Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on March 17, 1939 · Page 3
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 3

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 17, 1939
Page 3
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THE CORSICANA 'SBMT^WEEKLY LIGHT, FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 1989, THREE! HAGUE AND DUE WON A AND B HONORS FRIDAIOTURDAY DUANE EMMONS OF FAIRFIELD WON A HONORS WITH 23 POINTS WOETHAM, Mar. 14.- (Spl.)—Many athletes from all sections of Freestone county participated in the annual University of Texas Interscholastic league track and field meet here Friday and Saturday. Duane Emmons of Fall-field high school copped high point honors In class A circles with a total of 23 points, while his perfonrmance was closely contested by Cleei'o. of Kirvin who accounted for 21 points during the meet In the class B division. C. C. Smith, coach of Wortham High, is athletic director of the Freestone county league. Class A junior, class B junior, •ward school, rural school track, playgound ball and tennis were conducted. Teaguo annexed first honors In Coming to Palace —CORSICANA— Today - Saturday —also— OCR GANG -- FOPEYK "Son of Frankenstein" with BORIS KARLOFF BELA LUGOSI BASIL RATHBONE ALL NEW We Dare You To See It! Sunday • Monday Tuesday Shirley Ross and Bing Crosby in a scene from Blng's latest picture "Paris Honeymoon" opening Sunday at tho Palace theatre. class A, Donie won in class B while Fairfleld was ahead in class A junior and Wortham won class B junior honors. Wortham an- nexted first placo in Ward schoo' competition while Shanks took honors in rural school track. Tho Results: Class A. High School Track 120 Yard High Hurdles, 19 sec —First, Janes, Teague; second Brown, Teague. Pole Vault, 8* 6"—First, Jones Teague; second, Russ, Teague; Bowers, Teague and Bailey, Fair field tied for third and fourth. 100 Yard Dash, 10.8 sec.—First Emmons, Fairfield: second, Long Teague; third, Eubanks, Fairfleld fourth, Haws, Teague. High Jump, 5' 6"—First, Long Teague; second, Jones, Teague third, Brown, Cole, Fairfield. Teague; fourth, .hlrd, Cannon, Fairfleld: fourth, I Fowver, Teague. ' Pull Up (chining bar) 34 times —First, Bonner, Falrfleld; second, Folk, Falrfleld; third, Newsome, Teague; fourth, Hartsell, Teague. Individual High Point Man: wait, Fairfleld—101-4. Class B Junior High School Track 50 Yard Dash, 6.3 sec.—First, Wright, Wortham; second, Savage, Donle; third, Davis, Wortham; fourth, Cherry, KIrvln. 100 Yard Dash, 11.6 sec—First, Davis, Wortham; second, Newsome, Donle; third, Savage, Donle; fourth, Cherry, KIrvln. 440 Yard Relay, 65.5 sec.— First, Wortham: Woodruff, Richardson, Davis and Wright; second, Donle; third. Freestone; fourth, Kirvin. High Jump, 5'4"—First, Wll- lard, Wortham; second, Wright, Wortham; third, Davis, Wortham; fourth, Savage, Donle- (Savage and Davis tied for 4th and 3rd). Broad Jump, 16'1"—First, Keel- Ing Worth; second, Wlllard, Wortham; third, Davis, Wortham; fourth, Savage, Donle. Pull Up (chinning bar) 12 times —First, Woodruff, Wortham; second, Richardson, Wot ham; third, Cherry, KIrvln. Individual High Point Man: Davis, Wortham—121-4. Ward School Track 50 Yard Dash, 6.4 sec.—First, Le Fevre, Wortham; second, Biddie Shaw, Central Grammar, Teague; third, Stroud, Fairfield; fourth, Edwards, O. M. Roberts, Toague. 100 Yard Dash, 11.8 sec.—First, LeFevre, Wortham; second, > Shaw, Central Grammar, Teague; third, Stroud, Falrfleld; fourth, Short, O. M. Roberts. 440 Yard Relay, 56.6 sec.—First, Central Grammar, Teague; Grove, Seely, Shaw, Gay; second, O. M. Roberts, Teague; third, Wortham; fourth, Falrfleld. High Jump, 5'—First, LeFevre, Wortham; second, Shaw, Central Grammar, Teague; third, Archer, Central Grammar, Teague; fourth, Durant .Central Grammar, Teague; Terry .Fairfield; Isham, Freestone. Alltled for 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Points split. Broad Jump, 15' 3"—First, Shaw, Son of Frankenstein 440 Yard Dash, 55-2 sec.—First,' Central Grammar; second, Ed. D. Emmons, Falrfleld; second, E. Emmons, Falrfleld; third, Strickland, Teague; fourth, Horton, Fairfleld. Shot Put, 38'3"—First, Pierson, Teague: second, D. Emmons, Fairfield; third, Guyton, Teague; fourth, Horton, Fairfleld. 220 Yard, Low Hurdles, 29.3 sec. -First, Jones, Teague; second, Nettles', Falrfleld; third, Brown, Fevre ' Wortham—171-2. Teague; fourth, Newman, Fair- .._ . _ . ,~r—, , , . field. ' | Kural School Track, Jr. High 880 Yard time)—First, ward, O. M. Roberts (tied for 1st and 2nd); third, LeFevre, Wortham; fourth, Stroud, Ralr- field. Pull Up (chinning bar) 32 times —First, Weaver, Fairfleld; second, Lott, O. M .Roberts; third, at which was seated tho _ Culley, O. M. Roberts; fourth, I speaker, toastmlstress and the Bonner, Fairfleld. —.1.1—»- - -»«v, „, .»,„ ,„„.. Individual High Point Man: Le- Bcla Lugosl and Boris Karloff In a scene from 'Son of Frankenstein,' Unlversal's all new thriller chiller which will bo shown at tho Palace theatre Saturday night in a midnight show only. Four Women's Clubs Of Kerens Met For Annual Luncheon KERENS, March 15— (SpU — As is their annual custom the four cultural clubs of Kerens (Pioneer Literary, Music, Garden and Soro- cls) met Tuesday at 1 p. m. for a luncheon and book review. Held In tho newly decorated Elite Cafe, the tables were placed In U shape, and featured St. Patrick's day in gay and coloful decoration. At the speakers' table, Dash, (no official] Rosser, ' Fairfield; I 1.11 JIG/ *• 11 ai) -Ltuaaci . J7 tti* 4.1U1U t second Mobley, Falrlleld; third, Ross, Teague Javelin Throw, 133'11-2"—First, Strlckllng, Teague; second, Brown, Teague; third, Horton, Falrfleld; fourth, Nowmon, Fairfleld School 50 Yard Dash, 6.5 sec.—First, Hagler, St. Elmo; second, Moore, Dow; third, Hearon, Cotton Gin; fourth, Alford, Cotton Gin. 100 Yard Dash, 11.6 sec—First, Gibson, Shanks; second, Hagler, St. Elmo; third, Moore, Dew; 220 Yard Dash, 24.4 sec—First fo " rnth - Alford Cotton Gn Emmons, Fairfield; second, Long,! 440 Relay 68.8 sec.-First St. Teague; third, Eubanks, Fairfleld; Elm °4, Hagler, Gregory. Wilson fourth, Haws Teague ?. nd . P1 5H eU ! second, Cotton Gin; Broad Jump, 19' 9"—First, Emmons, Fairfield; second, Bowers, Teague; third, Nettles, Fairfield; fourth, Long, Teague. One Mile Bun, (no official time)—First, Nettles, Fairfield; second, Daily,' Teague; third, Cox, Fairfield: fourth, Newsome, Teague. Discus Throw, 85'6"—First, Hor- thlrd, Shanks. High Jump, 6'—First, Hearon, Cotton Gin; second, Swlnburh, Dew; third, Hagler, St. Elmo; fourth, Moore, Dew. Broad ,Jump, 16'9 3-1" — First, Gibson, Shanks; second, Long, Dew; third, Hagler, St. Elmo; fourth, Moore, Dew. (Hagler and Moore tied for 3rd and 4th.) Pull Up (chinning bar) 27 times ton, Fairfield; second, Strlckling, _ * £ p « nlnnln s; Da ,» 27 times Teague; third, Nettles, Fairfield; f lrst - Freeman Shanks; second, . . *_. * ' * T .on or T^*»M»' thfpfl n H**4nnmn n fourth, Plerson, Teague. One Mile Relay, (no official time)—First, Fairfield (by default) . Individual High Point Man: Duane Emmons, Fairfield—23. Class B High School Track 120 Yard High Hurdles, 21 see. —First, Samuel, Wortham; second, Collins, Danlo; third, Richardson, Wortham. Pole Vault, 9'10"—Cleere, Klr- " Long, Dew; third, C. Freeman, Shanks; Fourth, Algord, Cotton Gin. Individual High Point Man: Hagler, St. Elmo—123-4. Rural Pentathlon — First, Robert Pillans, St. Elmo (23 points). Total Polnta for All Divisions of Track Class High School—First, league, 731-2; second Fairfleld, 70 j. uiw vauib, u -iv —wieere, jvir- m««B -c, TTt»u e«i. nA i TTI«.A n*. v»n« «ar<nriri YirnUh»ii Tri....i«. Olass B High School—First, Do- 33rd. Tarlm. X*"' K ' lVln ' nle, 53; second. Streetman,' 44; «o wi-at I lhlrd - Kirvin, 30; fourth, Wor- B S 0t ~*" Bt> l tham IS! fifth. St.. TClmn 91.3- * f'nmtaa naan wild CROSBY FRANCISKA CAAl AKIMTAMI*OFF MEMORIES OX- Will Roger* "Idiots Delight" With NORMA SHEARER CLARK GABLE Newsome, Donle; second, Milner, Streetman: three, Hyden, Donie; fourth, Kyle. Wortham. High Jump, 5'5"—First, Christian, Kirvin; second, Martin, Donie; third, Collins, Donle; fourth, Clark, St Elmo. (Martin, Donle and Collins. Donie, tie for 2nd and third. Clark, St Elmo, Epps, Freestone, and Miller, Freestone, tie for fourth). 440 Yard Dash, B68 sec.—First, Watson, Donle; second, Kyle, Wortham; third, Simmons, Streetman; fourth, Ryburn, KIrvln. Shot Put, 37'6"—First Sherrod, Streetman;- second, Cleere, Kirvin; third, Milner, Streetman; fourth, Watson, Donle. 220 Yard Low Hurdles, 29.0 sec. —First, Lewis, Donie; second, Cleere, KIrvln; third, Samuel, Wortham: f o ur t h, Haywood, Streetman. 880 Yard Dash, (no official time)—First Steele, second, L. Haywood, auanmtm-, third, Martin, Donle; fourth, Richardson, Donle. Elmo, 31-3; sixth, Freestone, 2-3. Class A Jr. High School—First, Falrfleld, 441-2; second, Teague, 171-2. Class B Jr. High School—First, Wortham, 441-2: second, Donle 131-2; fourth, Kirvin 5; fourth, Freestone, 2. Ward School—First, Wortham, 19; second, Central Grammar, Teague, 183-5; third, O. M. Roberts, Teague, 14; fourth, Fairfleld, 131-5; fifth, Freestone, 11-4. Rural School Track, Jr. High School—First, Shanks, 19; second, St. Elmo, 171-2; third, Dew, 15 1-2: fourth Cotton Gin, 13. Rural Pentathlon—Robert Pillans, St. Elmo, 23 points. ' Results of All Divisions of Playground Ball. Ward School Boys—First, Fairfield; second, Streetman; third, Teague. Ward School Girls—First, Street; second, Falrfleld; third, Tea- Jr. High School Boys, Class B. i avrt B«ss 815 ^ dst - -as- sr^^rd^sssar'uss: fod, Streotman; second, Keel, Streetman; third, Back, Wortham; four, Haywood, Streetman. 220 Yard Dash, 346 sec.— First, Watson, Donle; second, Newsome, Donie; third, Simmons, Streetman; fourth, Mllner, Streetman. Broad Jump, 20'"— First, Cleere, Kirvin; second, Newsome, Donle; third, Lewis, Donle (Newsome and Lewis tied for 2nd and 3d); fourth, Hayden, Donle. One Mile Run, '(no official time) —First, R. Haywood, Streetman; second, Simpson, St Elmo; third, Qalarqe, Wortham; fourth, Owens, Worthara. Discus Throw, 95' 2"— First, Cloere, KIrvln; second, Lewis, Don it ; Tthl , rdl Hayden, Donle; fourth, Keel, Streetman. Ole Rala y. < official time)—First Streetman: Milner, L, Haywood, R. Haywood, Simmons; second, Donle. Individual High Point man— Oleere, KIrvln 21 points. Class A Junior High School Track 60 Yard Dash, 5-6 sec.— Fit.- Atwalt, Falrfleld; second, Stewart, Fairfield; third, Folk, Fairfield; fourth, Wylle, Teague. ' 100 Yard Dash, 11.1 seo.—First, Await, Fairfield; second, . Folk, Falrfleld; third, Steward, Fair- fleld; fourth, Isham, Teague. 440 Yard Relay, 52.5 see.— First, FairfleW; Await, Utley, Folk and Steward. High Jump, 6'1"—First, F6w- ver, Teague; second, Await, Fairfield; third, Calame, Fairfield; fourth, Fischer, Fairfleld; Wiley. .Teague; - IshJman, Teague. (All foui'"tied for 8rd and 4th). Broad Jump, 17'7"—First, Await, Falrfleld; aecond, jsaam, Teague; Done. Jr. High School Girls, Class B. —First, Streetman; second, Donle; third, Wortham. Jr. High School Boys, Class A. —First, Fairfield; second, Teague. Rural School Boys—First, Cotton Gin; second, St. Elmo; third, Shanks. Rural school girls—St Elmo,Cotton Gin, Shanks Kosulta of All Divisions of Tennis Senior Boys Doubles—Klrven, Wortham, Teague Senior Boys Singles—Falrfleld, Klrven, Streetman. Junior Boys Doubles—Fairfield, Kirven Junior Boys Singles—Wortham, Streetman. Junior Boya Singles—Wortham, Streetman. Senior Girls Doubles—Falrfleld, Wortham, Kirven. Senor Girls Singles—Falrfleld, Streetman, Klrven. Junior Girls Singles—Streetman, Wortham. Junior Girls Singles—Streetman, Wortham. Found—One Corduroy Jaokey, brown. One pocket knife with one whole blade and one blade broken. These articles will be held in Mr. C. C. Smith's office in, Wortham until called for. / Sending Eggs to Orphanage. KERENS, March 14.—(SpU— The WMU of the First Baptist church is packing several crates of fresh eggs to be sent to Buckner Orphans Home this week. This is one of the organizations yearly activities, planned to reach the home In' plenty of time for Eaater. presidents of each of the four clubs, a mound of Irish potatoes was placed in tho center, with an Irish green tophat on one side, and a big, black COD pipe, whose bowl overflowed with Japanese japonlca and yellow jonquils, on the other. The same arrangement was repeated at Intervals down the length of the tables, where places were laid for 72. At each placo a hand-done program in Shamrock booklet form, with alternating green and white pages, contained the date, occasion, menu and program, written in green and white ink. Amusing place cards at tho speakers' table were small green snakes with names written In white ink and stuck jauntily in freshly scrubbed potatoes. The menu, served In three courses, consisted of tomato juice cocktail, chicken a la king, green beans, new potatoes, salad, rolls, coffee, tea cream and angel cake. Mrs. G. H. Wilemon, toastmistress, explained In a charming and delightful manner the purpose of the annual affair and presented Mrs. Nell Robinson of tho English department of Trinity University, who reviewed Lloyd Douglas' "Disputed Passage." Highly versatile literary critic, with a deep appreciation of the beauty and magnitude of tho English language, Mrs. Robinson gave a full hour's enjoyment In recounting tho struggles of two physicians whose viewpoints In regard to their profession were so entirely different and thereby divulged the moral, which is always plainly apparent in any work of Mr, Douglas. After the departure of the speaker to fill another appointment, Mrs. E. H. Gray, chairman of tho City Federation, told in a few words, some of the alms of the new organization, after which Mrs. Charles Reese led In the singing of "Texas, Our Texas," with Mrs. M. O. Cheek, violinist, accompanying. Baptist Missionary Union. KERENS, March 15.—(SpU— Tho Baptist Women's Missionary Union, meeting Jn tho homo of Mrs. Ell Bain Monday afternoon for the monthly program and social, had 47 women present. Subject for tho program was "Bible Schools," ably led by Mrs. John Simmons, who discussed Christian education in a number of Its phases. Mrs. Roy Cloud brought tho devotional, based on tho general theme In which she enumerated some schools in the Bible and read from a number of passages, "Schools In the Southland" was Mrs. H, J. Newsom's topic, while Mrs. Grant Westbrook discussed "Christian Schools in Foreign Countries." Mrs. A, R. Carroll told "What Every Woman Can Do." Concluding number was a vocal duet by Mrs. F. E. McCown and Mrs. E. K. Howell, who sang "Did You Tell About Jesus?" with Mrs M. O. Cheek piano accompanist. A collection of eggs for Buckner Orphans Home was received, as well as the customary cash offering. The hostess,' assisted b some six members of her circle, and Miss Robby Tyus,-B. .A. member, served a refreshing and coloful plate at the close of the study hour. CHAMBERLAIN SAYS BRITAIN REGRETS ACTIONJF HITLER TAKING OVER OF BOHEMIA MORAVIA DISCUSSED BEFORE COMMONS LONDON, March 15.— (ff) —Prime Minister Chamberlain told a tense House of Commons today that "it bitterly regrets" Germany's occupation of Bohemia and Moravia but added, ''do not let us be deflected from our course" of trying to reach peace by agreement. He spoko a few minutes after Foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax told tho house of lords Germany's march Into the Czech areas was "bound to administer a shock to confidence all tho more regrettable since confidence was beginning to revive." Like Halifax, Chamberlain refused to "make charges of breach of talth," but implied criticism of Adolf Hitler's action when he solemnly declared: "Hitherto Germany has only Incorporated In tho relch people ol German race, but now the arc taking military occupation ol places where there are people with whom they have no racial relation." LONDON, March 15.—W—Foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax declared today Germany's march into Bohemia and Moravia was "bound to administer a shock to confidence all the more regret- tablo since confidence was beginning to revive." The foreign secretary In solemn tones told the house of lords that: "The German government has now without—so far as I know— any communication with the other three signatories of the Munich agreement, sent their troops beyond the frontier whlcn was there laid down." . Britain, Franco and Italy were tho other signers of the Munich accord. A few minutes before he made his declaration, Halifax announced that a. proposed visit of overseas Trade Secretary R. S. Hudson to Berlin had been postponed as a result of German occupation of Bohemia and Moravia. Speaking to the house of lords the foreign secretary added that the British government could not "hold themselves any longer bound" by a promise at Munich to guarantee Czechoslovakia's frontier In view of Prague's rcc- Ignttlon of Slovakia's independence. Informed of Postponement. He said Germany had been Informed of the postponement of Hudson's visit, which had been designed as the first stage of n new "peace through trade" drive and was to include Moscow and virtually the whole of Northern Europe. "I do not want to make any specific charges as to breach of faith," Halifax said, "but I can not admit that anything of, the kind that has now taken place was In the minds of His Majesty's government at the time of Munich or was in any way contemplated." When Chamberlain rose to speak government supporters cheered and Laborltes shouted bitter taunts. Conservatives angrily Solicitor Rules No Federal Funds Are Endangered WASHINGTON, March 15.—(/P) —Mostin G. White, solicitor of the agriculture department, ruled today passage of Texas senate bill 104, known as the county Judges bill, would cause no curtailment of federal aid to that state for highway construction, His opinion was contained In a communication to Thomas H. McDonald, chief of the federal roads bureau. Under provisions of the legislation, a surplus of some $9,000,000 In gasoline tax collections held In tho Texas treasury would bo used to retire county bonds issued to finance construction of lateral or feeder roads not part of tho regular state aid highway system, Tho surplus was accumulated under it one cent n gallon levy Imposed in 1032 specifically for retirement of county bonds issued to finance construtlon, except in caacs where tho diversion was practiced prior to 1034, would make tho state liable to a reduction of up to one-third in federal aid. A question was raised as to whether une of tho special surplUs involved for retirement of county lateral bonds as well as state highway bonds would bo so construed and that the state stood to lose as much at $4,000,000 annually In federal aid. shouted "Shut up!" to quell tho tumult. The prime minister repeated Halifax's statement that Germany's action could not be regard cd as "having been brought about In accord with tho spirit of tho Munich agreement." At tho same time he rolteratec' amid cheers from government benches his defense of the Munich agreement, saying "I have no doubt tho course wo took was right." o Lost Something? Try a Dally Sun Want Ad. FUNERAL SERVICES TO BE HELD FRIDAY FOR JAMES R. WEBB RESIDENT OF CORSICANA FORTY-TWO YEARS DIED WEDNESDAY MORNING James R. Webb, aged 73 years, resident of Corsicana for 42 years died at his home, 1109 West Fourth avenue, Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock after an extended Illness. Funeral services will bo hold from tho First Christian church, of which ho was a prominent member, Friday morning at 10:30 o'clock. Interment will be' made in Oakwood cemetery. The rites will be conducted by Rev. Ben Forbes of Wcatherford. Mr. Webb was a retired business man and capitalist. He wai ono of tho owners of the CorsI- cana Marble and Granite Works for many years before his retirement from active business. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Lee J. Taylor. Dallas; a brother, Judd Webb, Dallas; two sisters, Mrs. Margaret McNcrney, Corsicana, and Mrs. Mae Stewart, Dallas, and other relatives. Pallbearers will bo Robert Davidson, Otis Rector, Chas. Highnote, John Henry Bryant, Chas. Bee, J. N. Edens, Sr., W. T. Me- . Elwce, N. Buttle Roberts, Byron Harwell and Albert B. Horn. Honorary pallbearers will bo the ciders and deacons and members of tho First Christian church, and friends of tho family. Suthorland-MoCammon Funeral Homo is in charge of arrangements. Poultry • Poultry We will pay top price for poultry at all times In line with market conditions. Will pay following until next Saturday night: Turkey Hem, pound ITo Good Colored Hens, Ib. 12%o Good Leghorn Hem, Ib, 10)&a Cocks, pound 60 Good Colored, Fryers, tVi. Ibs. down, Ib 16a Good Leghorn Fryers, Ib. 13o Number One Hides, lb...0!4o Fresh Eggs, dozen 13o A. B. Walker and Son RAINS CASH GROCERY CO COMPLETE MARKET Beaton at Sixth MILK Carnation, Lg. Oc; small COFFEE Admiration, Ib. 23c; 8 Ibs SOAP Crystal White, 7 bar* SALT Carey's, 8 boxes Rubbing, Pint ALCOHOL IOC SALMON Good Chum, Pound cun CHEESE Full Cream, round...... <ff f mt ^ IOC OLEO Swift's All-Sweet, 2 pounds Sliced, Found. BACON FOR EGGS We pay in trade, Dozen MUSTARD Good, .f jit ~_ Quart IOC CATSUP Good, U oz. hot ^.. COOKING OIL Trinity White, Gallon SYRUP State Fair, Gallon............ JELLO Six Delicious Flavors, pkg 49c LARD Hog, Pound.., JOWLS Salt, Pound. FISH Siloed Cat, Pound 25c Automatic Electric Water System Complete At Low Cost • Hammer Mills Z Engines • Pump Stands Windmills and Towers Oil City Iron Works Corsicana Texas I .$% hasa — IF GROUND WHEN YOU BUY IT! niRuinv New Low Price 2 Ibs. COFFEE Same High Quality 3 Ibs. 37c Crackers Shortening Meal Flour V%« - XT incaiijiie S5" : »'< 12c 4 ID 24 -« 69c ^^ 35 Llbby's 8-oz. Cr - ° r Tidbit* 2 or Spaghetti ^_ Mother o' Mine ^E Tomatoes st *" d " d 4 Milk Maiimum 4 Catsup Monjto ' t»™' xoc Itobln Hood OLEO Ibs. Brown'* COCO PUFFS Brooms Mops Oxydol Dog Food BBJC Liberty ea. Linen e*. The Family med. soap pkj. Bar-None Print Cheese Ib. Firm Crisp Lettuce 3- IO> pig: Liver 2 25 Wlnesap Apples 210 size 2 25 Fresh Ground Loaf Meat Texas Oranges 218 Size SAFE WAY

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