Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on July 1, 1947 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1947
Page 3
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•~7£-"r-» ft'teftidbh at 2 rtport «>n<Utlqns of the Negro h ! s J fchlevemerit&,.Mi' Si A. It discussed "A . . Among Her People" fcnl g * vertthe closing prayer. absP^p^V tu Stark P res Wed in the t «?f£ * of the P reslcj ent, Mrs. L. G LUnsford, and stressed g vine to th P mlnisters ^lief funalnd the —- ------- «w a-^tjuuii, new of- A i ji; « -' " e "^ wleprate Goldeh Wedding Anniversary Sunday ^ MIAMI—(Special)—Mr. and Mrs i .... * Mrs. Crabb Honored I Beeenilyal Shower l~ M ? S - JL - J ' G , rabb> Jr " W8S complimented recently with n pink and b ' ue shower at Holy Souls School. Mrs. Tom Bill Johnson was hos- I CGSS. MIAMI—(Special)—Mr. and Mrs B. P. Seitz celebrated their GoldPli Anniversary Sunday with open house from 3 to 6 o'clock. Approximately one hundred and fifty-five friends and relatives called durine the receiving hour.-:. The entertaining rooms were decorated with arrangements of cut flowers. Mrs. David Stribling presided at the guest register Mrs. Theo Jenkins and Mrs. Bill Lard served the three tiered wed- cmig cake which was decorated with a golden bell surrounded by dainty flowers from ft lace covered table \ellow candles in crystal holders completed the appointments. i^ The c, g ,V Gsts were met bv Mr- and Mrs. Seitz. Mrs. Seitz wore a black and white figured crepe dress and 1 I . Calendai ...... , ,. TUESDAY 7.0') Las Club ..'JO Kit Kat Klnb « : i|| | iavt! „„., m ' n g. PfJ'-ty 01 city pool. "'""" 7:30 Hrst Methorflxt Board of rhrN- 7-W X , OI M rlll rT, ct at t!lK ch »™h. Hall ela R1 '° Olrls » &lub In JOOF l : -nn SK-^^'o A' S Kx< ^Uti\'0 Board. lonAudlto?luni* A m ° etS '" Ham Hous WEDNESDAY p-No. 2 Q f tlic First Meth- 1 will moot \vlth Mr* <3hnr .man Wlille..r,lo N. Frost Covered "j •'•••" •*"" blue color motif was used in the entertaining room de£?n£ * J he tea tab]e featured Pink and blue tapers and had for a Centerpiece a pink bassinet fil- with gifts. A beautiful bou- M,V r? d ut ^ flo * er s- presented to Mrs. Crabb by Mrs. E. E. Ethridge was placed at one end of the table •M™ f 1 Wore a sh °uWer corsage of sweet peas given to her i™ Missionary Circfe CompJefes Quilf For Amarillo Folk Mr. and Mrs. Seite each were pre- s ? n , tecl a wrist watch from their children. Mr. Scitz's gift to his wife ccived many lovely and useful gifts from their many friends. Mr. and Mrs. Seitz have lived in the Panhandle for the past forty, seven yearsi -~- > follows: NO . tlin J in Lull) 3, [fes-EJSLTK.K «.. > v t ."•""• ""iuow curtain are in matching pearl white checks. ' Can ° Py and n ° uncc Mrs. Brown Tells Of Life As Orphan trs, C. A. Jones -- .— (Special) — - Jones, who with her is moving to 'Pampa, was 1 "' uu - 'well 'shower of Mrs. J. L. —js '.were Mi-s -. and Mrs. G. W. Fetter provided the afternoon di and were* followed ' refreshment plate. Imss. Rolla Sparks, :, Ehner East aS Average .annual salary iv, lonn loX. ;-'""' c " oi, was in 1890. $871 in 1920 and $1,441 [If you don't Iknow your r>.."--' -'•. -• . ' [Life Insur- [ance, know [your Life [ I n B u ranee ;Man. M~th*~m —'i ^"'"^y- told -members Of the Blanche Groves Junior G. A of the Baptist Church of her life as an orphan girl, when they met for .their weekly meeting at the church, ihis story was very interesting to the girls as their mission lessons o^,' Jui }u had been on th e work among the negroes. Mrs. Brown and her daughter,, also sang some Negro spirituals lor the girls, X in turn sang for the visitors. In the business session the follow- Alleene Harris;, vice-president! P^' W Joyce Tate; secretary, Franc in play.' Kiik; treasurer, Elaine Bell- mem bership chairman, Nelda White' pro gram children, Sue Pembertol stewardship chairman, Alice Boi »er; social 'chairman, Shirley Wea; mission study chairmai Robin June Williams; poster chaU man, June Harper; communit missions chairman, Glenna Jea Taylor; choir leader, Mary McLeod pianist, Mary Kate Surratt; report pr TVyrilHo i\/rn*. rt «. «.--i _i . . Recreation Program Being Well Received , im c l large of Shamrock* summer recreation program says that approximately 200 children are ea°ch week S "^ ta the actlvitics An eyen greater number is mer s expected to report following the wheat Carl V CIty Park The summer program offers --, j j... M t, w ^wiiaut, report er, Millie Milton; and standard o excellence, Kay Williams. Refrehments were served to Mrs Refreshments were served to Mrs Nora, Claudine and Tommie Brown •and Misses Alleene Harris, Francis Kirk; Peggy Joyce Tate,, Alice Bon- iier,- N.elda White, Shirley Weatherly, Robin June Williams, Suo Pemberton, Mary Kate Surratt; and Mrs. E. E. Ewing, counselor. I* Our , Profession | , Prescription |»e|lTerf aUSS FITTING SUPPLIES HT-ilMmuWf/UU BLIPPUES mm*® jpM$o*Y •A <W f WlMMnMMlll^ •&•_ . _ . CUNTOfl P, ANPERSON Miss Billie Jo Huff Hostess for Group PANHANDLE— (Special - The Truitt G. A's of the Baptist Church met recently in the home of Billie Jo Huff for a continuation of the mission study on Negroes. The program consisted of a group of Negro Spirituals sung by the F?J" P U story of " Pa nnie Lee" was told by Mab Pingleton, Betty Jo Taekitt discussed "Done with a Bobby Pin" and Joyce Goodman told the story of "Three Wished' Refreshments of ice cream and cookies were served to the sponsor Mr* Douglas Smith, and Betty Jo Taekitt, Sammie Joyce Bagwell, Mab Pingleton, Joyce Goodman, Lalah and Luvene Mooney. re— ~.. „(">= Park are of small c _„ them join others Shamrock Will Have Cleanup on Monday SHAMROCK (Special) Shamrock is preparing for its annual clean-up campaign and every, resident of the city has bepri lend his full cooperation in "making the much- needed drive a success. The campaign Will open on Monday. July 7. Monday has been set as official clean-up day and residents are asked to .clear their premises of trash and rubbish and have it ready for truckers to haul it away t Tuesday, the day following the clean-up, trucks will pass through nnrt h n t!r anc( ^ Jleys Picking up and hauling away the waste'. Examiner Authority Not Transferable AUSTIN—-The Board of Nurse Examiners is not authorized to delegate to another its duties of cx attuning " ' - • Wells' Jll ' s ' D "" a ' (1 Nrnstiel! so^. J ± l «'!£ °ti& « Baptist Clmrcli. First" Mou!odisl :h Chm:c!: earSiaI ^ ll &:00 Junior Odd I'cllows in TOO a THURSDAY Kcbekalia will meet In IOOF 8100 Hall. FRIDAY 2:00 -Worthwhile Hoin lion Club. 2:SO Kknllvtmvn Honu tlon c'lul) will merit in I HollSe. 7:3(1 Slnelntr :il the Churiih of Christ. 8;nn Kimioni Htnr at Whitr Deer AruHonlu Hull. ' c MONDAY 8:00 Amerlran Legion-Auxiliary wll ineot in the homo of Mrs. E. E. Mc- Demonstra Dcmonstra c .Shell Club U'liitn Deer Women Net Domination i™° NDpN-(/P)_The United King- om broke through the U.S. dom- Inatipn in the' All-England tennis & lplol l ships toda y when M"S SheilU Summers, blonde racket swinger from South Africa, djfeat- HidriE S ' VP n trlCia ?, all "i»g Todd of Hidden Valley, Calif., 7-5. 6-4 Mrs. Summers was seeded No. 7 in le women's division while Mrs The • American team, however ent Doris Hart of Miami. PJa into he semifinal . --v ..«.».., asked for the ruling. She said some directors of schools of nursing had been urging the board to use examination questions prepared by the National iLeague of Nursing Education. The League requires that all questions be used and the answers for- v.arded to the League.for grading. 'Such duties are delegated by the legislature to the State Board of Nurse Kaminers, and the Board is not authorized to re-delegate the round. The came Florida be- jirl, Jnd to eliminate Mrs.- Jean"Bostock of England. 4-6, 6-1. 6-2 The.Todd defeat was the'first reak in the women's seeded list Cespjte last night's rains and two gnr, uiowers <",-,„ t—'•"- M,". , gain were filled. Weather Uons \veie ibucj, uw migUt start at anytime '""* faulted. The Czech "earn led? 6-\', r.l^l^ 1 ^ J la ! t( =d the'match Appraisal of Oil Value Is Slated PANHANDLE (Special) McKenzie of; Fort WorUi, r tatiye of Pritchard and AbtotT is m Panhandle in ccmne^tlph .with the appraisal of oil values, for Car- seoded ler and Bob Pal- n f eadins Greafc Britain's Derek Bwton and Geoff Paish, 6-2? at the end of. the first, set. a' heavy courts ' OVe ' a11 qontesta "te off the He . wm. meet with the countv equalization board : qn July 16. Company Explores In Guatemala . GUATEMALA-(ff)-The Sta n " Co of Houstoni has been gr Texans Are Attending Chautauqua Celebration Among many Texans attending the 50th anniversary assembly of the Colorado Ohautaqua opening today in Boulder, Colo., are Mrs. AHn Stanard, Pampa. her grandsons, Tom and Mike Gobble, and their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Gobble, Shamrock. Celebrating half n century of service to the west, this year's program -at Chautauqua will be highlighted by a week-long special ceremony. The original assembly of what was then called the Texas-Colorado Chautauqua, was held in the summer of 1898 and was sponsored largely by Texans to provide a place with summer educational facilities i for teachers to spend their vacations. Along with the religious and entertainment features, the first summer school in Colorado was maintained, and during the earh years living quarters consisted mainly of tents; Buildings have been added until now there are 85 summer cottages, a large auditorium, dining hall, community house, two lodges and an - ' ' ' • building. l_r - - T'l »» Cl G WJ-/C1 JCl -, cookies and punch were minfoT, Fav ° rs were Pink and blue ISE! P6 ' iS filled wlth mixed Attending or sending gifts were Mmes. Faye Cannon. Ed Bryant P' M ' C P v ey. Glenn Darling. Ro- ?m i G / al ™m. C. E. Graham Lillio Imel. Louise Sailor. Tom O'Rourkel 55: E a E m Ethri Th ° maS ' J ° hn Bra " Torn T. O'Rourke. Leonard Cannon. „ _, + ,-; J- Cudney V. Smith. fW T Laf G° 01 Gro^s,\ 'TSgg iajme^ rI Ju^ n eU ZBil j TDUCkSp ^ t f Volney Day. Leslie Hale. Boyd W. .Tnmie^M AJT: •»». . J Crabb.' and Charlotte Ami TO SHAMROCK SHAMROCK (Special) Glenn McLean, junior resident engineer of The f-l r , ? omt y Division of c ite Highway Department, is mov- L^ Sll amrock from Childress McLean has served as junior resin W e , ngl r eer r.° f the state highways n Wheeler County for the na'-t everal months, but has had to ommutq from Childress be ng un- Wc to obtain living quarters hero PANHANDLE—r Special) _ The Conway Missionary circle met in an all day session recently in the Community Club room at the school louse. A quilt was completed for Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Warren, former residents now hvmg in Amarillo, who recently lost their home in a fire. A covered- dish luncheon was served at noon, in the afternoon Mrs. Carlton Poscv president, conducted a short business meeting. Those present wore Mnsdames Posey. J. W. Ketchum, J. H Stephens. Otis Walker. Ray Calliham J .R. Sterlinc, Sr.. Ralph Simpson' Otis Weatherly and M. F. Calliham' The next meeting nf U-,r ciirlo will be in the homo of Mrs. B F Calliham. Good Grooming Is Theme of Program ...PANHANDLE— (Special i — The Literary Club mot recently in the home of Mrs. M. L. Vance for -i program on "Good Grooming " ] c d by Mrs. H. R. pugh. Mrs. W. H. Lusk. president, was in charge of the meeting, which was opened with the club "collect." Refreshments were served to Mes- darnes Harry Vance and Albert Hef- Mrs. Adarm To Conwdy Conway Home ^ C , I1W met Thursday with mn Adams as hostess. Tfte Mrs. Ray Callihani, pfeswea i.he business session, m ftfattt M. F. Calliham was elected ftS C cil representative to replacf Kay Sterling, who resignea. ' f A demonstration on "Horne" modeling and Kitchen SKip-savef^ ? was given by the assistant homd ' demonstration agent. Refreshments were served to Me£~ oames Douglas M. Smith and Jeront'e Labus, guests, and Mc.sdames A. B, Ccusins. A. G. Gripp, Walke'f, J. B. Walker. Leo SUider, J. R. Stfef- ling. M. F. Calliham, J. A. DavW/ Ctj.'- Wuatherly. W. W. Evans, J. Li x» 1 , «-*>." JVJuSUilJIlL'.'S ----- Metcalf, Maria J. Metcalf B K. Bentley. Paul Obrecht H B' Pugh. L. C. Robinson. L. F Dp'tten Everett Randall, J. W. Randal and Miss Martha Metcalf. J^ay Calliham and Grovcr Ingstrulfl! Baptist Girls Have Business Meeting The Business Girls Class of the First Baptist Church met at Vari- line's Friday evening at 6:30 for dinner and a class business meeting" Present, .vcre Misses Betty Brown. VVilma Fern, Jean Parker, Billie .Stephens, Bonnie Tucker, Eva Mci^ Gee. Joan Souter, June Hanks, Ka* mona Mattheny. Mrs. Kathering Reynolds, teacher, and a guest, Mrs. Erhne Welch. In the Indo-Malayan countries^ sw-nts build their nest of pure saliva. WET WASH 5c per Ib. AMERICAN STEAM LAUNDRY 515 S. Cujlcr Phone 203 GayPof holders Statistics Show Marriage Increase , ° f ver Cached in the civilization, ac- And His Pioneer Playboys Will Be At The Southern Club THURSDAY NITE, JULY 3RD *"~ " -"^EVERY SATURDAY NITE . — ,r~v, Baja. Vetajaz southea'stern half ' - - 1 and- in our country last year "i what was, >vith one e'x- *J *** J. Brown, dfqff^ •r* ~?M ':,*" 0> ANNE CABQT . Gay little animal' heads measuring about-six inches can be made of f^ scraps of 'eft-over materials and then embroidered with bits of floss to produce unusually attrac- — kitchen sho\ver gifts Nice in your own kitchen, too! Actual size t .,°- lder 2S Siven on the pattern Crisrt. To obtain patterns, color chart for embroidering Three Animal Potholders (Pattern No. 5280) send 15 *±?,£^ OU1 J£ US J P 6 " 1 POS^P- I r,;L,iw f! f 1 p. aeral or state felony ineligible to serve as, trustee of a | common school district unless-he ,1 t« -T..11 f j - - '~ - /^ Ne\v York, oil sookL'Sinpn <;ntri -dHght^su^age^'pS^ Bell County.Attorney Jim D..BOW- mer of Belton requested tlie -ruji'ri£ c,j~r- - "^ >"S"? U '»JP »*; we vniuea ss.tates, .was formed April 29 with' a capitalization of._$3§p,QQb. '..'..' !-..,... , ,T^e''state pf fexas : has' an irrigated acreage of l.gep.ojDo acres.' and t riage The r per 1, 11.4. '•:;." ."""""'USi N.ew Zealand Netherlands, set new mar- ""rds for themselves in 1946 in New Zealand was 123 and in the Netherlajids ?i U(mb A er ' td Anne Cabot ' Pampa News, n&o Ave. Americas, New York, N. Financing is our business. See us • • •* for a prompt, confidential, low-}' cost loan. Get the facts now. i «H '- -. •. B a n b --'Sr..™ •• •• FDJC Bees are often more important to ftrm "" 1 "" poJlinaters than as honey A FINER t - w>* - mm - 't*a«w^Mf ?&y<s your Used Fats Are Still Needed! f * V " ^"^ t& & i, * .'"-^ 7 r A . V ti *" ^ ' * '' * >i^5)Pnsa | b(jp)frr»^^er8 have saved and turned in i § E.^fcm^|Qf used w%jng f^ t § ? inpe VTM.^$Y$$|p pf nearjy 20 pQ tf f}d^%r toSnSSKlfS?' 1 lt if a ^ ^ ??d 9 ^ tp conserve every Former Governor nn.y; "is?r 9-Idalip admitted to Unipn, |P Independence J ^-MacArthur flpnpupcs^ aJIPhiWneislOTdswon oqCjK, 1945, ^ j IIORIZONTAI. •'4'Le|alpo1nt ' 1 pfctured for- ; 5 Krbjieh" (ebV • ^fegrnor 6 R e * ailv pi-AtSPam^, 7flrhAmi» •••'. PhaurTcey,^ aS?god ' 7 Swagger 9 Reverential 1^ father or - Bother 14HeNjs a v- 15 War god Ifl Opera by Verdi fo FOR A FINER CAR }p Brood of • pheasanis 11 Jail room 12 Gaelic 17 Symbol for iridium 18 AmbaiiX 21 Youngster ti TIM MW 30 Deed 3? Fruit drink 33 Gibbon 3? Parent : 39 Pairs (ab.) 48 Measuwi against > hWTlOn bail rdlTerisC" 4^4t^i<v kingdom 84 Frozen water , 35 Harem .room SB Storehouse few ''Wft- 't-jti-t i Hawaiian bird 44 Plot ' From / H6 Vehicjes Era 47 Forenoon r« 4 (ab.) • ' S 3T"^f 1 OFHCI' i3fc >* JP». ¥,f »#»v ',« y j •'. n ^ $ v?» i<J ™ you want fo ^^ a,d quahty that h 9S been built into you, Lincoln. I t 'To responsibihty to see that you do. Ou,: mechanics ar e trained in Lincoln Service techniques. When replacements are needed, only regulation Lincoln mm are used. And on any job, you'll find that our AW»ln Semce is always prompt, efficient, courteous . . v truly a finer service for a finer car. I, f'f 9 WAKING «4 ^ ^.o.,' R. 1 i' 5nit$RK.:."t. ..r. -.A t « I

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