The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on April 29, 1970 · Page 23
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 23

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1970
Page 23
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. April ».l»Tt. LOOKING OVER TOE script of "Carnival," which will be the annual Brazosport High School musical, arc David Crook and Sally Carroll, who will be taking two of the lead rotes. The award-winning "Carnival," which has been cast by music director, Mrs. Lucille Levinc, will feature the combined talents of music, drama and art departments of Brazosport High. "Carnival," with a record 21 months on the New York stage to its credit, will be presented May 15 and 16 in the Brazosport High School Auditorium. It is the stage version of the memorable movie, "Lillie," a romantic tale set in the tinsely world of a small-time circus on its travels through southern Europe. COURTHOUSE RECORDS COUNTY COURT j*cfe Thomat Parker. Owl. on guilty pll-j. tine ol HM ind It H*rt >n County Jail. II months probation and nog line, to be paid al S3 per month. Juda* E. 9. Coll. }}|-?0. Pnilhp tectrra Perct. OWI. on guilty plea, line at 12)0 and IB day* |ail; u month* prooation. itN fine al U per month. Judoe Alton C. Arnold. Richard Eitaard Wainer. OWI. on fuifty pica. >»0 line. It days ia.l. ll months probation. IIM line al U per month Judge C«ft. }-lf-rt. Jamn Arthur Miller. OWI. on ou.lty plea. 41M l*ie and 10 days iail; 11 months probation plus tIN line, paid I] per month. Jud»e Coll. l-ll-Tt. Roberto Rcnobato. possession ol dji>9(Tovs drua* on plea of nolo conlcndere, S104 line and three days tail. Jutfac Arnold. J IS ;» Noah Gene Creacy. DW1, on alea ol note contmocre. SJSO line and 10 days Mil. I! months probation plus IIM paid al VJ monthly. J«««c AnoU. «.l».;t Cdtton Welch. 0*1. on juilly plea. »JJt line. 10 dart jail; I] months probation plus Slot line part al SI monthly. Judo* Arnold. 4-f It Joseph ternard Cochran. OWI. on omlty plea. U» line. l» days tail; 17 months probation. »U line at I] monthly. Juoac Arnold. 4 I )0 Carl Richard Terry Jr.. OWI, on guilty pic*. S3M it days ji.l. ll months probation plus IIM fine, al S) monthly Juosr Coll. 411!t. Bobby Lawrance Ferris. DWI. on ouilty pica, SIM line, it days U'l. II months probation plus SIM fine, at tl muilhly. Judge Goll, 4-ll-ra. •ill Avcry. a««r?ir,iic<t«uu» reduced to simple assault, on plea ol nolo conundiri. lined s» Judge Coll. J » 70 Eugene Harris and Lillian F. Harris ys. T««ji Oepl. ol fvUic Salely, slay ol printing imal hearing. Judge Arnold. )• lO-IO Hithii d LaFuenlc, order ol support lor »ili- and children ol SSO moninl, j,,m pvtihoncr. Judge Coll. Mt-7t. R. W. Creekmorc vs. Tvtas Oept. ol Public Salety, order revoking drivers hct-nse. vehicle registration cerlilicales a'nd licrnw; plates at plaintift penamg oufcomc ol determination ol lault. Judge coii. i-u-ro. The First National •«!• of Angjlelon vs. H. E. Crrwler. pljunlill to receive from delendanl sum ol SIti with t pticcnt uitercsl. Jodgv Arnold, 3-1.10. DISTRICT COURT Ariv O. 5i»»»i vs. Itw Fidelity and Casually Co. ol Nc-w York. Judge Paul Ferguson rules plamlill and counvel lo recover S'.OMand dclendanl lopay cost. 4-170. Josephine Campos et vir vs. Amando CwitL-rrel. et un Judge Ferguson rules plainMI and husband, Jessie Campos, lo recover mining from defendants, and defendants discharged. 4 IJ 70 Oebra Jan Mi>on. by ntil friend. Mr. •ill Hi<on vs. Jesse U. Liesing, el al. Judge C. P. Hard, Jr. decrees plainl.fl Dion Jin Hiion to recover >I,M( from dvlendanls, and that Bill Hiion individually lo recover S4,:s» and e«penscs including atlorney fees Irom drlt-ndanls. « U 7S. Jot' T. Bcrlanga t'l it v> Mike Cartel et al. order by Judge Hardy: I. Thai Hie present officer ol the Lalm American Club ol 0raiori* shall continue to hold ollice until Ihe n»t rleiiion el eiiicers. 1 On UK- first mi-elmg date in August an ekfliun shall be held lor electing President. Vice President. Secretary, a Deputy Secretary and a Stcrelary Treasurer and a Deputy Secretary- Treasurer. 1. All candidates lor Ihe office of Ibe club shall submit their names and stale Ihe office for which they are seeking. 4. Only HK persons who were members Qf the Latin American Club ol •ratoria am) wait entitled to vole in ibt I7ih day ol June, IMf, tiuM be elieiMt l« vote ana eligible lo be a candidate lor ollice in Ibe August If/t declioo. i Tin. 1 election shall be by secret paper ballot, '-ll 70. John M. Arrtneion rs. 8. i siandferd «•! «l; prdiir by Judge Ferguson susUming pleas ol privilege and transfer to use (ith Judicial Oisincl Court ol Braioria Couoty. 4-10-70. Patricia Df*ne priest and Aiarvin O. Pi ii-sl; Judge Coll a*a/ds plainlifI sole custody pf two minor children, and suppprj, witji yisilation riehls IP d^UniUiqt. pending outcome pi suit. 4-10- re Otaaltil M. Cresham vs John Marvin Grestuuti, deiendanl held in contempt ol C«ur! o/ Oorneshc Aetafiom itaf it/iUivf viplation of cugrl orders; penally c««nl 'e «evnl' |>I. HW lin« and coil* Judge 6ofl, 4 10 7C tienald Cdw*rd Krvnrey vs. Mane Krumrey. divorce granted: dvlcndant given custody ol minor child, with visitation rights to piaintill; ch*vd support to be paid fay plaintiff. Jwdve Coll. tt 70. Belly Lou English vs. Jimm, Leo Enqhsh. opinion ol court defendant in contempt or court failure to pay child support; delctidant may purge himsell ol contempt by paying arrears and remain in county jail three days Jvdg« Coll. 4 1-70. Beverly cnarlene Townsend vs. Charles Edmond Townsend Jr., divorce granted, delendanl to pJr all costs, custody ol minor child awarded to dtMi-rMlanf. pUinlitl to have reasonable visitation: property settlement made. Juikjr Coll, »4 7t Lois M in and fiobby Cllvm Harl. court orders annulment and Lois Hart Qr*nl««t divorce, commuotry propertr 'settlimcnl made Judge Coll. 410-70 Lucy Mailcnc LOMS vs. James Foch Lonts. divorce granted: plaintilt awarded permanent custody ol miaor rhitd. tfefentfant to pay Svftport: property settlemenl agreed Ju4l«* Co«l. * la 70 Concert by Lake school tobe May 1 The Lake Jackson Intermediate Symphony, composed of 90 members, will present their Annual Spring Concert May 1 at Brazoswood High School Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Admission is free to Uie public. This group recently received the much-coveted Sweepstakes Award for excellence in concert and sight- reading. Also, 22 string students entered the solo and ensemble contest, and 18 received Division 1 or a "superior" rating, and six received a Division II. The program will consist of three special numbers by the sixth grade string orchestra, followed by the seventh and eighth grade string orchestra. A special added feature will be the performance of "Gavotte" by Aller, with the U cellists of the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades accompanied by Mrs. J. Lee Clarke. The program will conclude with (he full symphony presenting "Northern Saga" by Gordon, "Concerto Grosso" by Vivaldi, and the finale will be "Hymn of Joy" from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. This number will be % mass number including all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade orchestra students. Retriever stolen KKKEPOHT — Mack Parker of 119 W. 6th, Apt. 6, reported the theft of a six- month-old Labrador Ketriever, valued at fioo. Parker (old officers that the dog had been taken from a double pen in the back yard, and that it would have been impossible for the dog to get loose itself. I. Page it IIJMBf) KOll TOWELS f BIG PLUS WES? *CMt 6010 Off k'Vl GOOD THURS.TRI. •^« • BOM) () Nf POUND CAN MARYIAND CUJB COFFEE <"/,//; M *^' *S«* J SPECIAI OR IIM BABY BEEF ROAST lJT GLADIOLA PACKAGE (BISCUIT PANCAKE-WHITE 0* KllO* CHUCK ROAST BH R f, U.ARt Mi ', LB. UM.T i FLOUR i FIVE POUND 1 -•;> <: GOLD MEDAL '. y+yi'l* ~ (25 LB. LIGHTCRUST FAMILY PACK PORK CHOPS ' ROAST £ HORMEL CURE 81 (HALVES) 74UT CHUCK - A , v, ROAST 69 LB. HALF GALLON BORDEN'S LB. BONELESS TENDERIZE! RAVY STEAI r^r^ .. -~ SPECIAL TRIM SHOULDER ROUND LB. 79 12 OZ. PKG. ARMOUR STAR ALL MEAT •^^^ I «o. vi» i nvi. nnrnwun oinn /U.L a^p— ^^. ^ FRANKS ::; 59 $ LB. 1.09 8 OZ. PKG. RATH BLACKHAWK BREAKFAST LINKS 1407. PKG. CHICKEN FRIED £EEF FINGERS PKG. 79 9"-U" CUT PORK LOIN ROAST Lf 1 SMPKTP(EXCELLENT FOR ARMOUR STAR SLICED BACON LB. 79 SPECIAL TRIM BEEF RIB STEAK LB. 89 DECKER'S SLICED ALl MEAT _ _ BOLOGNA ,59 SALMON 79* TALL CANS BUMBLE BEE FILL YOUR FREEZER WITH THESE MIX OR MATCH SPECIALS 10 OZ. FROSTY ACRES CUT CORN-GREEN PEAS LEAF OR CHOPPED SPINACH Crackers Sauce ; t v "3g« C"iXi ^» ""** A Jif Kava 59' GOLDEN CORN GOLDEN RIPE 12 OZ, CAN KOUNTY KIST WHOLE KERNAL Sara BANANAS PineOPine 89' FRESH^'"^™^"^™ 1 " Sponge Spinach 23 C PINEAPPLE EACH FRESH ZUC'HIH I SQUASH LB. RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT FRESH! CALIFOMA! .CARTONS $100 FRESH CORN EARS FOR / CUT GREEN BEANS 303 CAN DEL MONTE (HOT-REG.-ONION RELISH) COUPON KETCHUP 5 AT: SHADDOCK'S WESSON OIL 24 02. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES. FROZEN FOODS YOUR CHOICE: ALL FLAVORS, FLAVOR PLUS DOG FOOD PURINA ~~~4-99* IT 29* VAI.IUBI K «M P0\ r/GENE^AL MILLS WITH THISV" f HOTCHAS-PIZZA SPINS- ^ IjiONYUMS-BUGLES- 4'WHISTLES-DAISIES-POTATO !CRISPS SNACKS 3 SHADDOCKS w COFFER TWO POUND BOX SNO BRITE RICt GLADIOLA POUND ONE POUND LOAF RAIN BO FRENCH 1SOZ, KRAFT RED PLUM PRESERVES 39 12 04 CAN ARMOUR'S 211 SIZE CAN KOBEY SHOESTRING POTATOES REG. SIZE CAN HEINZ TOMATO SOUP 6-12 OZ. CANS BEER * « ASL BUOWEISER Jl 09 ••oi'nV/vC*"' :—-Jl' V.OXTOU FRUIT DRUGS Hair TOOTHPA BOTHERSOME BOTTLES DAIRY SPECIALS Yogurt ____ ^^ ____ 29* Orange Drink Hi Pro. Sour Buttermilk Half & H Cream. .iSL Si' HALF PINT C ..KM.'.MON VVHI HPINO TMM, WcftMtfey, A»rM »,!•?•, fectlM II, f«* a Tllfc BMAZ08POKT team took the top trophy at the' recent Hrawria County Chess Championship held at the l-ake Jackson fa-creation Center. Shown with their prize arc. from left, Charles South, Tim Wathen, David Harry and Douglas Billic. They won the tournament after a playoff match with Brazosworxl members, Brian Harper Larry Newton. Louis Walker and Will Thompson. Alvin members who participated are Clyde Mehornay, Joe Cassidy, ftonald Klmore. Steve Uoldorff and Scott Hat- ctier. lirian Harper of Braz/,swood took the top individual honors after a playoff with Charles South of Brazosport. The Braz/wpwi Chess Club meets each Tuesday from 7 pm. to 10 p m. ai the Lake Jackson He-creation Center. Kveryone is invilwl lo attend. lighter side news B> ASSO( IATI-:i> I'HKSS PORTLAND. Mainr Carmen Morales was balanced atop a 30-Ojot pole which was resting atop her father's head (or a Kora Temple Shrine Circus act recently when the 2-4-year-old performer's one-piece sequin costume broke loos* from around her twk and fell lo her waist. The audience of 3.500 applauded when Hingmaster Austin Miles ended the topk-ssness by putting the red tailcoat around her shoulders. A circus spokesman said Miss Morales, had tx*n a circus performer for 12 years and "this has never happened to her before She was verv embarrassed and so was the audience " mass baptism in a river 250 miles north of here was a 12- foot crocodile. 11 bit one of the candidates in the leg. Daviuon Kapyasa was being immersed to join the Wat- chlower sect when the reptile got him Two hundred other candidates ran to help and wrested him from the jaws of the crocodile. Kapyasa was not given medical treatment as the sect dots not believe in doctors. The local Watchtower leader said (he crock would not be killed- "it is a creature of God " KT. KILKY. Kan. Secretary of Defense Mchin H I-aird picked up a cue and broke a rack of balls during his inspection of the game room in a lour of an enlisted men's barracks Laird knocked one ball into a corner pocket—the eight ball "I guess lhat wins the game." said Laird. His guide, Maj John E. Taylor, executive officer of the isl Battalion, 5th Artillery, quickly replied: "By your rules, yes sir." "I was so appalled al what I discovered lhat I decided to go into politics and try to do something about it." — IIKI.K.V SL'/.M.AN. sole parliamentary protagonist for the Progressive party in South Africa, which bases it policy on racial integration and a multiracial voting pattern. KT. l.AL'UKHOAl.K. Kla.— A huge duck attacked Mrs. John Grogan as she was swimming during the weekend "It swooped down and tried to use my head for a nest." said Mrs Grogan "It was a big bird, not your everyday duck ' ' The Fort Lauderdale apartment dweller was rescui-d b> a neighbor, Mrs Paul Bsrley. "Shi- grabbed it by the neck. 1 said Mrs Grogan. Mrs liyrley suffered several scratches from the mv.-iding bird and was given a ti-tanus shot Apartment house workers got nd of the duck "I'd rather not sav how." said one. "I am really quite sad to see how little regard people have for Mother Earth." — KKAXCKS \ A.VDER VOOKT. organizer of an Earth Day teach-in at a Chicago school, who rides a bicycle four miles to her job lo help cul down on air pollulion. "All this emancipation business is ruining Ihe world. A woman is a woman, a man is a man. .1 don'l know why people want to change nature." — Actress 1NGHH) IMTT in an interview 1.1SAK.V. Zambia —An unexpected participant in a "I wish I were more calculating on stage I'm so completely involved, if I'm doing a part where I'm dying of TB or something horrible like that. I'm impossible to be around It's fine if I'm doing (jretel Then life is a gingerbread house all the time." -- Opera singer TKKSA STKATAS. in an interview. AREA ARTISTS INVITED TO ENTER BAl FAIR Tin' Urazosport Art League will hold its annual outdoor An Kair on Saturday from 7 a in. to 6 p.m. Ttns >car's sin- will be at the Dow Lake Jackson Picnic Grounds The public is invited and admission is free. The Lake Jackson Jaycevs will be selling tacos and cold drinks The tacos will be made as they are ordered AJI area artists are invited to participate However, no more than three entries in each division 'crafts and fine arts' maybe submitted by any one artist TtiiTf will be a separate student division Any child or student up through high school may enter There will" be no charge to enter by Hi am Saturday morning All work must be orinmal (copies may be shown in booths ujilj • ai.U all paintings, mual tx.' framed ajid read) for hanging. Water colors and pastels should be under glass Prints and drawings may be matted, backed, covered for protection arid ready for hanging Sculpture must not exceed 36 inches in its greatest dimension .Ml work is to be delivered to the site between 7 and 10 a.m. on Saturday Work delivered after that time may be shown but will - too late to be Judy 11 In thfitdult UIVIMUII, (jurciiusf awards 01 »15oand$l(X) will be presented al 6p.m. There will also be many cash awards. In the student division, cash prizes of $15, $10, $5 and others will be awarded All brazospoit Art League members may exhibit for $1 per entry or three for $2.50. The cost for non-members is $2 per entry or $5 (or three The fee on crafts will be 25 cents per entry. Booth spaces will be $3 each and each person is responsible for his own booth The League will collect a 10 per cent commission on all paintings sold, including those sold in booths and all areas in the vicinity of the Fair. Kach work must be labeled with the artist's name, title of Tiv medium, and price iJii is fur sale, booths can be rented on Saturday morning.

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