The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 9, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 9, 1897
Page 4
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TttE BATLY CttlO2hC£S, MtDHfAr. OCTOBER .9, tflonr. At Wstenfi's yon can gtft'the Albtoh Nome* flout by the- 1W> lb ( , in yoar own bagft, no light weight of 96 or 99 IbP.j also Albion patent; the best, tfdwr: mftde ttyit. t-oofe ftft^r ttte find;: A Fall, Strain, ft Constant Sitting or 6 Posltlen Brings ***• _ Two dftttrfl east of ptrtt ofpee, Marshall, Mich., is the place you aro looking for it 7p» wmtr hannjsfl, blgstet*, robs, whipR t j tmrry combB, •btflrf&ft; epeat-pads, sjiy- harness oils, »xl» grtaeea, harness rfioB blacking iif poliett, Sole rv shitje tapps, shoe This Mesas And KM- fcrmfe tfifem fefenr wiy^tvses ans AH <w0il*., Please csill. . *' " e/ will et*tl cltf-ap fc^.fcRSth'. Enquire at Atoer^ can Inunojpy nortfr'of GrrceTtirfe drugstore, ufte that old and welt tried , S. WinBkw'ji Sooth JftgfSytM, t # children teething. It eootb<& the "ehildf^ftnnathtfgamsj, allays »H pain, cures wind e&lie au3 to ths best jremedy tnr diarrhoea; TweffEy-flve cents a Sot' tto.- ' - -" . - • v The Sunshine 1*tat*s la the title of a Beoeroimly illustrated pam l>hlot of sixteen PBRO* «» reference to South •D'ifcotA, the rending wmtter m \tmeh WB» written by an en*htwi«stic South Dnliota tady— Mrs. Sto)l» Hosmter Arnold— who ha? been n reaid^ttt oil the Sunshine State for over lt> yours, A ooity will be mniled to UicaddrGss of nny farmer or faf .net's wife, ' if sent at, onto .to Tinny Mercer, Michigan Fa^wnKcf Atfeal, Chiengcj, Milwaukee & St. 1'aul niilwayf "Port s'tcet, W>, .Detroit Union Teachers' Agencies uf America, Kcv. l>. It. PitMiitrot fit ; Tm-Mita, rtnutrla! Iffie Orleans, fa ; A'ftt r<'«t-. jV. 1" ; iRwWrttfton, 1>. C.: ftttn t'ranri*ci>, (\il ; C%ia'nio t 111 ; St. ^ LoHii, ito.f and- f'twtr, Cotoi'nilt, . Tlnre»"«j IhiKifanJi ff iios!llonti 16 bej ftllefl within Hw next few months, ' »U »tijv,iei\tloni! to t;!<HiN r». Wli^r KTot Educate r—AT- *-*- ^ _ p How few people miliro when tljclr tjftck to aUiv that ib ISA tjvnming prt»- ' cj s ;tr& wit worlcini? ptfipcrly. Toil hnvc stfrvcre fjill, jo(( Strain ywtfw>lf lifting fit ft list j>$ you -ftre ^biupolkii) to ttfirtrtfcnn n fxt i J'ouf a time, yoiM back twglns fo aclre, uf fi««1, yo'tt l»t!0m« listless, fifed 'ViWtry; MH flrt ycra^Undferstatttt'thc l causa? "We 1l»lnk not; «lsc you ns'd ffl»^tfrs°atHl tiniotoftt on th ch otily'-teHevu t»ut <!« not rcat* Hie ac. If ,t<wi tfoiild rnVyOUfself Af flic iiiln And EUrp tfrc rftrtfof Iho trotlbte, W IKJ sahi'o tithe snve ntAfty-yeArfi^f «dTer- tt& nn<J pbi'l«tps life itself, wu will toke ft Miwjf remedy Unit Ims. Seen Wed- ami >rtiVoft thai, it Will CHt*r -"- . ' iftt. .MmHobsoinoL^Bl Jlirasefl Street Detroit, says: ," AM n result of rxpoguft. Itirtng *!«» ttfar I have Ruffcrtwl c (iirtjo Tipithtlie«mrttlsm awl Kidney trou pntas would atatt in my hip aad- \round to mf back. Highly itrlVio denoted kjdrtc.y dlsortl^* 1 . t be pnhs in my b«ck w»& wfteirBo bad I had t*flrc up work uriitil the ^efrorif^ of' ,tho ivtMok pafafd ftway. 1 have uswl mrtny linlniit' nt«, tnd Other thing 1 *, b«W/ receivetl Vtfry little r<-Hf-f. ' Some time Ago 'I Started" nsfnr rifmn's likluey Pills arid they have worked i ivonderfwl change In me. My back i>ill right now and I owe it all to tUtt almosr :nagi6al influence of Doftn's Kidney l*Hls." Mr. Uobsojnwas & member of tho Fifty intt Illinois . Regiment, which servw tltrottgh the war with, honor «nd distinc tioa. Bonn's Kidney Pills are for sale.b;. ,tll dralcrs^ price, 00 cents. Mailed b Postcr-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., so) iffptiifs for the U. 8. Remember the name Doan's..&uA take no other. DROU&Ht IS l>ay* T,f n Klnrt at of fti Ills., Ort, 9.— The pre*<*nt tp -vvlthout wAtfcH f<if this' time ,ln the hiatorjr 0 £ ttie weather l*«tctrpjstt^ tt tofegan Aug. 22, 'of the last heavy , rainfall, and tea continues wKh-Httte abatement «n« til the present time, a period of forty- eight flays. The only rainfall in that time was .02 t>f an Inch Aug. 44, .01 of an Htrh Atig, '!», ,3S of an Itfch'Sept. 2 .07 oS an Men Sept^ 6. The tor afeptemtier was .S&^of an Inch, the smallest in the month of September the wpatfier 'burcArt wa» ^flCab" the deficit below the mean for Seventeen years Is ^<!,34 tnehe* Bep'lkrrrtWr, D*97, was fttso- Uie hottest September on retord, There were thlrtfe^feftasfsr Wtth a above 90., -^The, next hjgheHt wa* eteveti days tffiovS 1891. - _.. ' '• ';' iHlhttlS Htort* fc>r qhtcapTfi, Oct, 9.— the eloii an* Jte fiartj- left thVcity Jaet td e^leTirate Ullnolfl Dft^ at the xp09tt!n». The up of 1-epresfentative me|*< ^ts» ft cablhet, otH^er, Ifijitett Stftfesi several forrner mayors, JL rep- r«isentattve or two^ the president Of th* ttnivecslty of Chicago, and many otiier men prominent In public and business ilfc of <Shlcttgo Jtt.nd*HhnQi8. , " jMtnn Mlstukrn for ttrcr. , • gpoftner, \Vi».. Oct. ».— Al Phllltps and CSeorgC Beors was shot by B. Ldewe. Lo^we, hwarinff some noise in the brush, thought It was a deer and fired a load of buckshot, striking Phillips In th£ temple, cutting one r-ye feadly, anfl Beers In the back of the head and .shoulders. Both are badly 4turt, J>ut may recover. T)r. Alnworth proJwd for the shot, byt was Enable trt locate them. Merrill is daily' receiving new things in the millinery line. Now ifi the Time , To brine; down your stove doorsand have thetn flllfid with mica. No extra charge for putting in. Bosi.Ev's'Hardwaro. CJooirjJWve Is a butter stove than was ^Bold for 827 two years ago. ., Fully warrahteiNn every respect. . BosLEy's Hardware. _j - AND Sch:cl of Shorthand and fypewrtlug, KATTI.K CltKEK, MICH. Win 1 " luiinliei!* of young nx'ii niiil women hnyp •(•curml n iiW'tuf niitl proiltiililftilucjitioii. On* In-fit f<jni|ipwl liuipiui.'BR .college* in tli.e y. , .Call on. or \vriU' for. piirt,ienJar» and "Burdock Blood Bitter* entirely eu 'of a terrible breaking otit allover my bijdy. It is n' wouderful n\cdiciuo." Mins Julia Elftrtdge, 3ox 35, West Cornell, Conn. For Sale- A ( 97 model bicycle; will sell cheap for cash. Enquire 1 at American laundry, north of Greene's drug store, ' Jaa. Van Zanf, jxprcssrimn, haf chairs and tables to rent for parties. of i ^oii cat » Established 1982, • Incorporated 1896 Special cash Hour pale-during the fair at Chcalu-r's mili. Wheels, Too! The lightest HunijiDB Wl»eel» on Earth. ELDREDGE THE BELVIDEBE We mlway* M*4e «*•* Stwtag For itching pilen, irrttat ion of the gonit- nlp, or itching iu any part of .the body, n's O'mtiaot* i« worth i(.8 weight in gold, matter'how longHtanding the trouble. Ointment will not f«il to give instant relief. •_ Fanners Rend This. J. H. Blsbco has leased the Rice Crock Mill and w ready to do all kinds of Cus tdfti Grinding, The mill is^ln perfect repair and iu doing excelToht' work. All patrons may Depend upon honest dealing. , J. H. BJSUEE, prop'r. CHAS. E. DHOOKS, Manager. Another MinlHR Htr OarllnvlUet ' Ills., Ort. 9.— The mtntng- trouble In this city Is settled, anrl the men have gone to work at th<> scale of 32% .cents a ton gross weight. . The operators refused to talte back fourteen men who were on the blacklist. v 'Ut tnopt of theee have gone to GrVen Rttjga anil Virden, Nearly, 2,000 ftien at.. Mount Olive, Olllesqjle, Stauriton and H.orn^by are-stlH unemployed'. ' Tr§til>]<- Irt Very Likely. Pana, Ills., Oct. 9. — Several deputy sheriffs have been sworn In here to pro^- tect the titteers who will go to 'work -Ih- the Pertwell romi)ftny'ft mlm-. The company has refused to pay the" scale and WllT "start with non-union . men. Tho striker? pay they wilt try t& keep tho men away and trouble' la feared. Two Men of Indlann Favotetl. Washington; Oct. 9.—T.wo of the;. appointments made by the; president yesterday were the following: Ambrose WJ 1 Naulln, collector of Internal revenue for the S!*th~4lBtrict of Indiana, and David W. Henry, collector of Internal revenue Cor the Seventh district of Indiana. _ • United Typotlietae of America. NABhvJllei Oct. \— The United Typo- thet/ie of America has elected the following officers: President, -H. tf. Bur^ dick, of Milwaukee; ' secretary, J. 8, Cashing, of Boston., The Michigan Central will run?an ox- cureion to Chicago Oct. 2, for $2.50 for the round trip. Cordette. S, TO CORE IEBYOD8 DYSPEPSIA, Fo O»tn Kte»b, To «ll, JTCo Kuo* Oaotl I>ii(«Mluu ?r>Iftl of Stuart'* Ily»p»|»- JS'oticc* Whereas, my wifn, Margaret Smith, having left my bed and Ixmrd I hereby notify all persona from trusting her on my account after this date. ,. Marshall, : 8cpt, 29,1897. (lood Reasons Why Woolons Most Ad* 8ia Tablet*. of. » /111 Oeutiemttii. ' No trt.-uhle is inure cotatnua or more tnia- uuderetntKi tlmu qcrvou» dy^pepeitu Feu ie having it think tb?t theif nerve* am to ami tro Burpriaed that they are not cured by nerve inediome^and spring retoe* dit*i the real ^eat of fcne mischief is low «i^htof; th# atoinaoh i$_tbe organ to be looked aftrr. *"' Korvoua dyspeptic* oftea do not haro anj paiu whatever iu the' atomacti, uor perhaps any of the usual aymptoma. of 'stomaeb we«;kitei><i, Nervous d>e^e(t»ia dhows itaelf tilft i'Ji thw ,^£oai8cb feo .much a» in nearlj ev*ry other organ; in aotne catwa the h««rt palpitat^a and is irregular; ifi others the kU&ey«arettfieet»d; in others the bowel* are oonatiputfcd, witii headacbaa; afcill other* low of tie** and heartburn. Mr, 4i» n'of ga», aoucriifln«a ana ' _„-„ o{ fwi» gratitude, pruu|$ »ie to wrHe tbeM few lib«» teg»»iiag tbw new aad '' fele cte4icicej St^tpijt 1 ^ J3iy9Ae|>0i& Tftb- | ^ye 6^»*i&«)n«lr«n» Ri6rvou» *u t the |»w four £« tartauftteteKt Biedietpea nod other rt From Alexander Hamilton's low tariff bill to relieve the straitened . circumstances of, the treasury in 1789 to 1801. The tariff was a nominal affiijr, 18tt4 it was raised by successive acts to an aver- ngo of 47-tifr per cent. j.Tfae-MeKiirfey- tariff W«s 50 per (jent'sa'vStofem aud 44c a pound weight on woolens. The Wilson tariff was 50 per cent ad valorem ouly. The present or Dmgle} bill ia 5£> pet cent ad valorem and 44 cents a pound. Tariff act of 1804 bad Go a pound on wool, the McKinley bill lie, the Wileori bill mostly free. ; The Dingly bill has 1} or 12c.' This must raise the price of woolens, • , ' , /' Tariff is simply a form ofjindirecfc tar ation. The importer pays the dujiy at he frontier adds the amount to former cost then adds a profit on hia investment for the reUih»^who adds a proilt for the coosumer. Ou* underwear was all pur. phased in April aad js mw m atpck, The beat 25o and 80p each shirt aad drawore &ver sold, pur .suite aad over deate are alao in stcick at prices worth & good, advance today. '/ Our merchant tailoring department ifl stooged than ever and our prices .will prevail unti! our present abocb is ey,- -faausted. - T. AN OPEN I-ETTER To MOTHERS. WE ARE /, IN THE COURf S OITR RIBltlVttr THE OF THE WORD K GASTOB|A»" *M> OASfOBlA,^ AS OUR THAMlfARi^ PITCHER, ,of ttyatmis, Mssachusetts, ike DR. the drigtnatdP that has borne and dti&s now heat thefat-sitnite stjjfiutttr&qf istfa! original "PITCHERS CASfORfA," wind hasfaen i * ~ , JK #* * •%* » tf A *.!•>, . * .rt „ _ t ' tf* * i Sfothers.of l>ftcrfefl Jot ~ tfmt fc to fee $igna,tur& .o JW) on$ has authority /rzwft ft# i0 tfs The Centaur Copipumfof which Gkas, " President. » - . " * March 8 l$97 h , ' Do Not Be Beoeifed, M ' I>o"ndJ; endariger thejife of ydur dilld jby ?icceptmg a cheap substitute which softfe dmggfi^t ifray ofttft you (because he makes a few more pefrfltes ori 1t)^ the hi? gredients of which even he docs not knos^ "The End You Have Always 'Bought" . BEARS THElFAC-SlMlUE SJGNATKJRE OF Insist oa Having-; The Kind That TJfeTOr- -Failed Toil. •»H* CCNTAUH CO VOflH OIT*. JD. T. & M. R. R. Formerly Cincinnati, Mm 'K effect A IIR. .891897. Trains pas* Marshall M tollowti. TRAINS OOINe «A8T. No, 31. Bottle Creek accommodation.. TrSrt.a. m Na. 7, Kxpreaa.... lS:lHp m. No. 2&JUU , 4:4?p.m. TRAILS OOISO WBST, ' So. «4, C»tUc Crunk accoinjiulalfon... fl.03p.nii So.P.Mal! 11.25 «. m. \'o.S»SxpreM»....U. 5;35p. m. All trains dally except Sunday Dlroot con nations are made at; TolcJiond •Jluolnnatl with nil roadd JlTor«lng. O.B. HAsKKLL, Stint. ' i. 0. A. OtfAMBEBS, O. P.'* \ r H AN80.N. AKt. Mnrshat). li? Reuie." 'TIME TABuE. JULY 4. ( ,I897- Trains dnpwrt from Marshall _)« follows: ''' R^xTablets ore sold under a posiiive guarantee to cure >r refund the money, and we stand by our guaraiitoe. Cu K KS all Nervous Diseases, mpotence, Varlcocefy Lost Vitality in >ld or young, Nightly Emissions aad Wasting Diseases, and all effects ot self- abuse qr excesses. Stops dangerous drains. A genuine nerve tootc. Shows immediate improvement. The grandest remedy of modern times: Don'f buy imitations Curt REX TABLETS. Price 50 cents, or wsc packages (a full treatmen') fpr $3.j4 by mail, in plain package, on receipt o( trice. Circular free. KINO REMEDY CO., ? ffiOT^ For «»l« at Mawhall, Mioh^ By A. O. HYDK. , So.-UMallund Kxpross. ..../. ...... 1S:1Up. m. So 15 S. Y.*p«cU»f* ...... ./. ........ tlO-OU. m. So. 88 Part ExpreH* ..... ./. ......... <3:<H p. m. N4 13 K»1ama»oo Kipres*:. .......... 8:41 p. m So. TNJght Bxpnaw*. ......... ......... 12:15». ro. TSULIM4«4Wf Mo. 6 Midland 'Bxprws ............... l:S»p. m •«6. 10 M,jL Hpecla'*,..., ... •• ...... t3^9p. m . liPaAtExpreKB*...', .............. t»>'1Wp m, So m. 5:Wtt. m. 8;iKla. m. l«ht Kxproas*.. ..... , •To. 3«Atl»ntlo Katpretw*...: to. Hi Otau t B*pm» Kxpie«8 * DaUy r / tBloi» Mto«fflj!iffiaL_, _ „ _ ,,.. _„ All TrilnMun on »iaud(\rcl Cmfr which U 20 alnuteg »lo*(jr than local time. O. W./kUOQI,88, Uen. Hao> * Ticket Agl IHIIBOH, Frulgbt Ag«at. \ S, OirroHB Ticket Agotxt. /Wh*t A Utat (!»u l>p With 81,000. ' Ae'cau buy 160 acr«« of good land for $1,000. .I»«y,t*Oft,dowm.bal«Jpe in three paymenta due in, 3, 4, and 6>ourS at 7 per oaot. H« can aliso buy 1O) choioaoww for 1300'and 10 «ood W.WB for 1900. • The milk and batter from tin coirs' will pay all farm Uid family expenses. Tt» increase of «heep aud wool will pay off ttu> mortgage before U iadue. In five yearf Ue will nave, a f , m A.«esfcfpr South OakoU, Oearpor« stroet* Chicago, 111. 2% wiil be at thHtW^ of thfr during bu^newb^ureuattUwnbe* notice, for the pttrpoae of receiving city which are now dtoe. tee Save tb«J ex f buroed mf fibww very badly. '1% paia, »a* iatenae. Tte, ^homaa' l&Uwfcnc ml b?ougt relief m Jww . uoagtcal. I>e»er«|iw it-" nw pa» pf te loot over hose Of «lk *oreoff, habits, beiug a bn» these dtHUMke for MI fls»h, Rleeg b*&cr»JU»d »m better Ml ffejfy nw* .tb» «b»»* ^ *ri|fe* wot , bi*t w bamia o« aetotal fact." 000«tJBfttSO» *»«! w. the feoweta, akin, and nrhtle cl«xi«W«wr fel>* t cure awy atom&cb weakuwa cawsee ol gas, low of oaljp*t*tiop, cure »6v r appetite, C. A. CHiiSHKKV Mill toy. ^U.JiBJ^B <^ grinding re»* tor parties IF COFFEE .be^t iltw foottt Cjws stoow^ to Try Cteoaw of grog., lUc » Etjyiog sol4 my afl of gopde to L. [Wangled and Torn J ; !ace curtaln» would sicken the hpart of • oately such a state of a&iirt is^not sfccos. '„ We «Bdortak0 to thoroughly Wa^Hf And Sfon «^aj" feMSe curtajnj«ntj matter ho* ,Jte, ^nttusted t6 opt eftrfl and to t& if "as whole'and sound as when brought to rt& Anybody <sui launder a lotjit or ti hartdkofchicf—it takes art to do qp" a lace/fettriain itit.b« way they aro done, at the , 8t<2niii Ij^iHUMlry, . . - - ' Hatch Block, F RANKLIN ° CHOOSE Cof. Bates, and Lairned Sts., DETROIT, MICH. Only » Block from Woodward A Joffornon Area. Very Central. «e»r All Car Linos. DETROIT, MICH.- The bwt pl*ce tn America lot ymtngr men n' I, women to «ec«r« *• Bu«lne8« s Sda'Hition. Shorthnti I Mechanirail nrwrlnif or f*rtniaitefilp. Thoronnh «y» ton of Actual BtMlncm: Se»dlonentlroyi«»r. Htiidenu ttoirln BUT time. i;»tnlo(rtie Free. R«r«renl'e, alt DeSwlt. W.MKWEU-.A'ea. I'. It B^SCKR. 8tc CAVEATS, I TRADZ MAB««, i CaiQM PATBMTS. ] COPYRIGHTS, etc- For Infnrmatloh and. free HnntllMKilt «-rit(»t|> S1UN24 «. CO, ;«1 JUu>*t>\nv, NKw'Yim*. Oldest Imrr-nii n>r sec Hritu Wti'itth 111 AuiOrlra. Kveu jr-Mrm Ults-n cut l.y Ht I* brought Ix-foru t » frcaotctiargo lu th» clroiilallon nf nny M-t.-nttflo p^p?r In the . M>lt<nttldly Illustrated,- ->'•"> tuu-lltwi'iii man BhmiU im wllliout it. Wtvldy, «3.OO* »* t*l^>»<*miinth!v. AifJr*-i«, Jtl.'NN * OU. clean y «!?o«j V><|ney« produce pura blood vl fl° roui Or. Y*U» l StrtDgthi;os the neys. punficii the ana rci*wvesi t he which causes RheuWitisw. DropSy, Gout. Dy§- M=p»ia, Constipation - and Urinary Itouble* It ib pleasant to tht; ta»te. Price *1.00 per botti. [refunded ti no btnefit is derived) at drug stoic* 01 i>y expresa prepaid upon ject! pt of price. Scad foi b* . feMBov Co.. Boyce PW r «. Piics«o. IU. " M. B. POWELL, ' ^Sl vSj^JJRMW -4LAC/ STEAM SH8, UOW RAt-«\ MACKINAC PETOSKEY © CHICAGO.. TO Foun T*|ip* pen WCCK Bcrwccn Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac PETOSKEY, THE "SOO," MAKQU6TTE ASB DULUTH. ' . 'EVCRV EVEN If) a BETWEEN Detroit and Cleveland Connecting with RarHest Trntna lit Cleveland for ojl points Knftt. Sou.h and , / Southwest , , and Sflptember Only -~ I New Steel Passenger Steamers Have jtlst Seen Wultt for our Tppcr Lake /Route coatiug $300,000 each. Semi (or illustrated '' pumpblct AddfCSS, / ^ A. A. SCH^NTZ, flu>. a., OSTHOIT. MICK Fast To Bay /• • j Via / G. R.&I. No.7 . m.,

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