The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 7, 1952 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 7, 1952
Page 5
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f .I'..'',-* 1 " /». t. ' i l^ews $r- r/X~ a^ :•* Nightclub Operator Acts— Low Necklines Are Banned NEW YORK^Ju^e^^From - US6 - he - ^ **'"™**** * now on, ladies who enter one Manhattan night club with necklines that plunge too far can take warning that they'll be politely but firmly bounced. Everett Warren, owner of a swanK east-side night spot, Tony's Lapnce, announced his own private Hays Office regulations after a winter social season in which ladies' gowns reached the stage where he thought he was "auditioning for a Jersey burlesque ^owns until they finally began house." ^ looking like they were off-the-hip," The new rules, he said, are no Warren said of his entrancing cafe tougher than those followed by societv customers. "I expected to book and movie censors in his see - some °ne else call a halt, but home town of Boston. A one-time * Anally came down to doing it social register resident of the bean- mvself -" town Warren said he decided on He argued that some styles had the Boston level of good taste be- gotten to the point where they were bad for nightclub business and offensive to the eye. Some of his recent guests wore such breath- grabbing outfits that the singers in his plao-a might as well have .warbled down the dumb-waiters for all the attention they got. a pretty nice the old home town ' in view of the fact that - t heaved him ° ut Of the ^ lue book ^cause he a ? al ?° n ' m Manhattan. To na ^ e ? m ? ns Boston's nowada ys is similar to arriv- G ° P C ° nvention astride J put U P with off-the-shoulder JERRY LYNN AND TERRY GLYNN LOUNSBERRY ONE YEAR. OLD—These twin sons of the Bernard B. Louns- berrys, 228 Arbor, are happy, healthy little cubs ready to celebrate their first birthday Sunday. Their grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Thaxton, 119 Weaver, and 3VIr. and Mrs. J. W. Lounsberrv 234 Wooster. THE BAYTOWN SUN;-SATURDAY.-JUNE 7, '1952'—:PAGE .£ .-> N , M Mrs. Bays Is Chairman/Qf, r r 1 NAJA Expansion Committed «' " * t, j J ~'*,j , /"rt- 'I * "-/" " i Jt ^3*'ttft T t-M- 3 . ' "^ j T: - '* , r f * ~\ tj* m *%j4-*'./ ^ *- r x ^ s *Hijf 'Mrs. George Bays, of the Wo- have'a party jsoon''for' its pew meih-* r man's "Serivce' League* has been, bers; Mfs/'Robert^Matherrie,' Mrs,-* appointed chairman of a national Bays and Mrsl'W. W^JEJarris.- ' ' >*<* ? committee of the League's afflll-' ' Meribers voted l to" tieln" Mrs. 1 A? ate organization. / < ••</-.' N-. Johnson)'county; health ,nurseS ' Mrs. Bays was appointed by the .with filing in her ,of|ice, during the* League president, after the Na- last three weeks'of June. f . £ tional Association of Junior Auxi- , < Mrs> Echols urged ill' Members! - haries requested that a member of ' to jo - m the - ' Jjeague ' o£ Womenl the Baytown group serve as the x Voters - - •:"-•' '"- •"* national expansion chairman.- < ,. The ' hostesses, served-.Cokes? 'Mrs. Bays' work will include ex- cookies,,and coffee.' An arrange-^ pansion in all states which ,have ment of red -gladioli was on tha* auxiliaries but will be primarily piano, and red salvia was arranged.* concerned with Texas and Louis- on the mantle. • ' - ' "" < \ s* iana. , - , , Next meeting willTbe July ,11 a^J The Baytown organization has the home of Mrs. Thad Felton. Mrs** been affiliated with NAJA for one s. T. Weaver is to be co-hostess.* year. It r had previously been on a - *.'-»» probationery list. ' *+ \ -i i ' t', • * The-League met,Friday in the S^T^rV HrtUP l£ - V home of Mrs. Frank Goss, 805 West < ^ IW1 7 » n- 1 "» ••> « s. Harold Halsey was co- Scheduled Fof t .* *** f% 1^- vr> Angelina Peet is Engaged To George Kostas Just Folks Shy, 19^year-old BETTY CUTHB^RTSON is pnjbably the happiest JOHN FLYNT , kum Blvd., Houston. The recep- Putes among clients. tion will be in the Grecian rnnm at "The woman wpa len Cooke, irry At Discussion centered around the ' \A / i Golden Age club which the YYOOSTer League is attempting to establish in Baytown for residents over €0 ' The Wooster Baptist church . years'of age. Golden ' Agers• will have a story hour each Tuesday meet at 3 p.m. each Wednesday morning during the summer. "* during June at the parish house of The story periods are divide^ Trinity Episcopal church. into three divisions: the Liontamer^ ... , ._ r . x ., _^ iit ^ i , lvaw Service Leauers^were pleased at- class for children of ages 4 to j£ I ve talked with enough men to girl in this area at the moment. And-just a little bit puzzled, too. the timeliness of their project the Daredevils for 7- to 10-yeat* nnw thai- attiro uta +h^f ». M ii,, Betty is home with her /parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. CuthbeVtson 522 Governor Shivers has recently de- olds,, and the Rocket Riders lot '„„_ *j _«•«.— i— —„.__,.... ,..,_. _ ." '• -^.ared June 10 as Golden Age day 11- to 15-year olds. * L Texas. ' A leader. for> each . group Jia* The League also made plans to been appointed. The story houraj will be from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. * Director • of the p'roject is Mrs* Lon Perkins, church, librarian. She reminded parents that- the library , is open to any children in the community from 10 to 11 '&.'£&, Mrs. S. C. Davidson will wesent Tuesday and for 15 minutes after recital Monday in each service on Sundays and WedJ t^<=s 411 i Rusk, Houston, to fumbling with the matches tjeorge Kostas, 1806 Kansas, is be- blowing a smoke screen ing announced Saturday. his date." The wedding has been scheduled Warren estimated that the icci- . for 7 p.m. June 22 at the Hel- dence of dipping fronts hsd also college next fall to take a business enic Orthodox church, 3544 Yoa- tripled his work as modifier in dis- course. She would love to know — •—« "•.£" — *•• taA^x. «hj%***.u -^jf. uKr^.j.i i, V^V'^.i.WMI.'t^A^l^ iSCV^iC UC21.L JIC&2, ies or But now Betty's a little puzzled. She wants to work—in an office, around preferably, and she, just doesn't know where to start applyin^ for employment. , ° If Betty could find work In the business world, she would enter Lee Mrs. Davidson's Piano Students In Recital Mrs. Adams,'S3, died in Conroe t the home'of a son, T. J. Adams, r hom she was visiting. Funeral services will . be held at 2 secod Given in marriage by her father, from Northeastern •--.was sleeves. The edge of the skirt was ' ' ' - Baytown scalloped over net and the scallops fell into a long train. A white sa- ,ne oni- t i n crown he j d ^ e bride - s veil of ' r v^ i ^;rvi: ilusion - She carried a bouquet of of white gladioli «, reen ivy studded wifch a j j ^cadekbra were on either \ v hite orchid y. The couple ex- -vr T ^. , Mrs. Jerry iNickerson, the z r s sister, of Bryan was matron honor. Her dress was of white - -„- - how to type and file, but because m the Greciai * room at "The woman wears a low-cut of her handicap, she will be unable tne Shamrock hotel. gown because she wants to be to take dictation- Miss Peet is a graduate of the looke< * a V ^ !, akL ' 4Then her es ~ During her last year in school ^? es - ^ ' D £ fl f mA1 t t \*'*t University of Houston and ha* f 0 ? 1ST ^ ied tf another man at Austin, Betty took a vocational Sundav ^ ^ e ^°"te Alba church been working as a stenographer- °° , ' \ ^ d ^ d ^ el ° p ^ e foot ~ course in beauty culture and sew- ,, jria-isi- s secretary at the Houston office of Work of Ezzard Charles. ing . This sum mer, she's making a Mrs - Adams is also survived hy Heler'jovce Humble Oil and Refining Co. few clothes for herself. ^ daughter, Mrs. Walton Nixon of A n d ' e r / 0 n> Betty is proficient at penman- Palestine, ship and might make an able addresser. Someone suggested that she might be able to get \vork as a social secretary for some busy June brides addressing envelopes from long invitation lists. Betty talks well, although she is nesdays. will per- In Arkansas, a justice who ha<J Pianists scheduled to play are ^ ed , the tknot ?°f I.' 500 T 5° u P le ? ;, Sandra Lynn fmalv ^ Carried .himself. Tha^ .—^^i^. jjttje 0 ] d ^a33 n Cupid—he To ^^^&^^^f¥S^^^M Carole Myers, Naomi Pry or, Don Padgett, Barbara Richards, Naomi resi- By ALINE IVIOSBY HOLLYWOOD, June 6 OB—Bing shy aboufc usLns her voice some " v^ -,^^,;*+~q T-,-^-,. t •_ i__ times. She hears loud sounds, Crosby admitted Friday he's ^- .. . ,, . . - ., ing ground to those new type lf she would wear her neermg aid crooners ILke Johnny Ray who "sing cou!d hear ver y w . e11 - However, the i;t-Q •fVi&.»'»-A l-.^..;« n „„_.— _ i t- tinv TIDISPS fho Pirt niplrt nn snH « on a kneeling bench. rs were marked with C amp Monday like they're having nervous break" ^"y noises the aid picks up and downs." which persons with normal listen"The kids don't buy my records Powers are accustomed to make so much any more," shrugged ker quite nervous. Bing. "They're tired of my tyoe She reads lips quickly, and, of ---------- ---- ,^^ „«„ Wi V>ULL C R . , , * 1 - and or § an °y ov er dark green taffeta f ^ ??'? Gir! Scouts are due to of stuff. They like the new ones course, knows "sign language very -, *«i« made like th ' elr annual summer da who h" wl h ha en hard of hearin made like the bride's. She wore a veil styled like the bride's with a carr ^ p - VIonda y at Camp Reber. Not that Crosby minds, since the since birth. dark green taffeta crown and net . The Scouts—including all Brow- world's No. 1 crooner does every- ,_ TTT _ r ,_ , Oin r>o-*-^;««* ,:„..!, :.... n?f>s anri iv>^^iT-^-.^ j:^i .^.-,1 +Vi?r>w frn-m t-4-o^- j^. •w.^-.rn^- *._ „__ The \V. F. ""i 11 • i'H. K s nave seV" ityAnnNordan 0 L ID i Bridesmaid was^Iisi Eu'la Pearl at se P erafce sit es at Camp ReberT duce television movies to market eral defll "j e . ^ T ^ s f s fo * ^ eiT Robert Peel Flynt O f Ba^n/allSr to toe Bus ^ -" *<* »» ** at re- ? 02e , n or Pg e W^He's not .fix- .«?-«ve..-Umted^State..: an^Can- Buchaneck, ,. ,. , , - - ,,-.,.. Betty Ann Cover, Page Douglas f inally tturned OIt P ne of ^ s **$ Wendell Erwin, Maxine- Grimes, nelpersl ^. Sasse, Winnie Katherine Singletary and Margie Week. Your Headquarters for BETTY CUTHBERTSON- She carried dark green ivy. nies and intermediates—will camp "thing from, star in movies to pro- Washers, -ians^i,, Home Freezers Select C-O-O-t Summer Dresses - a- First in Fashion Finest In Qu Baytown's' Exclusive Stares for Women 115 EAST TEXAS 3207 MINNESOTA Pl ans Flynt of Baytown, a sister to "the Buses will pick up girls at re- ?° 2en or _ange juice bridegroom. Her ensemble was S^ i&r stops during the week. f made similar to the matron's of The schedule, according to Scout honor, with white organdy over leaders, ,call for the first bus to aad plans for their Hght green taffeta. She carried mak e its first stop at Cedar Ba- leicg announced Sat- ivy in a lighter shade of green. you . school at 8:15 a-nx; Ashbel s Mary Ann Nordan Bill Flynt of Brig^s Air Force ith at 8:35 a -™-' Lamar at 8:30 «l- . ^ . . base^at El Paso attended his broth- a ' m ' ; Horace Man * at 8:40 a.m. L S. Jordan will of- er aV'best man. * —.--., wedding to be held Wilbur Scott of Baytown was . Jiae 14 in the Grace groomsman and Glenn Alexander, a.,-.-™- ^ Tf >* Jimmy Mallory and Bob Stout ush- ^ nn J'o? n * , . ered. Mallory and Stout also light- ; v ° oster Ilre be Miss ea,the. candles. an ^ ^Mlss Alta Sue SJone registered ' be honor will toigomery. ,are to at 8:25 a-m,; at S:30 a_m.; ing to 's brand of sobbing, either. "I refused to have a'nervous breakdown and go into an emotional collapse," grinned Der Bingle from, behind the ' dark makeup and Oriental costume he wears'in his'latest picture -with-iBob ^Hope," Bali." whlch early this San Jacinto school at " Mrs. Mrs. Muller, who is a science teacher at Horace Mann junior high school- is anxious to see all the museums along the way and is particularly interested in seeing the geoiogica 1 formations in North "Road-; to -- and South Dakota- „._-." For- - these reasons, the . couple, "The nervous strain Ray must who are taking ttieir -sons, Guy go through for four, shows a night and Wesley, and Mrs. Muller's at a club! After show time I'd be mother, Mrs. A. W. Pruitt of Nac- ready to go to the hospital. ogdoches, will return from their ir «»• ,,-,. ° at the wedding. Miss Olhe Miller and After the ceremony, a reception was held in the home of the bride's . _ parents on Market Street road, oe junior brides- Misses Joanne Cannon, Connie Kratc. Jeanette Garber and Janie will be best man, Bramlett were members of the t and ushers are to be house party. TO! of Houston, Wally The lace-laid table was centered Buses will also at the close of each ies. " This fine ' but r eastern tour' by way of the Da- 7 Friends Of Library Will Meet Monday style better fc pearances, cafes and television About six weeks will be soent in where you can see "them. All this- the trip, with'plenty'of leisure al- hollerin' and screamin', you get lowed so the group can visit such the idea they're singing to a lot relatives as Mrs. Muller's' uncle, of people. For records and radio RF/WB. G. CERNE, of Kentucky; you gotta be softer.' cousin, FLOYD E.MATLOGK of Bing doesn't understand the'con- Lo'ckport HI.;' cousin G.^ A, troyersy over Ray, either, because CARLESOKT of Bollock,-s Minn.; £> the bride-to-be's blue accessories. They will return association building. reflected. Sunday to be at home in Baytown Plans for a general membership "^ don't remember Whltesides will be for the summer. meeting in July will be mapped out s ^ ea j nin over me ^- Bob Tharp will sing. The bride is a graduate of Ro- During this next meting, Mrs. addeo "\ wUl be held follow- bert E. Lee high school and Lee Mary P. Butler, county librarian And criticism," well, every*'" in the home of college. She works at Harris Coun- from Houston, will speak. 1>ody new ffets that - Rnd y Val- Braden, 1401 ty Federal Savings and Loan Asso- Members of the building commit- ciation. too are Robert Gillette, Larry Hale, to the wedding is The bridegroom was also gra- Mrs. C. T. Shewell, Jack Ward, P Jnxigh. -the press to duated from Robert E. Lee. He is and George Gentry. These people F*tag C ouT>lp a sophomore student at Texas A are investigating the possibilities and M college in College Station. of obtaining another library build- Out-of-town, guests included Jer- ing. ry. Njckerson of Bryan, Mr. and Dr. A, a route through Kentucky, ^^ Washington, X>. C., Niagara, Falls, -n, a ^r°C y Chicago, Minnesota, Winnepeg.'the though, he r»,T,«i.«J TT^^T, ^JT T-A Dakotes, Utah, and Denver. and lee, boy, they used to pick on him. Some x critics say the kids who listen to Ray are idiots. They said the same thing about me—no voice, no range, no quality, Ray will pick up his friends as he goes along. The C. B. JOFFRIONS daughters, CH ARL O T TE BARBARA AKJST, recently returned from a short trip to. DeQuincy, and Eunice, La., to see their grandmothers. ,„ ,, .., «,^^«« ti ^ ^^-.M .- ^.«. R. Padgett, chairman, will c ^ ,« . c lV ST 8 ™w aooui uus 1JUKS 5WE r-^oaday r the Sus- Mrs. John H. Miller of Akron, Ohio preside during the meeting. Mon- f^?™^ 5 .^ 1 !! «<«Jih- ^ey prob- three - childr «fr. u 9 -f f St 1Iar fc's and Mrs. Earl Butler and Reba day. 4 £vJ nil meet in ^e °f Lampasas. i\ XK : Brill, 2501 VIr 1 , , Jennie Menking ' Longest railway tunnel in the Art '"- as co-hostess- world is the Mont Cenis, bet\veen "' France and Italy. Held At Lee College istic gov- bureaus, -t>" taxes, or ^ t **ltK insurance, B \°« 4rs ; ck » , S* CXV-ft_ is very ity and the patient •*nj"' c S over «- 'Ulions in tav«c '•"fc-^fiSS IV bureaus, it not only costs the sick and well, but encourages the unscrupulous and lazy to "play sick" or "stay sick." Under such systems, medical practice is brought to a level of mediocrity^ Under our incentive system, Doctors are taught to plumb the depths of scientific /acton every case, and use every possible means to cure _ each case. **PatcrnaIbm w r-stibstituted for individual relationships and persona! incentive —lowers the QUALITY of medical service. TO -SERVE YOU Slain. -. . , .Phone 4865 V Texa5 - * • .Phone 2939 JIarket,..., Phone 4034 Expected in today from St. Paul, Minn., are Mr. and Mrs. THEO- There's nothing new about this DORE SWENSON TTT and the«r loutin' style, though. They prpb- three ' children, LESTDA, TEDDY ably got it from Jolson. Crooning and LARRY. They will be staying wasn t new when I started, either, with Mrs. S w e n s o n' s sister's Nick Lucas and Cuff Edwards did family, the T. P. GORMAN 2301 /•S^ 6 me - - , - ,_ Alabama, until Wednesday When P-Sl^^Ti^ lsm Sers !he picks they will go to New'Orleans for Sh ^x>f?°° ney ^rf S0me mor ? family Vi3its - Swenson added^He ^T^on^CoS^'^l and his "" fe we " re Ba >- town «si- First semi-annual exhibit by the ^e Fisher and Guy Mitchell are Art League of Baytown will be ^ tf st of the new male warblers. from 7 to 9 p.m. Monday at Lee "K's tough on these kids now. MR. and MRS. B. C. LnTLE- college art" gallery. There used to be just a few of us, FIELD and son MORRIS, with Water colors, pastels, and oils but n o^ v * there are hundreds in MISS JUDY RUNNELLS, are will be shown in the painting divi- town who can. sing but can't get leaving soon on a. southwestern sion. These are all properly fram- Jobs. ^ ^ t our th roU gk Yellowstone. Grand ed. < /*«, I just iake it easy," Canyon, and Colorado. Two or Free form and cast ceramics and sairt fte millionaire singer, and three weeks will be spent on th.p hand and loom weaving axe due to f**®** ° nj . his blcvc > *o Pedal trin. Morris is relaxing this sum- to the studio commissary- " - & be other exhibits. Each charter member of the or- mer, after working- for three enter boy. Great isn't?" with gin-but what ^av.u v-nc^vvi »4w.«~^.^ ^^ «. & w^ - . - - T ——— iiiers, ana is aue to enter tne Un 1 - ganbation is to erfubit not. more your Minute Maid orange jmce versity of Houston as a sophomore than eight pieces of his work. CALENDAR Monday Pythian sisters, city hall at 7:30 p.m. house at . Hoffman Reviews ;Book next "The cockleburs sure took advantage of my ten-day stay with relatives," Mrs. Paul Meister, 202 Lakewood drive, said Saturday as she was scratching her hands try- Mrs. T- M. Hoffman reviewed "Through Charley's Door" by Eml- of the o his only Rainbow Girls, Masonic hall at S p.m. Woman's Auxiliary of First Presbyterian, church at 9:30 a,m. Susanna Wesley circle of St Mark's Methodist home of Mrs. N. K. Brill, 2801 Virginia, at 7:30 p.m. Spiritual life group of First Presbyterian, sanctuary at 10 a.m. MORMS The club met in the GommuBity Miss Kimbrough's story concerned her experiences as editor of a fashion magazine for Marshall- Field Department store in Chicago. The club's next review will be "My Cousin Rachel" by Daphne DuMaurier. Mrs. Sam R, Bethea will review the book. and brother, M. Who Will Refuse The Mark of tne Beast? MRvand MRS. R. F. ADAMS are in Palestine thfs weekend to attend the funeral services of his mother, MKS. MINNIE ADAMS, who died suddenly of a heart attack early Saturday, Mrs. Cox To Lead Spiritual Life Parley .Mrs. S. BM. Cox will lead the discussion on the book of Proverbs at 10 5LJU. Monday for the spiritual life group of'the First Presbyter-" Lan church.-" J .-, Woniea are requested t\> their Bibles to this meeting A regular work day wiil the program, with a covered dish luncheon being served at no.,n. All women from the church are invited; ERICA'S Fil^lST AT THIS NEW LOW • It's o txxmty ,~. - &*$ a bargain ~. «-»-. i*'$ the most comfortable rocker yo«*R ever avfC Beautiful tapestry combined with durable BoStaffex plastic covering for kwg, bug wear, Itll be e tons time before jrov can motdi tht$ few] price ... harry fa today! HARDWOOD COtt SPRING CUSWOXS OURABIC, LACQUER MAIN'AT TEXAS FURNITURE CO.

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