Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on November 5, 1961 · Page 1
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Sunday, November 5, 1961
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J «o publift 66rtsd6rtee; iher« -Are only individuals con* seientM. Dry those up. Of bind th« lite 6ut of them, and All the mental afld mdral life of the public Is itoppfd at it* soutcs." •^William Ernest Hocking (The amtra Bathi Sfeurs F , iJ WEATHfK (Dlfect from Anurifl* W«ilif , : Serving The Top 6* Texas 54 Year* PAMPA AND '.VlcrNtTY-Cfur* hig and colder (ed«y Ifl Wftki «l itrong noctheHy winds during Ihr night. High today 4$, Below free** Ing tonight. tittle warmer Won* day. VOL. NO. CIRCULATION CERTIFIED BY ABC AUDIT THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1981 ay Last Sunday For Ppen Sales „[ • AUSTIN (UPI) — The popular custom of shopping on Sunday Is about to come to an end in Texas. '". Today 'will be the last "open" Sunday before a six-day business week law goes into effect Tuesday halting sale of 42 specifically'named types of merchandise. ,' '" The new law, passed during the first session of the legislature, was motivated' by economic rather than moral reasons. ' Backed by the Texas Retail Federation, an organization pf some 1,000 department and specialty stores, the law is-aimediat large discount houses and their profitable Sunday «_ . a l eg< |^ I Designed to bolster the almost r 3rlO\/ century-old "blue laws," the law • | f\\ |CV states merchants can elect to re- I Ml I ^* J main open on either Saturday or I Sunday, but not both. Most mer- ^\ " • | | chants are expected to choose rinPHC UPrP Saturday sales. l^lyvllO I Iwl W Sa ' es * or charitable purposes Wednesday "The enforcement conference to be held in Pampa Wednesday will- be one in a nationwide 'series prompted by an upsurge in crimes against banks •hd banking institutions this year, according to an announcement by Curtis 0. .Lynum, special agent in Charge of the Dallas office of the FBI,' . j. Lynum will be in charge of the Wednesday conference when some 350 laV'enforcement officers and bank "officials from over the Panhandle' attend the ona - day ses- •lon in the Community Building »t Recreation., Park. ' "'" . The four - ,hoiir session will op•n at 9 a.nv and run until 1 p-m. Guests will be served a Top 0' Texas beef barbecue following the business session. Theme of the conference will be "Bank Robbery and Incidental Crimes." . Lynum said today a record of 895 .crimes against banks and banking - type institutions prompted FBI Director J. Edgar Hoov- «r to schedule the special nationwide meetings. The Pampa conference will be one of four to be held In the Dallas FBI district between Nov. 7 •nd H- i ' ; , »The FBI will be represented in the Pampa program by SAC Lynum, Special Agents James W, Bookhout, Manning C. Clements and Emmet J. Murphy, all of Dallas. In -attendance and sharing the. speakers platform will be the following: Abilene Conference: Warren A. Dodspn, Chief of Police, Abilene.' Jim H. Hitching, Dallas County .Sheriff's Office' M' N. Koonsman, National Automobile Theft .Bureau, Abilene, Lt Homer C, Bailey, Texas Highway Patrol, Abilene. Joel Tisdaje, Id entification and Criminal Records Division, Texas Department o Public Safety, Austin, Others taking part in the Pam p^; conference will, include Sher(See FBI, Page 3) and occasional sales by persons not engaged in the business of selling such items are not covered by the law. Under the bill, an individual lould sell his own car, but a used car dealer would be violating the aw if he made Emergency Saturday or Sunday sales may also be made for the jrotection of health, welfare or safety if the purchaser signs a certificate to that effect. Articles forbidden from sale are clothing, clothing accessories, wearing apparel, footwear, headwear, home, business, office or outdoor furniture, kitchenware, kitchen utensils, china, home appliances, stoves, refrigerators, air :onditioners, electric fans, radios, television sets, washing machines, driers,'cameras and hardware. Also power tools, jewelry, precious, or semi-precious stones, silverware, watches, clocks, luggage, musical instruments,'; recordings, toys, mattresses, bed coverings,' household linens, r loor coverings, lamps, draperies, blinds, curtains, ' mirrors, lawn mowers and cloth piece goods. (40 PAGES TODAY) S« Sundays IBS Democrat Wins Congress Seat War Force 'GOP Candidate ; - . it • Planned By Defeated, But E. Germany GOP RALLY CROUP—Pictured are the leaders in Ihe Republican rally staged in Pampa Saturday night. Left to right, they arc, Ken Peoples, Pampa; Jack Cox, Breckenridge, Republican candidate for governor; Dr. S. B. Syprt, Pampa, and Tad Smith, El Paso, Republican state chairman. Peeples and Sypert .were leaders in arranging for the rally. Cox was the principle.speaker at the rally. (Daily News Photo) Engineers Plan Meet Tomorroy All engineers of all branches o the profession as well as all ju nior engineer? are invited to at tend a meeting of engineers to be held Monday in Pampa, M, 0 Moore, Pampa city engineer, an pounced Saturday. The new front is not expected iThe meeting will be held at 7jto bring any new moisture into Another Wintry Blast Hits Area By United Press International The season's first real cold wave faded out of Texas Saturday, but another blast of icy air aimed toward the state from the north. A beaming sun knocked the edge off the cold- wave, but still left temperatures with an early-winter crispness. That crispness turned to just plain cold again Saturday night and Sunday as strong northerly winds pushed the new front moved in, The cold front that brought the state its first snow of the season Friday edged on into the Gulf of Mexico. Temperatures Saturday afternoon were generally in the 60s, although some readings were registered in both the 50s and 70s. The new cold wave, however, brought predictions for the lower 20s in the tipper Panhandle Satttr- day night. Overnight lows early Saturday never reached the low levels expected. Dalhart was the coldest spot with 29 degrees— and that was nine degrees over the Friday minimum in the Panhandle city. Clouds covered the sky along the Gulf Coast and partly cloudy skies were reported in the rest of the state. By mid-day Saturday, East Texas points such as Beau- still reported Soviet Nuclear Tests Are Evil, Nehru Declares LONDON (UPI)— Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru said Saturday the resumption of Soviet nuclear tests was an evil thing and that it "is of the utmost import-' ance to put an end to, all nuclear tests by formal treaty." ,' f The explosion of the big Soviet bomb "shocked us," he told re» porters at London Airport, where he arrived from India en route to, the United States -and talks 'this weekend at Newport, R- f,, with President Kennedy- Nehru held a two-hour-long extended luncheon discussion Saturday with Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, Informed sources said much of the conversation concerned nuclear testing. They also were reported to have- discussed Britain's proposed immigration restrictions. Nehru refused to speculate on the motives for the most recent series of Soviet nuclear tests. But when asked why India had not come out more strongly against Soviet test resumption he said; "I hope we never come out in any abusive way to any country- There is a difference between cold war and non-cold war- We are non-cold war." On the subject of the British immigration laws which would have commonwealth members apply for visas, Nehru said, "it is rather unfortunate t.hat this kind of thing should be pushed more for emotional and psychological reasons, rather than practical ones." GOP Aspirant Hailed At Rally Following a political rally in "Because of the inherent dangers Pampa last night 217 persons,in the excessive liberal trends of agreed the Republican party isiour National Government under the -one "we believe affords the'its present leadership, only effective vehicle for those with conservative convictions." Jack Cox, 'breckenridge oilman and Republican candidate fot" 'governor,' was, the principal speaker at the rally attended by about .500 or more people, according to Ken Peeples, Pnmpa, maste'r of ceremonies at the'ral- ly, and one of its organizers; • Cox in his, conservatives "Because we believe the people should have a clear-cut choice between Conservatism and Liberalism, speech urged the .to "hit a lick mont and Lufkin some fog. against what's wrong, my a word for what's rhhi." D^c'urins tlvat while he might sound like a -minister, he explained that "there's a right and there's wrong, you've got to do one or the other; you can do the one and you're living do the other and you may be walking around but you're de«d as a .beaver hat." "The Republican party is the only place to work if the Republic is to be preserved," Cox declared, continuing; "Our liberty must be preserved for future generations. Liberty was not an easy thing to get, noc an easy thing to keep, ft is the responsibility of every generation to see that freedom is passed on to every other generation. "The present administration is advocating cradle to the grave security. Each individual is entitled to be free because, he is a creation of God," Declaring that great civilj- s.,-*"Be ! cauS'e/W;ih,«lieve'.that' a- two party representation is basic to constitutional government, "Because we believe the Republican Party affords the only effective vehicle for those with Conservative convictions, "We, the people of these several counties in the Eighteenth Congressional District of the State of Texas, do hereby resolve to pledge our efforts to assist the Republi can Party in its efforts to restore constitutional government in Ihe United States of America." Russia Explodes Another N-Bomb WASHINGTON (UPI) - Russia exploded another nuclear device in the atmosphere Saturday the Atomic Energy Commission announced. The AEC said the bomb was ex- BERLIN (UPI) — Adm, Wnlde- mar Vcrner, deputy East German defense minister, said Saturday the East German army in coordination with the Soviets h«s begun a "new phase of development" to strengthen it and prepare for modern war, Vcrner said Ihis resulted from the "military - political conclusions" drawn from a speech by Soviet Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev at the Communist Parly congress in Moscow, "[ East German Communist, boss Walter Ulbricht returned Friday from the Moscow meeting with a demand for Conclusion of a Gcr- man peace treaty, the end of Western rights in Berlin and control of Western routes to the city. Two more small U. S. Army jeep tuul truck convoys-carrying replacements for the U.S. Army's Berlin garrison arrived in West Berlin Saturday after n drive without incident, on the i 10-mile highway from West Germany. At the Friedrichstrasse crossing point on'the-East-West-. Berlin border, Eivst German ConimunUt guard* .passed )( yMthowt.. controls- two British military sedans carry, ing men in uniform and a civilian in each. Last week the Communists demanded that Western Allied officials in civilian .clothes show identity cards. East Berlin police continued building their barbed wire barricades higher and higher—and on the roofs of buildings on the border line—hut still a trickle, of refugees made it to safety in West Berlin, Polls Big Vote SAN ANTONIO, Tex (UP!) - ~ Democrat: Henry B. Gonzale/ Jr. beat Republican John Goode Saturday 'in a special Congressional election fought on the issues'of the Ken.nedy New,Frontier versus GOP conservatism. Complete returns from all but one of 1JO precinct,? in the .city gave Gonzalez 52,008 voles lo 41,772 votes for Goodc., The (rend was for Gonzalez from the start. The re'sult_was obvious soon after the polls closed. The election drew as much attention from the leaders of the Democrat and Republican parlies • as any election since President Kennedy t.oqk office. Kennedy publicly endorsed Con- znlcs, who culled himself an "unreconstructed liberal." Former President Eisenhower cnme to San Antonio and spoke for Goods in front of the Alamo, the shrine Growing Congo Crisis Prompts eal To UN Racial Barriers Down At TU's Sports Events UNITED NATIONS (UPI) — Ethiopia, Nigeria and Sudun Saturday requested an emergency meeting of Ihe Security Council next week to Cope with the dsep ening Congo crisis which they blamed oiv colonialist mercenaries. Acting Secretnrv Genernl of Texas independence. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson campaigned for Gonzalez Friday and-Saturday. Mexican film' star Curitinflas and Mexican Congressman Miirtin Cat'crossed the. I'hmit conferred with the Deputy Soviet Foreign Minister Valerian A. Zorin, council chairman for November, and they were expected to call the council into .session enrly in the week The request for the;-meeting was supported by a personal cable from Emperor llmle Selassie to Assembly President Mongi Slim of border Saturday afternoon and U, toured the city with Johnson and Gonzalez, urging citizens to vote: -A.'large proportion of Son M-r.^t tonio v s population is Latin Amer;* ; ionn and this apparently was ''•*['I* heavy factor-in Gonzalez' favor-7 j A Democrat also led in a special state House kt Representatives election to fill Ihe seat of the Inle marshnll 0. Bell. Kothmann ncriu was Genn H. Kothmann, , r . . , ,, , , , . . 1 •»»>! "'• *r«.» v^v-nil |l> J\ULII!ii Itimsia Selassie .snul the Katiuvjn wUh :!S 700 V(J|M from ,,„ flf force, have been reinforced by, panels. Republican Henry Cat- certain colonialist powers" and , 0 )r | )nt | 26,008. AUSTIN (UPI) — The University of Texas disclosed Saturday that all sealing at Memorial Stadium has been on an integrated basts since Sept. 30 without- incident. school and graduate programs at Texas. The last item f>n a list nf developments toward integration said: "Sept. 1981. All spectator areas Three football games have been | for athletic events were desegre- pf the past have been destroyed from within, Cox said that insofar as America today is concerned, "there is as much ! danger from within as danger j from without." Peeples and Dr, S. B. Sypert said following the meeting that the 217 persons signing the resolution declaring the Republican party to be the vehicle of the played in the 65,810 scat stadium on the campus this fall. Student areas were integrated in 1955, but no announcement that, all races were being sold tickets in any area was made until Saturday, The announcement came in a statement summarizing progress toward integration at the university since 1950, when the first Negro students were admitted to law Solon Will Seek ploded in the vicinity of Novaya {conservatives were Democrats. { M{nh State Post Zemlya, in the Arctic, and had" a'They said most of the signers] 1 "?" -*•"«•* « v =»i yield of "several megatons." jwere Pampans but there were aj AUSTIN (UPI) — State Sen. Ths explosion was the 31st an-'number from some of the other, j arrar( j Secresl of Temple an-, • -' nounced by the AEC in, the cur- nine counties represented at the; nounced Saturday he will run for .? •" • thletlts and wo ' nen ._ _• . ( ii . t - rt/tl I i 1 I r\ a tt r~tj r\r\l n/\ni i r\ I r* ti t-'i t itfl gated for non-students. (Student areas were integrated beginning in 1955.)" The statement began by saying. "University policies concerning integration are scheduled for further discussion at the meeting of the board of regents of the University of Texas next week, "The board has given long and deliberate consideration at its last two meetings to this problem and at their Nov. 10 meeting will review it," the announcement added. All academic program* and cafeterias at the university are now available to students of all races, the statement vaid. Bin intercol- that the central government had been forced lo carry out new police actions. "Today Ihe central government forces and the Knlnnga mercen-j arie.i have clashed in combat," Ihe emperor said. "We regard the present situation as highly critical j and we are convinced' Hint in; order to put an en«t In the hoslil-j itios, to ensure Ihe integration of Katanga into the ( nation and to guarantee the reign of' peace in thfi Congo, the Security j Council must take prompt and de- j cisive action." Selassie dcnvtm^d that "clear and unequivocal directive* must be given to Ihe H N. forces so | that their duties and rcspunsibil- ile.s will he clear beyond question." "The Security Council must also demand that all member states bring the utmost pressure tn bear on those colonialist nations which continue In support the Katanga secession." Sun 'Antonio's Negro vote went Jti-1 (or Ihe 45-ycar-old Gonzalez: Cioode, 38, did not do as well-as his supporters Iwd expected in the high income Goode conservative." Gonzalez won the sent of Kilday. a Democrat who resigned , " cls ° f as « rent Russian series. i rally. lieutenant governor next year, on It was the fifth nuclear device' The rally was held in the Robert a »fj sca | responsibility platform." , Y, W fired by the Russians since they E- Lee Junior High School Audi- - g housing are not now integrated. Last week a group of 250 while deonated a 50-megaton-plus super- bomb on Oct. 30. ro students held a raliy action rtt | , * ***'<U t *\-fyt \M 0i.utjvilla tiv, lemple attorney has been . ,• ,• • ,• tortum. In addition to Cox. other., slate s j ator for |Qy He protesting disciplinary Republican leaders present were.< was „ de , egattj tfj (h / nationa| ««*"»' Negro «udeni» who en o'clock in the Black Gold res-Uhe state taut-ant, 1000 II. Frederic. It will | ' b<^ a steak dinner event with Sen. j h i ' Pv Grady Hazlewood as the princi-l l\QyPUm S U&y pal speaker. He will have "En- ! ' • — — gin«er3 On Capitol Hit" *s his topic. Two Texans Die In Plane Crash McDyniels, r. Ktpublican stuie vice chainiian. Peeples served as master of ceremonies at the rally and mude ( PRESIDIO (UPI) — Two promi- ;a brief talk, declaring that he had I neni West Texas men were killed [done plenty of thinking recently; House j Saturday in the crash of * light j about governmental policies, had Tad Smith Fl Paso Reoublican In • • i ieied the lounge area of a white uu jiimn, M raw, i\e^uuii(.niim e) nocrattc convention last vear , , ,, ,, ,, •.tate chairman and Mrs M S j u n -,• • ' , women s uiirimioi-y Oct I'i. A it-r .tan; Liiauiiian, aim mi», m. .1. ^ Be 'County campaign man-!,. ,, n . .' ,. . J „ , . , ; ui« nalloween nij^ht lullv, tin- sUi- ager for the Restful BONHAM, Tex. (UPI) r"T™* • [(-* i ( * ni j«^*»*v»,f»**i.^*i*. *»*KV» «•»•*•! w •• •• "'&'" ]U Vf^M V ft*' » V-* *.!•* '*V"*»t I/W» (W VJ, * *«>** Reservations ihould be made ! ;^P ei * Ker iam Rayourn spent a | plane in the Rio Grande .15 miles i become worried, and had decided by contacting Bill McClendon in \ }*** J,° mJ _! b l e ''_ dJay . LSaturda y I upstream from Presidio. jfor himself to mm to the Repubii dt-nls inarched io irniory for white women. I and chrerin^. ior a half I lore dispifi suit;. Dor- i suiting ;\K\V 1'ASl'OJt - ll.'V. U.^.n our ht-; ji_ Adsil \\il! jjreat.-li uis iSiTinori at Ihc r'irsl Christian l!l - | n 111 n jvulge on the U. S. Court of Military Appeals. Re.publican.s fought hard tn \\-in. a third Texas sent in Congress. The Texas GOP has a senator John Tower of Wichita Falls—and a Representative — Bruce Algtir of Dallas — in Congress, Boxar County (San Antonio) -Republican commitieeman Joe K, Sheldon, conceding a Gonzalez victory over Gonde, said he didn't think Johnson's campaigning had anything to do with it. "The main part of Gonzalez 1 i strength is in the fast and w?">t j sides. That is what did ir. Ths I JlSce GONZALEZ, Page 1) ^ ,. .. fund Workers Report Monday Pampa's United Fund Campaign i* still more than 59 per cent short of its goal, G-«<>.s« Newberry. general chairman, -;v'.! Saturday in emphasi/ing the i importance of the workers report meeting to be held Monc'ay evening. The meeting will be held in the Southwestern Public Sen'« Company building between 5:-t!0 and Bi'tO o'clock Tola! collections received to duie. Newberry -,^id. ;tniount lt> $'!(),StiO, or about 4! per c-,nt of in* $ti« 74« ao'tl. 'I lie irpiui nieeiinx will giva i s an oppiiium tv to ;ien lepo/is and al^o to ( oii>idci KllXJORE, Tex. (UPI) — Mis. Pampa. Since Wednesday .students in fa-: Church lO'lay. Rev. Adsit «'n-ulci'-V".V extra effort that vur of tntejjraiion of dor mil 01 it's iconics to I'arnpa fVom Coeval- " la V app«ar lo be needed to put ; have demonstrated bri v. e e n .jjs, On.'. His .sermon Ui'/HR' lo- 'he drive over the top. Newbejv 'classes. They met at the Utuvt-r - ; ( ja'v \\jll hi-, "Why I llau 1 '> explained. The workers will j8nd his doctors said there was! The dead were M. 0. Swaf ford, :fan party. The sentiments voiced'Bernhardt Tiede, 34, of Kiljtor* sity of Texas ma;o build'ns fioni j B c "cn Called I'o T/iis PlilpH," al-so look forward to the concju* There are 56 registered engin-:'^ 0 great change" in his condi-j Fort Stockton businessman, and ters in Pampa and several oth- tion L. B. Martin, superiniendem of ers eligible for registration, Moore Rayburn's private nurse said he . schools in Presidio. j laughed "heartily" when she. told; '-•— 'him a joke as she brought in | . by Peeples were echoed in a btate- was killed anj| ihre« other per- j 10: vU a.m. to II am and chanted, j Rev, Adsil eiMcMVil tiu» minis- sum of (he drive, it b*mg njeijt by Dr. Sypert, so/is critically^injured i/i a two-] "Ye Shall Know the Truth and the - (J'V from AnHii'iliy. .Mrs. A't-it' hope of campaign leaders tba| within The resolution signed by tho 217; car wreck oii:!>>iate Highway 13$' Truth Shall Make You Free." was jvared in .Si;viu,)i d an,! the goal c;»n be - -* ~---——••- perfons was introduced by Bob about five mi^s north of Kilg'ire \ Those words are inscribed on ' Ainat'iiio. They iia\'e U\u ciiii- it>^ next few days. Moving? f'a'l 4-S887 — Bruef Rasmussen, Famp^, a.nd adopted; Friday nJ|hl. ^r husband, direc- the school's 27-storv lowci aiid jdrPU. Tim atvi Janii'*'. Tiioy Newberry said thai ii It epnm frpw I hardwar»«his brtakfasi «ray. Ht ate toast, j and So» ftloving Co. «ad 1st M» unanimously by the audience uponi tor of the finest is department it ' main office and library bunding, lar? home a! tlio churcl) 1 iiad been set as th* W| k*Vf it. Lewi» Hdvu. j jelly mixed with honey, poached j hglp you with your moviflg profe. Smotldn b> Pric* J>osi«r, Jr. ; Kit^ore Junior College, was one! faculty members g»-.e <heit jpHi, , -age, i21 N. .Sfarkvvea- dme for the conclusion of 44v.ieg|5, coffw *nd mUk. iteffl,, ^''-''^ ; ' : :~'••-''' ^4^¥..i"''3)M|-»^fii^*<i^Wil^idl: iof thos« hyrt. | (See gAClAL, Page 3> ither. 'drive,

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