The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 16, 1962 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1962
Page 5
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MAZOWORT AND MAZORIA COUNTY, TiXA«, tW., MfNMftft 1*, If At THI PACT* Editorial—Adv.—tE 3-3511—Classified—Be 3-2411 BRAZOSPORTS Bf OBORCH KAt'TS SPORTS £1)1X01* \LIGHT SIDE Dizzy f Peewee and ffi« faofk Stolen from Tlie Birmingham Newii: IN A WEEK KILLED with all sort* of news Intenpretattnn and j analyst* Cuba, Berlin, Congress — It seentt to us that we would be In our public duty if we Hid not undertake to explain lo our |re«der» precisely what happened In that ball game on television .•'Sunday. Let UK recreate the scene for you to refresh your memory: The Athletics from Kansas City were leading the Yankees from New York hy a slim 1-0 margin. It was the sixth inning. Tho Yankees had load- jpd the bases on Ihe Athletics' pitcher, one Orlando Pena. Thl)-d base 'limplrn Ed H'irley suldenly culled a bnlk on Pena, Mickey Mnntlfl wing sent home wilh the tleing run. The Yankees scored again in he bottom of Ihe ninth to win. Now: The controversy turned on whether pitcher Pnna had or had t actually committed ft bnlk, which occurs whnn a pitcher begin* i pitching motion and does not follow through wilh his delivery, * television announcers were unable lo clear up the mystery. We ave since gotten Ihe straight scoop right from the horse's mouth til [Jmp Hurley will excuse the expression) via Tommy Hodges of Ihe New York Herald Tribune. What happened — but wait. Let's replay the moment, alternating ilween TV booth and playing field lo keep you abreast of what was appening. Sunday, Sept. 2, 1962, Yankee Stadium — you are there. DIZZY: "Yessir, fans, this here Peena's In a Jam. That's when Tyou cnn tell who's a real pitcher and who ain't, when they gel their,- Bielf out of jams. Ain't that right, Peewee?" *'' PEEWEE: "That's right, Diz." DIZZY: "I was pretty good at that myself back with Ihe Cards. Back in '34 , .." PP:WEE: "You were a great pitcher, Diz." DIZZY: "Well I guess I splintered a few bats In my day." PEWEE: "Excuse me for Internipling, Diz, hut T think some- g's happening on the field. The runners seem to be moving up." DIZZY: "Hold on, fans! I believe that umpire's called a hawk! hat's what It Is, fans, a hawk ball! The third base umpire just cnll- a hawk ball on Peona. Pecwce, did you see Peena hawk? PEWEE: "Well, Uiz, I was watching (he batter and listening to i and . .." I DIZZY: "I tell you the truth, fang, I didn't see iro bowk ban. { ell, you *een It on your screens there. And here comes ot' Manager j -flk Bowrer out to argue about It." BAUER: "Good afternoon, Mr. Hurley. How is Mrs. Hurley?" HURLEY) "Very well, thank you. And Mrs. Bauer?" BAUER: "Fine. It's nice of you to ask." HURLEY: "We seem to be delaying the proceedings somewhat, l there something you wished to see me about?' PAGE S SHIPS FALL ON FACE, LOSE 20-12 made by Exporters were left lackle Ricardo Mendoza, left By OEORGK FEROIJSON Fnets Kportn editor It was a disappointing Friday night on the banks of the Brazos. A group of Indians from Port - ..-„ Neches moved into town and lash- the Exporters. FiTlIbackSkeete'Mc- Riiard P. H. Howard and right I score. Williams recovered for Port Necha on the Brazosport 32 to set up the tackle Ronnie George. . ,_...„, _„, „,, U1B Illlun It was a sad night offensively for (Houston Byrd for five yards Jeffrey passed up the middle to and Cain led in net yards rushing—he had a total of 34 yards In 10 car- the touchdown. The key play in the drive was when the Indians faced a fourth and three situation, lies. Halfback Larry Spence was!Wallace picked up four yards for ed I he favored Ships 20-12. A capacity crowd of some 8,200 fans at Brazosport's Hopper Field r!? h », d I" *~ rprise f ' he 1MA Secr "" i wilh n * arrts in " lllrpe ''"''-'he firstdown on therawport Port Nechea-Groves Indians gave tries, quarterback Butch Fleming 26. coach Harden Cooper's Ships ajadded 20 yards in seven carries. McCutcheon also kicked the see- solid whipping. and fullback Mack Parker got 14|ond point-after-touchdown giving The Brazosport eleven didn't yards in three carries. Halfback! the Indians a 14-0 lead, live up to their pre-season billing. | Mite Tracy picked up 11 yards iniup when Exporter fullback Mack They were: weak or, defense andjfour carries. Par k cr fumbled on the Port they didn t move the ball offen-l This was the total 100-yards - Nechos. 26. Houston Byrd recover- sively. But Ihis^vas mostly be-1 with the exception of the two pass- |ed for Port Neches. cause they didn't have the oppor-'es completed by the Exporters. 'Bo Burns passed to halfback tunity. Eleven plays and four first downs „ , ., , ... *- .....^^.» late, Wallace capped the 74-varrt Port Neche* went into the game | Mike Tracy in the first period for drive with a fiveyTrd plunge for a one-touchdown underdog but hit: 16 yard., and he passed to end Tru-lthe touchdown. McCutchZ'f kick the gridiron like wildhre. And they man Franks in a play good forjwas wide and Ihe Indians had a never let up even though the Ex- five yards in the final period. 20-0 lead. The lead stood up a* rl"S^ raltOUghthreat !. Ha »^ 1 < Charlie Wallace wasjhalftime. "^ "" gun for the Indians. He I Probably the game's most excit- the entire first half. They racked up 163 net yards rushing from the line of scrimmage while holding POUT NUCIItvS quarterback Mnvlrt Jeffrey, a IM-pounder, (No. 32) In Mhimn «« he rims rniigli-»hnd over Ihfl ItrnuMport Expotfe- er» nt Hopper Field Friday night. Jeffrey han urniin-lcd Hhlp end Oemld Mllle (US) and end Jamwi <;«ln (M) an he race* toward Ship* P. H. Howard (75), Ho Biirrb (14) and Ricardo Mendnxn C?9). The, fnvnred Exporter* dropped the UK In Port Nechen It- 12. SPORTS WATCH by |lm flnl.y Foefs sportt ifotf Exporters gain value out of loss to Port Neches released by a state BETTY GLANCES At the sidelines the Ships to a total of only 47. r u - , scored two of the Indians' three I mg play came on the second-half touchdowns and picked up 141 net kickoff when Spence took the kick yards rushing in 23 carries during (on the Brazosport 16 and raced 84 By BF,TTY HACKNKV Faet« fnnlhall special Put away the bathing suits, Ihe baseball equipment and the water jskis. Football season is here! At game time, Hopper Field was alive with color and excitement and the sidelines were a ' ' ' " - '"K the game. yards straight'up the middle of the The visitors scored two touch-! And ftlllb ack Cary Byrd posted field for the Exporters' first talyl. downs the first quarter and added la good nlshin S record-he picked! Bums kick was wide and Port another during the second stanza. i up a net M y ards in " carries.; ^ches led 20-6 wilh only ]2 sec- Though the Ships were far from i ^rterback David Jeffrey did anj™'-" 8™* '" the third stanza top-notch the second half, they!° u ' standm K J»" engineering the P«rt Neches took the kickoff af- did play better football. Neches! Il ?,'? ns - He completed seven out! *r touchdown on the Port Neches didn't score during the final 24j of " al «™P <ed passes for 82 ^ And in eight plays they march- Kluee and wife Bell; and Educa- i minutes and Brazosport managed I yards and picked "P n yards ™ th(? >»11 to ' hs Brazosport tional Director of a Freeport|two spectacular tally plays during!™ 5111 ^ in 10 carries - !. hr Church. Jesse Sutton and wife i that period, marked six more morale boosters! for the Exporters. |a . ._ ^ _.. Starting things off right by at-i train in the opening minutes of the tending the opening game were!game. And they didn't stop. The the new Chamber of Commerce visitor* showed all the aigns of a Port Neches' first counter i " eracpd Is to score Port Neches rumbled off yard-iwith «ve minutes remaining in thei^ nnrf^ nrf Til T SC ° re P like an early morning freight ""t period when Wallace blasted ! !™^£* Se ™ nd ' ? ">': JTr ? cy , s over center from the . .; extra points was stopped short. y ' Standouts on defense for Port line. The Indians took the game- .. . . ., , „ . opening kickoff from Brazosport i Neches were end Houston Byrd . "f-" v , „_ — *_-, r\ninri r*rtflatf ««H htilfhnr>\r manager Lester Smith and wife champion when they didn't wilt in ° n the Port Neches eight and thei rt i_6 " ' - .„.,.....£,,_. Mv«i.v.» unm u a JIM wne I viiaiii|Jiuii wncil Uiey aiun I Will III ' """ " 1>- * "* «• *";*-» icn ci^in aim LI ic i Q • as the Exporters and Port Neches I and Facts publisher Jim Naborsitheir efforts after the Exporters!™ climaxed the 92-yard drive| Ronnie (took lo the gridiron. Many early comers, eager jand wife. to! Ever faithful grid fans Vernon!second half. got in striking distance in the pry the lid off the 1S62 season;and Dorothy Richards and Jack; The Indians were seeking re- were there by six o'clock. which took only 16 plays. Tackle Herky McCutcheon kick- " ed the extra point to give the First Downs GAME STATISTICS \ •» Bra?" ing by the program booth seeing;game. land Ima Bell Sharer returned toivenge and they got" it7~The* Ex- visitors a 7-0 lead. _ , hil , k Brazos P°rt area just for the porters had blasted the Port! The Indians scored their second 'Passes Int. By 20 I .00 1 "»» Bob to Port Ncehrs was an embarrass- w »i*.i b mj'n^iiiiiip, jruu niniiVTVl IU ."!*71T IllU HIMMH. •• --. BAUER: "Oh, yes. I believed that you Just allowed Mr. Mantle 1"* ° n ° '° ^PO**™ al *l Export- pr IB ns fl 11 Kc. Going into the young 1962 sea- * 001 * a run for our oPPonfnls-1 wa» just wondering on what basis took wch action?" eager paper, the Ships were ranked se- son start the new season venth among 4-A entries through-jBlackslocks, Harry with freshly to the concession stand The the crowd. Bryant ooted it to beat Neches team for the past twolsix pointer years— 7 to 0 in 1960 and 13-0 last year. Leading the number of tackles w» AI»UI eii uitrn ndtsilll with only 37 seconds remaining in that hectic first period 1 . Exporter quarterback Ronnie Pikslak irrt^ntrs int. my Passes Alt. Passes Comp. Yds. Passing fumbled and Velton Fumbles Lost \, 10 7 82 1 10 2 21 3 out the stale of Texas. lit cigar, and F. W. Lowe, father ., * Jw « s^a- j( f)S ( o ( )ne pre-season talk by °' ex-shipper Tommy Low .HURLEY: "Mr. Bauer, as you knmv, most pitchers who disagree S °"; , "°» AAA/ • * u • ' Ex P°''ler faas concerned the dis- in men " school, at Galvestoi Bh their catchers' recommendations on ensuing pitches shake their , ,, ™, '" . AAAA P rlzps th ""jtrict title chase which begins Oct at the game. fcuti from side to side. Your Mr. Pena has anolher method-in a i _L^_._!£f?J!^.'!ll!i?J" " " nl-crouch, he moves his glove from side lo side. Now, on previous i |otcajion» he held the hall in his glo.-ed hand as he communicated j " ' "I your Mr. Sullivan behind the plate. In this instance, while ; ding on the rubber—that, you re-call in the platform on the : nd from which each pitcher makes his delivery—he transferred j .ball to his pitching hand and straightened up. Tat. to me, ih the ft* to « pitching motion. When he didn't go through with a delivery, pad to conclude that It constituted a balk." |WZZTi "Y«*slr, lain, Bowrer and Herty are goto' at it ot an 1 ov«r ttwt bawk ball that tied the ol' ball gnine up when Ihe (moved up from their respectable bases. You know, Peewee, *' •,i,t.~?!^i.^ > CIulte 8 8°" er -" .5IJEEWEBI "You're a grtat golfer yourself, Diz." If: "Well, I win a few at that, Peewee." "Again, I must disagree. Mr. Hurley. Mr. Pena Iw Nl ' dprl! "« i *>-10 here Saturd ton were . debut and playing a lively march, (lets have more marches* the Exporter band executed a famous Sports Briefs 19 against Galena Park. And, Wailing for the coffee to perk probably the biggest conversation- a ' lne concession stand was Gone al piece was centered around the !Dav ' np ' s the man responsible for Brazosport - Pasadena game on sorting these boys off right in ; Nov. 9 when most observers feeli lnc a| hlfltic field in Lake Jackson! e district crown will be up •ahs. iwlio 1 'area. "Familiar faces ftmong the Ship,^' day night —"it didnTap'iwartneyi' ans wfrf ttw Bob FranWins and ett u Prcscott. Head t Cite, " WILDCATS WIN LA PORTE with their eye -; to the tune of 1 By BII.LY RICHARDSON (runs which accounted for almost {spent the entire first quarter ANGLETON tSp) — The Angleson Bobby and wife, the I. J. Tas- After several other routines they ton ' W ildcats were barely able to " ladc 'heir exit in tradihonal b k , h por( ..„ „. u , Jt , ,.,,,„ , lnr , i J bt»if*aang *nllarly throughout the longest, and I must confess that ni|;ht - The R!lmP wils P«"P<>nH The Port ball club wanl- I fidnk you ehon a most critical juncture at which to chastise him from ^ rida - v "'K nt du<? to a vims ed (his game badly and it showed. ''faf"H." that cut down the Npderland Ttiey out hustled ihe Exporters NEDERLAND (Sp) -The South """ thinWn * ° f ^ Neche*. .^ G|pnSca , R™ rlralcv . Park Grecnies, who come to Bra-: "* Kxporters were soundly Leon,,,^ B., VS T' p Hoods and style wilh the director of the band, zosport Friday night for a tilt ""'PP^d in all categories by a uhe ja^n' Ma vor and wife Fr «l McDonald, smiling his en-' with the Exporters, blasted 3-A tcam not noar as deep in talent j^,^ Cooper. " dorsement of anolher job well [i,,y and experience. Despite a probable broken toe, done - Joan Tarbell. aided by husband.: With the second half of the Ollie, limped up the steps to seats game shifting into high gear for ^f touchdowns "that enabled"the' half of Angleton's total yardage i cooped up inside their own 25. La for the night. Porte kept the defensive pressure La Porte actually had an upset i on by killing two punts inside the in the making, but they gave upi!5. the bail four times on fumbles; The Bulldogs got their first and the 15-yard penalty spoiled! touchdown when halfback David T ... . „ ( „ ,, , their last minute bid lor a TD.'Hut chins returned Faickney's IS ™ H m M t ^£; Two of L* Portc ' s Jumblps S(>t "P ; P unt 30 va rds to the Wildcat 15 ,^l±^ S ± r K,^ C ^!! short A "g leto " srari ng drives of four plays later halfback David Moore sliced over from the two Kxporters in the grandstand to await the the Ships after two beautiful.wiidcat<"to"avert"an' urjset"at trie' 38 arid ^ >' ards ,'BURLBTf: "Mr. Bauer, are you Impugning my inlegrity?" jsquad. Six of Nederland's starters and completely dominated I h e opening blasts of the game. touchdowns by Larry Spence and hand<i o[ the tenacious Bulldozs • i ^ Mon didn ' t make a first yard line. A had snapback spoiled ^ DIZZY: "Well, while we're settin'here waitin'I can't help but be <iidnlt come oul the s 000 ™ 1 hatf. game both offensively and defen- Freeporter C. E. (Jack) Howard John Adams, the fans went wild. \ f". e r Hefferrran romoed mi*™" ""^ midray m lhe second;the extra point try leaving the i • thinldn' about all them trot lines I got out down there in good ol' i :""'>'• was there watching son Paul hold still supporting the team through vards mid way „, &e final period ! penod> and three °' their mne Bulldo ? s anead &°' • Af»« I get back to the good ol' Bcl/oni, I'm goin' out and ; HWItoo.i »»*II<K> i Tlie Indians held the Shins to his own agaiast Port Nec-hes. ;the last fading minutes of play, : n ,.„.. , 14 . 14 „, lhp wildcat*' '^ Came °" P*" 3 " 165 ' Jerr y Gun *' Pounced on a La ' ------ - • • , j ackson teacher Geraldieager and waiting for the clash sti n haPd to ccrambie for all theS' 7116 WUdcats had onl y K y a rds|Porte fumble and set up Angle, and wife; band man Chuck 1 next week with South Park. * th to vrfjftt^ La P^rte drove :tUShing the ^ * M ' <A ° n ' S firSt SCOring mar ° h from * e worm to win it as La Forte drove ^ Porte &TeVt . up a nine-man:Bulldog 38 late in the second per- meSS ° f Ca " ish -" Mianl1 <F1a) B - Pilt M ust 10n »•* rushing whie roll-: PEEWEE: "You're a good catfisherman, Diz." ! Villanova 31. West Chester (Pa> ing up a whopping 251 net yards |BAUER: "I certainly do not intend such inference. Mr. Hurley. |6 iby ground. Port Neches ran T> mra^?" .^?° 8 ^ Ze "^ P ^ iU °"'" : \Vm-Mar>- 3. Virginia Tech 0 HURLEY: "Mr. Bauer. I think we have exhausted this subject Iowa State 14, Drake 7 " W - V ° m ' 1 " 8 "' plays from scrimmage while the 'Exporters managed only 39 : CATIIDItAV jA I UKUAT CAATDAI1 fUU I BALL FREEPORT HURLEY: "Mr- Bauer, if you do not voluntarily retire to your S pt. 8H 8I-ORT8 BRIKK :, I shall be forced to request that you leave the premise* fol " " . • •• >m to Phoenix to do some dove shoolin 1 . n. T,ey,l make a ,o, „, PEEWEE: "You'rs a great bullshootcr, Diz." DIZZY: "What'd you say, Peewee?" PEEWEE: "Excuse me, Diz. I meant to say you're x great dove- xXer." |y DIZZY: "Tliat'.i better, Peewee. You just rememlwr what Iwp- ^ene<l to good ol' Buddy Blattner." Senators best Sox, 3-1 ...... suffered & heat stroke Sopt., h °Rging « box of shells j on tne |j rs( fa y o ( f a j| fooiball Brazosport never got rolling ' , but they won't practice, underwent kidney sur - Pnday night and didn't look like s . . . igery Friday night after taking a a <-on'««ler for any district cham- Junlor Hlgh ** ' !turn for the woi-s*. plonshlp. to the Angleton six yard line in ddcnsive i^t that dealt the iod. Barnes tossed to Buchta for the closing minutes of play wildcats misery-. Angleton's quar-isix yards. Faickney pitched to The Bulldogs had second down te rbacks were smeared for 43'Donald Wagner for nine and then rSpt — Stewart trip scored in the second period * :oa to go °" An S letons slx yards in losses, completed four c/ ; Faickney spotted Buchta in the irds wide around and the score was tied (A at half- wlth a llMle more " 1an ^'° """"j 10 passes for 41 yards and had corner of the end zone with a 13 right end for a touchdown with time. > tes remaining to play. But a 15- • two passesintercepted. i yard touchdown pass that climax- iprd penalty wiped out the SCOT-j apse of Angleton's ed the drive. Barnes' extra point - The George m S threat and Angleton Pl<«y«i, blocking ^ ^ wed ^ ^, rte toj kick was blocked, leaving the ver WUdcats, oul Ule c ' ock . to P™**™ ^'riblock a punt and an extra point.!score tied 6-6 at the intermission, gridders 42-12. ralhe r-* ak y %>lt ' to ry over me wn -The wildcats have failed to add; Another fumble recovery by night game at the le ^ tsuiioogs. tlie extra p^^ a f tcr five 0 ( their Gundy set the Wildcats next icor- here Saturday night. Tlie Sweeny High School Stadium WuarterbacK ^Huboa (aa-Kney sjx touchdowns scored Ms season ij n g drive in motion from the La «* "^nan wound up wi m a The j Dallas. THK ASSOCIATED PRESS day, retired the first 12 to face DAU.AS (At'i - Sixteen sports I1M ' P for lh<1 O'slrict 11-IA crown 1)al | gan , e nrl Bouidin, captain of the Unl- hint, gave up a run in lhe filth on*writers who made n tour of the an<) tht> Exporters know that rralty of Cincinnati's NCAA bus- Deacon Jones' double and Cainilo Soulliwest Conference foot h a 11 ."">' l ' an ' t P la >' '«)tlwll like they etball champions two years ago. Carreon's single, and pitched training camps came up wilh Trx- tlid '" tlle »P*n«T and U-at lhe LAKE JACKSON (Spl—C«wch hli tint major league base- shutout iMill from that point. He as as Ihe favorite Saturday. Ark- ^riviiies. L. Z. Brjan's Brazosport Junior Kill game Saiuixlay night as the f«nnc-d seven and walked only misas wns picked second.'others A(u>r " leir P°° r sll;) «i"g again- Varsity gridders trimmed Wai-! IVashlngton Senators defeated lhe one. " in onler were TCI), A4M, Rice,. 8 ' ""' '" <1 ' : "> s . '' I" 'he feeling trip 12-6 al the Lake Jackson Jun-• jL'hicHgo Writle Sox 3-1. 'Chicago 000 010 000 — 1 7 3,Kiylor. Texas Tet-h and SouuVm ' K>ro " mt thp Kxporters will lake ior High Field here Saturday j Bouidin, wT» will be 23 on Mon-iWashington 010 00',' OOx -- 3 3 1 (.Methodist. llie loss as H valuable lesson in;night. Kdward Harry and Eric -(games to come and show llie-Weslcrman rammed over the doubters, wlx> e\-er they may he,.two BP markers. Harry in the that they are a lop-notch 4-A foot-:first period and Wesierman raitxij ball team. '45 yards in Ihe final period. Wai- tossed a 13-yard scoring pass to game's" most "spei> end Rit 'hard Buchta for / larular play was a 10-yard kick- ftrst touchdown in off return b; '* bert in the , Heffernan's 32-yard scoring run Faickney to on *\ points pulled ! one '' the third Heffernan was also outstanding | ( 0 ^ se( )~a p. __ _ __ m in CKU luai-u » "ame back on defense, teaming \vith Arthur^,, extra This week ihe Ships face a South Wh'arton's fullback Wiii'ie~Rhodes I" i0 ',^ ^e bti"k"to"tie ?he rame '° knot the count again 14 " 14 atlRoberts and Jerr y Gund y to P lu 8'jumped up i-wrk team that is rated a notch sror<ld , he vvjnnil , K TD on a 24- M Jo hn Johnson ran a kk-kolfi* 6 slart of lhe fourth P 6 "" 1 ' set ' !Up Ans' 8 ' 011 ' 8 ^SB*^ defense. j However or two aNn-e Port Neches in Ihe y<trA h | ast - - Jonn»n ran a mtKon.. : ._ .,__ _. ,__ „_„. _..,_ „ . „_. _ t „ , ....„! lat Drtniit and Washington is at ; Porte 34 at the start of tlie second th»~" H of Angleton's total 160 net yards half - Takin 6 advantage of La ..„ „ „-,«— ™^^- ' IW , I , S ^ n.chin? nn 11 rarries riesnile the Porte ' s nine man de f p nsrv» front, QT Willis' Jerome Td- ? uarter and ^ ied the Wlldcats ™S to fcrt totaST PB« i«» Wildcats «««««« Heffernan in third quarter. ,mto a &6 halfnme tie. -^^1, „. '°2 ,7^ih 17 nil a ^»ck opener up the middle and : H .ffp™n-. T>.«M «,ri™r n,n.Ruckney wound up w lt h 17 netj,^^ ^ ilbaci r raced 32 vanls ifor the tally. ck play. Faickney to Buchta for the and Angleton , set-*up Angleton's sagging defense. I'-iiu tjwiuiai'ii lan a JML'KUIL .. ./ , ~, ; ... . TT m_ .; :35 left in the uack 95 vards for Marshall's TD :tm S lhe slage for He « e ™n's 60-: Coach Herman Moore used| ing and late in the fourth period Mar-^" 1 K all °P for the wnnlng touch -. ?^51 .t™ 1 ^L^"!^. . . a !|on the shall i-aught a Texas City player! the Porte came battl- to block Faickney's punt jw.. „.«. .Jigleton 27 late in the down. .quarterback. Barnes completed} third period- ^f wildcats defense I line for a safelv ! '""' slu »? isn Wildcats were tar one out ol four passes for sixi held M a 1^^ roughing the mints off lhe ' om ' ""* ^sP^y" 1 las<iyards, had one pass inteccepted.| Kc]ser penM y i kep , me La Porte 'week in their opening triumph!Faickney completed three of sixj seoring drive going and the Bull- MII.WAI KKK (AD — Carl OV ' T U Ma "iue, but their biggest for 35 yards and had one pass! dogs s( . ored in 10 plavs uith M \_ problem Friday ni^ht was a fired.intercepted. ^ ck R Onn j e Owens plunging over up. hard-hitting La Porte crew The game was marked b yif ro m the one. A pass from Jessie thai came to play football. many penalties and both teams yasquez to Rusty Olstad netted l,a Porte led in firsl downs 12! drew 15 yarders for unnecessary | tne two pxtrg k cut (hrix- hits for four time* at bat and <ht>\e In five runs here Saturday ni|;hl. Kut Ihe Rra\e« ix-onxl three runs In the ninth to edge, (lu- Houston (.'nit .45* In a telcvlsi-d game at to 9 and would have had an edge; roughness. in all the statistics had it not been I The Wildcats look the opening lor Heffeman'i two long scoring I tackoH on their 18 yard line and lo tie Ihe score again at 14-14 just as the (Continued On Page «) SWEENY POUNDS GATORS 25-0 IBWKE.SV HAI>BAC K SIKVE | uorlh to (^ourh Kit UugKoiU'r d Hi-i-k in u HIM. Ki'ca big yuMur ruuucr lur the KEKS |iiti\i>* his UK- li-um In ru»liin|j jaril.iti-. KIH>» (\n. •;>) 1* •'» team (or the nluiun 111 lhe |ilu>lu u h« |>li-k» up v«lu«bl« hu» provnl In be .vnrdajte Krtluj iil|(lil. S»>.-i-ny blauked IHt-Uii- Buildup* leading win 25 U. —IjMeenj High S<-hi«>l phula Hy MlhK KIM.r.V uid I'H.AKI.I-aS THIUMAN FarU «^HirU wrMen* 1 SWKKNY (Spl — 'Hie Swwnyl Bulldogs got <>lf to a tlow start >Viday night. But they caught tire in th* stH-niid period and thuiKier- rd post Ihe Dickinson Gators 'J5-0 lielore 4,'JtXl spivtators in the new Sweeny' Ili^h Scluxil St^tdiuni. The beautiful new stadium turf WHS in line condition and the fans were primed for the schoolboy football action. It was the second vii-tory of the season for coach Ed Waggoner's Bulldogs. T h e slate-ranked AA team defeated tj.jnado 3-0 a week earlier. The hometown Bulldogs rurked up 1!U net yaitis rushing in the foulest lo 10.) for Die S-A lialora. But each team picked up nine| first downs. Sweeny completed staiitxl when ihe Bulldogs rei-ov- scvond half all fired up and ready yards and the six-pointed. Halfback 180-pound tackle and co-captain throe ot six Htlrmplrd pusses lor en-d a Uaior fumble. (Jiuulerbiick lo go again. Gator guard Dallas George Kriddle was stopped short Clyde Newman. "We played much SO .\ards while Ihe visitors aim- Cookie Rrsidaii rolled out to puss Monroe kicked off and Kees look of the goal line in his try around 'better Ihe second half." pleteil only nine ot 'Jfi attempted but couldn't spot a receiver. So Ihe ball on the Sweeny 30-yard'end for the points - after - touch- "1 knew Dickinson would he for 92 yards. he kept tlw ball and was hit by.line and returned it 19 yards to : down. tough," said coach Waggonej- af- Tlie offensive standout was <ull- the Bulldogs' Don Carter, Resi • the 39. , Dickinson had another drive go-|ter the ball game. "I thought we hark Steve Kees. The brisk |xiw<?r dori fumbled and Caner recover- From then on it was the Bull-i ing until Bulldog halfback Mike'played spolty that first hall. Our ! runner on Ihe Bulldog squad led rd. Sweeny then marched 39 yaixis dogs all the way. Sweeny went 6liScruggs intercepted a Residori team was not in top-notch pliysical the rushing wilh 76 yards on 11 in four plays which ended with yards in seven plays with Kees pass on the Dickinson 21 yard.condition. And we've got another carries. Fullback Bobby l.ojis had the Doolen lo Huhbard pass. going the last 25 yards. The extra line. Sweeny then killed lime and tough one next week." he conlinu- 48 yards on seven carries. One minutf later. Long inler- point failed after a series of pen- won the game 25-0. ed, "Wharton will he tough, hun- Tlie big gun lor the Dickinson ivpied a Residori pass on the Bis allies. This left 8:40 in the third David Joachim, a 165-pound:gry and gunning for us." aggregation was Mike Phillips, a Blue 40 aixl relurn.Hl the ball 50 quarter with the si-ore 19-0. Sweeny guard, said after the| GAME STATISTICS ItS-pound sophomore linebacker. >ards to the Gator 10. Two plays The last touchdown of the game game that "we need a lot more, Sweeny OickiiMin Quarterback l^rry Doolen pass- laier Doolen passed again lo was a result of another pass inler- work and more team spirit." And ; First Downs 9 9 I'd to end Bluford Hubbard for 24! Hubbard for seven yards and six ception. Sweeny linebacker Shelly he added lliat he thought coach .Yds. Rushingmet) 192 1M yards and the Bulldogs first-'points. The try for extra points Wilhelm intercepled a Residori Waggoner would work them hard Passes All. 9 29 loui-hdown with 1:08 left in the.'tailed wilh Doolen on a keeper, pass on ihe Sweeny 33 and return- this week in getting them ready Passes Comp. :> 9 second pe«f>d. Hubbard booicd: This ended the sc-oring for ihe-ed it lo Ihe Sweeny 35. It w;* (or the 3-A Wharton Tigere next Yards, passing 41 7K Ihe exli-d point to give Sweeny a-first half with Sweeny leading the: from here thai Hie Bulldogs start- Friday. Punls lavg. I 4-44 3-23.3 7-0 lead. Gaiors 13-0. led a 65-yard drive. Long caughl a "We slarled oiil slow and ironed Fumbles Lost 1 2 The lirsl loudidown dri\« was. The Bulld<igs oams oul in the!Doolen pass in a play good lor 10;out some ol our problems," said Penallies 4-50 4-365

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