Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 29, 1954 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1954
Page 9
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PARE TEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH tn Illinois Supreme Court Clerk Shows Job of Justice Is Not 'Snap' fty CHAMBRKT.AIN SPRIN5FIELD. ILL. -Srnie Supreme Court Clerk Earl Benjamin Senrry. Spnnc- field. has rlus up some statNtii-; which show the }oh nl thr seven high tribunal fistic PS i< no sine- rure. i'hpy reveal thai while the jllstif-os themselves niH> not «.-it in open court a lot. th<-\ tin ha\ e fl lot of hard work. \\huh no r'ouht keeps thPm un msliN hum ing thp midnight -M! as lluy n- K! up on msps ssMcir-'J t'i'-ni tm written opinions for 45 days ^ V'"' .'-myris and spectators SIT thr court in j action. There BIT ninr rl,-ns to 1 ca< ;i of the ,V.e terms. ea> h >ear. They hold open c-ourt lo receive motion* and listen to I 'earned and sometimes- I n n g- ' winded arguments on Hie merits 01 de-merits of an appeal. The : rest ol Ihe time ihey are preparing opinions or ;)re in cr>n- teienc-e with each other discussing or disposing of appeals. And on lop of Ilial Ihere Is what is occasionally joshingly called thrir so-railed "vacalion" that pei nxl between terms when justice? hold counties* I hr>a rings in Mieir home town office mi fictitious for slavx in rases where a lower c-ourt judgment e.-iine loo late lo get slarl- -ARE If you nrn tn debt, and behind In vour pnymmiU, tat BlilMiKl PLAN arrniiK* to «et von out of d«ht with payment* \o<t run afford, ri>»rnrdi>!>tii ol how mwh you o««. No wurity or cndormri required—ann plm-n to THE BUDGET PLAN 201 »V. SHU ST.. 2MJ FLOOtt-|'hon« 2-9Ml-Ai;ro>, ILK CoprMiht IM.I — O P.B. _ si. i,n«li, Mo ed toward fl review hy the pi-erne Court. Despite the haid work fmolv- ed. most lawyers regard membership on the Slate Supreme Court as the ultimate goal of their profession unless j| be membership on the t.'.s. Supreme Court. In addition to the honor il has attractions for other reasons. One is ih a i a term JK [ or nine years arid another is Ihnt it pays an annual salary of $20 000. Searcy, a former slate senator i he also was one of the early founders of ihe American Legion i doesn I iia\e In take n hint. He's jusl as iiillc-h of the proverbial "busy lillle man" as any of Hie juslie es. He's Die earliest river and the fi,st | 0 work i probably eels il limn hi*- earl.N -to-work newspaper dayi of all the stale o'licei-. including even fiov. William (i. Stialtnn. an occasional earl" riser. Searcy will) Ihe ;itd of two assistants. Harold I,. Sellcis ;mc| I.. I.. Woods, seai-c-hed Ihioiigh high court lerords lor Ihc- last six yea is lo show just <\hal the- justices clo lo cam their pay. They disc-lose thai Marling wilh IMS mid continuing through Ki.Vi, ear-h yer. Also thr eourt »dmit«; i an average of wtO lawyers to I practice fttfh year. I fere s a sample of a year's ! fleimiy it.-iking I'l.'i.'i. the Ja*f c-ornplele yeat > by the court: opinions ',,'7.1, rehearing* 'of pre- Conrrrt To BP at f;iir-?irrfifjcl Ctl[.;sTKRr'n-;LD _ A m e n • s quartette from Greenville College v ill present a sacred roner-rt at vious opinions i %; criminal ap-lihe fnited Church, on May 3 at f-eaN 2\-\: civil appeals .tM; pe- | l.M p. m. Namely:'Vince Krornke. Mions feu leave to appeal 117. ompensaiion apncals-auards for death or mjurv Ifi; rnolirms .'!0-t; i ases argued eiially .'i'i: and cases submitted on I i icls 107, In order lo facilitate thej, work v. hen ihcj.are silling cm h jus- lice has a fun ale apai linen) in the' Siitiifine Coii.-t buildint'. Il is equipped with e;Mni;'. sleeping (incl slucly c|n,nleis. There also is a large ccin/''i-enc-e rc/oni where the- jusl ices: ui.'ddle to discuss a ' use and vole on an opinion. There it no recoid cif the vole only Hi'- name of the- |ir.|ic e writing ihe o|)jnion. Oc-c-asionally when the justices disagree Iheie may l,e a rninor- ilv opinion arid the name of ihe justice or just/ccs u nt/ng it !-.• made public- Sciiiicluiic.s more Ihan one jii'tirc shares in lbc> vviitinj; of an opinon and all Ibc-u- names are appended lo il. Dc- c-a'-.ionally Ihc'ic- miiv be a dc. Ihe court averaged dispf)silion ! < -Inralion Ihe opinion \\,-is unan- ol more than a IhoitsHnd appeals i imous. /-'or ri'i-rpiition the jus- each year, not counting various lues plav table tennis m the rulings on motions. These Included Ulilitn; more than 1,500 opinions, at Ihe rale of an nvera;;e of I'M) for each vear. Last year the court handed flown :.'7f> wriorn opinions, the most In any one year since 1!IIH. Appeals or Iransfprr- rd lo district appellate courts for v HI ions reason average nlioitt 250 YOURSELF ARISTO .supreme court basemen!. Sr-ariy is prelty proi'd of bis com I .juslic es. lie's jusl as keen on serving ihe two Democratic members as the fu e Republicans, despite bis <;O!' partisanship. Alllmiiuh not a lawyer, Sejircy wilh his newsfiaper, legislative (he WHS a slnle representative two years and a stale •-'nd lenor of Mt. Vernon Mn : Wai ter Mar-k. 1st tenor. Peoria. III., Hruce fjonneley. baritone, f irrcn- I Mile III., and bean K»- ( |c«. bass. Mansfield. Ohio. Members of Ihe Macoupin County Youth are also invited ii atlend Ihi- meeting. I,i-ht refreshments will be served. Here to Sep ,\»- w Scm Uilson Crotty is hern on furlough from Chicago to KCP his I four-day-old son. John Wilson jCrciiiy .fr. Th" baby \\:t* bojn I Salurday at 3-~a p.m. in Si. Joseph'•< Hospital and welched sev- j en pounds, three ounces. Pfe. ; Ciotiy is the son of Mr. and ! senalo" for IMi and court e.xper- • ic'tn e ilu- lias Keen c-ourt clerk [since I'l-lli probably knows more' law Ihan most lawyers. lie has seen jistices come mid go in his ten years as clerk. At present he served under a court which has a fJeniocral as chief justice - Walter V Sc-haef- er, Chicago. Other justices are Harry ilershey, Taylorville |>cm- ocral; and William .1. Fulton. Sycamore; Hav I. Klingbie! Kast Mnline; Ceorge \\'. llnslov.. Paris; Ralph L. Maxwell. Nashville, and Joseph !•', Daily, Peorin, all Republicans. THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1954 rontrartor, took advsntaKe of a rainy day last week and wpnt fishing in a nparoy lakp. Bass began striking at II a. m. and he landed fojir of them averaging 2'z pounds. Somp limp aeo. Mr. and Mrs. \VadP Gprgpn 449 E. Acton Ave. Wood River wpnt to visit thPir aunt and unclp. Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Haitle af Pinckneyvilte, III. oprgpn Ipamod that numpr- ous flooded strip mines in thp arpa offered p.xrpllent fishing. He planned lo bring his fishing equipment on his next visit. Last Sunday. Gprgen bought a fishing license, gathered his equipment and drovp 75 miles to visit his tin, IP who wasn't in- tPrpsled in fi-hing at thp mo- mpnt, fJeigen has ypt to initiate his lit-pnse. t Horn** t>AMARENE. French Gatxr»n # _ r>r. Alhprt S^h^v•pit^e^. frie F r P n c h phiiosophPr. musician and d o r t o r, is spending thp monpy of his Nobel prize on thp reconstruction of hi* leppr .-olony in Lamharene. ThPrP are 250 lepers in thr croup. They live in grass thatrhpd abodp .huts. But two new buddings arp under construction and thrPP morp are to tollo^. They havp brick and crmrnt foundations withligHt wondr-n ron<tni(tion with corrugated iron roofs Each coupfp of lepers or isolated leper will have a room w-ith a shady veranda and a kitchen. Telegraph Want Ad« "Click" , SKKS C10VKRNOH SIGN PROCLA-MATION — «y means of a photograph, Mayof Slrnif (right), "sa\v" (iov. S<ration sign a mental health work proclamation. Dr. Abraham Simon of Alton State Hospital showed it to the mayor Wednesday.—Staff photo. SAVE WITH -TO-PAINT FU1ITORE • create your own decor! mix 'em... match 'em! easy to paint, stain, wax! ROOM SETTING A Toro! Cost $1 JX5.50 or buy units individually . , . left to riant NITE STAND, 16"xl7' 2 "x24' 4 " ' MODERN LEG BASE BOOKCASE BED, twin or full size"" MODERN DESK, 443V'x20 12 "x30""' CAPTAIN'S DESK CHAIR .'.' CABINET with Sliding Tambour Doors "' 5.05 3.05 3-1.05 2f).0r, 0.05 3-DRAWER CHEST, IG^SS'^v" REVERSIBLE BASE, 16"x35"x3' 2 " " DOUBLE DRESSER, 16"x52"x24V "' 35.05 3W.05 IJ. 05 10.05 REVERSIBLE BASE, 16"x52"x3'i" ROOM SETTING B Total Cost $131.20 or buy units individually . . . left to right DESK UNIT, 26"xl6"x24V 3-DRAWER CHEST, 26"x!6"x24V'" " BOOKCASE, 26"x)2"x24V !!','. 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MINIS BROS Ho e SirurlVH 300 EAST BROADWAY-ALTON. ILLS 200 UEL1VERY * Shop IViffn.xt Till tt 1»,*|. Current Events on Alton Lake and Roamin* the Piasa Country With HAROLD BRAND RICHMOND. Va. A' - Two toll rands - - mulli-lane, limited ac- ffss. divided super highways will he 'built and financed uith revenue bonds. One will bypass Rirhmond and Petersburg on t.'. S. route 1. Another will go HITOSS southwest, Virginin from a point near Bluefielrl, W.Va.. to Mount Airy, N.O., as pnt-t. of a Lakes- to-Florida turnpike. Telegraph Want Ads "Clic-k"~ !-"or Flnni-* of Rennt.v nnd Mf»>time U>ar Demnnd fhp Bp»t— ASPHALT AND VINYL FLOORING Manufactured by lohns-Manville fnsfall if .vouiwlf "r \\f will do it for ynii HI pricc<t >ou cnn afford to pny. E&E CO. 8T Mrnry Sf.. Alton, III. fhone 3-7 7S9 STORE HOURS: FRIDAY 9 A.M. to 8:50 P.M. M^ON., 9 A.M. to 8:50 P.M. l-'lnh are This is an ideal lime of year for anglers because fish are biting in manv waters, a< cording In recent reports. .Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ralhgeb ol Codlrey fished for two days in Kentucky Lake near C.jlbertsville, Ky., week and landed 84 rrappie. A two-hour fishing trip in Chickahama Sloui^h near Ciraf- lon recently hy Donald Rogers, liTLTi Residence St., and Leo Pohlman of (iorlfrey resulted in a score of numerous pan fish which the men returned to the water because they weie not. in a mood In clean them. Rogers related that they txied casting anrl failed lo receive a strike. The fish were interested in live bail only, including some small bass which sli'iick. on worms. Thomas Waters of ^Jerseyville landed a I! 1 ., pound fiddler catfish and four carp weighing up lo three pounds in the Sny River near Mo'/.ier while fishing with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Waters, Sunday. While wailing for Ihe fish to bile, the group found a bucket full of mushrooms also. Angler Injured A multiple-barbed casting plug can inflict a painful wound, related Miss Alice Scbreiber, S^G K. Killb St. She and her brother Waller were fishing in waters west of Alton Sunday when she attempted to cast a plug which hooked into her arm instead,Waller pushed the hook on Ihrough part of the flesh and cut Ihe barb oif before removing it. They had landed some fish on live hail prior to the incident but returned home at once to dress Ihe wound. .'Mushroom A mushroom hunt al Lockhaven Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. Tom Harris, Michael Dr.. Godfrey, resulted in a record find for Mrs. Harris. .She found a mushroom which still measured five inches in diameter on a stem three inches wide and eicht inches long after it had dried for three' days. Her husband displayed the mushroom to many of his friends who were more Ihan impressed. Speedboats and their waves have discouraged Charles Crolley, 859 Washington Ave.. from doing much fishing lalely. He voiced Ihe opinion of many others that the boats dislrub and spoil Ihe fishing often. However, he plans to fish in the future in waters inaccessible to speedboats. W. V. Mel/ger, 2.10 Alby St., explains his lack of interst in' water activities by saving that he hasn'l lost anything in the river and therefore hasn't anything (o find out there. 1'er.soiiHl >'o)es E. J. (Ted! Estes. a painting GOOD-BYE CORNS Knjoy quick relief ami •IK*edily rumove aching cornn wilh Ihin, cushioning Dr. Scholl'd y.ino- pncln. Coul hul n trifle. SAVE EVEN MORE I •i-i NO-SEAM, I'SIS MESH NYLONS Reg. 89c no-r»n nylons that rid you of team-worry! Nev« shades. Sizes SQUAW A BRAVE MOCCASINS 1.49 values! Hand-laced suedine. Cushion insole. Sizes ior alt the family. D- r Scholls lino pads WATER HEATER 20% Special Allowance for Installation 4-4364 29 Cut Ftrguttn WOOD RIVER 4-4365 EMBOSSED DUSTERS SLEEVELESS BLOUSES Boys' $1.29 Cabana Sets Sanforized seersucker. In sizes 2 to 6 Children's 69c Polo Shirts Rep. $!. No- iron canon pits**. 7-U. ••yi' $f«rt Shim Stnforiwd iwinw, pttult. Siz« 4-U. tEG. S9c SHMIS A SNOBTS MIN'S REG. 39« SPOiT SOCKS Soft coito* in <™ pnt*fD», a»)id«; 10 Hifk-cowm, lubUtteocwo, m M ttchiHtt pruut, pl»m» 2M W. TMfd it. - AH0n, III,

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