The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 9, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 9, 1897
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Oct.' of filackamltha TBy . the reftdei-9 of tWa p«»** will tbttUbew is. at lea** btte disease that science t>0« bceh able to care in ftt! ftft«ta;& *afl that is cftlntth. ' S«l{f« «nty positive cafe* Brotherhood th*l tot "i 'f" Absolutely Pure ROYAL MKIfcO rOWDf R CO., M* YORK. Wateon «L Watson have the newest stylos in Walking -Hats, Sailors, Bicycle Hate and Childron'tf School Cape. West State Street. Yacatlon I>ayf*.. / In the lake regions of Wisconsin, Nortn- em MichiRftu, Minnesota, Iowa and/JBouth Dakota, along tho lines of the Chi^«go< Milwaukee A St. Paul Railway, y& hu&drods -Of charming localities preerafnently fitted for summer homes, ueaj-ly,-all of which are located on or near IitJffis. which have not boon fished out.. Tlxwe reports range in variety from the "fall drew* for dinner" to the flannel fshirVcostutoe for eVery meal. Among the list nro namt s Jnmilinr to many of onr-readerft ss the perfection of northern sumer r6at>rlB.''' Nearly all of the Wiscoftsin. . points of in'en-st are within a short distance front Chicagoor Mila-fiukec, anAnone of them are PO far-away froaa the "busy njnrts of civilization" that they c'nnnot be reacho'd in a few houraof Iravol.'by frequent train»,over the finest road in the northwesfc- the Chicago, Milwaukee & St.Paul Hallway, .Send a two cent s'auip for a copy .of "Vacation D ys 1 ' giving a doscrip'ton of the principal rccovts, and a list of mifinner hotels and boarding house?; and rates for board, to Goo. H. Jteaffcrd, General Pftssengcr Agent, Chicago, III. H ' /] Farm Property Insured. - I am prepared to insure at one per cent for three years in a good Urst class company doHlg-buBiness under license from'thp-^wite insurance com, ruismonor, , Tlus^s bettor than the Mu. tual conVp HENKY BEN^EK, Agent. Spanish Cabinet Council Makes the Decree and Queen Regent Signs the Sartre, GEN. BLANCO TO TAKE THE PLAGE; I am prepared to do ladies' and children's 6harap'»»Hg at their homes. Leave ordure at Clark's' barber shop, or ut 3& east G recn at ree t. Mus. ,V. W. CLARK. luter<iha«ij?f>al»lp Mileage Tickets. pA new fprtn of Th.auaahd-<&ine Ticket; the result of careful consideration an'd discussion between tho raitroada and their ' principal patrons, will be placed on sale Sept. 1st, at all important 'Michigan. Central ticket offices. The ticket iaeold for $30.00 with a rebate to the purchaser of §'0.00 whetj used up in\ compliance with its conditions and < ia accepted on nil "the lines in thw Oentral Paaaenger Asaiciation, forty five in number and covering a' yast extent of ctrantry, , No mileoge book haa yet been deviefed BO acceptable to aU^ parties concerned fivury one who is likftiy to travel a thousand miles in » year should avail tbemB«Jve« ojf it, and pliould consult the ,peareat Michigan Central ticket (I AIM to »*•» 90,000 M«n with Htm When He <Mt*^CorrMpon<leiien nctwieMi Wey- ~fet MtA PMpHM* Olvon- t« IFle Fafclhs-" Opncral Snys He Hrw ttve Behnla W1i»ppc<l — Sagastj* Say» Th«-rr. Will Be » Clmnftw of 1'ollcy-and >Vgylcr Won't Do. Madrid, Oct. &.— The cabinet has decided optm the Immediate recall of Gen- eyaf v^eyler from C«6i. A dectee will' be Issued appointing Captain General Blanco y Arenaj/Marq&ls of Pena-Plata, governor ge.n«ral 'of the island. The queen reg&tif will sign the decree today. Accordtoeto El HeraWo 20,000 reinforce- -acc'ctfnpany General Blaftco tojEuba. In the course of .the cable naKtis.aseKr.-t by Captain General W^y- ler to Premier Sagasta, placing hi* post lt» Cuba at the dis&oaal "Qt the- gov- meat, he said: "If the functions tvlth which the government entrusted me had been merely those of governor general of Cuba I should have hastened to re- qjgn. But the two-fold character of my mission and my duty as Commander-in- chief in the -face of the enemy : pr.eveht my tendering a resignation. Ankft the Conflrtenco of tint Ooverhlnent. "Nevertheless, although I can rely uu- On the absolute, unconditional support of the autonomist and constitutional parties, as well "as upon public opinion, this would bOj insufficient without the confl- •dcnce of the government, noV more thartT ever/ heccasar^ to me -after "-the cen#ure. of which I have been made the object by the members and journals of- the Liberal party and by public opinlon^ni the Unlt- d States, which iatterjrf' largely IhflU'- the formepr This ; confidence Would be, necesssary^to enable me. to put an -end to\the >?ar,. wfflch has already jeen virtually concluded from our lln^a at Juraco/to Ca.pc Antonio. "'s H«ply to Wcyler. Sagasta replied: ''I thank you your explanation, and value your 'rankness. I wisl> to assure you that he government recognizes your services and values thtm as> they deaerve ( but It' thinks a change of : policy, In order- to, succeed, requires that the authorities' should be at one with the ministry. This; tas nothing to do \*lth the confidence 'elt In you by the govornmen}, for the Liberals have always said thiit the responsibility for a given p'ollcy does not fall upon those who carry it out* -but' upon the government inspiring It. I shall communicate, your communication to the government shortly."' 1 . 8oft««t lleartwl S»l<lier in Spain. Marshal -Blanco has, been described as the' "scif test hearted soldier in Spain," and his : whole career indicates his disposition to employ, mild rather than vlo- ent measures. Ever since the fal| of ;ho A?carraga. - cabinet 'the .name of Marshal Blanco has been the most prom- nent among the possible successors of General Weyler and the Ihipresaion in some- w«JWnformed ;quartera has been that if appointed governor general of C?uba ho would be empowered to approach the- Ineurgenta with ,a view of arrriving at a mutual agreement for the cessation of hostilities. He enjoys the I>erg(,nul friendship and entire couAr dence of the queen regent. , Take* Time to l>»uy a Itrpnii. Havana, Oct. So-General Weyler gave yesrt«rday ajj eij'Phatlo and absolute dental to the reports that; he would resist removal from hie command in Cuba and in certain contingencies might espouse the Carl Is t° cause. He eaid according to the dtftc4Al ( acc&UBt: ^'My principles ,and njy military record are flTrm" guarantees that J will neyer oppose the constituted . Jtateveg., J^ . may be. ... I never have- put ab&taele; irf the way of the government and X never shall. I have always obeyed orders, and I al- waya ehaJl, So for a* pwpujar dem&t- •tratlops' go ,1 actep ( t them only,, aa ei- ppessions of approval of my military policy and a* tokens of personal sympathy," '_ ' \, ' ' hw a^couHts due th« late firm of WITOH KAZEL OIL Piles OJP Hemorrh*>i4ai Oct, threatened with a, soft coal farriinc, order to mo'ft Jjre^ent contracts' dealers are borrowing J from each "other with proftjleea of returning the boat whcti their individual supplies cotnf* In. JEX-SENATOB M'PHERSGN DEAD. United States Senator frd»t) Now Jersey ftw Two Term* PAMCH Awftjr. New TTork> dct, 9,—John fcodotJek Mf- Pherson, one tftne Democratic 'lender irt New Jersey and United states senator, from thttt state ^rom 187t until 1895. died disease *e*st«l*es tfeatwcnt. BaH'fl Caittfrh ! efcrt Srj&tfis* JitieftttHy, action <&««*% hptm the btdoa and muepus Bwrf fuses of thp ajtfittn, thereby destroying the foundation of 'the diwHw*, and giving the patient Strength by building up the constitution nnd Masting nature in doing its work. The proprietors hftvo (*) much faith. In it* curative pbW6f»th%t they offer-dtie IwftW 3; dollrs for Any CftSo that it fails to cure/ for list of testitnotuats. Address, ff, J. CHRSteY A CO., Tdlode, O.» Sold by dTUgfiistc, 75o. Hall's Family Pills are the beat. Watson receives daily choice peaches honestly packed, baskets filled. '• well ,Asbest«a Roofing is the best because it ia only one-half the cost of shingles. It can foe applied on flat or • steep roofs. ' It is fire proof. fy can put it on. , BOSIRV'B Hardware* Oil Cl«th Pattenis. " The most handsome patterns in tbo city; 27 patterns, all different, to select from. : - BOSLEY'B Hardware. EX-SENATOft late last night at Taylor's hotel. In Jersey City. Mr. MoPhersoft had iKVn staxing at the hotel for over a monih-., He hail not been well • for notne time, being sick with'! Intest'hial trouble. . On Tuesday last he was ohligeij to.tak* to his becj. His condition : vva». not 'alarming until towards tho last/iuast nigh^ heart ^tro;u^e_set in as a complication anl The former senator's wife aiul who hatl gone to .Washington days ago, VM.-U' tclpgraphid for. Ate-. Phersc-n isia,nlt rn!>klly and death resulted from' -heart- failure. . KIND 6F~BOY Yd STRANGLE. » True tie I» '*- CAMPAIGN VH VdftK. Georgo *|<BO Indurae a at TricjM:* for CuUUty Officer*. event o'f tjae 4fty i$ tb« municipal cam^aigip, was the, action tafceri last by yje JR^irjr George Tae. Otiaeea' Union county tlujtet in New TCorl* eottinty, '|h» ' Mc- icfe:*t -in. 'K$bg» jDewofWtte ticket Ha" and «t« Madden Bepiwtsratic cijUnty ticket ia Que.ens are »ll to' be Indorsed. At 11 sfcloek it wa.i said thtit tbe aaaernbly ttfld aW*r»vatttc and t Illin »f Satiiu. Oct. 9.— Leigh Hough, the boy ef Owatoofta, Mirtn,, who, It id allcBed. ehoinitd a companion intfe ah reds with an ax Bept. 6. and for whom the police of tho entire- country have been searchii^, was captuted- Wednea- day at Outhrie, Ky.. by Sheriff" J, Z. Barnearft, of Stecle county-,'. Minn,; arid City Marshal John Thorson, /of Owatonna, and brought by them to Chicago. Ho was taken on to Minnesota last night. Hough and J. M. Clark, the victim, and WHIIanv Morsan. all of Owatonna, purchased 'a prairie schooner three months ago and.wer.t on. a horse. tradloK tour of Iowa and Minnesota. > 'Clark -was the- capltallHt of the pa>*ty. and In his trawls accumulated ccmslder- ftble money. Thr^e weeks aso the men returned in the wagon to CHvatbnna and : went Into camp in the yard of the City hotel. Th» mornlre: after their arrival the* body of Cl^rk, horribly mutilated, was found lylnu near the camp fire'. Nearby was a bloody ax. Robbury waa th^' mo- ,tlve. Morgan waa found aaleep In ihp wagon a'nd placed In jail. Hough could not be found >lc*£an denied all knowledge of the murder, but said he believed Hough did It, as thft latter had told him he Intended robbing Clark whenever he got the opportunity) Hough denies that he Is guilty. He does not 'look to be ,It Snvps the Cronpy Children,, SKAVIBW, Va.— Wo have a splendid sale on Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and our cuetomera coming from far and near, speak of it in the highest terms. Many nave said that their childrnn would have died of croup' if Chambertain's Cough Remedy bail not been given. "x KKLKAM A OURREW. The 25 and HO cent sizea for said at Greene's Drug Store. Unh-I A fine shoe drcsBih^for fern and black shoes. For sale by M'as-JK. E. Billings. Solo agent, Delia Bur;; :se. - \ <4reitt Music Offer. ^\ Send us the names and addreseob of three or more' performers on the- piano or organ together with Ion cents insflveV or postage and wo will mail you ten pieces full sheet music, consisting of popular songs, waltzes, marches, etc., arranged for too piano and organ. Address: POPULAR Music Ptm. Co., Indianapolis Ind. We have all tho way of job.type. latest things in the ' *' • /.Birds. >/ I have a fine assortment of eanarv . Call and sea thcoa. ^ Miaa EfctBK Ptooo, 1 34 8. Monroe street, Hi, C. B* B. Autuiuuiil £xcar»iou to , --' - Chicago O«t 8, |3^ift to Chicago apd rfltflrn oe all r^ ular trains Oct. 8; childWB Ji*l| the above Vql«. T^^pfp^o^t^txata^y on uhir tmjofl 6cUa. G. Teachers bJBed repioved t Banders and Heifcfy will open roooja over to fee abstract opoe, *«f *t .^ Tfte Klondike <JaldJHel4s Are now attracting the attention of the whole world, and the results 'of placer and quarts mining »r$ fully equal to the finds of nuggetts in the early California days and extraordinary inducements are being offered to prospectors, practical miners and investors. . ' By next springlhe gold fever wUl have taken possession of thousands of people, and the westeriil'roadfl.wiU have all they can do to transport tite fortune hunters. Tlw. Chicago, Milwaukee ,&- St. Paul railvay, and Lte canneoting lines, offer the bwt facilities for reaching the Alaska gold i agiom Pot further information, address Harr^ Mercer, Michigan Pass. Agt, Detroit Micb, • The way to advertise is to tell the whote Story Irt pining fiiatpite lank*rag*v in as few- ^'. words as ijodslble, Itttrf, as dfr^ct as a rifle «k: ^noot& a" ballet. /Very WfeM; here IS »tir itory. ** ;~N . » , , We want you to res4 tHl^^&TROrt EVENING NfiWS It will io?t you very*, little, . ' The Detroit Evening News. Agents in every town itt Michigan. What if Not Miracles? ;, The great'Foor-C Remedy is doing work wherever introduced as nearly mtraculottf as it ever falls to the lot of any human agency to do (I will e& :ern it a favor for any one interested to write the persons whose nrmec , appear below or anyone whose name may appear. , , among these testimonials.) BENEFACTORS OF THE RACE. - Office of ''Knre«Bfn»Tntt»,"» Kingfisher, Okla.. Deo. 12, ta. f O*KTLBKBN:—1 believe it my duty to write you t Una id regiird to the beneficial effect of Pbelps* "Four O Remedy," BO far as I am personally OOD- wrnad. A week ago last Thursday, I w«« taken with a aevere attack ofla grippe and in a abort time became so hoarse 1 could not speak above a whisper. The night previous I hod couched uearly the entire nl«ht;lust before ntliinK I took i teaipoonf ul.ttHd slept the entire n Ightas sweetly t* ever I did in my life, notctttiBhingotK*. t Was mtirely relieved before taking one bottle. Phelpa' Sough, Cold oud Croup Curo should be in every ibiisehold In the land. I Bend you this wholly antotlolted by anyone, for you ore benefactors of the raw in giving it the antidote for some of the: worst afflioUonB,t6 which it Is heir. Very Truly Youra, , C.J.NBBBITT, Editor. A MIRACLE. Kansas City, Kansas, Deo. SI, 'fit LMt Friday, Oeo. to, my attending physician tatted unless I was better by morning be could to notbloB for my relief. That night I com- -- penced taking Pnelp's "Pour C" remedy, stopped- tc > •1L other ffleaioines. Tho first doge stopped my K>u(:h: slept and rested well; a few mbro-dose» •etnovad all soreness from my lungs; the secofld lay I wfts up: the third day I- was out .on the loroh ond to-day was uptown purobaslng holiday loodf. Hiai JBNW« BASSBT, N Washington Ave. and Summit St. CROUP CURED. ^ ' One dose of Phelps' Cough, Cold and Croup lurv, gave my child instant relief when attacked rlth the croup. W. £. MOoas, of Moore Bros., Grocers. Atkansoa City, Kansas. UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. J. It. HUUNO, Manager, Office Commercial Printing Co., 196 South Clorlt St. • .. SIR;— I wish to bonr testimony to tht great efBcaoy of your "Four C" remedy in Ihfoo- and lung ailments. ''-As a rate I have been skcv tloal of too merits of proprietary medicines, bu ' have to confess that a test of your "Poorc" U convincing that_at Jcaat pots ready made rcmcdj la worthy of use. My children all take It \vitl> out tbe least objection, from oldest toyoutigi-p and it is particularly .noticeable that benefit It almost immediate. 'A ciinrlo JOFO -will chpcfr most coughs in their bcgtmilDg; itpivefl-iin un hrdken rest at olght. la. my taWiiy "Four C' Is simply indispensable and I recommend It un qaaUficaly. Ycura, : s . , J. B. HDLINO. ACUTE LARYNGITIS. > Cbicagr., Sept. 25, '96 For yean back each .winter I havtv Bufferco with aouto Laryngitis. Last-winter Was so bed I could not leave my room for two wct-bs or opcak above a whisper. 1 tried -every known codelt preparation from cough drops up and down with no 'relief, then In d< "Duration 1 was iuditci-d ic try Phelp'9 "PontO." The ilrst dosa relieved ' my cough, giving me the^dtaJL ntKht'g fc; week*- Bali the bottle ctmpUmw. I have lievi't been without this womlerfuMK'mi'dy ^inca. It ir ••.different from qtherliUeremedies as molasses from vinegar or eugar/rmii find. 5313 MaaUon Avo. IT Id A. MIRACLE. . -Conductor Eelcard, the Railroad Correspondent of the Neodasha KanKus-IJer4»tor, bonthla to »rbt "Poor C." "Phblps is *avin« a wtrt- derful sale of bin Coujjh anil Cold Rcniedy. W» personally know It ia just what it ia represent' ed to oe.' Too much C»D t be said to Its praise. It ia a miracle. NOTICE TO DRUQQISTS AND THE PL 1C. Ct^DruEgists are authorized in ALL CASES TO REFUND THE PURCHASE PRICE, it the Four-C Remedy (Phelps'Cough, Cold 'and Croup Cure) fails to give satisfaction in Croup, Branchitts ) Asthma,LaGrippe,Coughs and, Colds, nu matter how long standing, or deep seated, in'fact I guarantee in all manner of Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Cure-Ail,but to give unbounded satisfaction.! Give it a trial on the above conditiona.* I talce^alPchances. , R, R. PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL, Proo, For sale by W. T. DRAKE. H. a, HAHN. Office at llesidciice on South Aveuue, • ' "•* h 3. Pwi be oMl«d by t«,J«i>hone from T ». m. to » . BI. at any teto]>ttan<) IH tbtt city, U. S. CIGAR With a U. S.-FlUB tor n, Label, , Madie 011 lioiior, so|4 on merit. 4 that jou smoke, aad show your dealer wheo you g»t a (rood T.;R. SHEPHERD Done but ^ BEST ME ATS Tobahftd, Good« dBlmred to all parto of the city but nio paadli^g don% Bs»r?- To» AM beau Indorsed, (9 aeteu 4^6 pa*eo ge of *Beir frfendii " which ftrst wwptaated Geffge, its leaders that it w«« »elw»ol of muejc will hl« prg*al»atUJ?i would knife Qeofge it OB it. to WItft tfce «am« view. Qeorge te« JE. Abbott, man. The cominittee tae SHEPHERDS'. BQJMsle, fer f«*th*» At thfi B>»niut1 TTTi tiVJ" "^'JJ""l*^ of Kani»»s.aod Arthur FhUa- out tb* *^™^5^^w ^^^"™yv^T Praofciral work. ^Gfiwi ,-•* WiU giv« io wl-iltuw to ' aauouuce tiuar f»}l cWJ«T6tulajllaB8 ' i; AS Large Reduc^tlon In Prices on All Cooking Apparatufles. i i( ' Grae Ranges $10.00, $13.00, $15.00 and $16.oo Boiling Stoves $1. to $6 THE I INCANDESCENT^ Reduced in Price From S2,25^to 82.OO ea<?h of ligbt . Giver the light of a 6ft open ga» burner *itb | Maay of the beat lighted store* in Mar»hftll ipe tbea*> ligbta. Always Give Saus e* to light aad ponsoiaption ol gaa, Nearly 30Q §old ft»»injr tha naaf. TftBr ^p^p^TC^T^j^ iij^i w ^B^^^r^ ^^CTB(^" , THE MARSHALL LlflHT CO. ^ (j» ^c^^^^^K^ ^H^^^^^^p^^p^^^^^^^^^HIp^' ^^^F^ff^^^^W ^P*^PTR

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