The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 6, 1952 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1952
Page 10
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•PAGE. 10— THE BAYTOWN SUN, FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 1952 a. f ' "- i '. 11— in!" Shepa'rd Barclay On Bridge DON'T SHUT YOUR EYES 'HAVING a sound plan and carrying it out is all well and good. But any complete plan should include provisions for meeting eventualities that might develop. It Is unwise to bull through with your eyes shut, following a procedure which would be effective if everything proved as you hoped. Keen observance of what happens or. early tricks may tell you to alter your course a bit, just as the able A Central Press Feature to win, when perhaps he should have used his A. He put it then on the diamond 3 and returned his spade 4, which East:of course won with the A. Back came the hearl 3 for West to ruff with' his spade 8, making his side's third trick. Still obsessed with the idea that he could take two club tricks if he waited, West led the diamond eekend Curious Tof Fun Trips Wrong i DA!LY CROSSWORD Members of the VFW and the BARTONVILLE, 111., June 6 'IP) Ladies Auxiliary have scheduled a Three-year-old Sudan Lynn Keith busy week-end. toddled around the bank here A game party and "country fair" Thursday while her grandmother will be hold at the VFW Hall on transacted sorpe business. r\ n ,.Lm~ TV,-;^ of 7-in »,™ I?*;***, Decker Drive at 7 30 p.m. Friday. A dance is slated for Saturday the spade K over-ruffing. Now the to plans by declarers and defenders. A 10 6 3 2 yachtsman ehnpi «• ** »|«» £ff " • u ,ta 10 «na!i,d SoGth the wind veers. Tnat applies al...e t j, d ,s rar(1 . toth . of his clubs on the diamond K and 7. assuring his contract. If West had taken casual note of the diamond situation, he could easily have foreseen how South might get rid of his clubs. Had he done so and laid down his club A when in the lead for the last time, he would have assured defeat of the contract at once. But in his blindness he was futileiy thinking She found an interesting looking button on the'wall and pushed it. . . , , ,. , . t . .,, That \vas the- end of banking in mgnt, and a district meeting will Bartonvilie for the day. Susan had get'underway Sunday morning A door prize, high and low gam touched -off the jame alarm system, awarded at tonight's bank's tear gas $KJ752 4.104 ^ , A A T <\ 0 f A 1094 AQ96 3 ** N W E S 9 J 7 6 32 $ 8 G A. J S7 £ K Q 9 7 r tf AKQ95 of a two-trick sot. Probietn $> K 5 (Dealer: South. North-South vulnerable.) ••South V/est North East "il ^ 2 4» Pass Pass '"2 A 3 ^ Dbl. Pass 3 NT Pass 4 $ Dbl. East's double tickled V»'c-st. who -felt it betokened possession of the '"trump A, as it-did. So he decided • to lead ^his heart 4. and prepare . 'for a ruff of that suit. He forc- " saw five tricks at least for his -Jssde, counting.on one for his dia- (Dealer: North. "'Ttiond A and t\vo for his club vulnerable.) ^honors sitting over.the K marked if East hearts in rc- "^by South's No Trump bid. sponse to West's takeout double *"" The heart lead brought the 10. and West leads the heart 9, how '-J and A, and South next led his should South play for his tenuotis- dia'mond Q, which V/est allowed ly bid 3-No Trumps? ^WASHINGTON, June 6 ilft— Rep. from voting in the July Democra- Hov/ard H. Buffett- (R-Neb.) has tic primary. ..'" accused Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhow- Buffelt said that" "in plain Eng- will bo set up for bingo, canas'ca and forty-two. Two mystery booths and a fish pond are included in the entertainment arranged for children. Admission to the party will be 25 cents per person. Jo i? Kelley is chairman of the committee arranging the Saturday night dance. The orchestra will begin playing at 8:30 p.m. and the dance will continue to 1 a.m. Election of new officers for the coming year will be thr- principle business at the district meeting which op^ns at 10 a.m. Sunday at the; VFW'Hail. .The opening session from 10 to 11:30 a.m. is open to the public. Lunch will "be served from noon to 1 p.m. at $1 per plate. .LONDON, June 6 <IP»—"Criminals are to a great extent developed in the nursery'' and parents are to blame primarily, an expert .on legal medicine said Friday. ''There is nothing to suggest a child is born a sinner or saint," Sir Sydney Smith wrote in the British Medical Journal. "But he is born aggressive and acquisitive, and is thus potentially criminal." He found little evidence to support the theory that men are naturally moral and that they would behave well if given reasonably mi- •!- * ... w.**kAn^ tY^_i* ij. civ^ti j ucaumaLJiv The auxihory mernoers will meet jusl and sccure Jivi conditions . at 1:30 p.m. at the Baytown. Com- Smith, professor of medicine at mumty House for a three hour ses- the University of Edinburgh, pointed out thai crime in Britain has increased from 100,000 serious offenses in 1900 to 500,000 now despite important social gains. The major increase in crime was North So'ith at thc Communit y House, the men among teen-agers, he said. The will be meeting at the VFW Hall percentage of convictions of teen- to elect district officers and dele- agers ranged from 46 per cent for si on at which they will elect new officers and delegates * to a state encampment to be held in Galveston -June 20-24. While the women are in session ACROSS 1. Food ' leavings 5. Thrash '9. Care for . "medipally 10. Missile weapon 12. Maxim .13. Goddess of 1 peace ^14. June-bug15: Old measure of . • .' length • 17. Observe. 18. Demand as'due 20. Lord "(abbr.) ' 21. Footway ' 24, Stop 26. Once more 23. Paroxysm ' 30. Girl's, name- 32. Register 331 Land-measure 34. Not tight 3 6." To happen 38,.AVeep 39. Shield 42. Make amends for 44.-Unit of weight" for gems 46. Engraver's tool 47. Rub out 48. Apportion 49. Point of the compass DOWN 1, Calendar .of offices IR. C. Ch.) 2. Back part 3. Children's game ' 4. Metal 5. Aldermen (Scot.) ' 6. Blunder, 7. God of war . (Gr.) 8. Without tone • •, 9. Little child 11.'Obnoxious -•' plant . 16. Substance ' ,in -she]lac 18,-To cool 19. Kind of - tree - -. 21. L»ther . 22. Flower 23. Dancer's cymbals 25. Cebine monkey 27. Geological age 29. Mountain (abbr.) 31. Conjunction J3. Israelite king 35- Silver ingots (Chin.) • 37. Minute opening 39. Epochs 40. Throw Rest Believes His Chances Are G Y WASHINGTON, June 6 '{la—Sen! candidates > anH Robert S. Kerr said Thursday that chances, and rW P * his chances of winnine the Demo- nnnnei*;^ • tco §ni his chances of winning the Demo- opposition against nT 26 •cratic presidential nomination are how I can lose" ,as good as those of Sen: Estes " ' ' Y«»terd»>-'i Answer 41.'Shoshonean Indian -43. Egg of a louse 45. Constellation 21 26 33 41 22 ~50, 48 23 18 37 54 4-3 27 2T 31 44 47 49 4£T 25' 39 JO 40 Kerr noted th'af v t Kefauver; Sen.. Richard B Russell, paign symbol k auvcr 's /or Mutual Security Director W. Av- -"1 learned ciu'? erell HarrTman. ' • - ( coons when I was ,^ The Oklahoma Democrat predict-' Kerr said. "Around ; ed in a'speech before the National' April they are in ; Press Club that "the 'Democratic . "Their-skins are at the"" " ^nominee - will not be any of 'those, but-boy,- oh, boy YOU V candidates currently 'listed' by ."the . bow -ragged and for lor * /.newspapers as the three top fun-i when they get through 11 nerso" Tabulations show Kefauver, the fatter part of July "* Harriman, and Russell with "the ^' f , , ( ~ ' most national convention delegate Suflinisfr •;v.ptes.'--; . .KENNEL_ V Kerr .said that he won't be-any Henry Schelte and \vorse "than'fourth on the, first bal-' made news hmi •* •" _I I "A " .__•_.** ____._' i" - .. * * V, I C bil houlfj .KENNEBEC, S D T U»«.~.; o_i__,. ' °- u -. Jung -lot at "{he nominating convention in ting a marriage licen* rf Chicago.- - first issued since iKr 2 "WhenM analyze all the other in last November ^ r robbery with assault to 25 per cent" for sex offenses. However, he denied that movies gates. T. I. Tallent commander of the Robert R. Tuck Post, and Mrs. Tallent T who is president of the contributed greatly to juvenile de- auxiliary, are directing- arrange- linquency. this weekend. Bathtub Has Varied History • .--- . , - i i % 11 ' Up Lavatqry By HARIVIAN W. NICHOLS of faith not only in religion but "in WASHINGTON, - June 6 ll r .E>—We own er's supporters of a "sleazv ap- " v i rr- T-X ^ '. peal to Texas Democrats to "over l ish ' "J? Eisenhower g an S was say- m S- Come in Democrats, take ovBer lhe Republican convcil tion by parents, teachers and leaders. Science was unabl eto fill this void, he said. "The spiritual chaos, in which we live and our failure to build into society any ..unified: meaning of life "is, to-my-mind, a most serious factor in upbringing of youth. take the • tub and the shower as things that 1 have been-with us; forever—arid it turns out that '"they have, almost. A tantalizing little squib about the historv-of. bathtubs sent me to many of the modern ones slanted at the back. .One popular belief is that the old Romans thought it" up. In those days, the head of the house was the only one ever to take a bath. After he finished with the soap, his wife .would come in with a po\ver and pervert" the Repubh- force of yotir .superior numbers— |i / F\ I Jiuus laciur m upormgmg 01 youtn. v~ ~""~'\/\? f\ me&n fellies and T see "° wa >' in which we'can ine maaei > TY \J!it*2ig IVUICf combat it." Smith derJareri The idea r -i • r i-^' i i - i i i j i i i , i ^ibrary of Congress to look into bucket of water and splash jt .on ' - hi can party in the state. and then go on to your own Dem- He told the House that Eisen- ocratic primary in Juiv and pick W H I S K E Y T O W N and - or In 1950 there were approximate- ^ oes to K . i[1 g Urninmar of Babylon, hower 'should promptly tell the your own Democratic, candidate'." SCHILLING, Calif., June 6 (IP)'— ly 10 million persons in the United Ancles income of,the old books his back. The tub was slanted it The idea of the bathroom goes is sa[d - so tnai ' the water would way back to 3000 KC., "arid credit not S et a]1 ovei \ the n °° r Another • version,'is that the an^ cients liked to sit in a tub of warm He said- everyone who believes The Women's Improvement States who were hard-of-hearing make'it clear .that the" king was a water and lean back and read, in ''preservation of the two-party League of this mountain commu- to some extent but onlv about man " wno loved bis bath, although Why nobody ever thought up the „,.„<— ..^-...u , ,.. bv such n jty have convinced tlie govern- four-million vWe believed*in hnv«.': he had no tub - ' His balh spot was idea of P uttm S a headrest on the "-• "•"•-' ' ' tu.««t. t. - p r j m itive,-to be sure,-but it v/as.big back of_the tub , always has stop- L r • r- x_ i.rj-.-.j p^j me> j used ' 3 ru bber inflated pillow, and you can patent the idea if you~have. the time- Way back there, according to a piece in one book,. people didn't system should be aroused' tactics: identified The chamelon can look backward without turning its head, name of It has bulging eyes" that roll about ing." But ment that "Whiskey town" proper and moral name. For years the government has American people if he approves of " this. . . brazenly dishonest proposal." ' JBuffett displayed a copy of an ad- published by the "Eisenhower for- President Club" in the Dallas Morning News and it contained this "cunning invitation for Democrats-to overpower and pervert the Republican party in Texas: separately to -look in -all directions, postmaster to-give the community - You are; not pledged to sup- __ ,.\ /„ , -;. '; the permanent-'name of'Whiskey- Harriet :-Quimby- : was trie first town," and the U. S. wonlan' tyfly a planeJ , effective July 15 a serious handicaps. enough for,-a man to move around The first U.-S.-newspaper car- in - II was'15-feet square. the town by the last toon was published in Benjamin According to • history, the; old its .postmaster. -."Schill-' Franklin's Pennsylvania Gasette monarch-would, lathgr himself up il Women rjPtltlfWfH flip ;™ 1T=r4 ' '*" . " ' ' - .. unH-ih<*n fini* fnr hie "cot-i-anTC «;Vi/-i .thenrng for port the, nominee of '-the Republican party, nor does it prohibit you nr'name of'Whiskey- Greenland, -A'itfearl'area'of-840,V letting it trickletonto J the floor.. ic change will become ! 000 square mifes^-ts : 'the largest "'is--- ^T^hav^ al\vavs"- b'e'en fascini '' *• . ' -' '• landTin the world:"" ", - : about whv-' the"-old-time tubs." fascinated -and , Direct from Africa ... from Belgium... from the great - diamond centers of the world . . . we import our own superb diamonds . . . fo give you Hie biggest ddlors' worfh possible in these precious gems! Every diamond jriijg we self is GUARANTEED to be worth its full purchase price when traded m here at any time on a larger diamond. Easiest terms, of course ... ond no Interest or carrying charge Exquisitely matched fishtail pair of rich platmurtt ... for your bride t forever! Ten excellent diamonds, \Vhat a magnificent opportunity for you . *. now! '. BIAMOND ENSEMBLE Simply tailored loveliness in geld. Thrilling 'diamond Ayould splash.-water on his back bathe because it was considered IC>*+;^/T ;<• f>-;rtLii«»'^^+^ J *v.^ ^t^«^ unhealthy. Bathing did not»become popular until the time of the. ancient Romans. - " They made a-sort of holiday of it and the whole neighborhood would "flock to the public bath' and splash together. At the beginning of the Christian era. some interloper thought up an unusual way to take a bathJ It^happened at Sak Kara. Egypt. This fellow wanted to lift the bones of: King Amenemeneet,- who lived in 1300 B.C., from their red granite tomb. He was shouted down for a time by the king-loving citizens, but our man finally won out and according to "historians, 'the place where the king's bones had rested made a very fine place to bathe." , After-the fall, of Rome, bathing as a popular pastime .took quite a licking. A number of plagues broke out and everybody thought bathing was to blame. For a long time the law said "no baths." Queen Elizabeth of Spain was said to'have bathed only twice in her - life. The first ^ime was a pleasure. "But the queen tried it again a couple of years later and is said to have come down with the sniffles. That did it. Never ' again. * Enough To Make A Man Go Haywire LITCHFIELD, England. June 6 W — Pvt. Cornelius C. Knight, 2S, began serving 42 days in the stockade Friday for going AWOL. Knight said at his court-martial that he married a woman, who told "nim^she was 32.and turned'out to be 51. "I just went all to pieces." he said. V Pioneer Oilman Dies In Houston HOUSTON, June- 6 OF-^-John T. Boyle r pioneer Texas oilman and one of the planners of the Houston ship channel, died at- his home here Thursday. He was 84. Boyle played a part in oil discoveries at Spindletop, Sour Lake -and Damon -Mound. He had been a resident of Houston for 60 years; coming here fit>m Union countv% Kentucky. Funeral services will be at 4 p. "m. Friday at the George H. Lewis & Sons Funeral home. % Survivors include his widow, two sons. W.-Stewart Boyle, Houston and J. H. Boylde, Tulsa, Okla.; and two daughters, Mrs. Leonard W. Craig of Rice. Calif., and Mrs. T. G. Hodges of Houston. Orphan Home Chorus Sings Here Saturday Royal Chorus of v Bolcs Orphan home" of Quinlatv TcxVVill present concert at 7:30 'p.m. ^Saturday at the Virginia Street t Church of Christ / ^ *•-...„,. The chorus, .accompanied ,bv connselors, is ^making * .three- month's tour of 100 Texas-cities: The program^ i fi c Its d e s, well known hymns and spiritual'' seled- tions. Hugh Graham "is' director and a member of< r the Boles* home faculty. Lewis Hogue, manager-of the tour, will -give -highlights" of the program ". a.nd- "purposes"""of the home. - '~ ...11 $500 < UberolTffrms TO SHOW EXOUfSrTE DETAIL I'S W' S! * SIZES 30-36 ind an< * STRIPES AND SOLIDS * MEN'S G] "S1ZES.6-I2 BEAU'S CONVENIENT lAY^AY Q.UAUTY ME. BfeALl'S ,". . .THE RIGHT-WAY TO ThW

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