Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 15, 1969 · Page 10
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 10

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1969
Page 10
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lines (15 words) 1 week $2.90 sUMMER WANT AK BRING VACATION MONEY! Phone 646-2543 THE ALtRU meet* »n» 1 j AUTOMOTIVE 31 BUSINESS SERVICE S.; SMPLOYMSNT lOiMERCHANDISI 10 Tuesday, July 15, 1969 *5* 6r »wnwoo<} Coliseum. Ph ' '»« CHEVROLET imp«i» 4 ?^' rIJ ,! t **« ne '«u <::t ** n5 M " "" h S( ' Ph Air, ' SEE US for mattresses new or'ARA Services w.itit arl y* h « r < ! - THE BROWNWOOD BUSINESS and Pr». feislonal Women's Club meets «,» fir,| and third Tuesdays ol »ach nornr. in th* Rlch# Room of Hoi'dav nn n\ *.;30 p.*. Mrs. j. c. (JMn) Hat', Pr M |. dsnt. 44S-3263- or 9«8 8FA Thunderbolt «50 CC. 10 monihi old 1500 miles. S975. 1201 fJorlh Ldne, Cominche. nl earh Per In ~ DISCOUNT PRICES on top NEWCOMERS club meets .econrl'rhucs Itialllj name hrflnr) atlto „., .. .... __ .. parts. Also chrrk our prices on Hurst Shiftr-r? TOM'S AtrTO SUPPLY Fort Worlh Uiehv/ay fi-4fi-<118(! T 3690 224-237 %( noon Archl * renovated. Full size mattresses renovated for as low as ... $1495 Also upholstering, new and used furniture. New houses to go or build on your lot. LET3E7TER & SONS R46-S536 bakers, cooks, salad Bir]«. utility man. flUhwsishprs. 40 hour?; a \veok 15 day pair! vacation. Salarv nnrn. Ton- (sct Dirprtor of Dining Srr- Mnclge Hsli at _, P-ll A.M. and Fin(i|5t fpnrp CHAIN LINK FENCE . Vfrta HPC 2-3 P.M A-3r,4fi-234-245 tOPS CLUB meets even. foesrj*v~ntghi *f ' w b m at Rrownwinrt O'"flurr> Coll Mrs. F. D. t>svl* at 644-3215. OL-LTA tHElA CHAPTEft ot EWIIoh Sigma Ai D h» meetj O n li.-»t Tuesday of ta. mo ; : 3o D .m P O , |^. ' fnt-mAtlon till Barbara Hlckmtn » \ BRING YOUR rolor (i'rn !•> <~.,qr),n Ave Drug and get the Bonus prtur.' fpfg C 3373 210-tf FOP SALE —I95R Plymouth Alr-condlil'tn- erl. new rubber Molor overhauled /• < r ,o U ft. fibertjiass boat, 75 HP molor. Ph 78X-276I Csson Cove, Lake Brownwood G -3 76 7-230-234 BROWMWOOb LIONS CLUB rne«)i In Club Room «»ch Tuesday tor noon !i;ncheon and nropram Can Roscoe Smllh, 444-7821 for Information. BROirVN COUMt> REGISTERED NURSES ASSN meets Jnd rhors •ach mo t 730 o rn in m homes. CaM Mrs. Copeland at tor intormatlnrt. UPSILON BETA CHAPTER of Bold 5iq. ma Phi meets 2nd and <fh Mcmavs 7:30 o.m For information can v,n. Phillip Fllnn 444-119J. BROWNWOOD OARUSN CLUB meets third Thursday »t }r30 om at Adams Sir»«i Community renter Fnr minrm« tion call MM. Geo. Ysrbrouah «t 444-2443. LADIES AUXILIARY Veterans nl Foreign Wars, Pott 3278 meets 2nd and 4th Thur»dnys For information can Dolores Cvr, 644-7111. CHEAPSKATE has mufflers for all cars and pickup?, at $3.95 By far. the better bargains bought in Brownwood arc bought at CHEAPSKATE'S C 233 236 | WANTED Cooks, rtishv/aslipfs anrl Apply in rierso holm's WINDOW UMTS ! fommerre. SALES & SERVICE ! Frigiflnirp and Scotsman ICE MACHINES Pouncey RefriRpralion 103 Main Ph 64R-0492 FURNITURE I90f Avt 444-8447 REPAIR J C and retinishing Collier, Of, C-tliKl tf MITCHELL CONSTHUCT1ON COMPANY Foundation wor* ano all concrete con StructiOP s*/ork 209 W. Commerre Ph. 444-7747. M.4?8«-1t : OFFICE SUPPLIES - HlDier-s OfflC* ! Eauloment. Remington Adding Mi»r^ilr.«», | TvnewMter rentals 200 E Anderson, Ph. 444-4914 CARPENTER WORK DF.l I« KAPPA GAMMA Meets fir^ Thurvssy o' month For information c«" Mrs Waiter £ Dlekuni HI ««-;U9 JAY'S COUNTRY AQUARIUM-Tropieal fish, live plants and qoirj 'ish Cim- plele 'Ina ol foods anl suooiies 12 miles out C'sco Highway Jay Allison. Route 2, Box 70, May, Texas S46-4>98 A 3393-211-243 !>n^ -)v.'n»»r- car v nu v/HI SP« on« as clean as new Can M«.?3iO. .V13J7.W-237 FOR SALE Caterpillar Motor Grader. No. 12 with Sc.a>v ! NOTIfF^ O fi£M '' P° u ' 01 ' steering and rati. INV-/ I IV.CO Z Ready to an to work. Cnn be seen on Circle across slrrpt from Swift's. 2,il4 Vine. Ph 646-0428, mornins;. noon or night. \V-3853-234-tf 11967 CHRYSLER New Yorker ^OUNO—Bm*n and whits tiwnjj, south 4 door. Loaded. Extra nice. ol Brownwood Call «6-«l' w-3845-2JO-?4.i 1DB5 DODGE Coronet 4 door. Low mileace. Extra clean. • 1D64 CHEVROLET Impala 2-, doot hard top. i IDfvl CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-' door. ; 1863 CHEVROLET Impala 4-, door. f 1964 PLYMOUTH 4 door. ! I 1964 FORD Fnirlane 500 sport 1 j coupe. 1963 FORD station wagon. 1962 MERCURY station wagon. plete building, remodeling. Free estimates Call collect 507-7323, Brady H 3798 231 237 SPECIAL St'MMER OPPORTUNITY FOR TRAINED NURSE. P 2907 187tf We're looking for a c.imn nxtrse for second term. July 17 August 18 at one of Texas best known bovs' camps, tf you have a son or grandson, arrangements can he marie for you to bring Ihem to ramp with vnu. Camp is located In the Kcrrville area, Texas favorite resort area If interested write, giving full details to Camp Stewart. Hunt, Texas 75024 or call AC 512-BE 8-4670 P-3839-233-?,35 i ran buy Extra ruaspd construction Pro- tpfts your family. Keep rhll- rtron and ppts jn. intrudprs Ot'T 1 Adrl*. bpaiify and pies- tiae to your MOITIP at ("his- lnrrca«e« property value 99c ft. Installed Phis terminal posts, gates and fillings. Montgomery Word & Co. 640-6505 iM-3800-232-eod vnllrrw*. bus hn>s. C-3R40-234-240 CAftPORTS: MltAt PRE-ENGINE6H- ED. TERMS, ROY SPENCE ph. 4444401. 2104 6»lm«adS. S-3033-1»2-tf __ ______ • i 10''i FT PICK UP C«mp«r. it* Bo», I hutane s'ove with oven. Sho«/*r. 2 ' closets, amo'e storage <oace S'efos 4 *495. 2439 Uth 81. Mc-3833-23!-3J7 FOP SAtE-For *100, Good upright pi*. no in good tune See mornings <'0m I 7 to 12 at 304 Whaiey A -3795 33' 234 ; TREAT SUGS RIGHT, (hsyii fc. A rje- liqht if cleaned wi'h Biun • uslre Rent ' electric shampooer $t Wolfs vjn'IHv Store. '.i 231-23* ALMOST KIEV^ eipc>"t operalod Mo<ri'al bed With finppr tnorh contrnK O'l gina' cost S405 Fir sale 'or S'uO Call jac», D»nman at «44 Tilt ill RIAL iSTATI _ 11 Carson Agency REAL EStATE R I., fftob) Carson Port Worth Highway at Cisco Highway HOME Air-Con«ilion*r BELTS At the lowest price* in town. CHEAPSKATE'S BUY « spar? now. C-3743-228-234 MERCURY OUTBOARDS-Sales k n8 Ser vtcp Pactriry trained M«chemcs take Brownwood Pijhlnp Vlliage. 7B4-3J92 \..l> USED r*lriger»tors. 'reefers, washers, coolers, stoves. TVs. chslrs, beds l.»ats. Reeves 303 Early, «4«-5127 Com- 01 n rtor loo large Call iU4-ieiS too <mali. W H. McFarland «e Plumblna Repairs at reasonable rates. Ph 646-8355 MC-F.S1M-L5-H sons I FARM & ANIMALS 8 CARPCll Refrtgera'inn. ftppilante Service ana repair— Commercial and residents 646-5155. CI885-l34-1f FREE PlCIC UP and delivery an ia//n mower repairs. Fast Service r.a>i >4*c37t SHELTON'S Flsk and 2nd. .72-tf WE WISH lo express our thanks and «p- preelatlon lo everyone who was so Vmd to us during the lo-;s ol our loved on», Alton Arnold Special thanks to those who prepared food and cnt flowers May God bless each r/l ynu The Alton Arno'd Par,v>v V. 3842-23X AUTOMOTIVE 3 TV-Radio Service! Color or Black and White ! CALl TODAY for PAST »»rvl;e on all , makes «na modus Picture tubes Re- cfu-ropri and tteaiteta. All work 9C day warramv '.ASM ONIY . CAMP'S TV : Coll 646-9145 • 646-1734 or 646-2201 ! i we DO ArnerjNA WORK I MOPTARSAMD. gravel, barnvird f»r. IMirfir, lop MII, chsl F A frames. M4-7MJ, James Hudson. <U«-B703 | T.33SO.J10.J3S i SANTA (3ERTRUDIS hulls Excellfnl ' cro!< breeders 'or /ill cows. Small | Cfllvps. ffl^t cuinprs 5 only. Pu'e bred f FertilUy guaranteed Carter Rsid «-!6- i 23«. R-3762-225-235 FOP SALE—Babv descented skunks, toy fo» lerrlcr ouos AKo smoolh (»c« Enqllsh fo» lerriprs fTho large ivoe! Mrs M E Brandstetler. Phf-ne V6- 1087. B-3M3-370 Til FOR SALE Bargain Priced SALVAGE MATERIAL from Austin Ave. Presbyterian Church Doors, windows, lumber See ALLEN WELLS at job site gr.oo useo rernqerators. '» crjnrtiHoned anfl ou*r»nteerj Smith. : Lynch Co. 304 N Flslt «44-»40S. I i - «2 n h I FOR SALE: 3 miles East of c-ossati. ' 2 inch line and structural pips J 6 ! Kligore. 764-2450 or Mrs. G G Arnold, j 725-3467 K-37'6-275 145 I 12 FT Aluminum flshlns boat 3'^ HP i motor vxlth trailer. Call 64* M32 nr come by 2221 Brown St. D-J802-J3I 237 i LOFTY PILE. t"-e« f'«m soil is the ! carnet cleaned with Blue l.u«tr» Rent electric shampooer Ji Weaklsv Wat.«on ' Hardware W-332-237 . 'WANT TO 8UY-E»i'i piece? ot wa r - ' | lac* Snulhg^tp Silver ^hnd SMverwar*, ' I sold at A'rmtrong jp^eirv durini) ' World War II Pn 646-44AS I S -3822-235-239 ' ' 40it8 FT AlC-cnnrJitloned. mobile t-ome, well furnished Call 646-8275 '. OAKDAL? ACPE5. JJ6fi f»t nf living area B«aotifui 5 8R, 5 bath;, Hulnp room with fireolace. Den, jfHce room (cnutrt h» U5pd for 4|h Ct<\, ranp*, dlihwasher di^possi, r.pntral jflti't-m system, double qarsge, wiod "ifiinple roof fenced vard A'th "i;r- oak tr»r« low Interest. Establlsned loan. Outck possession. 10th SOUTH OF COGGiM<|* 3 BR, J bsth, older home. '3miWr» g»rfi^(, large lot. Owner will 'ina.tce 'o ouail- tied buyer J30< OARTWORE. ! Tioms *ntf beth Austin stone and asbestos sidina Garape In qood condition Fstabi'rhAcJ 5 ''i per cent loan GUY enuif" *>^rj asturn" $7300 month foiai oavnpnt WE NEED n?tinp< of an types, eioeriei ly homes We pay cash for equities Office C"?n-762B Residence Phones Bob Carson 646-1763 Cleo Henson 646-1798 C-13U-207-tf B-338l-2!l-tf BABY WILD ANIMALS i WF. BUY Baby wild animals—Coons, rma tails, skunk, fox, black rock squirrels. I bflby «*nd »du't< Also Pdu" coons, ringtails and <o> Ca! 1 ft44 1087 in 1M> Air port road. Mrs. M. E Rrand-.lpitpr B-3741-229-242 FOR SAl E_« silver small miniature poodip Dunpies. AKC Regiit»r»d s *ks. ! old. $35. and up. Ph. M«-«984 i D-35H-2IA-235 ; rvra fer GUASANTEED MUF51.CRS— l.l'e »• car ' Perkins 'M" Routt- 2 Box 4J. Early , Bivo. Fort Worm 1762 FAIRLANE Ford One owner. 84,000 actual miles. Good condition S375 Call 646-4112. B-3311-231-237 ' good , 1966 FORD CUSTOM 500 Clean condition. J700 Call 644-2029 C-JBOl-231 237 OK Used Cars FORD Galaxie 500 4 door; ROOM AND BOARD t«rmi y sedan. Power steering, auto-1 vjn- ce i rea | on ^ ble pt 's'/ ilc rnatif transmission, factory! ve air. Radio. Clean. j MOTOR CO. 1003 W. Commerce 646-7233 There's a complete sell-out in progress now at Weather by Motor Company in Brownwood. Every new Ford, Mercury and Lincoln Continental automobile is included in this Rrcat sellout event. There's a bargain hunter's paradise at Ford Square. Everything is all set for a fast srll-out of all 1969 models. There are fantastic price reductions, high trade-in allowances, and attractive terms available, everything and anything goes lo make this a whirlwind sell-out of the finest cars ever built by Ford. Falcon. Fairlane, Mustang. Gala.xir. L.T.D , and Montcgo, Monterey, Cougar, Marquis and Continental. It's a complete sell-out event. Now at Weathcrby Motor Com- i pany in Brownwood. Re» 1 member the big sell-out is • at Ford Square—that's ' 1966 CHEVROLET Biscayne 4 door sedan, 6 cylinder, stand- j arcl transmission, radio, one! owner. Extra nice. IOCS FORD pickup. Short wheel base. 6 cylinder, good ! condition. j 1903 CHEVROLET pickup. , Long wheel base Stepside. 6 j cylinder. 4 speed transmission, j A-i condition. I 19H4 CHEVROLET pickup. Long wheel base Slepskle, 6 cylinder. RU58EP STAMPS Plastic engraving, : PO Bn« I;M. I8\l Broanmoor IVlve. Ph. 646-0423, Hours 1-5 P m M 203; 144 tf CUMMiNG!> PIANO SERViCE-tiinmp i and repair New and uafri pianos for j tale Worn guanntvea Ph M*-«7<2 i c im U4tt ; GOOD TOP SOU - Sand and Beene Ph (S46-«073. ^^t Can , B 91? M and Frank i each polled cattle. Rt. 4450 CUSTOM HAY o H»r»lords f'fi SO veari feeding 1, "Vownwr-od ttf>- L mV'JfMI LOOKING FOR I FURNITURE? Look No Further QUALITY NAME BRAND FURNITURE at Economical Prices &n^ Suitable Terms HARRY COCHRAN Furniture £ Appliance Co. 1307 Main Ave. NEW SHIPMENT-Wen'! Shoei-all styles Buv Rite Store, 803 Third St Ph. 4*4-0838. B-2509-l87-tt OARAGE SALE -Wednesday. July H, through Sunday July ?0 1S19 intOan Creek Road Antique dishes, c'oding. appliances and miscellaneous >lem* W-38l?-2i5-234 i FOR SALE— I'M Chevrolet El Camino Pick UD. Clean, good condition WISCELLAMEOUS carpenter tools and | j painting eaulpmeni. ladders and con- ! i crete mixer Sei'inq because cf death i i of husband See al 2211 Ave C or can I 646 125'. W-3841-234-240 . REAL ESTATE 11 R. C. RAMBO COMPANY 203 Fisk 646-8827 MOVING TO farm. Will take farm equipment on equity In lovely 3 bedroom brick. Two real good lake cottages for sale Low price range. 740 ACRES and 500 acres good ranches. Owners have other business Need to sell R. C. RAMBO—784-2301 JEAN McNEESE—646-7702 NJE\A ?p Ph. «M-7193. 041 w«;er heater^. Bob Pitts, 211 S 30i * ' P 7045-1 4 -tt ROBERTS 4 PETT> Plumbmq. heating. and coming AM wnrv suflrantwrj Ph or 64*-74*? R-381 tl PROFESSIONAl oainllng and carpenter wurk— large or small Ph *<6-Oi83 Thomas Whiieley W-I005-84-II HOME REMODEL INO Additions, paneling, sprav acoustical. In terlor & exterior painting R*t9rQr,r?t 1 financing available. /,J6-966? S-3SM-Z'»-J« CHILD CARE~« days a week, by day or we«k. Licensed, fenced vard UQ8 Brady. Call 646-7313. E 3644 ?J1-J4I m««ls 1962 CHEVROLET Nova. Automatic transmission. 6 cylinder Priced to sell. 1906 OLDSMOBILE Delta 83 4 door sedan Power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, factory. Extra clean. KEEP IT MOWED! II looks better Any size Call atter 6:00 P.M. tirise. Ask lor Vernon, 616-5125. K 2614 17? II bu'l 439 pt'Dpy AKC '«jister- ' ed. S months oK3. Ph «4<-4iM7 8-367.W23-2SO 1200 BALES OF Johnson Grass hny «0 ; cents n hate in thi» field or 80 -'enis a bale delivered Call sttfr 5 n m 646-0178 ' 37JS 111 ?M FOR SAl E — 3 Y»ar olfl bflv msre Good confirmation, gentle drsoosi'ioi Ph Mf* 6482 C-3791-230-236 HEREFORD yearling buMs. Jersey milch cow with large Chorolane heifer Call 644-2139. T •3790-- l 10-236 APPAL005A stud service 2 mi down Turkey Peak rrl. Zephyr highway after 6 and weekends. Virqit McKlnlev Box 1294, Brownwood or BricK Plan) Me 3824 232 tl WATER SYSTEMS Pumps, Filters. Softeners Chlorinators, Planning Help All Available New Call or Corne In WEAKLEY-WATSON W 3891 30Hf CAB-OVER Camper has everything but a John Fits all pickups. $750 with heavy duty jacks and storage *acks. Carter Relcl. Ph. 646-2349. R-3/W i29 7:!5 FOR SALE SyUan«« color TV Porlab'e 19 men Approximately 4 months old. See al 1801 loth. St Apt D S-37B-228 Z.I4 FOR SAL E -Hardwick good condition Ph SOUTHWEST Appl'snrc i Service. Whirl- , DOOI heating ar^rt conimg Room air- ! conditioners. 106 N. Center, »4<i-S773. ; S-»33-« If j BROWNWOOD PLUWBING i 5HEET METAL. INC. Phone 646-9*90 FOR SALE: 1 or more Yorkshire-Hampshire miss sows Bred to Duroc hoar Ph 6460320 or 846,7832. flas range. S25 in 416-4711. D 3775-230-233 FOR where the bargains are! "Shop and compare. i you'll buy at Ford Square" i WEATHERBYi Motor Co., Inc. Your Frundly Ford. Mercury 4 Lincoln Dtaler Ford Square 500 Flsk Pnon> 446->i34 CENTRAL AIR-CONtHTIONINQ Collier Oistributln Co. Sales and Service 120 South Broadway, 446-7447. C-28JH86-M Does Your Car Need a VACATION TUNE-UP? $7,88* 6 cyl. $9.88 8 cyl. (.. ncvrolet CHEVVLAND Brownwood. Tex. Ph- 64B-95U H-3340.202-W TANK SERVICE-Seplle tanks CHanea, i repaired Dam Copt. Ul? Eighth 51 Ph. 444-3344. C-i03-U-« ..... - ...... - - •- i FOR RENT — Water skis, surt boards, I wheel chairs and crutches. ROBER50N RENT ALL j On the Circle Ph. Ue-7732 L BROWN Cuiiom upholstery, rug and carpel cleaning. Pn 6i$-938! 3:10 !. m ! to I p.m. B-3<U;i-J3<-J<SI SALE—Registered German Shepherd oupoles S. R Bowers. Frsnfc Allen Service Station, B»lle Plain B-3794-232-235 OXE DAY SERVICE on stock trailers and horse trailers, axles and parts TOM'S AUTO SUPPLY i Fort Worth Highway 046-9186 T 3691 224-23? NEED HAY TO BA1 E on Shares. Call Charles Mirtear, nights, «4.«-2306. M 3363-210-237 CHINCHILLAS '.i MU. E NFW wheel rmif^ 32 mmt 5-,v tem with 5 wheel* 5" he^vv rji;'/ r>F« 5 HP move', sprinklers, fiu^h iiu-; ^nd f>*'b'e hos? S2?SO -V«s« trriyaton Ois- trifc-..tor s , me , Lamesa, Texas Ph 915872 .S479. M 3771-230-237 FOR V.'OEID BOOK ana Chi!dcr*ft, contact Es*«i!e Tisdale Bangs. Tens ?4?23 Ph 752 SUl T 378?-3i2-?45 FOR SALE— New unfinished mobile home 33x8'? ft Ano a used ftove. refrigerator, an-1 couch Ph. 646-6429 S-3774-230-tf GOOD USED 3". <", 5", 6", and S" Irriga- j tion pipe wilh new couplers. Mesa irriga • tion Distributors Inc , Lamesa, Texas ' Ph. »)5-872-S479 M-3770-230-237 FOR SALE— 2 refrigerated air-conditioners. \4i each. 1909 Ave D. T-3320-232-235 Brownwood's Best Buys HOME WITH 2 acres 2 "miles nut of town Al! city utilities. Newly decorated throughout. New beautiful carpet ! 21II AVENUE D—Large house, 1 beautiful corner lot, quick possession wilh low down payment 1211 FIRST ,') bedrooms, den, and dining room, new cabi- tion. ' nets, carpeted, tip top condi- OAKDALK ACRKS— 3 excellent 3 bedroom, 2 bath houses with dens that are among 1 he- best in Urownwond SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Priced from $22,500. O\V\KR FINANCED — Several housps from S3-100 up. located on South Side Owner will finance with modest down payment EARLY—N'aer 2 bedrooms. Has extra large lot—in commer-, cial area Down payment reasonable Owner will finance, COMMERCIAL tract on Coggin Ave 1900 block Large and oi\ the corner. NEED LISTINGS DESPER! AFKLY: < 2 and 3 BEDROOM j FORMER FHA j HOMES TO BE MOVED '. Not Many Left ALL BUILT to FHA specifications. Nice hardwood floor?. 2 bedrooins. Have attached garage that can np converted into 3rd bedroom or large den. $1950 to $3350 Discount en 2 Houses THE HOME CO. 2308 S. Monticello BIG SPRING. TEXAS 70720 H 3741 228 234 FOR SALE BV OWNER--3 bedroom home 110 Biu'view D r !v* 100 per cent FHA financing Terms can he made Come by or call after « p.m. WOODLAND HEIGHTS— Attractive I'. 1 ! story brick tront home. 4 fcedroorns, ? haths. large lot Nice yard Centre! heat and air. Pay eouifv and 3S5.i.'^i? < per cent Irisn. Ph lU.'-d'MO sfl«r 6 p.m. D 3408 212-239 ! POP SALE 8Y OWNER-J ! r-j both brie* 'rent hotr*. Buy 1 »aul(v and *s!umi> l«m. C*H «f;»i ' lor appointment to s*», W-38S8-Z3J-J38 ' IN" SUNNYDALfe" ACPfes'. Ilk* W* » i berfroom, 1'j baths brie*. 100x150 ft. 1 thdlnlinfc priced lot. 114,000 Isrq* S >4 oft cent loan; H.oHh Line Drive, 3 bedroom. 1 bflth, 80 * 210 ft lei. c*r- i port, 17700 IN EARLY, older type J i roorm and b*1b, 70 * 700 ft. In-lasted lol- S1750: On EHrtbPlh Drive, 3 bsdrofjrrt : I 3-4 b«fh brick complpf/Mv redone tn. side, carport, double eara()j>, larftn pe- ' cans, nice $hriinb»ry, 75 x JOO ft. I8'» gn.SeU At Shamrock Sharps, n*Jt nicely furnished, air conditioned R x 33 ft frailer house, carport, SIMM *. SOxTOO ft. nice lot, water, sewef »rtd butane. Only SI825. ' DAN EDMONDSON :: 706 ESrly Blvd. Ph. «*•?#} E-382S-232-43i FO& SALE—3 bedrooms. 1 *4 batte, huge den. Hear High School and SUBfh Elr-mr-ntflrv. Pay owner's eoultV *Bd assume s*i per cent iwm, se* it M0« 13th St. C-3817-232'tf FOR SALE OR TRADE: "5 i spaces, Garden of Good j Shepherd, East Lawn Mem! orial Park. All or by tlje j space. 646-5867 H-3857-234-240 ! FOR SALE OR TRADE—^Ml »cr« of i irrigated l»nd with Coastal Becrruiaa. j City water. I AO FT water front lot, Lakd Shore Ad; sjition. 2" ACRE fB^m with ef*«*c. i S2.000 down, ch«»p Interest rate. Ph. ! 6M-9925 A-3752-22?-23i HOUSE FOP SALE by oy/ner—3 bedrooms J baths, bum-in Mtcftert, ctn- trKi »ir and »ifM Beautiful y.>>-d. C'os» tn schools Shov/n hy appoinlm«nl on'y- Ph. 6«-«^18. H-3444-221-23'1 HOMES BY ROBERTS & PETTY Ph. 646-6452 1<i(13 ENGLISH, 3 bedroom »wme 161.5 HIGHLAND Drive- -.1 Mclroorns, J baths, drn. retngeratea air. brick new new homo 16U Highland Drive, 3 tyclrnnms. 2 hflths rtcn. retriopra'ed air, brick, heA home Ph ««-W5J. R :?09-'!Ci-2n2 FOR SAl E BANGS AREA t»'mv '.mnfl acreage tract! 1915 iim»i. OFN SULtlVAN Pn 7520W, Bangs FOP SAL6 0v OWNER—3 oedreomi. liv. Inp room, den brick home on Sou"! Side. Built-in dish washer, rmpo*alf range and oven. Central heat and *ir. Carpet, double garage, fenced back yard with assorted trees. Ph. «tt-9330. 210.5 Uth St. R-3495 224-237 BLUPFVIEW— S *>t percent FHA us Is. Total price i8,OM. Equity S7.-000. R. M. PorMns, BOK 2154, Conroe, Texas 77301. P-36J9-222-249 ! ELLIE LOCKS REALTOR Since 1945 1307 Ave. K I'll. 646-4840 Thelma George, Agent, 646-7143 ONE OF Browmvood's best built homes. See the interior to appreciate the quality and beauty. Large landscaped lot, 3 hedrooms, 3 baths, living room, dining area, large i den, woodburning fireplace. Priced much lower than replacement cost. ON TE.VTH ST. - 2 bedroom house, like new. Central refrigerated air and heat. Good location. Priced to sell. 2515 VINCENT— Price reduc(M for quick sale. Owner will carry part paper WELL ESTABLISHED bust- i ness. Sacrifice price $5,000. Poor health reason for selling. Owner will carry large i per cent of paper. SEVERAL new listings. ! L 3724 226t£ Excellent breeding stock. Turn your spare Urns into protii bv ruiilrg chinchillas Largest herd In West f«ias Over 1,300 quality anlmaii. Oeiaiii EMPLOYMENT I SEATON CHINCHILLA 409 Longnorn Brownwood. FINANCIAL |BUS, OPPORTUNITY 4 I SMALL" "BUSINESS ' For Sole LET WARDS trained experts help restore new pep, power; p fr, BrerwJwwd .Part to your car. *Parts extra WARDS AUTO SERVICE CENTER S 301 Main 646-6505 j )»5? PLYMOUTH4-door sedan Clean, ! flOOCf condillon. Practically <i«w ti:es. , new batlefy. See «t 2109 Ave. B ; al $300. ' WANTED; Dairy Hand Experienced or would t» willing lo train a young man. Work ? dayj-ofl every 3rd. oay. $90 __ week, ? bedroom house. Don't apply i " i im(e« qualified Contact Jack Bever, ,>^i-.c"nwr>»r T^T-M A HT/-.C- n/-. i 963-J607, Stephenvllle. ! WESTERN FINANCE CO. 1 __ ___ S-3M6-W8 n coy Cline, Owner and Manager ] ALLEN PERSONNEL SES'/iCE ! LOAIS.. I 305 First National Office Bldg. ; Brownv/ood. Te*as «46-74iJ ! EMPLOYERS ARE CAI.LH-'O US I EXPERIENCED lacy NCR bookkeeping operator. Yoyr, a lady for perms- i rent part-lime offlc* work in afternoon. Experienced secretary with knowledge ' ol hook-keeping. Expert lady typist witn • knowledge of medical terms. Rout* • salesman. Salary pi<,$ commission, j Saleslady for department store. SAVE BIG! Clean rug* and upholstery I wiih Blue Lustre Rent electric sham- pooer Jl. Colonial Food Store C 232-2.17 FURNITURE FOR 5ALE--A« 2213 Ave C. 3 piece antique bedroom Mj?fe cheap. 4 piece moaern oak bedroom suits. Chairs, tables, oak antique love seal, 2 dining tables. 2 clay back heaters. Ph. (>46-6y29 or apply at 2301 Ave C. C 382l-:32-238 JUNE FORBESS! i 208-A Brown ; Ph. 646-6717 Home 646-5665 \\'e Work at Selling Broicnwood I 1 F-3327-232-U; ROUTE income stlrts first weak. Must have car and t to 8 hours each week to reMocfc dispensers. Requires $388 cash : nve*t- m«nt Write TEXAS KANDY KOMPANY, Inc. 1135 Basse Rd 5an Antonio, Texas. Include phone number. T : 3 _ w : M .l:. n3 :?. 1 ;??' i IF YOU have u se u AVON cosi Signature, furniture, auto "Loans on Anything of Value" LICENSED PAWN BROKERS 101 Center Ave. Ph. 646-6573 W 3657 222tf Advertise DON'T THROW AWAY OR GIVE AWAY THAT GOOD SUIT OR DRESS A-35i*2l7-tf FOR SALE—H47 SMtlon waaon. Se« at ..^.: v ^. w t^» 1 - ^ 81 :"°-' M !BUSINESS FOR SALE BY OWNER--'»« Impala, i P V*?" » fe«* 3J7 Chevrplel Sto" 0 " Wagon. $200 down. I — See at aean'j Sauwye Co- Fprl Worlh j Highway. B-3.W1-3JMI COMPLETE recreation club lor »ale: i 4 Snooker tables, j pool tables 2 la r g« ! coke machines, show case, all equip- : ment. Muit movj because ol new shoppliifl center. Reasonably priced. dfler B 37/7 530-234 HOME tOAN Conventional — Horn* improvements F.H.A. SOUTHERN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION R 6QU Z» MKTJCS you Know you can sell them. Many dollars; tan j -Quality be earned servicing custom-; ?is Cosgtn AV». ers i» a territory near you,; I'rilc.' Joanelte C.'hcw, Avon Uist. Wgr , 1J05 VV, 12th St., Brady, Texas 76825. A-382,1-232-235 \ Plgce a Family Want Ad in the Brownwood Bulletin, You AGENCY «i a Saving* In Dial 446-7528 NKED SOME EXTRA VACATION MONCY? VOUr prlc» and !07 Ea,| Walcolt FOR SALE— 1965 Volkswagen, £xlra clean. Radio, heater, new white tires. See at 2608 Gfpenway. 64B-S409. » 3784 230 236 FOR 5ALg.l?« Ford Country •iwi yvaoon L(k« new, loaded Call *t«- DITCHING MACHINES i ijli or i»ige, you rent-ygu als- Or ws Ph 644 754J T3i3/-223-tf GRAVES Radiator Shop, 416 S. f Save on RadlJIors. Fasl Servl;; 47 yeart in business. Gy«r«nlesa work. 0-3052.1 H-tt WATKINS & HARPMAN Alum in urn and roofing, acoustical work 410 South Broadway. Ph. 646-8239. ROLL IXC. Needs lull-time employees in all departments of Trailer Home Manufacturing. Full' Time workers wanted. Apply at Office on Kast Coinmerce,; or call 646-9511. I A!-3313-232-tf ] WANTfO SALESMAN FULL OR PAST TIMf To esUblish own credit brcK«rag« busi- nesj. No investment. To help fl^l start«d we BMflranice i)50 wecKiy to man msetlna our requirements, A8« 09 b*r. rier. Wnt«: Manager, @ox 700, P«in«s- yiUf * Ohip '"""'" * **"' ~~~ **' ran be calling on you. There are j people who are looking for; what you want to sell. it in the Bulletin .Merchandise Column. 3 lines 114 words.' 4 days $2.40 Pho. 646-2543 to place your ad. FINE DIAMOND WATCHES On Easy Credit CURRY'S JEWELRY 401 N. Fisk all lhos.1 1 unwanted, tin- SUMMER is COMING—stay rw» corn- used items stored away Jn the attie. How aUout that extra chair that you no longer need? Or garden tools c ^*!*,^» 'fl in the storage roojii- Some- • body wants them. j Call one of our friendly ad j writers. We will huiir.1 .%-ou a ' cash-raising act that will help | you bring in the dough for that long planned, trip, • at ie" cociing cojti that sttic. Smith Roo'ina Co. tovnut Carptt c«rp«t prices. Norris f Furnlt«r«. N SJ409 WITH DRIVE IN BANXHJG, CARS GET A CHANCf. TO SEE THEIR REAL OWNERS $200 Down puts you in n!c$ large 7 bed room home in Woodland Atea, psymentj lower than rent. I $500 Down puts you in 2410 First. Living, dining. Oer\, ? bedroom, 3 car gar- rage, Carpel, trees, and low Interest Cheaper than rent $350 Down puts Veteran In 3 bedroom, den, 2 bath Nice. $400 Down puts Veteran In 4 Dtdrcom, Den, 1 bath. New carpet, •iish«osn«r, alsposai. Jl«0 Sq. Ft. of living arra. Sell cash or trade for smaller home BRAND NEW LISTING, Never t»«n offered yet. and i h*v» exciuiiv* on It Near High School- 3 bedroom, Pen 1 bath, carpet. Central air and Heat. Double garage, large i'i oer cent c<»n on it, and well below replacement cost by $4000. E«tra clean. $300 Down Puts Veteran In 6 rjon, J bath, carpet Corner lot. Wood'anci area and I have exclusive on it. $Ji03 >otai Drice. HOI Ave E. Clean neat :*rge S rwjm home tntj only J79M. 1703 llth. Real buy al $11.750. 3 t-p.rfi-M,<m, Vj bath, caipei. Range. *nd will Gl 100 per cent. BUY OWNERS, equity and 5'« per cent Inttrest. $13$ Mo. pay> ail. J oeO'Oum, den, ? bdth, carpet, drapev. t«-ntr#l heat and *ir. All built In <itcn«n, llrst St. Two Oak D»i« Acre Fine norrws Two Extra line Southsld* Home>, you wenta BUY, they want* sell. «'s get you together NEAR COGGIN Ward. Rufinished } reom home. New every thing, c»rp«l, arid «il. $7750. VVill GL ELIZABETH OR- Brick. 3 Bedroom J bath, kins *!i« beds 0 K. 38 tt. H^mg room, corner iot. only $11,000, <trd will Gl 100 per cent. New Listing $200 Puts Veteran in U09 Willis, and low-Low payments. STILL H«v* £) acre* < bedroom, den home. 100 per c«nt Gl. Or UiCi« lor nict home in BroA'nywod AWFUL HOT to show 740 «r«s lut Us &o low In pt'ite I would show i' \J Ml owl- WE NEED LISTINGS ALL OVF.R AUD ALL 3 bedroom, 1 b»'h house- '51 1 ?>t Schonit.. diuq r ., T-OCP'V -le^rfrv Fnr informatton crj'i 646-.s348 -tfter s if r- ^ I 3i18 .""-f ft FOR SALE OR TRADE Wf ic-:a>eo 3 bedroom, 2 &»'" Go!-3 Ved-S' 1 "!' 1 nr-"'* in ESI-IV Ph 646-4S17 or c »i' at 1811 Dwhsm P 3815 232-t* PO' SALE — Shemr'ck Sosres 3 Bed:OO,TI hcuie. Call W* 5« ? or 64(, 88'2. FOR SALE— -Large corner W. r',w in , Business or re^idencp KT>V »,vrn- Owner 400 N Greenieaf. a-3223-207-2S< COLOR TV, Buli'-'n oven and cook top, 19 In PortaDlf TV. lawn mowrr. sew . Ing machine 2'J09 Elizabftn Dnve A 3/5I-JI3 2:i4 FOR SALE BY OVVNK.n 2 brri- room house furnished. One extra large room unfurnished. Bargain priced Inciuire at Wi Ave, A. S-28La-232-'.'45 4 HOUSES In Browivwnna. E*ceii<"'i 'o ' cation!, Sacr'lic* To»»i pncc («r «i: tour, $10,000 $4,000 etflv/n Conian H VV Mitchell- 2500 Belhave-n, M*squn? Tc* Ph. 279-3S19 D-33Ce-23I-:56 Farm and Ranch Specialist Brownwood, Texas ' 200 N. Center 646-8777 M 3453 213 215 WE NOW have only 2 now homes completed. Come see fhfin today • \VE HAVE 3 new homes und£r const run inn Buy now and select your colors. LOCATED in the 2300 and 2400 blocks of 16th St. \VE TAKE TRADES. COME BY our Field Office at , 2400 36th St. WESTERN '\ MADE HOMES; BILL BRABBIN " : Manager Field Office 646-0149 .Mobile t'ho. 646-3145 ; Home 646-0147 W 3757 229 231 RENTALS 13 MEMORIAL CO. 8«i, Box W Harry Forbess Realtor BARGALN'-Lot 7(>fi Section D in Shamrock Shores. Le\el with oak trees. S170 Write Box 46S), Santa Anna. 7«8'.a (.1-3840-2:14-240 STORY REAL ESTATE Fort Worth Highway DUPLEX-Bnck with ra'psti J'd75. LAND THAT CAN BE ,«:rj on 3 Gl ,'oan: 70 ACRES near Zep. h v, ba-"!!, good stock pens, wint)mj>: on good well. One tank, U mile oft tvgh^sy. ISO ACRES sandy land. QOOC waier »ro ffnces take 2 Gl losni. 65 ACRES wen improved. 4 becl"oom t*i ACRES, good tenets, ? UnKs, on pavement. Wen water av«i!«t>tf. T«K.« 2 (pans. RiCHLAND SPRINGS AREA 160 ACRES, lots ol deer. 1110 per <K«e 80 ACRES. SlO.iOO 53 ACRES at t!25 per acre. 342 ACRES at $13i per acre with n NEAR 8ROWNWOOO: 1000 atre>, )C miles out, very good fields and excellent water. Cheso io?in. 3*0 ACRES «t tlM per a-re A-.VI 1 bedrcorn Horn? Good water and lencss Wg HAVE MANY MORE .tilings on Re- S(4sc\ti«l »nd RatKh Prooisr'y, OFFICE 646-7679 Nights W. H. Ashtpn, 64R-7423 H. VV. Ashton, 646-5169 OVR NEW APARTMENTS $t Wayside South are now ciim- l>)cte. We have available 2 hcdroom, 2 bath aparlwenls. (a!! HERMAN 8KNNETT CO. 640-1535 11-3834 -232-U COURT YARD APARTMENTS Furnished and unfurnished 1300 13th Street 646-0143 FURNlSHED~lakp cabins by week or month Call «46-8!04. ; R 3783 230 239 On* 1 room un*vrn<ih<-a *p*')m»nt Apply «! 811 AVe. D. Ph t#-1isn. ! f JJ« in 234 • FURNISHED 3 room ap*rtmenf All prl, va»t Adults only No pels B ' u ^ c 1 * 1 "*' i 607 Cogjtn. M»3W N ]80i-J3l-J> Vow P*nced bac* C»ll 446-WOO, tnvvn 7V conti«-(»i3" W'l 1 Apply 80S Stwp Si J Ps* WUH«m» * SEOROOMS, «,SO». morilhlv, . , 3 BEDROOM hom«, c*ntr*l he#(. JJOff down. $4i monthly. 9 ROOMS, j Wthj, nc«d5 sorri* repair. JUHA "CAeiki t REAL E5TATg ffc 648-77 19

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