The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 22, 1968 · Page 87
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 87

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 22, 1968
Page 87
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OCD Drazosport Industrial Section. Tlie Brazosporf Facts. Freeport, Texas. Sunday, Sept*, 22, 196* PAGE 3 : e function, big volume ™ ^^^^^^ ' • -. " ly. ,••";•» -. • . A coupk- of yonr.s iu;o, machines shaping HIP parlh north oiy-*rpeporl stirred curiosity am/ a question; "A not her chofnlcal complex?" On the Rrounds, a crusty const ruction superintendent (old an Inijul rlnn Facts reporter that all he knew about tho project was thai How told him the site had lo be suitable "for about six Little League field.-;." Mite rpre t <•'!, that mi-ant "It's none of jour business, Buster." Soon afterward, the Dow management took the wraps off the project In a formal press conference. Today, tho oyster Creek Division (OCD) of the Dow Chemical Company is adding Its own distinctive shape (o the. Hrazosport sk->llno. Part of the shape looks about as It will when it KOCS mi stream. Uow's OCD differs from most olhpr coinpan: dl'.lslons In two unique features. These form the primar, reasons wli;, the new operations are .-jet aside to form a separated!', I. slon. The> are: --In operation,' >' 'I MS si ripped virtual!} to a single (unc- tion -- inanufacturtrif;. Most other elements of Industrial activity are supplied from outside the division. --Kach production unit at the OCD is designed to handle a simile product or related products that can be turned out in larj'i- volume by highly- automated process i-qiilpfnent. At the slartiiij'. point In Midland. Mich., the company's liead!|uarters di-. i.slon turns out pro'ltift-; whose varlet;runs into the hundreds. Man;, "f these are ppiduci-d In small 'luuntitie.s. Texas Dow product varletj Is numbered In the dozens, l*;rhaps a tenth of the parent division lines, but Texas out- produces Midland in terms of tonnage. Continuing (his trend, the next step is the new OCDcon-, In which each unit Is a separate. Independent producer of hIKh-volume chemicals. All equipment uses the latest technology, which means that the process Is the most efficient of Its kind known, The effect of this is the ut- ^^^K^^^^i^j llmate economy In making the basic, volumeichemlcals. In the old-line products, where competition Is keen, it may mean the cost advantage that survival requires. At least one high-ranking corporate Dow official sees a tremendous future for this concept and Its location. To a Ilotistonaudlenco early last year Carl G e r s t a c k e r, chairman of the board,.saidh» didn't see why the Oyster Creek Division shouldn't become as large as the Texas Division. There VMS a long lag after the first site work began, but once the first hardware appeared on the ground early this '..ear. construction moved rapidly. So did expansion plans. Kach unit occupies a site of roughly 1,000 b;. 1.000 feet, or about 23 acres. The first of these units was announced as the vinyl chloride plant. Its block Is north of the Dow canals, am west 01 KM 023, which links Kreeport and Oyster Creek Coin munll;.. ^^•^m*^ . fa$t'rt'3?'^£*to*tfL, fts"Si^iS^S j js,0'-' ' : '* '••!'>•yi./.iK'X." r--"" 1 - ftitfufldRHf*^' if< ..•«-..•'••'>•» /Vi^r--* *ffe^ ,- rT^S- ' , . \ : •••:!•;-"^asfttf ,*&.. '^^---S«ffiS .,..*--:£' """ . .. A NI-.'.V DIVISION 'it th<- Uow Ou-mical C.^.pan. i-.Ur.inr .Airf.sidc to K.ft. From lower ru'ht, FM 023 moves past shape in tlu- 1-acV.KnxinJ. ti, ,-r»v.- lat.-r! !!,.• t ,i.v. vlir.l chloride t<> Fret-port, seen in distance. At Intersec- Inter.SfCtli.n li. tt.i- !'>r-!T'Hiii-!. SIMM: llml'. U.p-.i. 1 !. the U>;r; Is (rest, •linwuri. wl.rn- dlvlsluli administration hulld- ha.'e, in !-ari.,:r"ii!,!. 1st!.- . i:-. I '-M-.n :- u: .• ; '.t - . .::-. ;•. ,..:; N.. i',. ii- n,-h!. mit '•'. picture, thn-<- storage T<> Ihc ri,:ht I.-. If.c star! ».' tl.t- <-;iu.->in- r\,\,,j i:.e unil. iai;Xs arc,:. lilt;hv.a> 332 imj-..". mil of pli-luri- at l"-*cr left, with HL&P boosts staff 20% in year Houston Upturn,;.-. 1'o-At-r Company h;vs bi-i-n conlHiuully uxpaiuHm; :uid iii^r.idin,; service throughout th.i ,;ruati-r Brawisport ari'a — rt-flirctliii; tin- .ire.i's rapid j-.rov. th .un! accompiiiiyin,; l n c r e :i s u in eluctricul u.saf.t-, saUl o. I.. Jass. HIAP's Krazosjori Division inanuKiT. "During thu pa si y.-ar,*--' havu survtn! ttu> arua from our nuv. Bra/osrxirt Idvisiou uf- !ici- areJ S«-rvlce Ceiiu-r, carried out a major distribution lint- expansion pruurair., cou- structi.-d ;. n i.--* i :i''-' trans::.ission HIU-, and seen a '20 : nc re .1 se ir. local III ,-.!' e i::pl<i> e-- •-." Bass •;"!.c n i;-.. Ura.' iJivi- !;;nn Service C-nier, locatud .it 20?. Illfihv. a> i:'.- V, uiid Cii::'.plt-li.-d in .'•. m; u s t , 1'JCT, o! a ceil all HI •'-!' i:.:uMei.- ar.ct- .11*1 custo;iii-r survjci' i>',,i.'i'.aunis iiiulur on.- r»u( in i>x|!.u.di-d S| .ice. '1 lu- lacillty is stratrt;ica!ly locattM m tho centur of tin- Bra.'osi'irt arua KJ provide inaxi;nu:i. flfli-.iulicy an.! sp<-t-<! i.i si-rvtce. IlidiMtx! in t!'.'- IK-.I. ufMcv is .1 lu.ii.i; -Si-rvic«! A-.iJiloriuai in •..hlt-h .'ujiiu-iaakinr, dt-n.on- stratinii!- an ! pro P rains ar- nf- .'i-rt-d t" oirl Scout Croups, :t-i'iiai;i-rs, I'.lill. sclio-il -sui- di-nts, uon.en's social, civic an.! si-rvice ort;.i!ii.'.,i;iins aiki oti'.t-r inti-rt--.sit'i! I'.roui s. Idicent consiructlon .n:iiv- ItU'S Hicludu Ilk' uXti'IlSlulluf a nev. l.ili-kllovult tr.iiis:ai.s- sioii lint- to improvt- ri-liabil- lt> o! si-rviot- .UK! ID uss'.ire that Hit- supply o( fk-ctricuy Saluting Brazoria County's OGRESS Highway 332 BE3-5438 P.O. Box 2521 Freeport, Texas INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE FABRICATION Work began early this year and Is already far aloiif- toward completion. But just west, alxjvB-ground work has already commenced on the second unit. This will produce chlorine and caustic. And to the north of vinyl chloride will I* a third block. It will produce phenol—a new product for Dow In the coastal area. So far. all that's visible of this is a newspaper announcement and some dirt work, but it's next on the scheduled program. Robert T. (Bob) Johnson, OCD's general manager, is expecting some production out of both first units within the first half of l»c:i. At that time, there will be about 100 persons, possibly more, manning the two units. In the meantime, an even larger work force is needed to put the units together. With actual construction going on onl> the two units, the contractor-employee force topped 500 during August. Two other elements of the total division are in evidence, ','• or are about to I*. Both are> division-wide facilities, not '•' units. • '•'.'.- •• Some site work has begun southwest of the intersection of Highway 332 and FM 523. On 11 is to be the division's administration building. Just to the west are three large spheres. These tanks are to store the finished product. Railroad tracks will I* laid between the spheres and Highway 332. Because of their bulk, the products will move out largely by rail and by water. Design and construction supervision of the OCD IK handled by Dow's Construction Knglneering and Construction Services Division in Houston. Maintenance and repair work, however, will be handled by the OCD. Paul Baughman and B. K. Fletcher are CK&CS inspectors. Most of the chlorine made at OCD will tx- used to make vinyl chlorine, while caustic '••-• Is a- basic chemical that goes 'ort. the-'world market for * , wide range of industrial uses* Vinyl chloride will be sold to Income polyvlnyl chloride plastics, which In turn are made Into such familiar consumer products as vinyl floor coverings, the water-shedding coating on raincoats, and seat covers. Phenol Is used In making plastics and other chemicals. In designing the plant. Johnson said, the company Is using the most advanced equipment and technology for limiting the amount of materials wasted Into the air. These will be well within the state requirements, he said. Besides the general manager, top OCD officials are C. E. Golden, manager of the caustic chlorine unit; II. L. Engelhardt, manager of the vinyl chloride unit; B. D. Miles, manager of employee relations; L. K. De'/avala. services manager; and D. A. Denison, controller. v. ill alv. ,^,'s be aht-ad of the ^ro-Ath of the area. This linu leads fro:n HLiP's Antloton substation which is served by tt'.«- 'Aebster, HlramClarke, and v,. .'•., 1'arish Uom-ration Stations. 'I'o serve a t ;r< v. m t ; iiu::.- Lt-r 'if c;.sti.::i.-rs, 111..-, i :i,ain- tt-naiici- am! cunstriicUuiiaC- tivities in the ari-.i are car- r l i-il "it '•'. ill 1 , a larre (luet MI s;«-cially ! trucks and oii.ur vi-hicK-s. All .ii'L- lioiised in tlu- Hi--.. Bra.'osi"-rt St-rv- ;i-e t. -liter. " / _ __ •/ XV STREAM for the Ulster Cree'K Division will bv with hardware just now lakiiu; form; and to the north is the 1 chloride plant that rises behind the men who'll phenol unit, winch so far is only dirtwurk. Both the OCD The;.'rt- Robert T. ihob) Johnson, ijC!) general executives wear the saf'.-t;. i:ear that's required anywhere Kiaua.'er, an I 11. I.. F.m.lehardt, manager of the vin;. 1 outside the office area. chloride unit. To the west is the caustic chlorine unit. FIRST C the vln;. run it. ^B ^^m ^^m *^M ^^m m^m ^tm ^^f ^HI ^^ ^^ ^HI ^mm ^^m ^*« ••• ^^m «•• i^^ ^^m i^^ MM ^^B ••• i^^ ••• ••• ••• PROGRESS 1968 V We salute the far-sighted men who have contributed so much to the progress of this area... Brazoria County "''^•'•' ;tj^?' ""'"TrVilf- SERVING WITH "^ PRODUCTS FROM: : lCel. 1 one Star .Steel, i' wi-11 Val'.e>. ''^ ti'ii;:^ \al".e^. Hills-Mc- '-X. -^ Car.:-.a N'al'.e-. Di.iv.-<!:.r.': Tit c. IV.l'.r l\'i' <-• Co.. Bo::i.e:- :•''.'!-.'<-. Si .'C'r.iia::. i'ii- tii.. s. v-iriiKielCo.. Clark Sie.i:., Traps. V.'hite M: : . Cv.. Dr.'.s-ef M:. . Ci'.. •......,liri'-h Hose :. :-'i.'. >t v. car. !.'. •'. :\iiMvr Kaii'.v.i-ar. 'A eaii.- '.. i'eti'K L':.i,.;.s. N..-\\ nedi-r.! U'-'i. *. !vi. i i Tools, 1-mto ia:.K-. I -Is. I 1.- -..• r. >U. HelU-r Kule.-. :• .::. :.i Cd.i.e.-,. v. i'e> i-'n.le M:.. Co., Ci.irlook, Inc. W" GULF SUPPLY 1960-1968 \ SSfi'v, m We are constantly Striving _.$ Better Serve the Industrial .^j i., needs of Broioria .•^g^m^y SUPPLY COMPANY Ffeeport "Corpui Christi Lake Charles 'Houitor. 'Dollai •Shr»y«port

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