Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 15, 1969 · Page 9
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 9

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1969
Page 9
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ift tf ni 61 4! tt tft "si A ei af H s* ill j i k hi, M HI to di 11 Mm* ft t I •j 1; e I \ f I- WATCH TV CABLE GHANNtL i Tuesday 5:30 p.m. Cify Council WltKL? MtitlNS Video Toped ai 6ft educational DAILY TV Tuesday SCHEDULE WGttf KTXSs-11? tctiatintl 12) (CHANMEL \) ON CABLE) 1 00 That Girl t:3u Guiding Light i-OOS«cr«» S*ofm 2:30 6dge o< Might 3-00 HODS'" Mm 3'3r Gonpra Mris0lt*t •1:00 Let's Mok* » Deal 1-30 Darv Shadow* 5:00 Bewitched 1:30 A-aitpr Cmnkltt N«W» t:M> News (5:10 So&rtS HlllghM 7-30 llbprstf 8:30 Doris Day •>:00 Mod Squad ICrOG New* *nd W0*th?r 10:30 Joey Blshot Show 11:30 Si0n OH KRBC-TT (Chanuel 9) (CHANNEl 3 ON CABLE) 1:00 DBVI oi Out Uv« 1:30 The Doctor* 2:00 Another World 2:30 You Don't Say 3.UO rhr Match G«m« 3 ?S NFC Newt 3 in One life to Live 4:00 Dream House *:30 Dating Game 5:00 Plying Nun 5.30 News «:00 News. Weather, Sportj *.30 Pre-Apollo H 7:30 On The Farm 8:00 Tuesday Night at the MaviM 10:00 News 10:30 Tonight Show KRUJ-TV (Channel 4) (CHANNEL < ON CABLE) *»!00 Love N ***'^T &t>iefldorcd fMn 1:30 Guiding Light 1:00 Sycrei Storm 2-30 ogt r' Night 3:00 The Llnkletter Show 3:30 Mr. Ed x.-oo Gilllgan's island 4:30 The Man From U.N.C.U.E. 6:00 Evening Edition 6 - 30 Lflncer 7:30 Liberate 8:30 Doris Day Show 9:00 Apollo 11 Preview 10 00 Final Elinor 10:35 Inside Wall Street 10:40 New: 11:00 Movie 1:00 Sign Off KTVT-TV (Channel III (CHANNEL 1 ON CABLE) 11:00 Galloping Gourmet 1:30 Our Miss Srooks 2:00 Ssa Hunt 2:2S Lucille Rivers 2 iU WMiriyblros 3:00 Ripcord V.OO The Three Stooges & Friend! i:00 Cisco Kia if3c rwHlQht lont 6:00 Wells Fargo 6:30 Western Hour 7:30 Dr. Kildare 8:30 Hictheock Pre&entj 9-Cr Movie 10:00 ruews «no weatMr 10- it » O'ClocK Movta 11:00 Movie 11 12:45 News and Weathtr l-.OO Meditations 1:05 Sign Off WFAA-TV (Channel *J (CHANNEL 5 ON CABLE) 6:5^ horning insp^'rftionai 6:00 Operation UH 6:30 Murray Cox, R.F.D. 6:55 News 7:00 Mr. Peppermint 7:30 Mr PeoDermmt 8:00 Real McCoys 8:iO Paul Harvey Comments 8:35 Early Show 10:30 Divorce Court 11:00 Bewitched 11:30 That Girl 12:00 Dream House 12:30 Let's MaX» * DM! Wednesdav MOANING KTXS-TV (Channel U) (CHANNEL 1) ON CABLE) 5:55 Sign en 6:00 Summer Semester 4:30 In-Farm-Atloe 7:00 Weather 7:05 Morning Newt 7:30 Morning New 1:00 Captam Kangtrat »;00 Lucy Show 9:30 Beverly HlllbllllM 10:00 Andy of Mayberry 10:10 Dick Van Dyk» 11:00 Love of LH» 11:25 News 11:30 Starch Fa Tvnorrv* 12:00 News 12:15 Shtlli Riwl> Show 12:24 Wttthtr 12:30 Ai Th* Wor.a Turm KRBC-TV (Channel «> (CHANNEL 1 ON CABLE) 7:00 Apollo XI Launch 7:2i Harry Hall «:Z5 Devotions 1:30 Apollo Llrt Off »:00 It Takes Two 9:25 New* 9:30 Concentration 10:00 Personality 10:3Q Hollywood Equ»r»» 11 :OU Jeopardy 11:30 Eve Guwi JU55 Newt Ijjis Sandy Chapp*i J?;30 You're Putting W.» On fCPUM'V (Channel 4) (CHANNEL 4 ON CA6Lf) <;)8 Wan pr. 6;30 Bl«fc Herltag* J-.W N9l*» *"" fOO Capl. Rang.— 9'00 The LUCY Show «:« B»'«rly HlllbllllM 1P:«0 rtw An0> GrWIn Show 11 ;W LOV» 11:2} CB5 New? ii«30 12-00 in I5 §ftgWNW66fi SUkLETlN Tuesday. July 15. !$6! July 26 Marks 70 Years Of Marriage for Mitchells Potato Salad: Old Standby GUSTtNE - It was July 26, i 1899. that Mr. and Mrs. A J. j Mitchell, began lite together j whefi they were married in Bell i County, Since then, they hare ! lived on farms in Bell, Coryell, McLennan, Mills and Comanche Counties. Early in their fnarried life they farmed at Little River on places owned by "Ma" Ferguson's family, as well as one owned by Jim Ferguson, himself. Mitchell served as a school trustee in Bell County and at t>uren in Mills County. The family moved to Mills County in 1929 where they farmed the J. E. Wright place on IPecan Bayou. They also sa\v their bank account move out of MR. AND MRS. MITCHELL By AILfcfcft fifiA fr the delicatessen, of place where delicacies or fine foods are sold, is an East Coast, big city phetmmefK» stilt finding its way into smaller U.S. coffl- rnunities. A major supermarket chain reports that stores in laf* get southern cities, for example, only recently accepted the "deli" idea. Wherever a deli exists, ohe of the mainstays will be potato salad. A man responsible for the takeout salad business celebrates his 93rd birthday in June. He is Richard Helhtiann. who started selling mayonnaise he used in his delicatessen potato salad for home use in small, wooden, boatlike conlainnrr in the '20s. Prior to that all mayonnaise was homemade, as was Is Mother's Mind Dirty? Both are longtime members of tlie Church of Christ, and their religion is very much a part of Iheir life. They live in the white house just east of °S!jAktY POTATO SALAD 2 pounds potatoes (5 clips ; cubed, cooked) <i cup chopped celery 1 i- cup chopped onion 2 hard-cooked eggs, chopped 8 slices bacon, cooked, drain-, their possession when the Mullin how , "\ u , ch bellcr Urle v , eleran , potato salad. Only in cities with bank failed a few months later. • of lhe L ' mon arm * fared as a ; delis was potato salad store- Tliey farmed the Bert Chesser pensioner. place on Blanket Creek in 1931, and in 1932 they moved east of Mullin to the Farmer place at Duren or Pompcy mountain. In 1939 the savings of a lifetime of sharecropping went into the post office in Gusline. Marthe purchase of a 55 acre farm ried 70 years, come July 26. 3 miles north of Gustine in Com- • ~" anche County. There the couple and their daughter. Gladys, lived until moving into Gustine about three years ago. Their son, Ulysses. lives on the farm. They' have four other sons, Lowell of McGregor. Austin of Denison, Buford of Gatesville. and Milford of Lubbock. ed and crumbled 1 2 cup tea! mayonnaise H clip daify sour cream '4 cup tatragofl vinegar Sail and pepper Iceberg lettuce t)cviled eggs Rolled hard salami slices fiy ABIGAIL VAN BUttfcN i In his uniform, {famed aJid Ifl DEAR ABBY: I suppose I i her laundry room where she could be criticized for watching I can look at it because that's my 1 1-year-old daughter so; where she spends most of her closely, 'but 1 don't care. She '. time. She doesn't whine, she has three teen-aged brothers, i says. "During the day when T. I and when she and one of them am snowed under doing diapers celery, onion, eggs and bacon. ; arc doing something ALONE, I t like to look at his picture and Mix mayonnaise, sour cream make sortle cxcuse lo ca] | her re member the love that created and vinegar. Toss with potato down to c ) 0 somc ihjng else. I these tiny wonders of ours." misture. Taste; add salt and , havc this lheory thal scx is sex j , haye {wo bab \ es> a y ear pepper Chill. Core, nnse and j to a boy unli] hc ,. eachcs total • apart . and i thought 1 had it dram lettuce, crisp in reiriger- . rtianhoodi l)e u his sjslcr or j rf j ugh becausc niy husband puts ator. Line salad bowl with dark , cmisin or anyt)ody else and t « >^ feaves ^ green outer leaves hi bowl vvj]| NEVER go off and leave. lo copeKwi ih U.c kids aionc. Now -• f ..... Cook potatoes in salted boil- with eggs and ing water until tender but not Makes about 6 mushy. Drain. Cool; peel and ings cube/ Toss together potatoes. with potato salad. Garnish op ! lhcm toge(her a ,, a)onc I. „« rw_ n nrt i\r\1 n t^l t (*/\l 1C »« j » » even for 15 minutes. salami ( n .i-cup) rolls, serv- not (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) 1 realize how lucky I am lo have a man come home to me 1 havc a married daughter. evcry n j g hi. \ have nothing to and I raised her the same way. complain about. POLLY'S POINTERS ~frf e Seeks Way fo Remove Rusf Stains in Concrete Mrs. Mitchell was born Daisy Patterson in Bell County. Nov. 25, 1881. Mitchell was born in Jackson County, Ala.. August 11, .^78. Although Mitchell lost his ; jght a few years ago, both retain relatively good health and talk "old limes." By POLLY CRAMER DEAR POLLY - 1 hope a reader who has been able lo remove rust stains from concrete is willing to share the procedure with me. —HAROLD DEAR POLLY - In answer to the reader who wanted to know how to remove fuzz from safety razor father used to tell about Collin Parker and Palo Pinto counties, and how Cynthia Ann Parker spent a few days in their home after her recapture in 1860. BY HEL01SE Dear Heloise: For those who haven't an ironing caddy. I have come across a step-and-time saving idea: up In a shoe box. Reader LETTER OF LAUGHTER Dear Heloise: My wife must have the "willies." I sever know when 1 come I place clean newspapers on! home where my chair is going the floor, set two kitchen chairs ; to be. She's the "movingesl" eal Mrs. Mitchell recalls the many tales of Indian depredations her sweaters, I use a to remove these Balls Irom sweaters and from the crotch of my slacks. Use short, careful strokes to shave the fuzz off. —ANDREA ' have attractive wear-ever dish „., , ,. „ „ ,, t DEAR POLLY - My solution j cloths better than any you can Mitchell often recalls the tra- for removin g ( Wi balls from : buy. -Mrs. c.b. DEAR POLLY - My couch is back to back nearly the length of my broom. Place the broom across the lop of the chair backs, then put board close by. Gives me a clothes rack to hang my ironed garments on and it didn't cost me a penny lo be. She's the "movingesl" gal I know. 1 always watch oul at times like this. Know there's some- my ironing thing afoot and just hope it's not my head that'll be changed. Frank Dear Heloise: I told her, "You don'l wear shorty pajamas or your underwear in front of your father, brothers or any other man." Also, when the girls are in bed. the boys stay out of their bedrooms, and the girls stay oul of the boys' bedrooms when lhe BOYS "are in bed. t Unless somebody is sick, of course.) Some folks may think 1 have a dirty mind, but 1 know loo many young girls who were stalled down the wrong road by "loving' 1 relatives. Sign me, "CAREFUL" IN W.VA. DEAR "CAREFUL": I hope you arc as conscientious about "enlightening" your children as you are "policing"' them, or all your efforts will have been for naught. DEAR ABBY: Please settle an office argument. The girls in 1 wish there were somehing 1 could do for CHRISTINE. She's done so much for me. NANCY IN MESQUJTE. TEXAS C 0 F 1 D E N T I A L TO "SCHOOL DAZE": You need have no misgivings about sending your son to that exclusive private school where he will rub elbows with the "rich kids." If you've raised him right (and from your letter, I think you have) he'll not envy them for their material wealth. He'll probably be envied for his humility. Evcrhody has a problem. What's yours? For apcrsonal reply write lo Abby, Box 60700 Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. and I had two boudoir lampshades our office have been invited to enclose a sampled, dressed envelope. self-ad- , „ .4 . . < , .• , l\Jt l\,*,ilV»«|.»**5 * V*MM «*-..** ..-_... gic family divisions that were thj , jke bonded wooli sweat . common in northern Alabama ° • • • when members chose opposite ers, etc.. \$ to use a long, flex- l so heavy I could not move it on ible emery board: first the > the carpet until I thought of put- And don't that kinda deal nuthin'? Dear Heloise; Lee Ludwick _ w hjt c pleated ones with a summer week-end al the lake, a small organdy ruffle at the ; and the question of appropriate top and bottom of the shades. ; footwear has come up. Open-toed sandals are very much "in" this year and most we all - something' for Heloise Turk-Williams Betrothal Told thcr than buy new lampshades, « me g11.j H.I«.U, « w«. u,« , _ I removed llic ruffles and nut > Some of the pldei girls^ \vould sides in the Civil War and later, coarse sid ' e thell the line side • Ung th g se j iule a ] urn inurn pans . j use very lightly and do not press i that frozen pies come in under wnen launaenng sups, IJUK.-U two pieces of masking tape (fold-' ; mciu " . . . ' hard This always works great; the two legs at one end. Lift the i the side seams together so the eti in na | f lengthwise) around » e&llanl because oi uieir less- Large Fish Kill Probed AUSTIN f_AP) - The Texas Water Quality Board lias ordered an investigation of a large fish kill over the weekend in Scott Bay near Bay town. "If we can determine the cause, it is hppefuJ that some legal or punaliye action can be i the bed and fo ul , it oul easily taken, said Hugh Vantis Jr for c | eaning pur p 0ses . In this executive director of the board. A spokesman for the board • said thousands of small, white' fish washed up on shore near i "of Bayway Drive.; for me. DEAR POLLY - If you sweep : ble. small rugs diagonally they will! (Newspaper Enterprise not "walk" away from you. (Polly's note: I always run the rugs so the suction does not pull them up so badly.) I am cramped for storage space so 1 bought a serviceman's large-sized locker, put four casters on the large flat to enable me to roll it under , PRISONER slGj \ED IN -SALLY Assn.) You will receive a dollar if Polly uses your favorite homemaking idea, Polly's Problem or solution to a problem. Write Polly in care of this newspaper. and center back. Hang over the line to dry and 1 then covered the laned rims the side seams will not sag. with a pretty braid in white with a gold design. It took a few Teria After a while the ruffles turned brownish from the heat. Ra- , thcr than buy new lampshades, of lne 8 irlsilllcn (0 vveai ' tllcl put . ,o rt iirnu*. announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their time wearing pointed-toed, spik- daughter, Shirley Ann, to Larry ed-heeled shoes. They are told that no one pays any attention to crooked toes or' battered feet ruined like lo wear them. too. but are a "d Mrs . w - C ' Turk of Talpa hesitant because of their less -MRS." J.S. ! other"end and push with no trou- ] folds will be in the center front tnc shades where the ruffles I'wn-lovely feet, thanks to long came off. and no' Dear Heloise: sewing. If you have leftover pieces of bias 'tape, seam binding, rulfles, rj car Heloise. or lace: ' Our home has a concrete block i Take one of the cards the tape ! decorative divider between our icaine on and wrap the tape or entrance way and dining area, 'binding around the WIDTH or To remove the dust that ac- GREELEY, Colo. (AP) — ! short side of the car, then put cumulates on it, I use a long- locker I store' my winter Man- when Miss Sera Anderson open- j a straight pin through to hold handled brush in al) the nooks kets, covers and oul-of-season ) ed (he package containing her the end. and crannies. Loose concrete -MYRTLE j igeg automobile license plates. You can get several rows on a : particles, etc., float to the floor. DEAR POLLY - I have dis- ! one tag carried the usual two card this way by having each ; •h The vacuum then docs the rest the brd's a f covered a fabulous use for the j letters followed by four numer- 1 piece a separate row. This elim.- | oMhc work. Flu, b tile b jusl h s the hcs wi .the brd's a f covere a auous use or e - . - , thelac on the investigation, a spokes- \ stretched-out tops of children's als. But the other earned the j nates having so many cards, Flu, b tile b jusl h s the hcs four bablC s, ages 2 1 and a an( , Mfi , p u , man said, are the Harris coun- ; gym socks. Cut the top off and name, "Robert." The plates are winch takes up room, and t s ; idea J vt "me up H tli to date , pai| of twms 2 months oW Her lereM to many women. COFFEE BREAK GROUP DEAR GROUP: I cannot agree that "nobody pays any attention . . ." etc. Some do and some don'l. And whether a woman should expose her less-than-lovely feel in sandals is a personal mater. Personally, I would not. DEAR ABBY: This is for CHRISTINE, the widow with four babies, ages 2, 1, and a G. Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Williams of Gouldbusk. The bride-elect is a 1969 graduate of Talpa-Centcnnial High School. Her fiance, graduate of Santa Anna High School, attended Texas A&M University. The wedding will be August 23 at 8 p.m. al the Immanuel Baptist Church of Talpa and will be open to friends and relatives. Queen Contestants Feted at De Leon DE LEON (BBC)-The kickoff tea for the De Leon Peach man said, are the Harris coun- gym ty attorney's office and other, crochet a local government agencies. ' the edges with colored thread to rado Penitentiary. stitch around '-made'bv prisoners at the Colo-1 easy to see what kind and color : because everything else I tried I husband was killed in Viet Nam, ' you have by standing the card snagged on the concrete, an( j s i ie Keeps a picture of him Mrs. Gene Nesbitt LOOK AT THIS, LOCAL OLDS DEALER SAYS WE CAN SET A NEW OLPS AT B£AUY glG SAVINGS RIGHT NOW, MCE, VERY NICE. NOW PO YOU THINK WE CAN Ger 7HEFANFIX&P? insei Gieat & teftnl irtit Him t« mm fremthi erdinanfl Dear Heloise: When I make Swiss steak in my pressure cooker, 1 substitute fourth cup of sweet pickle for a fourth cup of WASHINGTON (AP) - Luci: it gives a luscious taste! Patrick Nugents Expecting Again a ! with Mrs. Bob Huddleston and J Mrs. Freddy Hammil as hostes- I've found a use for them. I fold them in half and sew the • ses _ edges together, making about j Kefreshrnents of petit fours, an inch seam. cold drinks, nuts and mints were Johnson Nugent, daughter of former President Lyndon Johnson, is expecting her second baby in December or January. In Washington Monday on a brief visit, Luci, 22, told her friends the news and hoped aloud Uie child would be a girl. The baby will be the third grandchild for the former president. Luci and her nusband Patrick have a two-year-old son, Patrick Lyndon. Nugent, 26, returned to civilian life last April after a 12- month tour in Vietnam with the Air Force, He works in the Johnson family-owned radio- television station, KTBC, Austin, Tex. It sure does. Dear Heloise: Then turn down about an inch served to Beck Heickman, Sue _ hem at the top and sew. After; Mohon, Marilyn Ban-on, Sandra I running a drawstring through, i Nowlin, Debra Whitehurst, Deb- Regular Reader j j have a new laundry bag. j orah Nowlin, Paula Brooks, Ka. Heloise ! Charlotte Krawacka : thy Johnson, Lanell Kimmell, •——• i Karen Pounds and Carol Joe Copright, 1969, King Features i Shoemaker. When my tablecloths wear out, Syndicate, Inc. POLICY SHOULD FIT NEEDS How Much Life Insurance? The Nugents live in a pink j answer, brick French provincial house j they bought in 1967 in Austin Tor a reported 170,000. How much life insurance is enough? Thai's a question many women ask. Yet, they and their husbands seldom corne up with a simple BUFFALO POPULATION UP NEW DELHI (AP) - Buffaloes are the most prolific of Indian cattle. Their number increased by 14 per cent over tlie last decade against a 10 per Well, according to the Institute of Life Insurance, "enough- ness" is a highly individualized matter. What's enough for the Joneses can be more than enough for the Smiths and not enough for lhe Ryans. How Much? In other words, the real ques- cent increase in the number | tton is: How much life inswr- of other cattle. According to an official sur- i vey, India lias a cattle population of 183 million. Buffaloes number 64 million. «? is needed to protect your 4*8 PREF1N1SHED SILVIRTONI PANELING 3*49 sSU Central Texas In working out a total plan, there are lots of variables to be considered. In your family, what is your income and what other assets or income can yoiJ count on in Die future? How old are the children and what are their ELLIS & PLUS £«JJ (or W AiAl needs going to be? What's your standard of living? Are 'both husband and wife working? If not, what's the likelihood that the wife could become a substitute breadwinner if it were needed? Who would care fur the children? Family Needs The answers to these questions will help in determining your individual family's needs. Once you've established the needs, you will probably see more clearly what you expect your insurance program to do: Be a substitute income during a period of readjustment? J3e a continuing income until Pay off a mortgage so the family may stay together in their own home if this is the best arrangement? Retirement Income Provide retirement income for husband and wife in their later years °r for her alone if needed? 3e "special purpose"money- sucli as a fund to make sure family. Many, however, find that an adequate life insurance goal based on such needs can equal about four or five times the breadwinner's annual income. An impossible goal? Not really. Usually, it's possible through combinations of per* manent (cash value) life insurance and term policies (insur* ance that protects for limited periods of time.) And don't overlook any group life insurance you may have, It's helpful to remember, that few families immediately attain all the insurance they want in one full swoop. But realistically assissing your needs and, working out a total plan puts you well on the way to finding a satisfactory answer to tlie question: "How much insurance is enough?" There are specialists who pan help, too. Life insurance agents are ex* perls at working out detailed security programs for individual families. In many instances they even have computer services they can put to work to tailor the children can meet education a security program to fit your expenses? Take care of all these things? Clegrly, when, aU these possibilities are considereed, there's pat answer Ihit Jits every family's needs and pickettjook. Perio4ieally, of course, your life insurance program shauji4 be reviewed to make sure U Ills new family

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