The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 13, 1960 · Page 12
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 12

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1960
Page 12
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12- THE PARIS NEWS, THURSDAY, OCT. 13, 1960 You reach just about everybody when you advertise your extra household goods for sale with a Paris News Classified Ad ! Dial SU 4-4323 today berween 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. to place your result getting od. 10 words are just .30 daily on the special 6 day rate, Call Today. Paris News Classified Ads Dial SU 4-4323 GRIN AND BEAR IT —By Lichty BARNEY GOOGLE PAW-ve CAN'T BLESS YORE HERRT I! CAN I DO ENNVTHING FER YE, TELL TH 1 FELLERS TO COME OVER TO OUR HOUSE GO OUT IN THAT BVE, MAW-I'M OFF TO RAINSTORM !! I'LL STAV RIGHT HERE AT HOME AN PLAY, ^ TH'BRRLOVJ BARN /VEIL KETCH VORE DERTH OF COLD TO PLflY CARDS LITTLE LULU IT'S TIAAE FOR-YOU TO COME IN, ALVIN/ I'M-LEARNING TO SPIN MY LARIAT./ io-13 SM1LIN' JACK "You should run for Congress, Adele!... You're very good at introducing new bills in the house! . . ." DENNIS THE MENACE 'YA JUST TURN THIS LfTTLS HANDLE ^'.....SK? MSTAttT WAfeR SULKV fS MV CHARGE! WHERE YOU'RE Goit-j' YOU'LL FIWD'OUT LATER.! 7H y PLWK, WHERE AM i GOIM' — .WHAT ABOUT SULKV? TRAVEL— BUT NOT .•oc" IT'S EEEM "V>x WALK ' AUC H; r- SEARCH Mcf -UNDOUBTECX.V, LOV'EPJS BILLING AND COOIWS. BE PATIENT, SPOTS PATIENT YOUR MOTHEC?. ^ / ^^ 1 SAID THIS LOOKS LIKE A GOOD PLACE TO LEAVE'IT. DICK TRACY GASOLINE ALLEY Judy, your Mother can't come to dinner tpmorroon and neither can t leaves tuuo / 1 was invited, too. Y That is, unless you'd f us. Would von I haven't turned \ like to call it all " I . _ . _ ' 1* • • . r * I BLOND1E ( I DON'T KNOW, BUT ) i S SHE ORDERED .—^ ( THREE POUMOS J ^- OF HALIBUT r"^ '!!!'( THAT'S PROBABLY V MR. DITHERS, ^WANTING ME TO ^ WORK TONJ1GHT- V I'LL DISGUISE ix. <?i MY VOICE ' HELLO- HENRY'S FISH MARKET tUHEN V(W'REDePR£55ED, (T MAKES A'LOT OF DIFFERENCE HOUJ VOU THE IMRST THINS VOU CAN DO IS5TRAI6KTENUPANDHOLD ^UR HEAD H(6« BECAUSE THEN VOUlt START TO f£EL IF YOU RE JOV OUT OF BEIN6 DEPRESSED, VOOVE GOT TQ STAND LIKE THIS.. ACROSS 1. Gaiter 5. Eat the evening meal 8. PassiiiR fashions 12. Tissue 13. Incidental 15. Hawaiian royal person 16. A mountain State 17. To mi* 19. Particle o( negation 20. S'ackof hay 21. Up to the time thnt 23. HiRhcst poinl 25. River in Ecuador 26. Two- wheeled carriage 28. Game of chance 32. Morsels 3-1. To peck 36. City ii\ Indian?. ,17. Ancient Gr. theater .59. Shrill bark 41. Insect's egg -12. Cluslor of wool fibers •H. Man's name 46. Sward 49. Plant secretion 51. Strides back and forth 53. Gr. philosopher 56. Tiny arachnid 57. Sycophant S3, Account iMitry 50. Objective case of they lid. Cat's cry i51. Circuit court So'utlon of Yesterday'* Pu«l« DOWN 1. Pierce 2. Easy to understand 3. Estrange 4.Tocomir 5. Dry 6. Up and on 7. Steersman 8. In favor of 9. First man 10. Queen of Carthage IS >T zs 32 2.1 S3 57 •77 fS JJ S'f to f) m 60 so Js •tf SI Jo •ff ^"0 Ja TT JO Jl 11. Low grade barge M.Yuccalike plant 18. Excavate 22. Cover 24. Small explosion 25. Nigerian native 27. Merry 29. Perseverance 30. Verse of three measures 31. At odds 33. Male child 35. Exclamation of disgust 38. Drink of wine, water and sugar 40. Apple seed 43. Hebrew festival •45. Bast fiber 46. Clan 47. Brilliantly colored fish 48. Horrible 50. Not speaking 52. Scattered: heraldry 54. Eccentric part 55. Attach by PAR TIME 30 MIN. 10-1" c By Reomer Ke//erl "Never mind THEIR language, just brush up on your English 1" OFF THE RECORD -Ed Reed 'I'll be glad when we can afford a larger apartment." JOE PALOOKA BUZ SAWYER YET STEEL-STRONG/ ITS BUILT OF MY YOUTL OPERATE THE CRAFT THOUGHT TOU T NOT IN YET..HMM, SAIPWE'PHAVE \ GLMMF... FIRST I T'PUMP.PEPALS PLAN AH UNMANMED ...WHERE ARE /FLI6HTTEST BEFORE THEY I y INSTALUrJG MY SECRET SPECIAL FOAM PLASDC-- TRANSMISSION NOWTHATYOU'VE \ .-..ocup,-,,,, SEEW A FIRING, / STUPEMPOUS.' YOU THIN'KOFTHE POLARIS, SMITTY B REN DA STARR DOIN6 RCOWVOUff THP S1ZKT! I7&J-P HlM A ' FANTASTIC IS RIGHT' IT ALWAYS KNOWS AS ADMIRAL RABORM EXACTLY WHIRE mS; WHERE (T5TO60 AN ENEMY CANT JAM IT,' IF ATMOSPHERIC COH01TIOKSPEFLECTIT ITS "BRAIM" INSTANTLY PUTS IT BACK ON TARGET. Ke MUCH DIFFERENCE WHICH SIDE OFA SQUIRREL'S EYE YOU HIT." THE FIRING, 10 MILES OFF CAPE CANAVERAL... BlTT.Otl TH£ 7HKP PAY, Bff= ILL, AW 1 71S THE i Hf(!E'f 70 Tff£UWMYSOHL ii^Tt THE 100 I'M LAXKY, FOK HIM AUP BfENCH HM£

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