The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 15, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1959
Page 1
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BRAZOSPORT -.-—_.'ia Sets Clean Up Week Week; a» -Travis Jr.; parade and '""Jects chairman, p«seven day schedule had prepared.'. The .«s reviewed by the adopted. fill be iiiuncu- Braiorla Eleand dist " city No $100 Bill, No Food, Soys Freeporf Mon £±ff''«"%.''«'»'«« er . were on ,h° m S dlsl « were on the Preeport report Thursday rffl« *, as e . ect «<J to e ; office of treasurer, flliinc ?«7 Wt by the resignl * ^rs. Christine Belf We ttk,%5, a £* iloaa turn oil?. rl ed the "PPP'n W * rt by Mr «- as He told Patrolman B. O Ferguson that he had given 0 was to buy. Theman for the two . • •*«*» <HJ»»J - - 'aospital:^. IW» Bnrglarix»d a Wf . bonds -T— -V..WO outside her homo K'^ct^c^.^ rtrm4 ««!__ ... *W.B»_ Win* person, she inai "WORN OOF" WORKER WELCOMES ONE DRIVE /By BILL COLEGHOVE T „ Lake Jackson ' cwirsiKd'fsf ?, t3 ci n Ior •" iu«d dtives the « ** a,k.d lo wo,k iS worn .out on o>l T «i. Wai,' »; L«r %«lf.tu"' v"? *PP«1>r fund gU.. which doTmu C cnt±l/rl!^"i 1 "->«'«ng . • ***•«*«*» me ZnBnv Chartt«Kt* . j • it^ v^ •"• *««u» *»,.«*.» ._ y-' *-»"*«w* H* B«nci«s which do soTmuefcTM ™.t " nd •**» f .** 1 «f-lwlldtag a- £^ d ,°. n 4 ome chan ies in Corlo UTe . «o -+ to make cur eouniy . ^ p ^ HSt^ffiSKfcS *"? =•=•-•-•••••• P.m. Wednesday. ^*, °T° * Traffic Hazards Tackled At Clute ••"• »F cmjtM>qgy t • . ^, ^ .J 51 ^.? for var ious first and !«° nd opnse traffic violations and motor vehicle law viola tlons-were established and , left off .the ticket*. Was ' 7 , ""* ta «ea meet of the Clute City Council Wednesday night. An ordinance wiU be prepared by City Attorney Tom Kcnyon to restrict on-street Parking . on the "school ^op- and to require par- on a ^The council viewed a picture ofacarinthedeepditchabnl Marlon Street where .' school « e Iajcuig students to Ogg Elementary School They a g reed that the-narrow eet was made h^zardoug for traffic and school children when cars were parked on the . n^affect o«:,treet SEWER HOOK OPS City Secretary Sander Ported that hd had '- ordinance appointing City Sec «, h was ; nstructed to v on tin — prlnted and K «n- . . «, Regular speeding cases will v on m t ters to resident* who are now ^ , . PEDESTRIAN , 1 to find the prowler. mAt l°-*« PJri. Wednesday man had police invesUgate 6 J ^ h on *« door of W K 16 same block of West 0 vement street. The-ordinance will restrict on-street parking on Marlon from North Shifts to Lazy Lane and. on Lazy Lane from Marion to Hargett Street Police Chief o. C. Merryman suggested .that the council do something about the angle parking atog a stretch of Malr , - -..---• ».H.I, dn-street parkinz on . -J-,* ald that seven permits (Dow, Freeport Signatures On * ordinance says "shall" ap! -^' Co *P° ra «on Court Mayor L . vi. . - ' Conovfcr said- he thought some traffic violations should not" Lav" that amount of costs added to ^ r"-"« • ** •»« iviaae yn CourthouseGrounds grounds in Angleton^were ^^?. J? y «? 6 ^'•CoMfc •—"«M<» Court, meeting this week.. at .a an in- For smoother operation, Mai' yor Conover also, suggested that the- court have a ; —«-™« by County sloner Jack Norris of i. ralOTl . »n?J actl ° n ' toe "'"rt accepted a number of right-of- way easements; Among these vereeasernents.from Douglas aso, sugges the- court have a derit ' - paid ' at is With s oce is the ifat of fines pr trat fie Uckets, the fines could™. «aoe mailed in by out-of-town- ers who found it inconventent to appear before the judge. - A contract betweei "• W. McKinn joined Officers Elected By Clute Post - Payment to These -were from Carl ^jS 611 G< Col eaan was ^ted commander of the Clute ^. on> ' ^y R^ey at a meeting this week *«»•«' —-- — — »r- WMUUU. «iaie Groth and Cove L Purvis were elected as first and second vice commnnrio^c..: ci_- oasn . . Routine 'fund transfcri approved, rndudngTtr to Precinct Four.. and - .. fip emb-erCostAccouBttag.Recon. U °° j, zrr" eu ' •»» tne disturbing the peace profane language to a place. ~i *^ hm '£: m l de --"»"- iiS. ^ S 1 " beach «s on'tie •Uto'. Gulf coast, -, M •'Tfte'^open beaehe.' bill an. -*"- at the recent..peoW of the Legislature takes UWfaV- Tt VUUVI.I^U. At .L «y. tt wqulm that owtructiont mutt bv remov- b«ache» to whicfc the «cqulred « preacrlp. suit.' •---• »w ^uia|iiy. u 't. we will file : l»omis« of action cane B conrlitBtnn »* _ . ™ appointed to p,from Com --*•. vThU action - - rJ «• an alternative KwiiittBttoi by the r^* 5 ^ *••. ^ aiiaa » ft "«? w .me meeting, he slid, wBen they met Precjlnrt 4 Com- tnluionpr /^*AM*K V^I.H...— e«oa '' - - . Th«e were ladjcatfont that some property owner, may fV tl» KA..U t,.. * "very co«A.^ M ^^|e> B ^c Ml «v . „ ed to open up ,11 of tt« ^mtonSS*" peny ""•' He said SS%^^fef5s35- son, service offlcCTi Dexter Oarcent. nBrbdnM^ n *-"^ririfi'* *" onvenon in on Oct. 24-25. Alter- near future, another h»H l ^rfuJ? ld *?* JE8n ** C" 6 * h. Sf 6 ? ^ s 1 **** ataost ^ » point of forming a dam Th« downe« ofthe runcS ftnflHfl * X»J»t»4«.^ _„_ _ m era.,nee0ng of tte Cwelc-comroiBiity wm ^ tohe^ po otllecom . wlttee, and to decide on what " J9. sign for ? 7 . 3 "^ 110011 *he con- Tiad cleared the Dow Le- , P^ment and received signature of Dow officials The contract, e only the signature before going into r 5 w e to Dow and the cltty With the participation ments out of the way. e way. prer Uon can begin on the mUUon- gallon-per-day demonstration ra Dow . will be a the auxiliary at that m The newly elected officers r ^,. be ^tailed at the fSS r«ular meeting on Ocfc 27JThe Post meet* on th« second and .«-» ^"StaSftffy^S Declarflg Wvidetnd before the iuH™. *^^ con " s BAHTT.RQvrr T ^ ^,.,. Plant A area. £t s 1 ^ j-gg;: JZra cnnuarmAH nlant * ' faLWeedlng cases they — w^ ^iv* v &UVUU BABTLESVILLE, Okia; —Ehillipg Petroleum Co. oUr- eotors have declared a quarterly dividend of «J5 --• share payable Dec. At Brazoria il Hires Extra Men ffeft? For Ouiftt Halloween voted at a r***nt «_--5? heen adopted recently. i> n 41.. course th«™ , ^11 . ,^ will b» «,««.! ""^"""on »uu AmiK X- "v"" 1 " 0 <« «zjs •^^L2^*g^^^ I^^ay^^ »°- e ^ ab h < ol^'? i« ~ BB^ ~ ~~—• ' ' ^^ ^MayiiaM p^"* ^ JJ2| The anno Top Dnvers Expertedfcrli^aW^ z «port on Sunday ai thL n^f" cal po'npany in Freeport, will nm* o» ' _A *^ "*»***»4^^ IU UiQ ffFfl" CQIJfiist nt th OA ***** •« *«»AIJ HnQj o* COUIS& thnea • * *» S -.Wtto'VX ^ ««"» Lone Star Boat^S US* ** ^ BR * Cbampion - «« ; w5T&a^'S BI ? zos .* ver - Assoaabon competlUon. «! !._•.-:_ class and Pat m.^- ^feoNJTOG&8 andMB. SSo^af ^S^i.'LMfj ?' **. v?" - «v rece w «uthorire CWef of PoUc tank B. Clark to hire — men 19 aid in keep j~£,,~" T Tr r' 441 * vandalism to a ' —d*j £ hj 11 h 1 * Hallowee »- ^-bMdayVTod^TrSlgrar 166 ^ "* ^ *°" s ¥S?£3SaSS5'5W« jrVT*** *»-«**4*s>J 11* t W| Slftjt miles to n« •••-•-..-' i "• .'"T" ""Tf MV » •H^eui'i'e* ,th matter „, Hudec and .« vnargw nimseif, wther than ask the council to take action for him Fpssel dtateilfUuU other resi B&U comnlalnln** *.* 11 *. ^i city "limits bad had -•* rvtnw H nir*)l]^r CQUITSC Of AC* «on and.polnl»d out that it had never been the policy of to ale 'charge, for »wF"I—T *** complaints of this type.' O. SMITHS, J£; ;i St,;, "Timothy'»' _ ,»A Brazosport will be repre- Some of the state's top driv seated in Sunday's , - -—— »*»i*wj', wmcn set underway at 1:30 pjn let nt H.~ 0»*..^. _T VJU> era are expected to be on hand ™-.--^ »• «.4u pan, °f the Stauffer Cheml- Suaday to compete for prizes "riving in the Glas« B Plea*,.*. the DU and p at Fleming of 0 solntt Whr of county away with. The other two property owners using outhouses had said they would connect to the sewer system sometime during the month, she said. Councilman Richard Parker brought before the council * request from the First state Bank for paving at the alley on which the new n* Will won be; ,_„,,. __ _anJt '- — be completed to. stveo months, he cost upwards of, """'" new banjc previous year. and foreign income taxes «•' against ' depreciation- amortization totaled $20,- M8.000 as «ompared with *20, Afthe end of the quarter the coi- Vany had 16.448,087 shalres or sonimon stock outstanding a. : * . *"**:. Four. Both were approved'- --—-v* w. O. JPossel jr r?nd telegram to the'Brizoria City CouncU at this week's^---"-^ jf. ci 'y went ahead with the sewa «e work wc construction of 3800 f WANT ADS BBI-J6H Ibe^*.* "»?«*»** Boat Club. ~- —-i —i Itewfteports Earnings For Quarter •* he s?me perio<i of ... income was »J1,175,- ,73p, amounting to 43 cents "

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