The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 10, 1961 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1961
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Tfde Scfidcfufe Today: High l):44 p.m. Low 3:04 b.m. Wednesday: <%"l8b 14:12 p.m., 10:12 p.m. 'Low 4:23 a.m., 4:41 p.m. NOBOD/ TRKD TO FIND COMPROAWS£-SICOND IN A SEMIS ON THE NEEDIISS WAR ON PAGf 4 THE B s Cos* Clear to partly cloudy, Httl* warmer through Wednesday Low tonight 44, High Wednesday 62. VOL. 48 NO. 274 ClMtliltdi BE 3-2911—All Othw Olflccit BE J-3SU—Except AnsMom TI 9-524S SEWING URAZOSPORT. ANOLETON, WEST COLUMBIA. BRAZORIA, SWEENY. OLD OCEAN, DANBVKY and DAMON Preeport, Texas 1000 At tend Rally To Hear Major Jordan A crowd eslimnted nt 1,000 uer sons gathered at the Fairgrounds Auditorium in Antjleton Minduy Mhcnr Major George Raeoy Jordan in Brazorln County's first Freedom Rnlly program. II wns Major Jordan's fourth talk of the day in Bmz>irla County. He had spoken earlier in the day to studenls and faculty members at high schools in W««l Columbia, Anglcton and Br,iz.->s- port. In the morning, he had made a television appearance In Hou- K n His talk In Brazorla County was sponsored by an organization called Operation Information. Its purpose, according to A. D. Peterson of Lake Jackson, county chairman, Is the promotion jf Americanism and patriotism. "I feel that the turnout Monday night and the reception given Major Jordan proves there is still patriotism," Peterson said (Us morning. TTie audience, he said, included a delegation of 150 from Houston, with others from Gaivcston and as far away as Kingsvillc. This was the largest gathering ol its kind In the county, Peterson sold, and Is Intended to b» the first ol a continuing series cf talks by nationally-known auttv- rltles In various fields of Amcrl- said that persona In the returned a total of about 300 ol the cards passed out askins lor preference In future speaker!, Probably the highest number, he said, asked lor a return visit by Major Jordan. Others high on the list of about 20 named were Herbert Phllbrook, FBI agent who joined the Communist party in order to obtain Information on subversive activities, and wrutf* to* book "I Led Three .Lives'.',Bio. .). I/fear Hoover, FBI dims tor. Major Jordan was a World War I pursuit pilot under Capt Eddie Rickenbarckcr's command, and was a lend-lease expediter In World War II. His observations ol partisan aid lor the Russians was the basis of published exposes. The audience held the spaakcr so late with a question and ons- nwr session, Peterson said, that lie' missed a flight schedule and was sent to Austin by a chartered plane lor a talk there today. Peterson said it is hoped tnat the second Freedom Rally program can be offered in Februaiy or March. Sun Data Sets Today 5:40 p.m. Rises Wednesday 7:18 a.m. § Sets Wednesday 5:41 pjn. jj. MRS. D. ALLISON. Lake jlti-bara March of Dimes Chairman, announcing a MOD informal open house and coffee at 825 Elm Street from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Wednesday . . . WANDA VAUGHAN ol Lawton, Okla., here Sunday and Mon lay visiting her sister, MRS. ANN I-I'DKMAN of LJ. . . BILL PENNINGTON, asking Fl" Lions wlra are going to uie Jun. 18 Buy City mid-winter eon- ttVfcnce to let him know by Friday. . . The REV. GEORGE L. CARLISLE JR. of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, in Washington, u:, week attending a conference al the College of Preachers. . . L. H. McCOLLOM. appoM.ed n KP Lions Club director to fill the uncxplred term of Ulti. SHANNON. . . MRS. ELAINE RISHER, '.ten >;* her A. I", licutcl classroom after mi absence due lo illness. . . .JOY DANSBY to celebrate ti'T lOih birthday Wednesday. . . K. L. BOSTON, rc-t-lcrted rliair- man of the Brazos River llurb'T N iviKaliun bourd (luring its -vivpl r< urtMnUatiunul meeting. ,1. P. SI K JUS was re-elerled secretary. MR. and MRS. W. K SIMS «•! Fl', celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary tuday. . . If A Aruuiul Tlw County: The 0 F. "I'REACHKK" MKA- DOIt-S of WC, trandpni cuts now due 1 to their daughter givint; jirih lu u baby sirl over the weekend in HuusUin. . . MRS. A. G. HOWARD an'l MRS. L. I 1 . COOK of Aw-lali)-). •wing to it Hull Die new Hi i/os purl Art Li-ague Uuildini; uus (i kildicn tttligc. . , TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, l%f Associated Press Member Bowling Tourney To Aid La Escuelita Price 5 Cents For those who enjoy bowling —and It's now Brnzosport's biggest participation sport—there's no bettor time to get in t h e competition than this weekend. Between midnight Friday and midnight Sunday at the Freeport Bowling lanes, the cost of English to four-year-old children of Spanish-speaking families, The school enables these children to overcome the language barrier that once prevented most Latin-American children from receiving an adequate od- playing will do double duty. j ucation. You will bj competing for} "Cash prizes will be awarded cash prizes or trophies. And at the same time your playing fee will be helping one of Brazosporl's worthiest civic ventures—La Escuollta, the Little School that teaches basic I to adult participants in the La Escucllta Charity Ragtime Doubles Bowling Tournament, with the amount determined by the number of entries In the tfurnament," according to Mike Clark, Freeport Bowling Lanes manager. , The tournament will be held Saturday and Sunday at the Freeport Bowling Lanes, with all fees going to the La Escuelita fund. The tournament is being jointly sponsored by the Freeport Bowling Lanes and The Brazosport Facts to provide funds for tho school, which is supported entirely by civic funds. To help raise funds for the school, the Freeport Bowling FROM CLUTE, FREEPORT Merchants To Attend Austin Road Hearing Freeport and Clulc Council, Chamber of Commerce, which members may head a huge del- j originally endorsed the Transportation Committee's recommendation favoring the northern route, altered their position to coincide with that of the Area Planning Commission. Tha original route would leave Highway 0 near Hitchcock, in Galveston County, cross Chocolate Bayou just south of the Monsanto site, and follow the Hoskins road to join cgation to Austin Jan. 30 for a Texas Highway Commission hearing on the route of the proposed cast-west road from Brazosport to Gaivcston County. Both Councils favor a route originally proposed by the Texas Highway Department, which for much of the distance would follow the old Hoskins Mound Road. Both Councils oppose the northern route now endorsed by the Highway Department, Commissioners Court, Lake Jackson Council and Angleton Chamber of Commerce. Farm Road 523. Clute has asked that ^his terminus be extended now or later to intersect Highway 288 in Clute. Freeport has agreed to this. The northern route would cross Chocolate Bayou at the same point, but would follow course several miles to the north, crossing Farm Road 523 and Highway 288, and joining the Brazosport Loop Road that veers north of Lake Jackson. Lanes will give 100 per cent ot the bowling fees received between midnight Friday and midnight Sunday to the La Escuelita fund. Cash prizes will be awarded the best adult bowlers and trophies will be presented to each boy and girl In each of the three age groups, bantams, juniors and seniors with the most pins over average. Entry fee for a will be $2 per person with ;,i.35 being donated to the La Escuelita fund and B5 cents going in the cash prize kitty to be returned 100 per cent to the bowlers. Amount of cash prizes and how they will be awarded will be determined by the number of entries, however an example would be "out of 50 people, there would be five cash prizes." Each entry will bowl throe games across six lanes and can place in the money only once with the same partner. The bowler's highest current league average of 18 games or more in any one league will be used. Handicap for men will be 68 and two-thirds from 200 and for women 70 per cent from 200. Any doubles combination may play, however not more than three couples will be allowed to a pair of lanes. Bowling will be allowed anytime lanes ars available. The Junior singles will be conducted at t h e same time, midnight Friday to midnight Sunday, but bowlers must bowl in age group classifications. Bantams, six to nine years of age; juniors, 10 to 13, and seniors, 14 to 17 years of age. Averages must be based on 12 games in the 1960-61 season. Averages will be verified by the secrstary of the league, coach or bowling house where the average is set. Entry fee for juniors will be $1 per person, the entire fee being given to the La Escuelita charity fund. Trophies will be awarded to the first place winners in the Junior singles divisions. At a meeting Monday night jhorit the Wind." now showing at of the Freeport Council, two (the Vclasco Theatre, has own members of the Freeport Downtown Merchants Association said that most of their members would make the trip. Movie Shown Here Draws Protest From VFW Groups " famous Scopes trial, in whi:n A protest against the film "/r- the teaching ol Darwin's ' theory | o! evolution is argued by Wffliam! voted by two veterans orgnniza-1 Jennings Bryan and Claren-el lions in Braznsport. i ~ -' i Tho two arc the Veterans ol{ [Foreign Wa*s, Posts 8578 .i.-vli j Dorrow. "We wish to I out that the; State Lawmakers Hold 1st Session AUSTIN, AP - The 57th Texia out leadership battle up 10 the Legislature was to meet at nno.i Court Asked To Up Salary Of Constables Brazoria County Commissioners' Court heard an urgent plea Monday that they raise iiie salaries of the county's e^m constables for 1961. Though Uiey promised to take the matter unde? consideration, the Court held cut little hope for a change in tne amount budgeted for constanlcs* salaries or for any other department. F. A. Roden of Alvin, constaote of Precinct Three, was present to represent the county's constables. "It is pure folly to assume that these services lie rendered for only $40 a month," Roden told the Court. He said the constables are <vi)l- today harassed by unprecedented money problems and already torn by a close, bitter contest for the House Speakership. Representatives James Truman of Gober and Wade Spilman rf McAllen carried their long drawn- FP Shrimp Boat Reported Overdue Gordon Ford ol Freeport, j Nearly all of the multiple orob- iems challenging the Legislature in charting the course of sttte victory. Secret balloting on the Speaicer- ship was to be the first major task before the House. Its organization, including committee assignments, can not te perfected until the winner is declared. In the Senate, election .if a President Pro Tempore to preside j in the absence of the Lieutenant i Governor is the first major t-usi- owner of the shrimp boat I Maudie, reported to the US j Coast Guard here last night that the shrimper is overdue in Key West, Fia., according to Chief Chester Giliis of the Freeport Coast Guard Station. The boat left Freeport on Christmas Day, and the owner Kariscn said they had just come from a meeting ol their organization. Marcus said the 14 al A joint statemenMiy T. C. Setman, Post 8576 commander, ind Joe Zahradnick, Post 4341 com- the meeting planned to go, and! mander. saj( j ,^3, ••;„ that of .the total membership, ; with our policy of promolin-; notices by the Soviet press wr-iur !t opened hi New- York," the VFW commanders said. f • "The script writer lor the movie' HUBY DEERE SHOWS JR. SINGLES THOPH1ES •' in Ait . West within a week "after its Freepon departure.'"" other County office that operates out of the pocket of the office holder," Roden said. "I would like to beg of this Court that you give us enough money to cov?r our expenses." He said that his expenses lor 1960 were more than $700, but that he was paid only $480 during that period. County Judge Alton Arnold said that at the time of the annual budget hearing in August, constables had requested a higner salary and were refused. "Your budget is set for the salary you were getting in I960, and fie Court at that time did not see fit to raise it," he said. "Legally sve are bound until next budget -Jme before we can make changes in these budgets. Commissioner George Duncan of Sweeny mentioned a recommendation made by the Brazorid County Grand Jury two years ( _ . ago that constables receive tbe ed in Austin for the session of tha | minimum salary permitted Ly government for at least the next two years are based on a mo'ii- tainous general fund deficit, an acute shortage of prospective ne* revenue and spiralling demands for state services in scores nf , has had no contact with the Recent sessions have not solved vessel or crew since that time, j "* long-range money projjlern. Captain on the fishing vessel j state Capitol hals buzzed «vi!h is O. L. Ravels of Key West I P° litics and the promise of an nis- According to Gillis, the boat ! toric ses sion as lawmakers gdlnor- . 95 per cent would make the i genuine Americanism, we protest U s onc ot Uie Hollywood writers' trip in support ol the original i the movie 'Inherit the Wind/jconnetfed with the Commijinjt i route. I which is commonly referred to as > movement there who invoked 'he i He asked ?bout means of "The Monkey Trial'." The movie is based on transportation. Freeport councilmen said they; would study the possibilty of chartering a bus. It was their i understanding, they said, that a sizeable number of Clute merchants may make the trip with! D^^^.-^M^ J |-» their Council, and that they i\6COV6r6l! 8II might charter a bus. i At least one opposition group.. intends to send a delegation to (I the Austin hearing. At a meeting last night, the! Part Of Money jFP Burglary j5th Amendment when questioned!' •)ie j before the Un-American Activities' -' Committee of Congress. Two Councils Schedule Consolidation Hearings Legislature. •Rapidr jire conversation- .-wept through the city from clubs and downtown hotel lobbies to th= legislative chambers in the -Mpi- tol. Freeport citizens can ask qw>s I what they want to know about tee tions about c o n s o 1 idati.m ill plan, and tell us what they want Brazosport, or express their about consolidation." "While we do not question the liberty of people seeing t'rs ; movie, they should be aware of ! the danger to our American ideals, ! which are quite twisted by the writer. • "If this movie in any way i^ i 1 - 31 * Jackson. It will begin leaves one questioning the on^ia I "* Puolc hearing on the qu«- Individual m e m b ers of the House and Senate were targets lor lobbyists, job seekers and oid friends. Many Legislators were at thair jdesk yesterday. law in explaining the cut from $10040 $40-per laonth in 1960. Another request lor more funris to operate during J3S1 came from Dr.. Catherine E. Coleman, dir~> tor of the Brazoria County Health Department. The Court's answer to Dr. Coleman was about 'he same as their reply to Roden, agreement that they would consider the request, but little hope ithat anything can be done. 7 p.m. at the city hall council I Representative Eligio De La _ chambers, and will be condacied! the long-range money problem. „'• Coleman ^^ that smce by the Council-appointed special) State Canitol haUs buzzed with ' - „ one of her offiee eni " . _______ _ _______ r _____ _____ _ ..... ________ .._. points on the proposal at a sp^- ' Frcc P° rt ' s hearing will be the study committee on consolidation. I Garza of Mission agreed vrith cial hearing on Thursday of n«ti? CO ? d ^ "H-, 8 ?^ A OUDIi<;Pessarra wiU be on hand other lelator r muirios on inursoay ot Jvxt hearing is scheduled tonight in of man. then certainly it ^ detrimental to the American uriii- ciples that are inherited from tie jianquefSef Lake Jackson Jaycees heard a! Freeport police recovered S300.Jfounders of this nation," the report favoring the northern! 0 ' about S**> taken in the Dec. &]spokesmen said. route from a study group ap-l bur B lar y °« Western Seafood pointed to review the road' Com P an y "i" 1 lhc ""-st of one! proposals. The Jaycees approved the study group's recommendations. of two men wanted in connection j with the case. j Lennox Hood Holliday was ar-j irested 3 Appointments ing. i committed to County Jail j Anglcton with a bond of taken a middle-of-the-road po- Uie grand jury. NEW YORK vn — President- elect Kennedy has made three more appointments. The vice-president of the rsity of Pennsylva n i a, i John Moore, has been named which at first endorsed the tion has been set for T:30 p.n. | Jan. 19 at the city hall coon^il chambers. If the attendaocei g* ^ shouH make the hall inadeqwtc,! OV BOV the bearing will be moved to! • larger quarters. j Qfl\r C, Freeport councilmen will serve! '&*Jj «*' as a panel to answer questions! or hear viewpoints. i Th 6 Bay Area The hearing was set in response Scouts of America, has announced' agree °" some sin $ e version. to a letter from Sam Pessarra,'that the annual banquet will be be on hand to) other legislators that the current answer questions while the coni- j sesson will be one o' the mist important in the history of Texas. This is the way the Mission lawmaker put it: "I look for a long and arduous session. My friends in the Housa agree that it will be a hard i.nv to hoe. Most ol them are mire pessimistic than optimistic toward financial problems." Jack Grain is back in Austin where he gained national prominence 20 years ago for his football exploits. tnittee will hear residents' views. The area planners' "A Plan for Consolidation' included an inven- jtory ot the assets and liabilities jol the three cities and two vil- jlages. the means lor consolida- Ition, and a detailed plan for the i structure of the consolidated city. Though complete in form, the plan was designed as a starting point for the individual cities 10 Council, Boy| mak e their own plan, and finally November a group from the Area at 7 P- m Planning Commission had formal- The banquet will feature Or ly presented their publications, "A! U Classes Held As Negroes Fait To Show Plan for Consolidation" to the Hyman Judah Schachtel ol Hmi-' ATHENS, GA., AP — The-e n book of blank checks, taken in Administration. ;ston as speaker and include i after all at the Vni- .... ... — ..... ..,, ....... ™ ..... .„, „., , acpe northern route as preferable to,, ne burg | arVi were also rec o kvre d A former Democratic Nation- 1 within 30 days> .. Pessarra LlV* UrttJinUl rOlllB. IlOXV inVOrS .-.i. it_it:_i_. ._ ..... . .. il f^nmmt 1 1 /uimin 1rn m M A .it i . . . .__. _ "We" had anticipated a reo!y: Silver Beaver Awards ceremony >ersity of Georgia in Athens :» talk by J route, now favors w1th Hoiiida/s "arrest" according i a, 1 __ Co _ mmUte ^ man f r l m N !« w j hi" letter." When" none" was "rijScout. Each year "council "7-iS show U P- because two Negroes did not leers have issued a bulletin «n a man who is ta this plan, but according to Free- j to p^fa port officials will not oppose | Capt . c. G. Bonkston said otfi. the original one. | The Brazosport Area Plan-; nlng Commission approved a statement to the effect that all thrco routes—the northern one, original one, and the beach road — were needed, and would serve different purposes. They endorsed all three, with no priority. And last night the Brazosport have committed the actual iiur- glnry. He l>ad not yet been pp prehemied Tuesday. dipt. Bankston said the sale in the Western S e a . o od Company j/fioe dad Hot tuvn forcvd ouen when ths office was burglru ',z-*l, but about $400 was missing from it. Hampshire, Bernard Boutln,!,.^.^ at u, e planners- rjec. 151District Scout'leaders and iW lias been named deputy admin-;meeting, he said, "we vot;d .0!ladies gather lor this banquet, istralor, Kennedy also has picked an assistant secretary Washington Bureau of the Newark, N. J., Evening News. This morning, Kennedy had a breakfast meeting in New York with Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt. A Federal Court has ordered their admission to the institution. j again offer our services in heip-j presided over this year by "o^t-'lAnd it had been thought earlier that the University would close down temporarily under state law forbidding such integration. A source close to Govemar i picKed anting vv j t |, consolidation questions.' I going President M. L. Waugh of of Defense j "We have all received the books, Texas City and newly el?ct<\i for Public Affairs. The choice is land studitxl tire various aspjots President A. F. Shorkey of Lak° Arthur Sylvester, chief of theiof the plan," Mayor Dick Helpji- 1 Jackson. still said. "What does the Coua- Tickets for Uie banquet are Ernest Vandiver says the Gover- cil suggest doing next?" available at $2.50 each, through I nor will sign an order to closs A hearing was in order. Conn oilman Bob Meek felt: "I think we are obligated to have a public meeting, where citizens can ht".r the Boy Scout office in Galvest m j the University the minute any or Uiey may be purchased ircm; Negro walks into a classroom, any executhe board member or:He's seeking a change in the district chairman. Deputations, Subdivision On Court Agenda Business ranging IRIIII cinpijy- ment nf a tux consultant to -U>:m- lation of two County Clerk's .11(170 employees un.1 approval ol su> •livisiuiis lini bei'D taken nue .>! l>y Urazoriii Countj Commit in- em' Court during its first sessions. TAX CONSULTANT A cuntriu'l with W. S. Jr. as tax consultant was by the Court, covering the ilur yi'ur 1S61. SproU's luis tttvvA .n tills cu|Kicily for wvonil MHI-J. UEI'DTATIONS The Ciiurl also upprovi-d ll'o dcpuliilioiis of lit'Ky IJudli'y nnd Annie M. St'iilcr as eiiipluyuos ill Ihe Counl> Clerk's Olticc. A I"(mil) Slirriff J. W. M UMwiil for redi'piilutinn nl u nuinb.-i' (I ui his deyui Uncut, |Hut]ioncd until Uie Court sots il.e salaries lor County employees ;i| it future meeting. The plat ol Pcnnington Subdivision. comi>rlsing nn an?a ol -l.r>J icres, wns appioved lor filinj; ui lliat they met County' specifications. Tlie subdivision is near Chocolate BJIJDU. COl'MV UEI'USITOKV On request ol A. Guy Crouch, Alvin attorney, the First National lhc applicant's expense, subje.-.-t lo;l!unk ol Alvin was made a Coumy receipt of tax certificates »;id | Jopusitury until bids aix- let tor ti>e signatures ol the plat office rlerli, ] depositories for the next two->fur County surveyor and County engineer. The subdivision >s l> rated near Alvin. mid the plal >vus submitted by Alvin ulHrr.ey Jack Harrison. On recommendation of Coun'y lieriad. These bids are to re awarded in February. EMH.OYKKS KAISEU On recommendation of Ls\vi>, two Precinct Two Road tnd Bridge Depoi'tment c m plovccs tt. J. Lewis, roaiis in were raised in classification the Snuu Harbor Subdivision, Soc- sulary effective Jan. 1. They »;rc tion Two. were ucccptcd into -he W. J. Westbrook, raised from Cuuiily riixnl System <(«• lu'u:\' | •.econd class operator at $331 per maiiilcivim-c. Lewis saiil lie ivu\ 'niunlli to first class operator at inspected Uie vuatU luuuJ'J37i ycr uiuulh; i'vuuk A. Burroughs, raised Irom laborer at I and ol County Auditor Frank A. $305 per month to second class operator at $331 per month. MEETING BEMINUERS Mosquito Control Director J. C. McNeil! called the Court's attention to the annual Mosqui'o Control m t e t i ng at the lair- grounds, Thursday at S:30 p.m. Other meetings ol which Commissioners took note were ilie C o m m issioners and County Judges Conference at Texas \&\] College, 19— 2a and :ince before the Texas, Highway Commission on Jan. 30 I'eguilina tlic propos:U for a Farm to M.xr- net road between Brazoria mid Gulvestan Counties. EQI'II'MKNT Ou wcarnuv county agents lor filing, aeeep'rd the monthly report of the C-wniy Juvenile Department, and nenri Taylor, the Court authorized pur chase of a Gradall for Predict Three, at a cost of $33,353 en the iinly bid which met the speculations. They had purchased one jf the machines at a meeting soveral weeks ago, lor use in Precimt Two. I'OWEH UNE EXPKKSE Taylor was authorized to payjlracco lor a" pipe line under and Dow Chemical Co. $130 lor tw,>, across Cour.ty Road 48 about a 50-foot power poles to raise the half mile north of that roa<t3 The two Negroes ordered milled to the University, Hamilton Holmes and Miss Charlayne Hunter, were reported in Atlanta this morning. Holmes had oe»n scheduled lor a 9 a.m. class at Athens, but failed to appeir. Efforts to reach attorneys for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People were not immediately successful. Because it had been expected that the school would not cpen this morning, fewer than the usual number of white students wer? present. Some students had packed up and returned to their homes aite- hearing that the Governor would shut down the school until 'he Legislature acts to repeal the funds cutoff provision of the state . , , law. at several precinct and drainage ., . , .......... Negro attorneys went before a district officials, approved He (ede £, judge t ^ ay seeking ^ monthly reports ol the vaiious injunction to keep Governor flaw, however. Vandiver from closing the University of Georgia. The Governor called it the sad- a request for drainage in !ne des t duty ol his life if he has lo western part ol the County. They also approved issu.-ux-e | a pipe line permit to A. C. power line near the Oyster Creek Bridge on the outer Loop Uxtu. The amount is to be paid irom the Contingency Fund of the rte- einct One Road and Bridye hudgel. MlSt KIXANEOUS «( U:\viil The Court approved (be intersection with County Road •lose the school, and made tnown jthat he will appeal to the i,ej>i,?- 'lature to dear away the 'esal roadblock to reopening the Lni- versity if and when closed. The Georgia L e g i s 1 ature convened yesterday. Right-of-way e a s e m e nt from j The Governor disclosed that > e Edna W. McConnell lor a pur- had sent State Attorney General Eugene Cook to Washington to ask Supreme Court Justice tion of County Ruad 142 in einct Three was filed for record at the County's expense and re- < Black for a delay in the Federal turned to the County Engineer, integration order, so the stale can was no payment involved, appeal UK case uu its merit*. ployees are classified according to the State Merit System, their salaries cannot be cut With die budget cut approved by lie Court in August, she said the entire cut must come from tbc single unclassified staff member, the clinic aide, whose salary will be cut from $2,880 to $1,719 -w- Bually. This means the aide will oe reduced to part-time work, making it necessary to bring in one ol the department's public nealto nurses to handle routine office duties, Dr. Coleman explained. Mentioning the e x p e c ted increase in work to be done by the staff's lour public health nurses with the influx of 2,000 construction workers for the proposed Monsanto Chemical Co., Hi: Coleman asked further consideration of the matter. Commissioner Duncan said that considering the county's financial status, "It looks like it will stan.l as set." The Court was due to nieei again today to set salaries anil finish a number of other items «l first-of-the-year business. Canavan SelectetS For AF Academy Gregory Canavan, Brazosport High School senior, received a telegram from Congressman Clark Thompson Monday night advising Mm that he had been appointed from this Congressional District to the Air Force Academy in Colorado. The appointment came as the result of a competitive examination that the youth learned about from a release from Thompson that was run in The Brazosport Facts. The six foot, three inch basketball letterman is one of the highest scorers on the ExpoKer team. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Canavan of 818 Magnolia in Lake Jackson. IN BRAZOSPORT H you fail to receive yotu Facts by $ p.m., pleasa call BE 3-3511 before 6 p.m. and » copy will be delivered to your home.

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