The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 16, 1962 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1962
Page 9
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RA*6$PO*T AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TIXAS, SUN., SEPTEMBER u, THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Cdlterlal—Adv.—BE 3-3511—Classified—BE 3-2*11 PAGE TAT MORGAN POINTS TO HONfi KONO-A UWO WAY FKOM TEXA/T In nnolher year the Morgan* cupcct to be living In tho British colony iFOR DAVID MORGAN FAMILY -Phola by *. P. Dnmby * Entering foreign mission field was a big decision wife and four children, he is at • last to start training for n foreign I mission assignment. for persons in his profession. every lacet ol I their lives. The past few months Jackson First Baptist Church will j be telling Morgan goodbye at a re- He- and his wife have been Bap-ihave Ix-en filled wilh their "home. lists for many years, and attend- work" in meeting requirements for cd high school together. His homc-i town Is Biloxl, Miss, where his; wife also lived. Morgan was a hospital corps- as missionaries. ! During this time the Morgans al- jso were concerned with the way i ception following the regular wor- mnn, in the Navy from 1^3 to 79* ^tMr^X^J'S ship semce. On Tuesday he will In iso he obtained a degree in in l,,kc Cteon ^ Ml they B?nHsiT™lo^'l± V ° rlcans ,! )Usiniras "'""inistrn.ion at the Un-i would understand." their mother Bdptist rheoloKist Seminary. iversily of Houston, then a degree j said. Morgan reports Ihat the yorgan resigned his position as ; in hospital administration from "youngster..Tare inaccord and are |Bftn.»stn.tor of Community Ho,.;Northwestern University in IKxVgrowmg more' exdted about the IE ° f Brnzosport this week aftcr ; Mrs. Morgan graduated from Miss-!change all the time |he and his wife, Carolyn, were ap-1isslppi :Southern College. i While the missionary appoint •-omted as misslonaircs hy the; Morgan Ihrn launched his career ments were pendinn Mor^T "n Bht: J i° h a ta^i'ren^n^t^owl^'rr^^a^s t^ *'' M ™^^~^**'*^ thek home, MS Sycamore,decision lor Ihe Morgans. "I felt work-irhas C b^e nn his r iifeiong^ Jackson. Tliey hope to no similar call earlier," Mrs hition" i Morgan by Thanksgiving, and Morgan said. But she, too, yearned: Married Southern Baptist mis- i. Morgan plans lo audit, or to, for n more satisfying spiritual life, sionary couples must both be a p. : In on the classes, to better j Both have been active in the proved bv the Foreign Mission •epare for the work ahead. church, fim as substitute SunrtaviBoard. bii't Mrs. Mo°£an" main re the end of a year in which School teachers, and of late, with>ponsibility will be to maintain Ihe • will also be learning to speak;Mrs. Morgan teaching a beginner home and assist as she can in nton-dialect Chinese, they nreMeparlment class and Morgan church work. In some areas of lively scheduled for service Serving as superintendent of the sen-ice, the wife may be needed [Hong Kong where Morgan ex-]intermediate department. to teach school, or to teach her tts to serve as administrator at They said they coua-^led with; own youngsters. „ ,, . , , i their- pastor, the Rev. Johnny! Mrs. Morgan has no teaching ex- llrs. Morgan hopes to work in Beard, as they were trying to^pericnce and did not lake college same hospital. We want to reach a decision. "He was a lo be a teacher but she together/ she said. The help and I believe he Is more cxcit-lgocs into missionary work willing! ildren will all be attending Brit-.ed and thrilled about this than weito serve at whatever she ran do ! i schools In Hong Hong by then, :are," Mrs. Morgan related. jShe thinks perhaps she can do sec- 1 e said, gwing her more time.; It was a little over a year ago retarial work at the hospital where! (Sneaking recently at First Bap.;that they began seriously consider- her husband will be stationed < . Uiurcn, Mi. and Mrs. Morgan ing Ihe step. Last April they wrole It was a big decision but alcd how the big change in their to the Foreign Mission Board to happiness the Morgans displayed! es came about. They told tuny start Ihe wheels in motion. in telling about it made it apparent Morgan brought home a Then i-ams the mountains of they had no qualms as to their 1 Ulet from a Woman's Missionary | iperwork lo be completed. Among future. Morgan picked the New^ »on meeting, telling o< a need of other things, l»th Mr. and Mrs. Orleans seminary because thcyj spital administrators in Baptist Morgan had to write their li/e both have relatives in that area, pssion work. stnry. They then exchanged these whom they will not see for several This renewed Morgan's desire of personal histories mid said they,years upon leaving for missionary: Unity. I ! Members shook hands with the| | Morgans atter they spoke in! church that night, wishing them| W'ell and realizing it »vas no eas> choice for them in the "after thirty" years of their lives. Episcopal Men hear Judge Joe Greenhill _The Go-Men of the Southwest laymen fn re-reading the New r-m^ati,,., „{ t ^ e Diocese of Tex- 7 W tament. as held Ihrlr quarterly meeting Dmrsdny night at St. Thomas Episcopal Church In Wharton. Judge Joe Greenhill of Austin, Our Growing Churches During the business portion ot< the meeting, Maurice Cushion from SI. Paul's Episcopal Church Freeport St. Paul Lutheran Church Women form Circle III issociale Justice of Ihe supreme | in Freeport, was elected unani- 'onal* Iftvmnn (hi i imously as incoming chairman >f the trial of ChrJ, as"conWmod! for 19G3 ' ^^ Sc hncider ot St. n the four gospels of the r Jew| Timotn y' s in Ijftkc Jackson is the Testament. retiring chairman of the Go-Men. Judge Greenhill took Ihe group The Go-Menisa n organization hrnugh a step hy step procedure formed by Ihe late Bishop CJuinn of the seven religious and dvil some 30 years ago. rials that Christ v/cnt through be-1 The next scheduled meeting of ore His crucifixion. The purpose of Judge Green- illl's talk, local church men re- the group will he held in Palacios on Jan. 22, at which time cushion » rt . w as to Inlerest this group of man. will be Installed as the new chair- EASTSIDE BAPTIST MISSION FREEPOBT Robert Garcia Rosa Linda Garcia Rose Ann Garcia Roy Garcia Rudy Garcia Amaiie Cavazos VEI,A8CO HEIOHTS BAPTIST Freeport Mr. and Mrs. William Dees Mrs. Bill Jackson Mrs. Hazel Clark Circle 111 has been organized by Freeport's St. Paul Lutheran Church Women, for the convenience of women with pre-school age children. The meeting was held in the parish hall at the church, with a nursery provided for the children. Mrs. Corrine Sherman served as the acting chairman and was also the hostess for the meeting. Mrs. Shirlene Matetzschk was appointed chairman, and Mrs. Helen Ellington as secretary and treasurer of the circle. The regular meeting time will be at 9 a.m. every second Wednesday of the month. All of the women with small children are especially invited to attend these meetings. Circles I and II held their meetings in the homes of Mrs. L. G. Wessels in Lake Jackson and Mrs. Elma Shute in Freeport. The Bible study continued with the theme of the year, "Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. This month the emphasis is on "Christ Commissions His Wit!nesses." The studies were present• ed hy Mrs. Juanita Floyd and Mrs. IVirgie Frieda. The offering meditation was for the cause of parish education. It was given by Mrs. O. L. Glaesman and Mrs. Matetzschk. During the business meetings an invitation was extended to the World Community Day observance j to be held at 10 a.m. on Nov. 2, at j the First Methodist Church in ;Lake Jackson. ! The women were instructed on how to make sewing hags, and I given a list of sewing articles to be j placed in (hose hags. These are to jbe brought to the Community Day service. The Southern District of the American Lutheran Church Women will hold a convention at the Statlcr-Hilton Hotel in Dallas on Oct. 1 and 2. Mrs. Annabell Schu'.- enbrrg and Mrs. Stella Toellnw are planning to attend. The ALCW will hold a general meeting at St. Paul Parish Hall in Freeport on Sept. 26 at 7:30 p.m. IREA LEADERSHIP SCHOOL SLATED 10V. 4-7 AT ANGLETON CHURCH fTiielve Memod/st rhurx-hes area will participate in in the Cliurch FP Episcopal Women on Thursday hringinK |( . Pral .| an(1 . Bihl(1 „,„,„._ -i^ u \ t Ihe Man and His Work". Dr. 11 '"" ve bc'en announced hy Ihe Rev., II. Condrey of Chile, dean of James T. Carlyon, Dallas. These Melhixlisl Churches are president ol St. Paul's Episco- Freeport. has an mninred that Ihe (irst meeting of the fall season will be held day. The program will Ix-gin at 10 B'A, school: participating: Clule, Lake Jack - a .m. wilh Ihe service ol commun- ITu.rking with Nursery Children, sim *'"**• lj|kc J' ll ' k «"i Chapel- ,„„_ { 0 || mvw | hy „ mPC t inK an(1 lis. Hoy Ftldcr, lltmtwille;' wonl1 ' Sweeny, W-'st Columhiu, | lm ,. n afterwards. Tlie luncheon . IV .. kins with Klnder K »r(en rliil- : KrTO » lort Klrsl ' Velas<ti. Oyster wiu sm ,, Hl bv , he O rfj wrs . fcren. Mrs. Danvin Amlnis, HOUK- irn ' k ' AiiKlelon, Hruzorm, Jones ln (lt |, PI - ai .|i v it y at the dmivh, Working wilh Primary (liil- Ln ™ *• Innmns. «'« Alvm. „„, n ,, w | y or R aniied Pansli plan" u< Sl ' lll>< ' 1 lms |KV " P' 1 " 1 "" 1 ''>' :mn« C',-,mcil, nude up of Ihe offi- M-K .-.muwstxl •„,,.„ „, ra< . h orRnn i n , icn wjlhin , hc i-liiiivh sdi<xil , wi . ish Hnil m , 1>e mom | x , rs Ht B.m, Mn.. Keith Kellow. lluus-l Hoard of the ministers. Working with Juniors, Mrs. W. liorveis, Huiislon; (iiiirlini; Jun- Highs, the Hev. Keith Kellow; , . Seniors 3,1,1 Older Youth, each paiticipatm,; sup.-nnlon.lcnt, and chairman ot | BrRlli h ,, w , h ,, ir ljrs , p | alming the ComnilsKlon on Kiluratlixi of si'ssion Ttiesdav. ' , Rev. Ijirry M. Stokes, lions- church. Willie of AiisU'ton is the newly led cluirman. - .elected rlwirman. i KCCp F^Sh, F^ailt Kven a plain woman will he attractive it everything about her is lii'.-li and fragrant. Clear, well- cared /or .-.kin; shining hair, bunds Hint are scrupulously mainicureil, 'Hie Commission on Membership ""d immaculate clothes provide and Kvungcli.sin of Kits! Melho- an mmt »' daintiness Ihat points FP Methodist Church chairmen announced Lake circle meeting | The M#ud Nelson Circle of Hie Methodist Church in IJike Bckson will meet Tuesday at 9:3(1 l.m. with its ch.iirnuui. Mis. Arhur Gurgiolo. ^0!) Oak Drive. I Continuing Ibis month's study dist Clmrch of Frceporl is under "'' '"''' '''imnmil.\. ' Modern World Missions, several, the leadership of G. R. Martin. bers will tell ol outstanding chairman. Jk being done by misslonniies Commillee rliulriiien arainuneed nay. .are Curtis llewett, prospects and cultivation: Martin, visitation and assimilation: IXdglas P e n n e y, ^church attendance: Mra. Frank |P Unitarian speaker "The Dead Sea Scrolls" will he'Carter, spirilual life; W. L. Stuart,; lecture subject for the 7:3l|-iiicmtiei>lii|> MiinulatiDii; Mrs. C.. t». program Sunday isf Ihe Bra- M. Helpinslill, church mi'mliershipl ort Unilarian Fellovvsliip. j rolls. aymond I., l^nkiord. llmislon,! Tin' ini'mlH'rship and K\ange-j be the speaker. The public is hsni CoinmUsion niccls at 6 p. in. i jelled to attenrl at the .Sliallun CMMV second Thursdiiy ol Ihel chwxn DO Farm Road M3. |month, with * dinner meeting.' Help Keep Our BEACHES CLEAN! ASSEMBLY of GOD trackman Read Clot* Edward Mills, Patter 131 Wtit 4th Frecpert E. C. All«i. Patter 4Jt Aial*a Lakt Jocktoit Retort Poehl, Patter Jems Creek Steven Barrett, Patter el 2 North Ave. D Free pert O. H. Deekray, Patter BAPTIST Calrory (SBC) Slaughter Read Harold Rttchey, Petter Fint Boptitt (SIC) 523 Allen Rd.. Oyster Creek K. W. Campbell, Pester North Side taptlrt 100 Ilk. N. D. Freepert Noble Hunt, Patter Temple laptlst (SIC) 40* S. Main, Clare A. C. Maxwell Velasee HeiqhrsISBC) 1117 North Ave. p. Freepert Hemer Newell, Patter West End BapHtf (SBC) 1400 West 12th, Fnwpert Norman Fry, Palter Willow Drive Baptltt (SIC) 200 Willow Drive, Lake Jackson J. E. Jonet, Paster Shedy Oaks Baptist (SIC) Garland Drive, Leka Jaclnoa David Sutton, Paster North Side laptlst (SBC) 1141 Third St., Clute O. Marion Vance, Pasrnr First Baptist 220 Shanks. Clute O. T. Van Meter, Pastor SP First laptlst (SIC) 324 West 4th, Freepert Phillip R. Irewn, Patter East Side Boptitt Mlulen 230 Eatt Sth, Freepert Abe R. Smith, Paster First laptlst (SIC) 401 Yaiipon, Lake Jackten John H. Beard, Pattor Velaice First laptltr (SIC) 2C North B, Freepert A. Gordon Jehnten, Paster Friendship Baptist (ABA) S41 East Main. Clute Carl S. Stephens, Paster Jenes Creek laptlst (SBC) Hwy. 3e, Freepert L D. Mahanay.Jr., Pattor Unity Mlttlenory laptlst (AIA) Rlchweod Vlllaqe Dan Griffith, Paster Emmanuel laptltt (SIC) 314 Aycock, Clute Cecil Uoel, Patter Trinity Baptlsr 1013 West 4th. Freeport William E. Burton, Pastor CATHOLIC St. Mary: Ster el the Sea 101* West eth. Freeparf Fr. George Beck St. Henry's (Latin-American) 311 East Sth, Freepart Fr. Gerald Ortlnl St. Michael's Comer Oak Drive and Plantation Dr. lake Jacksan Fr. Georqe leek CHRISTIAN First Chrittien 22e Wett 4th, Freeport Paul I. Russell, Patter Flnt Ckrlttlaa 410 Oyster Creek Or. Lake Jarksen Glenn F. Moore, Patter CHRISTIAN SCIENCE 103 Eatt Iread Freepert ou remem Do you remember the first time yon listened to a sea shell? And when you watched a sunflower turn toward the sun? And when you tried to guess where the pot of gold was at the end of the rainbow? Life is full of sweet mysteries for the young. Do you remember? In fact, life reveals even more sweet mysteries as we grow older. When we think of these things, the mysteries of life, of God's care of us, of the wonders of the universe—you know, that's a way of praying! Yes, just thinking about God. Fortunately, too, we have the Church—your church —a place to contemplate such things, to pray, to ask questions, and give thanks to Almighty God. Go to the church of your choice this Sunday. There you will find some of the answers ... to some of these wondrous mysteries. Bmdir IWtoi M.MJ 4J-4-* IJJO-/7 £0-19 S.t-19 SWrta- Adnrtttiv Smta, tea, Strarfwrr, Va. THE CHURCH FOR ALL . . . ALL FCR THE CHURCH TI* Qarch U tbe irtilat factor oa earth for tbe build£at of trur- •cter isd jocd citiznihlp. It u * llortliotne of tpirirual nlnei. Wi- ont a itroag CKurcIt, ntither <W- moencjr nor OTilizitioa ua nr- •vire. Ttert an foar wired THWM *ffcy erery pcnon ihouM allend senrkca wjwUtly »aJ mppctt tb« Oiurciu Ttty an; (I) For U own i*le. (2) For Kit ckUdrn't nie. 0) For At sake of Ku ctra* ttailfr aui aalEom, (4) For (be U>.e of tin OtarA itself. *-kkK aeedi hk taon] tad nakrial top- port. Plaa to pi to cWf. ttri' lu^f ud rwrl ytatr fiibl« diily. THIS ILLUSTRATED MESSAGE MADE POSSIBLE BY THESE BUSINESS FIRMS HARBOR FISH CO. 100 W. Broiei •I 3-4101 Frttpirt GULF LUMBER COMPANY 147 South Mala, Clur* AN S-JSo» FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK 103 Cherry. Fr**perf BI 3-5241 THE CAMERA MART S22 North Suit Blvd.. Fmporf BE 3-24.1 MURRELL'S TEXACO STATION o2o W. 4th. Frttport, Tcsai FREEPORT LUMBER COMPANY 423 W. Brood Fneport, Texas YOUNG'S PRESCRIPTION HOUSE 231 W. Bread Frwport, Tuas MeMULLEN DRUGS 20 Braiotport Savlnqi C<«Ur Fr«port, TMOS FREEPORT ICE COMPANY 326 £. 2nd Freeport. Tuas LAKE TELEVISION CENTER 36-1 Circle Way, Lake Jackson. Teia* CY 7.2911 CHURCH of CHRIST Center Way at Yaupon Lake Jackson Stonier Shipp, Minister Brazorla CNurch Calvin E. Reed, Minister Lake Jackson C. A. Bailey, Pastor CHURCH of GOD 75? Vina Clute Rev. Murl McCey, Pattor CHURCH of The NAZARENE 802 West Sth Freeport P-. Earl Cotton, Patter EPISCOPAL St. Paul's 1307 West Sth, Freeport William E. Sterlinq. Pastor St. Timothy's Circle Way & Oyster Creek Dr. Lake Jackson George L, Carlisle, Jr., Paster LATTER DAY SAINTS LUTHERAN Christ Lutheran (Augustana) Plantation Dr. & Amaryllis Lake Jackson Leslie A. F. Carlson. Pastor St. Paul's American 923 West Sth, Freeport Charles D. Sherman. Pastor Grace (Missouri) 1302 West Broad Freeport, Texas E. J. Stelling, Paster St. Mark (Mistouri) 501 Willow Dr., Lake Jackton John P. Schuli, Pattor METHODIST First Methodist 151 S. Shanks, Clute L R. Condrey, Pastor Fint Methodist 1400 Wett Broad, Freeport Archie W. Fleming, Patter First Methodist 404 Azalea, Lake Jackson Carlos Davis, Pastor First Methodist. Velasco (also Oyster Creek Methodist) 320 North Ave. A, Freeport Aivis M. Coleman. Paster St. Thomas Methodist Jones Creek, Route 1, Freeport Ferd Dawton, Pattor Congregational Methodist trackman Road, Clute Harold E. Pitts, Patter Chopelwood Methodltt (Temporarily In Junior High) Lake Jackson Faulk Landnim Pastor PENTECOSTAL United Pecan Lone at S. Main, Clute L. L. Stevens, Pastor PRESBYTERIAN First Presbyterian 1402 West Bread, Freepert C. Knax Poole. Pastor Gulf Prairie Presbyterian Peach Point, Rt. 1, Freepart Kenneth L. Book, Pastor First Prwbyterlon 102 Yaupon, Lake Jackion John E. Toppins, Pastor SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST Hwy. 288 Richwood Village lab jinks, Local Elder UNITARIAN Irasosport Unitarian Fellowship Now Meeting At ... Old lethal Presbyterian Church Strattan Ridge Road

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