Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 9, 1963 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 9, 1963
Page 9
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WAR IN SPACE Exotic Weapons of the Future EDITOR'S NOTE-This is the third of four special articles by Dr. I. M. Levitt, director of the Pels Planetarium of Ihe Franklin Institute, on the significant and timely theme, "War in Space." Bnscd on the latest scientific information available, the four-part series considers the possibilities of such a war, the manner in which it may be wagsd, f>ml — perhaps most important—how such a potentially devastating conflict might be avoided. While the anti-ICBM system is being considered here as a weapons system, it is also an effective coun- termcasurc and this aspect will be bility of orbiting these warheads. Thus, in a. few years the ultimate weapon, if there is such a thing, will be available. discussed in the next and last article in this series. Ru s sia'.i Big Bomb Many people in this country were startled and alarmed by Ihe detonation of the 58-rnegalon" (!)«,-j roids nnd are among the most 000,000 tons) nuclear bomb in, interesting of the sun's family he- Siberia. This country has not at-, cfluse of tncir curious motions, tempted to detonate anything this! Some of th ese have elongated or- large though no technological rea '~ "" '" " Between Mars and Jupiter are tens of thousands of chunks of rock which range in size from several hundred miles to few hundred feet. These are called aste- bits which can bring them in close sons exist for supposing that this lo lne earth. ., . .. . . cannot be done. From what is Fantastic weapons resulting . , , , r ..,.., known of our present nuc ear from new concep s just rea ized,' ' or concepts using sciences as yet unborn, represent some disturbing prospects for the future. Only when man has lived in the environment of space for extended periods of time can the scientist and engineer assess the prospects of space weapons and defenses to be used to counter these space weapons, if indeed a defense exists. Based on a careful search of the literature to uncover thoughts of our scientists, apparently at least four radically new space weapons weapons capability, there appears to be no limit to the size of the bomb which can be constructed and detonated by this country or ten 100- And the Soviets. Certainly a nuclear bomb limes as powerful as the megaton bomb is feasible, the size can go to 20 gigatons. A 20-gigaton nuclear bomb when detonated would yield the energy equivalent to 20 billion tons of TNT! H-Bombs To Trigger Collision? The asteroid Hermes can come within a million miles of the earth. Scientists believe that a relatively small number of hydrogen bombs exploded on its surface could start it on a collision course with the earth. This one-mile-in-diameter rock could be directed toward an impact on the United States — an impact which would have an even mire devastating effect than n multi-gigaton warhead. Robert S. Dietz, writing in the "Scientific American," presents evidence that about 250,000,000 From the scaling laws found in j years ago an asteroid slightly i our handbooks on atomic energy, more than one mile in diameter I are within the range of possibility.! it can be demonstrated that a 20- struck near Pretoria, in South' These comprise that anti-ICBM j gigaton bomb exploded at an al-' Africa, with an energy output of i system, the giguton nuclear war-|titude of several hundred miles—' a million times that "of the great head, (he meteorite or asteroid i while still in orbit—would ignite Krakatoa Explosion in 188;i when bomb, and the "death ray." , all Ihe combustible material in the t| le volcano almost disappeared. The development by either the j United States. The resulting fire This impact released 150,000 limes ! East or Ihe West of an effective , storm would cause a gigantic at-' a .s much energy as is contained! tnii-ICBM could have a decisive , mospheric implosion comparable ; m a 100-rnegaton bomb! The im- j fffcct nn Ihe world power si rug-'to an enormous country-wide tor-lpact created a 30-mile crater — ' gle. The nation with such a de- nado. It could launch an attack with, plants, a n i in a I s, or structures their own ICBM's with impunity. J would survive such a bomb. The is doubtful that a n y j ten miles deep. If such an asteroid ' should fall into the sea, the resul- . , tant tidal wave would sweep The possession of such a safeguard: entire country would be turned across the bordering areas inun-, may mean that even the threat of ' into an incinerated wasteland.' dating them under more than attack would be suf-l This, then, could be considered the m j| e of water. The impact of this "" an ICBM ficient to gain the objectives of "doomsday" weapon. [ype O f weapon would leave its! the country possessing this system, i While a multi-gigaton warhead mark on the earth for literally ]t is known that the United 1 may be 1,000 times the size of the States is now studying a space centuries. j large ones available today, in' One disturbing aspect of the as- 1 based anti-ICBM system, but it is time these warheads can be placed teroid weapon as compared with! also obvious that the present Rus- in orbit. The large boosters being the gigation bomb is that the, *ian lead in space boosters gives built today and which may be guilty party may escape unscathed j (hem a decisive advantage in the operational by the mid-]!)6n ; s will de-pile the fact that retaliatory j race to develop such a defense, probably ha\e the payloarl capa- weapons might be available in or" ...... " " """" "~ hit. I'nlrss there is some way of I proving that the catastrophe was man-made, retaliation — if pos- sihle — would not be attempted, i Although statistically unlikely, the impart of an asteroid is always feus ' nlp - There are many scars on lhe earth - ^li'ch bear testimony lo lr| is possibility. Tlle death ra >' has been men- CJL iin A p of K'en Ellison Kuykondall. son of > for having ihe highest grades Mr. and Mrs. Conway Kuykendall any freshman in her .sorority. , of Canyon, was among 94 m e n | _ ' nnd women awarded the degree of ; Jerry Wilson, son of Mr. and Doctor of Medicine by the Univer- Mrs R. C. Wilson, 1221 Williston, tK)nci l as a potential new space my of Texas Southwestern Medi- was graduated from La mar Jun-, wca P° n - At lllis Iime " ' s lne °cal School in Dallas recently. ior College in Lamar, Colo, on relical| y possible to beam highly Dr. Kuykendall is married to the .June 2, where he majored in ac- concentrated rays of energy across former Virginia McGee of Skelly. counting. Mr. Wilson received the hundreds of thousands of miles of town and is a member of Phi Rho ; Faculty Service Award and was' space. However, at this time, be. Sigma, medical fraternity. He was'olso named "Mr. Lamar Junior ! of ihe difficulty of operat- graduated from Canyon H i g h i College," which honors are based ! in R tlicse beams fo r extended pe- School in 1H55 and received his ' on scholarship, leadership a n d ' riods of time and the highly lo^ Bachelor of Science degree from , personality. : calized action of the beams, the 'Vest Texas State College in 195!). Mr. and Mrs. Wilson attended death ray is much more likely to After attending a meeting in New the graduation exercises and also ' develop into a countermeasure York City, with Mrs. Kuykendall, visited with their daughter, Kay system rather than as an active begin a one-year intern- , Wilson, who is a music teacher , weapon. in the Lamar Public School Sys- •' (Tomorrow: "Counter Measures tem. , of the Future.") he will egin a one-year ship in Internal Medicine n Veterans' Hospital in Delias. the Miss Belly Lou McWilliams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C, McWilliams, 1,118 Mary Ellen, was recently initiated into Alpha 1 Lornbda Delta, national honorary 1 $OC:L'\V lor freshmen women. Miss j McWill.ams was one out of 22 frp>hm;;n women at Southern Methodist University, who was eligible to become a member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Eligibility (or this sorority is based on « grade point average of 3,5 or over. Miss McWilliams was also given • trophy for scholarship from her social sorority, Zela Tau Alpha, .AIR-CLEANSER NEW YORK (UPI) - The gas industry has offered its assistance lo the campaign "f Son. Abraham Ribicoff, D-Conn.. former Secretary of Health, Education and Wet- fare, to step up air pollution control efforts. A new type of smokeless-odorless gas incinerator, developed for both residential and commercial , use, will do much to eliminate air contamination caused by the burning of garbage, trash and industrial waste, according lo the Gaj Appliance Manufacturers Association. The old city of Boston once was located on three hills: Beacon, Fort and Copp's. Ask the Man from Equitable about Living Insurance -Family Style E. L. "Smiley" Henderson 419 E. Foster *10 4-2943 8 •DAY PACKAGE VACATION to Via the Streamlined, Air Conditioned INCLUDING ROUND TRIP IN AIR CONDITIONED, RECUNING-SEAT CHAIR CARS, MEALS, SIGHTSEEING TOURS, HOTELS AND CHOICE TICKET TO CENTRAL CITY OPERA $ 159 FROM AMARILLO 80 See your Fort Worth and Denver Ticket Agent or favorite Travel Agent (or complete details about these special Tours ... or ask (or suggestions about individual vacation tours anywhere in Burlington's Western Vacationland ... or mail the coupon below. REDUCID FAMILY FARES MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS MR. ROY H. KIMBLE. G«n«r,l P*||«n|«r A|«nt A27 63 FORT WORTH AND OENVIR RAILWAY 701 FORT WORTH CLUB fLIILOINC, FORT WORTH 2. TEXAS Pltitf mail in(orm«ti»n »b»ut Q C»l«r«d« (Day Tern, or n »n individual Trip 'a Ham* , .-.,.- Addrtai , . City .. ... , Stalf SGTH VKAB THE PAMPA SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 19H3 Kiwanians Told Value of Helium \ Helium is one of the . w n r I rl's most important resources with the principal supply in the United States, Elmer Suttle. » chemist with the U. S. Helium plant near ' Amarillo. told Pampa Kiwanians at their noonday luncheon Friday in First Methodist Church. .Suttle stressed the necessity of helium conservation for future generations. "We know there is just so much of it available," Suttle said, "and when it i.i used it cannot he re-' claimed — it is gone "Therefore, the need of conservation of helium for our children and grandchildren." ! Suttle complemented his lecture • Sugar Crisis Not Over Yet, Says Brazilian WASHINGTON (UPl)-A representative of Rra/.ilian sugar growers disagreed with U.S. offirinfj today and said he does not believe sugar prices will drop hack to normal levels in the reasonably near future. Albert S. Nrmir told a Houss subcommittee investigating the sharp rise in sugar prices that he does not feel that the sugar price crisis necessarily is over. Nemir took issue with Agriculture Undersecretary Charles S. Murphy who said Wednesday prices soon would be back at their normal levels. with several laboratory demonstrations requiring the use of helium. \VONDKKS OK THI', I NIViJK.Si; — .Some scientists believe that the asteroid Hermes could bo starter] on a collision rrnirsp with the nnrih by exploding H-Bombs on its surface. One mile in diameter, Hermes would impart with more force than a multi-gigaton nuclear bomb. Life Insurance Stocks Schneider, Bernet & Hickman, Inc. Established 1932 Member New York Stock Exchange 100 Hughes Bid?. 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