The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 10, 1961 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1961
Page 3
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Ife ii* Brlgogpoft And Bmorfa County, .Tannery 1 0 F, SUCCESSFUL _ ... ,,. CWintj Ihnu nemoiuintfiM i Amnl, Ihn IM Ait»t*lon t % fy Vegetable Casserole, New England Biscuits i. A1 " pr "" lho flch fnodii we'w Pour corn oil nml milk Into mr.r jniid the past few wrv)M, I Ihousnt surl/iK dip, Im! don't »!ir. Pour ell you mlRht Ilko lo Iry n rprioe nt oroifi into Hour. Stir with n jlhat In n little different, hut very lork until m I xt u re clram Hid:-* .nnrf i« r™.i .._i..- of , KAV , nt)( , ro(m(|s , n)o n |)n|| For drop biscuits: Drop nlo unKrrawd baklnR she rollnd or pntled biscuits: Smooth by knendinR dough about 10 times without Additional flour. good In fond value. Fot v e K » I nbles, (lomntoo* -, „..,,, ..,,,,^,, Rreiw bell ppppnr, pgRplnnt nrd onto ungrpiispd baklnR sheet. For zucchini) are combined In this " " vcRelnhlf! casserole, n nutritious ss well an delicious combination nerved appropriately with Ne«v England Biscuits. Traditional in Ingredients, the biscuits nre mruic by an up-to-date corn-oil method. To RO with the vegetable casserole and New England Biscuits, I suggest hum, but a pot roast would bo good, too. VEGETABLE CASMEROf.E 2 tnblcspooni corn oil J clove garlic, sliced very ihlnly 3 small zucchini, sliced %" thlrk 2 medium green peppers, sccdo-1 and sliced in rings 1 small eggplant, sliced H' thick 2 medium onions, sliced thinly 2 medium t o m a t o eg, sliced thinly Salt, and Pepper H^iblespoon corn oil Heat 2 tablespoons corn oil In bottom of large skillet or cns«- role. Add 1 clove garlic. In a iew moments add vegetables in layers In order given; sprinkle each layer with Vi to H teaspoon suit and a few grains of coarsely ground black pepper. Drizzle Vt tablespoon corn oil over top of vegetables. COOK covm-d, over low heat gently movfig contents from time. . .to time. Cook 35 to 45 minutes or until vegetables arc tender. Removo cover during last 15 minutes lo reduce sauce. Makes 6 servings. NEW ENGLAND BISCUITS 2 cups sifted "kitchen-tested" flour 3 teaspoons boklng powder l^aspoon salt % flip yellow corn meal 1/3 cup corn oil 2/3 cup milk Heat oven to 475 degrees F. Stir dry Ingredients into bowl. WOMEN Edited By LeROY BYRD Will) the dough on wnxc'l paper, press out 1 A" thick ivlh Imnd.i or roll between wnxod pnpors. Cut with unflourcd biscuit cutter. Biike 10 to 12 minutes ,n ungreascd baking sheet. Makes about 16 biscuits. Other recipes which I tfifnk yi.'u might like to try arc: CREAMED CHICKEN OR TURKEY 2 cups cooked diced chicken <>r turkey or tuna fish 2 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 2 egg yolks (beaten) 1 pimlento, cut In thin strips 1 cup sliced, canned mushroom 1 cup chicken broth or milk 1 cup milk Salt and pepper to taste Melt the fat, add the flour And blend well. Add chicken broth r-nd cook until thickened. Add the chicken and milk combined with beaten egg yolks and the mushrooms and salt and pepper. Hc&t thoroughly stirring all the time Cool thoroughly. Makes 1 qu<>r*. Package and freeze. To reheat — heat creamed mixture In double boiler, stir occasionally. About 30 minutes is required for thawing and heating 1 pint of the creamed mixture. CHOCOLATE CKUNCHIES First Lady Of Radio Still Has Program By JOY MIU.KR Al' Women's Editor NEW YORK (AP>—Three ings a week a fresh-faced, haired woman with a Kindly ..nri nmreu woman wun a Kindly >.Mri- ••«•»«• ""uimai M.-MJUH* i osily about people gathers her ** any ™ ral ktatch b" 1 for nelghlwrs Into her converted bni lhini7 "' n «<'«••»*'— —•< > home in the Catskill Mountains. St. Timothy's Church Plans Being Completed nelghlwrs Into her converted birn tnin 8 8: a microphone and Mary home in the CaUkill Mountains. Margaret McBride. Six years ago Mary Margaret ended two decades as the first Lady of radio and set out to find peace in the eternal variety ul the mountains. "I found It too,' she says. ''I have no ambition any more. It's Jackson St. Timothy's Episcopal Church last week instructed ti.c „„ ,.„,, architect to proceed with working herself 1 6-oz. package chocolate bits semi-sweet l'/t cup« slightly crushed corn chips Melt chocolate bits. Add the corn chips, measured after crush ing and mix until corn chips tire covered with chocolate. Drop by spoonfuls, onto waxed paper. Chili and serve. There, over coffee sipped from paper cups, they discuss babies, P |ck le». African violets, the roid sessions could The building committee of Lake wonderful." drawings of the preliminary plans for a new structure. The preliminary drawl ngs, which have been on view In the hall of the Church, will have a few changes, but will stay with the basic plan for the new Church. C. A. Jonnson is architect. Vincent Thorpe will supervise the corrections and changes during the time the working drawings are made. But habit doesn't fir. :i up Its so easily. Mary Margaret loui-d broadcasting a program Mike Williams Honored With Birthday Party Mike Williams was honored m his llth birthday Saturday with a theatre party, followed by a hot dog supper at the Lake Jackson home of his parents, Mr. an) Mrs. W. A. Williams. Guests included Steve Brown- Ing, Dick Venable, Peter Pi^- gott, Charles Bradshaw, Sherry Reed, Sue Ann Oakman, Vicky Vlckers, and Patricia Williams. Brazoria Study Club Makes IFWC Fund Contribution Mrs. A. J. Proebstla was hostess for the recent meeting of the Brazoria Study Club. Mrs. R. L. Hanson, the president, presided at the business meeting. She began by welcoming three new members into the club. They were Mrs. H. W. ToeUner, Mrs. Leo Wasek, and Mrs. L. I. Chiles. ftlRrf George Badge, education chairman, gave a report using excerpts from Times and School Executive magazines, rhe treasurer reported that the nursos scholarship fund had been retired. Therefore, $23.50 of the money from the silver tea then was contributed to the TFWC Headqujr. ters Home Endowment Fund. The members reported they fc^I.the film "What Happens Jn Hamlet" particularly interesting. This film was again narrated by Maynard Mack. He Introduced the character* each one shown In costume. He then discussed the division of the play, pointing out the three cussion the film. This was in place of the usual introduction to the film given by a club member. Mrs. Hanson poured for the 'ea ,.._.,, r ------ „ — „„ ... . ^ t . ca sense of humor she' main parts: the ghost; the detec served to the 21 members present. £3tel S Shi's live: and th live; and the revenge. Also, pointing out the climax of the first act — the great scene when Hamlet talks with the ghost of his father. The study of this drama is quite different from "Our Town" in that, as Mack discusses, the various events, short bits from !he play are g'ven by costumed actors. The viewers have found this a much more vivid method of presentation, and found ClaudiiW plots to have Hamlet killed and Hamlet's final revenge and death well presented by skilled actors. [The tea table was laid with >-" ese called "Your Hudson Valley Neighbor" from her West Shokan, N.Y. home on a local station WGHQ. The guests are just folks who happen in. Except for celebrated friends of long standing who drop by whenever they're invited, the visitors' fame doesn't extend JO miles outside West Shokan. The talk doesn't always havs the same weighty significance fs in the old coast-to-coast hook'Jp days when the important and famous people of the world were Mary Margaret's radio guests. Now Mary Margaret's famous powers of persuasion are put to work eliciting an old family lecinc from a forgetful neighbor, or moderating a debate on the host way to grow petunias. The other day Mary Margiret returned to New York to help promote "Oat of The Air," her UP* What They,re Wearing.. By L»Hoj Byrd. Fuels Woman'* Edltot At iha JA Sweetheart Ball; .SANDRA YOUNG, attending in while satin fashioned with a shirred bodice and featuring a modified bustle. Her aco»s- Eurie-; included white gloves and an orchid on her wrist . . •JAKE SNAVELY, choosing a light blue dress styled with a akin K two layers of net over gathered taffeta, with one layer o.- net ruffles all the way to the bottom of the skirt The bortire v/as fitted and a matching blue cummerbund, also ovor tin} tucks of net, encircled her waist. Tiny blue lace flov/err end rhlnestones trimmed the dress .... KAL1KO HUTCHINS, wearing an icy pink gown of organ/a luifles, complemented with a single strand of pearls and a waist corsage of pink roses . . . CLAUDINfc WHITE, selecting for the occasion a frost pink dress with swirled ruffles of chiffon and lace over the entire sKlit The bodice also featured ruffles surrounded with soft pink ribbon. Long white gloves and a teardrop necklace were her' accessories .... i CHERYL FARMER, there in a blue taffeta with an off-the- ! shoulder neckline and a bouffant skirt with a bow in the back I Matching shoe.-,, long white gloves, a white orchid corsage and ! a strlrijr of pearls completed her costume ... • FAN TYLER, in a dress of deep orchid peau de sole fashioned with a bcuffant skirt. Her accessories were dyed to match shoos, white gloves, and rhinestone jewelry .... BOBBYE WILLIS, choosing a holiday Red taffeta gown Missionary To India Will Speak At Brazoria Church REV. WILLS To Speak at Brazoria Self-Evaluation Is Program CWF Meeting Women's Fellow- The Rev. and Mrs. I. H. Wills, missionaries for the Assembles of God to India will be featured speakers at a special missionn-y rally on Wednesday at the Brazoria Assembly of God, pastor R. Bownds announced today. During his four years in InJia, Wills helped organize Assemblies of God Churches in So. India. He also served on the Board of Dire-- tors of the fellowship of American Missionaries and supervised the National workers in the Marathi Dist. of the So. India Assemblies of God. Under the Rev. Wills' direction, as principal, the Marilhi Bible Institute, which is a thrpe year school, had its first graduation of students trained for national ministry. In his service, the Rev. Wills will tell how he hopes to return to Bombay, India, the fifth tar- gest city in the world, to open jn Evangelistic Center. Before going to India, Wills attended Southwestern Bible Ini:ii- and will return with one of their son» to Indis to open a nsw wortc in Bombay City. The public is invited to attend the missionary service which begins at 7:30 p.m., the Rev. K. Bownds said. ,. ^, ? _.. VW uii ia d nuuuaj i\cu la lie la EOWT1 i« * . ——..-.. - — ._ —-~. fashioned with a nippcd-in waist wrilch bell°d out for a bouf I ' Cnristian Church, lute in Waxahachie, Tex. ar fant effect at either side, A huge bow accented th» back with' Lak<! Jackson ' held a monthly engaged in evangelistic and pa flowing streamers of self material for further back interest meetin & recently at the church. '—' -'-'—-• "~ • Spaghetti straps enhanced the tailored ruffle effect of the unoer A self - evaluation program bodice. A single teardroo neoiclaco !„„« ,.,>,!.„ t 1 _i..... conducted by Mrs. Glen: „ «-— —....— . .«,*,» k«t. niinjieu * unit; eiiecv Ul IflG UDO(*r i r--o ...™ bodice. A single teardrop necklace, long white formal gloves i?? nducted JV Mrs. Glenn F. and silver evening dippers completed her ensemble . ';Moore, and all present were fc . . LINDA COLLEY, gowned in white chiffon covered taffeta ? l * ey could contri bute sons born in India. After a. tour t ! ley had received from O f speaking engagements in the toral ministry among the Assemblies of God Churches in Texas and North Carolina. Mr. and Mrs. Wills have two ,„ Women's Fellow ------ * 0 -....-« ... mute wiinuji tuvereu laueia with a heartsbaped bodice outlined at the top with a shirred band edged at the bottom with gold lace. The waist pointed down over a bouffant skirt which extended to a deep floor ! , , length Hounce. also edged with gold lace and pointing up in! M ™" E " A ' Weaver, C. W. F. front. She wore gold opera pumps, white evening gloves and '< P residcnt ,' . re P° rt «» that Christ- ambar jewelry ... ' mas baskets filled with food and GINGER COOK, wearing a floor length gown with a silver ;^ s ., were Presented to two area t Or, dice with rhinoitnnd chnnirior ,»,^^, TI — _i.:_. ____ lamilies. United States, Mr. and Mrs. Wills * --™.«o ™ **««* 4^*151,11 guwii wim a silver lame bodice with rhintstone shoulder straps. The skirt was made of white net ruffles on net over matching taffeta The Mrs. D. N. Breeding, membar ship chairman, proposed, and the Entertain With Dance Cindy Landry and Gene Blanoh- ard of Lake Jackson entertained jwith a sem'-fnrmal dance Saturday night at Jasmine Hall. ^ _ __ _., vv^.1 ii>ak^;iiiiiK laueia. waist v/R3 cinched with a silver lame cummerbund with back ™ p unal ™^' ( P r ? P ^ ea L a " a me The "table was centered with panels rf ,he same material. Her evening bag and slippers were!^ ? agreed, that the Fobiuarj a floral arrangement and ivnite of won- brocade and she wore white elbow length gloves . . . \ mettin S._™ we church, would be;.. an(]Ies Refreshments of Cok,!3, SATIDRA SMALL, selecting a Hoor length coral dress for a ^! H ?. . er ," j^ ,, cookies, mints and cheese crark- the occasion fashioned of tulle over taffeta. The bodice wasLP 0 ^ t t" g ^ ^. *?" ers were served to 100 guests. shirrec p.nd the skirt had pin ruffles of tulle set at angles to'?/ er , Bake I' *??' Don **»»**• accent the draped, petal errect of the short n^ r <Mrt j Mrs. Leo English, Get Some Combine all your billi into on* *msll monthly payment with • low cost loan from Allied, arranged to fit your budget. H£?E'S HOW Adierf CAN HELP YOU-Rate* includa iniuranca (hat Days the balance in ct:* of death. 24 MONTHS Cash You Get Mo. i'aymont S 20.00 ALLIED FINANCE COMPANY DIAL BE 3-2696 1415 Hwy. 288 Freeport Harold LIndloff Jr., Manager , oversr DARLENE MARTIN, being crowned JA Sweetheart in a j ^rn, Mrs. Weav white floor length gown with a skirt of net over taffeta The ! ? g ,' , ' bodice of brocaded satin was accented with frinee at the ton i Palmer ' *""• H ' B " A big, bustled bow complemented the back Sfr n,±o± ***»** ""«' Mrs. Walter Mrs. Weaver Mrs. Breed- M ' £ " ..-- uv<-t..»t«u wini iniige ai me lop. A big, bustled bow complemented the back. Her accessories were lonp white gloves, a pearl necKlace and bracelet Bight Brew A clean pot is the prime re' --^. ... .. *» k.M**j fnjl la UJC f/IUIM? rebook about her 20 years In radto. quisite for making good coffc". Inevitably the question of her says the Coffee Brewing Institute! Wash your coffee maker with — ..—, „«_ .^...^....^.-.o, plenty of hot soap or deter^e;it 'was a newspaper society writer suds and rinses after every brew, who was so scared her teeth using a well-lathered brush to| could be heard chattering in every scrub inside the spout and hallov home and bar and grill tuned in stem. This prevents a left-ove Stale Bread Trick For snack time, make cracker substitutes of day-old bread by cutting the bread with a small M. P. Keister, Mrs. D. W. Tracy, Mrs. Robert 0. Vinson, and Mrs. Ciyde Antley. VFW Auxiliary Meet The Veterans of Foreign Wan Post 4341 Auxiliary will hold its ~t.tu.ig i4«- uitau wiuj a auidil * wat -wii rtUAlJliiry will Iioia ITS cookie cutter. Saute the bread in ( regular meeting at 7:30 tonignt at melted butter or margarine mixed; the VFW Hall on Ave. D in Free- lL*lth n Hach nf ctunlr eotti-in I ru-u>+ DRUGS • COSMETICS SDNDRIES - V.VJ"!RINABX SUPPLIES Phone SWift 8-2333 MIGHTS DIAL SHVt 8-VKi WRIGHT'S PHARMACY BRAZORIA across the nation. I never did get her gentled down." Her best guest: Eleanor Roosevelt. "No matter what I ask," rgaret, "she always mellow and kind. Mary answers, although there's an occasional can't get away with . you can't goo over her. She's very intelligent and has n of humor she's not always bcn ^ West Shokan for broadcasts three or.,K ij _3T u — j i " w i""u«in IOT oroaacasts tnree embroidered linen and lace dmes, and always stays to lunch." • - doth, centered with an arrange- mcnt of white cartleya orchids. Arrangements of orchids in var-ij iocs colors helped to decorate the home. taste from spoiling fresh coffee. Know Your Sweets You can watch your weigh and still eat candy — if you kno* your sweets, reports the Cindj Institute. For example: A sourbaU con tains 13 or 14 calories, a caramel S, and miniature boxed choco Ifltes, 24 calories to the piece. / flat round mint gives you 15 caj ories. A chocolate covered one 30. Parish Meeting Slated Freeport St Paul's Episcopal, Church will have its annual pai j ish meeting and a covered dish! supper Wednesday. \ The meeting gets underway ut 6 p.m. nt the church. NOTICE If you love luxury and hate gas pumps ... then you'll love the Buick Special! You get Buick comfort, ride and go-plus real gas savings to boot! TV llui.-k Special i« Mf,\, ll u ick-v,i\\> everything l/iu<_iiiean». Liki- llui.i /•„. for example. A iH'w l5S-li,|i. aluminum V-H gives you iiioro si/zl,; limn iiuny a din car. And,' lie.-aii»o ^lluininiiiii Hun, .h-ailwi-iuhl into live «i-ii,m, I lie inilrs |KT nallon lijtiiivs ate motl delightful. Ilii-n there > Huiek nmtfurt -bij; roomy cum- fort fur licails, hi|i» utul legs. There's also Huirl's "ull-,iay" rin'e, liui. fa Cl,-«n TxHik of Action anil |,y Ki»her-all priced less than mm,! mwM» of the l«w-|irii-e lielj! Coino Kin'M-leol lln- Sfurul j| your Iluifk ilealer'o— but eiuiio |Uf|iared lo |OM> your heart! BUICK SPECIAL CLARK BUICK - PONTIAC CO. 615 WEST 2ND ST. FPFEPORT. TV.XA.S WILL CLOSE WEDNESDAY NOON To Prepare For our big January Storewide DISCOUNT ALE SEE OUR AD IN WEDNESDAY'S PAPER Anthony's will close Wednesday at noon in I order to make final preparations for the biggest most sensational inouey saving sale | I ever to hit this part of the country. Not just I a few but hundreds of items throughout our j entire store drastically reduced for a fast selling. Make your plans now to be here when we open at 9 A.M. sharp. You'll buy, I [you'll save and you'll save plenty. (Tell I your neighbors) GOOD/YEAR Now! Goodyear Auio Tires give you more protection than ever before! SENSATIONAL GOODYEAR ROAD HAZARD AND QUALITY GUARANTEE Road Hazard Guarantee-All new Goodyear automobile tires are guaranteed by written certificate against aH Road Hazards-blowouts, fabric breaks, cuts-except repairable punctures. Guarantee limited to original owner for number of months, specified. 2 Lifetime Guarantee-All Goodyear tires are giiaf- anteed against any defects in workmanship and material without limit as to time or mileage. All adjustments based on original tread deptfc remaining and currant "Goodyear price". All-., eat her 3-T Rayon $1195' TubM« • • TubM>p« Tib«-T>pi Safety Ail-Weather Tube-Tip* Custom Super-Cushion Tobdett Custom Super-Cushion 3-TN>!on$4 Tubelesj 3-T Nylon Double Eagle C«t «v«i mon DouDto ElgtM with SIWMon) Mils tnHUl. •Size 6.70 x 15 Blackwall, plus tax and the old tire off your car. BUY NOW ON TERMS AS LOW AS '1.25 WEEKLY No down payment with the old tire off your car, regardless of condition GOOD/VEAR MORE PEOPLE RIDE ON GOODYEAR TIRES THAN ON ANY OTHER KIND ^/^sa^ft0»a»Migmi|i^^ GOOD/VEAR SERVICE STORE 222 W. 2nd St. OPKN 8:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. FREEPOET

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