The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 9, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 9, 1897
Page 3
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. OCTOBM &» r%. H itirtiiotr^ MODEL MARKET eooj, fish ftttd vegetables? aiid ordfcts tokeii Itfeeie .are aeeSf&tety- fftfetl and promptly Mirfort — „ — »,.»,,ju..-» here's a thane**, o»e ear bndly thftt he wJH put t»p w old girt -wild quaMwtt w^fethpr, or net mett Hate lit ft feSlllfe, te bo* left J. S* Cox, , HHBSHAtit/8 tRAJDSO TAB&$ StflPfMf 14? Sifttc Streetf* Rend Wafctfxa & Vhvteon'B.tailHnery ad. Frank friends. Cathcatt is visiting "Mrs. ParraeHa Mann is repoftcd^eiry low today. • Aovenot -I*iBgfcHS is hack from his South American irlp. ,. • Mrs. Billing* on north Division' street is reported quite sick. ^tftte street .'was fitted tvith.tetiroa and people this afternoon. Corbet-Fit zsimtnons fl^ht at the opera house Mbndny evcnirtg. -It will pay yon to read tho advertisements in the Chronicle. 3, L. Bobbins is painting his residence oft north Uivisionstrpc-t. Robert A. Ray«ft of Ann Arbor, was the gnost of Supt. jLohr today. This iesue contains a statement of tho condition of tho First National hank. TheAlbion fair succesded in attract- &« eli&reh. feon^i time dar- to ftjtfljth, on acesoant of 1H health, "midftTBtafe* ft^ rill aot took tot I another parish- for- I taken rest nnttl he regains his health. J^ Sfe Lo«i6, MtyJ Bap«blic 6ct t 6; G, » 'protalnent yoang > of DetfeSt, Mieh,,«mved io ftfttttno^n t» attend ft Si; t^nis it was evident that ho fiftd secured tfeoBtree into the most ^ijttt citolBs. , Whether -th^re Vas a bery of pretty girls ga%>red, Mr. Me- Nnmes was to be' found in tfoefr raidstc • TM progmiti has been issued- n'nd all the atrjingoments perfected for t&« taeefc- Millinery \ ATHENS. Klttfer Back, 1 of *$fe*hv5H6» wfts the jest offals'bfotbtei", (Jhftrles, thi» Week Mr, andvitn. ,f, 'J. W«Hs froni Chioftg6 last. Saturday, Miss Lefcha Watornjfln pftBsed SutolJay, in JBaWte C*»t. \ , ' - —^ MJia» FJowtsBanfofd, of Union Oily wan iho guest of this MMds Mattio and ANNOUNCE PAUL ' OPENING rem ing innumerable fakirs if toothing else.^ W, ti. Pago is building a ne,w veranda to his residence on west Prospect street. Call at the Chronicle office and sign the Qhicngoltoeord's savings bank bill. The hour of evening church service has been changed from 7:30 to 7 o'clock. Miles'Townsoml expects to move into •hitrresidence about the muldle of-riext month. ,And now there 'ia a prospcc fc of Prof Hamilton T^ing being appointed minister to Siatn. ( , Next Tnraday occurs tho Olin and Utratton excursion over tho 'D. T it M. railroad. Mrs- Herbert Sulett, who has been very ill for the past two weeks continues to improve. T$io Weather for lower Michigan*— fair tonight and Sunday, cooler 1 oast portion tonight. 3Vfr. and Mrs. S. F. Dobbins and children drovo" to Collator today where they will spend Stmday. '. A/.J. feowley It ft yesterday for St.. Paul, MiS.n-iJ r Jj < ?l!<tfe n . feMJ* K»?ition_ in Swift'a pew packing home. , . Kalamnzoo's street fair begins on Tueeday of next week. The parade oocurs en the evenii"? of that day. Mrs. Kdwanl VanDUson left for . New York todaywhere iu company with Mr. VanDusen she will- spend the winter. Services of First Church or Christ Scientist, »U1 be held Sunday, Oct. 10, at G^A. R. hall at JO.-90 a. m. All are iagoithe intfefBtate civicj-pliilanthropic cofifetenco in Battle Cr<?ek, October 19? to 17, Besides those who/are OB the program lor papers and ft&lrecses, the eberetary has received numerous letters from distinguished persons Who will ftt ten<J th& meetings as spectators and take part ffNthe diwtissiorm. ~ The local committees hare arranged to givo visitors a reception. "\ Prof, Stanley, ojfthg University School of Muster KtinounGfwJtlvftt th« first tout eonct-rte on tho choral unfdu series will bo as follows: Nov. 18, Theodore^homas' Chicago orchestra; Dec. 10, the Bchols, who arc now on thpir way tp ca; Jan. 14, Metidolssfaon's "8k Paul," by. tho choral union; l<\;h.4>, Prof. Alberto Jonas, assisted by fh<" Detroit Philhar mottle! club. There .will be one other entertainment not yet decided, before the May festival. The-second annual debato between .Albion college and tho State Normal will bo held in Albion in December. "ThoTB" arcr'itbont' 20 rsttidctit&~in Albion~ preparing to take part in tho preliminary debatee,.and the three who can best represent the college will be chosen from the number. The .question this year''is: "Resolved, that a constitutional amendment should bo secured by which sena- s i ™ tow shall be elected by directj vote of the'peoplo," Albion has the affirmative. The 'following order "has been issued by the postmaster general: ''Clerksand other employes are forbidden to solicit In persbri or\ through others contributions of money, gifts or presents; to issue addresses, complimentary cards., prints, publications or any subatituto therefore intended or calculated to in- duco tho public to make thorn gifts or presents: to sell tickets for theaters, con- carte, balls, fairs, picnics excursions, or places of amusement or entertainments of any kind; to borroy money to contract debts which they' have no reasonable prospect of being able to pay." All admirer* of Stylish Millirttry know wjiat tills WE Mr, Holcocabe was hoiftiO froiti About SO of our citizens took in the . fcitey Inimrig, of dtstiot i$ tfeftifig relatives in town this %. tipd M«f. Co$«*, of firtttl foere gfie«fe ttt tite' SbfrtfitHof 1?. S. Foot** ' Sunday, ' ' ' > " ~ .EBrt AlfccFfeon Mrsr. S, with relatives in the vil ana Saturday An clcgftnt line of bfclts, l and R>.v«mt prices, at Huiett FRUIT. See our display of Fancy "Jonathan" Apples, Bodger 1 !" No. 9, and Niagara Grapes. Peaches in abundance. VK OtTNHINOHAM, - - Wh*n the October teem of tha, eu- .jjreme court convened 1 this, week the justices had but nine undisposed of under consideration. This is the that the uouft .has CQIHO to i deckB in many yeftre. Lwill hold * upionservice tomorrow at 7 p?it^ at church- 'The young^opk' 8 sot'ietwia will also meel together at'ti-p. m, if^hajse- ment of Presbyterian eh Endqiriixar Hardf^ips tot Qtirist's Satce, Heb, jfti, 143. . # Albion Recorder: The gradiiig of tiws will Ite Iwjgim^jjexfc |^(>Bday. ; f he meu will work in three 'squ*da, each of which will hav« eigh* t^le» bo g^ade. Tiie roat- httti otjeoed andKca to i West Pojrtei afeceet, -wUVfee , t _ _ Butler ha* regaiaed Battle Cre^k Journal: We aro informed by one of tho parties that Jap^ VanNockerand Chas.'Morey ^rere the men who really effected the capture of the two riien arrested for robbing farmers. VattNcreker saw tbem-first^ about dark, and got Morey^to drive, with hiin to Bellevue, leaving a tairdmau to watch the parties. They got ^e^marshal at Bellevue; who acconrpanied ^hera back and arrested the men". Two dther., offi- j cere came tmt^rom—Bellevuc o^ iKtar own responsibility, but it ia claimed by Van Nucker and Morey that the marshal arrested them. B. Granger, operator afc Pennfield station, writes as "to say thafc it was John H. Badger "who. was the first to'*«ee-.thu men arrested, having seen them rtear Pennfield station. Ho notified Operator Granger at,5:3Q p. m., who telegraphed to this city and Bellevue to warn the officers in both places. He thinks his information was in the hands of the BelloVtto ofHccrs befo:o VanNgck- or took th,e word there. It begins to look as though the county officers would bo in a quaodry on tho question of payment of the reward, as there seems £o bo a large list, of claimants. Mr. Editor: If the city own "the water works will they shut off the water when it rainp, as they turn off the electric lights when the moon is due to shine, whether it can or not? A VOTER. .< Cream of Cereal. The city is' being sampled. You will find the Cereal at J. Cunningham's The price is IDc per package and IB fully warranted. rt. V. R. Lcpper announces a eale of furs for Monday, Tuesday aud Wednesday of next weelj,. See hia advertise A Cnr« for liilious Colic. Screven Co., Ga.— I have tven subject to attacks of bilious colic fur several years; •Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera" ftuu Diarrhofea Kemedy is. the onl sure relief. It acts like a churin,. dose of it gives relief when all other diea fail', Q. D. BH.W, " For eale at Greewte Drug, is ultimate rwov*ry ara <wt Mr. Sutle ' poor i»e»kh far several lonnth* M so rue t&wB tliat fe* Watean & Watson announce their Ml opening for Thursday, October H, ' ^Alaiiiazoo Frft^ Street Fair. « M.C. B, E. .win sell ticket* toKalaaw- zo<k and return Oct, 11 to 14 inclusive for adutto 91M. OfaUdrea 5 to ItJ >aar» of age half the above rates. Ticket* good $o return O«t. 15. , • , C- E. Qit-j-oao, Tkt. Agt. Mrs. 'Momll has a fine Hue of cycling hattr for th.e fall trade. Slas ateo- ftiutos '-'^tw bpy" bat Whit* te the latest at " ' r ' Talk about style, talk About it I But iT* you seen the Itylis^ wqddiog invitations, party t»rd«, individual iwrda we ar^r putting o»tf •• they're pure BtyleJ Do»*t you B»e4 » tri&» of printing to tbft 4b0ir$Jjfie8 fwsfr about »aw, W* have the newest and latest script tifpe. Ool> 62 per JOB Ib&at O. A, aj. ISveryifeing £n for cash. .' I have opened a Flour and store iu the builnlng vacated b; f' RiidtYml & McDonald and have a full stock of Flour Mill Feeds, Balett Hay-and Straw will Sell/for lowest c'asl l>rice. , OTIS G. PERRIN. The ladioa will be interested '" pors' far sale which takes place Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 11, 12 and i NOBtH The Ladies' bitthday plubqf Ndrth will- .meet mtb. Mrs, P. M. King, Oct. i«, 1807, at/ide 'o'clock p. .m. The taembej* of the Rew. E. W. Jbatag'a congregation ' at Eaat, Lerov, united wltt/the Athens' people Jafit Friday, At the parsonage 1 , to welcome the return of their pastor, who has ,beeu with them the past two yeara. ' ' , Mr. Wm, Wotroue, Jr., toofe the ' train Friday evening, for Chicago. Mr. J. TKobinaQQ has graded lot the past week And will commence building hia house a* aoo» 84, the wason woik i« completed. •' llv, FrankSudotf baBiiearly completed th« foundation, for hia oetf house.. fjSc* to J5r* day, (Jot, 13, and se«j dwplay of fu« male b> Walter gubl & Co.; of "My day wifeb ttonjfr frpm, eefcool o»e §i§H SchaU, with Me^ Si l»«i«, ift^ "I dreaeed and ftppHed Chamberlain's B*lta freely. All pain . th*. Brs*. «>W Of earn of Cereal of B(0 wediejn'e of toit, 25 once. , Apply law* wiUtsBery efcore. Qttugbij.bff'nctutiB, u&uaa, and tbfi« *>w» fu aw very of evwy thing swd wfli ii*»S bidder. aftetocftn a»4 evening ofeachd*y. '5. Stove FLOUR • * • T>BPQBX OF THE CONDITION ••or TUB FIRST NATIONAL BANK, at Uarihall, in the^Stste of Michigan ot tho clos Of busiueas, Oct. 5th, 1B07.' RE3OURCB8. Loans anddlacoiuitB.,...,.,...,.... $1M,9M Overdraft* secured and uusooured 'i,Wi V 9, BoiwJ»to Recuru emulation SS.OOO t Sloclu, aocucitles, «to,.... Il7,t»7 1 Baukmg hoiwe, forlitture aucl ftxtnrea.; tjt.SUf) 0 Dat> fivta N»tloD»l B»nk« (not H*»erve • A«eot»]..... ,...' Duo from approved reaervo agenta.... 24,1 iH t Checkii and other each Uem» !,*« 1 Noten of oilier N ation»I Bank* ,... 3,!H5 0 fractional paper currency, uickelt and cent*.......,,,...A.. , ......... VRf L^vful moaoy ceaeiro la back, viz: ON "T "Oct; i-ij >*' an A CONSIGNMENT OF Ladies' Collarettes, r « ' t •> *> Muffs, Capes and CJlildreii's Furs, \ c * FROM THE LARGEST FUR MANUFACTURER t IN NEW YORK CITY. This is the rarest opportunity • you will have t j this season. ^ \ S. T. R. LEPPER. Mrs- Merrill's flillinefy Opening SATURDAY, OCT. is ; w r An Elegant of . .. Patterns Which Include Many Imported .Hata.T ITIHE ladies of ; Marshall are eojrdjaHy invited to bo JL present Bemember the day, Saturday, October 1G. A.. ,.*> 14 ..,,,.,,.,...., ta,ns5j Baelcnotes ouutamjiue...-.'.. fia.St-0 00 FURS • ' ' I representing ''-".^ W AX.TEB BUHL & QO. i&iiw tib^'itatt Hpe of • *^/> ^df> *HP^P?W^ _ ' at my store , yul. .Ju; luuf, Will ^e prepgr^d to 'clelivur geo«fe 4ii4 tafte offers, , Ckjm^ a^Tsee the correct tfawg j i i i : ^

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