Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on November 3, 1961 · Page 1
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Friday, November 3, 1961
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WHOA THERE '— Plorseless carriages and 'carriages" -less .horses are treated alike by patrolman Ed Jones for , .'overtime parking in Batesville, Ark/ For "over hitch' Ing," Frances Long, the rider, is ticketed by officer ;Jones. A,sympathetic merchant paid the 50-cent ( fiiie. {tamp® Serving The Top 0' Texas 54 Year* VOL. 30 - NO, 182 THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1981 (12 PAGES TODAY) Army Ready To Accept Second Hard Freeze Due Tonight As Frigid Front t Blankets Panhandle Area Resignation Of General • i . • Who Opposes'Muzzling' WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Army was ready today to accept the resignation of Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker, who is ending a, 30-ye;ar service career in protest against military '"censorship." • Walker said that as a civilian he would be able to continue his anti-Communist fight which he had "found it no longer possible to ,do in uniform." "I must be free from the power of little, men who, in the name of my country, punish loyal service to it," he said. •Atomic Experts Set for Tests If Order Comes *'; WASHINGTON (UPI)-Atomic experts said, today the- United /*>/-\n /^L •• GOP Chairman Coming To Rally Pampa will be the scene Saturday night of one in a series \ of Texas political rallies in which the Republican Party is States could, resume above-ground' offering "disillusioned Democrats" an opportunity to break nucjear tests in two months if President finds them necessary. • ! The President said * such tests would be ordered if altions from a dozen Panhandle ci- curreht ' study of Soviet testing (ties and towns will attend the showed more experiments were | rally to be he.ld at 7 p.nv tpmbr- . required to maintain a U.S. nu-' row in the Robert E. Lee Junior or three [away from what the G.O.P. calls a "Democratic trend to- Kennedy-, ward' socialism." Top Republican leaders in Tex- Thursday as, party .members and delega- ers expected to attend are Tad Smith of El ^asp;rstate Republican chairman; ,Mrs. G. K- Me- ..•••; ... •.,.'-:- "• • ,.'-,' Daniels of Borger, -vice chairman, clear lead over Russia. 4 Shortly after his statement, Russia exploded two more nuclear devices, raising speculation that High School auditorium- , Principal speaker at the rally • will be Jack Cox, Breckenridge oilman, a former Democratic can- Soviet scientists ...might have diclate for governor of Texas who stumbled on some:''-new ^develop- has "decided ''.to enter the race pfnent and werell7pr66f-.te'sting it. < The b.lasts,:29th. and, ;;30th announced tests; in: the ? current se- j give Democrats .who wish to ' ess so a chance to change over the Republican party- do to now .as a Republican gubernatorial, candidate. ";Ken Peeples and Dr.; S. B, Sy- fies, were set off;;in the : arctic. , p ert,; organizers of the Pampa 'The .Atomic Energy*;:Gbmmission \^ t sa id today the session will saidK'both were - itf 'the 'low- to-intermediate range J|han a megaton. The continuation of the Soviet testing, expected to end with last Monday's 50-megaton-plus explosion, led experts here to speculate the Russians might have come across some new' lead in. their experiments and wanted to follow' it up. Kennedy said in his statement that if tests are resumed, the United States would hold fallout to an "absolute minimum." He laid this country had no intention of exploding anything like a 50- megaton" bomb. ..The Chief .Executive denounced Russia's "campaign of fear" but ?again offered to sign a nuclear (fst ban. treaty so long as it provides for'adequate inspection and -control. -• Not Linked To Subscription CallS The Pampa Daily News has received inquires concerning telephone, calls 'connecting/it and sotjie members of the staff with K ;magazine sales program, ac- qofding to Lewis Caudill, News 'circulation manager, ;; f a,udill stated that anyone en- ^eavoring to connect the News •or:-staff members with magazine subscription sales by telephone wais indulging in misrepresentation. The News does have a sales campaign in the Spring on a door- to - door basis whereby subscribers can take the News and their favorite magazines on the basis pf one weekly collection, but subscribers should be wary of any telephone attempt to make such a sale, Caudill stated- Among Texas Republican lead- Cox Wilf Enter Governor's Race BRECKENRIDGE, Tex. (UPI)- lireckenridge oilman Jack Cox, who polled 40 per cent of the total vote as a candidate for governor in last year's Democratic primary, has announced he will run again, this time as a Republican. Cox said Thursday he was encouraged to make his announcement by an endorsement given him Wednesday by a group of 67 Texas conservative leaders in Austin, The gathering included former Texas Gov. Coke R. Stevenson and Mrs. Dan Moody, wife of the former governor. Cox said that he hopes "to lead the forces for constitutional government and individual liberties to a smashing victory over the forces of socialism in the general election next November (1962)." The endorsement by the conservative leaders and other encouragement given over the state "have convinced me that a majority of Texans believe a forceful rejection and decisive repudiation of the type of state government we are presently experiencing is long overdue," Cox said. Cox, 40, changed over to the GOP last month and since that time has been making speeches all over the state. The veteran officer, removed rom command of the 24th Division in Germany over alleged jolitical activities, which critics said were based on principles of the .right wing John, Birch? Society, said. he would refuse the 11,012.50 a month retirement pay IB is due. In 'a,bitter statement Thursday announcing his intention to reign, he said it would be a 'compromise with my, principle" to accept the pay. The Army said that Walker could, in effect, be ordered to remain on duty, but a spokesman added there was no thought of doing that. Walker's statement, sent to the Senate Military Preparedness subcommittee, which resumes hearings the "muzzling" hassle was released by Sen. This Car Owner •Has Memory Aid CHICAGO (UPI)-George Va- loms doesn't have to remember hi$ vital statistics. He needs only i to;look at his car license plate! for a reminder. ; Valonis bought a 1956 rnodefj With the license GV 2364. GV, of; course, are his initials. The nura -;Crisis is K»r« renr»con* hio 826, 23 «>*"* ^"^* *v'* *w Submarine Fires Polaris Missiles CAPE CANAVERAL (UPI) America's largest missile- launching nuclear submarine fired two advanced - model Polaris rockets 88 minutes apart today from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. It was learned both shots ap- JACK COX ... Ex-Democrat and Glenn Morris of Amarillo, d trict committeeman. Fr. William West of St. Matthews' Episcopal Church, will give the invocation at tomorrow night's meeting. Dr- N- J. Ellis will sing 'the national anthem. Peeples wil act as master of ceremonies and Dr. Sypert will give the address of welcome. Peeples said today delegations totaling into the hundreds will come from Perryton, Borger, Amarillo, Spearman, Groom, Panhandle, Mobeetie, and other Panhandle cities. Only Wednesday of this week, Cox, tomorrow night's principal speaker, was the center of a move spearheaded by two prominent Texas Democrats and backed by 65 other Texas conservative leaders to elect Cox as Republican governor of Texas, The group, headed by former Gov Coke Stevenson and Mrs- Dan Moody, wife of the former governor, met in Austin and urged the Breckenridge oilman to enter the race, Peeples said here in Parnpa today that the Texas leaders were urging "all conservatives, regardless of party affiliation, to join in support of Cox's candidacy." Cox switched over to the Republican party this Fall. on Nov. 17, Strom Thurmond, D-S.C., a Walker supporter. Walker,: who is staying in San Antonio, 'said he had no further comment on his resignation because his statement to the subcommittee speaks for itself. He declined to say if he would accept an invitation to appear before the subcommittee. But he added that he agreed with Gen. Douglas MacArthur that executive power has become so strong that military men are being treated ruthlessly for speaking their minds. "The encroachment upon the responsibility of the legislative branch to; regulate >the military conduct is : the very encroachment now turned on me. In defeat I am in good company." Walker was relieved of his command last April and after investigation was admonished for "participating in controve'rsial activities" and for making "derogatory remarks of a serious nature about certain prominent Americans." Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara later testified that Walker had attempted to influence the votes of his troops in the 1960 election. He said the general made derogatory "inflammatory and statements" against GRAND CHAMPION HEIFjE'R;— t,afry Brown, son of Mi-, and Mrs. Fred Brown, •Groom, shows off his Angus' heifer. .:^hichGapturecl Grand Champion honors in tho junior beef heifer' show at .the -State, Fair In Pallas* Larry is a member of tho Gray County 4-H Club. In addition to winning the grand' championship honors, he received a trophy, banner and $50 prize money. Other Gray County 4-H youngsters participating in the show were Brown, Groom; Joe Wheeley, Pampa, and Johnny Carpenter, McLean.. (Story on Page 3). (Daily News Photo) Politics Topic At Today's City Commission Meeting former President Turman, former Secretary of State Dean Acheson and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. Walker, in his statement, said, "my career has been destroyed in its usefulness to my country." "It will be my purpose now, as a civilian, to attempt to do what I have found it no longer possible to do in uniform." There was speculation that Walker might enter politics in his home state of Texas, Sen, John Tower, R-Tex,, said Walker's case focuses attention on "attempts to gag the military, and the practice needs very much to be brought to light," Buc Sen, Stephen M, Young, D- Ohio, an Army reserve lieutenant colonel, said he had reviewed the record of the investigation and said Walker "was very fortunate that he wai not court-martialed" for his troop-indoctrination activities in Europe. "Our objective is not peace, but freedom." Walker said. "If we are vigilant and strong and willing and worthy to defend our liberty, peace will be at home with us. If the Soviet leaders are made to understand that we will fight, (See WALKER, Page 3) a definite stand to restora con stitutional government." While the mayor and three of the four city commissioners expressed sympathy for Dr. Sypert's conservative thinking, it was the individual opinion of the commissioners that the commission as a body should not moke any kind of political endorsement. It seemed lo be the consensus throughout the discussion that both the Republican and Democratic parties had some philosophies with which the commissioners did not agree. Dr. Sypert said he felt t h e same way, but he added: "I believe that the Republican party now is the only party left that gives us an opportunity 10 get away from the current so- Damac e Amazes Political philosophies, industrial needs, zoning and public relations kept city commissioners supplied with plenty of discussion material at today's meeting of the City Commission, Dr. S. B. Sypert, one of the organizers of tomorrow night's political rally in Robert E. Lee Junior High School auditorium, asked the commission to "take U Thant Becomes Acting UN Head UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (UPI —U Thant of Burma becomes acting secretary general of the United Nations today. Russia was in agreement with cialistic trend in government. I the United States and its Western am more interested in conserva- partners that the mild-mannered, 52-year-old Burmese ambassador would be recommended by the Security Council and elected by the General Assembly with no strings attached. The major powers, in six weeks' bickering since Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold died in a suggested , 0 , he (;yrnmission ()iat .... , . . : i an industrial engineer be employ- finally agreed to leave to \ ed b . fa . ^ ^ ic selection of his cabi- ,,.„, Bn Aid Ship Crew BELIZE, British Honduras (UPI) — The giant U.S. Navy aircraft carrier Antietum, packed with more than 300 tons of emergency provisions, arrives today at this British crown colony where dazed survivors of Hurrican Hattie wander through the rubble in quest of food and medicine. A rescue team of 138 medical pcfKonncl were aboard the Anlie- tarn, and a fleet of 23 helicopters brought along to make de- Snow Falls As Wintry Front Hits The first strow of the season blanketed parts of the Texas Panhandle and SoutrV Plains today as much a? three inches deep and the mercury plunged below 20 degrees. In Pampa the mercury dip^* ped lo 24 degrees. There was no precipitation, however, as the chilly blasts swept into the vicinity in the early evening on the wings of strong winds. Pumpa had a total of 1.65 inches of ruin Sunday through Wednesday. The snow and frigid tempera- lures arrived with an Arctic cold front. Another hard freeze was expected throughout Northwest Tcxns tonight and freezing temperatures deep into Southwest Texas. The mercury dipped to .an overnight low of 18 degrees at Dal- hurt, at the top of-the Panhandle. It was 67 at Brownsville in the (southernmost part of Texas, Three inches of snow fell at Muleshoe, 63 miles northwest of Lubbock and Dirnmitt and 1.5 inches at Hereford, A lighter amount was reported at Sudan. Panhandle and South Plains ranchers cheered the snow be- cnuse of the moisture it brought for dry pastures. But cotton farmers were worried that the harvest might be delayed and the quality of the cotton damaged by the cold. The U. S, Weather Bureau warn- was liveries' ed Panhandle stockmen that a hard freeze was in store for the Panhandle. Skies cleared as the wave of cold air pushed through the state. An earlier front Thursday brought rains to wide sections of the state and a tornado to East Texas. The twister hit the community of Graridview, five miles north of Henderson, There were no inju- i ries. but the wind unroofed * Aid begnn to arrive in substan- [church, uprooted trees and demol- tial quantities Thursday when three U.S. Navy ships and a British frigate pulled into the harbor. (See HONDURAS, Page 3) ishecl outbuildings. McAllen, far in advance of the first front, had t!i3 nation's high(See WEATHER, Page 3) More Yanks To Enter Berlin Via Red Zone Son Born Early Today To Princess Margaret d to v said, his height, i feet 4 inches. Avoid th» rush, get your St*U Inspection, Sticker* now Safety 4}1 S. Cuv, Adv. CHICAGO (UPI)-A threatened transportation and heating crisis w«$ averted Thursday night when gasoline and fuel oil distribiitor« cam* to terms wUi Teamster BERLIN (UPI) - The United States today ordered three more military convoys into West Berlin through the Soviet zone to demonstrate Western rights of access to the divided city. An Army spokesman said the first convoy of 40 soldiers, one jeep and four trucks arrived here without incident after 9 110-mile trip from Helmstedt. Two other? the same fife wer« du* 4*y- Tht AjRjejicjift to- it * each end of the Helmstedt-BerlLn highway without trouble- The Communist guards made no move to control it- The spokesman said three more convoys carrying replacement! lor the S.500-man garrison here will be sent Saturday- He said helicopter flights would Thant the net" of assistant secretaries gen era j - H seems to rne, J'ort The Security Council called ai" the P l * n now(ibein S used '• closed meeting to recommend I ver ^ snective. Thant'i appointment by the Gen-1 Mayor E. C. Sidwell said eral Assembly, which was sched-! thought Pampa has had a uled to meet this afternoon to! growth. He said he agreed, elect him formally. ever > tna > right now more effort Thant will serve as acting sec- probably is needed, retary general until April 10, 1963, \ "But," the mayor saki, "1 live government than in party politics." The commissioners finally concluded without going on record that they would use their Individ- LONDON (UPI) - Princess ual thinking p.bout supporting theii Margaret, Britain's 31-year - old conservative moves. { "little sister," safely gave birth City Commissioner L. P. Furl j today to her first child — a healthy boy — at the Clarence House residence of Queen Mother Elizabeth. The baby will be known as Viscount Linley and automatically in line to the Both the queen mother and Margaret's husband were at Clarence House during the birth this morning. "They were the first to know it was a boy and that all w«s well," said a spokesman for the family. The birth wai a cause for rejoicing by Britons. If the queen is the royal tie that bind* the commonwealth, it Is the petit? who to supply and relieve the mm mijitajry police «on in th« tiny U. enclave of Steinstuecken, isolated Communist East when Haromarskjold's second five- j think our local people can do the becomes fifth I British throne. ne ! An official Clarence House an«o°d! nouncement tacked on the gate ! Margaret, her little sister, how- of the residence shortly before j ™le» a special kingdom of noon proclaimed to happy Britons: "Her Royal Highness the Prin- year term would have expired. Under an agreement reached Tuesday and confirmed Thursday, both sides left it to Thant to determine the number of deputy job." cess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon was safely delivered of a son i posts, the individuals to occupy them, and the countries from which they should come. The mayor also brought up thejat 4:45 a.m. C.S.T. today, matter of better public relations i "Both mother and baby are between the city commission and ! well." the taxpayers. j Margaret had driven to CSar- "1 think we need to keep the ; ence House from her J| need to keep the people advised of every move we make," he said. "Let them know our problems, let (hern know c«ine« frwn a hardware! what we are doing." V* h»vt i^, |4yif Hdwe- The mayor asked for Adv. (Sea COMMISSION, Page 3) own !«»i- dence, Kensington Palace, jusi i Thursday night with her husbmul, I Lord Snowdon, whom she mar- j ried as commoner Antony Ann- I strong - Jones 18 months [almost to the day. tion, Britons suffered with her through one broken romance— with Group Capt. Peter To/w,n** end —• and cheered when ah* commoner Axiastron|- Jones. WfATHIR (Direct from Amarillo Station) PAMPA AND VICINITY — to partly cloudy Uday through, urday. Warning temperatures. S*i» «§o jurday. Low IflilJgM JT, Hi§t» [row 57, T

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