Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on November 3, 1961 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1961
Page 2
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2 THfi PAMPA 6A1LY NEWS f RIOAV, NOVEMBER 9, 1981 84tri YEAR •f-t f-ff-i* *••*•*••"< f I a • Circumstances Warrant New Home For Boy 6y ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: 'Pour years ago •ny husband started running •iround with another woman. He :ilways wanted children, and 1 •Jidn't, so, in order to hold him, E Consented to lake a little two/ear - old boy to raise. Well, now I have my husband back, and t would like to get rid of this kid because his being here complicates things loo much. I just don't have lime to bother with him, is I work days. Please tell me how or where I can get rid of 'he boy. Thank you- COMPLICATIONS DEAR COMPLICATIONS: '.Vhere did you get this boy? Did /ou legally adopt him, or did you .-.imply agree to assume the responsibility of raising him? In any case, get in touch with your lo",al Legal Aid Society and find out what legal procedures are involved- It is a pity that small hum- ins are handed over like kittens •o "hold a husband." Under Hie "ircumstances, I think the boy ihould have another home. He :ould hardly do worse. DEAR ABBY: We know for sure hat those who pray together, stay together. I wish I could say the rame for those who eat together Why is it that those who do not have store teeth are very 'nconsiderate of those who do? People who have their own teeth can chew and swallow in half the time it takes us folks with store teeth. I am tempted to say, "I can't eat as fast asf you with 'hese teeth, so please don't talk •o me while I am eating." Can vou tell me a nicer way to put ; t so folks won't think I'm a rough- icck? STORE TEETH DEAR STORE TEETH: Properly fit "store teeth" will do tlie same for the wearer as his own 'eetlv There is no reason to suffer with teeth such as you de- FHA Initiates New Members LEFORS (Spl • — The Lefors Future Homemakers of America Chapter held its annual initation ceremonies, recently in the high school auditorium. Freshman girls initaled were °hyllis Lamb, Mary Dee Jinks, Wilma Earles, Nancy Bryant, Neva demons, Joy White, Donna Shipman, Karen .Fitch, Janice Harrington, Frances Clarke, Neoma Collins, Kay Stanton, Carolyn Presley, Terry Brewer, Donna Graham, and Angelia Atchley. Miss Beverly White presided as Miss Linda Poarch gave a financial report. The program consisted of piano selections by Miss Barbara McDowell. Miss Linda Poarch gave i reading entitled, "Observations •n a Tea Room." Miss White was selected as girl of the month for September, based on her participation in the FHA chapter. Mothers of the girls; G. N, Mounger, high school principal, .loe Harvey, Phil Woodring, Amy Earhart and Ardis Barnard were special guests. scribe. Go back to the dentist who made them for you and put the "bite" on him for a better fit. DEAR ABBY: I am fifteen and am practically the "man" of the house. My Dad is an alcoholic, and is "sick" almost every night. I do most of the chores because my Mom works, 1 know there is no answer lo my problem, but please print it for those who have it good and don't know it. LITTLE MAN DEAR LITTLE MAN: There IS an "answer" And it's listed Sn your telephone directory under "A." If you can get your Dad to want to help himself, Alcoholics Anonymous can do a lot for him- Everybody has a problem. Whals yours? For a personal reply, write lo Abby in care of this paper. Enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope. For Abby's booklet, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," send 50 cents to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. If you are embarking on a long reducing regime, it is wise not to buy any new clothes until you are within at least 5 or 10 pounds of your desired weight. Aside from being an expensive proposition, it's impractical since the clothes will be of no use in a short lime- Save the real thrill until your weight loss is complete and you can see a new you in a smart new outfit. Blossom n Garment District SS I Class Has .< Ho/teween Fete , TOMORROW'S THE DAY - - As a climax to months ,pf preparation, Women of St. Paul Methodist Church will open the doors to their annual Christmas Bazaar tomorrow morninr; at ten. Among the many Christmas gift suggestions to be offered is a variety of Christmas decorations, which Mrs. Joe Autry, is displaying here. Luncheon will be served from 11:30'until. 1:30 p.m. in the church, 511 N. Hobart (Daily News Photo) By GAY PAULEY NE WYORK ,'UP!) -It'sfall in the rest of the nation, but on Seventh Avenue, heart of NW York's garment district, it !has been apple blossom time for three weeks. Manufacturers in the billion dollar women's apparel industry have been displaying resort and spring collections,' and here is how we women will look head to toe for the Easter Parade. —Head, Hats range from big brimmed jobs with the brim swept back from the .face, Breton fashion, to turbans to tiny jobs 'not much larger than'a teacup. These small ones sit far back on the head, like the pillbox of last spring. Hair styles, as worn by models, remain short, usually cut in layers all over the head. Most coiffures feature wispy bangs across the forehead with the hair teased , into a stack through the crown and 'the back capped flat to the head. Scarves Replace Collars —Neckline. Suits, coats and dresses more often are collarless than rounded. Scarves in place of collars are a new love of the leading designers. These are long slim rectangles looped once around the throat, or triangles tied at the front .like a cowboy's bandana. —Sleeves. Missing altogether in numerous dresses and tiny, back flared jackets which cover. them In coats and suits, sleeves usually reach, no-further than two inches below the; elbow. —fiuslline. Often accented , be cause of the way designers have raised the waistline, with seaming tucks, insets of fabric or high riding narrow belts. —Waistline. Wandering all over the place, but showing a definite rerid in many collections to gong up underneath the bosom. Other designers accent the normal •alstline with wide belts. And the ong-waisted overblouse made famous -by Mrs. John' P. Ken- .edy still is around. Skirts Hang Slim —Skirts. Mostly hanging slim, ven when there are soft gathers r flat-pressed pleats from the •vaistbartd. Flared effects in some Elections. Subdued flounces show- ng up for daytime in some collee- Ions; flamenco dancer flounces bound in cocktail and evening resses. The slim, moulded formal gowns have replaced the big kirted ball gowns of other sea- ion. Often the slimness is soften- id with 'panels of fabric floating rom the shoulder or waist. —The Twist dress. Almost every lesigner has named at least one f his cocktail dresses for the new dance rage in which the .feet stay >retty much in one position and Lipstick Traded For Rifle By Corpora By PATRICIA McCORMACK NEW YORK (UPI) — "The worst, thing about ha.sic training," the soldier said, "is sleeping with your rifle clutched in one arm — and the next worst thing is not being able to use nail polish or lipstick." The soldier, a corporal in the women's division of the Israeli army, is beauty queen Atida Paz. She represented her country in the recent Miss Universe pageant. Like all young women in Israel, Miss Paz is spending the years after 18 and before 21 in the army. "Only for religious or health reasons are women excused from service," she said. "At the outset there was a great debate; could women serve in the army and retain their femininity. We are proving every day that it can he done." Miss Paz. whose name means pure gold, herself proves that a female soldier — while expert at | judo, grenncle tossing and rifle firing — can look like a young thing right out of finishing school. "After the six weeks of basic training" she said, "We can wear lipstick and nail polish. But best of all, we don't have to take the rifle to bed with us." Miss Paz said that keeping the : rifle teaches a soldier a basic i point that can make the difference- j between survival and death in combat. "We rather have , to steep with one eye on the rifle," she said. "During the training almost every night there are attempts to lift your rifle. If you lose your rifle, disciplinary measures follow." Miss Paz said that when her active duty with the army is terminated, she will be in the reserves, going off to camp once a year for brush-up courses. "You do that until you are 35 — or until you become a mother," CIZON'S... SPECIAL of the ' WEEK... SPORTSMAN or STARLITE watches Plus Tax YourChoice ^V g| Now Only? I Reg. $21.95 I HIS SPORTSMAN HERSTARLITI • RUKK6<J> Dep&Dilabli; % Dainty Kemlnhie • 17 WorkiiiK Jewel* • i? .irwrls • Waterproof • .ShoL'k-Keslstanl 4) Unbreakable Mainspring 9 Attractive Cor tiny occasion £ Htndiome Styling 9 I'nbreakuble .Mainspriin; iUY NOW AND SAVE AT CIZON'S j Lay-Away For Christmas! 1 Say "Charge It" ^ — "^t ei?QJ)'« !t'» Just A Little Bit Better" Q _ 1'ru 13, and I want to wear nail polish, All the other girls use t. But my mother thinks I am too young. What do you think? A — I think you are speeding f you want to wear bright polish at 13. Polish, if allowed, should be natural looking. Red Is used for stop light, warning flags and signs that carry messages involving danger. The reason? The color stands out and demands attention. Red screams, "Look at me, please look." When you use it on your nails, it behaves the same way. Keep that brilliant stuff off your nails unless people see something pretty when they look. By "Pretty," I mean well - manicured nails and smooth, clean bands. Wearing bright polish doesn't mean that you are feminine or grown - up. Some girls should never wear it. Hands that are too large or awkward don't rate emphasis. It would be better to keep well manicured, natural looking nails and to spotlight another feature. Not many girls at 13 have beautifully groomed hands. Recheck yours and then decide whether or not you WANT to attract attention to them. You might change your mind! JUST ONE SLEEVE The black chiffon dress is shown this year with a single . sleeve Pretty lor dinner and dancing. she said, "We need soldiers, but we also need to expand the population." ^ She said that few women like to admit that they are 35. As a result, the. female division of the army dosn't lose too many soldiers. "After 35," she maid, "you can serve voluntarily for as long as you wish." Miss Pttz works in' an army office near her home in Haifa. She earns between $9 and $10 a month. The army also pays for her transportation from home to the base every day. Now that basic training is over, she sleeps at home. She is going to school ,at night, studying political science. An infantrywoman, Miss Paz knows how to live in the field, how to put a, squad through a drill, how to fight like a tiger — with or without firearms. "But generally," she said, "the female soldiers, in the event of conflict, will be used to free men for the frontier. Only when things get really bad will the women go to battle." • ' The women soldiers are not used where one might expect to find them -—in the army kitchens. sturdy/• RAINPALS Ralnpili Splits, with tough new h«el reinforcement. Not only do our.U. S. Gaytees Rainpals protect your shoes completely - they fit superbly, hug your ankle and stay looking new for seasons! Easy on and off. Get yours before it pours. $2.25 SMITH'S Quality Shoes 207 N. Cuyler MO 5-5321 SPECIALo:.iy$999 R.j-W.95 THICK GAST IRON SKILLET (FAM1UY SIZE) OVAL ROASTER • HOLDS 10 LI. F9WL t INCLUDES MEAT RACK t PROVIDES A LIFETIME OF COOKINQ PLEASURE I CAST AS THICK AS TWO SILVER POLLACK YQU "OVEK FLAVOR" FROM TOP BURNER COOKING SPECIAL $1 79 r »« vl * rl * JL **•** You'll gtt 4*H?l9u$, "pW t»*tin|»» in foods with ttiif inch *kill«t. Foods wojj't *ti<* burn bfc«us| if* nv»d* of tKU 1 (lit iron ,.. »nd it« LEWIS HARDWARE .CO. 313-17 S. puy SOCIAL CALtNDAB FRIDAY 2;30 — Worthwhile Home Demonstration Club with Mrs. L- M. Bryant, south of the city. SATURDAY 10:00 — Christmas Bazaar, St St. Paul Methodist Church, 511 N. Hobart. the body urtdulates Typical is drte from the Teat Traina firm .«- DUgle-beaded from shoulder to hemline, and cut along the slim, no waist lines of dresses once worn for doing the shimmy 6r Charleston. —Skirt lengths. Right at the middle of the 1 knee in most collec' tions, longer by about two inches at Pauline Trigere's. —Legs. What evet happened to stockings colored to match the costume? 'The trend is dead In garment industry showroom.s. —Feet. Low, bulky heels for day, with the toe section still long and slender, although not as needle pointed as in earlier seasons. lSp\) ,, -A ~fftttlAwJefl theme was used to decorate' FeU Iswship Mall .of, tlie Methodist Chtifeh by M>$, Cad Nuttti and M>s. Butch Bfadtey, for the Chris* tiati ftofne Sunday School Class Party reeemly, • t " ' Butch Sfadley led games throughout the evening. 5 Attending were Messrs, and Mmes. Butch Bradley; Bob Clenu ons; Jerry Pttu'g; Paul -Walden; Junior Taylor; Carl Nunn; Mmes. Joe Watson and Jimmy Stanton. A-pretty angora ,capc or stole makes .a chamting evening wfftp for teen-agers* The color, flare and length are all important if the wrap is to be just right for .you. tt might be fun to sketch .yourself in differently styled capes to learn which is best'for you. Read the News Classified Ad* New Floor Shine That Lasts A new Acrylic finish is now available for all floor surfaces. It's extra resistant to slipping and scufing. Positively will not yellow. This new product called Seal Gloss gives a tough mirror-like shine that lasts and lasts. Easy to apply or remove yet keeps floors looking better for a longer , time. Get Seal Gloss for linoleum, vinyl, asphalt or rubber tile. Pampa Hardware Co. 120 N .Cuyler MO 4-2451 repeat of a complete sellout we had to apologize to many customers after the complete sellout from our last ad — but now we have plenty of all styles and colors to choose from .. brand new for fall all-weather coats to live in rain-or-shine choice of 4 styles unusual values special purchase now .,, you can choose our all- weather coat perennials in a choice of four glamorous styles, in prints or solids, in new fall colors — all in brand new tackle twill, water repellent and perfect come rain or shine! perfect bick-t©«scho©l coats I, classic chesterfield with chic velvet collar in all over floral print, in blue, magenta, spice and green. of tacldf twill, solid on QJ» side and reverioi to a beautiful prmt «• black beige, blue spice &nd magenta not »pU4 chest?rfi*ld tb* sajne colors as in bluf, blftcli;, magenta and spice r«yeriiW« co*t bjit with sniari; chic colliur

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