Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 29, 1935 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 29, 1935
Page 6
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I, »r. word for «ach «nec««dln* U»ot U< tint two l»«u«. The Pampa Daily NEWS For Sale Automotive USED CAft VALUES! •Jg Chevrolet Coach $37$ '33 Chevrolet Town Sedan.. 390 '33 Chevrolet Coujie 350 'Si Ford Tudor 450 •31 Ford Tudor 475 '32 Chevrolet Coupe 295 '31 Chevrolet Coupe 225 'Si Chevrolet Sedan 275 CULBERSON- SMALUNG CHEVROLET I/O., Inc. AUTOMOBILE REPAIR work on the budget pay plan. Motor Inn. 26C-165 FOR" SALE—Beautiful cut flowers j at reasonabie prices. 501 S. Faulkner, , 1 f ) Jl 15 9 FOB SALE—Safe see F. S. Broach. 619 W._Foster St. lp-150 FOB SALE—One extra good deep furrow "Superior" drill with press wheels. $100. John T. Cecil. FOR SALE—Used cream and blac~k cookslove. Bargain. 415 N. Crest. ' lc-150 FOR SALE—Royal typewriter; rebuilt. 426 N. Hill. Gp-155 ~ JOHN L. MIKESELL Phone 166 Duncan Bldg. Just what you have been waiting for. Dandy 5 R. home on E. Francis, on.paving, near school. New, mcd- ern, full size lot. Owner says sell,] and, the price went down to $2300. Look at these rent savers, for $225, $250, $300, $750, $1200, and a beauty 4 R. modern on pavement N. Starkweather $1600. For ; rent 2 R. apt., and space for small meat market back of grocery, on Amarillo highway. Total rent $18 per month. 6c-155 If Mrs. Francis Green will call at the .office of the Pampa Daily News before 5 o'clock she will receive a free ticket to see Joe E. Brown in "Bright Lights" allowing at the La Nora Monday_and_Tuesdny. FOR SALE OR TRADE—My equity iii 1935 Chevrolet coach. Merslle apartments, in rear at" White Deer, Texas. lp-150 FOR SALE CHEAP—Toy Boston screw tail bull puppies. Box 484, Clarendon, Texas. lp-150 FOR SALE—Good Jersey milk cow. 422 S. Banks. lp-150 FOJR SALE~OR LEASE—All or half one of best one-stop filling stations in Pampa. Can be handled wifh few hundred dollars by right party or might consider partnership. Rare opportunity to get in going business on ground floor, with everything stocked and completely equipped. P. O. Box 257, Pampa, Texas, 2p^l51 FOR SALE—50 ceres in Gagesby Valley, north of Mcbcetie, $12.50 per acre D. O. Beene, Wheeler, Tex. , 3p-151 FOR SALE—Two room house,'large room. Phillips Pampa camp. See C. M. Henderson at the house. FOR SALE—Four room moUern house newly painted and decorated; garage corner lot. Price $1,650 with $500 cash, very reasonable terms. John I. Bradley, 207 Combs- Worley Bldg. Telephone 672. 3c-150 FOR SALE—Good sweet feed in cotton bags, $1.50 per hundred. Zeb's Feed Store. ^P'li" FOR SALE—Used furniture; living room suits, $27.50 to $125. Bed style suites, $32.50 to $35.00. Bedroom suites, $27.50 to $45.00. Odd pieces; dresser, chest of drawers, breakfast set, dinette set, radio, desk, rugs, chairs. Electric washer, $20, Pampa Transfer and Storage, across from Cabot Co. office. ___ 3C-150 FOR SALE—Good used gas heaters, $1.25 to $2.75; ranges $11.50 to $12.50. Pampa Transfers and Storage, across from Cabot Co. office. Sc-150 Extra Value In Good Used Cars! 1932 Plymouth DeLuxe Sedan. 1933 Pontiac Deluxe Sedan 1929 Graham-Paige Deluxe Sedan 1931 Studebaker Deluxe Sedan 1930 Buibk 4-Passenger Coupe 1929 Chevrolet Coupe. Small Down Payment and Easy Terms G. M. A. C. Plan BEN WILLIAMS MOTOR CO. OLDSMOBILE 11Z N. Somerville Phone 977 WORK WANTED—By experienced housekeeper and nurse. 32l East Francis. 3p-150 LOST—Black and white setter bitch, 12 months old. Liberal reward. Bill Bonner, room 37, Johnson hotel. 6C-155 Beauty Parlors POTJDUE PUFFE BEAUTY SHOPPE Across From Hex Theatre 321 \V. Foster — Phone 1355 Special This Week Oil Shampoo, Steamed, Set, and dried 50c Pcrmanenls $1.50 to $7.50 Experienced Operators MRS. K. F. PAULEY, Mgr. Mudalinc Gantz OIL PEIIMANENTS Money back guaranteed that we will not burn your scalp or hair. Open any evening by appointment. Saturday evening until 9 o'clock. Plenty of operators and 7 dryers, no waiting. Eugene, Realistic, Artistic, Frederics and Shelton Permanents, Soft Water. Permanents $1.50 to $10.00. Phone 818 YATES BEAUTY SUOPPE 3 doors north Bank Mack and Paul Barber Shop on Balcony PERMANENT WAVES SPECIAL— $1.25 waves for $1.00 or 2 for $1.50. $2.50 oil waves, $2.00. $5.00 oil wave, $2.75. AH new supplies. Bertha Quails Stump. 442 N. Starkweather. Phone 1154. ' Cc-151 HEAL BUY EIGHT room duplex, 3 lots. $3,500 cash. No trades, no commissions. Call Emmett \. ee, Phone 10. , 6C-153 FOR SALE—KeiJy apartments, for price and terms; Write 830 Crockett St., Amarillo, Texas. 6p-151 FOR SALE—Good bundle cane, 5c bundle delivered in Pampa. Cole's Hatchery. 828 W. Foster. Phone 1161. . . 6C-151 FOR SALE—Elgnt room house on Maple St., colored part of town. Andrew Wood, Montgomery Ward. '•'..'. 6p-151 FQR. SALE—Canning tomatoes, on gathering days, Saturday, Hondas, and Thursday. Goodnight Farm, one mile south Mobeetie, Texas. -,._. ; ; :, r .. ' ., . 12p-155 i^AJJNING TOMATOES—We Will hijive 's fresjv Jpadj of pray county J;oniatQes coining in each morn- iijg. Pricfs in {the, West Side Fruit and. Vegetable Market. 412 South Cuyler. 3c-152 JHJ W. Orout and „ ^..^^.M paperhanging. a rPnorje Ul, Johnson Eford- W«P<iff»'' fteslaerice 311 N. Pur,. „ • 20rl63 Guaranteed $5 Permanent Waves |1.50 Duart Permanents 11.95 Eugene Spiral or Reverse Spiral 15.09 ZULA BROWN BEAUTY SHOPPE Hotel Adams Phone MI If Mrs. George Taylor will call at the office of the Pampa Daily News before 5 o'clock she will receive a free ticket to see Joe E. Brown in 'Bright Lights" showing at the La Nora Monday and Tuesday. Permanent Waves $1.50 to $3.50 FJnffer Waves, wet , 15o Eye dye and lash dye 35c MRS. HARRY DEAN 112 Vi N. Frost Phone 308 Miscellaneous NARCISSUS bulbs (pure white) foi growing in bowls, in pebbles, in water, or in dirt, 30c per dozen, Peony roots, 35c and 50c each. Clayton Floral Co., 410 E. Foster. 6C-155 WANTED—Lady musicians. Write Box 2125, Pampa News. lp-150 FLOWER LOVERS are welcome to visit Dahlia garden at 501 South Faulkner. lp-150 ATTENTION POLO ENTHUSIASTS Eight or ten well-trained polo ponies have been made available at lowest possible prices for those who p)an to Joip Pampa's . pojp club. See pr write Gilmore Nuhn at Pampa Pally News. Loans Pay All Bills With Ori« tOfih! Pcrmnil loih». no «i8omen »«altai; JS TO $50 fmn*<H*t« ifrrlc^—L<i*eit ratM SALARY LOAN do. L. B. WARREN, M«r. Pint National Bank Bolldlnt 4 , Fhona 111 f) SALARY LOANS M $S tO $(50 To Carbon Black and Oil Field Worker! NO ENDORSERS; NO SECURITY All de»lln»« atrlctl; confidential. PAMPA FINANCE. CoMPANt 109% SouU, Cuyidr Strctl Ore* gilt* rhinttf Work Wanted JXPERIENCED cashier and office girl wants work; preferably in doctor's office. Keferences. 121 N. Gray. 2p-l50 WORK WANTED — Young lady wants housework or bare of children, experienced. Green top Cottages, cabin 0. , 3p-151 WORK WANTED by experienced practical nurse. Mary June Lane. 123 W. Tuke. 2p-150 Lbst LOST—Two car keys on clip. Lost somewhere in town. Return to office Pampa Dally News. 6f-151 For Rent ?OR RENT—Three room furnished apartment. 216 W. Browning. lp-150 FOR RENT—Three room house. No objection to child. 1043 S. Barnes lp-150 FOR RENT—Large modern bedrooms. Mrs. Lee Ledrick. 505 East Kingsmill. Phone 66. lc-150 FOR RENT—Two room furnished apartment with garage. 314 Rider St. lc-150 FOR Rent—TJiree room unfurnished apartment. Newly papered, no children. Inquire 628% N. Russell. lp-150 Miss Yvonne Hendrlx will call at the office of the Pampa Daily News before 5 o'clock she will receive a free ticket to see Joe E. Brown in 'Bright Lights" showing at the La Nora Monday and Tuesday. FOR RENT—Front bedroom adjoining bath. With or without garage. 435 N. Starkweather. lp-150 FOR R'ENT—ElTtra large sleeping room outside entrance. Call 1325. lc-150 FOR RENT—Four room partly furnished house. 508 S. Cuyler. lp-150 FOR RENT—Two room apartment _rear FreyJIotel. 6c-155 FOR~RENT—Nice, south front bedroom to gentlemen or with kitchen privileges to couple. 1923 E. Francis. lc-150 FOR RENT—Desirable bedroom, adjoining bath. Close in. 423 N. Cuyler. Phone 704. 2c-150 FOR RENT—South Bedroom, convenient to bath. 315 N. Gray. 2C-150 FOR RENT—Modern furnished 2 room apartment, no dogs. 121 S. Starkweather. 2c-150 FOR~RENT—Two room house; furnished. Must be seen to be appreciated. Also cabins. Maytag by the hour. Worley Cabins. 3c-151 FOR RENT—Two room furnished apartment; bills paid, 615 N. Dwight St., Talley addition. 3f-150 FOR RENT—Two room apartment. Nicely furnished. V& blocks east of Willard. 420 Scott. 3p-150 FOR RENT—Tnvee room furnished house; bills paid, no children 835 W. Kingsmill. 3p-151 FOR RENT—Rooms and apartments. Across street f.rom Your Laundry. American Hotel. 2BC-154 Room and Board ROOM AND BOARD—Family style meals with hpt biscuits, 35c. Room and board. $7.50 per week. 500 East Foster. lp-150 Help Wanted SPECIAL EMPLOYMENT for married women. $15 weekly and new Autumn dresses FREE representing nationally known Fashion Frocks. No. canvassing. No investment. Send dress size. Fashion Frocks, Dept. X-531, Cincinnati, Ohio. lp-150 DRH1HG STAR Chapter 10 CtfARLOttfi Emily refld David's letter dully, over fthd over, until she felt that It ft-as prbBSbly engraved on her Ke&rt like—Calais, wasn't It—on the heart of Bloody Mary? llien she put It carefully away, iinfl her small face became once more composed and \ylthdrawn. Late In the summer there was another letter from Judith. Emily, darling— I'm going to be married next month to Aubrey Morton. He was at home when you were there, biit you probably don't remember him — fattlsh, with glasses and not much hair, But he has character and a big: house and will In time, I hope, help produce the five children. And I'll make him ah excellent wife! I,wish I could have you for the wedding, but it isn't going to be that kind' I have scruples against making the groom pay in advance. But you've got to'come and see me, afterwards; t'ni determined that this shan't be the ehd I'm a rotten correspondent, aS you've doubtless observed, and, if you don't hear from me. It Won't be because I've, forgotten'. .Just bear with me, and whenever y6u can get away just write and Say ( "I'll be there tomorrow," and I'll bless you for It. . . > ,, Mother, and Dad are moving' to New Origans, where tia'd will be with a big firm of cotton buyers. I hate having them go, but. I think they'll both be happier there. And David Is in San Francisco, sailing this week for China. He's with the British-American Tobacco Company, and how he managed it without the usual period of training, both you and I can understand. He simply went up and talked them out of it. You can Imagine how I feel, and I can Imagine how you feel—another reason for our sticking together. I'll always love you, darling. Judith. Emily had come very close, that summer, to "making an issue" of going back U> Ardmore. "I can't! I can't bear the idea." Frances was kind, but very firm. "My dear, you're being childish. There are five hundred other girls at Ardmore to choose your friends from." "I can't help it. .Everything will remind me of Judith. Besides I'll have to room with some freshman; all the other girls have made their plans'. Why can't I go to Newcomb instead?" "Even if I were willing you couldn't enter so late. And you know how girls are regarded who change schools in the middle of their work. Everyone wonders if there was some reason why they had to change." There was a modicum of truth in that, Emily realized unwillingly. "Furthermore, my dear," Frances went on, with one of her rare descents from the heights of abstract virtue, "I hope this will' teach you something. Never, aS long as you live, allow your happiness to depend entirely upon' one person or one thing. It makes you too—vulnerable. Try to arrange your life so that no matter what happens there will be something left to fill it." And so she had given in, with the hopeless conviction that she had been beaten from the beginning. She roomed with Charlotte Boyd, not because she wanted to, but because there seemed to be no alternative that was preferable. Charlotte was a junior: tall and thin, with dull black hair that never seemed quite clean. She ma;- jored in biology, edited the Quarterly Review, and belonged very definitely to the Left Wing. She had sought, Emily's Tooin at the opening of sch'pol, and seated herself in an lirifcomfortable, stfaignt chair. Judith, Emily thought longingly, would have been stretched full length on the most comfortable bed. "I understand that Judith has deserted you for. matrimony." Her voice was clipped; but pleasantly low-pitched. Emily admitted it. "My room-mate isn't comln'g back, either; couldn't finance it. She's taken a newspaper job in the hope that she can jnake it next year. Is there any reason why we shouldn't room' together?" There were a number of reasons, EmUy thought, none of which she coiild tell Charlptte. She caught at one that seemed safe. "I couldn't begin to keep up With you mentally. Your friends would want to come here, of course, and they'd be bored beyond words at having me around. And being what I am," she added honestly, "I'd probably be bored too." Charlotte disagreed, "i Would not think of letting them overrun the plafie. And I don't believe you'd be bored with each other." She outdid Emily in frankness. "You have a mind; I could see that in English Twelve last year; and we'd probably be good for you." Emily smiled. "I'm afraid I'm beyond all hope." "ROtl Did you have anyone else Hi mind for a room-mate?" "No," she confessed, "I was going to take a chance on some fresh- rhah." "Theft why not take a: chance on trie instead?" Charlotte smiled, and Emily realized that her keen brown face had a very definite charm. She gave in. "All right. It will probably be harder on you than on me!" And so Charlotte had moved In that afternoon, bringing with her three rather macabre Durer etchings and a trunk containing more books than clothes. Astonishing books for a girl—some of them: Herbert Spencer, Darwin's "Origin of Species," Nietzche's "Anti- Christ," Cellini's "Autobiography," half a dozen volumes of Ahatole France. The clothes were equally astonishing, but Emily was prepared for those; a great many of them Charlotte had worn the preceding year. She admitted to herself that the clothes were perhaps better suited t6 Charlotte than more conventional garments would have been. Charlotte unpacked swiftly, taking scrupulous care not to encroach on Emily's side of the room; a characteristic, Emily learned afterwards', that held in all her humah relationships. While she unpacked she talked. "It's probably a blessed thing for you that yfau have curtains and rugs; that is, if you're anything of a sybarite, and I have an idea you are.' Jane brought the rugs last year and I got curtains, but I bought them at a ten-cent store, and they looked like distress signals before the year was over." "Don't worry about ahy of that," Emily begged her. She knew Instinctively that the financial effort entailed by a degree \Vas considerable for Charlotte. "Mother's sent more stuff than we'll have room for eta it is," (Copyright, 1935, by Marian Sims) Emily leariis, Monday, of a new kind of friendship, and a nfcw view of college as well. SEE US FOB GOOD USED TIRES AND USED TRUCK PARTS 1?AMPA HARDWARE AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY LEAVING for Odessa Monday or Tuesday. V/ant party for company. Return Friday or Saturday. Call_345 or 15W, ,?c.!50 FQB BALE-^-Qopd sweet fejd in cotton bags, $1-60 per huwjred, geb's Peed Store. 3p»J§P NEW BUSES! THRU SERVICE! Pampa to Oklahoma City Via Shortest Route te»ve Amarillo, Tex., 11:(MJ A. Bt . Arrive Pampa, Te»., ttsSJ P. M. Leave Pampa, Tex., 12:40 P.- M, Arrive Okla. City, Okl*, 6)40 F, M. NO CHANGE OF BUSES Close Connection* to All Eastern Point* New Equipment. Beclinln* Chairs. Sate, Fastest Time to the East, Northeast SAVE TIME! SAVE MONEY! RIPE, P AMP A BUS TERMINAL /Ta^tl. . j?L'. G&A* GCniifFS HBMBF j Mrs. Weldon Wilson Spencer Corsets Individually designed garments for men, women and children. Ph. 502-W 605 N. Somerville AUTO LOANS • See Us For Beady Cwh To • Refinance. • Buy a n^w car., • Reduce payments. • Raise money to meet bill*. Prompt and Courteous Attention given all application*. PANHANDLE IPJSUR^NCE AGENCY I Opmbs-Worley Bid*. Flu 804 To Give Program Oct. 11 has been fixed as the date for a program on highway 41, to be given for the Oklahoma City chdmber of cdmmeree by representatives of Pampa, Borger, Dumas, and other towns along the route. The Sooner chamber has exhibited much interest in the shorter route to Denver. It is hoped that hard- surfacing may be expedited and the route federallzed. Scouts to Meet Pampa Boy Scouts will assemble at the courthouse at 8 o'clock Monday evening for a short court Of honor and a program in Which motion pictures of the recent mountain camp In Colorado will be shown. Eagle rank applications wilt be presented by a Scout from Spearman and another from Morse. Repairing Plant The .cracking plant of the Danciger refinery here has shut down for a few days fof the periodic tepalrs and cleaning. It will be In operation soon. ... A. Danciger of Tulsa, secretary-treasurer of the company, is sp'endihg a few weeks here oh business and because he likes this climate. In Hospital M. P. Downs, local insurance representative, was taken to Wbrley hospital Friday for treatment. His condition last night was improved, Called to New York Joe Oaden, local oil poreator, flew to New York yesterday to attend funeral services for a sister. He was called home recently by the death of his father. Pcrsfiiials Mrs. Tom Aldrldge was called to <*re'eh*lile Friday aft6rn<iofi bfr, 4 message saying her tnothe* , w"a$ Sefiousiy Injured In ah automobile accident. Mr. Aldridge was accompanied by Her son, Bobby. Frank Cohley, who with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Conley, spent the summer in Pampa, has been reappointed page in the seriate chamber of Austin' ahd is also one of Oov. James V. Allred's special messengers and assistant Secretaries. He Is a student ih Texas University. TdSe* ColnforUbly —Se*— Dr. Paul Owen* Optometrlrt W« iptttelli* In fittlni comforttbU Glkltell «* well u the newpgt «tylt* Owen Optical Clinic Dh. PAUL OWENS, Optometflirt. Flrrt N»tlo*i«l BMk Bid*. Phon* lit YOUR CHILDREN DESERVE GOOD If your children are in the habit of reading under poor light, they are probably suffering from eyestrairi. And this is really serious. It may affect tlieir whole nervous and muscular systems later iu life. And don't forget, too, if a child holds books closer than 14 inches while reading, he needs the attention of an eyesight specialist or better light^-or perhdps both. A recent survey shows that 23 percent of all people under 20 years of age have defective eyesight! That is why every parent should: 1. Have children's eyes examined regularly. 2. Make sure lighting is adequate and proper. [We will gladly send a lighting specialist without charge to measure your light and recommend any changes that are needed. SoiithWesfeni PUBLIC SERVICE Company he EVErtlr BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL PAMPA The Finest !• • EVERY PROFESSION , Accountantf J, B. ROBY ., .,,,. t . .... 412 Combs- Worley, B. 880W, Of 787 PHILIP 204 Combs-Worley Bldg., Ph. 1269 — SW Auditor* i BARER? , . . ScuaHrier, 115 W. Foster, P N I, Bfc DEEDING -.iWHer ft VroSs, im s, - afe> 10Q6 8, Barnes, Pfe 292 Churcbe* FJR.£T 0. & Lancaster, Pastor, CITY OF PAMPA Bd. City Dvpment, City HL Ph. 3?4 City Health Dept, City HI. Ph. 1183 City Mgrs. OHlce, City HI. Fit, 1180 City P^mp Stn, 70Q N..Ward, Ph. 1 City Wtr. & Ti. Ofc. Cfiy m P 118$ Fire StatioK 203 W. Foster, Ph. 60 Police Station, Ph. 555 County Offices GRAY, tf6trt??Y 0F, OT, BOXJSB Auditor ft Treasurer, Flu 1058 Constable's Office Phone 77 County Clerk, phone 467 Cnty, Fin, Aft., Hm. pinsfr. Hi. M County JiJdge, Phone 837 District Clerk, Phpne 785 Justice of Peace PL No. 1, Itu 77' Justice of Peace No. 2< Phone 688 Sheriff's Office, Phone 245 Supt. Public Instruction, Ph. 1081 Tax Assessor, Phone 1047 Tax Collector, Phpne 9Q3 Sherman White, Phone }23| F»ori»ts OLATTON FLQBAL CQ 410 ft Foster, Fhone 81 Freight » * , ,, jj ~3t\", ?* ' ^ ^^Ai,^JkA^t^^A { ^s^j^i^f Hotels MARIE HOTEL West Foster Ave. Phone 9520 Insurance M. P. DOWNS AGENCY Combs-Worley Bid*., Phone SSI Laundries » Cleaner* VOUR LAUNDRY & DRY OLNRS. 301-09 E. Francis, Fhone 67* Machine Shops JQNES-EVERETT MJPB. CO. Barnes ft Frederic); Sts>, Phone 843 Motor Freight Lines LEJB WAY MOTOR FREIGHT 509 West Brown, Phone 279 Newspapers P^MPA PAH.Y NEWS m w, Foster, Phone «ff PAMJ-4 PRESS m s, iMrd, Pnw* iff Oil Field M*twJ*U Plumbers DAVIS PLUMBING CO, 118 W. Foster Plione SS8 B. O. STOREY PLUMBING CO. 638 South Cuyler Phone 359 Printing PAMPA DAILY NEWS Phone 060 Schools Baker E. Tuke Phone 931 High School 123 W, Francis Pn, Id Horace Mann N. Banks Phone 931 Junior High 128 W. Franol*, P. 851 Lamar, 301 Cuyler, Phone 957 Sam Houston, 909 N,, Frost Ph,!W School Garage, 706 N.Russl,Pn.lHS7 Boy MoMUlen, Court Hse, ?Jj,66f Supt. Pub. Schls, 123 W. Frds,PJ57 Woodrow WUson, & Brain*, Ph.6M Transfer PAMPA TRANSFER'* STG; CO. 600 'West Brown, Phone 1025 State Bonded Warehouse. Welding Supplies MOB, CQ.

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