The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 9, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 9, 1897
Page 2
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TO! J3ttttpytOiaB, J, IlllfjJ^J:^ 5ffi!S^!! ,. ,- .- (rt ttW Mfti'ShaH, jHlqliA wwtofflte * r tr«*»*jwiH«ihm thtoiifch Hie ffiMls to, freeonrt ?tmirHtt>KON: P. blid&twb, le* eved All tha Sf,fttf strtot. MOSES, office Frank WinterStien went to Athena btt Mf. A. N. Boollir opwtti a new meat market bore last Saturday' night apd WP flrc msmrcd that he will receive a good eharo of the trado. < , - . : \ f .•> tkn». A.'M. Hyde has opened ife wp for tfefe pnfpoBfr- of "adimntetofiftg ,%0 tire. *#eat<jre comforts of the travotefft Thft •, |iotts> has tmen "closed since last ftp'fjtrjg. Wo uudCTBtttod that underthe newtnan- '" .agement It will be a 81 per day house. Mr. Hyde is' an experienced hotel man. Last night burglars again, operated in our village, this time maklng^a raid upon tho stock of Q. L. Jjinn & Co. They gained an entrance by kicking riu,t a eel lar window, setting into the <&llar and taking a door from its hinges leading up stairs and thus gaining entrance into the Btow part. They took tools to help thorn along froia the blacksmith shop of ,John liacey,. Jisfr, Linn, thinks 4he extent of hi^ loss will bo ahou't $80, They took §vtt) ami some wtfts in inoney which w^e in it bnp; which had been placed in tho Waste paper basket for safety. Clothes x takon amounted to about .on entire-ont- Iflt (or two and toraake matters worse six different suits were spoiled to fit 6"ut those fellows. Hon. Goo. H. Fjre,hch .was seriously ill yesterday, but we are pleased to state that he- is Homn better today, A. AL Myers,of the VMette force, went to Chicago Saturday, returning jester_day. w Wrll^Wait, of Cednr Uapids, !«., who h'is been .visiting his brothor N Harlow for eome days, left for home last ^Rhurfiday evening. *\ - A large aumbjt£ of Jlpnaer'a citizens took in tho MarsbatK fair, attracted 4 undoubtedly, chiefly by tho fact that oiir boyk were going to play balj. . A good ,ttmny of our citizens havti bought territory in^ which to"sell the "Farm Record," a book in which tarm- ers will be supposed to keep their ao- oouhtH, but won't, Some have ,left to canvass their 'districts. We wish them every success. Tho Clark Bros., who 'have been all suuirner introducing their "Farm Re-» cord," left lust Thursday for Cincinnati, NEWtON, Cleveland hW motedU«i6k ori fAftn in ButHngtoB township. ^ • •Ralph ttoldtm; of Battle Gtvtik, t o» W«/ftriiifiisfc Wedaead«y forifterty the B.CK WWttBjf f«rtn>, Mrs* Affneis Godfrey, ot Battfo Creek, whft was culled! hereby tha ilhiess and death of her father^ M»*k Hdilwin, returned to her homo Monday. Bfttn WilUsmB and fctfnlty feturngd t&elr home in Olivet lasfc Monday. Mark fitadwin, an old resident of place, who hss b«stt ill for several -i dltft! at hits home OB. t*rid*y* O&$, Jsfc, at the afce of t3 yearflN!Tlb& futt< held at the Residence Sunday and was largely attended. iifrc, Mary fhaittfls catap home from t^nad^, but will aged nlotner and herftitle day oa a visit, &&$ wfcurioed Monday- Ffaak toward and another youth by^ the riaoi* of Coif oy f i»<nn here ate attemt ingr school at Mat-shali. , ___ Mrs, B?*fec Wheelof we»t north 0 id 8n^tist la escape, if possible, th6 hay fever and astrjftiai It Seemed to help for a while, but she Was attacked again- and returned Thursday. John .Storrer,'of Palmyra, called on Sf»rae of his old neighbors last weok. He was many years a resident of PrtWskt. Farmers 'aro threshing thefr bnckr wheat and clover seed. Buckwheat turns ojnt poorly, but clover fairly Well The State In the Luatgert Wife- Murder Trial Compfetes Its Chain of Evidence. m, DOBSfiY OS *HE STAID AGA1H. Pitt* »n A idofltirftl of tho nt th* ftw th«» I>rfpn«e to S*y» It 1*111 Now PtroitecA (Jet. prosecution in the t,U6tfert trtftl jfe |*i fy. now 2d. Brofhfrhood Jpeture and ehterfeiitrment the 0otted Brothtrhoritl dF chttfeh will b|>eij The objectof th^ cottrftd is to <Hf 6t ft tit eaiert»tijinbfit te th^ masses. Tn announcing the conrto for 9t-$8, we hAvfr the 'greatest confldence in i fas ability to please and instruct. -r TTie fbiWing attractions afo offerodt ^ Hov, 2d^ Caroline Bar Oett-Crane, Kala- *'N« tectuter has a broader view bf ne«dfs andjpossiblHtfca oi this niaityekrtJs rtgffe in 80619! ,and *eligio«s Jifcr. She touches thfe heart, atire the emotrona and moves the wiH * • ' state 'resfted .DUCK LAKE. Mr. Murdock has recently purchased t'w pirnjcxjjiroundH at the east side of the iako, formcvly ovv'nod by Mr, Zebt'll, also tho • piece of .woods on tho woet aide known ay the Coover woods. Mr, and Mrs. P. A. Courtwright and son, of Marshall, are, Visiting. Mr. Court- wri^ht's parents for a few days. The prodpfcte of a railroad running Irotu Albion to Charlotte viaDuek Lake, looks \i-r> promising, HS workers will be«in grading for the load jDct. 5; on Geo, Langridge's farm, Thero will U» a "heart eouial" at the howe af John Moist, Friday ^veninK,- Oqt 8. Everybody invited, Mr. (1 A. Starks ai^d son are working it'uar K<tton k<4{)ids this week. " MV Corey's mother, who broke her Jleg by lumping froui a buggy some time ago, is getting along nicely. Clover seed beeuih to turn put well , A few weeks ago the editor was taken with a very severe cold that caused biro to bo in a most miserable- condition. It was undoubtedly a bad case of la grippe and recognizing It as .dangerous he took immediate ateps to brrng'abpnt a epoedy cure. From tho advertisement of Chanibrrlain'si Congh Renjedy and the Eeeotnmeudations included therein, we- concluded to make a first trial of the medicine/ To say that it was satinfac-- tory in its results, is putting it very mildly, indeed. It acted like magic and the result .gras a speedy and permanent euro. Wo have ao-hftsitancy in recommending this excellent Cough Remedy to anyone afflicted with a cough or cold in "any foitn.- Tho Banner olF Liberty, Libertytown, Maryland. The 23 and 50 cent sizes for Bale at Greene's drug store. L. K. Cook'handles Crcaui lOc per package. of Cereal, For Sale A '97 model bicycle; will sell cheap for cash. Enquire at. American laundry, north of Greene's drug store. larpot laying, stoves blacked and set •up,furniture packing etc. LeaVe orders at W. E. Bosley & Son's and F. B. der's. x . K. E. SHAW. Do you want x a good Gallon George- Al«y. 1 a'good walk. '- cement walk? will guarantee dais* If yon contemplate the\purchase of a new hat for tho fair, call oir JVlrs. Merrill M. C. R. R. will sell tickets to - Albion and r«turn Oct. 5th to Oth inclusive, for iwr4y--c«atH cm account or Albion ftvir. Tickets good to return Oct. 9th. C. E. GiFFORp. Tkt. Agt. CASTOR I A For Infants and Children. NORTH MABENGO. The October meeting of the Ladies' at . . WW«o'*'JPl»atsday p, n^., tke 14th, at tw« o*cloek Members will please l to eleut olHoers. Friends k»vit-. , Umlls* iat tt Itn to . in an/of .ife carious fiv^g ag|>bca|foui9 tff Bonn** wept *iU , ihens t- ^-> *'i~ ' r«saedv M st haadi 1 lit aex«r Guaziae Uas received tbroug^H A tsoju a tstr of the ceBiont, ' is and f Marantft} it lo ei*ftd wjtb any otber uu tbjo, market " - Mra. Merrill 4» showing haadsojue fall - ' strktlj dinance I'ho , and hereafter the" or- tber«lio wiil foi vioJtalkin ex K. P. V. is b«i»- MarahsU blast Feftthar Benovator. He will coaifc right to your house with hia featfajftr rimovuting ovr and ult^o yowr Ioi4iit;r-.bk4a aod pil|o^s. Work Mrs. L. Peali0R feturnwl fwm, Chiea- ifo last evPniBK where aho has bet-n at- tpndiag millibery fipcniBga of tho prominent wholesale hpnewi aud also buying the latest things in fall millinery. Jftou'tWuit **' until cold weather conies, but h|^_that rdof qovered with ftsbeflttta rooftngf. It is only one-half, ^be pric« cjJC Anybody can ou . • - UosLBifVt Hardware. *** ^ °W < J " 7 r .Fhf«o who believe chronic diarrhoea t*» be iiwurable istiopW rwd what I4r ff l», IS/ of CUara MiJJe, La,, has |o f»y on the subject, vhs: "1 havtj been a sufferer from chronic diarrhoea ever since fcha war and? have *rj«Hl »B kinds <. «ape8 fo? it., 4* Ijirt I /qwwd » that effected a «ttre and that fras oMt;, Ohoiera a^id 'Dknrrhoea This medicine cun always bfe upoj» for coHc, Cholera morbut*. ,4 a cure wae o*tn(^ «rim» i the JT&fesser Oeffrgi hte""iMwvinse daring the After&oon i ~- i iv -" he nvsde matteYa * Mf&rw toirNDr. Allport. He "vvag prim?fl eoncfrntng bones > li«t the eonltnud,the young osteologl- to counter- arra refute the statement? m^de by when He was Called upon to identify bonea Ae had r s ev» eeen before, his <»xatnihatlort Allfiort Wentt- fled the femur of a gtirtllti as that of a man: said that ses'iunoia "of a bitffalo was thp pnl^lla.of a do#. and t)ad given U as his opinion that the pwce of temporal l>one o'f shephertl dog- vra^ the tern* of a monkey. f,'<>ii1rani<-U>iM'.r<ifp«s<»r Allpikrt, When examined as to the questions that flie the loal iKsue^is this femur that of a human? is the ttinpoeal Br>i,o human-? etc., Doraey Just yavo' a Hat cvtt- tradfrtion to the experts for the dcfun?e —slmidy (leolartd that he «as rlRht at first, A-4 far as, this part of the testi- mor.y was concerned be said nothing that was not alrc-ady lrnrie"r«-6rd as his testimony. The cross-exajnlifation »»9 brief. At one poliit in the ditect examination, !t \YHS nsked: "What arc all these little bones IderUlflwl by. Professor Atlport na patrtlns of a dog?" They are gesariiolds frt>m 'ft buffalo. Orie of them is the patella of a d«g." At the close of the cross-examination he waa asked with reference to some human femurs': "Will you m<»asur,e them with this tapeline?" "I cannot, measure bones with a tape measure. The result will not be worth a cent." ~ ~ Juoi*£ •V'fJc ftn* y+ftfy Sj^ntrt*'rtiiff'» * "™" Then Judge Arthur H. Chfttlain was ralptt. to the stand to aetd Uie fli,l.-:biiiR touth. to tho impeachment of Mary Sic* nierlnp. • When this youn.g woman waa nrst arresU-tl and charged with sullty knowledge of the disappearance of Mrs, I-utt^ert lipr attorney~appne<l to JudRe Chctlaki for a writ of habeas corpus., Chetlain, sitting In chambers > had Mary Slemerlng hrvught before him and questioned her. His honor swore slie told, him she had not made application for release, but that her lawyer. Arnold Tripp, had done and had -set up the c-harsea in the petition. She told the Judge/that she-had.-riot'..been mistreated at the police station,' and that she had seme there voluntarily and was ( willing tq return there, as she. knew she would soon he discharger], tie cause she had done nothing wrong.' (">wins, to this state of fticts' Judge Chetlain disrnlrwetl the .petition and' the younp woman returned to the. police ^station. STATE WITNESS IS DttAMATTC. P«t» on MiHirnliijr, and Weeps in the Wit- Angelica Schrader, a nurse who was. a member of Luetg-ert's household for three months, said that the mlaning w oman was a most affechon.ate. •mothejp. A sehsaticn waa crieiited In the court room, wh<>n a woman attired Ing garb amended to ti and hold up her hand to i be sworn. There were tears in her eyes a» she sank Into thi» wUnuss chair. The woman waa Mrs, Wilh»lm!na.Miller', .sister of MM. frUftKert. fin firmly impressed Is she that Mr* Luetjprt Is dead that she Home Weeks a«o donned the garb of rm>urnin»'<n memory at {ier sfster. Mrs, Miller testtrM. white bar brimming eye»"w«e Bxtd upcm tho fai-e of Lyet- firt. The !<lg sausagerhaker returned the y»z& of his elstw;rin-law' coolly. Str». MUler tout of the Kln<J)y altjoq of her sipter,, j}»d aiwcrtfd that AQ mother ~wa» ever moru pathifl^ or irvftre kind to h«T cbJWren, Fred ne'phew ut Ijuetgeit, and Lu<H#ert, "Tfteir harmony is perfect They sing with !S»s0 and general tjomsefciesa, They m tei^mmandfttfoto to' those who ., how Jtfofeo, 111. "WMt to fJr. Attdeweon m among ' J^cturfts-T'fiair m pleasing in mattnor, enfertairiing an wftf y |n hi? descriptioria «nd eloquent in HE CBEERFUL. , How 10 Eh|oy JLtfe. Why should we take Kfo BO serioaely? iin not we labor aa well or better accomplish iys much and. en joy life As we go along if we seize every opporturiity we can to be cheerful, li«ht«hparted and happy? tut away all those" gloomy, wrinkle- producing and despondent thoughts antj niak^f up yoUr mind to live, to pnjoy livinft^aa long aa you do Hvo ifnd to live as long as you can. A cheerful natBr,o, a bright s^nd sunny disposition mvccbtifl our WWH 'lirfs and the lives of otl crs, worry and disCohteot makes JifL_vjiry tineompftnioti^ble (.features, drains-tho ejfrteni of vitality and shortens oitr 1'T'es, This course rain be adopted m-fre easily by some than others, Tojhesick and suffering it sometimes seems airtl Ihcro'was np'hopo and^to ire cheerful seems impofiaible, but when a w$y for relief is opened to thorn, hope revives and tho spirits brfghtcn. This is why MAUNOLIA BM>SSOM, the great fo- mnlo remedy has become so popular. It comes to weak women as « priceless gift of nature. It gi^cs to tho wife, mother and daughter perfect health, it stons those aches, pains and weakening drains so prevalftot atnonp women. A simple inexpensive home trentmeut that is applied directly to the parts affected ^thus_ avoiding taking .into tKo _ek>mach that so offen,imparr and ruin tho organs of digestion) enables women to treat themselves privately nnd is a speedy cure fro Jeucorrhoen, inflammntion, CODKCH- tion and falling of tho wonib, twHrinn troubles, painful periods, aud all de- raufieqients known as female diseases. Aak your druggist for BdAotfpuA Buo's- rfOM. If he does not kwiri it tgko h other'but send directly to tho compan. for it. Price on« dtjlar for a* IK>X containing one montn'e treatment. Their book entitled "A Book for Wo men" with circulars and testimonial sent FKEE by 'mail to any address. Write to SOUTH BEND" BKMSOV*. Co., South Bend, Ind. , AH letters are opened, road and answered by wotnon, Letters 'requesting medical advice are referred to thoir lady physician, and alleorrcspondence treated witbrBtrieteet w»nftdenco. DO YOU WANT tj New Fall Hat If BO CALti 'A* Miss Western's give This Tjlmmed Hat before for fe«8 lhan S3.00. Children's Tumi 2Bo »»« 00e* itf »u^ •Ollt* Birds, Wings and Peattsera at yo«T own' store is opoir^or business. 0811 owr HATCH BLOCK Over fitatesman Office. ATCENEROUS OFFER that the wise man, as wet) as the economical one will appreefstc, we are making this weefc*in <mr ttffer fa* make a top coat in either fall of winter weight, iU the ntost distiiigUe etylp, and rnoat fashion- ablfrcnt, fhiishedih aneximfsitomsntiw, from $2(> feo |S5. W» havo the latest thing ont in linndsomQ fabrics in Covert and Kerseys andjVicuna coatiflgs.' J. J. DE SHANK ANEWDEAL Lewis K Cook Having purchased the Grocery Business of 9has. Cook, will continue the same at the o!4 stand, where you will always find a Complete Line of STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES At ROCK BOTTOM PKICES. I will not be un dersold. Come and see me. of la atwt to itrs, TW* hnpt-aeh tlte tti4s' that cruelly, w«e suffering with bottle <if 0 Chamberlaia> irtmost remedy is Co| «ale »t Greened drug ii« cao ^i» Iwy 100 f300mad 10 good s^mfyx *3«>. ' The and batter fiotn f oj 4u4 wool -wiU pay off the mortgage Bef«n; it U4«B. JUt fiv« yeawte wili-h»Tu a •11 t»iid for %ud well irtocfefcd. tive )ist» ftod pnetis aiidieesH, F. A«eut for South Dakota, 296 Chicago, 111. of Grace Bros^iQg a Jf'«r Mary CtwTlotf, why tt;t>rm<id e».ti^l her <?vttlenc'e- th at' onipe adjourned court U,»U-»' StOttjl!!^, , ^ . ' Among- tlu- first wrtnes»wi heard yes- teraaj" j wf»re DdH-ctfye DeCt-fJe, who swort- that he g«w Si,-hoi<jy «.t ke»osha. buJCom the |rt»| boff9.ij fn4 tb^i be fle- ' $l,5i)0 ft* and botfe Frank JU'vanduLslty, , wh<i »a»itlijyea at and of furthertn'ore that the factory wa» and Mrs. Schtmp <» (tf§i»- « to rt»}t" was ' up ii» her wtnduw until May Qteicb ^ware tt «fjau), Hftejfe May .t -J^onday, tw put on. Ttie defense will |be unusual taakof iijiteacbl^ A" KHseas wl« be caU«d to For a Healthy Existence.—That's Why the Kidneys so often fail, .Nature ha&- -provided a certain amount of work for every orgun of tlte huuuin body; overtax them aud disease eventU' nltjr~fotf(iw8. TheTo" la noT "one "portion of oirr organism that ii ao overworks! as th« kidneys; ou them 1st placed the im- pottaul fttuctioo of liltering the blood of |!ipjmpurities which naturally form hi the regular action of life and digesliwn. Tl«t- kidneys are consequently termed tho sew eragu of tfic Byutcm; cfog up thi« and the bjm>d bcooroca taiutwl with ou» uric acid, which brtng* on in many forms. The back Is the first to sl>ow tbis stoppage, Jfrotn th^re cowe« " u - waraiog note; It sltuwld he beedwl, an&the kidneys receive titornpt attention. OoaVi's Kidiicy f>m* wjll right tUf actloa »f t&e ki'lnpys ^uk-kly, relreve-tUe back of fud .^Juifj, awl cure itlL, tfouWeii tit- itiifcys anfl bladder.' llead the following'; Mr\Wtn. Nelson is a wcl" ne^i»^net-K^JwiBttM^h,0 _ .., Portage »tr«;t t and his htisiness Is that^f a gra^a buyer. Jle says: *• For fly? year^'Jf Save KOfer^d fr^p an inability to urinate, which rtjsulUaf ' wlmt,,wu!isai4toU}ftstvpp4g<.itif the blad- dvr. f)uria^ these years 1> h^ve tal«m " eral aad electrjete^ and used otu^r 1 !): io espfeotftocy of i " all prflvcfl uoavafjflog, t^gdii wbhi§ Dmw's KiiJttey PHfe, whn,a* fta4 UisarsD highly upocunmended, aud I saft 1 it tlia fluttering "rejioj' r . .... ttoa, tlier diaersecl. 'f igiit along, aad: I iwa ffj# ftosd no*, ifecl better'thati I llave dcnuJ fe« iarw yeaftfmsfc lt$ ney'WUs were ydl known all ..,-.„ would do an bameufleajnoant of 'good;" "" " • by ajl &i$m,-~~$a/i>e. ga & GEORGE INGERSOLL, "" GENERAL WANTS FOUND, ETC. «cnu , ootlce Bot *s Chaage long than twenty ^OM BALE-Cbeap Ibis weok. a Par* r«Dg« in good condition j fof w<Kd or coal . s ». BKCKWITH, \SOR r church HKNT— New houee opposite Thw J»rob»te «flU givo cpeclal attentiou practice In Prohnto Courts. , Parties hftvipgbiiBiueaa in probate courts mat nod it to their interest to fousulf aim. WILLS, t . Deeds, Mortgages » and Other Legal- Papers Title** to KeoJ I5**t«i« WHI »tt«inj to ownt dby a. W. m tiu, wf We»t I'rospe^t street. hwloj-. Apply L OST- On £«e)e <» r jaan*Ipn strwt*. a pack- as* coBtahilttg a dotbjr hat. 'Fiude«>u|eii»e . report at theChronioteofttw, A syllable WIW DtS I'ttlCl. ' L OST— Yesterday noon between the Cebtral building ana the Wbtte mill » pair of «old hi.wftiJ gl«B-ea. , Flndsr plewe leave at tho v>uron 010 otttcc, L"«OB SAl,B-Heitauw)t doing good bnfline«8, * . Xnijulre ol Jiojo Lwmlog. — SALE OR BBNT T B6iw4> on feojrtar of rj»h(Jl Ava. »nd U^wor *lt. Inquire ou ptemt»a» or of Ucorge Manet. . oegottated. Agent for * jjpod UoA<or Lift* md llire ' O« BAl.8 C^KAP-Of e Pttrt «4t, - , tfee 17. 8. aud teke no otfaer f.Hu tor S' Udy, UlWiaeki 6I irjust ou tft «*m«4 w lo tc pruecntf it to vtmHat. «*», w to Vu» or |l»t»JtiMli litcb, A. O. MYOfe Cwibfls and Cw KW tot ftftfi ", tet»«f awta ft» cre«iiHit*of said d^tnatti •irewujit tMtr cl»wa» t* a*ttl Pru- offlttath Ot« oitj ol tb* Mill suck elainw watt^ r« B»W court «od «B the Bosce flld'g, Ctofifo, IU. Of..... 8. POWELL Mary 8te«nerins'» statement to Win. Tbip wituew- w-W. ins, *^ oiwvBpaper reporter, wbo if? sata to l^ve toeai-4 Attorney, WfJfte^* »nd JWrst Assistant ftr« pleased qv*r ti« jst*tu« of tbe wiil Us Bubmitted t0 Ut» jury a yf*t*rt'ay. . gate's" Attorney tbat Luetgert •»•$»& cost tljft f 5,60ft. .T^0 ewt to 'tbft co«»ty in l9.»tine two months, IB about ' the ei^jt of this Cronin

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