The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on April 30, 1970 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1970
Page 4
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RAY Delay needn't be lost year •wSSSiS^ssaKs: Something be . But (hew may mt tell much. , o would be ^ Considerable evidence is accumulator within the National Acronauucs and Space AdministriuSTand CbJKwBS mdicates to some specialists that it would perhapTbTwise to lo —In worldwide comprehensive storm data collection satellite ' information * rly "> "«• *• H,- i ! 1 '" * now ***** » nd "o* Celling that could save hundreds of millions of dollars a year in electric power costs in the United States alone. -In satellite-aided geological prospecting and in crop yield and disease monitoring by satellites providing data thai could be translated into emergency action lo meet crop shortages and handte crop in whatever country they occuT "•fi-sponswed programs clone these lines could dramatically and ef fecuvdy provide aid for other countries, rich and I poor "» d - |ron »-«-<««««hce will be less likely to get the ta IOC * 1 riV " lrieS * !>d l^ CLINIC child a toy bedfellow' By GEORGE W. CRANE. PfcJ».,M.D. CASE N-S1»: Nancy Q., aged two, has frightened her young mother. "Oh, Dr. Crane," Nancy's doting mamma bcfan, "I wonder if Nancy is subnormal? "For 1 have noticed that when 1 place her in her bed at night, she often slips her hand down under the covers to play with herself! "Isn't that awful? "Could it be some inherited defect? "And will it lead to insanity in later years? I am scared almost to death!" AUTO EROTICISM What seems to have frightened this young mother is what we ' technically describe as auto-eroticism. That means self-stimulation of the sensitive sexual areas of the body. It is also called masturbation. And it is no reflection on a child's intelligence nor if it a sign of hereditary defects. Furthermore, it is not a producer of insanity! Indeed, a majority of both sexes indulge to some greater or less degree in childhood, or even till happy marriage precludes toe need. This is merely an unwise habit that usually starts by accident. For most mothers place their babies on the stool, waiting for a bowel movement after the morning feeding. But sometimes the baby is stow U> (his regard, so it grows restless. Such enforced idleness makes the child wave its hads aod arms around, just to drain off excess energy. Jf there are no hand gadgets nearby to serve as toys or . distractions, it may ac- Uy strike an erogenous and thus obtain a novel cuddle, as a wooly lamb or cloth puppy or a doll, etc. Not only does one of these toys divert its attention and occupy its hands outside the covers, but the child will relax faster and then fall asleep. For kiddies tend to regard their toy puppy or doll or wooly lamb as if it were a human companion. Such a toy thus reassures the youngster, much as would a livng brother or sister, who might occupy an adjacent bed in the tame room. Children often feel fearful about being shut away from their parents at bedtime, so they will cry and ask for many drinks of water or trips to the bathroom. And they may demand that the light be left on. A toy bedfellow often eliminates much of this pre- sleep "stalling." for it lets the toddler feel safer to have a companion to whom it may talk. Don't make an issue of autoeroticism or threaten the child with dire divine punishments, such ai insanity or feeblemindedness! Just re-channel the child's hands into more constructive outlets. Send for my booklet "Sex Instruction from two lo 20 Years* Test for Teen Agers," enclosing a long stamped, return envelope, plus W cents. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS BXTOHALPAGE Freeport. Tg»«». TlmrMlay. "WEIL, BOWS, IT IODM LIKt A NfW m . ^^ -..fiitt BUSINESS MIRROR Wall Street attitude is flight from reality • ByJOHNCUNMFF AP kusiMM analyst NEW YORK (AP) - There is a widespread belief in Wall Street, as elsewhere, that things can get just so bad before they must begin improving again. But realistically, everyone knows such an attitude is a flight from reality. Too often the fellow who has a streak of bad luck gets slugged again. And how often is a spell of bad weather followed not by fair skies but by more storms? The news in the business world is bad. And although harried analysts and hopeful brokers keep saying the turn has to come any day now, they say so for effect rather than from conviction. The bad news piles up. Chrysler lost 129.4 million in the first three months of the year. General Motors, net income fell 33 per cent to $348 million. And Ford earnings drooped 26 per cent to $124.4 million in the first quarter. The impact of such tremendous declines becomes more evident when you realize that last year these three companies accounted for $40 billion in direct sales. Moreover, they were the chief customers for billions of dollars worth of glass, tires, fabrics and plastics. And through the use of their product*, billions at dollars in oils, gasolines and greasi-a were sold. There are losses in the air also. Just when the travelling public was convinced it could fly anywhere. The Boeing Company reported an earnings decline and announced « "severe deterioration in the commercial airplane market " And weren't computers supposed to solve all problems' International Business Machines, the premier blue chip of ihe 1960s, announced utmost at the same time that K experts .1 difficult year, very likely *,(), | OWCT earnings But doesn't IBM make computers? Of course it dors. and so does Control Uala! which lost $6.6 million on its computer operation* in the first three months Computer company earnings an- falling. and so arc their stock prices Not just computer stocks either. A multitude of glamor stocks, their stage makeup washed, and the dreams out of their beholders' eyes, are seen to be far less attractive than once believed Ultimately this sti *. ."•""« 'ft HtfH »H,~, => s nfsTO of its cex zone may become a h$htt, partly as a means of having something to do with So you parents can injure your child Tge^M auto(eroticism by making sure that '» te£ hand filkftl »» djveit white it is on the And when bedtime arrive*, t»0r younjster oufatjge coverf! Iw *ure (o give MmeUww to (QAslle »r mm mm [THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS! OEDlCAttD 10 IMS G*0*rH AMO PHOGHItl Of B»A1O«I* COWNIt JAMES S. NABOItS Editor and Publisher EDITORIAL DEPT. Glenn Heath Managing Editor Roberta Dansby Assl. .Managing Editor Jesse .Miller Sports Editor Uee Mcllhfmiy Women's Editor ADVERTISING DEPT. James K. darkness Advertising Manager Pearl Glover....Classified Advertising Manager PKOUl'CTION UEPT. George W. Johnson — Composing Room Foreman Frank Ramirez p ie ss Room Foreman Naiielle Mallory Office Manager Entered as Second (lass matlt-r .March 21. IW2 at In* Freepvrl Te*ai. Ho»i tMflce, under thr act of Congress of March n. I87U. Fubllshed daily and Sunday e»c*pi Saturday at 307 K. Park Ave.. Fret-port. Trsas by Hetirw I'ubllshrrs. Inc. U,cat«-d at :W7 K. P,,J, Ave . Kreepwl. Tesas. James S. Naburs, frt-sldrat. Subscrlyltoi rales: By carrier, daily and Sunday. 12.15 j*r month. Mail subscription rairs are av»llaUe un request, and are uayaU* Ui advanrr. POLKV: .\>HS reporting to ihi» iau be accu/ate andTlalr exnr*»sioii shall be aj»a>» hidependeni. mt cttuscifuiu WASHINGTON MEMY-GO-*OUND New, frightening danger of 'Pill' MANV CHILDREN POISONED ACCIDENTALLY TAKING "THE PILL" PHANTOM PUPILS PAD MISSISSIPPI'S UTKHACV STATISTICS CENSUS SHOWS MOLLS PADDED BV a«.203 GHOST CHILDREN H> JACK ANDERSON \V\siHNt.TON - For the eight million American women taking birth control pllli. who already face an Increased risk oC heart attack and Wood clots, this column hai uncovered » new and frightening danger. Ituricd in Food awl Drug Administration lilcs arc 5»« report* of child poisonings caused by oral contraceptive* during the IH months from January. 1MB. to June. I9TO. In most ewe*, the youngster* tot* their mothers* pill* thinking ih*y wen? candy. The report* dun'l specify how serious the effect* VUT*. but the poisoning* increased rapidly ni ihc end ot the data period It Senate testimony » correct Dial only ID jrr cent of bad *idr effect* ever got reported, thi). could mean at many tut 5.000 trhildrwt A year sutler from "Pill" poisoning COVKK-UI* All loo i ypteally, mot) drug companies arc more interested in profit* than in protecting children. Ortho-.N'ovum. nvsd« by Ortho Itiarnusteutical. M the lk«t o! Urth control pill* thai had pouoned children, with 2il CUM**. Yrt the company's advice to women u nuiileadingly reassuring Say* the Ortho- Nuvuin p**mpftk( SuppuMr a child acctdrniAlty l or* of tny pills? "Aiuwrr Thu ha* ruppmrtl with no ill effect*." Uvulen pill*. nu«lc by ,S*ar»«, h4*r cau*«l S6 i-a«vn of child jwtw<unj{ Vet »>«• company ha* itdvcwtl il» (,-«III»IJM-» nwUwnul) •tju«iiiocf Would therr b* »ny tertoui fwrm done if a chiM «lwold take a pttl otherwise demand compulsory education The padded figures made II appear, faUvly, Urn! a high percentage of children are in Coinpultory education, of cuune, increase school costs and provide eduction for the neglected Negroen — both ihr».i|» to the Mississippi power apparatus ippi putter Npp*rutui. b«ck to l»w, Miwiuippi ba^u u, l lundmg on the scfiool age cemi« and Hie figure W«.|JJ, Itul the «•«! year the V 5. CeiKus humtluited the state by rtptw tu^ that the correct figure was only 6to,»» |,, wlKT Hord*. (he slate lud p^tkM ihr toiu with i4J,jui "iilioji" children • My l»W. Mii*tt*tp(M »li|*p«tl through a lav. to put the funding wi the ba*i» U "avera^r duly aitendaitce " Thw figure KOI a round an einlMrraMing rompmtun MM)) Dt* I' «, CCTWU* every d«v«de. and it tut jutt «« ea»> lo iw tfw aliwitUrK-i: figure* lo deprive biavfc ' , u m N<r*J»U» and Taltalutchje roumio. fi* r*<tmp{<>. the aitmaancr *a;> padlrd dy t. ami w per cent Itoi ilw f4kery no* out ol IMIMJ m Jj»*rrm r County Ino-Miibir »* II wrnts. ihoM«l far more* hue etiiktrm in (tier* ^.err K-hwil-age ^ k{m ,„ , llp cli . Inttrad ri tu ir»rilc »«. HUMU r<n»ritr-« nuit>r> txwk,» f»er> time a rar-* r«i»;ir Ui« *c» tn IU l»; i« rw»t ih tnxal nvollntm- - T»>t* »nh no tot) Other ptlh that have cauKd poiwrnng «fi« children have »» allowed them ate- Nortcstnn. produced by P»rkvt)»vM in cajMps. I«rovc9{. it«d» by Upjohfl. 3D cato, and Ovral, nude by Wyeth. M C*M» 'rhueuluninmai*! a tmit purctuw ol Ortho ami rrcvtvrd no war«n< frwn th* tM. The pill container ami *ho»«ijik' alt* of(crct) »« *arwr»« <rf (h* lo clulctrrn * Finally. v.r a»ti«i for the full printed . report, the Education Department h».j rntinJ th* i»r,j4 enr^Utww «k«B«,,d ,„ iJfc.UI. lh«j» olfiruU; niptng «« ?,«>,«- jf^,, tJ.w» j^wnlwo pu|MU Thu wrmlar falr t'mkr i h.frJ Ihr famrtJ afw) Mamtlton to llut High borrowing costs are said lo be among the chief causes of the earning* declines But high borrowing costs, wv are told, arc coming down Don't Mievc it Short term interest ralw have been rising for a month now And long term rales s«*m to continue on a long term uptrend Continental Airline* Ihi.i wwk borrowed ISO million at 10 5 per cent interest High interest rates aren't the only things stubbornly resist the so-called return to economic stability Some economists are U-ginnmg to U-heve inflation is here lo slay lJuring the next five years. says Walter Heller, who won fame as chief economic adviser m tin- Kennedy Administration, the United .Stales will he hjcky to average as little as three per cent inflation The employment picture isn't any Ix-ller than the rest of th<- news Herbert Stem, of President Ninon's Council of Kconomic Advisers, said further increases in unemployment, now ,-»! least 4 4 per cent of the la tor force, might l<e expected. the dirt poittbJ* rffrct* ujwo «rt dtd«'i motixm the dan* FT to childrca Kvffl the Food awt Um< Adniinutratwo, which U »upp»tctl to protect the public bvi Mimctimn »wm» more eager lo protect ttx "erwlrd" bctler .V tirtAr ol t pen t»t Unntfj dmt. toW (h»« rwiumn in ! cur laktry cUirm *a« a lie »/ about child For t»o decade*, Miouuppi ha» !ty»ii?maiically faked jchwl cnrollmeni fijjurra lo krrp black chiWrcn on the r<fcr* of illitt-racy Poor unite* tuw »u(fctrd almwit «Huli> from Ihc officul d«crp<ton, This column ha* uncpvcrrd the too* hiilary of »Ul!»UcaJ Mqgling riithi out of the record* of Us,- Sjatc of MlMi*sippi (twlf. chftird .i|.'.tirttt (h«- t'S, Crraus and the National K<!iicatiim Auocialum Ttic figures »p»aX i-lwiumtly of official lie* lt> mfUlinx «hc school ailcndanre figures. »utc officiah apparrrtily »oo»ihl to lull runcrrncd Misnisjtppjan* who might t oy« t^ hi. oefi vr Irll » Mary to anyone palnmt rn«u t -}> to tfwm tk»vrl? the «U(c»tttr. an fijta buttcun (of r»Ample. (» th« Negro in ' undrr 4 0 »mprr*mr U. enrolled in (he l.lh f j per cent Johntton'* chief »',ati-»iician 'n, cnrxetkd to thtu column tnlay cannnt aect/unl ! " who art carried or) t»w ltub> lJv»t the (S ft." Thmrr jrr mjny mnfr di« rr|w(x rsl U-d ol lUlMOo (Kji Wriuvrr the prt»| l» „ » crttam Jiiir.ucm „,, , l<> keep thr prunloo) pupiii m Paul Harvey News H O / liegaff^ side floy/e$ of no-win war Nobody wins wars any more Could wan have bctn less honorable yet more honest in the day* when the victor vanquished his adversary, smashed hli weapons, stole his gold and carried off his women? Anyway, nobody wins wars any more. We pounded Japan and Germany to their knees, then helped them to their feet. But if Americana have needed an incontrovertible example of the futility of ovcrcxtcnding ourselves, this Uirng m Vietnam should be Ilia I. Whatever (he outcome of our involvement in Vietnam. we will suffer dreadfully debilitating side effects from this war for generation*. We count as casualties of war only ihc dead and wounded What of malleable boys who are able to march home in legions but with a monkey on their backs? According to official estimates, "Mi per cent of our Vietnam Cls have smoked marijuana, 60 per cent regularly do." How many men bring home an addiction to harder drugs, more readily available in isiatic war than in any war heretofore, is inestimable. Congress hears testimony that the incidence of venereal disease among our Saigon- is un- area troops precedenled." Mental problem! deriving from the no-win nature of this conflict are "unprecedented. The desertion rate in this war is "unprecedented." And never before from any war have American* sent home guns Lo hf usfid attains! Americans' They do from this one Custom* cannot examine every inbound mail shipment, but one day In Ihc one port of San Francisco they did open everything. They found 62 weapons and six grenades. This indicate* that rtflea. pistols and packages of explosives arc being mailed home by Cls, hundreds each week. Some, traced by our FBI, are intended for the armories of revolutionaries. In no war heretofore has the enemy been so Indistinguishable that the woman pushing ihc perambulator may be smuggling weapons, the boy on the bike any moment may lots a grenade. If an American soldier shoots last, he may be dead; if he shoots first he may face court-martial. But of all the noxious fallout from this pulled-punches war, none is more devastating than its disillusioning and disruptive effect on home- front morale. Every war heretofore has pulled us together; this one is tearing us apart. Students find repugnant the hypocrisy of fighting Communists in Asia and tolerating them in Cuba. Some blame a vaguely defined "Establishment"; others openly blame our country, renounce our ism, profane our Flag. There is only one way we can come fame "winners" (roni (hi* war and that Is if we have l*arned from it what not U> do otKt Ume. NKW YORK (AI a columnUl might IWT.IT kiw* (f he didn't oprn hi* rruil Your medic* I co»U after & arc likely (o be thn* times a> high a* when you wrrr younger Nearly a fourth of America's $46 7 billion bill in ISM for pvnonal medical expenditure* w»» spent on Ihow over ts although they $ make up only about 10 prr cent of the population Women are bringing home more of the family bacon They now nuke up almost M per cent of the U S labor force. Fear of lightning is very common, and people oner thought the best way to escape It was to jump into a !> featherbed during a thun dentorm and pull the cover* over your head. Actually, only 160 to 300 people arc killed annually by lightning in America. Many persons thought killed by a stroke can be saved by prompt artificial respiration. No wonder a bee is so busy. She may have to visit bun '' dreds of flowers to get one cargo of nectar, and she averages about lo such round trips a day. Quotable notables: "When a man declares: 'I am sure of my wife.' it means he is sure of his wife. But when a woman declares: '1 am sure of my husband.' 11 means that she Is sure of herself.'' - Francis dc A Croisset. Valuable: If you are buying Mine seeds of the hybrid giant begonia - don't sneeu. it (ike* a million of the Uny granules lo make an ounce. «a4 they seJU for 13,809 an ounce. >,

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