The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 14, 1959 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1959
Page 11
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l , * J & ,u i '' •' THE BBAZOSPORT FACTS BRAZOSPORT DIAL BE 3-1611 DAILY CLASSIFIED SECTION BraaosjjKM and fcmoria. County, Texaa, Wed t ; 5 0ctot)er,.l 1H E B R A X 0 8 P 0 R T J* A 0 T fl ANOLITON DIAL TI 9-5246 (ihui;^ CLASSIFIED^ IHFOHMATWM i rr-ttfltet you* Ad BS Mill or BB 8-3511 and aslr for Clamf! << 3ID " YOT7 RTfOW : faff.. food will make iron .--. SnaW'e Natural feeda*. BW Trading Poll. BB Mat*.. Kcv Of Initttiotl P.r **' 9 days.teonsae) }»<j S days (eong«cl " e Xuuriloiri must b» ee»i««n«T» Classified Hours Monday through Friday < A.M. to S PJ*. Saturday • i «tW AJ*. U . **«"• Caiieallailon daadlliirli » AJI. ol publishing dty In,«rl4» deadlln* lor reade* ads 1s 9 A.M. ol publishing day. All display and box adi must b. In by 11 A.M. Ol pr.Tloui publishing day. Alter an ad It ordarid It can uoj be eane*>l«d or efesngad b* fora publication. Th» Brasosport Faeti rasa*wai th. right to «dlt or r.|e*t any «d «>at1x dteras obj«ctloaeble> and to etwiKie th» classification erdtr to eonfonn to iho policy of thi pap»r. A« chargw ara ba<«d e« « » Uni minimum. NOTiCB of typegtatWeal or ether attars must ba gwan ba- fora thi) saeond insertion or claims for refund or extension will not b* racognlsad. Thar*ion, we must b; notified of •nor beJot* • AM. of publishing' day 52. GOOD TM1NQ8 tO EAT TBNNESSB smoked hiaui. • --Drive to HWT JW CM*. . S3. MISCELLANEOUS A SAFS BBT. tried it y«> Blue Ljtitrt f6r eltnlni carpels. tt'» tow. DAS- WOOD FURNTORE CO. BLACKBYBD PEAS — *resh. In the field $1. Mr nuenel. BuUted's Grocery, Cedar tut. RETREAD HUBS—U.OW*nll» all-toad- heaard guarantee. Many eiies. Black and white walls. White Auto Store. 1013 North QUIT Blvd. BB J-Sttt, 81. FURNISHED HOUSES CHI SB • - »T-4iM 3-3S9t west a* 4 roomi, Or BE I4JM. SURFS** BEACH cotuwti ejmfortjblf furnlthed it wtalar rS«. C»ll DoHi Hiutlef SB S-J905. K»A* .«T. en 4rett ttt si. .. homo with def, d rttr Ttrd R* 104. HOU9E3 fOfl SALE ANQLETON—3 bedroom til brlett h»m». ld««l tar UuHeti. Loctled In BleMe SUD-OlTliloA. Cmvsnirel (A gouthild* School. O. I.. McK»y. AM 5-MB. ANdLBTOM — BOOM (or colored to beiutUal WUhtatlon Terries. New 3 bednunru. eratnl hett .»tllo (tn. IAT down ptymeftt. too, 70S, 713, «nd 711 Mtrjmii Ko«d. cm t,. a cooKsmr. In Antltton Tl W71J. "STOP 8WEATWO • Centrally heat your home. Nothing down, tio.oo monthly. Factory direct distributor. Our own duct shop and crews, call Angleton.TI •-7S39. STOVK — Admiral Deluit comeletUy lutomttlo: tlMlrlo «tor» 1 not old. 1179. CT 7-45M «fler S p.*. , : TV. ADMIRAL 11" Coniote. Tr»d« fat deep treeier. priclice plUM, OT.UV tbtaf ol eouil vilue. AN 5-2413. OUARADTBEb ZJFB'TIMB MUFFLERS BE 34MO NEW ZENITH Slerlo hi n record city. er with All >nd FM radio In wtlnut cihlnet. BeEulirl7 priced M39. -Stle »3SS. plui Its. ..••••• CORNER SPEAKER Inclolun, with U" heinr dutr woofer. On* t" mid rial*, one «" extended rui> Untverllty tixiker. tmivtrsllr cro» over nit work. One 50 wilt unpllfrer girrud tun table. Ret. vtlue $3lt. Stle LAKE TV M B. Circle Way CY 7-1911 54. HOME FURNISHING 2. LOST • FOUND rront tooth on a plattlo a/Taclnlty of Ltt. Jact- iaa. FlekM Phone CY 7-7OTO. OAKPBTB ar* in raundaUoa beautuul room. Bofld your room with one from Leonard'! Co. CY 749)5 (or eittmataa. 14. TRAVEL INFORMATION CAB POdtri* rlderi from lake Jack^Si to *G3k A. D»y Bhilt. Phone CT 22. MALE HELP WAHYEP UISC—Bedroom, llvlni room, rattan den furniture. 14x11 carpet, hall runner. Like new. Q. W. Dyke. 314 EXPERMHCfcD .Wash and maintain- MM m£> wanted. Apply In person Btmtay Uundnr. B So. Ave A. Free- > METAL BEOS, complete with iprlnt and mattriu. Call BX J-J39* attar- noonl. ' .. ' sponslblt person. Apply In person only. ,1008 Outt Blvd.. Freeport. TRUNDLX BEDS that am new and different with easy roll out. for twin beds the same height and Quality bedding, complete 1113.95. sturdy bunk beds, also, for space kavers. at TREY'S on Bwy Ms IB Clute. CBOCERY STOCKMAN Wanted. Mult beiweflenced. Crouch rood Market. Freeport. Apply In person. HAVE OPENING for manager, super* visor of salesman. Brasosport area. Leads flintlshed. Contact c. W. Watson. P.O. Box 604. Pasadena. Teias, 25.- MALE - FEMALE HELP PLIOHT ^WSHUCTOB C* COMMERCIAL PILOT. Apply Oulf, Coast Aviation. CY- 7-7018 or. BB S-9156. WANTED — Salesman and Sales Ladles for full or part time work selllnf steo! Cutlery, 114 SUnUsa.Etacl Cnoto ware. China ware and'Flat Ware. Must have ear. Persons needed to your county and adjoining counties Mall Particulars about self. Write Frederick Carr, District Manager P.O. Box-1102. Bay City. Texas. 26. FEMALE HELP WANTED <* _ kmly Floor BRAZORIA—Real bargain. 3 bedroom, 1 bath home oa 1 acre. Extra lane kitchen aid living room. Assume equity at *73. month, rloeter-Cirter and 'Associates. C7 74477. BRAZORIA — Garden Acres home. All new 3 bedroom frame on 73 * HO lot. Long term I64mi coleman 'amber Co, AN »413 or AN 54911. BRAZORIA ROAD—3 bearooTE. tranw home,- with fom« tiaiuon. S, D. Oupton Resltor. Phone DI 5-«5L BRAZORIA—New 1 bedroom Dome. Wed .bath 'and halt, gariga, 100* frontage. redwood — M7 2nd St. O. t. O. t.' No down payment. IfcJCej AN S-S3U. CLUTE—3 bedrMme, tile bath, wall to wall carpeted living room and dining room, t lots hurricane, fenced. 24x24 garage and shop. *67i». AN W1M after 5 p.m. CLUTE—3 and . 3 bedroom 1 homes' KUey Addition on 100 foot front lots. Frlied to sell. Call Robinson' Realty, AN 3-5555. ida. HOUSES rdA *At* RICH WOOD ADDrrtSN *- nf.fM Ho. and to iu« IS yearl you ow) l»u bedroom B4fte, new. owner will uftiMer-tldt Aote . elite). C7 7-2147 SAVB an extra MMr cent FHA «4uity SVi per cent on a new . ter way. 3. bedrooms. * iaran, family room, H er. B. t>. Bauer Realtor. S60TB PARKWOOO -'^M ' 1W, Asa Lane. I hedrooms. family .Mom. 1 baths. 1 car (arete. lUuUud. Tour preient notte might matt the down payment. B. sautt, jMasrV texas Better Ho»ee. CY MTtli WHEN YOU SEE «Sii. tonvMllAtty located spaelous 3 bedfism-nMe on one wooded acre, »ou WBtUA want to P in »1J.9S9. Mrk, .W.-J..: WMter Estate. BE 84M1. • ^ . j _; uir ^ t < 2 btdrooras. Extra left*., Uytal ttd dlntag rooms, spaoloue titcDM. 11400. *mt'- «_».^_ ' I3». month. Rowland' •72. monthly, h 3 bedroonu. Carpeted Uvttg room, i Realty. cV ,t-ttll 147. TRUCKS i.THAlLEHs' f M6BERK 1«1 .an ^ 4 «n« bcdrooih model h«me. E*t»Uenl con- dmon.,ti,M<l. AN 8-MU. OT AN.»-MM. 128. USED cArt'rdn fioic* - UN, sell or trade. All power, air conditioned^ Park Avenue Barber Snip. ' " ' •••• ' __ _ j ' PLYMOUTH—1M» 4 d«6r. Ofloi 'work ear. tiro. .CY 7-M04. SELL OR TRAbB equity 1*5* 'ord Falrlane black, 4 door, only 1400 miles 170 Loll. Clute. AN W«IT. WHY ftew;»> Lake Jackson — 1M ft' t tadro6m home, no Only 1150 down on eontjat 1 monthly. Teias Better sauer. Realtor. CY " theft , Balanc^z , le Budget! t Drlvini Is Fun Again) RENAULT Economie • Do I/o^efation . Very law |as61iite> and oU bills, up to 40 rnUes.par gallon iktans you can go An a weckenll trip with less thai K tanktul 6t Jus. Economie . De Purchase Very Low Initial Cost DUPLEX—completely furnished, now rented MO. monthly Income. For sale or trade. BE 1-110L FOUR ROOM dwelllnt oa 1 acres across from Rlchwood Addition. Water well. Well located and beautifully landscaped. Rlthway fnntaie soe x 416 deep. A tood buy. Sellers Realty. BE 3-JS9J. ROOM surra — Table and • chalri, buffet. Mahotuy Dun o an Phyfe. C? 7^937. FREEPORT—Low .down v _ bedroom, corner lot, central heat. ABC Realty BE 3-33U. Southern Oaks after S p.m. Drtre. AN 5-Z91S 55. SPORTING GOODS BOAT—Miss "Dot" iff Bay . cruiser. 110 h.p. entlne. radio .cbone, depth Indicator, radio, direction finder, 'etc. At surfslde Park. BE 3-I2U. 56 MUSICAL INST^UMEN IS TRADE IN your old llagnus chord organ todiyaa**, hand .new THOMAS FREEPORT — Two bedroom house at Ull West Fifth Street, small down payment with a 10 year payout. Call BE 3-2936 between 9 am and 1 p.m. 13S CALADJUM, 3 beorooMti. ilen.,large kitchen, central heat, carMl and fen'ce. »tt OJ. Eo,uity. . JAMES M. ELBBRf, CY 744M Day CY . , *LT6» • M1M Nljnt a. jt. DAVIS _. Phone BB rftMPOHT 131 W. 7th—1H lots , , 1110 w. nth—»70o down-- , 419 Is.t 2nd «OCS PERRY'S LANDING tacre. I bedroom hdus* CLUTE : ; ' ' . Large lots, low dowir payment/ LAKE JACKSON , , UO Laurel. 3 bedroent aad: den $1439 4CV 4-door I $1758 OBSERVATIONS Members Made Furnishings For New LJ Catholic Church By H. BASCOM SIMPSON the. new. Saint Michael's Catholic Church at take J«ck- aon. unique In Its cement-block and meul-fram construction, has very distinctive furniture 16 funtier add to its attrtctlve- neis. The hind-nude furniture was built by members ofthethurch. ft includes pews, communion rail,, attar and reredos. Gon- tiderable paint and careful de; were put into the T*>rk. imiture is both durable FOR 4CV 4-door Sedan rREEPORT — m Weil Uth-Completely redecorated 3 : bedroom home. Wall furnace, attic fan, 7 yean old established neighborhood. South Texas Realty. BX 3-3410. FREEPORT - HO* Weit Uth. 1 bedroom wllh den. M». BX J-115I.I . .Monthly paynunta FIVE ACRES 'an* «.J bedroom home In ahadr Acre*. Mala on Farm Boad 921. $5BOO. Ph.'25«. Braaorla, t • What's your PLfcASttftE? CHEAP INTEREST? Sow itiut a 3 bedroom eleotrlo "" ' oulog room borne. 185 per month. * . . BORAL LOTTO? I>)t»li>**e: at this beauty-elf BlghwaFttt>near «ioh- wood yiinse. 3 bedrooaU, nig wall Planned Utchra with , AU * finds, of buut.lns. den, separate! dinKg area. FRXEPORT — tUl North Are. R. Two bedroom comer. : fenced. 'Aisuma QI loan or ereate*~new FEA loan, acre* W. L. Walter Real Eitate. BE 3-JS41, OULF BLVD—50x125 btttlneu . tured title. ABC, Realty, BE JONES CREEK _ HWI. M. t home with .attacned •:» car and It acres of land. 110,000 tie estate. For further Information can Tom Kenyon,: BE 3-3233. ORGAN. , . full I11B.SO »m be al' . lowed In trade. , . See the THOMAS ORGAN today. H4H IIUSIO OOIfPANT 100* Oulf Blvd. Freeport ST. BU1LDWG MATERIALS PAINT SPECIAL - kLSBcr Mae and outside wuta «U9 aaL TP «Uplap «c. US-rooOnf I7J9 Westenvbmber BB Mtai. . . , BRAZOSPORT, West Columbia and An ilelon hw opening for Stanley Home Products Dealers for before Christ tnas work. Manaier tram .Houston will Interview October Uth from U o'clock unUl 1 at J S J Cafe In Freeport. across from Showboat oeatre or contract Mil. Jane Fluker CY 7-2134 or lira. Lovtaa Turner CY 7-7223. (HAKES NEED PAJNTINQJ K.U per jsUon OULF . LTJUBEB COMPANY 187 8. Main. Cluta AH HI 58. FARM EQUIPMENT MAID wanted for the Parker Jot?!. Preferably Latin American or white. Apply 9 to 10 a.m. or 1 to 9 pjn. AN 5-2M1. MEED EXTRA MONEY FOR CHRIST- 11AS? Avon Cosmetics -Representatives earn «00 and more durlni sell- Ing season. New Christmas out Catalog In colors now. Limited number of opentnis. Write No. 14-ltth Ave., North Texas City. Texas. SHETLAND PONTES-i Shetland colta that are real dandles. Can AR J-1M1 or .BE 3-2322. . • .. FREEPORT—Furnished or unfurnished room for man. Private bath, entrance. 1303 W. tth. BE 34903. SO. <VORK WANTED.. WOMEN CHILD CABS: So per lour. *' Fenced FREEPORT—501 'West 8th. room with private* entrance on rear of lot; Tor men only, BE 3*2713. .. / . DEPENDABLE woman to work to church nuriery on Sunday mornngi CY 7-7«7j. BJONZNO u my Some M XI* B. Freepori BX KEEP CHILDREN to jnV borne for working mothers. Fenced yard, sand box, tm set. TV. CY 7-tel». REEPOB1 tssst 91. SERVICES OFFERED ABC rrpHOLSIBRT—Fra» l»en. Skilled upholstery by • train •d Craftsman. 830 W. Sth. f>»epor< BE 3-3774. ANCHOR SHEET METAL CO. Cm tral beating, automatic kitchen bonds, gutters, louvers. Oasblng. AN S-26U 101 Cottonwood Drive. Blcbwood. CAfiPORTB, aluminum awnings, gutters. No money down. OULV FENCE CO. AN o4l2i. CARPENTER work wanteo — Bepalr windows, add onto bones, bug, ehee rock, taps, float and tenm painting • -BZ S-ust '. . CUSTOM UADS SEAT ODVCB8, door panels. Uners. expert workmaniUp Curry's Opholateary SkcB 614 W««l 2nd fit. : ' . . ; BAVENPOStX rjPHOUTEEY — Call BE 9-1271 free estimates gladly given . Located on Slaugbter: Soad. OIMIEAL •JWOIRIO SaWVJCJu For oompetent terrlo* on yoqr a appliance Call ypor O» onlev. E t-lin ODTTERs — Oalvanlsed tron—InstaUei &0e per foot. Nothing down; ts.oo monthly Call Angleloa, Tt »-75M. KKBT Vi ++ OSNAM.TAL BOsI Colonuu unf BtasUOci V, «. Byroa T3 M4»3 PADJTIHa Paper nansng. Baaetroca finUhlng; Stain* aot] naiura 1 *iiU*hfui A. B. Olover, BE i-MSO «• BE WliJ. EADIATOEB. oufneies. and lawn moi SOU Hwy PHOTO CKuaAVIHO—Mr ice Deaf Photo Engraving, zinc tinlftaiea. £_ line cute. One day servile with «or jgaranteM Call now DM Johosoa. The Branuport Facts sacravtn; n«. pvlfflMlpcra. BB Wai Ti-PEVBBITERSr AODJKO Machine* ant. Bra. Sales or rent. Call 8Am Osnt, I aowort Onderwood Agency, *M OoB Bl»d. B? MSSJ^ SELL 1 TO UA Dour with angle blade, winch, tree knocker, and rake. First class condition. TI 9-6530, Nights n 9-7957. ,i •••.;.'. JONES CREEK-over J.300 muara feet of Uvmg area. 4 bedrooms. haU acre* bargain at »13,500. Consider trade. BE MOU. JONES CREEK—Ure Oak Drive—J bedroom.''cue acre, plus be nmoelaled.- «U*». Mr«7w. L. Walter •eel Estate, BE MM1, ,. \V ACES with 4 room Hondo approximately 1 mile uulb West Columbia on Braiorla Bwy. Contact Bi-R. Otble. JM South Riatold. We« :<JilbmbU; , ' approach drive. Ootnt >OW DOWN PAYtlaWTr.mat S bedroom freih paint only SITS Mils ales- ;fejt; tftsta; see it 7)i w*K sa. ' redecorated^ Hi lent drawn ^^^aa^'Sraal'Sr^ $£8(&£ gWETesS _j;PO»T? S bedrooms, a laths, family room, double ear garage, la «•" ' condition ' .MATT COOL** •, ' for DAtJPRINS 4-Dr. Sedan Low Down P»ytn«nt Tiny Mo. Pymts.' EAGLE ISLAND FOEEION CAB CORP. u CIRCLE WAT CY 7-M54J 1ZJ. MOTORCYCLES, - MOTOH 8COOTEB8 1539 HARLEY DAVHWOlr 7 mUes. Most sell. BB MIU. M0» , AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES SALE 109. LOTS FOB BALE LAKE JACK30N-3 bednom, brick, fenced back yard, carpeted, garage. Phone CY 7-7(63. BEAUTIFUL LOTS an* 1C! Jackson, southern OaHa, Brasorla and . emit. PtoeWr-Oarter and Associates C* 7J477. reaie U Lake $uUTettace. LAKE JACKSON—You can't afford HOT to buy this 3 and t bedroom duplex. Live In one alda and ..'rent Ott-other to almost make your payment. Very low down payment. Flooter-Carter aad Associates. C7 74477. LAKE JACKSON— 150 Hulsaehe St. i bedroom home. Only WOO. down with monthly-' payments of approximately 1. LIVESTOCK - SUPPLIES LAKE JACKSON—231 itagnoua, I bedrooms, 3 baths, trees, cast Iron Una to sewer. FHA $90 Uo. X. L. saner, Realtor. CY 7-77U. 1 BEDROOMS FOB RENT In home. CY 7-zaa. JACKSOW-Klca print* room me. 403 Aulea. fft 7-3J47'or 5. UNFINISHED APTM'ET I. FURNISHED APTMHT. FOR RENT tATHBIQnT APAATUKNTB—4 •nd batb near ihtmntag center. Hlce lor eouplea 3-3394. or single penou. BK 965 Including taxes Call AN 5-5548. and Insurance. .JACKSON — Sruk Venir*. Mrooma. lanced yard. SUMO eaulty. S7J Mo. ROWLAND E3ULTT. C« T«»air^ LAKE JACKSON — Shadow Glen. Ml Lotiu, 3 bedroom, brick, central neat, fenced back yard, low Oi equity Interest. CY 7-731S. BASTROP BAYOU — U? «atir front. cleared, lot. NIfb! WSOO. . n.»». Day CT T451!, INJOY . 3 B.^^^^ 1250. tarms. Vowlai LAKE JACKSON-sontnem oaks. StUTS ft lot. Surrounded by homes. Call a. L. — brick tSUJ. LAKE JACKSON shsdy tot, school and ahopplnt. IWS Bgjat KM; ». BE S-isioi KXAB 1 acre of land metbi Sit on old Brasoa River. LMaifaT(uriotth Preeport side of channel,,- rnM«ay Between Velasco and upper end. «ee improvemeaU aad la '4ratt, Uad- scaped, setters Bealty BJ 34SH,:. Flos Tax BwappahU Tin HAZARD GPAEANTEED I Ull N. Gulf Bit*. Fieeport PHONK BE 3-I2SS SOCTB PAKKWOOb SOO-filVISK* You can buy a ch*e» IM, taiai Better Homes. CT'T-TTajU * S LKAVINO CTTT — 114 Carnation.- S bedroom, t baths, (amity room brick horn*. Wear Beutel School 4 per cent 'loan, low eaulty. Or 7-7177. LAXC JACKSON- — Save 4% a. t loan. $U month. 1 • bedroom home. Jitra large lencad tot. JJO, fan aod neat. Owner. CT T-«m.. ,. . LAKE JACKSOH 2J7 Acaela— 3 bedroom. SUO dawn 315 Bedwoot-3 bedroom, low. esutty. 140 Laurel— J tedroom, weaeway. MS atagnolla-4 bedroom, air coodt. 411 Jasmine _ bath and *rf*T 161 rarest Oak Lsne-3 bedroom, air PLANTATION DRIVE - 1ST frontage only 113.000. A sot s4aarl fool buUd- tag thrown to. K. L. ag<M. avaaitoir. CY T-THt. _ | n torn Bnsnjiis. uoiit odu- UXRCIALT Do ttn nt«4 a, new looation that offers plaetr «« tfaS*, large lot, abundance! ttt ifjfUttt Sea 111 PlantaUoa Drive. ' LUu r ji 10x20 building. CA 'TBillt loi reinforced slab . Cdrt,tnT ftm, sale only. CaD La» AnofracB T-7010. LUTE for couple vltb Infant or for room fiimlBhed *trirtmfftti Private bath. Hew sofa bad, Bffls »ld. Inquire BE 3-2M2. . Jl» camellia— Law teafly room. US Bulsache— saw down. MO lionta. OVSIEK CEEEK S bedroom, all brick, will . Roger Drake or Joe Talbot • TALBOT REALTY CY CLDTE—3 room brick apartment at 409 Cora Bt. 123 Mo. AN 5-2U4 or All 8- yHEEPOET — Very clean, 4 rooms, utilities paid* couple only Apply 1223 West 4th. FURNISHED garage apartment. paid. Near SBOPPUU center. He* done over. 429 W. Broad. NICE FORNISKEO AFASTHJOIT. — Adult*. Air conditioned SOS Bout* Ave. C. CY 74301. 104. 3U8IHE8S PMOPEH1Y TRY CLASSIFIEDS! FACTS and artistic. • ; In talking with Father George Beck, pastor of Saint Mary's Church In Freeport, it was Ifeanwd that, starting.Oct. 25, mass will be conducted at Lake Jackson twice each Sunday riornlng — at 8 and 10 a.m. -• end On Fridays at 6 a Jn. .The church is a mission of the-Freeport Church' and has no pastor of its own it present. Father Beck and his assistants, Father F. G. Wearden' and father R. A. Blankenstein, conduct the services at the new church. The Catholic churchat BrazorU is also a mission of St. Mary's. 1-ARLY CHURCH AT VELAS0Q • The first Catholic Church to be built in Brazosport was a frarne building on either Avenue B 6r Avenue C in Velasco In 1892 through the generdslty of ( Mrs. Angle, after, whom the town of Angleton was named. The 1900 storm destroyed this one. but it was rebuilt in 1901. only, to stand until demolished in 1909.. But it was again rebuilt, In: »11. For some time this and the Methodist Church in Velasco were . the only chufches in the area.. : This) early Catholic mission church was served by pastors including, Fathers P.Montreal. J. Schmezer, J. B. CfLeary, A. G. Gratun, M. Crowe, M J. 0-Regan, and J. J. Kerns. Mr*. R. S. Combs of Freeport < said sometimes services were held at the home of her father and mother on First Straat and at the Odd Fellows HalL because aometlmes in rainy weather it was too muddy to gat to the church. Mrs Lawrence -Smith and her mother, Mr». E. F. Roeller also recall some of the church days In Velasco. In 1996 the Catholic church on W. Broad and Ash Streets was built, with its first pastor being father L. A. Sampson. Those fallowing him included Fatter* George Ebrundorf. J. Jooaph J. Cotfey. Thomas J Prendernast, and the present paster, Father Beck, ttjwever. In B«. the large 1300,000 Catholic buUdiiag, oupying a large portion of a whole block of Catholic pro- terty on W. Sttth. W. Sevtyth, Bay, and Beech Streets, was dedtratnl. and since then the on Broad Street has used tor Catholic school CY HOLLOW TSLX BUntnUS'ltaPdlaf. am Mate Street In Chit*. Low BownMy- ment and owner WUVruaac*.,S. J. Dtvls Realty. BX jtBafc •. ' . NICELY furnished apartmeat 4 rooms near shopping crater. Oaragt. 4» W. Broad. TRAILEK8 tor - - baths. fiwlmulnKpool. cr Park. Hwr SBCvj CABINS—J21 Wns street. Newly redecorated S40 per month. Phono BE J-15W. VELASCO — 3 rooms and batii, newly decorated. 113 week, utilities paid. IIS South Ave. c or call attar 4 p-mV. BE V2S09. 17. UNFURNISHED *)OUBEi FOR BENT BRAZOKIA— 2 home. Itncod back yard, close to shopping. 201 North 1st In Braiorla, Phone AN f- MM- CLDTE—229 East hecu Lane. I bedroom house with large living rofem and kltcben. Only $4S peT month wltn the water furnished. Town tad County CY 7-7777. 84. TV SERVICE aeoert^ rtpaitl wan m! w STORV BODss with saraga «tllily mom. ISO month. 20U ' AM. o, WB M137. ' ' sin's rays? And maybe sell sane of the (oars sower, electricity, toothers? Sounds wonderful, doesn't ft? L.J. Giacoleao, a FordMotor Co. scientist, came up with the dea this month, outlintog the Ian in the official Journal: of the American Association for Advance of Selene*, rb figured a home unit would cost about $1000 and would furnish about 1300 worth of electric rent a year. ' j ,,;••* *<r Ladles' shoe heels toM sad four Inches high sad no laifer than s "cigarette" havearousud dry comtalssioners of Mobile, Us., toproposeacltyordinance banning the fashionable feminine footwear under penalty of a *5 fine for violation. .. They don't expect to make any arrests ~ just want to make women responsible for accidents which happen while they are wearing "illegal shoes." lie ordinance was prompted by 'approximately 50 injury lawsuits against the city in thepast two years." Jt seems that heels no more than one inch high and as much as one inch In diameter are being specified. t BRIDGE SESSION ' The master-point session of Implicate bridge play resulted In Dan Morgan and A, A. Johnson winning first place for North-South; Mrs. EthelNew- man and Thomas P. Frizzell. Second; James .G. Newman and H. Bascom Simpson, third; and Gordon E.'Helron and;Mrs. Arm' bean ustx 105. ACHEAGE tOf, JAM BRAZORIA — i)U acres, iidft fciganee road. Matt Cooler. t Bwn MS, BE Matilda Was Fit To Be TIED, HJOHWAY Mi BuDd yior dream House amid tall trees. hUfn MemaUon, S acres 300 ft. frontage. Will art! Rlehwood Addition. Mr*. Oenertev* Black. Write Mrs. Kaiile«n', Black 6131 Charlotte St. HoustatC 1 TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED 2M FRONTAdE -,OM acnC KornJB's S«- Had No Car When She N««ded A EIDE, ACRES In Ooldan Old Angleton Rd. ' brick homes, can 101. REAL ESTATE J»AHTjto FINANCINO ACKIAQE WAHTBD — Miyer for from KM land wltnln M to of Brasosport. B. J BE ^ait. Gave The Want Ada A Look, That's All That It Took PLANTATION PARK lake) Jackson'* ne»e»t aad COAC8— V , room U93 te good Lake Side Trailer 7-tEll after 4 ' Studebaker. Has . Brazosporl area. Far CY 7-SOIS. litad* teee*. ireUl drained site walks and paved atreeta. MOTOR ^ Ford Dealer often on Motor -Hudy the but ear at Corn'*. $120QO—$17000 Found A Bargain She Drives With TKADEB OUB SPECIAI/TIT TBXEPORT—1904 Ave. B. 4 rooms and sarage. BE M314. LAKE JACKSON — t Bedroom it US Holly. 170 ftf month. BITERESTD4G ECHOES Hta* MOBU you Uk* to pick '•te yap bom* from the ackson, is on the staff of Alvln untor College, besides having reajilsr Job teaching in lake ackson Junior High 'School, very active in the program of •creative activity for girls, 4rs. Lovett put on the first Dent show in the polio fond Irive frith* are*. She received git BS degree in 1942f masters degre* ___________ tlon for contractors. They have seven children, five mar ' • and one fa Junior high i . For East-West: Mrs. June. Moore and Mrs. Carmen Beard, first - place; Mrs. Grace Williams and Mrs. Bonnie Wood, second; W. H. HUlyer and Don F. Beard, third; and Mrs. Ruby Deere and Mrs. Carlene Hanna, and Mrs. Clara Kelley and Mrs. Vivian Watson, tied for fourth and fifth. Under the direction of Don Beard, pictures of:the group' at tables were taken by Mike O'Connell for the Dow Texan. Several members of the club expressed appreciation >fbr the special" Stories on how l toplay bridge that are 'carried! in The Facts. REGARDING PEOPLE MR. and, MRS. A. L. Sperry entertained the choir of the Freeport Methodist Church at their new home in Lake Jackson, after choir practice Wednesday. ERNEST LARMER, chamber of commerce manager, and Kara L. Cooper attended a South Texas chamber of commerce meeting, returning Monday. MAT COOLEYvisttedatBryan where he and his father operate a tourist court, where he had sane work done an a driveway. J. RUSSELL WAIT is on a trip taking in Detroit and Chicago, and will come back by Dallas where he is to atcnd a,WaMe>r nieeting before returning Monday. MRS. ALUE LOVETT. the BeVPW career woman at Lake Around The World Insect Control To Be TDI Topic _jri Don W. Micks of the Unl- versity of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston will be guett speaker Tuesday at the Texas Dow Institute's October meeting. •The dinner meeting will begin at 6:30 p-rn., next Tuesday at the Plant B Cafeteria. TDI meribers and guests are invited. . Dr. Micks is professor ol medical entomology and direc- tbr.ol the laboratory of medi- Th« menu at Tuesday's TDI meeting will feature grilled Virginia ham steaks. TDI membership U open to technical, professional, and supervisory employees of Dow and Ethyl Dow. Dues are |2 per year. Prospective members should contact O. Raymond Kelly, Accounting, who is serving this year as TDI secretary. treasurer. Kelly reported that 1959-80 cal,entomology at:the Galveston* Medical Branch. Dr. Micks, who last year served in the World Health, Or* ganaation, will speak on A- tbund the World Insect Control, Ip, August, 1958, Dr. Micks wa*i granted le»y«M 6« absence from the .Medicall Branch to serve for a year as! a Scientist-biologist in the World Health Organization. His principal werk during the year was , investigating v»y» and means of combatting insecticide resistance of insects, which he will discuss at the TDI meeting. .-'. ' ' , Dr.' Micks also was a consultant to other units of the World Heilth Organization .on the transmission of disease by in. sects. During his year abroad, 0r. Micki, his wife, and their three children lived at Geneva, Switzerland Dr. Micks received his Ph. D from Johns Hopkins in 1918. He : served as medical entomologist Witt> the Sth Marine J3J- vision in the Pacific in 194*. Shortly after graduation from Johns Hopkins, he received a Fulbright research grant at the University of Pavia, in Italy where he did biochemical research on the relation of rnos- &ui$es to the spread of ma/ ; • •-''• • ' •"'- • •-'*•- membership now total* 413. TOUNO Philadelphians" PAUL NEWMAN PErai CVSHING-SUSANA CANALES .BEH£ DAVIS. FREE MOVIE THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1 7:30 P. AT The Brazoria County Fait Chroiuid'l WED. THRU SAT. ''THIS EARTH IS MINE" BOCK HUDSON JEAN SIMMON! PLUS— "JUKE BOX RHYTHM" CAPTURED" See the first film ever made dealing with U PubUc Schools that have been "OAPf and made into centers of Reli,jiou« Iijdoctrin ation SPONSOBBP'BIT PROTESTANTS is OTHER AMERICANS United For Seperation o! Church and 8t MB. A. CORDON JOHNSON, TempotaiT Ch»Jrja»»

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