Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on November 3, 1961 · Page 10
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 10

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1961
Page 10
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10 TOE PAMPA UA1LY NfcWS FfttBAY, KOVfcMfifeft S ( Khrushchev Unfunny In Role Of 'Siclcnik 1 By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI)-Here of late 1 seem to be having occasional flashes of extfa sensory pre- ception, although it may just be mental indigestion. At any rate, I keep bumping into coincidences which appear to have been brought about by mental telepathy. There is no way to explain it except to say that it is inexplicable. One day this week, for example, I was idly leafing through a copy of a British magazine that someone had left in the office. All at On The Record HIGHLAND GENERAL HOSPITAL NOTES THURSDAY Admissions Mrs. Florene Powell, 414 S. Gillispie Mrs. Wilma Hughes, Amarillo Jimmy Carter, Pampa Roy Stracener, 1160 Varnon Dr. • Mrs. La Rue-Lanning, Panhandle. Modesto Ortezj White Deer. Mrs. Flossie Franks, 616 N. Banks Mrs. Gene Tatum, 1631 Dog wood • . Mrs/ Lena Sanders, Lcfors. , Mrs. Cora McPeake, White Deer Miss Linda Norman, 1510 Al- Cock Alvis L. Sanders, 839 S. Gray. George Grossman, 2015 N. Russell Mrs. Joy Urbanczyk, Groom Mrs. Lucille Attaway, Pampa Oliver Q. Huffines, Pampa Dismissals Mrs. Jewell Parnell, 1710 Duncan Jeff Williams, Lefors Debra Eggleston, 1104^ S. Faulkner Henry Stephens, 120 S. Nelson Sharon Vickery, 504 Naida Teresa Humphreys, 806 E. Harvester Mrs. Claudette Pike, Kellerville Mrs. Bernice Havenhill, Woodward, Okla. J. N. Torbett, Phillips Mrs. Edna Torbett. Phillips Jessie Martinez, 510 W. Francis ' •; '. Mrs.'.Barbara Beaty, Pampa Jonathan Turnbo, 321 N. Gray S. E. Mayo Sr., Miami Marion Summers. 1133 Sirrocco Claude Park, Panhandle Mrs. Myrtle Clifton, Pampa CONGRATULATIONS To Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Hughes, Amarillo, on the birth of a girl at 12:16 p.m. weighing 8 Ibs. 13 07.. Cujberson Holds 'Open House 1 To Show Chevrolet* Starting today, November 3, Culberson Chevrolet Inc., 212 N. Ballard, welcomes everyone in the area to its Open House, The occasion for the celebration is to mark Chevrolet's Golden Anniversary. It was exactly fifty years ago on November 3, 1911, that the Chevrolet Motor Division was incorporated as a manufacturer of automobiles. "It's really an outstanding success story," points out F. M. Culberson. "That first full year of Chevrolet's production totaled under 3,000 cars —2,999 to be exact. Now there are over 18 million Chevrolet products on the road. That's why we at Culberson Chevrolet are throwing this week-long birthday party, We want to (hank our friends and public for helping in our own dealership's success as well as Chevrolet's tremendous growth." Highlight of the Open House is a special offer of a Golden Anniversary Record Album. This ii really a collector's item, produced by RCA for distribution in this community by Culberson Chevrolet. The album's artists and their hit musical selections read like a Who's Who of popular music. Included are Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, and Charlie Barnet. Also featured are Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw and Rosemary Clooney. The commemorative album is offered for a limited time only at only $1. "Without question, the most important part of our Golden Anniversary Open House for many of our visitors will be our big display of 196? Chevrolet?." states F. M. Culberson. Xerpphyles are to b* found in the desert. They »re plants adapt- to growth with • Hpited water once 1 heard a Voice telling me to stop and, read a certain article. This, however, was not telepathy. The", voice belonged to the owner of the magazine, who had been looking over my shoulder. "You will like this article," he said, "it'S; about the sickniks.",' ' Heading his suggestion, I turned my attention Co what proved to be a learned analysis of the'cur- rent crop of American comedians who specialize, itt "sick" jokes. Only the British could be learned about sick jokes. Satire and other serious humor, the author said,' can have the valid object "of burning away the layers of humbug and chicanery with which the verities are en^ wrapped." But the sickniks, he wrote, work on the policy "that a rattled and edgy populace can be stampeded" into laughing at unfunny subjects. Now here,is where the "ESP" comes in. At the very moment I was reading this article, give or take a few hours, Soviet Premier Khrushchev, was uncorking one of the most monumental sick jokes of all'times, report to • the Communist party I refer, of course, to his jocular ton bomb had accidentally exceed- congress that Russian scientists OUR ANCESTORS VMnw "It has all modern conveniences—three fireplaces, a vegetable cellar, and a fine gravel path to the bathroom!-,' ' . in seeking to exp!6de a 50-mega- ed that level. - ' • ' ' .Brushing the fallout from 'his eyebrows, the jolly little dictator laughed off the iniscue, explaining to the comrades that where nuclear scientists are concerned, boys • will' be boys. This naturally gave the 1 comrades a big chuckle, although the gag didn't go over so big in other parts of the world. Possibly it lost something in translation. Considered in conjunction with the magazine article, • Khrush- chev's sally set .me',to wondering whether,, having already vowed to overtake America in other fields, he as now< trying, to' chal j lenge us: in-telling.',sick jokes.; According to the British .author, our comedians have-a cl'ear'Je'ad. But Khrushchev seems to ' be claiming a paraphrase of .Irving Berlin, that "any jpke you can tell, I can tell sicker," On the other hand, as-one U.S. sicknik has noted, 'it; may be his way "of paying ,us 'back for not letting .him see, 'Disneyland. \, • fiy PHIL NfeWSpty •, P| Fftreigh News Analyst* ',< {The ,Conifhunist'party\'Wbiihd up its 22ftd cdfigress this week with-a. display oif heavy-handed htifnbr on, the", part df Secretary Nikita khrtlshchev and'a split in party rartks whose effect on the future ohly could be guessed. • . Almost .lost in-the pyrotechnics of.'the world's rrtightiest' bomb'and Khrushchev's marathon attack's upon "/Albania, _ the ."anti-party." members j and' the memory of Josef Stalin was the subject which had been billed as the most important on the agenda- ' . That was the new party, program; the first since Lenin!s.'.time, charting the > course of communism for the next 20 years. ' - • , In 'the Communist Utopia ; of .20 years hence, Khrushchve promised ', to multiply . gross ''national product 'five times,, industrial pro-, duction six times and agricultural output three and'a'half times'. . On Tuesday,' after''two weeks:of oratory, the,' congress closed on' a jovial note • from Khrushchev. Soviet scientests ' had 'made.'a mistake, he said. The 50-megaton bomb they .planned turned out • to be e.ven more 1 powerfull'than expected. "But," he said, "we wqnlt punish them (the,scientists) for it'." • While the free world universally condemned Khrushchev 'for his nuclear terror tactics;' perhaps of tnbfe* far, reaching'effect was the revelation -'of the deep split Within the party.. 'After , a long recitation of the sinfully murderous ways of Stalin'and his own struggle against the g"roup which would have continued, the, Stalin methods, he switchedrto small and of little value Albania-' '• '" • .Albanian leader Enver Hoxha, he said, 'remained Stalinist, and he added: "We cannot make a concession on that fundamental point, either to the Albanian leaders, or to any. one else." The "anyone else" soon became apparent. » In the - applause • which followed Khrushchev's' attack;" Communist Chinese Premier Chou En-lai sat ori' his hands- When his turn came, Cho'u arose, to denounce Khrushchev's, "public denunciation" oi Albania and .to say that such an approach : "can, only distress friends'and delight our enemies,' 1 When,,if-ever, Rdd China could challenge the Soviet Union in a power struggle,-, must be a matter, of conjecture. But even, now, it .stands as a raiding point for Khrushchev's / enemies at home and abroad. Missouri's official state flower is the hawthorn. Let's Keep Rolling Ahead We Americans invented mass production, then we b$A to build mass demand to keep the wheels turning, For this purpose we called upon advertising *- the most effective and economical means o! creating mass demand. Soon we hid more jpbs, higher incomes, and better living conditions. And there isn't any limit to how much farther we can go, \{ we just keep it rolling! 321 PLACE YOUR . .. CLASSIFIED ADS BY CALLING MO 4-2525 9 A.M. ts th» Dally Deadline or Classified Ads. Saturday fbr Suh. ay edition 12 noon. This ts also the eadllne for ad Cancellation. Mainly About Pftopl* Ads will be taken up o 11 a.m. dally and 2 p.m. Saturday or Sunday's edition. CLASSIFIED RATES 3 Una: minimum 1 Day - 36o per line 2 Days - Sic per line per day 3 Days - 26c per line per day 4 Days*- 24c per Una per day 6 Daya - 22c per line per day 6 Days • 20c per line per day 7 Days - 18c per line' per day 8 Days • 17o per line per day 'regal Notices - 17o line first day, lOc thereafter. We will bo responsible for only one Insertion. Should error appear In advertisement, !pleaso notify at once. 321 Bftifiifiiett's Upholster^ S*OR tfphblafefy iupplle*, s«6i»rU<l plastic*, Polyf&aih, fabric* bj- th» A) (Sock 34 Radio Lab 34 HAWKINS RADIO & TV LAS 32 Years fh Nrnfia ^ „ Sftrttc* on all makes TV's, ftadla, f ar Radios. 2-Way radios, HI-FI, Stereo, and TV antennas Installed. 917 3. fearnes MO 4-3307 Gene & Uon'j T. V. . 144 W. Fdstef MO 4-«4sr Johnson'* Radio & TV MOTOROLA SALES A, SEftVIC MO 6-2521 AmaHllo H1'W.*» C&M TELEVISION t?6 N Sovftwrf'U ( .>hoti« WINQ'i ANTENNA, TV SERVICi NEW & USED ANTENNAS MO 4.4070 1117 Vafnon Dr. TELEVISION Service on all makes & models. Joe Hawklni Appliances. 848W. Foster MO 4-6341 SERVICE MART JO! W. foster MO 8-4S9I 36 Appliance* 36 DES MOORE TIN SHOP Air Conditioning-Payne Heat 320 w. Klngsmlll Phone MO 4-2?21 38 Paper Hanging 38 PAINTING Tna^f ai^r" ^Htngingf AM work ruaranteed. Phone MO 6-B204. P. E. Pyet, 800 N Pwlght. ' •» INTERIOR decoration*. B. W. Hunt,. MO 5-2183. 39 Painting DAVID HUNTER INTERIOR AND Exterior. Decorator. Taping Texturing Painting MO 5-2903. 40-A Hauling Moving 40-A 2A Monuments 2A MONUMENTS, markers. $35. and up, Fort Granite & Marble Co. 129 S. Faulkner. MO 6-5622. Special Notices Top O' Texas Lodge 1381, -Called Meeting 4 p.m. Tuesday the 7th for purpose of 2 M.M. Degrees, refreshments served at 6:30, stated meeting at 7:30 p.m. — W. M. — D, L. Hale PAMPA LODGE 966, 420 W. Klngsmlll Thurs. Nov. 2. 7:30 p.m., Study & practice. Fri. Nov. 3 7:30 pm., Study & practice. Visitors welcome, members urged to attend, "lyde C. Organ. W. M. 0 D. Handley Sec. . For RawlelRh Products see H. C. Wllkle 132S% AV. AVIlkg MO 4-4205. FOR LEASE: GOO acres for deer, turkey, nuail season. Miami, Texas. $500 for complete hunting lease. 865-2041, Box 111. Claud Seltz. NAT'S PIANO SERVICE Tuning and Repair Call MO 4.7264, Free Estimates 10 Lost & Found 10 LOST large white Purslan Cat. Reward MO 4-4122. 13 Business Opportunities 13 A BUSINESS OFiYOUROWN fk lmWp«rtdtnt in a Gulf j service station of your own. I Healthy, interesting work —outdoors. First-rate in| come. Excellent future. Choice location available. No service station experience necessary—Gulf will train you and pay you while training. Financial assistance bo qualified man. Exceptional opportunity V> be your own boss! . For complete details, write or phone: Pho. 4-2611 — Pho 4-6654 t unit furnished apartment house at 615 E. Kingsinill for sale by out of town owner. A good investment. Inquire at Same address. ROT'S TRANSFER Pick-up And Delivery MO 4-2176 2C3 B. 41 Child Care 41 PAMPA Day Nursery, 320 N. SomerJ vllle. Supervised caro and play. Daily, or hourly. Balanced meals. MO 5-2322 after 6 MO 9-9765. 41A Convalescent Home 41A NURSma.HOMB House Doctor ...... Newly decorated Phone 4111 Panhandle. Texas 42A Carpenter Work 42A CARPENTER WORK wanted. Cart Osborn. 533 Lefors, MO B-5301. 47 Plowing, Yard Work 47 TARD and Garden Rotary Tilling leveling, seeding and sodding. Fre« estimates. Ted Lewis. MO 4-6910. Yard and garden plowing, post holes, leveling, roto tilling. J. Alvln Reeves. MO 5-5023. 48 Trees & Shrubbery 48 TREE trimming, all type of tree • & shrubs, work guaranteed. MO 5-2474. Curley Boyrl. __- •_ " BRUCE NURSERY Largest and most complete nursery stock In the goldei. spread, 26 miles Southeast of Pampa on Farm Road 391 Phone 6F.2. Alanreed. Texas. Call us for Dormant Spraying. Holland Bulbs. T Pe,at.Moss,,J'ottins soil, Shee-p and Cattte Manure, Cotton Seed Hulls/ Loat^Mo'i\'»i(l Pet Supplies. _ James .Feed Store 522 S. Cuyler MO 5-5851 Borger Greenhouses "".'..AND' NURSERY :' 20 miles on Border Hi-Way Turn' right • on Farm Road ' No. 280 for 3 mllea Wholesale Retail Tulip. Daffodil, Hyacinth bulbs, pflony roots, rose bushes, evergreen*, Insecticides, fertilizers, garden , supplies. , . . BUTLER NURSERY Perryton Hwy. at 28th. MO 9-9881 SO Bulling Supplies 50 HOUSTON LUMBER CO. 420 W. Foster MO 4-6881 MUST SELL 8 unit motel, nice living quarters, good year round business. $15,000. Down, consider small home carry rest. Coronado Court Clar. endon, Texas. 8 UNIT furnished apartment building Call MO 4-2S49. 13A Business Services 13A Bookeeplng Service reasonable rates. Pick up and delivery service MO 5-3017. _ For Fuller Brush Service Phone MO 5-2378 orMO 4.6430 15B Musical Training 15B Piano lessons. Mrs. Uay Welch 2201 Chestnut'MO 5-3692. 18 Beauty Shops 18 EVA'S BEAUTY BOX ALL Types -hair styles, Colonial to High Fashion. Vou name it, we do it. 500 Yeager MO 5-2651 19 Situation Wanted 19 IRONING wanted J1.50 per dozen. MO 4-8136. Dunlap's Wantfil: All men in Pampa and .surroiiniting area to visit the .ilioe depi. in Dinilajis and see our fine lin« <»f SIHI'V Adanis, Jarman and llmlwlii); shot's". fall SIO 4-7417 or sen Juanita Pliaris Unusual Opportunity LOCAL company needs route man to service established route permanent ben«(iu. $100 plus. Call for appointment after 6:00 p.m. Jlon day. Pliona MO 6-2:)TS. Custom made slip covers Nell Fer- KIISDII. COS N. Frost MO '4.7552, 30 Sewing 30 i MONOGRAMMING—aU typer Bowling blousea a specialty. Mrs. Cro«- sland, 115 N. Hobsirt. MO5-245J. |1 Appliance Repair 31 (3LBCTRJC Appliance Repair. CoOe* maker*, irons. Waffle Irons. One day Sen-Ice. Virgil's Bike Shop. 126 S. Ouyier. .JO 4-3J2V. WIST TiXAS RIPAIR M© 9-9591 For All Repairs on Large or Small Appliances, TV's and Antennas. Reasonable Prices 306 W. Foster 324 Sfneral Wheelsr fad WheeUr - cement contractors. Storm cellars, fall out shelters *!1 type* concr«t» construction MO 4-7745. i Hie Ada IT PAYS T0 RIAB THi DAIIY NiWS PAMPA HOME IMPROVEMENT & BUILDING SUPPLY MO 4-6848 1404 N. Banks FOX RIG & LUMBER CO. 1125 ALCOCK :>J .. .• .... ,MO 4-74SS 51A Sewing Mach. Serv. 51A SEAV1NG MACHINE SPECIAL November 1 through November 10th clean, ol. and adjust tcntlons $1.00 all repair work guaranteed. Have 1 complete Automatic in console over half paid out take up payments $10.46 per month. Write Box 3564 Amarillo. j 57 Good Things to Eat 57 •"'•----- "-~--^~-'r^-^—^ Sailer Bros. Dairy, Health-Inspected Gmdft A whole milk. 2 miles soutn side Lefors Hl-way MO 4-3025 or MO 4-4513. _^ NOLANDS Tonne tender confinement raised TURKEYS Don't compare with old out of storage bargain priced turkeys. Fresh dressed or fro/en 50c a ib. Free delivery. Special prices to Churches, clubs, etc. Phone 4-707t Box 1512 Home Mode Country Sausage 3 miles South of Amarillo Hi-way on Price Road and '/4 mile West, 3 _gtory_ I'pck house MO 4-2047. ! Home grown fresh frozen fryers. Call I JJO 6-5033. I ~-—-—•—~~~-*~~.-»,..., <<l 58 Sporting Goods 58 We buy sell and trade all kinds ot Buns. 119 S. Cuyler Addlngtons _\}!i?^5I5_ i ^5I e - -P'iH"?! MO_4.3161. Gun Smithing, Custom rifle's"to~jii^ nkfirs 3«X - ail military bulletts Jl'.fiii per 100 James Lamer 1513 Coffee MO 5-S290 after 5 p.m. ' 60A Sewing Wonted 60A IRONING $1.25 dozen, mixed pieces. Curtains a speciality. Washing 9c Ib. 720 N. Banks. MO 4-61SO. 63A Rug Cleaning 63A On all used cleaners • Used Kirbys ........... $•>» 95 un KIRBY CLEANERS Service on all types of cleaners oli'.-j ij. Cuyler ^ MO^Ji^MO KIIEE use of our hand operated~ca?pe\ .Shampooc-r with purchase of«B'»* Lustre Shampoo. For large freasT Rent our elcvtric shampoo machin* Pampa Hardware. 66 Upholstery Repair 66 Dovii Upbolstry >!S B. Albert M<5 4-7410

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