The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 6, 1969 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1969
Page 10
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10 ••fltimi **u Thursday, February 6. 1969 WOMEN OFFICERS of the Barrett Station Federal Credit Union dressed alike in flag costumes Tor the credit union's annual meeting. They are, left to right, Mrs. Juanita Bush, Mrs. Anna Joseph, Mrs. Mildred Chevert and Mrs. Lavinia Provost. ARTHUR VIGIL, left, service representative for the Texas Credit Union League, was the guest speaker, at the annual meeting of the Barrett Station Credit Union. He is shown here with Mrs. Meral Ramos, who was elected to the board of directors, and C. W. Banks, vice president. BARRETT CREDIT UNION HOLDS ANNUAL MEETING BAKKtHT STATION (Sp) — The Bun-ell Station Federal i ix'du Union lield its third annual ineuimg, celebrating two iinil one-halt years since it was urganizcd. Arthur Vigil, service I'L-piusenialive for the Texas Union League, was guest LI Iv Tanner, president, ol the board ol directors, staled, "We nope more people will become conscious ol Ihe opportunity, and imw ji will ailed Ihe individual gruwiii ihai ilns organization uiil oiler individually and cut tec lively to families as well as ojiimtumiy. 1 know 11 is impossible to imagine m Lite luiure when this orgamiaiion reaches its fullest po,ennuis. Hie assels and -eeui uy a will bring to everyone .iiin is associated with the UdiTiru Siuiion Federal Credil L Minn Remember that this organization is nol lor charity, noi lor profit, bul for service, and those of us who represent you as members in the total organizational structure must have your Support lor success." The president announced at Lhe end of Ihe year ol iyti8, Ihe credit union declared a 3 per cent dividend. Mrs, Meral Ramos was elected 10 Ihe board of directors to replace Mrs. Juanita Bush, whose lerm had expired. Mrs. Bush served Iwo and one-half years as secretary of the board ol directors and was elected at Lhe annual meeting to serve on ihe credit committee. C. W. Banks, vice president, was re- elecied lo serve on the board of directors. Members present included G. . Tanner, president; C. W. Banks, vice president; Mrs. Juaniia Bush, secretary; James Mills, treasurer, and Mrs. Mildred Chenevert, membership CREDIT UNION president, G. E. Tanner, is presented with a specially designed flag hat by Mrs. Lavinia Provost. TAKING ON XEW DUTIES In Washington will be Chief of Protocol Kmil (Bus) Mosbacher, left, and Elliott Lee Richardson, former lieutenant governor and attorney general of Massachusetts, who has taken oath as undersecretary of stiitc. >. chairman. L. C. Anderson, chairman of the supervisory committee; Mrs. Anna L. Joseph, secretary, and Cleveland Levy, member. Members of the credit com- miuee were Wilson Uradney, chairman, and Mrs. Lavinia 1'rovost, member. Members of Uie education committee were Mrs. Lavinia l j rovost, chairman, and Mrs. Anna L. Joseph, secretary. The women wore dresses of stars and stripes, bearing the colors adopted by the credil union, of red, while and blue. G. U. Tanner was presented an Uncle Sam's Hal" by the chairman of the educational committee, Mrs. Lavinia Provost. Winners of the door prizes were Miss Christine Joseph, first prize, tmanuel Jackson won second prize, and Mrs. Ber- nadeue (jradney won third prize. With Kyle x! Hy JIM KVLK II you lake lliree women who are Inends and neighbors and multiply ihree times 145 pounds, 11 ic- answer would be "fat tricnds." My wile and her friends, Connie and Marguerite, have a common problem. They eat too much, i won'l say jusi how fal iliey are, bul when they sil down on Uif living room couch ihere isn i room lor anyone lo sit with ilium In ihe past lu days 1 had Ihe minor ol watching ihe birth ol a woman's club. My wile and her iwo irtends had several meetings n> decide whai lo do ahoul Iheir weight problem. They decided lo go lo ihe library and gel a book on dieling. Auei ihey goi the book they elected Marguerite cook. The ccisi ol the lood is splil ihree ways and my wile and Connie do noi charge Marguerile lor 15 lo M inps a day to her house lo advise her on Ihe cooking. They are in their lourth day ol the diet plan and ihey all swear ihey nave lost iwo and a hall pounds eacii. 11 sort ol wonder if they could have lost ihe weight by running back and torlh discussing the diet, i Lasi niglu tor supper my children and 1 had hot dogs, canned potalo slicks, canned (omaiocs and iced lea. My wile s diet dinner consisted id broiled chicken with pineapple, broiled mushrooms, French green beans, peas, carrots and broccoli wiih gelatin lor desert. The kids and 1 are uimkmg ol going on ihe diel wiih hur II everything lurns out like my wile. Connie, and Marguerite suy n will, I have some great news lor the fashion world. All three- ol idem will make Twiggy look overweight. Thursday, February 6, 1969 VIp Wuytotnt fruti 11 PICK UP THIS WEEKS RACE CARD TODAY 25.00 WiMtr MRS. F. i PETTY $25.00 WINNER MRS. B. A. GRAHAM 1*1* Tatrrdrfit Dr. 110040 WtXNEB MnTV. B. Serte MM OeU«B Ed. Bajtotni 4MB. Fnaefa $100 Winner M. Avant Pasadena TO PL AY Winner J.E.Smith Houston EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT 9:30 P.M $100 Winner 6.H. Hughes Stafford,Tex. REG. OR DIET NO DEPOSIT Pepsi-Cola QT SUGARY SAM SWEET Potatoes N C°AN* KOUNTY KIST White Corn'c"5F°*$l AUSTEX WITH BEANS ^i ••• ^0^ Vlllll NO. 300 CAN V'V MORTON HOUSE Beef Stew 2<oz CAN 49( NABISCO TOASTETTE Toasters 6* 39( FOOD CLUB-ALL PURPOSE Crackers 120? 27t SUGAR WITH PURCHASE OF $5 OR MORE! FOOD CLUB GRAPE Preserves ., SPRING TIME-IO PAK UP TO KTRK-TV Channel 13 Winner J.J. Moody Houston ASST. COLORS SWIFT VIENNA Sausage ««. ASST. FLAVORS Jello Gelatin BIG ROLL ASST. 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CUDAHY BAR-S (BONELESS) Ham YOUNG TENDER VEAL Sirloin Steak YOUNG TENDER VEAL T-Bone Steak YOUNG TENDER- VEAL Round Steak YOUNG TENDER VEAL Rib Chops YOUNG TENDER VEAL Crown Roast LB. LB. LB. LB. LB. THURSDAY i PM 0 O O I^rWI (C) O W i a t' • New? — Everglad* swamps fD Voyage to Ihe Bottom o( the Sw (R) ID I Lave Lacy (R) t:» PM 0 Daairl BOOM (C) An elderly gunsmith (Burgess Meredith) reveals his trade secrets to -/arring Indians to gain a place of high esteem In the tribe O Men and Io>aa — "olksineer and composer Malvlna Reynolds discusses her use of music to convey her ideas about society fD Queen aad I (C) Duffy has to hide Becker from his wife Hazel, who boards the Amsterdam Queen to get more money from the reluctant Becker CD Flying Ntw (C) Sister Bertrille's Uncle Reggie (Alan Hale) disappears after Carlos' casino Is rob- ied, with Capt Fomento hot on his trail in the conclusion of a two-part story; Ruta Lee appears in a dual role; *t new time, replacing Ugliest Girl In Town CD Lout !• Space (C) (R) Dr Smith meets an android he thinks is the most powerful creature in the. galaxy 7 PM O NET Playfcouae — American TV premiere of Danielle Hunebelle's "The Boss' Son," a "dramatized documentary" about the son of a textile magnate in a small French town who falls in love with one of the girls in his father's factory but finds that social pressures on both of them break up their romance; the story was filmed in a real town using amateur "actors" who actually live the roles they portray in Ihe play fD Jonathan Winters (C) Guests ire Audrey Meadows, Barbara MeNair, Paul Lynde, Louis Nye, James Darren fD That Girl (C) Scries star Mario Thomas is joined by her sister Terre, brother Tony and father Danny in the episode in which Ann plans a spectacular singing career for a girl {Terre), unaware t'nal she is a nun; at new time; fD My Favorite Martian (R) Martin goes to meet an eminent scientist who deals with rocket !uel YOUNG TENDER VEAL OR PIKES PEAK HALVES LB. 1.29 WHOLE LB. Rump Roast LB. 85( YOUNG TENDER VEAL Cutlets YOUNG TENDER VEAL Meat (BONELESS) LB. LB. CANDY TREATS MELO SWEET Hearts 8 OZ. BOX 59( MELO SWEET Hearts 1 LB. BOX 98( CONVERSATION Hearts 8-OZ. BAG GRANADA DESSERT DISH NEWTON CUT MINT Sticks 9 OZ. BAG HORMEL Little Sinlers 5HURTENDA CHICKEN FRIED Steak 12 OZ. PKG. LB. FREE! 100 EXTRA BIG BONUS STAMPS With iKiii coupon and purchase ai 3 Ibs. Of more Ground Beef at regular pr ice. AT WEINGARTEN'S Coupon expires Feb. 8, 1969 ['VALUAiLI COUPON^tttt YOUNG TENDER VEAL STEAK SQ. CUT SHOULDER CHILDREN'S SIZES 1-16 OR1G. $1 Sleepwear KNITS AND WOVEN Sport Shirts 99tf SIZES 1-14 .31.39 CLEARANCE! (Subject fo slocks on hand in each store.) OPAQUE NYLON Panty Hose ORIG. 1.99 LADIES' BRUSHED TRICOT AND ft COTTON FLANNEL Sleepwear OR.G. ^^.wl, COTTON CORDUROY ORIG. 1.34 Children's Sportswear 69< TURTLE NECK LONG SLEEVE - — ^^ Girls' Knit Tops™,, 99* Cardigan Sweaters 3.99 KNITS AND WOVENS. . -BOYS' LONG SLEEVE "SfetS 1.39 UD1E , ACRYL1C OR1C 5 FACIAL TISSUES WITH EACH 3.00 PURCHASE SUPER STAINLESS STEEL Personna BLADES SUPER STAINLESS STEEL DOUBLt EDGE "TOPCO" VALIANT BLADES Dlsp - OF FRESH.. .Sure It's Fresh! ASSORTED BREAKFAST Rolls PAN OF 8 HEATH-BAKED FRENCH Bread HEART SrU Cookies ENGLISH MUFFIN Bread 1 LB. LOAF HEART SHAPED VALENTINE DOZEN V/i LB. LOAF BOLOGNA CHUNK STYLE LB AGAR AMD MOHAWK ICNICS WISCONSIN CHEDDAR Cheese WISCONSIN LONGHORN Cheese AMERICAN PROCESS Cheese CHUNK LB. LB. LB. 89C REG., MENTHOL, NEW LEMON-LIME Gillette Foamy Shave Cream Scgo FREE! 50 EXTRA BIG BONUS STAMPS With »M> coupon on«l purcho»« of "TOPCO" VALIANT MILK OF MAGNESIA 16 01. •!«• 53* (Coupon Explf«» F.b. *r 1'**) INSTANT DIET n OZ .SHE PKG - OF 4 SEVERAL FRAGRANCES WITH SOFT PUFF Dusting Powder MYSTERIOUSLY REFRESHING • • r . AFTER SHAVE Jade tasi LOTION THE PERFECT GIFT Jade East Cologne 4 OZ. 69* 67( 1.50 3.00 0 GAL. GALVANIZED Trash Cans RIVETED SIDE AND LID HANDLES COMPLETE WITH TIGHT FITTING LID TOPCO" ASSORTED SIZES Furnace Filters ONCE A YEAR Faberge EN ANC 1.44 2 OZ. A AEROSOL A* REG. 2.86 2.44 ONCE A YEAR SPECIAL SPRAY COLOGNE STYLES FOR MEN AND WOMEN Billfolds", PACKAGED Valentines , 39( 3% 29t VALENTINE CONTAINS VALENTINES. ENVELOPES. TOYS, KISSING STAMPS O«A AND OTHERS REG. 53< 37 V MIX OR MATCH BUDDIG ASST. MEATS. 3 OZ.-RATH & MORRELL LIVER LINKS, 8 OZ.-CASEY'S ENGLISH MUFFINS FOX DELUXE CHEESE PIZZA, 9 OZ.-LA ROSITA TILLA CHIPS-BORDEN'S CREAM BASE -« FOR JAR CHEESE. 5 OZ.- FARMER ^^ rvi * BROWN ASST. LUNCH MEATS, 6 OZ. A -M PLASTIC WICKER TYPE2'/4BU. CAPACITY 2 0,77( Laundry Basket ^ 88t 4 PIECE POLY FOR COFFEE, TEA FLOUR, Canister Set <'; 1.88 PLASTIC CRYSTAL COVER f K f .WITH TWIST-LOCK ] fj vOKe iei COVER REG. 1.99 I*// 11" PLASTIC WITH LOCKING COVER Pie Porter REG129 U.L. APPROVED _ _^ G C STEAM I REG 7 00 .E.& PRY Iron 10 " '•** 7:M PM B LroMUe (C) Ironslfe ignores a newspaper columnist's prophecy that his investigation of an art theft will endanger his life 9 Movie — "Jailhouse Rock" (1957) Elvis Presley, Judy Tyler. Mickey Shaughnessy. Dean 'ones; jailbird develops singing style which becomes the rage but romantic complications lead to a brawl and injury which threaten his career . . . typical Presley movie ID M«n From UNCLE (C) (R) Thrush plans to control volcanic activity throughout the world by drilling to the center of the eartli CD Hmaei (C) (R) Hazel is up to her matchmaking again with Angle the victim this time S PM O Creative Penan is Richard Williams, film animator CD Movie (C) "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" (1960) Doris Day, David Niven; musical comedy star falls in love with drama critic who already has a wife and four sons . . . based on the best-selling book ID Movte— "Glory" (1956) Margaret O'Brien, Walter Brennan; girl's love for a young filly— and a wealthy stable owner— Is climaxed by the Kentucky Derby . . . Horatio Alger with horseshoes 8:M FM O Dragnet (C) Friday uncovers a "bad cop" who is Involved In a large bookmaking operation; Anthony Eisley guests O Washington Week In Review (C) Weekly analysis of top news stories of the week in the nation's capital ID 12 O'Clock High (R) Major about to embark on dangerous mission is haunted by the death cf a buddy who died substituting (or him I PM O Deaa Martin (C) Guests are Lou Rawls, Shecky Greene, Stanley Myron Handelman, Lainie Kazan O French Che! prepares apple desserts »:M PM O Joyce OCR Cooks chow melii American and Chinese style ; 10 Sign Off ID Let'i Go to the Races (C) ID Wealern Star Theatre (R) Man in love endangers his own life to prove the ability of a woman doctor; 10 Sign Off II FM O ID IE) News (C) ED Perry Maaoa (R) Archie Moore plays a miner accused of murder 11 :M PM O Tomlght (C) Flip Wilson Is guest host to Jackie and Roy, Bob a..d Ray, B. B. King (0 Movie — "China Gate" (1957) Gene Barry, Nat (King) Cole, Angle Dickinson; Eurasian girl guides patrol through French Indo China war . . . close the gate (C) George Kirby, FRIDAY (C) Color; (R) Repeat I AM 9 Sorb* Semeatef (C) t:M AM O Ca»4aia Kanfaroo (C) Q) €•** Dom (C) For children C:M AM O Panl Harr«y Comnteml* (C) 7 AM 0 Today (C) 7:2S, 8:29 Newi (C) a Newt (C) 7:31 AM 01 CBS Newi (C) 7:5S WaaJher, SrthC, FtaU*8 (O O Cad** Don (C) Continued 8 AM O Moraimg Show (C) 8:11 AM 0 Wife's Karroos*! (C) 8:45 AM O Balk Weat » AM 8 Soap Judgment (C) »:25 NBC Nein (C) 0 Lacy Show (C) (R) O L*ave II lo Beaver (R) S:2« AM O Science Qneat »:M AM 8 Concentration (C) a Bereriy HillWlM** (R) O IMaBaj for DoHart (O »:4S AM & Rail* Wwt 1* AM 8 Personality (O a Andj Griffith (C) (R) 1»:M AM O Mathematics 10:10 AM 8 Hollywood Square* (C) a Dick Van Dyke (R) ff) Truth or Consequence* (C) 10:45 AM O Raih West 11 AM a Jeopardy (C) a Love of Life (O 11:25 News (C) ID Bewitched (C) (R) 11:30 AM 8 What's My Line? (C) O Search' for Tomorrow (C) IB Fnrmy You Should Ask (C) 11:45 AM O Ralh West ED News (C) Pat Brown NOON O Midday (C) Thelma and Larry a News at Noon (C) (B Dream Hoose (O SD Rocky and His Friends (C) (R) 13:» FM 8 Hidden Faces (C) Drama a Aa the World Turns (C) Drama a Let's Make a Deal (C) |Q Romper Room (C) 1Z:40 PM O Wordsmith 1 PM 8 Days of Our Lives (C) Drama a LOTO Is a Many Sptoodored Thing (C) Drama a Km lor Tour Lite (C) (R) SD Richard Diamond (R) 1:05 FM 8 Kails West 1:30 PM a The Doctors (C) Drama • Grtfta« U(ht (C) Drama B Take M Wttk Mari^M (C) 1:31 PM O Straahag hito Melody 2 PM B Aaatfcer World (C) Drama 0 Secret Stem (C) Drama O General Hospital (C) Drama O Donald O'Connor (C) Mickey Roooey, Janet Leigh, Gogi Grant, Earl WOaoB and his son 2:13 PM Q Ralb Wat 2:31 PM O Too Doa't Say (C) ID Edge ol Nl«kt (O Drama ID One Ltfe to Lire (C) Drama 2:38 PM O Magic Bookshelf 2:15 PM (D Cartoon Cntnps (C) 3 PM 0 Match Game (C) 3:25 NBC News (C) ID Ltiikletter Show (O Dr James A. Peterson; 3:23 News (C) 09 KJtirik's Karroosel (C) (D Movie — "Johnny Rocco" (1958) Richard Eyer, Stephen McNally, Coleen Gray; young boy dodges death plots after his gangster father and another thug kill mounted policeman with their car . . .so-so 83 Maverick (R) 3:«5 PM O Raite West 3:M PM O Merv Grilfin (C) EsteUe Parsons, Louis and Christy, Julie Budd {D Movie — "Mystery Submarine" (1963) Edward Judd, James Robertson Justice, Laurence Payne, Albert Lieven, Robert Fleming; British prize crew rejoins German wolf pack with captured U-Boat, is later picked up by British craft unaware of submarine's identity . . . sus-- pense under water (D Dark Shadows (C) Drama 4 PM IE) Movie — "The Lone Texan" (1959) Willard Parker, Audrey Dalton, Grant Williams, Douglas Kennedy; younger brother is running town with aid of a clutch of baddies when his older brother returns from Union army, bearing stigma of a traitor . . . it's pretty good 6D Bozo the Clown (C) 4:31 PM (Q No No the Clown (C) 6D Monsters (C) 5 PM O Chris Chandler (C) O Misterogers' Neighborhood fD Ron Stone (C) (D Real McCoys (R) S) Flinttones (C) (R) Cartoons 5:30 PM 8 Hunttey-Brinkley News (C) O Friendly Giant fD Walter Cronkite News (C) CD Frank Reynolds News (C) CD Ozzie and Harriet (R) 6D Batman (C) (R) 5:45 PM O Merlin the Maeidan GARDEN SHOP SALE Open nightly 'til 9! Ortho® Weed-B-Gon and sprayer combination Kills weeds not grass! 16-ox. WEED-ft-<iON r»9U<ar pric* I AUTOMATIC SPRAYER regular pric* 3.49 total 5.18 SALE PRICE 3.98 Variety (C) Webb SAVE 1.00 EACH! BOYS'NEVER IRON SI7FS 2-16™" ^ 127 OR CX 620 Cos.ol Slacks or; JMrtfftl.99 Kodaco « Film "TOPCO" CUSHION SOLE SIZES 6-13 RE( . Stretch Crew Socks REC 49< 39t Koaacolor Film 123 2f C 'I*-i* • . ** CAMERA 1 4 00 KOOACOLOR SUPER 8 Kodak listamatic — 13.88 jn ovie FH mREC 2S9 2.19 .LACK AND WHIT! P.CTU«S IN 13 SECONDS cTS, SYLVANU CTN. OF 12 FLAKES Polaroid Swinger **G u» 13.67 [| 0 shcubes «- -1.29 GC. M3 OR M3B-CTN. OF 12 FLASHES AG1 Oft AC1 B CTN. OF 12 FLASHES FlashMbs •.« ,« 1.39 Flasbbilbs^V^l.U Panty Hose NUDE HEEL, BEIGE, SUNTAN, COFFEE, -PETITE, AVERAGE, TALL SIZES. (B Joey Bishop Judy Roberts 11 PM SD Coantry Pierce H:3» PM Q) New* (C) 12 Sign Olt MIDNIGHT O New* (C) li:IS Movi* — "Viva Revolution!" (1956) Maria Felix, Pedro Armendariz; two lovers are caught up In a Mexican revolution . . . only average; 1:35 Sign Off IB Movie — "Untamed Women" (1962) Mikel Conrad, Carol Brewster; Air Force crew winds up on uncharted Island with plenty ot dames . . . cockeyed but interesting; 1:25 Sign Ofl 12:2* AM • Movie — "Ride the High Iron" (1967) Don Taylor, Sally Forrest, Raymond Burr; a love story, this is about the fast-living set and the pub lie relations exports who are hired to keep their names out of the papers . . . fair enough; 1:50 Sign Oil ORTHO® WHIRLY-DUSTER Fast uniform application of orna mental ond vegetable dustv Light and compact, with extra length noziel Ortho Isotox garden spray 2 98 n. QUART 4.98 Multi-purpose garden miccliode keeps almost all insects on rosei. flowers. trees, shrubs. Ortho Systemic rose and flower care Easy to use, no moing t^% O $ Kills sucking insects, cer M tain chewing insects ^^5-». 10-LB. SIZE 4.98 CN Pbnt Wages Up ARLINGTON, Tex. 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