Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 26, 1971 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
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Monday, April 26, 1971
Page 3
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Couple Mark 57th Anniversary Here Mr. and Mrs. 6arl Kelsmark celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary Sunday in their home, 109 Long Drive, at a family gathering. The Kelsmarks have resided in Del Rio for approximately three years, coming here from Racine, Wise. Prior to their wedding in Racine, Mrs. Kelsmark was Mjss Evelyn Williams. They are the parents of two daughters, Mrs. Raymond Wuerzberger of Bettendorf, Iowa, and Mrs. W.J. Wibbert of Del Rio, and a son, E.H. Kelsmark of Beaumont. They have 14 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. One of their grandchildren, Dale Wibbert, was here from Austin, where he attends the University of Texas, for the occasion. Program, Presented In Christian Church Approximately 50 attended the covered dish supper in Fellowship Hall of the First Christian Church Sunday evening followed by aerogram presented by John A. Faribault on his trip to Australia to attend a world-wide church conference. ^ The supper opened with the pastor, the Rev. B.L. Brown, presenting Dee Rowland for the invocation. After the supper, Mr. Faribault spoke briefly on his trip, the first time he had revisited the continent since his three years of service stationed there during World War IL He displayed a large map of Australia and pointed out the site of the conference and of the places he was stationed, including Townsville, Charters, Towners and Darwin. He showed colored slides of the church conference, including views of the speakers, the choir, and scenes from a special presentation by the youth at the conference. One of the over-all viewsshoweda portion of the estimated 6,000 who took communion at one of the sessions. Other colored slides showed colorful flowers and trees of Australia with pictures he took of kangaroos and of koala bears in the preserves. He also explained the parks system in Adelaid and snowed views of the various sites that ring the city. A brief worship service in the sanctuary followed the program. SOCIAL CALENDAR MONDAY , 3 The Del Rio A&M Mothers' Club will meet at T:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. John W. Platt, 34 Meadow Lane. Hostesses for the meeting will be Mrs. Platt, Mrs. Tom Nunley and Mrs. Charles Henson Jr. CHURCH CALENDAR TUESDAY The Altar Guild of St. James 1 Episcopal Church will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the Parish Hall. TUESDAY The Service Circle will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the First Presbyterian Church with members bringing sack lunches. Couple At Home After Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Earl Somers are at home in Los Angeles following their recent wedding in Las Vegas, Nev. Prior to their wedding Mrs. Somers was Miss Linda Jeanne LaMarinel. She is the daughter of Mrs. Noelle LaMarinel of Los Angeles. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs: Milton Somers of St. Louis, Mo. The bride will continue her studies in the University of California at Los Angeles, majoring in drama. The bridegroom graduated from UCLA March 20, 1971, and plans to enter law school in the His mother, Mrs. Milton Somers, is the former Miss Winota Goyne of Del Rio and his grandmother is Mrs. W.O. Goyne, who resides here. DEAR ABBY > Should Lovers Attend Party? H ints F rpm Heloisej DEAR HELOISE: Several weeks ago, I gave a shower for a new baby in our neighborhood and a friend inadvertently put a cup of hot tea on my beautiful new $170 fruitwood stereo. Well, my heart was broken until the next morning when my neighbor, Mrs. Murphy, brought over an aged and brown newspaper clipping which said to use mayonnaise . to remove white water marks. Well, Heloise, It was your column and I think it should be repeated for us newer homemakers who haven't seen some of your wonderful earlier hints. God bless Heloise and God bless Mrs. Murphy. Sharon Kroetsch s * » Ye**, Sharon, mayonnaise is still the best thing I have found to ' remove white water marks from table tops, etc. Just RUB it in with your fingers. Let stand and wipe clean with a soft clean cloth In an hour or so. I'm so glad that Mrs. Murphy was able to come to your rescue with this hint. Heloise »' » « DEAR HELOISE: One of my little time savers is to iron a pair of pillowcases, then fold each in half from end to hem and then in half again. When both are done, put one on top of the other (hem down) and fold together in .thirds. You never have to look for mates this way. Mrs. A. E. Sanderson DEAR HELOISE: My husband discovered this hint while we were on vacation last year. We stopped for gas and received a free carton of bottled soft drinks. But we had no way to open the bottles except by stopping and using the latch on the car door, which is highly impractical on the freeway or super highway. So my brilliant spouse came up with the idea of using the seat belt buckle (the end with the hole in it). It worked beautifully and was right there when we needed it. Of course, when not In use as a bottle opener the seat belt was fastened around us! Mrs. W. R. Karcher » * * This column is written for you . . . the housewife and homemaker. If you have a hint or a problem write to Heloise in care of this newspaper. Because of the tremendous volume of mail, Heloise is unable to answer all individual let-, ters. San Jose Residents Name Officers Officers have been elected by the San Jose Residents Association and include Mrs. Paula Patino, president and Mrs. Anna Word, vice-president. Other officers are Mrs. C o n s u eI a Bravo, secretary-treasurer, and Mrs. Judy Martinez, the reporter. WIN AT BRIDGE Scramble for 10th Trick NORTH 26 V52 • 87642 * 10 9 5 4 WEST EAST AAQ64 A J 10 9 3 VK87 ¥9 4 J 10 9 4KQ53 - *J63 , #Q872 SOUTH (D) AK82 VAQJ10643 *AK East-West vulnerable West North East South 2* Pass 2 • Pass 4 V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—• J ••-- By Oswald & James Jacoby Oswald; "In JACOBY MODERN the opening two clubs is our only forcing bid. It covers certain strong no- trump hands and all hands that are opened two of any suit in standard American.". Jim: "The initial response is also artificial.' Two dia- -monds shows 0-3 high-card points and is forcing to one trick below game. The other responses also show high- card points and are forcing to game. Two hearts shows 4-6; two spades 7-9; two notrump: 10-12, and three clubs 13 or more." Oswald: "South has a mighty fine two bid, but he realizes that since his partner's responses denies more than 3 high-card points, there is no slam. There may not even be a g a m e but South decides to gamble that he will be able to develop a 10th trick somewhere." Jim: "A spade lead would have been delightful, but West opens a diamond and South has to try to scramble for the 10th trick." Oswald: "He will get it if he leads the king of spades at trick two. West Will win and probably make his best return of a low trump. South will win and lead a second spade. It won't matter who wins that one. East hasn't a trump to lead and if West leads a second trump he will lose his king." •Jim: "It "should be noted that a low spade lead at trick two would allow East to gain the lead and play a trump to defeat the contract." (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) By Abigail Van Buren U mi by Chleito Tribm»-N. Y. Htm S»nd., Inc.l DEAR ABBY: My husband and I just received an invitation to a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party for a couple I'll call "The Johnsons," which is not their real name. We have been friends with the Johnsons for many years. Here is the problem. About five years ago Mr. Johnson and I started having an affair, and it's still going on, but nobody is wise. We really love each other, but we know it's hopeless. My question: Should we go .to the party? It would be difficult for me to sit there and pretend to be happy while Mr. Johnson pretends he loves his wife. And it would probably be embarrassing for Mr. Johnson, too. On the other hand, there is no excuse I could give my husband for not going. My only out would be to get sick at the last minute. But if I did, my husband wouldn't go without me and I would feel like a rat making him miss a good party. I am not a very good liar. What shouk I do? UNDECIDED DEAR UNDECIDED: If you've been carrying on with Mr. Johnson for the last five years and nobody is wise, yon are a better liar than you think you are. You'd be better off going to the party and pretending to be happy, than staying home and pretending to be sick. DEAR ABBY: This is concerning the failure of a widow to return about a dozen irreplaceable books which her husband borrowed during his last illness. How does the owner get them back? You suggested that she take s^ire cooiieE to the widow, then suddenly bring up the subject of the unreturaed books. I say, nuts to your cookies approach. It's not honest. Just take a suitcase over there and ask for the books. A year is 50 weeks too long to wait for their return. Anyone who values a book should require a dated receipt for it. Every library does. Yrs. Sincerely, AN M. D. IN K. C. DEAR M. D.: Thanks, Doc. Your prescription will no doubt effect a quicker cure than mine. DEAR ABBY: I have a lovely home, beautifully carpeted thruout. Whenever I call a plumber to do inside work, a man shows up with muddy boots, smelling like a sewer. I think for the rates a plumber charges, he can show his customers a little more consideration. I realize the plumber has a lot of dirty jobs to do, but is it necessary for him to come directly to a home for inside work after having been sweating for hours in a filthy sewer? IRRITATED DEAR IRRITATED: Almost all servicemen will remove their muddy boots at the door without being fold. {And if you have to tell them to, they'll accommodate you.] But you can't expect a plumber who has come from a dirty "stoppage" job to Shower, change his clothes, and get a shine before going to your home. All you can do is specify that yours is an inside job when you call a plumber. DEAR ABBY: Our family is planning a trip to Ireland this summer. We have many relatives there. Our father, who is bald, would like to buy a toupee for the trip. Our relatives in Ireland would never know the difference because they haven't seen Dad since he was a young boy. The trouble is Mom. She doesn't want Dad to buy a toupee. All us kids are on Daddy's side. Whose side are you on? THE KIDS DEAR KIDS: I'm on Daddy's side, too! The bidding has been: West North East South 1 * Pass 1 • Pass 2 • Pass ? You, South, hold: A 7543 ¥863 2 *AKQ *7 4 What do you do now? A— Pass. You aren't too happy here, but a further bid will lead (o trouble. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding two diamonds your partner has bid two clubs over your one 'diamond, What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow ARE YOUR VOCALS COMING THROUGH? If no» L check with us, we've got a custom 300 P.A. for rent. .. for more Information call or come by. . ' Elmo Lopex Music Center 415 S. MAIN 775-8015 DEAR ABBY: My husband and I belong to a card club which meets once a month, on Saturday night. We play bridge and then the hostess serves. We are thru with refreshments at about 1 a. m. which should be late enough for anyone, right? Not this group! The men sit down again and play cards for another two hours while the other three women gossip, and I fall asleep. There are only four couples, so without us there wouldn't be any club. If I stay up until 3 a. m.'I am no good the following day. It's my turn to have the party next. How can I get them to go home at a reasonable hour?—SLEEPY DEAR SLEEPY: Yon can't, without making yourself very unpopular and Inhospitable to boot. Obviously you're mixed op with a bunch of night owls, so since they're rarln' to go, let 'em, and YOU go to sleep. For Abby's new booklet, "What Teenagers Wait to Know," send $1 to Abby, Box 69700. Los Aagetet, Cal. HAMBURGERS 5'ea. or 5 For $< | .20 WE GRIND OUR OWN MEAT FRESH DAILY MEME'S KLEEN KITCHENS 401 E. Gibbs 775-5389 202 Canl - 775-3696 DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Monday, April 26, 1971-3 Pineapple Snack Grabs Teens By AILEEN CLAIRE NBA Food Editor Even teen - a g e r s tire of hotdogs and hamburgers as a snack to serve friends. For a change try a simple Deviled Pineapple Snack. This starts with an English muffin, topped with deviled ham and a ring of pineapple. Sprinkle with brown sugar and broil. This basic recipe offers a chance for many variations, all depending upon what spreads, fruits and vegetables are at hand. Serve with napkins or at most paper plates and also solve cleanup problems. DEVILED PINEAPPLE SNACKS 2 English muffins 14% ounce can deviled ham 4 pineapple rings 2-3 tablespoons brown sugar Separate the English muffins with a fork and toast. Spread deviled ham on muffins, then add a pineapple ring to each. Sprinkle with brown sugar. Broil until sugar melts (about 5 minutes). Makes four hot snacks. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) Deviled pineapple snack is easy as opening a couple of cans. Color-Adept Decora tor's Clien ts Do Some of It Themselves By AILEEN SNODDY NEW YORK — (NEA) — Bess Bernard has the strong personality that goes with being a native New Yorker. However, as an interior designer she puts down -the decorator who imposes his personality and tastes upon a client. "My approach," she explains, "is to get to know the client and help educate him to know what he likes. I don't believe in buying paintings or sculpture for a client. I'll go to a gallery with a couple, for example, but I feel they should select what they can live with." This is contrary to the practice of many decorators who select every color, fabric, piece of furniture and art—starting with ash trays through the light switches. Often the person whose home is being decorated insists upon this. Bess Bernard, who has had her own New York business for nearly 18 years, finds this total dependency by the client is less challenging. She points out, "my way of working may not be as sophisticated as some of the more publicized decorators. But I do a good job." She considers herself especially adept in handling colors and is famous for the use of her "salad colors"— lettuce green, lemon yellow, vanilla ice cream. These colors, plus her use of glass and steel furniture a decade ago—years before it was really accepted, turned up in homes of such clients as Federal Trade Commissioner Mary Gardiner Jones, the office of a division president of Koppers, .the home and office of a psychiatrist, a Bess motor yacht and the New York apartment of the .head of Mitsubishi International. Constantly called upon to combine fresh, contemporary colors with family heirlooms, modern designs and antiques, Miss Bernard still doesn't approve of turning most antique items into something else for a room. For example, she really casts a no-no eye upon valuable vases used for lamp bases. Through the years she Sonya Paz Complimented At Gift Tea Saturday Bernard happily took part in the changes in men's attitudes toward what went into their homes. "Recently I've been working with men redecorating their offices. They can be wild. I found men can go for more color than most people expect. Some bachelors, for example, like the stimulating reds and oranges. I did a ski lodge," she continues, "using tartan plaid in a room with a red ceiling." Such a color breakthrough she feels is important although the current trend appears to be toward the use of a full range of blue tones. Also changing is the interest of small children in their rooms, she says. When she began in decorating the mother usually made the decision about what would go into a child's room. Now she says she decorates the children's rooms as part of the total house picture and the children definitely want a say. Miss Bernard has won gold bars for her volunteer service at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital. During thousands of hours work with patients of all ages she says she found the use of color and art- even just in the arrangement of books on carts—important to morale. She feels it is fortunate that children from lower income families are more aware of what a dash of color and the most simple drawings can mean. "Everyone talks about taste. To me most people have a basic good taste and it's up to me and others HI interior decorating to bring it out . . . not stifle it by overwhelming people." (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) Cluster housing is gaining ground over waffle-grid developments. Grouping individually- owned homes in clusters leaves them surrounded by a large, park-like area for all, and little private yard work for any. Miss Sonya Paz was complimented at\ a miscellaneous gift tea Saturday between the hours of 3-and 5 o'clock in the beauty shop at the Base Exchange at Laughlin Air Force Base. Hostesses were Misses Bobby Alexander, Linda Haase and Pat Deboard, with Mrs. Wallace Godwin. Miss Paz is to be married to Lupe Sotelo June 13 and has been honored at a number of socials. Quality FZowers Designed with Care. 307 E. 8th 775-6066 3 Piece BEDROOM SUITE $ 199' s Dresser Chest Bed Mattress & Box Spring WIPFF'S FURNITURE ft APPLIANCES 225 S. 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