Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 14, 1946 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1946
Page 2
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mws^ PAMPA NiWS Thursday, March 14, ny.r-r ^"•j-r.-yr.'—ff fa ..?,- ,,-y, .--, - ' f Pi-Hot that people -still have eon- VfetitoS. irruch less the "courage to follow their convictions" as well as the fight to have them, was brought out In the process of investigating jurymen in the Lincoln Ekern case rrtftn said that if art order df indictment was presented by a grSfld jury, the defendant in any 6&se would probably be guilty. An ifldlctment in this case was ordered last October by a grand jury. T3le man ••tfas dismissed for, as •fudge filing pointed out, by law a than Is, innocent until proven guilty. Another man called ;o serve on the , jury said, he ".lust couldn't" iServe if the case involved a verdict of trie death penalty. The case, said D&trlct Attorney Walter Rogers, Would not involve such. .- A third stated thai ho did not believe in the .suspended sentence law and was dismissed. •A fourth said, on being questioned. (hat he could not recognize "tem- •porary insanity" in any rasp, and was therefore dismissed. Another man called to servo on the jtiry was a witness in the ease and therefore ineligible. . The jurymen selected by attorneys from the 36 men called are: • .Luke Long, G. E. Harris. J. W. Henry, Ralph Glasscock. Hugh T. Greiner, Miro Pakan, R. E. Warren, E. JB. Plank. Clyde Prince, James Scott, Frank Ware and J. W. Parnell. The* remaining men, those not. previously dismissed, were excused until March 25. VMS 125 and tfSS Buckthrone from Arfftk, USS Cttrb from Kodftlk via Ketchiknn, tISS Rednour. Transport Charles Carroll. KPDN 1140 on Your Dial TlUIRSfJAY 4:00—Turn's by Rpqucat. 4 :2f>—Thralor Pnjre. 4:30—J. U Swindle. 4:4r»—Irmn Frnncis. 5 :«n~Here's Howe—MBS. f>:l. r )—Jimmy nml RoKPr. 6:30—Captain Midnlfrht—MB8. 5:4 :,—Tom M i x— M BS. 6:00—Fulton Lewis—MBS. 0:15—The Knrn Kobblers—Mt)S. 6:30—Arthur Hale—MBS. fi:45—TtiPtilc? Sports—MBS. 7:00—EI;Mnp Carrinprton's Playhouse— MHS. 7:30—RciKiios Onllory—MBS. , R:Ofl~I)juicp Muflic. 8:1".—Real Stories—MBS. 8:30—Treasure Hour of Songs—MBS. 9:00—Von Make The News—MBS. !lt30- Talk by Harold L. Ickies. 10:00—All tlin News—MBS. 10:15—Rny Anthony's Orel).—MBS. !ll:30--Kpclin(r is Mutual—MBS. Hl:-l!i— Fr.'inl'.ie Curie's Oivh.—MBS. 10:5fi—Mutual Rpportn the News—MBS. 11:00—OoodntRhr. Today's Schedule tif Redeployment - , '•• - (By The Associated Press) •f-Eighteen transports, carrying 5,705 service personnel, are expected to jitrrive today at three West Coast ports while 87 more^ troops are due to.' debark from two vessels at two East Coast ports. •-'At-New York—U. S. A. T. Gen. George W. Gbethals from Le Havro. 446 Dutch, French, Belgian and Luxemburg war brides and children. Victor Herbert form Casablanca. ! At Norfolk—William S. Halstead from Casablanca. .'At San Francisco—Miscellaneous oa-Blaokfin from Pearl Harbor, Ar- th'u'r Middleton from Pearl Harbor, BuiVch from Pearl Havbor, LCS's 45, 55,' 41, 56 and 58 from Pearl Har- b'or, Tprrence from Honolulu. :. A't Seattle—Miscellaneous on S. S. •Marine .Angel "rom Calcutta and Singapore,. USS PC 320, PCS 1422, Mainly About Pampa and Her Towns Juno Webb is the irlntnorous twn-itun Itnl who jrrnrt's the "Tom Mix And His Hlrali.'hl Shoulrrs" program for juveniles wfth iluy.s over Hie Mutual network. FRIIIAY 0:30—Yawn Patiol. 7:00—Open Bible. 7:!)()—SIXIBS liy Juily Miirtin. 7 :.10- Piano Moods. 8 :00—Frazier Hunt, New».—MBS. S:IS •—Slindy Valley Folks MHH. S ::.'<)-Vhady Valley Foika-'MBS 8 ::iO—Shiidy Valley Folks. S:fl5—Hcil Cross. 9:00—Once Over Llchtly—MI3S. 9:15—Piimpn Party Line. 0:30—Tic Tock Time—MBS. 0:33—Fun With Music—MUS. ' 10:00—Cecil Hrown—MBS. 10:1K—Elsu Mnxwcll.—MBS MAGNETO R £ P A (RING Complefe Stock of Parts Factory Authorized Sales and • Service for WICO Fairbanks-Morse K W Bendix SPMTDORP Robert Bosch E2SEMANN American Bosch All Work Guaranteed Radcliff Bros. Electric Co. Phone 1220 Pampa 517 S. Cuyler E SHOPS CASH AND CARRY ^Without Painful Backache Ij^iiy Buffered relieve noggins backache Jjolcwy, OIICB fhcy discover thrit the real cause) of their trouble roay be tired kidneys, j, The WditayB pre Nature's chief way of tak- nas the excess ackls ar.d waste out of the ttpo'd.' They Kelp most people pass about 3 ptoti a'day. :-Mf hen disorder of kidney function permits jfKJlsonoUs matter to ir. your blood, it Way'causeiiasgihebackache.rl.sumttticpains, |eg_f>ainSt'lpB3 of pep and enei'jry. getting up illgntg, g\ye)ling, puffi'ne^' xmdep tlie tyea. f^dacnes and dizainess. Frequtrit or scanty passage's with smarting and burning Eo'me. tio)e? sh9\v^ there ia sometliiiiff wi'ong with you): Wneys or bladder. • Dpri't.waltl Ask your drugfist for Doan's P(ll3,'a'stimulant diuretic, used euccessfully ,---,--_ -Utpl 'yfiur blood. Get .Doan'i 11:0(1—Lyle Van, News—MBS. 11:15—SOIIBB by Morton Downey.—MBS. 11:30—J. T,. Swindle. News. ll:4!i-Ti> H<> AnnniiliCLMl. 1-:00 -Purslt-y Program. IB: 15— I.nm »nd Abncr. 12:30- Luncheon with Lopez—MBS 12:45—John J. Anthony—MBS. 1 :00—Ceilric Foster—MBS. 1:15—Smile Time—MHS. 1:30—Queen for a Day—MBS. 2:00- True Confessions—MBS. l!:.'iO -News for Toiluy-—MBS. 2:45—Sonirn in a Modern Manner, 3 :00—10it!kin Johnson—MBS, 3:15—The Johnson Family—MBS. 3:SU—Mutual's Melody Hour—MBS. 4:0"—Tunes By Jiequest. Tonielil on Nelwurks Nf!C—7 Bums niul Allen: 7:,",(! Diniih Shore; S Itinjr Croshy; S :.')0 Jack Haley land Eve Anlun ; » Abbott and Costello CHS- -7 Suspense: X Andre Kostelanetz ; O'Neil K:30 Hobby Lobby.- 0:30 Danny AHC--10:30 Professor Quiz; 7:3(1 Town Meeting: S :.'JO Detect and C«l- l«"j . . . MBS—7, C'arrinttton Playhouse; 7:1C Untriies Cnllery : X :;)0 Treasure Hour of Sonjf. Tomorrow' on Networks NBC—S:,'IO a.m. Daytime Classics; 11 Words and Music; 7:30 Duffy's Tavern; 8 IVonle Are Funny; X :30 Waltz Time' !l Mystery Theater . . . CHS 8:15 a.m. Arthur Godfrey; 2 p.m. "You're in the' Act•1 School of the Air; 7 The Aldrich Family; N Holiday anil Company; (I Dannye Knye . . . AHC--10 Breakfast in Holly- wonil ; 1:30 Hridu and Groom: 0:30 The Loni KaiiRcr: 7 :MO This Is Your FBI; S Alan Youpy; VI Boxing MBS—12:15 Vincent Lopez; 2 True Confessions; 3:40 Mejntlv Hour. 7 Vnssport to *:.']<! Spotlight Bands Homance; ffy/iiptoms of dl.strcss arlslay from btoniacli ulcwrs duo to t-xcess aciu, sour stomach, poor digestion, tiezrlbarn, vas> ttc., duo to excess acid relieved quicker thjp yqu would b'lleve posillila unlea< you're tried TJiliSIN Money back it you're not relieved quicker, more effeoitrely. OA CUETNKY DRUG STORES Me. and Mrs. F\i>$A Cf<m Spent the weekend Vis* ing iri Port Worth where they attended the Southwestern Livestock Exposition. Cat leaving tot Lfcs Angeles Saturday or Sunday. Can take two pas- ficngers. Call 915J.* Try, us for two rtay service at the Nu-Way Cleaners. 307 W. Foster. Phone 57.* Miss Barbara jatie Brotherton of Amarlllo is a guest in the home of her untie and aunt, Mr. and Mrs, G. P. Branson this week. Wanf. to muy or borrow tarnberlfic. Call McMurtry Studio. Phone 2330.* Attention Rupimage Sale Saturday, March 17. Mayiag Shop, 516 S. Cuyler. Sponsored by W.S.C.S. Harrah Methodist Church.* Rnv. R. Q. Harvey, pastor of the Central Baptist church, has returned from Dallas where he attended to business the first of the week. Miss Mildred Martin will present Elessi Ellis in a piano recital at the Church of the Brethren Friday night at 8 p.m.* Our, finp art of dry cleaning garments to a new smartness. Master (Cleaners. 218 N. Cuyler.* Mr. and Mrs. George Roxburgh and children attended the funeial ••ervices for Mrs. Roxburgh's father, Alvin R. Robinson, in Borger yesterday. Mr. Robinson, who was 76 years of age at the time of his death, had been a resident of l*.r- gp'- since 1926. For Veterans Cab Phone 1555.* Girls Attention: Ride your bicycle to Roy & Bob's Bicycle Shop and register for the Peddle Pushers sport, slacks to be given away Saturday 16th. Start your- bicycle club today. 414 W. Browning.* Mr .and Mrs. II. C. Thornton and daughter, Jan, left this week to make their home in Odessa. Thornton was recently discharged from 'he armed forces, ?nd is returning to his former position as general manager of the United Supply com- pnnv in that city. i The Dvchftss Beauty Shop will open March 13, in now location over Empire Cafe, 115 S. Cuyler, Call 427 for appointments. Mrs. Myrtle En- )oe, owner." Sheep, well rotted, delivered and spread. Write Loekhan & DenniSi Star Route No. 2, Pampa.* < Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth New of Lubfcock were visitors in the homes of relatives here recently. Income Tax Reports. Edgar Payne, 208 N. Cuvler. Phone 1434." W. L. Bovles of this city was in Panhandle Tuesday and while there was a guest of the Lion's club at its noon meeting. ":••:• Dance to the Blue Rrythm boys every Tuesday and Friday nights at KillarneyClub.* Mr. antl Mrs. Floyd Hand of Skellytown are the parents of a daughter who arrived in Worley hospital March 9.. The baby weighed eight and one-half pounds and has been named Judy Fav. Dance every Thursday anil Saturday nights to Pinky Powell's Orchestra at Southern Club. 75 cents per person,* H. L. Pofk, Mrs. Robert Polk and son, Randy, of th:s citv spent the week-end visiting in Wellington with '•pJj'Mves Rnd friends. 24 Hour Service. City Cab. Ph. 441.* Gues<s this week in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. s. O'Brien are Mrs. Dewev Burris of Eldorado, Kans.. and MY. and Mrs. Noel Harrison of Stanford, 111. Mrs. Burris and Mrs Harrison are daueJgers of Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien. Dance with the Irish Lassies at the V.P.W. Legion hall Saturday night, March 16. Public invited and we'll be there. Why not come and bring a friend. Benefit Teen Age Canteen. Dance Committee * Pacific, 3 Tall Cans •(Adv.) MANN'S B E E A D Pe it playtime appetite or mealtime "balance," GENUINE MALTED MILK BREAD pleases member of the family. QnJy the finest ingredients can make a loaf as rich, packed with slice-for-slice goodness as is MALTED MILK BREAD. „ Amarillo, Texas Eighi More Pampans Eafer Army Service Seven original enlistments and one reenlistment wore accomplished during I'.iio week by the local army '•eeniitinrv office, according to Sgt. Delbert W. Nunn, recruiting officer Reenlistir.- for three years and fisin" tli« corps and and the Europe theater was Pdgar L. Scoggins (36), husband of Mrs. Pave Scoggins, 643 South Barnes Street, Pampa. Scoggins is " veteran of 49 months spryfce wit : h 35 months in the Pacific theater. He holds the American Defense Service medal, Good Conduct medal, Unit Citation and Pacific ribbon with'3 tattle stars. Original enlistments include Ger- tld Lee Worthington <18), son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Worthington, 707 S. Frederick St. Gerald mined fpr three years and chose the army air forces and the Euro- oean theater. Hermon Bell, jr., son of Mrs. Hermon Bell, sr., 115 E. Brice St., joined for three years and chose the army iir forces arid the Europe theater Raymond Henry Psenick (17), son "f Mr. and Mrs. Rpbert P. Psenick •.ox 140-B, «t- t. Pampa, joined for fnree years a;nd chose the cavalrv •ind Europe theater. Earl D. Looper (18), son of Mr apd Mrs. Joe Cooper, Bt. 2, B6x 36s Pampa. joined for three years and chose the cavalry and Europe theat- Joe Ted Stone (18), son of Mr and Mrs. Jessie T. Stone, 407 E. Scott Street .and husband of Mrs- Liila Pearl Stone joined for three years and chose the cavalry and Europe theater, Louis Lindy Mason (18), son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted T. Mason, general delivery, Mobeetie, joined for 18 months urasn'OT'jid. B. J, Gillis (18), son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Gillis, 109 S. Purvjance St., joined for 18 rnonths unassigned. The best way to obtain permanent oeace is to jsoucentrete on peaceti^? uses of atomic energy, reveal,toe basic principles, w|uph, is we public knowledge, W4 trate on preven&g the RexJ; wh,tph wpuld he Jflst by hqth. gj,aes. M. I1[^tcl^,i^s, chftnceUw y, HOMINY Von Camp's, No. 2 T /2 can KRAUT 100 Wisconsin Superior, qfr. jar , " ** TENDERONI Van Cc-mp's, 3 pkgs. GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Bestex 46-oz. can 31' FURR'S MEATS FISH FOR LENT PERCH FILLET <» 470 FILLET OF HADDOCK » . 45e HALIBUT STEAK »> 486 RED SALMON IB. 530 COTTAGE CHEESE .„ 180 LUNCH M E A T WIENIES Small Type, Ib. TORTILLAS POTATO SALAD Boneless Fillet of Cod A " orte 290 290 , b 300 )b . 430 fravfes, stews, etc BLACKEYE PEAS Mrs. Briggs, 2 jars TOP^TC 1 TREAT! PecanBiiigs /... •''• -.(•''•- . • . .- "(v ' - <t ' ( ''.I 1 Marshmallow Bblls.... 25c . • . . • .-'• : . '. • '. "'• Swiss Sweei Eolls, •'•-'. ... ?'.' Boston Cream Pies Apple f Ms, each ..' 7k SALAD DRESSI1NG Savory qr. 39' RITZ Crackers/ Ib. box 23' DATES Fresh All Purpose/ Ib. pkg. PRIED APPLES 1-lb. bag 52« TOMATO JUICE Libby's, 4$-oz. can G PRUNE PLUMS Pacific Mist, No. 21/2 can 23' CRUSTEKE BEANS Besfrex; No. 2.can 16' 3-lb. carfon PEiGHES Rosedale, No. 2!/2 can 27' T F £ JCi M Upton's, Ib. 'box SOUP Rosed ale, large jar Campbell's Tomato 3 cans In Heavy Syrup/No. 21/2 con CO B N Milford Whole Kernel, No. 2 can ORANGES GRAPEFRUIf 390 Solid Green Heads- 31bs. W MTATOES NP, i REW 9 rwH. TE s 1d"ib, mesh bag 41c AVACADOS Nice Size 2 for 25C GREEN BEANS lb 236 Marsh Seedless * 54 size; 5c Flprido Golden Hegrt Ib, 10c TuaifiPi Ni8eGreenT n bi . n ^m SPINACH M*'«yM*, ^ Ib ,l(j0 Onion Sels,Onion Plants,

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