s a d - fnfth with that gray shook of hair doWn over his forehead somehow looked acutely familiar. ' It was at a LaPollette Civil Liberties Committee hearings and witnesses were relating—often in 'the drawling, hard-bitten dialect of the Kentucky hills—one of the most astoftishing chapters in twentieth century history. They were telling of the long reign of terror maintained in Harlan county, of murdered union miners a*nd dynamited homes; of the sheriff—his bond put up by the coal company—who owns company stock and has a slice in company stores where the "script" pay received by miners is discounted 25 per cent; of law officers who bribed men to blow up homes of organizers; of 378 deputies appointed, among whom more than 100 had criminal records involving everything up to and Including murder; of beatings, assaults and ambushes; of subsidized public officials Who did the bidding of mine superintendents; of the rash county prosecutor who threatened to clean up Harlan until dynamite promptly ended his career. It All Comes Back. Some of the fellows at the press table finally inquired about the man with the shock of hair—and then it all came back to them. Washington was witnessing another appearance of former Federal Judge Chas. I. Dawson. of Kentucky, here now as counsel and adviser to the Harlan County Coal Operators' Association. The reason he hadn't been recognized was that he wasn't shouting and gesticulating as he was on his visit a year ago last January when he spoke to the famous Al Smith Liberty League dinner. The "Jedge," as Sheriff Theodore Middleton calls him, was a Republican politician who became prosecutor of Bell county, where conditions were subsequently described to those in rfarlan. After he had become attorney general of the state, and had run successfully as Republican candidate for governor, President Coolidge made him a federal Judge. The "Jedge" became nationally famous when he vehemently declared unconstitutional the NRA, the slum clearance condemnation proceedings, the Kerr-Smith tobacco act taxes and other New Deal laws. Then he quit the bench to appear as a lawyer for coal and utility companies against the government. 'Today Dawson whispers in the hall advising witnesses whom the liPollette committee investigators blame for many of the atrocities in "Bloody Halan." -He hasn't spoken ••-• aloud to the committee yet. But he may soon address a local federal court for a mine superintendent n'emed Ted Creech has been arrested - for alleged perjury. Creech denied testimony that he had threatened vengeance against a witness who had testified about dynamiting activities of Harlan deputies. "Wild Life" in Harlan. When the voluble Congressmen Dies of Texas asked Congressman May of Kentucky whether he was as opposed to Harlan violence as to lynchings, May was able to hold the floor of the House for five minutes under the pretext that Harlan doings were "wild life"—the two last words which May had moved to strike from the record in order to enable him to speak having been "wild life refuge." Declaring the conduct of Harlan coal operators "so reprehensible as to constitute the blackest spot In American industrial life," and pointing to a governor's commission report that a reign of terror had been financed by coal operators in collusion with public officials, May asserted: • "That is the kind of wild life we have in. Harlan county . , . • "In the adjoining counties o Letcher and Perry, in my district there exists peace, prosperity anc happiness. Even every form of wild life is extremely happy and con tented." (Copyright, 1937, NBA Service, Inc. • Texas ranks seventh in the num ber of licensed private aircraft pilots in the United States. Bureau o Air Commerce figures show there are 248 such aviators. On Capitol Hill BY HARRELL E. LEE. AUSTIN, April 30 (/P)—Much dissatisfaction is heard with the legislature staying in session 120 days every two years and letting a large number of bills die on the calendar. Oov. Allred says he has not known a successful session since the voters a few years ago adopted a constitutional amendment Increasing the regular meeting from 60 to 120 days. The reason advanced for the change was that the lawmakers could do more work and special sessions be eliminated or the number reduced. So far, however, special sessions have been as frequent as formerly. The constutlonal amendment suggested that the first 30 days be devoted to introduction of bills, the second 30 to committee work, and the final 60 to floor action. Gov. Allred expressed the opinion this was impractical because the legislature did not begin actual work sufficiently -early in the session. The lawmakers, too, departed considerably from the suggestion. The House last week began committee hearings before expiration of the 30 days. Members usually have been able to introduce bills during the last half of the session without difficulty. Some observers say the change has resulted in a mass of legislation being introduced and in the people expecting the lawmakers to achieve much more liian they can In four months. Arrival of the end of a session without action on a large number of bills Is not as bad as it might seem. Many probably would be killed if reached. The purpose of some has been effected by bills passed. Others were recommended by committee as a favor to a member and would stand no chance of being enacted. Louis Lankford, white-haired Representative from Commerce, fears the trend in government Is away from the people. In support of his position he called attention of his colleagues to the extension of terms of members of various boards from two to six years and to the proposed constitutional amendment making terms of all precinct, county, and district officers four instead of two years. William B. Carson, 24-year-old House member from San Antonio, gets much of his recreation "In the air." The young airplane pilot thinks nothing of a week-end hop of three or four hundred miles. One Sunday this spriing he flew to New Orleans, "sat down" about 30 minutes, then returned. ottt MEN -THRIVE At OOfrfiftAttVE CAMP. ABERDEEN, Wash. (*)—Living on pensions of a little over $20 a month each, 27 elderly men have found haven at Camp Tulips, on the seashore here. The camp is operated by the Washington state welfare department but is self-supporting. Each man here is at least 65 years old. To establish It, the welfare department took over abandoned quarters of a federal transient camp. The men live in two bunk-houses, raise many of their own garden products and pay less than $15 a month each for expenses. All work is done on a voluntary basis and the men have few rules to govern them. The blood of ma&y loWef has a pale blue ofygemc&ryl&g substance hi place 6f the haemogloP>! bin that gives tfie blodd of tliS higher animals its fed coldr". 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