Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on July 1, 1947 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1947
Page 2
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H%E*V%,- :f' TTT * ^•»w«»«i if^rattdOlherl; tarter of thS , today chanengel «* Cleveland and Hal as *cll as his 13th —- ... u matCS i^timc to defeat the Chicago '«««-«. 6-4 Eddie Lukon run for the Reds : who went down — the American League last night gained his 10th against only two defeats he defeated' the American T-T-".-- champion Red Sox in Boston 3*1. Shea, whose three shutout vic- nwoe rank nlm benjnd on]y PeIIer Walter Masterson of Washing. _-._ that department, has allow- Ij^^than three runs in a game "^* Tiiftt Wfls fl, 9-6 victor rf«*; V" snme Red Sox ' Hfs two threats were by the narrowest of £ a £#r ! i' a 1 '°,, loss to the Red Sox ™ Which he allowed only three hits White Sox in 10 innings. Three titties he has lopped Newhouser in pitching duels. **, n Dobson> b 'ggest winner on r*M,£? & Sox wns Shea's opposing nioundsman, but a two-run triple ff& J £ ? , DiI ^ ggl ° in the rirst inning got jughandle Joe off on the wroiiL' £?P i Th ,? vlctor J' enabled the League leading Yankees to open up a live and a half game bulge over the second place Sox. .. The Brooklyn Dodgers, led by ineir new home run slugger Pce- A^M $ ccsc ' their new outfielder Arky Vaughaii and their new clcnn- up c outer Carl Furillo. downed th ifht m Phlla delphia 7-4 to mov Within two percentage points or th Brav cnguc lc ading . Bostoi Furillo bagging three 'hits Ul apie(.'e vnn °/K R ^ S S' s bcing hls ninth home urn, the Dodgers hammered Schoolboy Rowe for 14 hits to hand UK bw f righthander his third setback nf tho *„„,„,! (ilu , his nrsl at ghjbc April 21. 1948 Un til night, Rowe had won V,i£n lBh U, alnes at nil; home park. Ewell (The Whip) Blackwcll Cincinnati's no-hit pitcher rccov- i*. ft f • ° r f d a11 their 1..1 in ? ing on two hits. »™i s on balls and shortstop i Miller's two-run error, then nly two more hits off Black- if C * iC ? Sn ° , White fts °* spotted 'ad the second ' Sn f»"hfi ln . Chsloa e° on Luke eighth inning home run _-_ Many Top Pro ' . I :' . — — -•- ™"4™ ^f Ignore Tarn O'Shanter CHIDAnn & c««,_ ..* _^ . ___. Eyed As Hosl Club For All-Slar Till j UK ever hit as many as six Washington emerged the victor in , i s l e ," saw battle w| th the Philadelphia Athletics, winning 8-7 with n, inrcc-run cluster in the ln<?f of the ninth The A's had taken a u"»h ft? " th ° top of tlle ^ing with three runs of their own A S K^L^iy X«™»>- 1946 bat- • -Wo fix flats, • 24-hour service. • We pick up flats. McWILLIAMS SERVICE STATION «4 S. Cnyler Phono 3 , -----*•- —• u* me icnyuc. scorea -—-„ ijewis from second with the ymning run. Lewis had singled in ne tying runs a, moment earlier The victory was credited to Scott Gary, who pitched to one batter It he" camplS' 6 ' 8 flrSt decisio » «* All games were played at night he scheduled night game betwppr Cleveland and the Browns at SI Louis wns postponed by rain Ne^ York. Boston, St. Louis and Pitts burgh in thc National League wen not scheduled. IHVINS VS~ 55ANOER ~ LOS ANGELES—(/Pj—Jlnimv Bivlns Cleveland battler who carried the Jiiouikcr. "duration heavyweight champmn". while Joe Louis was off o war. invades the Olvmpic Auditorium tonight in „ io-round "lest again..,, Bobby 2nnd ° Angeles Negro rtirrcnlly ruled about the toimho.,1 in his class \, ' eUt pn ' ? CHICAGO— &— Some of the better known pros now tnmk there's not enough glitter in them thar hills, partner, and are giving up prospecting at golf's gold o'Shanter Tournament . Maybe. Promoter .George b. Majvfrequently.called the KingJVIidas of golf ,is losing his .touch, for the best attraction he has to offer at the moment for his four-day jamboree starting Thursday is Bobby Locke. A ne sensational Souhh A f Hno •« ™l."suaranteed" $5.000 by May to Sportsman Shop Ekes Oul Humble Oil 3-1 |a^Sm^ b ?t«t a nS? in th.e Industrial Softball ay, while the Lewis Harfl- swamping Texas Elf Press »«r *~*jj"2'V ira11 ;? a J?^* team will i« S? old J 6d ™ r ttte Texas League's Ail-star game ahd pace-setter Houston had a little better chance for the honor today. The Buffs spanked Shreveport, »,«'?'«uu? lght on Ja ' ck Creel's eight- AnJ^t 0 ^' wlfch tlie tail-end San Antonio Missions coming up tonight ior a three-game series. Buffs' margin two full, games over second place Port Worth, rained out " f "" scheduled tilt at Oklahoma ct, as host foWSwttdonlOll^WI •SHSB^Hrttfi uf s ap Maii ave Mumble only five hits'while to Eel Lipat pitched only two shut juts ior the Chicago White So 11 n* iiin- t fi i f' u. »*ii/i* OU lining ]94(, buc opened thc 1" Chica , nce « go> thus Dipping the 'Bri- open and the Chicago Victory ' i±f an S 101 Jlnun y Demarct leading money winner): • T>ho« i^ n v^"j i'""',^" """ John Cornett learned to allow Texas Elf nine hits while the; Hardware sluggers were blasting. Texas Elf's Gray for 2! H"">blfi loo 000 0—1-5-2 Sportsman Shop .. 100 110 x—3-6-1 Lewis Hardware 042 819 (13)—37-29 Texas Elf .... 000 001 0 — fl fg Firut photographs in naturaT CAL Jazz The he May ; s Cabot's Smut Hounds Beai Challehgers 17-3 'The Cabot Smut Hoitnds beat, me Oeneml-Atias' Challengers 173 recently. The game marked the Cabot baseball club's ninth win against three defeats: " : The Smut Hounds have another game tomorrow, night, when they are scheduled to meet the undefeated Pampa Black Oilers on the Black Oilrirs'' field. •' ' •' -.«..;,» ^un. a firmer grip on fourth with a 3-1 decision over Dallas and in the other league game, Beaumont defeated San Antonio, 8-2. ttift? 1 !^ 0 ? cou A d get but foui " h^. Billy Costa getting two of them. It managed to push 6ver runs in the fourth and fifth ihnlngs. ..Tiilsa's paper record took on almost as impressive appearance as its . standing. By defeating Dallas, the Oilers won their sixth straight series since returning' home June 14. It was also their third win of the four-game stand. .Donnie Carlson pitched six-Hit ball in besting Joe Orrcll, although the Dallas hurler gave up only three safeties. Two of the three were extra base hits—by Jack Cassini and RUs- sell Bums. .Dallas went ahead in the first, then Tulsa tied thc score the same inning. The Oilers put over runs in the fourth • and fifth to make up their winning tallies. i ^° t , S ? n , Ant0ni ° Pitchers fared badly their first time out—Stan Ferens and Boyd Sorelle yielding 15 hits to the pounding Exporters. Southpaw Harry Grubb spaced nine Mission hits effectively.. . A general shuffle takes place today. Dallas moves over to Oklahoma City and Port Worth takes its place at Tulsa. San Antonio tries to hobble Houston, while Beaumont travels to Shreveport. AMARlLliO TwH 16 ££*kp* Ofleiris^iouhd Pitcher Tom Speafs decided Jy tough here tonight and the yoiihg.. Arrtarillo.. right- hander heaved an 8^0 shut- Spears limited the visitors to seven singles, faiihed.nine f*fi.Oi CllCllI I/ JSSU@ £) riQOrt >*.*» i 11 . -—«v«v* fj, uciiac '•Oil balls. Amarijlo double plays erased Pampa scoring changes in each of the first three innings. — ,. .^.. JT , T1 , ^jpctt r-»jtfi&r,jtr,^ ,„ First Bapfisf Senior Boys Ouf Slug firsi 'erians 2M2 Threatening .with a desperate rally "" 111 ^ ^e Pirst fiap- **£ yk fel1 ^ defeat last e hands °f the Hard hli Presbyterians, Bai Bailey, lefty, mbund scored ' , y - A 14 ^ trouble With the until Ihe sixth where they five runs and mashed him until —„ 1-0, hits and and shortstop", i i Bapt ? st rnJj 16 Q11 ^ s were without manager Grover Seitz who £ A* 0 .. 1 ?? 1 * Okla, The condition .' Otev ' •, ii - i "->. /i (0) Jin relay, cf O'Comiell, si ... A. JuhiiRton, Jb nniior, rf 'T- Johnston, 'rf' Htiinniui's, c Cliiimbors, 2b . . ATI 4 4 I II M 0 1 o o PO"A B put W&S PrtUtrTi."? • D "»"'? su piccner- as the Presbyterians scored In'.every' inh- ing. Emmett E6rrester refifeved M^ f, hers °ri In the fifth a«d stepped and nft e W rlal ? S for th « fra m° and allowed only one run in thp sixth . i . | In the Jr. Boys League, the Naz- f T f n . e . ®°ys, had too much power for the hapless Calvary Baptists as they romped over them 20-12. The winners scored 7 times in the first ftt m £ to , , start their high scoring as ariri '-i P <» st f., 8<5 ? re ? 1 ln t»e first and i in the last for their only P.late crossings. y in^^f f? 01 ' 6 ,,Banding at 16-15 m favor of the Central Baptist Jr Boys against the First Christ an j?.' Boys, an^argument began, and as s, Bostort 13. , ^ -»n«-^Klnaof, St. tonls' BtO 1.0 N J* T?* k J0"2 -838. Pitchll 807: Mil T'^QilI LEAGUE LEADfeRS ,+, (Through Monday) _ (By .jlie Associated Press) Batting /f5 or mere AB) °, ,2'jp® 297 111 374 - HcHfcrtl. ST 216 70 324" ewwan, OG ...,». 230 7a 'fa 3 PPS, HN ;::: is? n : j}j. ui-anjo, SA ...... gg 31 •(» asslhi, TL, 253 80 318 Runs: Rosen (OC) 62, Epps (Higl i: Rosen (OC) 11, Epps (tttf) 33, And6f*- • 12, Costa 16, Burns 31, W- |l (OC) 79, : Papal dlN) 107, (HN). Beers (TL,°"l1 ' pon •JL^i !» (II \, \ t. ±j -~,, ^a.1,1, (ST) 10 each. i Strikeouts: Slout (P\V), B«rs (HN) j 82 each. .•>. J Herman Wehmier, CincLpnati Red pitcher, starred for the national "'"""' *~'"> team in the'Ahierl- *•• '44 innrnnv : /"''"^/i n 4 4 0 0 0 1 1 I 0 7 21 U can decide what to do about In the Senior'Girls League, Bpfiv Nelson pitched her "-- • •• Methodist Girls to a --— ^w-- t^ iwwwk ^m^ am wl WEDNESDAY NITE, JULY 2ND ^?l£ii23RDand30TH OF JULY 'ice olAv&Hatffly PAMPA AUKJLIARY LANDING FIELD NO. 1 (Gray County) PAMPA, TEXAS LOCATiON. APPROXIMATELY < MILES SOUTH OF PAMPA TEXA5 T '.o°;S: r w wiii K'nt^ r !l ° 1her n «*™^ M °<™«°° f psny will be furnishud upon requesf af tho Regional 'ing priorities in g the be will forget about md show up at Tarn, May.'° °" c promi secl me," said iWl£, theSe - unc ertaihtles. the By HAROLD V. RATUFF Associated Press Sports Editor little Carlisle co tame o-pfc fv>Q - some evidence that the g tp g could «"">—"• - • • • w '""Ba , , rf . Decker, 2li . Totals o i o o H,n . ATT *1" FelTiS - ' Sto ' rtCtl Wlth the AAU there were about 10,000 members. The number has gone as hign as 70,000-that was before the war-and now is climbing back ™ ng ]; C A a r CTlleCl 5a °°° registrants ' The AAU, of course, is not as large as was Hitler's youth movement or the mass athletics of Rus'"•° youth But the AAU deoTs wttfa ™L C ^P°^' No other athlet- was so MS? 1 0 0 0 ,>' TWO ? f n o t 20 1 20 !> 0-0 0 .1 0 12 27 10 1 000 000—0 00.1 aox—s 1 ! First Chris « l ? ams sdored in ' each mnin e s l Jean Cornelius ' ' AmiirJlK, (lln nn . _--- •• , nuns bailee I,- 01-rl,? w 30x - S ffiS'S^SwSiS SSTftS^H , werc forf elted last Baptlst IVmn iu lluirju lovln •I, "'STANDINGS 0 ? ' •:•:••'••$$ •& GB '••••_•••• j | 1 |f M uu"::: ty ill '••}$, ^ n il :^ ^ Olympic games, "i take ' because he could do so many ,± 1C ,1^' °. ve . r J he «tory of - f -__ ^«. «i**i AVttIi orce Daid fm* tho. organization^ stamps Ol !t of 1 is own 1 ? f' J he AAU is nofc a rich' outfit ven today. But it is firmly planted «d is the world's majo/affiur sports organization. -Its-income is about $30,000 a year. ThisTonles fivp y Jt n "f S9SSIng eacn at hlete five cents and each club $2.50 ner f y rom T baske AU a ' S ° ™ ak< " "" O1 ^ men;s indoor bwck-tt^evenfa?" from HUGH FULLERTON, j r EAST LANSING, MICH-WR 0»e o Biggie ; Munh' ? T rs t TEXAS LEAGUE ,, (U1 ,. U)| Yestei-day's Results his siesta to train; I couldn't Oklahoma City = (I) Agencies of the Fedsral Governmsnt (2) R«co«|ructl on Finance Corporation for re si | e ,„ sma ,| (3) State and Local Govnrnmenls .hirn^:' 0 "" 05 ° Xpire te " (l °' d ^ «»T ,h. fir,, publicfl(ion of S ;;; u-.-w.ui ^-uuiii. niuvt DO suDmiltnrJ on Sonrl I P L* ;'~"™ W1J ^^d *n6 | Grand Prairie Regional Offico (or thc di-riosaT'TV I r. nabl ° fr ° m tt)0 j address sliown below, and rnu-t arrivo it (I ( ff° I roporl V at the I from (h . publication of fhi, notice or' noI'laJer «h. Wn ' J^f ^{^ |^7 V'.qfti P. O. BOX 2482 "REGIONAL OFFICE DALLAS 2, TEXAS GP-IO-I TEXAS •WoJf T !'". AKS « ia ' : ^ r ' f ''^ ) -"veport" .•.•.•/ 'l\ 22 ^ '2" I tlls'i ••I'l't 5 aUi''-' 1 '-'-- « « •«' ' % Oklahoma City V. 3! 4? 'illo i 1 ? t>an Antonio ... 5j './ -?42 VJ A vSS A .. N . "-BAQui 76 "» B tt 7 a grin over i-ligibnitfc^r^ta&SrpI after thc Indian had been the man? show of the Olympic games They r£? PC ? Bi , e Jim of hi « medals be- f, "i - h °J 1acl P la ^ ed base ^all for iHnf', Thol ?° Emitted it; h£ didn t know it was wrong. '"'Ic.volaiul •Vow Yprk Dufj-olt .'.'.'. in ™ 8 SilW l . he I81a Ol.vmpics °-' pe starrecl; He ^wn't i s j? ce - "He. has.. crossed the Atlantic Ocean 14 times as a aiu . Washington Chiuajro •St. HI. Loiils (rajn). .'i-l ;(o [rixt :';•; :!1 -sos •'•J «2 .508 28 28 .500 " ' '«2 -IS'I •!r. IJ " .'478 NATIONAL LEAGUE .T, es , tei ; d , a ,>" 8 . . R ?^it» <o.ston Trnolclvn New York' W ;M 27 as 27 112 • 57S .f,7(i .5,17 .508 .,100 .•isn 9 " 10'X- and UB 'i v ' 4 ^ said, "that you iiey out of ama- . any other per-son; that you have made more out of amateur sports than many of the promoters of professional sports" Ferris smiled, »r wouldn't say .that V j,e came back. "My salary' is ™'Jrf.000 >f a. year..'ThatV^te modest, don't you think?" But u little later, when I asked ,m why he never had been presi- , x e , AAUl 5mce he was the . of the organization, he 'rejlied: "You can't make money out of beine president; only the secre- Ih .last night's boys games, W. -i. Lane, L N. Atchihson, Howard Buckingham'ana B. W. Lane were tne umpires, Joe Wells and Dt Bal lard called : the girls games. In tonight's .games, beginning at '• in tne Senior Bovs Lpnn-im ti^o Central Baptists will meet \h eP i rs ? Methodists and the' First Christian will play the Calvary Baptists In ^^ass^gffass terians while . the Calvary Baptis will meet. ; the"Flrst Baptist. ^ girls League, the First Jr. girls will meet the sam" P n a f P Hl fc Jr ' glrls and the "las* game of the. evening will match the First Presbyterian Senior garis 'e undefeated First Bap- Senior boys £ lrst . Baptist 013 035 0-12 Presbyterian 346 ' 341 x-21 Junior boys -alvary Baptist 100 000 1—2 Naaarene: 734 060 x-20 Senior girls ir hr h Stlan -- 3 321 1— . „ f, »»».,» VMilA ^V ** C** 1 ~' ™ ' of good." Biggie isn't auout his' 1947 prospects, since he I HOUSTON-fS'^;'""''"'. ^SSUXTSSr«-SK 3SH ••S&Kg&fi yr^v^^'-F- SKli^l^ 1.1.".. .. . tjie end of spring prac- "-856, Mpnday 'is was « ooo _. iViI.L'i_ J_i_ • . ' • -'. I nV^ 4-AX_ 1 _ n .*?"< . ' **" • Accuracy, dependability, purity — Your prescrip. tions filled by .registered) pharmacists, with T . utmost kill.. ... .- . ....",," '.'„"'" WILSON DRUG , Registered Pharmacists^ on DutJ 300 S. Cuyler Phone CM I r and elect a captain, a been 15 years since the Spartans had chosen n captain, but Mun n a very serious gent about some m captains. A team'without r a ship without a ru. boys v need onn . and it's the AST^BA^tTUESDAY) I a ... ' .^ ' • ' •" I #.&t with ROY —- — • -•- ^.^.A^ XVJI THURSDAY "BATTLE of the \ BAND! T.. ..-H^K- body; he : p'robaKly «r f,? V H ed lnore iu ' tho interests ,of.,athletics, than any man. ' win! Jy th! M" rouncl;ou t « years m n f Jh A , A0 ' James E ' Sullivan, one of, the founders of this athletic unjpn, hired Ferris as his stenog" "° 1 ' U \,,?""!!?" deid in 1014 afld •' .J,^ ^^ • allu asBiHtanc to the president (J. Lyman Biiigliam) are Suietto^ Ferris acknowledged that there was a lot of talk, about ameteur athletes making, a good living through the AAU. He also ach •• PrfiT B H-t.i,,f ,,™~ _,- thew had . . —„. . w>; , wao °' 1 f ne Mich- Efan State tootball "squad, 'even if he wasn't good enough-to win a ; letter." -. ; '••'.'" •".... • ••'•• UNPLAYABLE LIU John Penniman of KJalamazoo, an ardent week-end golfer, tells this one about, his oddest golfing e perience x x x as ah .u'liknpwh young (jusiness man,- hc ( e'literp'd 'a .city bank to borrow sqme n^on'ey.' x X x :tllfi hfl.lllrat' iairn/^ hi*v<- ' «nUi.. • _-i _, We offer you a complete automotive service - - - rpbiiildliig.your engine, to slraight- bent fenders, painting:, iailor-hiade sea) covers. All services on the Budget Plan. • "*•:» .y«iut assistant to ^'reaerick Bubien, who'succeeded Sullivan secretary-treasurer. ' ' ' . In 192.7..perri§..hacl reached suffi cient maturity'to take over the ' ' He has be;;n at it .ever sjncej ' elected each time without tion. Sort of a successfiil " .politician, you might say. The round 'little . man with'the stitf neck (he gpl; it from arthritis) oi^ce was a star sprinter for the old New York Irish-American A. C He Wpii 200 medals biit never was good enough to win in'.the Nationals or r- - an . rt hotel and meals to exceed , M.50 per d'ay,""he ^ y - Y' olat j on of our "rule is ° U ^ C ^ or "WPlUbi "' ,- star ^ta/ls Paid in' 0Uan ° Wed '" is reported because the person; allows athlete. We : li^ve kicked^lt^iariy athletes when we Have'touud such violations. You Ij.eav a.bout only the prominent sports figures"a'rid they' pf cpurse, are few." ' '; ' ! ••*' .—:• .-— «"»*ww »u«ii^ i^iui,|iy. XXX the. banker eyed him -.'cpldly and isked: "Dp ypu play gbif?" x x x John i aclmitted ;it, /.What kind of spores do you 1 "'shoot?:,',; PennJman modestly put' hiniself in the '20-85 bracket. "All right," said 1 th'e'b_an-kev, mo you shot in'the|70's, I would have tjirne.d; ; y6u .dqwn 'because j (fe f k'ripwn you/were a liar:" •Guifs'tream p a rk w as tho nm,, COLO LEAF Can Now; Fix Yolir GOLP;LEAF : SICNS Music - Fun - Gaga Don't Miss ,It!, No Advance in Prices H REPAIRINCS RADCLIFF BROS, ELgCTRICAI. CO. In Tigiinlwlor j O'HARA Ceft-toon - News 1 ' ' ,vi Seai Covers ^v^f^^^^^^^^^^PH ,^-v.i. ,„,,,.vi^^,, y«.v^v A:>»- ^|^"^ 0 Wheel Alignmeni • Radio Service •^eived-1940^1^ Get yours now " '" :; " •' •• ••'•" "•'•• ^-™* • ,,<- YOUR Ballard on the 308 PHOSE 367 Pampa, U .. Ice Bojces-—6.8S tp . Thermos Jugs—4.45 to Camp Stoves-^8,9S tb Coleman Lanterns (Gasoline) Camp Stool*;, Cot«^-a r^al b w y ..- SunShacJ^—SOc to Sleeping Bags ; RUGGED Golf Ba^^-regular 12.25—special 10 6 ' 9 P a r-PakHaw4Bag-reg,,JariQ,92-Spe«al . ^'?| ...'''.•• , ; '•'.'.••: .•:' '7,1,1.." tr f . "

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