Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on July 1, 1947 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1947
Page 4
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-„ Business" „—_..„— ^ —Allegations that B. Chicago lawyer, Sol Andrews Jftfcd* & "Wholesale" business of so' MStifti personal injury suits against Traflroads were made in a master's >'• TBjiorfc filed today in Cook County Superior court. MasterMn-Chancery William J. McGah recommended in his report .today that an injunction be issued to restrain Andrews from further prosecution of cases against the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Co., and the Southern Pactfkl Railroad, plaintiffs in the action. Judge U. S. Schwartz set Sept. 22 for hearing objections to the master's report. McGah, in his report, said that Andrews, his wife, Sylvia, nnd his brother, Noah, an insurance broker, hnd formed a partnership known as "Sylvan Associates." which was "organized ostensibly for the purpose of rendering invesf.igational services , to attorneys, but in reality for (lie purpose of soliciting cases for Sol Andrews." The business solicited injured em- ployes of the two roads to hire Andrews to represent them in their cla ms against the companies, the report said. purpose of soloniting injured em- ployes of the two roads to hire Andrews to represent them in their claims against the companies, the report said. Between Sept. 18, 1945, nnd Feb. I 25, 104G, Andrews filed 47 suits in j Chicago against the Santa Fe and 40 ' pgainst tin- Southern Pacific, the report staled. In sill cases tho report said the injuries were leceivert in Arizona, New Mexico and California. The report said the solid tors represented to tho injured employes that Sol Andrews would file their cases in Chicago instead of where the accident occurred because it would be convenient for the railroad to defend itself in Chicago due to the necessity of bringing witnesses long distances, and that larger verdicts could be obtained from Chicago juries. The world's ancient water animals Jcarned to Jive on land while searching for more water. • In 1817 Mississippi became the 20th state admitted into the union. LBFORS (Special) Miss Bonita Wilson of Higgins and a student of McMurry College was a visitor in Pnmpa and vicinity Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Blair of Lefors are the parents of a baby girl, born Thursday. June 25. Mrs. N. S. Daniel and son, Hugh, were Memphis visitors Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Ammons have returned from a two-week vacation in Raskell County and Tucumcari. N. M. Mrs. Jim Halley is a patient in the Worley Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Adams are moving to Dumas where they have purchased a movie theater. Mr. and Mrs. Adams are long-time residents of Lefors. Mr. Adams was formerly employed by Danciger. Mr. Herschel McNabb was a business visitor in Amarillo Saturday. Funeral Riles Set For Mrs. L. A. CJiaffin Funeral services for Mrs. Lydia Ann Chaffin have been set for 10:30 Wednesday morning in the Central Church of Christ, with L. II. Andrews, minister, officiating Mrs. Chaffin. wife of T. II. Chaffin. died Sunday at 5:20 p.m. in her home. 411 N. Purviance. following- n three-month illness. Pallbearers will bo C. C. Woodard. T. P. nates. T A. Buchanan, T M Brooks. Bill Adcock, and L A Barns. Buiial will be in Fairview Cemetery under the direction of Duen- kel-Cnrmichacl Funeral Home. Black Maquis iC'imliiiuocl From I'.-uv i) cracy. The democracy has mru'.o many mistakes, but it i.-; up to the French people to decide their government." Earlier. Breton chapter of Gen. Charles dc Gaulle's Hull/ of the French people (RPF) tc.'lc stcp.5 to purge themselves of possiule unwelcome elements after nn interior ministry assertion that "Black Maquis" plotters had tried to worm •their way into the organization. You'd betta* watch yout- remarks Pampa and Her Neighbor Towns Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wilson and sons. Dick and James, were business visitors in Norman, OWa.. last week. 4th July Dane* with Pinky Powell orchestra, 4th and 5th. You are welcome. Terrace Grill.* Mrs. Herbert Bftrginann and Upward Trend in Prices een in Recent Surveys The Place To OeS Yoisr We Have Plenty Per Case & Up Plus Bottle Open Sundays ... 1 P. M. to 12 P. M. CHICAGO—W 1 )—A year after the end of federal price controls, port on the dinner tables costs 78 per cent more than it did a year ngo beef and veal 02 percent more. Other food, clothing, nnd living ec.Kts in general also have undergone slip.rp rises, trade and government f inures show. Within the year many prices zoomed to record peaks, top- pint; the highs of (he 1010-20 post- wtir period. The market and retail supplies are higher iti many lines, but farm supplies of livestock are lower than a year ago and cold storage stocks of many foods are lower. Such commodities us steel, oil, and lumber, .still Ing far behind demand requirements. With 102G prices t\s a base average of 100, the Associated Press wholesale prices index Friday was 175.04. A year ago the figure was l:i2.28. This represents an increase of 43.0 percent in the year. The highest was reached in March at 1 £84.32. A compilation by the Federal Bui-tint of Labor statistics, shows that 1m- May, the most recent calculation available; this index was at 155.8 on a 1935-39 base average of 100. Throughout the war period up to a year ago the index had advanced 33.:) points. ]n the ensuing year ib went up 22.5 points. All costs of living items included in the index averaged 1G.9 percent above last June, with major items like food 28.8 percent higher, clothing 17.3, and household furnishings 115.3. Specifically, meats in general are 52.2 percent morn, fish 10.1, chicken 10.3, dairy products 10, eggs 221.6 fruits and vegetables 12.8, beverage 50.0, fats and oils 58.6, and suga nnd sweets 31.C higher. THAT OUTWEAR PREWAR TiRi At least there is one product ypur money will buy that performs better and costs less than before the war. It's the new B.P.Goodrich Silvertcwn that outwears prewar tires for less than prewar prices. developments and public demand have combined to give car owners this new tire (1) with improved quality, (2) at reduced prices. At these low prices, you can equip your car all around with B.F. Goodrich Silvertowns that outwear prewar tires. Phone 211 *•# ?^SgigfP^|^f§^S^Mv«4 : \m:-y^*-^-:< '--'i-^ vii • ' • ^i^^j^^^^^^M'-rn w"--'. $ • • • '•' : • • ; • • • "M • • K Good rich Man, 80, Gives Wife, Daughter, Officers Fight DALLAS— (IP} — An 80-year-old Dallas man gave his wife a thrashing, ran her and her 51-year-old daughter out of his home, then gave four policemen, a detective and two deputy sheriffs a two-and-a-half hour battle Friday night before they finally subdued him. "Stand back off'n myk property, ya sneakln dawgs, or I'll drill ya," the oldster greeted two policemen who responded to the call of the man's wife and daughter for help. He waved a pistol menacingly. The policemen stopped and called 'or more reinforcements. They also suggested to the women that they nsk Justice of the Peace W. L. Sterrett for a warrant for the old gentleman's arrest. The policemen, reinforced by two nore patrolmen and a detective, decided to try to trap the man while hey waited for deputy sheriffs to ar- •ive with the wan-ant. The policemen made a lot of noise n the front yard while Detective D. D. Dozier fastened a piece of ilothesline shin-high across the back door. Then the five officers went into he back yard and made more noise. They hoped that the old man would un out on the porch, trip over the wire and then they could overpower him. The old fellow ran to the door, but topped as his knees touched the rope. "Ya yeller dawgs, thought ya had me, didn't ya?" he shouted. About that time Deputy Sheriffs C. W. Grantham and J. W. Stacy arrived with the warrant, an armful of tear gas shells and new strategy. By prearrangement a member of the sheriff's office called the man on the phone, hoping to keep him occupied so the officers could slip in the house and overpower him. The two deputy sheriffs and Detective Dozier entered the house, but the old man heard them. Over the telephone he barked: "It's no use, young feller, your not gonna talk me into nothing. Besides I'm busy." He hung up, went to the back porch and fired several shots at the fleeing policemen. The bes'eiging party reorganized and fired several rounds of tear gas into the house. The man burst from the house into the glare of a battery of police car spotlights. He fired again at the policemen and the lights, then ducked for cover. The policemen who had taken cover too, returned his fire. No one was hurt. A few minutes later the man stepped into view, clutching his empty gun. A flying tackle by Detective Dozier floored him. "All right, ya got me," the old man sputtered, "now durn it, lemme up." At the county jail, his khaki trousers and blue shirt badly rumpled, the old man glowered at Patrolman J, A. Morrow, who had taken part in the seige, and muttered: "You're pretty .durn luck, young feller. Had my gun leveled on ya an' was about to shoot, an' happened to think of my son. Wish now I'd been thinking about my daughter—I'm mad at her." daughter. Nancy Jean, Lawrence, Kans. are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. ShotWell. Dance to Pinky Powell's orchestra Wed. nite at Terrace Grill. Everyone invited.* J. P. LaCosse and son, Wyndall, made a fishing trip to Colorado over the weekend. Wanted lady for part time sew. ing in Pampa Mattress Co. Apply in person. 817 W. Foster.* We will be closed all day Friday and Saturday. Have your ear needs taken care of early this week. Coffey Pontiac Co.* Mrs. William W. Bel! and daughter, Leslie Jeannette. Norman. Okla., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. McCarty, 1020 N. Russell. ('{reworks for sale on Lefors Highway just outside the city limits. Kings Stand.* ' Jerry Lee of Tyler is spending a few Weeks with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lee- 304 N. Surnner. Bicycles! 20 and 24 Inch Boy's and Girl's style. See them at Roy and Bob's Bike Shop. 414 W. Browning.* Frank Llttleficld. nephew of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Gatlin, will leave Wednesday by plane from Oklahoma City to Visit his mother in New York City. Mr and Mrs. Gatlin and Frank have recently moved here from Gladewater and are living at the Sun Camp, south of Pampa. Call Your Laundry, Number 675 for wet wash, thrifty and finish. Pick up and delivery Service.* Bob Schoolfieldr son of Mr. and Mrs. John Schoolfield, underwent an appendectomy in a Fort Worth hospital last week. Bob and his parents were vacationing in Denton and Granbury, when be became ill. He is reported doing nicely. Rugs, Blankets and Bedspreads, are like new when dried in our new drier. Sno-White Washaterla.* Going: Places? Then have your clothing ready. Cleaned and pressed—No delay at Master Cleaners.* Richard Schelg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earle Scheig, 1428 N. Russell- has returned from the National Hi-Y Convention held at Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa. June 2027. Richard traveled by Santa Fe on a. special car reserved for delegates from California. Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Richard is president of the Pampa Chapter of of experiewee alsaf* you satlsfae tion. Call 86 for quick service.* Bttll* Rlppl*. Son of Mr. and Mis. Prank Rlppte, underwent a tonsil- ectomy at Pampa Hospital. Monday. Be is repotted as getting along nicely. Get fishing supplies at k. and R. Service station. 322 N. Cuyler * Gas Water tteaters, 20 and 30 gallon size now at Modem Appliance Mrs. ft. A. Gorsnch tonf Beach, Calif., arrived Tuesday for a short visit In the'home of Mrs. Jessye Stroup and daughter. Joan. Mfs. Gorsuch is enroute to New York where she will make her home Keep cool all summer. Air-conditioned plus fans. Raise your salary and be comfortable. Attend day school or night school. Call 323 Pampa Business College.* Cab Drirers Needed. Apply Pet's Cab Stand. 221 N. Cuyler.* • Out of town dinner guests Sunday in the Willard Franklin home, 915 fi. Fisher, were B. A. Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Nix and Dattene, Groom; and Mrs. Eldora Franklin, Jefferson City, Term. Clegfg; Instant Ambulance. P.2454.* Dance Wed. nite to Cal Foster and his Dixieland Jazz Band at the Southern Club. Free tables.* Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Lamb and daughters, Frances Carroll and Beverly Ann. have returned from a ,wo week vacation trip In-Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Mineral Steam Baths for Rheumatism, arthusitis, kindeny nnd liver troubles and reducing treatments. "705 W. Foster, Phone 97 Lucille's Bath Clinic.* Mr. and Mrs. John S. Lee and daughter, Suzanne, A'marillo, visited here Sunday in the J. W. Lee home, 304 N. Sumner. Special Coney and orders for July 4th. Phone 810. Pampa Baking Co.* The Southern Clubs' 4th of July Dance will be on the nite of July 3rd. Everyone welcome. Free tables.* Mrs. L. J. McCarty and daughter, Mrs. William W. Bell and Leslie Jeannette, were visitors in Fort Worth Thursday and Friday. Mrs, McCarty's nephew and niece, Donald Lee and Mary Lou Jackson, returned to Fort Worth with them after spending three weeks in the McCarty home. While in Fort Worth they visited their daughter and sister, Miss Orma Jean McCarty, who is a student nurse at St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing, and Rev. and Mrs. Robert Boshen. former pastor of the Presbyterian Church here. Miss Louise Shaddox returned home with them for the weekend. t .fcbntfn"3fSd worn t%«* 1* fely tt> report the nomination to the senate without recommendation. this action precipitated ft heated verbal tiff in a public foyer Just off the senate chamber between con- nelly and Langer, the Texan charging that the latter had promised to support Dooley. Connally accused Langer of "ingratitude" because hS had helped the North Dakotan when the latter faced a fight over his seat in the senate several years ago. Langer told newsmen he will "speak briefly against confirmation" of Dooley solely because O'Daniel in opposing the nomination says Dooley is "personally obnoxious" to him. Here to watch the debate is Doo;ley himself, who has spent considerable time In connection with the hearings. By coincidence, another Texan who was involved in a heated judicial nomination fight, is In town on private business. He is James V. Allred, former Texas governor, who was nominated by the late Franklin D. Roosevelt •to the federal Circuit Court of Appeals. His nomination was rejected after visited! Canadian ftod#> TO the Canadian Rodeo ftn'd tioti to be Reid July Pampa yesterday aften „,.., The delegation toas riiet «i ii».i cit? limits by city arjd Oftamtje'r <S! commerce officials, headed bjr Jlm- mit McCune, chairman of%e OMfii* bef of Commerce Good. Will com* ' mittee. They presented a I5imlm1t& program In front of the L^Nofa that jras broadcast over rctdlo Iffi* Merafters of the Canadian fiodeo Club *tere guests of the Cnamber of commerce Oood Will Committee at a luiicheoir following the monies. / a Senate committee fight in O'Daniel led the opposition,, * ing that the appointment Was jfcatle as a result of-rtii agreement under which Allred resigned from a federal district judgeship to make an unsuccessful campaign for the Senate against O'Daniel, . ; - Fiddler crabs often have great claws almost as large as their bodies, DALLAS AND SOUTH TEXAS First naval prize of war of the United States was a British brig captured in 1812 by the Coast Guard cutter Jefferson. Women by more than one-half of the total number of men's ties sold. 5 FLITES DAILY VIA BRANIFF Departure from Amarlllot 3t35 AM, MtSS AM, liSO PM, SilS PM, iiSO PM Non-nop to Denver 3.3S am. Othtr northbound fllt«».at 7i50 pm and 12il5 prn. Eattbound at Si30 am and Ii20 pm to Memphis via Oklahoma City, Tulia, Muikogt*, Fl. Smith and tittle Rock. Phon. Amarillo 2-4343 Butt BuIMtng iftj^TSRfef^ Air Passengers • Air Mail m% .' ' i - ''\ Air Freight • Air Exprm ' LUCKY STRIKE presents THE MAN WHO KNOWS- Houston Builders Terminate Contract HOUSTON—(/P)—The Houston chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America has notified ihe building and construction trades council. AFL, that the contract between the two groups will be terminated at midnight August 28. E. A. Krause, chairman of the A. G. C. labor committee, said in a letter addressed to the 29 local unions that signed the agreement 'it is our desire to negotiate cer- ;ain changes and amendments in ,he terms and conditions set forth In the agreement" as signed Aug. 29, 1946. Paul C Sparks, secretary of the ;rades council, said in Dallas, where le is attending a labor convention, that he would appoint a com- nittee to meet with the A. G. C. and 'find out what changes are wanted." "At the moment, I don't know pf any changes that the AFL WJIJ vant," he said, "but this depends orj what the A. G, C. wants, We may not be able to go along with them on some of the things they will vant." : " A labor dispute between the twa ;roups led to a 77-day strike and ie-up of about $100.000.000 in Hoi&son construction last year. m TOBACCO WAREHOUSEMAN! 'JIN 25 YEARS I've seen a good many tobacco crops sold at auc- 'tion. And season after season, I've 'seen the makers of Lucky Strike buy tobacco that's really fine... good, ripe tobacco ... tobacco you just can't beat for smoking quality." F. A. BROWN, INDEPENDENT TOBACCO WAREHOUSEMAN of Stoncville, North Carolina ' (29 YEARS A LUCKY STHIKB SMOKER) ^V Is-. •>i ''"" "- : if <»»,,? ..'„.>% ,"V5*I FINE TOBACCO is what counts in a cigarette The north star, Polaris, was be* ieved by ancient mariners to at' tract the needle of the compass to the north. Tb* faii4 W Newt 4** FRANK BROWN IS RIGHT I... And like him, scores of other experts,,,who really %now tobacco,., have seen the makers of Lucky Strike buy "tobacco that's really |ne," , ' " After all, that's what you want in a cigarette.., the honest, deep*dpwjj enjoy; of $ng tobacco, $« rt nitmbf r,,, \ /UCKY STRIKE /ffeANs I* Round, $« nm. i» *«My Po«ktd-5o '^fi^^lllil,^.

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