The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 16, 1962 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1962
Page 7
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Y MAZO«IA COUNTY, TEXAS, SUN., SIPTEMBER T*. 19*2 BRAZOSPORT FACTS Editorial—Adv—BE 3-3511— Classified—BE 3-2&11 PAGE 7 ** it >**¥' ttttttttitt m t a • . . i i «, o •«....«. m Household & Foods <& / yg* I THfBRAZOSPORT FACTS /or and abou Fashions Beauty ms *v '<"! s ICMI it BIMBO f^l n i I I 0 Sebesta-McAdams vows said in West Columbia rites A cnndle light ceremony nt the First Rnplist Churrh in WPS! Co- Scalloped lace flowers lined with lulle nnd bended with pearls and lumbla united in marriage Miss: sequins were placed at the neck- attached at the corners and center. A centerpiece of white fluer do amour, roses and a white orchid enhanced with EnKlish ivy Marjorie Anne McAdams a n d' line. I.oon Warren Sebcsta | The soflly pldalc( , s(drt had > W ;is p , accd on , he , ab]c Crys(a -, ; __.,,.:. „,,,,. "?_l c . r _.?_ I ' ront P anp| °l French lace. The candelabra with while tapers! ' V tack feahwd two lanjc roses and flanked the centerpiece. Fruit punch was served from a •r p. II'.. Wf n*s *<*M i »i< -!-' *£ , n t u, of West Columbia, and Iheja smaller one In a triangular -.-.-,.- ....... „,._,,,„„„., groom s parents are Mr and Mrs. | shnpp . 11lcy were ( . onncctr(] wilh crystal service to the *uesl.i. Th . S? ? ? ^ mlv ''J, C ' J a wlli(o I*™ d" so'" cord. |«ikc was decorated with while henov. J. J Mono officiated; A tiara of pearls with crystal ; r»scs and ribbons and one white In the Sept. 8 nuptials. The (( , ar ,i rops in the ,. cn|t , r np | d hrr ' orchid. Tlie four tiers wore topped ' churrh was decorated with n W || of silk illusion. The hride'slwith the traditional bride while wrought iron arch laced j shoes were of while satin. wilh commodor fern flanked by and! Broom. Silver bowls held mints j The bridal bouquet was of finer »nd nuls. candelabra w 111 white lapers. d e amour, Maid of Orleans Jns- Serving the cake and punch Baskets of while nv.ims and| mlnP| anti R | 0phnnot | s ccntorrd were the groom's sisters, Mrs. glatuol. were placed nt the altar. !wi , h a while orchid .The cascade ^rma Jean Keller and Mrs Ion white flower nols and two (bouquet had flowing branches of lOearldinc McCormick. Also as- wroughl iron candelabra wilhj t | ny lraf ivy sis , jng worc Mrs Wan(|a while lapers enhanced with; Miss Snirley Ann Gil , jam of green magnolia leaves completed Ihintsville the si.ene. j honor. Mrs. Douglas Balkum provid MISS MADONNA SHE HAR. MON'S pngngenient to Charles Rolx-rt Flnley Is announced by her psircnt*, Mr. and Mrs. J. I>. MISS JO ANN MACEK'S parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Macek of Freeport, announce her engagement to Joseph Lloyd Mrs. Wave Danford, and Mrs. pel-live groom Is the don of Mr. anil Mrs. .lex: Finley, ano of as ^3 of Tammie Me Auloy Pamela Gray S " W "J'- Thr wedding Is planned I registered the guests i for Nov. 3 Bt X p.m. In the First she was gowne<l In turquoise! For travel, the bride wore a! Ba l" ls ' thurc " °< Sweeny. In- ose , e a . ed the nuptial music and accom- p<, au de sole. The street length royal blue suit of peau de sole I vltfl(l " n ' 1 ar ° ext.-nded through panied Billy Snow in the selcc- dress was made with a boat neck 'ami matching satin shoes. She! l h ^P " Harmon of Sweeny. The pros- ' Shelton, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Shelton of Be Queen, Ark. Miss Marek hi a graduate of Brniosport High School and her fiance graduated from the University of Arkansas. A late fall wedding l.s planned. ! s« tions, 0 Perfect Ix>ve . THOMAS PRESTON SCOTT were mnrrled Tue». I tto First McthodlRt Church of Freeport. She I* lho \llmn Aim Henwm, daughter of Mr. nnd Mm. W. i an< *,and )| )rce quarter sleeves. A luat, - ^..~,. .^..^u, R....V,-.-, , Because, and "The Lord s O f matching material was placed'white orchid corsage lifted ™^ e '' • _ Jl lnp waisll 'ne in the back. She her bridal bouquet. l )y i, c ricnfj-jp,) a bouquet of green carna- After a wedding trip, which | wore elbow length gloves and a from MISS JfDY BETH TOKENS' engagement to John Joseph Feldjt Is announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. II. T. Youcns of Lake Jackson. The groom- elect Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hnrold Feldt of Alexandria, Va. Both Miss Youens and her fiance are attending the t;nlver«lty of Texas. No date has been set for the wedding. (irecnbcrg photo MISS OKALEXE FARMS' en- gngement to lialph J. Nnquln Is announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Karris of Lake Jackson. The prospective groom Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Naquln of Gretna, La. The wedding Is planned for Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. In the Lake Jackson Church of Christ. Invitations are extended through the press. Given in marriage j'father. Mis* McAdutns wort- «| (ions and corn nowers with pea-; remained a surprise to "the bride .peau do *oie floor length Kowii: c(x . k feathers. ,|hc couple will live in the Oath- A hi in i . , ... ., . ., '^"'""S " ^P 01 length train : llTC bridesmaids were Carolvniright Apartments in Freeport. Arehlo Fleming performed the double ring | ;rhc fitted Ixxlice was covered Brict;!: of Wf , s , Columbia an<] ^ \ The gr ro m is employed by Dow. [Freeport. HI* parent* nre Mr. and Mix L. O. Smlt I'hoto By Jack G i with French lace with long sleeves ()ra Miller of Brazoria. They were! The bride is a 1962 graduate of r.reenberE | coming lo a point over her wrists, j dressed identically lo the maid^'™! Columbia High School. The rou use fashion sense can save many dollars of honor, all wearing short white groom graduated from Needville gloves and dyed to match satin "'fi' 1 School and attended Sam shws. Houston State Teachers College in The groom's sister, Rcna Fayo Huntsvile. Rebesla acted as flower girl. A rehearsal dinner was held at wearing a drers matching the " le groom's parents' home in honor attendant. She carried a N«flville. Barlwcue ami all the j basket trimmed with turquoise trimmings were served to the i satin ribbon and filled with rose guests. Weeks will signaling them to look like new. .you have and match whatever fall Pc'als. tor you. This Isi A little imagination will go a -shoes you have on hand Maybe Calvin Schult£ of Needville was -careful notice and! long way. First thing to do, :' ' , , ' , , , ' ' _ , bost m;ln . with Kenneth Jacobo t M'« warirobe. Be- j though, is to take pencil and paper ; > ,° Ur shor$ " PC<i ° nly llcc!s ' a K00<i of Tyler and Lawrence Slavinnha l time your ; accessories ht Bt iplcturo. or _,- •*•<.,-• but , makB-d, close study ultieii J 6ftjvhat you ..„,,.. _ MOl , ; . . .IWMlW^^nnent Is last year's.! Maybe all the garment needs Is 1 ""* lsn ' ^["P 1 ' "" l»'t|frl?in It has to go out of! lhc accent of a complete new set . Colton or n >' Ion wl " ^ "^ •*« Haygood-Eversole vows Area Qarden Clubs plan activities for the year Area Garden Club members are [Mrs. W. L. Clark and Mrs. B. J. .blooming bulbs, presented by Mrs. laking plans for the year's activ-'Roberts. I R ... ,- , ... IPS at the first meeting of the Mrs. D. J. Kilian, vice presi-l scnmmt - CLL'TE GARDEN CLUB The Clute Garden Club held its itie-s .it me m*i meeting 01 uie .>irs. u. j. Kinan, vice presi- season. dent, explained that the Litter! FI> AFTKKXOOX GARDEN CLUB Buc; contest is for members who! | The first meeting of the After- wish to construct a poster on lit-' | noon Garden Club of the fall sea- ter bugging, made from some ar-''' rs ' meeting of the season at the json was held Wednesday in the tide a littcrbug has discarded. 'home of Mrs. R. J. Lukcr Wed- jhome of Mrs. H. F. Twombly. The! There will be three prizes and nesday. I cohostesses for the meeting were' the work will be displayed. : A discussion was held on the up- The library will be kept by the coming Brazoria County Fair corresponding secretary, Mrs. W. Flower Show. During this it was ! Mrs. W. O. Parker and Mrs. J. V. MISS KOSIE ANN POLASEK'S Bedingfield. parents, Mr. and Mr*. I~ B. To »nt,^ iXbttl card' mony was held in the Hall of the church. A white tulle and accessoriz- How about belts: Throw out thei Rur " roDC you n. have a - self-material ones. Add a glamor- i*?* 1 no(lon d wnat can **. lll(<ss .1 i . 'ousonefor contrast. You can pick:™ " p and ""Proved Tlie time ilfi home sitp U P the •*«•• <**<* w™ ^ \ OU r t " i<1 ihou K ht - vou invrat "•>" 110 IIUIIIC 311C shocs and , „ , • ;you money. It will also save MftiwrIA ill-:will be hold Monday in ihe school hibilKl two arrangements, includ- Flow icafelorium. The meeting will be- mg an symmetrical balance de- scnte JACKSON JI'MOK IIKill ELEMENTARY PTA The first meeting of the year Si" a ' ~'-30 p.m. I tor the Lake Jackson Junior High- U'iiiian MoCall. Brazoria Coun-l 'Klcmentary Parent Teacher 'design from geometric shapes such Green Hill day lily, gcrbera, or- P° rt las: the circle, the square, and the chid pot plant, yellow shrimp Sne spoke to the club oi\ sched- j pyramid. plant, and rudbcckia. u!cs - types o{ plants and contain- To illustrate her talk she ex- The program, "Basic Design in ers for entrics " a " mver show ' er Arrangement.'." was presented by Mrs. R. R. Ramming. sign featuring five lavender asters After a general di.^cussion of (lie spiraled with aspidistra leaves, basic principles and equipment Mrs. Jordan said that very pleas- involved, nine arrangements were uicfi for Uie show jched- en Oct. 7. A question answer session followed her I be surprised I how slr*iiiR lis kmdd»Pli™ting and from over.buying.! _ °n t>c you know how you stand i T|!C ' ! of accessorizing can be As tor your sweaters, you can go ™ f * - c IJ«IAC jfti.fv>uii junior inj;ii- u iiiian .Mov-aii orazona COun- 1 \» j .-«.~... «—— , ^.^..^^ .— w. lu , r ...^,.. yjig club's 50th mpnihrr \ 'nnr? fnCnJrin rnrcnnar ' K!pnl ™tary Parent Teacher As- ty juvenile officer, will speak on ! - S ' m lhat ver>- plcas - involvcd - » inc arrangements were , mcetinc Each mernhm- rasnioncorsages ^ w,,, ta he, d «7:30 P . m .« *****£*,^ZZ^T*^££•"%£ ,nS c; ,t,,™: %% •^•^-™«? The Greenpntch Junior Garden-. Highlights of the meeting will school and kindergarten children.i" hlch She made ' usms ye " OH ' ment m a ^mP 0 ' 0 : a lmv ' ^ hck , J ^ n ^ ti n" S ° ,u"uJ If ers held their first meeting of ihe be a skit hv the ninth irrade rirk « . ,-........ mums. green magnolia leaves with .red . ' now, one of Ihe best ways to > is to add a fake far Particular needs. You'll discover,"" 0 con(1u im. You can find every ! that > lou don>l lla « '» "V*™ a a "v."T TO the fashionable leopard:wardrobe-just augment it. : ^™ m 0. A. FLEMING PTA "T-f'l 0 . A . npmj Parent vvor w ho ^' \ s so.-i a iif,n m .i M^T, ^ v%orksn °P " " °™ p.m. m the s " ™ "* ^emerocallis >pcl6ty meeting Ww newly organized Hemero- da ' e 'hem •«Ill» Sodery met in the Sweonyj collar as trim ct Mrs. J. F. Carwile on: lnin R 'rom the fashionable leopard afternoon. ;to mink, or leather or velvet, if reel Brockman of West >«u prefer. Add cuffs, loo, for a ioal ahout ^ m ^"K over last;'":'™' smn » '"»'• ™™- a|yl .;? arrc "f. a .!'' P^" 1 ™ 1 ; ™ rs - After the pledge to the flag, the a '™ was Ihe guest speaker cbanso. :year s clothes is that y™'ll find "''!""• Raymond \\alley and Mrs. T. L. R( , v . Abo Smith, pastor of the F ^ . !«' *« event. She showed more! Sid through your costume j«v- """ • vou '" Mv<% "»'"'•>•• wi 'h those Jh«. P«^''fc"t. Kathy Moore, Bay Jr vice presidents: Mrs Ka stsil1e Baptist Mission, gave the Dav ™ ,thall 100 color slides she had.olry. Figure out new combina- " lra ddlars . -™ 1 ™» 'P'"'^ on P^" 1 " 1 a .* short Business nu-et- R. I Duensing. secretarv; and invocation. M > • taken of lilies in varlousjtions to wear, not only will, ^""-thlng dreamy, or some s|K--; ln «- A Ino lon *** '" a ''^ that the Dr. Ralph Ungner. treasurer. The following were elected to K Bh, I Of Biwrth. from liny trans-fdresses, l>ut wilh suiti nixl sxveal-: 0 " 1 ' swihine that may strike:™' L '\ P ™J™ ™° ™_ 1 ™? K< ** to „ ,. . CLITKI , ., _ office to fill vacancies created by ". clumps to full Mown hy.|ere and skirts. You're certainly in; your can shop around before you to town with last year's. Right !buy - You '" K cl a "f'tf idea O f > car . r «Tntly, in the Lake Jack- entitled "Sew - So." and a girls' prices, fabrics, and what fits your I s0 " nome °' Mrs. Roy Schmidt, < chorus presenting "Working i n T< |who conducted a workshop on the PTA." Theme for the meeting a | irS ^ CS ' . , ., , ™. !* " Scwire Throush ' h e «'ith Mrs. J. \V. Reeves, president show" ember made a colorful PTA." „, cha rce of tlie business meet T i , , .-.,. ,..rt of being method- al "" rnn "TsaRe using leaves. Officers for year are Mrs. =-~ ' " A sala(l luncheon alxuit checking over last ' )orr ' t ' s ' sma " fruit, burrs, and Warren Soars, president; Mrs. persons were present. The next meeting will be held on Oct. 2. The guest speaker will i>Uooni« order in wearing triple strands j your other Tliey Society will hold meeliiiRs;of beads and in multi-color, to; when a dish f first Monday of each month!liven up Ihe look ling lo Mrs. Carwile, and 1 "'" — '•* —"' I who are Interested In grow- 1 hybridizing day lilies are to Join the organization, hostess served n refresh- course following the pro- ;rcen magnolia leaves with a seed pods; an ail green arrange- were.ment utilizing the peeled inner tor the com-'core of banana stalks, coleus and i)e an A£M Co ,, cee professor of air J-lowei ^mgc-i iea\cs. two diiedairange- | lor (i c . u it ure anc i wno j s a i sr) a ^^ ments of leaves, pods and flowers; spec .j.,|j st vas sen-ed a juniper crescent with crab ap- - Bus ' in( , s ; {or lhis met , Ung ttiu with an pies. Delude final plans for the (lower A " d ' a " as >' mn ' etrical iirmnge- show which will be held at the -Mrs. H. J. m eiit of leaves and dried [lower Lake Jacksnn State Bank from 1 ^tjirouard, heads balanced by placement on to 6 p.m. P1 «*; a S r«m « you're wearing. Instead of deciding, offhand, i — thai you'd like a couple of pairs 1 of new shots, separate the outfits! Us served In a cream Mine con- pimiento ami ig green l>opper, mushrooms. in names. sociation will be a "get-acquaint- r p 1:ir y. These ami other officers JTu-f- .iAn.-<*/iv ^., a bamlK> ° and spiderj' zinnia ar-| on a menu is' New meml>ers present at Ihe ed" event, wilh the introduction o( ,| u , I>TA for the coming year „, < "* Llvs ".- > »"*lfUfc.N CLIB rangement in an orange coramic Tomato potato soup is delicious in in- merlins were Tricia Allen. Mar- of teachers. All parents are invit- wero introduced. ) ans were dlscussed 'or a idant pumpkin. chilled. In an electric hlender tha Nabors, ami Debbie Rrawner. ol to attend. Hi-jhii-ht cf the pv-wiinu was ^ xonan B e . a V . te ^.. Bug &n con ~ New members welcomed at the container, combine 1 (10 ounce) to (S-ounce) _ _ CUD Mrs. M. W. " "" " " ! " " " inn naoors, ami ix-bbie Brnwner. i^l to attend. Hi-hii-ht cf ihe evening was , 7 T . ,. B txul " New members welcomed at the container, combine 1 (10 ounce) The next meeting will be a T. W. OlHi I'TA lno mtroduetlon of teachers by T * C tay at Ihe meeting were Mrs. J. R. Hickey.ican of frozen cream of potato pilgrimage to the Pniebstle Or- Tlie first meeting for Uie T. W. t !i,> school principal Mrs Ruby 1 , ,' m , ce ' ln S "'the year for the Mrs. R, G . Marvin, Mrs. Tobias ! soup, partly defrosted, 1 (S-ounce) chid Farm in Brazoria. Ogg Parent Teacher Association prulgen ' ' ,jf Jai ' kson Garden Club. -Herns, and Mrs. \V. F. Cherry. lean of tomato same and • cup Koilowin- the brio/ business G ew , d> ^ sl . 1 Mrs ' M- W- Next month's meeting, Oct. 10, : of milk. Blend well. Chill *an Am Wives view bunty history film nty women were In alien- also voted to lime a covered Wednesday when Ihe Pan ,„„,.,,„,„ , 0 , |(wj , rtcun Wives Club resumed:,, . . . ... ,„ , . regular monthly moling* at a '° Md nl 10:3(l "' m - "" ll »' s<v ' . Old Ocean ItccrralUmal Huh. ond »'ednesd«y of each month. |Mrs. Weldim Itaili-y, cin-hair-! Mcinlx'rship in Ihe orpini/uthm ail with Mm. C. V. Kdwards c|i' s "P°'> '" the wive* of Pun Amer- Ihe progriim (nnimiltce fur ar. nhowed a film on Ihe of RianuiH Cuiiiily. Offii-ers HssumiiiK their new ilu- «s were Mrs. II. li. Kishrr. pre- dent, Mrs. Kred , and Mis. peel-clary - treasurer, During the business session the group decided to p,iy S ceins ldues each mnnlli to delmy Eofany extr« m-livily Ihe club 1 ' 1 -' 11 " employees, and Ihe 15 cents lii.s-;' (l "' K ussessment is only paid by .""""' allpniling a nui-tliiK. Ml * lfctil<\v mid Mrs. Kdwaixls i art! lilnnntng some Inteivslinjj lioolen, vii-cP |ln K''«ni» 'or lhis year, anil urge lien Wnndall, '"" "" lse inli rested to nllend and submit sugge.sliKl proKiams Hint »"'>' «'>»»d enjoy. 'Hw Knxip will inert »t 9::KJ osts '«•"»• »t Hw Dixie (irill where they limy," 1 '! leave «t 10 for « tour rt lho ^decide lo have. Tlie organizationil'iwbMlf's orchid farm in Bra'•~ . - . l -id, after which they will gn lo SoroptimistClub p7o,,.L or " 11!I11 '" 1W1 "' lha • TlniM. desiring In make the lour The l'it'c|«iil Siiinplimist Club and Ihe luncheon Irip are urgtxl will mrcl at 12:15 Mondity "1 Ihe lo he at Ihe mecliinj place hcfor« Dow Holrl. All meinbrre are in III so Dial r«r (»*>ls ran Ix? f»j-m- tied to attend. [ed. the brio/ business lii t- e 11 n g. parents visited their S 'child's I'lassroom where Ihe i , teacher iHjtlined the curriculum fur the aiming >ear and answer- Gray, son i esses for Ihe meeting, attended by 31 members and guests, were ' jcd questions. i STKI'HEN K. AfSTIX Tlie Stephen F. Austin tary School Parent Teacher AS- | .SSL. | UDC scholarship presented f ; All [latroivs iuid residents are jimitnl to attend Ibis first meet; ing. Tlie new officers will preside 'and the membership drive will i be^in. , The .school fai-ully and pt'i-son- Incl will tx? introilucod as well as jnew- niemtioi-s and visitors. I Rel'reslimeiils will Iw sei-N'ixl by Ihe hospitalily cvunmittet'. ftKW OKI l( MIS Of l'.\\ \\1UIH.\\ HIV.-.S (I.I II U-ft >eul«l, Bi-e»nnU, Uiiuile Bailey, Frt-da \\uotlall; .11 HKST .UKh'TI\(i , \l\ian l-i.slii.-r The firsi nu-rling of lho fall season of the Koinonians of St. Ti- mulhv i Kpisi-opal Church in Lake I.l:u-K<i'ii will IK- held at S p. m. i Monday. This is a study gruup which ; meets Ihe first and third Monday of each month. Their method is to ueail r\>ine Uxik together and dis- II-UKS II as they k'n along. New I members are welcome. to Miss Massey * Miss Gene Massey, daughter of jjr. and Mre. \V. A. Massey Jr., W h 0 was among the high honor stvidenls grudimting from the Sweeny High School last spring, was ill and had to miss (he Awards Night presentation. siie was the recipient of the sptvial seholarsliip award given by the Campbell-Porter Chapler of the United Daughters of the Conf«lei-acy. Just ibis « W k. Mrs. \'erna Arringlon, pi-esident of Ihe chapler, made the formal prescn- laiion of the scholarship check lo Miss Massey who will be leaving ihis weekend <or Austin where she has been enrolled al Texas Univer- sily. The scholarship was awarded by the L'LX" 1 in memory of Mrs. Arrington's mother, Ihe lale Mi-s. Mary Kaihrme Helton Kelle.v of Boiing, wiu> was a iharler niember of the Sweeny chapter. programn spring i before serving. Serves 3. .(IKS. .i.titl.Vd'l'U.V I'KKSfc.NTS MISS Al.l.VSI-;\ UI I'll AH.tKU Her inullier, .Mrs. U. A. MH»,I,> Jr., luuks un \\iih iiiiiie

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