The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1940
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VOLWIR XXXVI—NO. 2-16. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER THR nQMINAmM^WSPAPEH OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Mississippi Valley Lender Blylhcvllle Daily" News BlytlievHIc Herald . niythovillo Courier German Press Says Scandanavian Group Must Make Decision BIA'TJIBVIU.B, ARKANSAS, TODAY, JANUARY BERLIN, Jnn. 5. (UP)— HO Na?.i press today charg- i the allied powers \v i t h WITH MY 3 FINNISH Ali, Jan. 5 o Have Eloped J SINGUJ COPIES FIVE 1 CENTS ™ni>, < n lses f ° r '? C , t * ° n imovement''of Finnish "patrols agmnst Germany and declar- toward the frontier and nusl into Russia, . are new ciimpaign of bombing , to oppose English!alul machine gimninir Fin- °' y " Ciuly (llls K power politics, --'-•- • fc"'"""b '" ,.\ n ^ <,n»^. ,,„ ,„ Tho authoritative, newspaper Nachfnusgnbe, ccmmontmg on British reports that allied aid would probably be given for Swedish '.le- fense measures, satd: "It bares lhc Intentions of tho Says Hitler Will Try r very Wcapon Al llme nish columns, reports from the front .said today, lhe Russians arc sending squad- said last night rifle the Ambassador their arm.. in a "in-land, sea nnd air," of Lothian, Ihe co.vw/vv, N. «,, Jan. r,. (tJ)')-(,Vorirc (ISomro) lAWtbri- amt Ellfcn (Jutii'H Hi-nick were married here (6- itay climaxing soddy'it most Uirbuient lonunre oC tin- season. "y RVltl, n. VuftciJ I'co<s .stall Gorrcspouiiohl NF.W YORK. Jan. 6.—Somewhere, the long-lovelorn Eileen Hcrrick and George Lowthcr III nvc Bet- ling married loclny, so the story BOCS, while (lie bride's wealthy northern Finland from their bases as. nn to to! denying his words were "propn- -v win.... iiiu- imum-iuns O! IJ1O nn tf\n WMf« fir. n * it . , • & "uiu,-) wt-R' "nrOtJI western democracies to suppress While Sen, seeking to dam- ganda," lie added: the freedom of all neutral stales ?",?'in"th f°" S ,""" talpedo " l nm s|1Mkmg f "" llllv '° V of. Europe. .tuinspoit lo the front. m the same way your AinbiWdi - "Tho neutral states, must now'f!Er W^" 1 ^, Plnns h!ld Kennedy I. conUmmiiy explain Vntt , n.tinJlrri.. *!,„ _ ,_.m, , V " IIL Ull. 1M1)1 IJlU IlSK failfnnri T?IK- I ft ilia U.-tlf^l, , . . , sny. whelhei- they are willing to oppose English power pclltlel or whether they are not strong enoug sup^CVC" IS,,,!!'.? Bri ""' »«">'< «"« vou,^ not confirmed. | H e devoted most of to withstand England's policy" of QU '"l"| C ''"!±, h ™ f ?f"°f a i hc "' J - >»«""• <ienunclation of Adi conquest which she Is preparing £|* ^ 1 '°J™£?? , l .°, *'™ lpr «» d « ™^rtton of with lies and deception. "England Is forcing the neutral states to make their decision. Germany awaits this decision." The tone of all newspapers was | ,., , ^ ~ . abcut the same „„ cli>lm Faail Shotlaro HELSINKI, Finland, Jan. 5 (UP) ,, bl '°° lllll B silently lu defeat. T | nis cluts h(l|)|) , |y fm . Oiw but Pnpn nnd siamn iicrrlck, soclety;s most (urbutent roinbiw of tlie season. Herrlck. who had <lono cvciytiiliig possible to preserve his pretty, 20- year-old diiiiBliler's slngle-blessed- ncss, and iv)io<l, hours utter first intervened three montlis wlipii he snw the romanco biulillng II« binrwl Lowlher from Ills bomi> and hb daushlcr from IcavliiK ll. After nseeiiahitiig, froniimi notes nnd secretive (olc-phone culls that the ehl loved him, l.owlher wpul lo raiirl, SiiiireiiH) Court Justice Isldor \Vass4>rvoxi>l onloiccl thill ho bf> in-rmH(i>d to see her, Bnt when Die .\omij innn-nbout-lown went cnlllng on the Hcrrlcks, forll- fled by the law. he tound the hniisc rteserled. Some days inter he loculcd the faintly, his sweelhenii with their., at their .summer home on Ixjng is- Innd. That was out o( Jusllco Wns- servogcl's Jurisdiction and l.owther had no legal support for Invading Ihe estate, but he did so, accompanied by his (.rusted Johnson. Private guards, employed by Jfc'rrlck for that purpose, chased them oir. , „ , „ , ,"?. /" Russla ,I«"i"s. _. f f , . • « "• • »«""" l\ I LH.XJL'I ILUI1 Ul I JJO o iiiclr operations bill ad- O f Britain's policy of world ecn- ,. , , , '",- V """• ">' •"»«'"• that patrols were opera t- nomlc frcetloni. i hnt ., nls ''""S 1 '!" wns Just " nt ll number of "It now that not justice for Germany, but conquest and domination, created thc most ruthless tniian military organize rheii Lowther went lo Judge I, now seems qullc clear lo us i , < S0 lllforlnc(1 l»o jiolice what Hitler' really seeks is t PuBrtmcntVl n " SSlll|: »™°™ ^ But Lowther's altorncy. friend news, not ycnlly anil privately, but "Latest foreign press dispatches' «,:,,',. FmIluu1 ' Jnlv 5 (op) indicate that the western powers i~ , , - l , P atvols . no »' "^"1 arc convinced of the hopelessness „, , uc '" Uin B airplanes, have so seri- „„,„, „,„ of their blockade so that they are T f " a '»I' cr «t <«mc en Russia's taWlsh thc sllpre ™ 0 f tho Gef I " T I, t * , '- ', 1CWi ' ml Placing all their hopes In cxten- *, ,, T,' TM SU ? P l y llnC '° tJlc » 1H " »'»"B ™cc," he said ' HeiT rk ?ni ' ' T,""" s^x^s-s^^ Srt! ^/^'-' ! ^ :• ^rt^rinS =1^~i~- wS r r = 2Qtta lo '£ 5E, !?^W •- «S1^ labltsh ihn e ,,nr n ,,, nn ,. „/ .,..„.'.. i else _!° lcacl '" "><! newopapers. newspapers. ' said, "Miss wilh her news agency. The Frankturte the within were certain circumstances. "This • serves as an enticing out- Reindeer herders and other men rcferenees to kindred problems and rick 'took for n valk' ns aifexcme principles of thc two nations and lo get awav Ho,, home) Is wlh emphasized that continued free- them.' ' Congressional Study !'S UN I OH Of Budget, Defense flPENSProposals Is Asked Sixth Annual Convention ^ u {^f^' n V l{ ^ r> - •("'.')-A l>l«fc of senate n«Of [ I,,,V , r I r I P"»ii<Miw loiliiy endorsed proposals for a joint congressional U! Union Is Underway »ludy ot buctoclary problems, proposed n similar tflvSl Hci'c loclay • ' ' fl """ 1 ''"'' ' ' ' Tile sl.vih nunilnl convention of Southern 'iVmnvt Fiirmers Union opened lien- (his afternoon al the I Hi-lhel Nc-firo Molhodlst clmivh (in I Colerldee street nfter lhe extreme!y cutd weather had delayed arrival of some dcii-gnies unlll noon. Approximately «5 delegates from unions In Missouri. Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Oklahoma —llio llvo stales where Ihc (iroupl Ims noon inui swell lhe' sloas- tonlBlit. day. wero txjiceled 31' Ulft S( lion of imtioiwl defense nnd" opposed «nv"iicw"tnxprnt this session of congress. ' —. __ .,, Pollrtccll of (1]e . seilntc , s 23 Republicans reached their decislpns at n two-hour conference. They postponed ccnslderatlon, of. -farin problems and lhc reciprocal trada treaty program until a later date'. Chairman Pat Harrison oE tho senate finance-committee had pro- l>osc<l Iho Joint committee's fiscal Inquiry with Iho purpose of ( Itilng President Roosevelt s \ iclal and tax program H project might lead (o 3 Children Burned At St. Louis lo young children were burned to death '", home of tliel That (ho southern Tenant Fur- 'i-.s Union will nsk lhc Kinn Sc- piirenls, Mr. nnd covering major ItomS.of 104i Mrn. Wllllnjii ,;, ,'i'nlc. year spending. An Inquest Inio their deaths . Hejnibltcntj opposition to curlly Admlnlslmtlon" $100,000,000 In «*n sail thai " ,^!f l *!™»" ««.«» to southwlds ' W " S °'' <!cral for tol »o»w. _..^ j>iv>.,v »»ivii aiiiu iniiii mi , Lowllier and Miss Uerrick could " lssoml , I' ro 8 marry whenever tlicy pleased but ' ' lclm her parents she was subject lo ' '" ' ' program for sliarccroji- j tenant farmers was an- U aom depended upon control of the H P said (hoy had gone lo a seen imvhB "" Al " cl ' lran «csllnatloh, to which they \vci -...» u^* , vj no ull (,IILlk,l[ll: UUL- l i , look for thp western powers to ex- '!'!,„ 00 , tl1 " at S1 " a11 nla tend the war zonc> cut German e ' C " S Ot bctwccn 15 ftn<1 commerce and secure an area for a j , ' c * ln P'»8 '" «'e snovr nt night 20 men march against Germany." commented the newspaper. "The plan Is so transparent that the duties of northern (Scandinavian) states can hardly appea: and living on dried reindeer meat! and beans are engaged In constant forays across the frontier. There was no amplification of the bare reports that bombing alr- Tncrc.isc rhiie Orders WASHINGTON, Jan. 5. (UPJ- jreal Britain and ii'fit were speeding by automobile, train and alrplnnt.'. and Hint. It wns no use la try lo find them. After a honeymoon in Nassau, be said, "the happy France have couple will return to New YorJ- their orders for Amerl-1 where Mr. Lowlhcr will continue can planes to a total between 4000 and 5,000. Thai includes all orders placed during the past year. attractive to them There is no! 1 """" are 110W ftldin B the l )iltri " s ground to believe that leading!,, Iq ,, e , T"!' 3 ' ?,'° n , e " Ie frontier statesmen of Sweden. Ncrwav mxl' £" " lat ' lttte lastt "B damage Denmark, who have Just stressed'™". 1 " 5 donc . . b V raiu lne Parties. their intention neutrality, He drawn venture who their counti j» means beyond „ ao „ , M ., to ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ German interest in the aid be-l cl l said ; Ing -given to Finland extended' h^T't ° ame m '! le Manncr - with his insurance buslnc— she will keep house for. him." Hcrrick never bad stated the rca- T)ie spurt In orders, observers sons for his objections lo Lowther said, coincided with reports llml' as. a son-in-law, but whatever thev Britain and France are were, they were firmly held Jfe Ing their own production capacity Ihcir control. SIlss Hcrrick look 11 mmilh to think It over. Ueforc Ihc month was out she was stricken with appendicitis. Her father's watchful eye still hovered over her as she recovered from the operation but It was understood that he granted her request for « private telephone for a Christmas present and llml the clODcmcnl was planned over it. When she lelt home yesterday '•walking llic dog," MLss llerrlck wore u houso dress and polo coal. She wns hallcss but carried n comb anil toothbrush In her pocket. That comprised her trousseau. Mends mioted Lowllier's parting remark as follows: "I'm upset lhat Eileen's parents don't like me but I think they'll Ilnd in time that I'm the man who loves their daughter more lhan anyone else could and Hint's suy- lng a lot." Deutscher Dlenst agencv which Is f L Russian forces ~hnd begun n medium fcr.the dissemination of blultun « concrete defenses at varl- inspired comment, said: "From the ? us P° !nls - II was " ot knm ™ llef ?. United States comes news that !? th , c abscricc » ( Stalls, whether ?100,000 has been collected there " le (iefe »f" were of such nature .for Finland. One hundred thou- •??.'° "! clicnte n Icng stalemate in .sand, dollars I What a sum I Not''I 115 nren ' with thc Russians still even n whole nlrplnne! Just about ? bout 3:> mi cs enst of vl! P« r| . or the left wing of a bomber But £? v "ff "f llle star »ns >».se /or n perhaps, there Is hope that the, g altack plutocracies will soon also c:ntri- .. _ .: bi;te a right wing and that, latex U. S, Warns Britain on there will be a whole airplane." (Former president Herbert Hoovers Finnish relief com.-nittee sent $100,000 to Finland yesterday bringing the committee's total contribution to $400,000.) ly ns possible and end German air threats to their Industrial ecu- blockade Cjv || New York Cotton open high low close Jan. .. 1123 1123 nil im Mar. .. 1113 1114 1096 1090-1100 :May .. 1033 1084 1069 1070-2 J'ui. .. 1048 1051 1034 1034-7 Oct. .. 1009 1011 995 995-7 Dec. .. 1003 1005 B92 002-1 Of Her Responsibility Fines Nine For Making False Benefit Claims Jan. 15 With Judge Keck Presiding _ _ A Il5t "f Jurors wiio will serve tlTTLE ROCK, Ark Jan 5— dllr!n 8 t]l c two weeks term of clr- Nlne'defendants were' sentenced cult clv11 court wh'Ich convenes here ^ Io " cl »>:' Jan." 15/wlth Judge O. E. , , of lhls cll y P r "l<»"g was re- lc «scd today by the office of Hale Jackson, sheriff nnd collector. Members of the Jury jmnel are: John Beardcii, J. c. Gibbons, John G. Hoyt Jr., Oscar Moore, Wednesday to 30 days on the county farm in addition to their lines of $25 nnd costs of $15.40 each, for making false claims to obtain benefit payments from thc Unemoloy- Compensatlon Division of the Leachvlllc; Murray Smart. Hsrry lei the Ore held respo damage their ci naval It was understood that _ has not yet replied to the American wamlnj. Orleans ty/ltu/ld ;e to American ships and ""employment cmiiDensatlon claims. ™ M cargoes ns result of British Thc nlnC| a11 negroes, were con- .',,, action. | v| c'«I of giving fraudulent informa- ^7 ., , I tion to oblsln unemployment com- Car Stolen Dec. 25 Ing from S7.99 to $2717 Each of them had been tmployd by the J ' H ' Brllln . B. o. same Pine Bluff firm from five to ? I ? e . 1 . 1CDr ? Uncn ' E ' F ' . Doss Stevens aii'J ley Uilcs, Blvthcville; Henry labratmer, W. E. Ballard, Blythe Rllcy Dunkln, U>uls lowers, A. C. Owens, Rose, Koscland; Gill, Dell; 15 years. Has IWn RprnuPrP/1 " AU 16 fieltl representa KCCOVered lhe div i slon „ sM > Wolter Stewart, near Blj-ttievlllc; tatlvcs of El A ' HEI § C "- Huffmin; D. R. Gar.. „ ner, Annorel; Fielder Perry, near C.U W. m,.*l, r ,.,,,.„. n ~ .... _-. . Jnn. Mar. May Jul. Oct. Pec. open high low close , 1131 un . 1125 1125 1109 1109 . 1094 1094 -080 1081 . 1059 1059 1047 1041-8 . 1013 1013 1000 1000 . 1000 1000 992 992 Stock Prices - i s '"" AT&T 172 3-4 Anaconda copper 29 3-4 Am. Tobacco 88 ..Beth Steel Chrysler "!'"' Cities Service .."]]""]"" General Electric .......... General Motors Int Harvester Montgomery Ward N, Y Central Packard Phillips Radio .. Republic North Am. ...v « . . ..j.-.,. ., •>« jia t^ll t ULUl C.U W . t>1 +1 n> Collins, "have received definite or- Wl'evHle; TS. C. „„„,,„ ., , , en STBEtJ5. Mo., Jnn. 4.-Tlie 1939 tiers to investigate fully every case DC Soto sedan, belonging to Mrs. of fraudulent "statements In con- ' Hick- Altcrna tc Jurors: Bnicc Cnlo, . aemens n con- , Eua Allison of Steele. which was nection with benefit claims in this LcnchvlIIc : Charley Wylle. C. 'W. stolen off the streets of Blytheville state. This division Is cxe'rtuw all R(lmcv - Bljthevllle, c. E. Cook, rrhricriTirjc moK+ *i.A. _^__. _____ i _ .. ... -. . '•"•• »j w.*i-i ini-f, on i-i^~., rt i t s night was recovered at Houston, Tex., Tuesday. Joe Salley is under arrest for the theft of thc car. Cells Assure Safety 01 Old Bailey Judges LONDON <UP)_If\ n ftlr rald takes place while Old Bailey Is in session, judges, red-robed and bc- o .wiSBcd, will go to the cells. 40 3-8 ' Tllc ' 10 ' far be!o « r ground, every- 54 3-8 onc from tllc courls w"l take shcl- 60 3-4 ter. OosncII. P05sible efforts to pay every lejit Imate benefit claim and lo pay it as promptly as possible. But we t f n will work just as resolutely lo pro-,kUCian {.„ D^rnes, 65, tecl the unemployment compensa-1 n- nt U . A it l lion fund and the spirit of the inv, Ules U I Heart Attack to prevent fraudulent claims Will- fill violation of the law will in OSCEOLA, Ar!:., Jnn. 5.-'-Vlth- cvers- instance be vlgorosuly jiros- ln «"' ''our after his return Irom cculcd." ' , a hoiidov visit to his S'-veir-old —— i mother in Tennessee. Lucliin C Rnrn« Aro F,f 1 T Barnes. 65-vear-oH former of Os- DlirnS Are rafal io ccola was dead of a heart attack. Id YA-JI- niJ TiM Mn Df>rncs - who had farmed in it lear-Ulfl Uin u, c Osceola terrllory for 22 years, arrived In Ocnol.i on thc 7 o'clock Negro Convicted Of Murder In Death Of Cooler Resident CARUTHEIJSVILLE, Mo., Jan. B. —Robert Guy, negro, charged with murder In ccnnectlon with thc fntal sliootlug of a prominent young Pcmlscot County fanner, Odls Clark, 20, of llio Number Eight community, was sentenced to 25 years In prison following his. Jury trial here. Young Clark, thc son of Claude Clark, well-known farmer cf near Cooler, am) president of the Cooler Consolidated School District Board, was shot Sunday, Oct. 1, 1039, dying a few days later in a Blythe- vlllc hospital. Peeling at tlmt time was very high In Clark's homo vicinity against lhc. negro, who fled foil:wing the shooting, but was caught five days later by Arkansas officers at Deli, Ark. Clark left a wife nnd four small children. The negro pleaded self defense, claiming he thought Clark was reaching for n weapon during their argument over payment for some whiskey, but witnesses testified the negro started thc sboot- 'ng, and that young Clark did not have n gun. Negress, Wanted On friar™ cnarge, Iho group for Ihe past four years, upon his arrival (bis morning. Mr. nutlcr .said the nve points listed nrc: Uclialillltallon lonns tor tenants and sharecroppers to enable llism to buy learns, seed nnd Implements and arrange long-term lenses. A icnslni! program whereby the PSA would lease largo ducts nnd sublease In smaller parcels. Mr. , such us the S4GOOOOOOO gcncy national defense was shared by some Democrats. Harrison was Naval Officials Admit Huge B l * D alllcsliips Are Possibilities of lhc lax proposal. He countered with n suggestion that surtaxes on Individual lnc:mc In ovocss of 5250,000.000 a year ho reduced by culling lhe maximum surtax from 115 per cent lo CO per cent Harrl- cmploywoiil. Senate Minority Deader Charles L. McNary said upper house Rep nbllunns were almost unrinlmously WASHINGTON, .Ian. 5. i n»>_ |"<Bnlnst a tax bill nt this session Buller said plans arc afool lor|'''ho navy deparlmcnl Is considering' M « Nl »'y. 'ftep., Ore), said that putting three Missouri Irncls lotnl- the nrtvlsablllty of Iniin-nsln? i.'icl' 10 lllo »X | il' "normnl nctliltlcs of inn CO.COO acres to this purpose. I sl'-o o[ Hie two 'l!>,000-lor A loan 11 InitUe- 11 program for owners of'ships now under construction, 11 arms about lo w: iostjwas learned today. farms through inortsaBo foreclosures 'I'ho navy ilnpnrtnicnt'nlso Is con- A tciinnt-purclrasn iiiogram such sklerlng ex|)prlmenU with incliU ns hns been In operation for somo] clad dlrWbtcs II wn.s nntlwstood lime In four "Hoolhcol" coimtlca. | Consideration of Incrcasbii; th" A Inbor-rehabllllatlon program to, slzo of the .|5,000 Ion biittle.shli)s eliminate or cut down on next] now being sliuied wns rcvnnlcd riiir-' year's relief needs by providing; Ing testimony of high imvnl otfl- opDOiimillle.s for giirdeiilnir and! cliils before a house appropriations by supplying cans, cookers mull.sub-committee. Thusu officers lol'd tho government should not be crippled lo provide funds for an unnecessary defense program. "I'd say that super ap|iroprla- Itons for national defence should nwnlt tho result of experimentation In wars now being waged he said Apparently In the minds'of all hands was that the picsldent had congress nt a disadvantage uccnu'e (ho legislators cither.i iiist go alcng with his major tax aiid approprii- i •10.000, lives hi Arkansas, Missouri. perhaps , with gross lonnngc as inudi as 00,000 to SO.W3 tons. The naval officers pointed out that If the united slate decides Oklahoma. Tennessee and Mississippi the organlmllon would 'advocate thc f'SA program "for th 1 ! wliolc South." "It would bo a step In the right direction," he said, "for the people who arc now being thrown -Jtf Ihc land being 'plowed under', being 'trnctorcd 1 out, losing their places on Ihc land lhroii((J) mcch- anizalioti." W. B. Moore, president of (ho IWylhevlllc chapter and acting host to the convention, extended U n f Cnvlr. W (he Invitation for (ho meeting to ""l_"pnngS n be held In Blythcvllle where there hns been such n group lor lhe pasl five ycnrs. , Mr. Bnllcr was scheduled lo preside at lhc opening session. Mayor Marlon Williams wns to ivelco.'no Iho visitors lo lhe cily nl 1:30 pressed all Interest 'In. bulldlu? siincr (over Until after the prcsldei elections, o\er titfi Ifnn-lson said his, proposed , committee should be". represent^ of the senate and houso approa allons committees, the senate, ft on n policy of out-building the. ancc committee and thc houso vvljjsg worm In slv.c of drcadnnuglits a and means committee If it were ' change In Iho two biff ships would | established, ho-wild It shculd re- permil them lo be completed and,port wllhln 00 days and that it launched before ntiy other nation would be boiler if no appropriation ' couhl mulch lliem. "Mrs. Typical Customer" NEW YOIIK, Jan. c .(UP)— Mrs. Roy Fleming, 33, wlfs of a not Ark., pharam.-.isl, wns ' «s "HO's "Mrs. Tvpl- cllos011 .. ..- approprl bills wore considered pending the report. Chairman Edward T Taylor (Dem.. Colo.), of the House Appropriations committee was Inclined lo opp:se Harrison recalling that nflcr the house had cut deep ly Into appropriations last session, Ihe senate hud added nn ntgregate of $500,000,000 to the sum 1 ; voted by congress. The house is Jealous o'clock and Ibis was lo be follow-! 0 ? 1 Customer" and awarded an air- of lls economy rccoid and resented with responses by President But- l )lnnc lrl l> to New York and honor fill cf the senato Icr and Ihc vice president, F. n.. l )lllcl!s nl unnn.nct tables here nnd Betlon of Cotton Plant. enrmite as guest of Ihc National Reports of lhc president and lictnl1 Dr y Ciooils association, vice president and appointments — of convention committees was scheduled lo precede au address by Miss Anne Kamscy of Mem-, pills, educational director of tho International Ladles Garment Workers Union al Fall River, Mass. There will be no convention mcelliiB tonight but several committees-will have meetings to take up matters which will bo later presented to lhe convention body, ? Mr. Butler announced this after- g noon. The program for Saturday morning calls for an address by James P, Davis ol Little nock, general field officer of thc Agricultural Ad! Justmcnt Administration, but there ' Is n bare possibility lhat he will unable to atlcnd. It was said. Ills address Is scheduled lo be on ( Cnry Green, negro woman sought ••compliance With the AAA I'ro- by Mnrlanna officers for six months gram." on n charge of murder in con-, TI, C rcs t O f n, c session will be ncction with the death of Booker devoted to reports ol committees. Lockhart. negro, and Esau Ran- c . M. Measlc of Little Rock, la- dall, negro, charged with acccs-scry | )0r re i n tlons advisor of the Fnrm In the case, were returned to Mn- security Administration, will siwak riaiina today after having been — arrested hero. Arrests were made by Police „,„„,„.„ . Chief E. A.. Rice nnd Chief Dtrpu- nflrrnoon session, ty Sheriff John P. nelnmillcr nf- > l)een °" "Relationship Between the FSA BH( J Tenants, Sharccroj)pers nnd Laborers". In the Saturday ;d . 0 . thi "=, Ca \ lg . !t '' 1 - -hl.c warming >-' «Pcnl Chr,=lmas ** "> "« M, While nil of the meetings nvc Butler, the Saturday night Studebaker 95. Standard Oil N J 46 1-2 Texas Corp 46 U S Steel 65 3-4 Chicago Wheat open hljh low close May 104 5-8 105 1-8 104 3-8 KM 3-8 July 1021-41021-21021-41023-8 May JuJy Chicago Corn open high low close 595-8 596-8 591-2 591-2 801-8 601-4 60 1-8'CO 1-8 Livestock .EAST ST. £5uTs, 111.. Jan. 5 Hogs 1100 Top 5.90 170-230 IDS, 5,10-590 140-160 Ibs., 4.50-575 Bulk sows 4.35-4 85 Cattle 1200 Steers 6.75-M.OO Slaughter sicers 7.50-850 Mixed yearling, heifers 6.50-10.50 Slaughter heifers 5.25-625 Beef cowa 4.00-5.00 Memphis. j-uiiciai services win DC Jifm ai ««r , c . . Funeral services were held this Garden Point church nt 2:30 this Ward More Assistant morning at the Bnsselt cemetery afternoon by thc Rev. L. J. Smith by Ihe Rev. Paul Galloway, pastor with burial in the Garden Point of the Osccola Methodist churcli cemetery. Swift Funeral Hcme Is Swift Funeral Home was in charge ln charge of Lengu i rcprcscntfllivc of thc National As- n i n i soclntion for Advancement of Col- tXChange rOStS ored People, will speak. — • | The closing session Sunday •I. C. Good, assistant manager of morning will include election of .... _.„_ of arrangements. ' He leaves his wife. Mrs. John- thc local Montgomery Ward store officers and reports of committees. Inez was In the fourth grade nt r ' l ° "arira; three sons, Fred and since It opened here more than a the Pecan Point school. Food Rationing Is In Irnlv in naiy ; Albert Barnes of Osceoln. and Earl Barnes of Blrmlnglmm, Aln.; | four tiau?h'ers, Mrs. Tciry Turner and Mrs. May Williams of Os- cci>la ' Mrs ' AVR "f Holll- Tcm ,., Mrs Ivy Johllson _„.,., - , , „, v : Wynne. Ark.; three brothers. Oraen 7' £ , , (UP >— H was an- nnd Ellas Barnes of Tcxnrkana, nounccd officially today that ra- B nd Virgil Barnes of Holllday, I lion cards will b e distributed Tcnn. A sister. Mrs. Eliza Cook, throughout Italy by Jan. IB. -also lives in Tcxarkana year ngo, has been transferred to thc Danville, Ky,, store. Hie position here will be filled by W. W. Burns, who hns been holding a similar position In thc Danville store. , S " House Is Slightly Damaged By Blaze A house at Franklin and Rose lrr ' wns ownctl Pow- by flra ih. f , . C,, , m ' the firm for eight years. Ho will at 10:30 o'clock this morn In 3 when arrive today, accompanicti by Mis. some shingles around tho fluo Burns and son. onro. Stormy Senate debates mingled with a campaign for (lie presidential nomination he ahead 0( John N. Gnrner. shown arriving in Washington )o take uu the gavel of the final session of Con- Fairbanks' Estate ' Runs Into NEW YORK, Jnn 5 (OP)""^ Douglas Fairbanks left the fS3kX of his estate, estimated at swwAj million dollars, to his widow, i% former Lndy S;l\in Ashley, and Si' son, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, ll via ' disclosed today.when thc late fy star's will was niel for p Fairbanks died nt his- home last Dec. 12 The will provides that not Sore?; than $2,000,000 of the estate Is to^ be placed in a fu • ' -'— Fairbanks is to and Doujlas Jr. three „,,.,_„. remainder of the fund, underSiSPf terms of the will, goes' lo • titai ""* bencllclarlcs Including Robert;1 banks, a brother, who receives 7 * tenth. j Mrs. C."H. Keith, Succumbs Early Ti "" Mrs. Rebecca Keith, wife H. Keith, died at eight o'clock? morning at her home in the-'f bard apartments on North S% street after having been ill set u-cfks. She was 54. ' t,... Fimcial services will be fisfrf" 1 Saturday afternoon, two o'clock', at Cobb Funeral Home, by the Rev. Eupha D. Beasiey, minister of lhe Nnzarenc churcli, with burr la! at Map!e Grove cemetery. Besides her husband she is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Sadie Williams, of here, and Jte. Jillie Mae Holbrook of ritnt, Mich., and two sisters. Mrs. Ada Cioss of Sharon, Tenn., and Mrs. Mary Fraizer of Trenton, Tcnn. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, colder In extreme south porlton; severe freeze tonight; Saturday partly cloudy, not quite so cold, Memphis and vicinity—Fair and ,.t u rc. snow likely. ,

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