Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 15, 1969 · Page 5
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 5

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1969
Page 5
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Collection of Tubes Con 8§ Puf fo Good Use % POLLY bfcAft PoLLV-f ell iPeafl she cah cover her tissue tubes with pretty paper glued oh aftd theti pack with such items as scarves and haridefchiefs to be given as gifts. The lubes can be wrapped attractively. She also can unfasten hef clothesline, slip tubes from paper towels along Us full length, then hang freshly laundered blankets to dry with no fear of center creases made by the clothesline. Also, magazines, large sheets Young Originals START WITH a simpleline dress treated to a pretty bow at the neckline, thei) add sleeveless and collarless coat in a harmonizing contrast for a winning fashion! Make the dress from a bright print and the coat in a matching color; or the dress from your favorite color and the coat in a contrast. You'll find that you can sew several different versions for a different look! Consult the Fashion Co-ordinator for accessories, fabrics and color suggestion . .. it's included in each Young Original. B-140 with Photo-Guide is in New Sizes 8 to 18, bust Sl'.i lo 40. Size 10, 32'/i bust . . . dress 2- v s yards of 45-inch; sleeveless coat, 3'/i yards. Send $1 for this pattern (o: YOUNG ORIGINALS (Brownwood Bulletin), P. 0. Box 438A, Midtown Station, New York N.Y. 10018. Prtal name, address, with zip code, pal- lern number and size. Add 25 cents for first-class handling. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) of paper and even some pictures can be foiled and slipped into such tubes for safe mailing.—OLLIE DEAR POLLY-1 want to tell Pearl that our club welfare group cut rolls from paper pro- duels into 2'/z8inch lengths and covered them with crepe paper lo look like the party favors you buy. We bought different colors of paper and curling ribpon for lying. The paper was cul about four inches longer than the rolls, pul around them, taped together to hold it on and then one end tied with ribbon. This was for Easier and we pul an Easter seal on the side. These were sent to a hospital to be pul on holiday food Irays. They could also be used for children's parties and other occasions.—AGNES DEAR POLLY-Pearl wanted to know how to make use of the lubes from inside paper lowels and bathroom tissue rolls. The most praclical use 1 have found is to stuff them with newspaper and use for fire starters in the fireplace. Do not stuff to tightly but leave room for air to circulate.-JOHN DEAR POLLY and Pearl-I make napkin rings out of paper product tubes. Cut to the desired length and cover with splashy, self-adhesive paper to match your table setting, they are very attractive, eye - catching and bring many compliments. Inexpensive, too.—M. E. DEAR POLLY-Inslead of buying cards to mail lo those who were absent from church | for one reason or another, I have been appointed to collect the left-over church bulletins each Sunday. A note is written on the bottom, saying that the person was missed. This is mailed to them instead of the usual card and they get the church news, too,—MRS. A. S. DEAR POLLY-I used to lose so many needles in my pincushion until I hit on the idea of leaving thread in a,needle. If it does get pushed completely into the pincushion, I can retrieve it by grasping the , thread.-MRS. L. A. B. j i (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Polly's Problem DEAR POLLY-Do you or don't you wash lettuce when you first bring it home from the slore? Either way, mine gels little rusty spots. What am 1 doing wrong?—MRS.J.B. You will receive a dollar If Polly uses your favorite homemaking idea, Polly's Problem or solution to a problem. Write Polly in care of this newspaper. Have an attractive, well-run home—and with far less effort. Profit from the hundreds of tried-and-tested shortcuts in Polly's new book. To get it, send name address with zip code, and 75 cents (in coins or check) to POLLY'S HOMEMAKING Pointers, (Brownwood Bulletin), P.O. Box 4958, Chicago, 111. 60680. By W. G, BRANDSTADT, M.D, With water skiing again draw* ing large numbers of enthusiasts to the water, let's consider the safety precautions necessary to prevent injury to yourself and others, Don't ski unless you are a good swimmer, even though you wear a ski belt or life preserver, as you certainly should. When skiing, you should lean back. Avoid falls by crouching low to regain your balance and try never to fall forward. Keep your distance from fishermen, swimmers, boats and other solid j objects. Don't ski in congested moonlight. Your driver should avoid ex* cessive speed and sharp turns unless you are in the profession^ al class and he should stop the j motor before allowing you Id j climb back on board. His ob-' servance of all rules of motor- boa ting courtesy will add to your safety. Q-Wfl9t Is the fifth disease? After exposure, Jiow loug before ypu get it? Can you Iiavc if more than once? A—In childhood, before some of the newer vaccines became available, one was likely to get j measles, German measles, ros-: eola (closely related to measles), i scarlet fever (sometimes called the fourth disease) aa4 No. § -erythema infeptiosurn.. This is a inU4 oonfebrile rash that occurs Iq epidemics an4 may af- fect nominmune persons of any age but chiefly children. The incubation period is six to 14 days and the disease may last from two to 24 days. No treatment is required and a second attack js very rare. I assume you were not refer* ring to lymphogranuloma verier- eum which is sometimes called Hie fifth venereal disease. Q— What is episodic hypo* glycemia? A— This is low blood sugar that is not constant but occurs in spells. It is usually associated with an increased production of insulin by the pancreas. QwWhit is Deprol used for? What are Hs side effects? is it harmful to take alcoholic beverages \v{ule on this drug? A— This Is a combination of two tranquilizers. 11 is not habit forming out prolonged use is not advisable. The danger of dependence on the drug is greater in persons who have a craving for alcohol. The side effects include drowsiness, dizziness, headache, nausea and dryness of the mouth. (Newspaper Eaterprise Assw.) Please send your questions and comments to Wayne G. Bjraad,sjUMjl< M-D., in <W of paper- Wblte Pr. Brand , he will answer general interest ta Summertime ROUND IONE STEAK DIUGIOUS K.AV5R LI* STIW MEAT LEAN AND feONEiESS IB. HAMBURGER FRESH AND LEAN 16* SEVEN STEAK PORK STEAK IB. LOIN STEAK LOW IN CHOLESTEROL — Turkey meat is lowest in cholesterol of all red meats and poultry. ECONOMY - The larger the turkey the more meat there is in proportion to bone. Larger turkeys are a better buy. CONVENIENCE ROAST ~ Turkeys today are available as boneless roasts halves, querters, or cutup parts; also as pre* cooked rolls. MORE MEAT - Th« modern turkey ha» 50% more meat per bone weight than turkeys a few years back. 10 To 12 Lb. Average LOW IN COLORIES Turkey meat is -tr I of the very lowest of all meats in calorie con- lent. HIGHEST IN PROTEIN — The breast meat of turkeys ranks higher in protein than any of the other cooked meats. LB. LB. LB. CALF LIVER PORK ROAST BIGGER BREAST Modern turkeys have much more white breast meat than earlier turkeys; makes them easier to carve- FASTER COOKING The new broad•breasted turkeys are so tender they require only about half as long roasting as those in our grandmother's day. VITAMINS AND MINERALS — Turkey meat is extremely rich in riboflavin and niacin; also calcium. 75e 63c 45c 73c 65c 98c 49c 59c CHUCK FRESH GROUND Ib. ROUND BONE ROAST 73c PIT COOKED Bar-B-Q FRESH DAILY PORTERHOUSE STEAK CHUCK ROAST SEVEN ROAST Harper's Homemade Pure PORK SAUSAGE DECKER'S WIENERS 2i98e KIMBELL TALL CAN o ^ V AN CAMP MILK 2,31 TUNA DIAMOND SHORTENING FLAT CAN 23 3-lb. Can BIG K FLOUR 25-lb. Bag KIMBELL'S Detergent NEUHOFF Pure Lard MISSION PEAS 303 Size Can .. YELLOW ROSI OF TEXAS FLOUR ,,,,.,.. KIMBELL PORK & BEANS 300 Si.e Con KIMBELL FRESH BLACKIY6D PEAS 300 Con KIMBELL LUNCHEON MEAT 12.pi, Cen ... Gt. Size 3-Ib. Ctn, BORDENS Buttermilk KEEBLER DUTCH CTVEN COOKIES KIMBELL CAKE MIX 49c BOX 25 Gal. 49c 49c College EGG NOODLES AND CHICKEN EGG NOODLES AND BEEF Mix or Match 3 for 5J51 KEITH 8-OZ. FISH STICKS 2 „„. 45c 2 for 33C 39c 2 for 25C 2 for 29C 43c CIOROX BLEACH KIMBELL'S 6 Ql. Size KEMBElt 73c SPINACH 303 Con IDAHO INSTANT BISCUITS 3co n ,25c POTATOES SKYWAY PEAIUT BUTTER AJAX LIQUID CLEANER KIMBELL SALAD DRESSING ». KIMBELL 2'2 Size Jar PACIFIC GOLD 79c PEACHES KIMBILL'S CRUSHED 27c PINEAPPLE ,ooc, n KIMBELL'S SANDWICH 39c SPREAD «, .>„ KIMIILL'S CORN Kernel 303 Can 2 for 39C TEA '/ 4 Ib, Pkg, 2/25c Mb. Bag 39C 2V? Can ... 4 for $1 23c 39c 29c fftOWCC W*P EA 'g JP jm x**. f ^ p^ f* «*«• j*,. — — ^^^ FOOD STORE Prices etf« tlv * Tuw. July 15, thr« 18 <Ju«ntM<n. No wJM to de«Jf if

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