The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 7, 1952 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 7, 1952
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•is? • \VF ATI IEK-—Partly cJoudy ^ i fhundershowers. Little ^JSSres Saturday night !' LOVV tonight 69, high to« ' Motif-rat* 1 easterly winds. 316 Only THE B^YTOWN SUN r li Tells The BAYTOWN BAYTOWN. TEXAS Saturday, June 7, 1952 TODAY'S NEWS TODAY TELEPHONE: 8302, Five Cehh Per Copy' Mo-, June 7 (U.P.)—President Truman pushed back at Sen. Robert Taft and other critics S defense program and said that American planes Lb the enemy at will" in Korea. t'iief executive denounced the "terrible amount of [ysiation about our situation in the air over Korea" j the Air Force has been able to "maintain air supper North Korea." fiseans we can bomb the enemay at will, almost eve*• in his territory," Mr. Truman said. His remarks were seen as a stern rebuke to the recent criticism of his Air Force policies by Taft and other critics. But the President injected a sob- r note by warning the world Russian-made "new Koreas" present IkHAEL J. O'NEILL , He . said the Kremlin might be IV June 7 OB—Wai- Panning new and greater warfare " IT. S. ambassador Jf amst *« Democracies of the , jsid Saturday two Rus- West - =Hberate!y buzzed" his The President conceded, ho»v- £sg 2 Eight from Vienna ever, that on the forbidden side of the Yalu river, the question of air incident occur- superiority might be a different ffe'jir corridor over the st01 ^- kzse of Austria, where U. And Mr. Truman struck repeat- Th'.e a right to fly at edly at the possibility of new Russian-inspired outbreaks. Posfoffice Pay Finally Gefs Here HOUSTON, June 7 —(UP) —An offer by Sen. Robert A. Taft, to compromise f on the disputed Texas delegation to the Republican national convention was cold shouldered by Eisenhower backers today. Jack Porter, state campaign manager for Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, said the "Republican party cannot afford to compromise with corruption." Taft said at a news conference in Indianapolis Friday that he favored compromise on a "fair basis" in "all contests where there are serious legal differences." The Taft backers and Eisenhower Forty-three postal employes in. Baytown had finally received their pay checks Saturday. Their pay was four days late because ot a congressional deadlock. The deadlock was broken NEW YORK, June 7 —(UP)' —Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower told his second political when the House and Senate press conference Saturday 'whipped through a §968-million jv . Prp<sw3pnKnf thex TT Q I appropriations bill carrying- £" a !" ^ ^-^luczj.!, ui u-ie o.o. , funds for the salaries of postof- ne WOUld go ^any place HI ' fice workers and other employes, the World" to meet Russian, i Premier Josef Stalin if he ' t thought that would promote [ the peace and security _-;6f i the world. , >- ; But Eisenhower added, quicklyt ' "I'm not so certain' that is "the j. way to do things." ^ [ Eisenhower made the statement J in reply to a question as'to wheth-*] er he would favor a personal [ meeting with Stalin- if he LYNX ENDERLI CHESTER BURCHETT RALPH McPHEETERS EDDEE * JAMES GRAY PLATO GENE BRADY TOMMY GENTRY PARIS, June J «fl— Military counter - espionage agents raided elected president. „, , „•' , ^-; supporters will each send delega- Communist cells in four big ports Eisenhovver opened his. second. , tions to Chicago, claiming the right and naval bases Saturday and "press conference as _a candidates -to cast texas 38 convention votes, seized documents which officials for the Republican -presidential; said dealt with the national '— i: — —""- ~ «:_^--Li-defense. He deplored an American trend toward relaxation of the defense effort. The cold fact is that we are still no advance notice. a deliberate buzzing," told a reporter. fcsisa officials must have t the plane." was the first in- in great danger," he said, liancan flights over the "We cannot tell what the Krem- Ausina as far_as ]in j s planning." the chief execu- I- «Ld recall Russian tive said. "There maybe new of- Seven student leaders from | : * repeated y buzzed Al- fensives in Eora. There may be •"r-ng m the air com- new Koreas in other parts of the Ifeto. and recently Red giobe. T^ Communists mav even Delegates to Boys State in Austin State Taft chairman Henry Zweifel, of Fort Worth said in a statement that his group has been ready ''at all times" to listen to a ^ naval tribunal Toulon naval base at the great nomination with a re-affirfhaticn. of his previous, statement, that j a "d security is the" greatest } charged settlement offer from the Eisen- that the Communist party was act- hower faction. ''We would of course, like ^to avoid a fight before the Creden- also * ssue of the campaign andean im- factor to ; he contributing j ng against the external security other Present problems of govern-'; O f France "on behalf of a foreign mnt - - " -•"'-• "* power" _ obviously Russia. Robert E. Lee and Cedar Bayou gates will be Rex Rowell, a dele- Student Council, ' is - parliamen- the convention wQl uphold high schools leave Sunday for a gate last year who has been ask- tarian in the Music club, end sec- majority rule and seat the duly week m Austin as delegates to ed to return as a. junior adviser. ' retary of the x Junior Ministerial elected Texas delegation." y. aa Air .ranee p.ane be planning greater attacks than Boys State. armor, injuring some W e have seen up to this point... The seven are Tommy Gentry, tical training school-In state'gov- know...we cannot be Ralph McPheeters, Chester ernmeht. The boys organize a e r ha vino- won ^j— T7"^v/»»» o™»-n " T-> . ,. —. —, i .-»....-.>. _... a . •< *•"*' Jiaviil 0 null sid ihe Air, Force :\xch ha was riding was we do sure. . ,, 4 ..- ff Tne President's statements be- (srartes after Dicing- off f O re the annual reunion of the 35th Plato and L y«n .riLa airport in Vienna. Division, his World War I outfit, Ccdar Bayou. sdthe air force pilot appeared to be a flat contradic- p course during the tion of recent reports concerning it his plane. Ke add-" American air strength. Conviction of any Communist leaders for this offense could entail the death penalty. In Toulon, Brest, Lorient and secret Communist cells. _ „ ile saici ne was re ady to, do any .> io find a satisfactory;- pro- gram which will bring, peace and , security to the United States and 4 to tfle nations with which we must i "Eisenhower said - he had" been. tials committee at Chicago," said. ' Porter said, "we are preparing to present our case for honest elections before the Republican nation- Bordeaux—the ports through, which Accompanying the Baytown. dele- two years. He also belongs to the a l convention. I am confident'that American military aid 15° comin^ the to France-special agents of the delu ged with advice against mak~ territorial security division COST), ™S campaign speeches- on -- tine «*„.,., « , ^ delegation." the French FBI, and police "riof 5 eme ° f + £ G u Ce ' i ts ™ o * derful • Boys State is designed as a prac- Alliance. He plans to be a minister. "There is no dispute as to the squads swept down suddenlv on . e J^dtcated he intended to go on. He also is something of a soeak- * aw " or "& e facts'," he said. "33 " "»«—••"- +'-* the district" boys Eisenhower delegates and five y- f ignoring those advisers. -4 ., . „ „ _ . , - - ~, 0 .. w ^ -««... » UJ o ..—„-—_ -_ Magistrate Ternand Roth of Tou- . "I can't conceive anything more Burchett, Gene Brady and Eddie legislature and debate and pass declamation contest J He also sin^s Ta£t delegates were lawfully elec- ] O n France's greatest .naval-base important to the American .people Grav of Robert E. Lne «nrf .Tamps rvtiis Th*« TI/^VC sfuv «f fh^ Rt-ni-p';^ «-t~_ t-;~i_ __t i ^t.^- , , -fc/5 in "fo-vac " .-j i-u_^ »< ^_j. *.; . j than security and "oeace in. this 1.... ---^Ir.s Truman,said "here are the corndor facts/. but^he'iisec pbnes cn-er the to interpretation. These Were 'his words: I James bills. The boys stay at the State,i n the high school choir and" has ted in "Texas. Enderli from School for tHe Deaf in Austin. a grade average of B" plus.-He is All seven of the delegates" are^he-son of Mrs. E.~B. Hollaway of Boys State is sponsored annual- good scholars and" active leaders 230 West Main : ly by the Texas Department of the in school. They will" all be seniors 'Burchett t - son of Mr and Mrs American,Legion and by the local next year. ' ' 'Chester G.* Burchett of 4.11 West > posts. Darrell Tuck, of the Tri : Gentry, son of Mr. and Mrs., Repuhhc,- has an A minus c'rade ,- n Cities Post,No. 323 is chairman-of George H- Gentry^ Zla^^t^ Adoue, '"avera'ge.-v'Hc has lettered in° Sui- j s the project in'the BaytowrT are'a'. Is a* letterrnan^n"- f^e^bSCah^ba^fci^- KLe -* 1 - L ''"'"" " ^"Vi-nnftrtJ !*» r» CT- \vifVi i-Vie> ATnorinon trafK^n TT^ •'-»«• »^r *• ^i^n^r^r^a-^ — A^^ fVtr* J_ said that "very interesting docu- peace m ments." oertaining to the national troubled world » Eisenhovver-.said., defense -"had-been r seized -in the He s ? ld .^ e Iacl 5,^ hen house ~6f^Mafms-Bertrand, a P eace ln the _world- mih'tant Communist. , ''Sensational" arrests may result from the latest action in the ruthless anti-Red offensivtcbeing waged «»*• <. government, high, taxes 1 , period of trial and .To hear some people talk T .would think we were completely outclassed over there—and at the :IW |' mercy of the Russian-made enemy f>\ Baytown safety sir force. jble, was named to "Now, of course, that isn't true .^rectors of the Gulf a t all. Here are the facts. We have •*oi_tte American So- been able to maintain air supremacy over North Korea. "That means we can bomb the Co-operating with the American ketball. He''is '&. _ ___ Legion in sponsoring the delegates Football club and was a city coun-^ of the History club and also rates 'Robert ;r J^l_,Taft^pocketed,20 more *f«n !>vi-?,,t and P a >^ n S their expenses are five cilman during civic week at RoBert the SSLC national honor society. national "convention delegates Sat- grave charge by the Toulon tri- other Baytown organizations, the E. Lee. His grade average is B Brady is a Highlands boy, the ur '3 a 5 r an d. appeared certain to pick buna! that Reds were acting Kiwarns, Lions end Rotary clubs, plus. son of Mr. and Mrs. T. E.' Brady, the Elks lodge and the Junior McPheeters has been manager of He has an A minus grade the basketball team for -the past (See 7 Students—Page Two) o^baCab^m^SV^oStb^VVn^^ -V. - "by "strong,man" Premier'Antoine-^ P?« woria is gomg ^tnrpiign^ member ^Obe^tat^i&SFbd^ ^ a ad, which,seems to ^threaten fee .vas a city coun-^f theTSstory club and 2^ StL Hobert.JVl.Taft^pocketed 20 more Th'efe'was^gr^af mterest^rf^^-ff-^V VT ft U fi^^ff^^ s ° -•: - „„!, „? -D^^^L *-_-- cZz-r r, Z . , . - , ^oHnnii vy,r,, v ^r,frr,^ /? a ion-o+ Dr c^f- «^,« „»,—«„>,„ -n,= T^,,I^ *„• nigtily, 1 d certainly make>a speech r U P 10 more as Eisenhower forces against France's external security of spurned his offer to comprpmise _ on disputed state delegations. "on behalf of a foreign power." The charge is the- most serious ,« , - h , " f I1II " ,, W1UU Engineers at a ! &' group in Houston. RScftiieTallepsen corn- enemy at will, almost everywhere chapter. HOUSTON, June 7 «R—A 41-year- old Mission, Tex., farmer, weary from four hectic days of cotton |lo?ew fr ° m Jta annual session conference opening 2 First Mehodist Reading of of preachers in the will climav There nre churches in thp rs, on the Yalu river, we do not have supremacy, but we do have a clear superiority in air pow- picking, raced into Houston in a er—which means we can reach our pickup truck shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday with the year's first bale of cotton. Rav Barnick stands to gain better than $3,000 for iiis efforts. Gen'Dwight D. Eisenhower's po- yet leveled against the Commu- -.-.,. , -, . litical managers vowed to ,casry ,nists by the Pinay government. Rested in young people because the .fight for the disputed delegates Persons charged with such a crime ^frld^troISS burdjen - of ^ e . all, the way to the Republican pres- are liable to the death penalty, idential "nominating convention,' There was speculation that .the just HOUSTON, June 7 UP>—A 47- year-old Negro carpenter was which opens in v Chicago just a charge might form the basis for month from Saturday. ' a government move to outlaw the Indiana^ Republicans Friday French Communist party, which night elected 20 Taft-supporting has an estimated membership of - delegates and ^, Q who favor * E ^._ 700j000 and 5 votes enhower. The Ohio Senator was ex- in a recent election. even though we have to fight off opposition." What Mr. Truman said to a shirt - sleeved audience of World War I buddies and their wives may it will be Monday before Bar- and ; morning. Sud- have been aimed primarily at the nick actually knows how much his generals of the Russian air force. 498-pound bale is worth. The Kous- Members of the President's staff ton Cotton Exchange, which an- also said the speech was designed nually pays the attractive bonus to make "the record" clear. for the first bale, is normally clos- Mr. Truman took the occasion to ed on Saturdays, flay "short sighted" politicians opposing his defense and foreign aid programs. no excuse for laying to our exchange, said bidding for the (See Houston—Page Two) BROWNWOOD, Tex., June 7 (UPJ—}Irs^ Jessie Detrain can see today just because she was hit on the head with a suitcase. The 18-year-old woman, blinded in her fight eye a year ago when struck by lightning, said her sighi. wa.s restored Friday when hsr husband's car overturned and a suitcase bounced off her head. She was waiting- outside the shcrif Pa office at Brownwoocl after the accident, and suddeniy cxclaimed to her husband: "I can sec—better than before blinded." charged with assault to murder pected to get Indiana's 10 addition- It was disclosed that Hernand the chest and shoulder, was Roy Calvin Wells who identified Hightower as the assailant in a police lineup Friday night. "I want to see them take hold ' -. now," he said. ^ ~ Then, .speaking generally, of' all ' specific issues, Eisenhower said he would have to discuss them all, with "the experts." The press conference was held in the east ballroom of the-Hotei Commodore. , v-- ^«, ' Following it and a brieftlunch-, Eisenhower was to begin his closed ' door political huddle with his in- - fluential Republican backers. I Eisenhower is scheduled to meet^ Pennsylvania Gov, John S. Fine at a luncheon Sunday. A meeting be- * tween the "general and the,70-vote Pennsylvania delegation sometime The' Robert E. Lee band will southern tunes played during the next week was believed probable. ., "fK^tfs'nl' o '^T^VvTCk OftT*Pfkt*f T '•^ ft n m r»nr*TTor»f-tn-n Ae r\f Ttrmr T^/3nr»etj-t*»'5Y!»o t\ne- t"Ua state convention Saturday. (See French — Page Two) and released on $2.500 bond Sat- al delegates at the second half of Revest, secretary or the Commu- urday after giving himself up to police for the "mistake" stabbing of a city bus driver Thursday night. He was Reese Hightower, who . surrendered through attorney Per-_ School Musicians Get High Praise Thursday in celebration of its re- The band returned to Baytown largest bloc of uncommitted dele"Fm sorry I stabbed you," High- turn from & e convention of the } ate Friday with Director J. C. g ates - Twenty-seven are reponed tower told Wells after being iden- Sons of Confederate Veterans in Burkett and the members still to favor Eisenhower, 18 favor Sen. ^ *------ •—• -•• --".-•• - vj| .•. jg^i. cnrt \Ticc _i - f ,T r T -, "Rnlvirf A T*3ff f"R_T»hirvl =nr? 9=\ " tified. "It should have other man." The Decision time in his- °!JProfessional •ff Engineers, Bay- has is no justification for slashing appropriations for defense or aid to our, allies." Mr. Truman was bitterly critical of what he called election year "loose talk." "This is not - the year to play around with meat axes in the field of national security. Far from it. The Kremlin is going to make the most of this year to frighten the West — to try to undermine the morale of the free nations and split them apart," For the'most part the Pres-p ident's speech, the high point of ' OWn *" s ^^t with the men who know him as "Captain Harry," was a playback of his frequently-voiced • Mrs. J. p. fear that people — primarily his 1>air of sunglasses opponents in Congress—are begin- tef.v.« diamonds nin § to relax. taken the to their ; 6 pan. next lawn of the ity building, "t: members at 601 North telephone num- Baytown ilk Team ins Championship Miss. glowing from the praise heaped on Robert A. Taft (R-Ohio), and 25 band will review all the them by the Sons of Confederate ar * uncommitted. The uncom- Veterans mitted delegates are reported to be, T , '' , ... , ., . , wilh'ng to throw their votes to the In fact, they liked the band so can didate favored by Fine/ Fine said Friday night he made up his well it has been voted the official band of the orgamzafaon.- Mem- not> as bers approved the following resolution: , "That we extend to the director and members of Robert E. high school band of Beytown, Texas, our heartiest „ thanks and sincerest congratulations upon their outstanding: and inspiring performance at this convention Democracy is safe as long as and be it further resolved that industry and citizens are willing-"to" they be designated the official tax themselves for facilities for band of the Sons of Confederate the training- of youth, Dr. C. ^C.- Veterans." - " Colvert, professor and consultant/ This in spite of the fact that for in Junior education at the Univer-. the past seven years the U. S. sit >* of Texas, told the Lee, College. Navy and Marine bands have play- graduating-class and their-parent*4 ed for the convention. " * nd friends, - >~ . . _~ •' 'EM DEEP—This latest photo of Baytown end of Bay- to%vn-La Porte tainnel shows pile-driver poundinj: down piles which will hold np roadway, while dragline completes excavation alonj; sloping sides of tunnel approach. Inbound tanker can also be seen in channel directly over tunnel. i te The ritual team from the Bey- ^claiffis that every town Elks lodge has won the state .7* team w named championship for the third .^^ ^ —an^daughter of a buildings as the Galveston Court L fiffi 51 loses - • - st ^Sht year. pioneer who laid the foundation House. Results of t j ie ka Jl nU S,w°ctf?P of 3. South Texas industrial fin- Later Haden was to build the were announced at the Elks stole Cedar ^ . ft thg 1890 - s first mechanical oyster shdl dredge convention m S^^Satiwday. | aturday added the latest to a ^ d found the W. D. Haden Co. the outstanding member of a Ume On QUICKIES' (G. Rogers photo) . . By Ken Reynolds Rain halted the first concrete .,..,, „ BI T" TV7^J Saturday added the latest to a ^nd found the W. D. Haden Co. P<>«r on the Baytown approach to \\ilton Roper was gwen atropny fi ^ t ^ ^^ servlng Baytown and and the .Bay-Houston Towing Co. the Baytown-La Porte tunnel Sat._ ... . tslandmg memoer 01 a ^ Ga i vest on - Houston shipping i t is the fleet of the latter which arday morning. Project Superin- &* bay these r ^ ai team - Roper % esq S r V«l area, the "Jennifer George," recently tendent J. E James reported. P tast *>*<* from an Rice »t out Bubba the Baytown group. Rev. P. Wai ter Henckell T exalted ruler on the she is 13-month-old Jennifer completed at the Alexander Ship- Concrete work was stopped after &ne is - ' s |n Xgw Qrlan ^ Saltir--two batches had been poured, and J * « utsiand ' n ^ in g n.*mtw>«' l Chf ToOO Horsepower tug her name at day. roadway work-will be resumed on a christening ceremony at Pier 11 Cecil BL Haden, ^on of the Cedar the Baytowa side after the excava- in Galveston*. .The baby's parents Bayou pioneer and president of W. tion is dried out again, James ^iid, are Mr and itrs. W. H."George Jr. IX Haden Co. and the Bay-Hous- First sections ol ro&dway on"the ton Towing Co., introduced the La Porte side have already been _ ._ _.._ great grand- process now used in making Hme^ poured, and "cut and cover" sec- and daughter of Uie late W. D. Haden; from J>ystcr shell. This is the pro- tions at the La Porte end have been who came to Cedar Bayou in the cess that made possiblejpcation of put In place." These sections are ?*&'£?£ s±i t\£ J sr ssss? ^s^s- *. ^ OS ' A ' JS ^C^- 0 , leen f cd Curing knight; Xelson D. ^f^ 6 ?^ f^h"* 1 "' j'siws "anTestablished a business of such industries as Dow Magnesium in effect a concrete extthisio* of is ine ± e .... Tf_'A^ v,o,,»?««. v.nw-c across Galveston and Champion Fibrr and Paper the tunnel tubes at either end/ of the convention. Dressed in hoop ^^'"^T^*} 1 «-i » -~ ,i *ns vJlCy couiu STjli isj skirts and carrying a parasol, she _ ? k ' h __. to t «an^ "Saron^t." ""Pn!- On Vn^r nlrf UL , l "T, UOW l ° * ei " peopje. Then, he listed 16 traits character which will ""make one like yon though you may Before'Ihe commencement *' ad-J_ dress, the new Lee College plant ^ was dedicated by President George^ H.,Gentry^ Al R. Stark, president* of the SaytoVtfTt board of trustees, "and Dr. Ben F- Ammons, cf th&~ (See Be Friendly—Page TwoX I - isDead Mrs. Armilda Icet, SS, pioneer resident of«Cove, died at 4:30 am, at her hotn6. ~- Fur.eral services will l>e held at p.m. Sunday'at the Paul U. Lee Funeral home with Rev, Buford Harrell of Mont Belvieu Baptist 'Church officiating. Burial will be at Icet Centetery at Cove, Sur-/ivors are three daughters, ByOIin'Mfller l° w ot Rebecca WelcTi, Mrs. Winnie W being *wjd- Harnion. Mrs. - Gladys - Avera, all ow of Cove; and two wns, Qxrincy K n ?eii0a hauline bricks across Galveston and Champion ~SZ* t ZSJSS*?%»%£S* SfS, £ coition of such ,^ », G,« oo,< **. . . somt v thinsr yon found in The Son Want Ad to Imy—or Icet of - Cove and Ross Tcet of - Genoa. j • . % v Also surviving- 1 <are^ 17 e"*"*'*— ->-"i is great-grandcbil~ * to raised STnaT K~aIec * .+ rambunctious Jr boy. Chicago Soa-Timcs

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