The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 16, 1962 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1962
Page 11
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ANO IRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, SUN., SIFTEMBER u, wz THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS WC rodeo draws big crowd Friday Texas fops in chemical, |4-car pileup on Highway 288 injures 2 petroleum goods export AUSTIN (AP)-Trann 19 eighth related products, $4 million worth dincihfc lite exporting states andiof vegetables and J3 million in the Weal Columbia Amerlcnn I,e.j first In the exporting of chemical; fruits and mils. Rlon Rotten nt the T-r>lntnraid,mtd pctmletim products, the Bti-; Mineral exports from Texas Ranch. 'rcau of Business Research at the'— sulphur, salt and talc—was $31 Ruin bcRim foiling while the University of Texas said SnlnrdnyJmillion in 19(iO. was In progress in Ihe' 'Hie bureau said Texas exported "Alonp will Two men were Injured rity, cnuslns some of the riders 'about JR17 million during Iflfifl in WasTasTe! m^na* ^'lllrtu.' '" " fouix ' ar cllpu ' > m Highway In drop out and leave, thinking mmnifiK'lured goods. The report ,, rin j ' Krmt \h among leading mmii- "*** af " Dnw ' Chfm ^^ Co. ranal culs nnd bruises. Both were re- •%•••/ •%•• leased after treatment. Bfllfllll $ PIVl According to Stat« Highway «*"•• * • »« Pnlrolman Calvin C. Barnard, four cars piled up when one attempted to change lanes. Drivers! Involved include John Michael Browne and G. R. .lungermsn of Mke Jackson; Eugene Lee, of; Kreeport. and Kouches. Browne's 1962 Chevrolet was In U3NDON lAPl-Prlme Minister the left lane, followed by a 1956 Harold Macmillan made further t>nrrt rltMimn Kn T *-« ••rU.nU • »«_:_' .__t. n _.. * . .. .. *••-. f comna.,,,,.,,, work- amora ™ * m ,, Kr 19M „ 195| , ,„„ Btm ,t ,„ p . m . Friday. aro M , UM , R J 1 h "" 1 '"^ '» Commnni- hy Fre * |lort fi;m-ra1 <' B.™rt said the Volkswagen Lies have Hpt'oedin'to his lOth to the right lane in front! the Jungerman auto which; Lewis suffered culs, bruises nndi swa PP p ' 1 latlPS in Bn effort Jo Hbra*lonn and had a broken bone ,- haw). Kouches received million in ag- "Texans share fully In the bcne-jing traffic was shown in flls of a vigorous foreign trade,",such its port fncilitipj, rail and truck- and port JWHI in . . -..„.. Both the Volkswagen and the report said. Tins state, al-jton, Galveslon and Port Artmir."lMerciiry were unable to stop, how- report said nearly every geographic region of Texas shares in (he exporting profits of Texas, I HOPE YOU REALIZE J VOUP ATTITUDE t,—- :^a=rs=3j, ' pending further investigation.Ique which at least would muffle „,,.„. , . i economic chaosj As late as two When the Russians colonize,; make Castro no longer important, i Castro repeated the i, , ,, , - -„ -.- recriminations:they colonize for good. Short of;They are letting him shoulder the! collectivization Th.nT estimated at J200; Ixw car, $750; <rf the pa s t WBek . | a rmed invasion, there seems lit-i blame for Cuba's internal woes !ms minrt^r -V u~ -"i""™ Volkswa R en, JfiflO; and Ihe Mer- Prime Minister John Diefen-! tie hope of pry ing the Communists! They are letting his entourage oil him *" ° hajlged tOT iker's Canadian delegation re-'out of a base 90 miles from U.S.!new Communists—men like Er- ' mained the least reconciled to shores. jnesto Guevara, Fidel's brother ever, Barnard said, and the Volkswagen struck the Lee car which in turn hit the Browne auto. The:in with the patching-up operations Jungerman car struck Kouches' | being organized by the British station wagon, $400. AHhmifrti nterfered « midden henvy rnln with the pnrnde, th* Frlclsy niRlif pcrformnnce of hours Inter, would not lio held, nies employed about portion hus-ncM. I ever, and an entlmnletl 1,500 per- "Major exporting industries,' sons attended the event nnd hud whlcli have pushed the state to no rain or mud problems, eighth rnnk In Ihe nation for man- zoomed up nearly IS per . Paul Borel of Brnzoria was Ihe ufacliire.! exports, included chem- the report said ' winner of a special grenwvl pig 1,-als anrl allied products, prlrole- Texas rose from 1.1th lo catch which aitracled nlmnl Iwn um, foods, primary metal prod- amon K Ihe nation's employers "of down small boys uel s , and mm-clectrlcnl machin- Industrial workers between 19M Two local contestants In the pry," ihe hiirrmi raid. and 195S. Rlrls barrel race did not fare (no Exporting of well. Flo Johnson lipped over n rleiilltiral products linrrcl, disqualifying her, and |ji- the remrl—or aim Ijinnrn's limn was well below the top time. , the total 18.i includrd This ready ranking eighth as a normal- field year exporter, also reaps a ,- .... - . • . ........... i mUlion In livestock and slantial •middleman's' profit from WHAT isl "( 1 W ' IT VOU < \- E WANT ?) —; IT'S LATER THAN 1 THOUGHT..THF EVEBROw Tweezep. FOM MY VJIFS ATTITUDE HA? COST VOU A CUSTOMER SUN.-MON.-TUES. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE MACHINE HAVING 'FEMININE INTUITION"? ARE VOU A VOMAN • HATER.OR SOMETHING? WE PUT IN IO YEARS. BUILDING THE GREATEST LOGIC AND REASONING EQUIPMENT IN THE WDRLD INTO IT— -AND YOU PUT IN 'FEMININE INTUITION"WHICH USES NO REASONING, AND IS AGAINST ALL THE INTERNS STARS MICHAEL CALLAN CLIFF ROHRTSOH JAM1J MoeARTHUR Than.. Sept. 13 Thru Wt*. Stpt. MOW OAST ve ACCUSE MV MflN SNUFFY?!! PflW WOULDNT TETCHONEOFTHEM WIZZefMED, DRIEO-UP, SCRflWNY, LEETLE OL' POUETS OFVOR'N'.! THflT LOW-DOWN, BELIEVE SAK66 !SMT AN/ TODS THAN ANYONE ELSE; KE OUST SOUNDS Tous'riER IT NOT ONLY KEEPS TH' SKEETERS ~ A'A'AY... UNCLE BOB, YOUR OL' HOMCMADE- SKEETER- LOTION RBCIPB... ...IS EVEN ABIGQER SUCCESS THAN YOU <SAIB IT'P BB BUT NOVOUNOSTBR MAC WITHIN A BLOCK O HOUSE SINCE I COOKED UP A BATCH // WHAT? out Y MO,SEAoe; Too Ed1hw1el--A«lr—BE 3-3S11—Classified—BE 3-2411 PAGE 11 will plead market cause JUST90 MILK AWAY Soviet's steel grip is closing on Cuba (out of (rouble, but a fmv new al-i cle D V a specialist in Communist who worked n Macmillan looked tired. He| Dpfore an<) af l er Castro seized on the draft of a final [control. Tlie analysis is based on plea for understanding which hpilnside information from Cuba, a ..... , _. ., • ^. I.L..I i^iitp, mil v.ii IUT ' ' .*«..m ^.uuu, a ivui, ITU >v i (it: uj wildl DC flOW rflll^ , ",1 Tn K .C n ' B / irnar ^ wi » Deliver Monday to a full "survey of Havana and Moscow the collective leadership He has said the Volkswagen then changed Isession of the 16-nation Common-1 statements, and diplomatic re- ' ' ' - ' back to the left lane of traffic,:wealth prime ministers confer-' between the Jungerman and Loelence. cars, at about the same time traf-! This speech could affect both -,-» - ., fie in the left lane stopped. jihe future relationship of the Moscow today just about owns confer-1 Ports. By WILMAM I,. BY AN AP Special Correspondent tors, electronic units. Red China sends soybeans, rice, canned meat, medicines. Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland send food. The bloc also sends swarms of technical assistants. Cuba's sugar goes to the Woo in part payment. The sugar in- r . .._ always the backbone fflf lost much popular support. [the Cuban economy, is dominated Havana reports suggest only 201 completed by the Soviet bloc per cent of the people back him Bloc equipment runs the re- now. That is much more than the I fineries, percentage backing the Old Guard I AGRICULTURE Daily, Castro appears more and more in the role of a bumbling and confused man, loudly demanding everything his own way, but bowing to what he now calls p- -• *-i. -------- " —«•-".«••, inw \ji\i vjueii *i i ^\vji\ Commonwealth and Macmillan'sjCuba — lock, stock, barrel and > Communists, hut they do not 1 In a own political rareer. Some Commonwealth delegations showed a willingness to fall ! beard. Inexorably, Soviet communism is closing its steel grip. Challenging the United States in the sensitive Caribbean and the Western Volkswagen, Barnard said. No charges have been filed jsibility of producing a communi-'the world a lesson in imperialism. .. j Drafting experts explored the pos-| Hemisphere, Moscow has given ' their tight, spy-ndden ! farms would be coIlectivi7«J He v7« e organization - and they have said: "The revolution would never Moscow on their side. do such a foolish thing. T*. Communist, are patient, this is a sSst ^SuZT They can wait until popular dis-iland will not be Sovietized" lllllcirvn ovirj « nn _«_:_ _(___: . . . .«*..u.tu. illusion and having Britain link up with the Common Market six — France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium,! (the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Even the Australians and New Zealanders were said to have :becn fltartled by the depth of feel-i ing of the Canadiaas, who suspect; a weakening of the Commonwealth | will cause them to fall deeply un-l jder the sway of the United States.! Canada. Australia and New Zea- Jand share the problem of finding j markets lor their foodstuffs, ori- j marily grain and meat, but Cana-| :da had this added preoccupation The Soviet takeover will be j Raul Castro and others of his Si- complete when Prime Minister Fi-;erra Maestre revolution following •— hang themselves with Sweeny plant exec, J. B» ,dies ropes fashioned of their own confusion. Last month, Castro told i migar cooperative oonferenc* that distribution of land to the peasants would mean destruction of the revolution. As in other Communist lands, , , i-'orms are set for cattle and live- A close examination of how,stock reproduction, and as in the tightly Ihe Soviet Communist grip [other lands the big drawback i« has seized the Pearl of the An- j that the cattle canmt Sstruc "Mes produces a sense of shock, tions. | From documents and official r*\tofato?S«£%<££ gime statements, and Irom re-; nist agriculture, ports of diplomatic travelers, this i LABOR Tw 1l |lv e hn em H I T <? lT 0f a Cubana , s Regimentation is on the Soviet tightly bound to Moscow as is Bul-. mo dcl. The working man is sub.... . . : services for a well Ea " a - ject to production quotas. Sodal- about maintaining her own mde- know,, Sweeny man, J. B. Ander- 1 The rag-tag 2fith of July army: ist emulation the speed-up dependence, son, «i. are set for 2 p.m. Mon-! 0 * bearded romantics who : vice invented by Moscow was The impression grew in British dav in the Swecm/ First Metho-! marched lnto Havana Jan. 2, 1959.1 formally introduced April 16 The circles that Diefenbakcr and his dist chu^h ^tti burial in Rose- 18 no more - In its P la ™ is a : speed-up worker is known as'"dis- 'team-despite deeply felt douWs !and Cemetery in Van Vleck with ;forc ' e of about 300 - on ' mae «P °f tinguished worker" -would go along in the end with Tav | or Bros . F , me ral Home of !raore than ^ m traincd regulars ^p Qlban workers Central di- some public display of unity. ^ y aty in cnargp . and a heavily armc-d militia. The reds 25 national unions and auto- Tlie Bntish took a tentative Anderson died at his home about ;lra "»"g '« b>' Communist bloc of- ma tj ca l]y approves what the re- step backward in the interest of: 11:15 a . m . Saturday after a flcprs - T" 16 equipment is modern. gi me orders As in omer Commu . peace. A few days ago they .said| lenR)hy j| lnpss . He was man irfac- '• ne discipline is strict and Soviet nist countries, it does not repre- there was no question of reopen- iturjng superintendent at t h e st >' ie - ^ facilities are installed sent the labor force ^ (he ing the provisional agreements al- ; p hjllips petroleum Co . refinpry a t and expanded by Russians and state . Workers are subjected to ready reached in the Brussels ne-: Swecnv and was active in dvic East Europeaas. lectures, work discipline warnings collations for British membership ;a[[airs . Even now the army has political ;lbout sucn thinss as a formal I in the Common^Market.^^ i An employee of Phillips for 25: commissars, carbon copies of the bureaucratic attitude They '"'•'" ~" ' ""- years, Anderson worked at thei Politruk" officers of East bloc punished for lateness or abse, Bartlesnlle, Okla., home office armles . assigned to nail down isrn . Directors are punished „,. and at 'he Kansas City refinery P?™? authonty. One group of , ailing to make quotas or , or div before coming- to Sweeny in 1947 <°° revolutionary instructors was torting ( igures . when Phillips bought that plant. : graduated this month from a YOUTH Anderson is survived by his; ?P«:ial school and is being infused 0,^ now has a Communist wife. Marjorie, and four sons. iln !° ™ arr ">'- <^stro says their Yo utli Union, with the same cell David, Terry, James and Craig misslon « to l(>ach ^ class str ucture which marks the Soviet Anderson, all of Sweeny. .struggle character of the revolu- Youn Communist League (Kom- ition to the army. somolv ! Havana is ringed by military 1NTERNAL ENEMIES i hardware, manned by Russians A ll the ills of an emerging Com| and Cubans. The Russians paid munist rerfme ^n^, f,^. (cash for former estates near Ha- shortageS| hoardin£; , b i ack mark . Today tlini Tunday MartYR Mouro* Marilyn Monroe YEAR ITCH phn STOP are absentee- tor NOTI FOR DELIVERY OF BRAZORIA COUNTY'S OWN DAILY NEWSPAPER THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS BRAZOSPORT AREA—BE 3-3511 ANGLETON & DANBURY MRS. EDNA TAYLOR-TI 9-5327 WEST COLUMBIA MRS. LEE KAY-DI 5-4581 SWEENY JOHN & DANNY MACHACEk-2671 OLD OCEAN GLENN SCRABANEK-4606 BRAZORIA MITCHELL DAVIS—SW 8-2620 JOSEPH LANDRY-SW 8-7548 SURFSIDE MRS. BERNICE TRIPPETT DANBURY MOTOR ROUTES GEORGE WOODWARD—SW 8-7395 MRS. OLLIE MARSHALL—BE 3-4843 $ 1.53 Per Month eting. clandestine slaughter of vana, and the belief is the areas | will be used for antiaircraft bat- • i^st'ock.'Those who complain are tenes and rocket-launching sites.. , abcled encmies of me , e . Soviet radar, Russian-manned, Jn a Catholic country, the rechecks all flights. Dozens of Soviet MIG fighters down have been shipped in and the daims number may reach 200. Cubans gime goes slowly about cracking n religion. Castro pro- religious freedom. But t ..u.^.. activities are curtailed are trained to use them. A para- and TOnfjned in! . We ehureh bui | d . chute corps will be sent to Rus- j n<JS sia to complete training. And mili- THE OUTLOOK tary equipment pours in, along ^ ^ e ^rUtce. Castro still does W '^"^^n>n- techmclalls - not appear to have lost any of his THE ECONO.Ti authority, but that is only a sur- Moscow owns me economy. Fan- (ace a rance . ^ old Guard tastic numbers of trucks, jeeps ^ weave meir web and other vehicles pour m Iron, ( . arpfull move slowly . ^ ^g the Red bloc, each batch making js approachin g for tne , inal ph^e Cuba more dependent upon Soviet of envelopment . when c^tro-g petroleum shipments. presence is no longer necessary. «<="!£ • ?* , „ « 1wn he tas taken M * e blame U.S.S R. include: wheat flour, for ^^ ecmomic disaster , he cereal grams, edible oils, canned, can ^^ ^ , aside _ and ^ froren and cured meats, con- wju ^ mana d Dy men ^^^ densed milk, baby foods, rice, sjb , e ((J Moscow< butter, lard, peas, canned fish, ' beans, potatoes, fertiliiei-s, rayon and other textiles, superphos- ft f • _ • phates, trucks, jeeps, buses, trac- I VAUII1TC IH tors, a petroleum tanker, rice* **WWlCia III harvesters, machine tools, power shovels, graders, bulldozers, compressors, rolled steel, tinplate, steel pipes, cast iron, caixiboaiti, raw materials for soap manufacture, cement, lubricants, ammonium nitrate and even containers for sugar. Czechoslovakia is sending textile yarns, artificial leather, steel products, chemicals, glass, food- UN revealed spying on US WASHINGTON (APi - Alt)'. *"• ™* rF ** y " M SaV trucks and tow truck, machinery and tools, diesel mo- two Soviet employes of the United " NEW CAR LOANS 4 '/2% TERMS UP TO MONTHS THE FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK The announcement said the illegal activities of the two Russians ; were uncovered with the aid of a young lawyer from New York ; who is a Republican candidate for the New York Stale Assembly. 'ITie Russians were identified by the Justice Department ai a i translator in the U.N. Office of i Confei-enee Services and a politi- :cal affairs officer in the Political land Security Council Affaire Dej partment. The announcement said the ! young lawyer, Richard If. Klink iof Howard Beadi, N.Y.. was i promised a $3,000 campaign con- itrihulion if he \vi)iild provide in- !foiniation to the Russians regarding uhat the Justice Department deii.-rilxHl as "internal cpeialinns 'rf the Uniliil States government i agencies and personal information 'abom influential members of Mr. (link's political party." 'i'he luo Russians also asked Flink to advocate ceriain policies in speeches it tie were elei'ted It the Nev\ Yoyk State Assembly, (he Justae Depavtment said.

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