The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on April 30, 1970 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1970
Page 1
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^"^V^BBWHUH^HHHHIJ^^^^^BM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ IP Museum open house ArtihtH Pag* \4 awards Pag* 6 Sample ballot Poo* 10 oiid II JC gun ordinance Pag* 15 TIDI8 High today |i:2i p.m.; tow •:M p.m. High Fri.ll;* a.m. and 1:40 p.m. low •:$! a.m, *wt 7:M p.m. Sun 8*U 7.U. rim •:», Mia 7:M. r, N*.IZ The family, dally paper of Brazorio County THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Afttocl»|c4 Prnn» Mrtibrr Thursday. April M, itTff (Utter* to Voice *r« Invited and welcome They »bould be ^•>n public attain, and preferably pertaining to local matterv We like them ihurt They mu»l oiwcrve rulef of food t«ile They mutt be ilgm-d i Guy Blackmar says industry only half *T0 The Fact* Your editorial cartoon in it* April a, mo luting (he chemical tixiuitry »» U*f "b«d fuy" in air pollution u only a h*U truth Adrmtlrdi). UK chemical itxluttry duri c«i(rlUilc lo pollution They are mot I o»4fr o< it and «r» •pending jantr turn* u< mcoc) on it In cju-w, wrranwnlcaUy will rune to Ur rwnovwj ffwn the m.arfce< or prtcnt rait**! to meet pollution cleanup H<*«*"*<?r . fbrfur u »rr» of that U ncX the chrtrttcal ir«t<«lr) In tny optntan. thu (arm U (jcjluboii ti rtK^pin^ much lie-Mr ortl Ti TTii» arv* u cit) K>ef)' city at »rt) ttir KM » public ovocd and city M>nj. 4 ljx-w ficili!k-« «rr he* itl) overloaded and »rr dumping r«* i*-«mt<- into Ukn »Uvam> increased rrlixlanl to U if 1 1 i» txrjuMi the i j<o 4nd the population The cltjr k» lx-». Uf((r o* Ihr added c.tprn>r to the Uifuycr I » m (or comtu (ing pottuUoa ICW p»» o«n<, i( you »ft lrC» be it«-o mirxkd aftd include »ll A iollulrti, not )m( (hr l-jrmk-al iMuttry Urt"» clean t> Ihr »Nc4r world, not juil Hi/ o/ if (.uy K lll*:k.'!-.Jr lit I lk»» 2« Mr,. Jordan regrets omssion in report To Ti- I ».«jkl likr lo Ukr thtt "pp<»itnity to m»Vr a public to rofnmi*>iorxr Joe In writing up the the political rail) hcWinU«x-n> Monday night I inadvrirntly led out a lummiWxi (4 Ihr hmWlghU at hi» LalH 1 trr\ thi» u a t)i».M-rvn> to him A» a rr|jf icr ( try lo alwayi be iM>[urV»l and unbt»t«d in the ruvcra^c o< an o-enl or auMKnmrn, Drcauu* of Ihr Ulrnr«i oi the hour when I liiuthcd rtij ropy. I bailed to check it (orcrrort Since I di( make the error, and II I had *.y dnjlhcn. I am IfUd it »a» U>e'* lummation lhal I Irfl o«|. Mr li a very underxUndin^ pcnoo. and a Page 6> S •en and H. ord HIDV COO»*H. 0MII.I.IS. tKCIl. VALVKKT. I'All. ItKNKK and HOH SMITH, new meinW-n at the FP Lions Club . N KM'TUN BKANO, longtime banker In Sweeny, back (here and in WC lo vitit hi* parent* and fricrtfc When living tiere he annual.y took a vacation to New York to »ec the bright lighU and :te new thaws. Now that he livn in the • y t>lg city, lte'« rcvcrwd hi* habiU . . Mr» K. K, JAt-OMS, recently returning to WCfrom Texas City Hospital where she'd had surgery. Her husband, Police tttlcf JACOBS, then had to teve immediate emergency U-eulmenl hini*t'l/. but he, Uo, < V«* now returned. . . Danbury merchant UOHOTHY K. KUCIIAH. back from Dallas where she attended the National Heallfc AMOcUUon meeting. . . MIKt: SCALY. iiutigAting • tpirited discuMion U> hit BJC bUlwy cl«u. . . Fr««port,Te*a»77MI WEATHIR Ooudy, windy, warm — humid thru Frl. Ounce of ihowers and (hundmhowtn thru Fri. S wind* l«-a tni gusty. High today mid Mi; low tonight mid 70s. Dally lieMto Nixon plans address on Cambodia issue Wit Til » IU t I'tlld have rur^drrablr orl o! tl lltll r<ttnuiK!on s->uJ th*l the M . thrr«- Kljr-s<-i p?snj« .V-sign,-,! ( 0 C 4tr> IV>(M> Kalian, prr miftulr «( it j.r.jjjr -*alrr Mr vjui she M»lv.«i :•> iij AiUliUi;<r, U. thcc uMinjr or,r which (» i'x A!r<J o(| I'.r.r M;rr! 7>>r f>t*v. UrurtureU bcatrtlon the Highway 288 crteruton It u part of the overall hurricane prrttction project and i» b«ng cxmstructed by the Corp* o( KngirK«n> undiT the direction uf the Vda»«> I^rainage District, which u paying 30 per CCTII of the appttiwmate »l, ct»i Ttic rtinaindtT of (he lurxb arr b«nR provided by the («Jcra) Ko\ernment WASHINGTON <AP) - Amid a storm of criticism in Congress. President Nixon ad- dres&es the nation tonight to explain his surprise decision to provide U.S. military support for a South VielnamtM.- thrust into Cambodia In a test of congressional reaction, the House scheduled a vote today on an amendment by Htp Ogeri Jtod. R-.V V . prohibiting the L'nited States from sending ground troops into Cambodia A lull-scale airing of the administration's controversial move appeared certain when the Senate — and its Foreign Relations Com mil tee came- back after a day's recess. Nixon !v« his nationally televised address for 8pm 1'rt-ss Swretary R/jnald L Ztegler Mid the speech will relate to Cambodia and U S forces in Vn-tnam Xn-glcr said a Omtedjan request for djrect US arms aid remains under corisideration Members of txjlh parties joined in protest Wednesday after the decision was announced first in Saigon, then in Washington by the Pentagon, to provide advisers, air support THE TEXAS CAMPAIGN Campaigning neors end and other aid for the South Vietnamese action. Top Senate Democrats, including Sens. Mike Mansfield. Edward M. Kennedy, J. W. F'ulbright. EdmundS. Muskic, and George S. McGovern, denounced it as a move to widen the Vietnam war. Senior Republican members of the Foreign Relations Committee joined in. Sen. George I) Aikcn of Vermont, a veteran GOP leader, cautioned the action might have an "extremely bad" effect on GOP political prospects m the November elections. The chairmen of House and Senate armed services committee, Rep. L. Mendel Rivers, D-S.C.. and Sen. John C. Slennis, D-Miss., backed the move. But Stennis added he opposes massive military aid to Cambodia. Announcement of the new U.S. move came during the Senate recess and two days after a near-unanimous Senate Foreign Relations Committee strongly opposed both American aid to the new Cambodian government or help for South Vietnamese action against Communist forces in Cambodia. WORLD AND STATE ® nvjni_u rt.-»U 31 ATE BRIEFS MI'.lll'Ut'.ss r ( < «!r-uiy;.5r ir. Ihr iujt|i<ri and lrf ol !h S;i!urti.»\ '>:i'-i-: in U»l ji UJ d> lifts, mi Mykd titmteU capable o< achieving rff«cj,.r ujj nrt ntbbrr-uamp unity as a MNuur. again rrtsmmeodcd thai Texas rrlire Y:>rbo»wugh ftC^npnlMi Jv. •'.-(id .g£.>irui tuvtiw ID aciitfve racial hi}»aj/ -t- ( i, llii-.f !<-, titf ftnpublican ctmtfM for the wnatonal mri.itton Kcp (JeorKe Buth voiced -I «-«. ai 14 i'ri-Mditit Nuon'» decision to >i tjinUKl;. .-.liuven. air nu}ipi:irl and *vl Hu»h i>i a turnabout in hu >Land on a ,u:<itln-d^l inoomc i .ift>*>;n^;ii Mumping (rum Wichita Kails At)tl(T,iv v.inl !><c V,' S n>o\e to help ir.liMXt IITK! off Communist attacks was Vietnam." «(ii:-re hie already oppowxl this country's role Refemng to Cambodia, the senator told ncvMntm. "I dw'l think U is governmentally, puhticalry or morally -AIM- or the thing to do I d-fl't i). ; -J< i}ic I ...odSuits shtmhi go one foot into Camrodia." Varborough said he has complained lo the Fair Campaign IVactices Committee that lleinven brrxjglu n-ligicin intu the campaign In criticising Ihesi-nalor for voting against a school prayer amendment in l<M£ In this ixwiiHvlion. UenLseti s;iid Sunday ;,t Haislon that "I don't think he lYarborough* represented the people of Texas and 1 tlun'l think he rejjrex-nUii the spiritual inu-rt^l!, of the crUiri' nation in casting such a vole GOP, Demos set pet. conventions Tlmrs *--.i! pUcr* for jj<r.irxi i».KniT,l)<jfi» .Viturila) Iwvr lr«i anjii'-r-ardby IVtixxTatif <'K-«u(nc cnninultt-e chairman llarttwin IU«-t ;md l<<-|ul>! Ikib Luuhrit /Ul Hi-publicjn priviurl ointmtfiiu »ill U'.it 7 ,V" p in ,tt (he w»rnc |ii.u-r» »Jirfe primary rle«ti<irn ;trr h.Hd -Ailh din- rx crjXion Anclr'im IV< t will Uild its runvmtion at :>iM S Karrer St There *Mll l<- no <-lr<ti-)n in oyster Cn-ek I'ct K but a cxwi will t>o held at im i rix-k Drue UriMi* it \TIIKINVK.MIONS First National Hank Hldg Columbia Mich Auditorium lx*t(iaii Community Center Elrmvntary Auditorium DIM Courtroom Courthouse Kire Station Elementary Auditorium Community House Cannon Uuilding Fire Station Manvel School Elementary Auditorium Phillips Club House Jr Hinh Cafeteria High Schitul lubrury Mark Twain Scliool Kl' Inteiiiuxli4te Kia/iis|X)rl Ilitth Auditonuni Kleini'iil.iry School S K AuM in School Kasharon Sclwol LJ Intermediate Holn-ils Klementary City Hall AJC Assembly Hoom lirooksidi- Elementary tk'ulel Hand Hoom THE COUNTY CAMPAIGN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1C 17 1H 19 20 21 'ft 23 24 25 26 27 An j{ Mori W<t< Columbia. Ahm llf.i;on.i Angleton. Liverpool. Frccfxwt . Oyiter Creek. Bonney. Damon. Manvrl. 1'carlanil. Oldlk-ean. Sweetiy. D.mlmr> . Alvm. Freepwt Froeport, llule. Jones Creek. KtisJuron Like JackMin. l>ike Jackson. Hichutiud. Alvin. Himiksulc Village l-ake Jackson. r Jii p in .' » p in 7 Bl p 111 K t» p m 2 .m p m ~ si p m T bl p in T «i p in .' ,W p in .' In p in J \4I p 111 7 in p in _' i»> p n; .' HI p 111 H Hi p in 7 lil p in 7 in p in J m p in H 111 p m T <«> p III K 1*1 p in 7 (*! p 111 7 l»l p in K 45 p 111 H Hi |> in r mi p in 7 IX! p III ITS NOT TOO LATE FOR EVENT ll may slill not be too late to attend St Mary's festival and Barbecue to t< hold May 3 at Krecport Municipal Hark in Kit* port Serving lime it from 11 .1 in to 5 p m and the dinner plates will consist of bartHfue tx-ef with all the trimmings G.ime*. booths and a drawing (or a portable color television set. a set of lour Iirrs. a lawn cdger and a toy poodle will be part of the activities The public is invited Demo, GOP polling places >> THE Mioc SAIGON — A South Vietnamese armored task force has pushed 24 miles into Cambodia, occupying at least one town taken by the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong from Uic Cambodians earlier .tl'is month. U.S adv'w-j are accompanying -ln<* 'Vietnamese force and .it is supported by American planes and artillery' BOSTON — The judge who presided at the inquest into the death of Mary Jo Kopechne has disputed Sen. Edward Kennedy's contention that a wrong turn led to his car's plunge from a bridge that led to her death. Judge James A. Boyle contended in a report released Wednesday that Kennedy was negligent; Kennedy rejected that conclusion as unjustified. TEL AVIV — The Israeli military command says DEMOCRAT Auditions begin Auditions for Braiosport Musical Theater's production of "Kiss Me Kate" will be held tonight and Friday night at 7:10 p m and on Sunday at 2 p in The auditions will be held at the First L'nited Methodist Church library wing, Lake Jacksun Persons from young adults up are needed. There are no children's roles. I'ct. No City foiling Place t Angleton, Central School 2 West Columbia, Legion Hall 3 Alvin. Legion Center 4 Bra 2 on a, Old County Barn 5 Angleton. Cty. Welfare Bldg 6 Liverpool, Fire Station 7 FP, Velasco Com Use 8 Oyster Creek. Com Use 9 Bonney. Cannon Building 10 Damon. Kirc Station 11 Manvd, Manvel School I.' Pc.irland. High School 13 Old Ocean. Phillips C Use M Sweeny. B Barclay Bldg 15 Danbury, Fire Station 16 Alvin, Mark Twain Elem. 17 Freeport, City Hall 18 Freeport, BP High 19 Ciute. Elementary School 20 Jones Crevk. Com Use. 21 Hosharon, School building 23 Lake Jackson, U Intermediate 23 Lake Jackson, Elisabet Ney 24 Richwood, City Hall 25 Alvin. AJC Cafeteria 26 Brookside Village. Elem. School 27 Lake Jackson. Beutci Caf. REPUBLICAN (No elections will be held in polling places not listed.) 1 Anglelon. Soulhside Elem 2 West Columbia. Jr Hi 3 Alvin. New Fire Sla 4 Brazona. Elem School 5 Angleton, 724 W Mulberry 6 Liverpool. Church 7 FP. Fire Station U Manvel. 9742 FM 67 12 Pearland, Hi. School Caf 13 Old Ocvan, 514 5th St 14 Sweeny, Hi School typing rm. 15 Danbury, Legion Hall 16 Alvm, Mark Twain School 17 FP, FP Intermediate 18 FP, BP High 19 Clute, Intermed. Library 22 LJ, Inter. School 23 U, Elisabel Ney 24 Richwood, Water Office 25 Alvin. 410 Cambridge St. 26 Brookside. Elem School 27 LJ. Beutel School Israeli troops, guns and warp Lanes have repelled an Egyptian raid across the Suez Canal, sinking four Egyptian boats. WASHINGTON — An effort to suspend pan of the U.S. M ,'vV nuclei- v ' warhead buildup — which opponent* said could wreck the U.S.- Soviet disarmament talks — has been defeated in the House. Concert tonight The Brazosport High School Orchestra combined with Brazoswood High's String Orchestra will present a "pops" concert tonight. The concert will begin at • p.m. in the Brazosport High School Auditorium. Admission is 50 cents per person or $1 .SO a family. The public is invited. STRANGE ANIMAL SIGHTED IN AREA U.tTK — Mrs. Don Hamilton of Old Angleton Road thought she was seeing things Tuesday evening when she observed a strange animal in her front yard. Her first thought was that it was an anteater, but she now believes that the animal was a coatimundi. A coat i is a South American animal that is related to the raccoon family. It has a long tail, and a long, flexible, piglike snout. .Another report of the strange-looking animal comes from Josephine Martin, who said that she observed, the coati being chased Monday by some boys in Richwood. The animal was also observed by Fran Shanks on Tuesday It is possible that the animal was a pet of a Lake Jackson family, but no one knows for sure. Dr. Robert Schwebel, a local veterinarian, said that the animal, commonly known as a coali, was probably purchased in a pet shop, then it either escaped or was released. New bond rating approved In advance of a major bond sale, the Velasco Drainage District has received word of an improved bond rating. The rating has been changed to "AA" from the previous "A" status. This will affect the $2 million in bonds now up for sule. according lo R. N. Eddleman, fiscal agent for the district. Eddleman represents Underwood, Neuhaus and Co. Bids on the bonds will be opened at the Drainage District's meeting Monday night. The interest rate expected is between 6 and 6.5 per cent Money from the bond sale would meet the forseeable local costs during the coming year for storm protection work performed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The bond money would then be reinvested in certificates ol deposit. These would have varying maturity date* coinciding with the expected schedule of meeting the local expenses of the federal project. Republicans stress voting importance I.-U'KSON — The challenge the winner of the paign activity, the fund- called fnr h.>n»r ™,«. n ..,ixi^- i,,a,,». /... _ I.AKK JACKSON — The importance of voting in (he Kepublican Primary was stressed here last night as Hvpublicaiis rallied to hear their candidates and launched Koberi U. "Bob" Kennedy's race for County Treasurer with an impromptu bit of fund-raising. Kennedy, unopposed in the GOP Primary Saturday, will challenge the winner of the Democratic Primary next (all Few issues developed in the one contested race at the county level, us Bob Lindveit and John Kuler outlined their qualifications for Republican County Chairman. Lindveit. the incumbent, emphasized his county-wide experience, long-time cam- paign activity, the fund raising barbecue held last year and a new plan he has developed for appointing delegates to the state convention in what he feels will be a more representative manner. Euler. Sweeny precinct chairman, pointed out that his precinct carried for both Nixon and Paul Eggcrt and called for belter communications among Republicans and with the community-at-large, through a party newsletter and public relations programs to make the party a force for good government. In other contested races, the meeting heard from Norval Hears, local campaign manager (or G»rge Bush, and Mrs Jack (Mary) Oarretl of Danbury, who is seeking the office of State Executive Committeewoman for the 17th Senatorial District. It was Mears who emphasized the importance of a good turn-out in Saturday's GOP Primary. He described Bush as one of the best qualified and most admired men in the State of Texas and said his supporters "can hardly wait to g« things going" after the Primary — but added that first Bush must be assured the nomination. A member of the audience asked whether Bush might "actually lose" if few Republicans vote on this race Saturday. Mears expressed confidence, but said Bush's State Headquarters U con- cerned about the very light absentee vote so far. Mears said that while this part of the state U all very strongly for Bush — there was no one present to speak for his opponent, Dr. Robert Morris — his opponent is campaigning strongly elsewhere and might pick up soon American Party support. (CootiuMd

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