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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
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Sunday, September 29, 1935
Page 3
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sters Look Better As Mow Down Bowie 38-0 Way For Scorittg Parade Wefv iflUitfelj ftfroetflpCtt On tn<J WffiT f66tbali hoftetfrt FHflay nl^fit iW, aided 8y Jlftfd-blocklrig- teammates, the 1935 backfleia bfbfce awfty for sensational runs tdr fflnas^S SS-tt i^Offe over the stubborrt Btftfte filglt B<<ar§ bt El JPaso. Ste^fjt)-ltd the scoring parade *ltK ifirfee jaiiflts io goal, followed by tttA ftiiiiilhg- with two &HS" Sn6iw~efti With ofiis. . B<J$I§ rieve'r threatened, but the little- Macleans' held thelf heavier oppfneiits;, In near mldfteid With coififtferidable consistency only to see the Harvester backs dash away with pursu'e'tfs but down like wheat before the reader. ffesfjiite the, cold north wind, 1,182 pefsoM .bought adult general admls- siotf tidkets and ZOf students paid theft'" way. A total of 587 out of 1,200 reJcitVed. seats Were used. The cvbwd, JncuidLbtf band, pep squad, press, and employes, numbered about 2,000. Line Is Improving- Tlie ..shivering fans saw a Harvester line charge harder ahd block better than at any other time this season. Although still a bit clumsy in its;. attempts, the line showed marked improvement over its. work of tlie previous Week when the Lawton, Okla., Wolves fell before the Harvester attack. TMe bacKfield took advantage of the holes Opened up for them and dashed through for many long gains. The team's passing continued to shine, with .eight completions and one'.interception. A pass defence also apgeaifecj. All of the Bowie passes wefef either intercepted or grounded. Sortie poor tackling was still noticeable. That detail will receive attention this week as the team prepares for a jaunt to Childress on Friday night. The biggest game of .the" season will be staged on the folltiwlhg week when the Capitol Hill Indians of Oklahoma City come to tovyn. The Indians will meet Amarillo next Saturday with the tradition of Butler field doped to be broken. Pampa Receives Brown took the kiekof f on his 15-yard line and returned to the 30-yard stripe before being downed. With the entire backfield getting a • chance at lugging the mail the Harvesters romped to the Bear's 2-yard line, where a "bad pass from center was fumbled, Montoyo, fleet Bowie fullback, pounced on the ball. Montoyd's kick went out of bounds on the 28-yard line. Tlie Harvesters started another relentless drive goal- ward this time their attempt being successful. Panning gained the last 5 yards'on a smash over his right tackle Hartman and Noland clear- inf the' Way. Hrenandez blocked the attempt for extra pplnt. Bowie took the . kiekof f but the Harvester line. held. Montoyo attempted to punt out of danger but big Stokes Green broke through and blocked the kick Brown scooping,, up ,the ball and racing to the Bo.wle Bryai'd line before being brotight clown by Caro. fanning followed- Stokes and B. Green across the lirie for another touchdown on the. third try. Browri added the extra point or? a place; kick. Hold The Harvesters The, little Mexicans opened the second half with determined centerfield stands which caused the Harvesters to punt repeatedly. The Harvesters received a 15-yard set- badk^.whfeh Substitute Gillls talked. Fanning passed nicely 20 yards to Nix but it wasn't enough for a first down and Fanning punted. Caro and Mqhtpyo battered the Harvester ptbne wall ineffectively. The Green and Gold did no better as th£ Mexicans held. A. Perez-Bui, the little Mexican who starred against the' Harvesters last ye'ar was largely responsible for the defense. Valle gave able assistance. .,,, Sohie pood Passing- With their ground attack tempo- rarily'halted, the air saw footballs. Fanning then passed to Bob Drake Fanning then pased to Bob Drake for J8 yards, putting the ball on thfe B'owie 10-yard line. There the little visitprs made a goal line stand anq_ the ball went over on the 5- yafd line after a bad pass from a substitute center. ' After an exchange of punts, Bowie macle a first down when Caro started off, tackle smashes from a short punt fpffliatiori. The Bears had the ball on the Harvester 45-yard stripe at the half. A battle of hitting.the line unsuccessfully and then punting opened th.9 second half. The Harvesters fijjaljy sot their offensive working near the end of the quarter when Steward sneaked through a big hole opened^ by his line and behind nice interference raced into (he open fpr 39'ygrfls ajjd.a touchdown. The two Greens, Brice and Stokes, and Nix led the interference parade. The try for extra point went wide. B.pwje started a march after the Wcfeoff, Oarp plqked . up 13 yards on a delayed buck. Mpntoyo picked up a gain and Caro again clicked foj 7 yards. "M'oose" •Hartman tore Carp's shirt off as the latter went ' py on the gain. Stewart Br$ti&9 Awiiy Atter the quarter, Oftro added an- 7 yards but the attack bogged the ball went over on the Har' >yar.d line, Showers, in the Farinjng, hit off tacJWe foj „.. $rpwn picked up 6 yards -.,,„ &ew,4rt tften went through JM same Jwte aOefpre and romp- ffl;48 ysrds for another counter. ' I try fg,r extaj point fa«pd. pwje attempted to take to the fttf^f&r fee j&lckpff bu| de" ' " "fee when he intercepted tftpjf it to h|s 40 ya: third tou'chdowfl. The try for extra pofat was wide. J. ft. Greeh recovered Caro's fumble after the klc'koff and the Harvesters, mostly second string started goalward. .Woolrldge picked up 5 yards. Showers tdok A lateral from Stewart and went 22 ylrds to the 6 yard line. Showers c'i-ashed over for a touchdown and Brown added the extra point. Subs Enter Game An entire new team was on the field for the imlance of the game. Caro, 145-pound quarterback, was the Bowie star, offensively. He slipped and slid through the'Harvester lihe for several nice gains. Nleto doing most of the blocking. Montoyo, star of last season's battle, was completely .bottled, along with his pass receiving partner, Hernandez. A. Perez-Rill and Valle stood out Hi the line. Repeatedly the two threw Harvester ball carriers for losses or on the line of scrimmage. The Harvesters clicked at times, the entire team functioning smoothly. The backfield gained long yardage behind the forward line. The blocking of Stokes Green arid Moose Hartman showed improvement. Noland and firiee Green played steady games at guard. Noblltt's passing was also improved. The ends, J. R. Green and Nix, came in for some nice Work both offensively and defensively. Harvester substitutes entered the game Without perceptibly weakening the a.ttack or defense. Roy Showers gave a pleasing demonstration of power and speed. Starting lineups: PAMPA (38) Pos EL PASO (0) Nix LE. tiulOS 8. Green LT..A. Perez-Rul B. Green LG Rbjas Noblltt c Nnjar Noland ........ RG Valid Hftrtman RT, Garibay J. R. Green .... BE Hernandez Panning (Capt.) QB . caro Drake LH Nleto.. Brown RH Miranda Stewart PB.Moritoyo (c;) Substitutes: Harvesters—Walstad, Woolrldge, Jones, Maxey, Kitchens, Morgan, Hawkins, Showers, Goodwin, Lively, Ilamlett. I. Noblitt, Gillls, Sparlin, Bears-^Plerro, Bustillos, Arroyo, L. Perez, Cordova, Martinez. Summary Statistics fif ^ame liy periods: ScbrlhB of Teams . Pampa ]3 0 C 19—38 El Paso 000 0 0 r"irst Downs Pnmpn _ 743 4—18 Et Puso : Oil 1— 8 Yards Gained Rushing 'amra 103 30 (iO 92—291 151 Paso 9 25 34 11— 79 Yards Lost Rushing Pamn'a — 3 1 13 f— 17 El Paso 000 6— 0 Forward Passes Thrown Paritpa 082 0—10 El Paso r 0 0.1 3—-1 . . forward Passes Completed Pampa . 031 0—4 El Paso 000 0—0 Yards Gained Passing: Pampa __1 0 69 15 0—74 El Paso _!--,„.- ..-_ 0000—0 *Yardagc of Punts Pampa 0 79 3.1 0—110 El Paso 7(1 125 ,84 0—285 Yardage* Returning Punts Pampa • 0 15 8 0—28 El Paso 0 Jl 0 0—11 Yards Returning Kickoffs Pampa 15 0 0 0—15 El Paso _— T 12 0 4 30—18 **Yardiige of Penalties Pnmpa 20 0 0 5—2B El Paso _ .10 0 0 0—10 ***Numher of Fumbles Pampa 311. 0—6 El Paso 000 2—2 Touchdowns: Pampa—Stewart 3, Fanning 2, Showers. . , Point after touchdowii: ..Brown 2. f*)—Pampa averaged 27.5 yards on 4 pu'hta: El Pttso 23.7 yards oh 12 punts: (*»j—J'am'pa had 3 penalties; El Paso (»**)_\Vitli loss of hall: Pumpa 2; El Pns6 1. Officials: Referee—Hicks (Huy)qr), Umpire— Uurrctt (Ga. Tech) ; Head-linc'sman, Masters (Ark.) i_ . . . Battery Stars Of Cubs Return For Tast'Rest CHICAGO, Sept. 28 (*)•—Plaving lose krtit team worH gave the Qhi- cago Cubs their National league championship, That Was the impression of Charles Leo,''Gabby" Hartnett. 35 year old Cubs spark plug; rated as the best catcher in the National league. Gabby, with three other battery stars, Pi toners Lon .Warneke, Bill Lee and Charley Root, returned froty St. under orders of Manager Grimtii to sleep and get in soijie fast resting between npw and Monday night, when the Cubs le,aye to open the world's series in Detroit, Perhaps they riiay do a little scouting, as the Tigers meet the Willie Box here in dotibleheSdets today arid tomorrow.' enesaw Mountain Landis, cbm- mlis'ioner of baseball, said he had watched the Natibnal league race reach its climax- with amazement. Landis sa'id "I watit to say one thing, the Cubs will enter, the world's series as a worthy representative of, the National league and able to hold thejr own w,ith the Tigera. I congratulate Manager Charley Grimm artd hope to see a great series." The Cubs' offices w'er'f getting ready for the ticket riish; dije to start at 8 o'clock Tuesday morning. , sejst: trblt fl^ft^sblit -A . tfefl^y, .catiturlrltr the n 8 td g, beHlhci the steady of Sch6:oibcry Rdw;s attd Rpjtie' Lflw"- son.. CHictfgd ^bri the OperleV, . 3. RoiW'e rfe^ire'd ih the' final after' allowing seveti Hits iri rfs malty ih- n'ings. betrdit ........ dpj 006 011—3 9 3 Chibagij ...... 000' 0'62 6tii—6 7 4 BHdg'es fihd Cbbhrahe; Jtihes and Grtibe. . CLEVELANt), Sept. 28 (/TO— T IiidWns Won both ends of a dtiiibie- heatier with the; St. LbUig Bfowrls today 1 , , tak'irig tji.6. secontl with the aid of Hal TrbtsRy's 28th Jloftife rUii of the seasdii, 7 tb 3, .rffter blnHk- Ing.trie Bi-oWhs 3 to 6 ih the fli'st gartie*. et. wills ...... ooo odo odcM 7 o Cleveland ...... 200 OQo' iqjfr-3 .9 i Andrews, Vfitiatta ) a«d Henlsley; Harder arid Garbank'. ,, -., St. LOUts ...... 002 000 010—3 7, Q ClevdWHd^ ..... 022 030, 00«— 7 l4 0 CaldWell, Vanatta, Thbrrias afid Hemsley; Lee and Brerizel. PHILADEiPHIA, Sept. 2^ (ff) — Beliitid the' effective pitching of Linke, Washington . shut .dtit the Athle'tlctf 8' to 0, iti the s6c6hd ^a of a dbtible header todAy after l ing the first 9 tb 4, in .ll..irtlrtgsl. The 1 Second game was crille'd rit, thfe end of the' slxtll because bf darkness. : First game: ... . Wafehlngtoh .000 010 Ot>3 00—4 id, 0 Philadelphia OOO dot) Id? Oi^-e 14 2 N>wsbm, Russell and Bblron; Upchurch, Lleber Si Patton. Sbcorid ganie: WafehHigtpn 1 ....... 301 112—8 13 0 Philadelphia. . ..... 000000—0 41 Llnke and .Holbrbokr Veade and Fat'toii, Richards. (Called acc'bunt^darknes^) . tigers Certain They Will Win World's Series jflaifisl' Weifflt artd e* tHfe'^fttttiia' OofillaS o'f . N; Deilftsi'd a«d Bill ^fidfis .a-fterhbbft Held the rife'w WrjKtefMtfg- teattt to' tt 2t td 6 ScWfe ofi B"u'ttd6g' field ift B6f- f'. : . -., .... , ..Th«' Gorllifis fleidetf' et mtii eti- efaglfig 1*0 p'OiihdS per. player agftltist a te'atii c6m'p6'sed of five of \m year's Bbfger Btillddgs, a cohple of substitutes ahd softie pro#i)sih& liewcbmers. The Whit- 1 teiib'lirg SftHpol operie'd tHls sejfl- ester, .takmg neatiy half or tlie Bbfger ptiplis. . AUhbugh trittlirig 21 to 0 late in the fovlttH dtiattef, the little" Gorillas rtfliied t6 give up ahd scored tlieir' tbuefiddwii with, only mlri- utes left t6 play! Satked riear 111611- owjl ^dar.iine', the Gb'riilAA pulled a s(irprlsltlg pass, . with Clerhkte di-dijpiiig the ball into Enlbe's arms 25 yards frdffr, .the line of scrtrtitifiage. .The ..fleet halfback .started . for the, Wh|6tenbiifg goal line, still 45 yard's aWfty, ane vfitH His tea'mhiates dq'iMg sortie rilfc'e' 'blbck'iritf, crossed the 1 pa^ line urirribje'sted, , . . .Jittery at the' opening of the game. , theii- first" baptism of fire ie Gotflltfl! soon settled 'down ahci yed ^opd. football iri spots. They charged Hitrd' arid on de'ffense went rtfter thdlr' bigger oiipbfierits wlth- but stopping". . WHlttetlbtifg. m'ade' 10 first downs t'd a for :the' Gorilla^. Thp Gbfiiia startlh'fe': llrie'iip: Re'ynblds le; Nelson, It; Ded- niaii, Ig; Reed, c; .Cothahi, rg; C6x, rt; Watt;. re; C. Drake, qb; Erilbe, Ih; Turner, rh; Clements fb. FOOTBALL DETROIT, Sept. 28 CP)— No matter how you figure it, the Detroll Tigers are convinced that power at the plate plus .three ace pitchers and a great receiver add up to Detroit's, , first, world's baseball championship in a half a century. To a man, the beng'als, coasting into next week's world series battle with' trie Chicago Cubs, beilfeve they have the best balanced club in the game today. Not only the Tigers but fans as welU are confident that pitching directed by Manager Mickey Cochrane will bring to Detroit the baseball crown last worn here in 1?87. ...... Schoolboy Rbwe, the .laiiky Ar- kflnsan, or Tommy Bridges, .the Slender speed and ciii-ye bal^ twirler, will start the first game rjext Wednesday. The one Manager Mickey believes is "Hottest" at .the close of the season Sunday will' get the asslg'meht in the opener'. . . Cophrane and the club' believe the slants of either Will start the Tigers on their way to' ,a champiofiship they will win In riot more than six games. Mickey says; Rowe now is a better pitcher than last year, although his season record is le$J3 impressive. His fast "ball. has. plenty', of "swif.t", 8"? ball players' say, arid a baffling" hop. _,_., Sandie Reserves Strong As Chib toshes AMARILLO, Sept. 28^-The' state chambibn Bandies started ponderously against the Ranger Bulldogs here today biit gathered speed at the game progressed and finishec with a 47-0 victory. After"' the firstr string had battered the, weaker opposition, Cp&ch Cherry Irisertea a second , string baekfield -whicn includes the fleel Rice and Denton. The Jightei- but speedy reserves soon .routed ,the visitors. Strength of the reserve's, was tlie most impressive factor in the Atrlarillo victory. • ....... Olej?stm. wJib Was 'not especially impressive in spring |r^iriingi. is showing progress ,<U} eyeiy appearance as a regular ' . ..... AGGIES SIILVBR CITY, 2 , . throughbUt, the New Mexico- Teachers college defeated New Mexico NdrmaJ' university, of Ljis Vegas 18, to ,Q here today. ^ Jhe opening football game of the New Mexico conference. CHILDRESS HiNUS CAPTflSN IS LOSER TO WICHITA FALLS 28-0 By DOVfcP VWSON CHIWORESS, Sept 38.TT- PJVM -OF ON RESUtTS Amnrillo 47; Hanirer 0. KI Piiib Ccntrnl C: Lubboik 0. Clbburne 0: Port Arthurs 20. . College (inmcs Dniilcl tinker 6; Texas Tech 27. Kniians Stnte 12; Duquosnc 0. Kentucky 21; Xavier 7. Texas A. & M. 26; Sum Houston Teach era 0. Abilene . Christian 0 ; St. Mary's 0. Trinity 13; Texas Military colleEc 0. Trinity 13 ; .Texan .Military college. ItlKlt Schuol Gumea Pampa 38; 131 Paso 0. Sweetwater 0; Abilene 27. Vernon 0: Brcdtenridne 3H. Ilorecr 12; Hereford 1!!. Mobeetlc (i: McLean (18. Masonic Honie 80; Mineral Wells 0. Waco 0; North Dallas 0. Tulla 0; Plalhview 52. San Ahgelo 44 ; Cisco 0. Claude 0; Price Memorial 0. CoIIegc-UnlversKy . At Fayetteville, Ark.: Arkansas 12 Kansas Teachers 0. At Shrevoporl : Centenary 21; La. Normal 0. At Austin : Texas U. 38 ; Texas A. & I S. ... ' At Dallas: S. M. U. 00; Austin col. leglc 0. At Rosivell: N. M: M. I. 19; Wayland c'ollpEe' 0, , , At. Silver City, N. . M. :, .N. M. State Teachers 18; N., M. Normal U.. 0. At Norman : Oklahoma 8 ; Colorado 0 At Albuquerque: N. M. U. 20; Texas Mines 0. At Las Cruccs, N. M. : N. M. ABBles 34; E. N. M. 'Junior .college 0. A't Waco; Huriliri-Slhimohs 0; Bay lor U'. . . . At Fort Worth: T. C. U. 28; Dentor Teachers K At lliiton Rugc: Rice 10; L. S. U. 7. Willliurietto 0; Oregon State 20. Whlttler 0;, California 6. Nebraska 28, Chicago 7. William Jewell 0; Missoulr 89. North Dakota State 6; Minnesota 20. St. Lawrence 12 ; Cornell 0. , De Paul 0"; Northwestern 14. Louisville 0; Butler 29. , St. John's G ; Maryland 39. Clemsoh 28; ya..:Tech 7. MnsH. Stale 0; Williams'. 28. South Carolina 0; Duke 47. So. Dak. State IS; Wise. C. Manchester 7 ; Depauw 7. Stetson. .0; Florida 34. California Aggies 0 ; California 47. Cornell, Pa., 6 ; Iowa .State 6 ... Ohio .University (Athena) . O.| Illinois 0 St. Annulm'n 2; Bdeigh, cqOeec 13, •\y^lti f (jrii't' 0; North Carolfpa J4 . , Rahdolpfi-Macon 6 ; Hfchmohd 6 (lie) . Union 8; Mliltllebury 6 (fie). Colby 6; Amherst 6 .(tie). . , Easterii Kentucky Teachers 7; Miami U. S3. Grlhhell 0; Mich. Siaie 41. William ahd . Mary ,0 ; Nay.y 80. Kansai 7 ; Noti;o Dame 28. Franklin, aild Marshall 7 ; Fordham 14 E, I. State 0; Maine 7. Providence, 0 ; Holy Ctoss 12. Mississippi State j> ; .Yandcrbilt 14. ffiaE'a'ra, .0 ; Colgate .30... Davia Blklris 0 ; . LaSalle H- Northern 0 ; Conn. State 0. Carnegie Tech' 6 ; Case 8, Ban Joso State . p ; Stafford 85, .. S'an.ftt. Clara 20; University of San Francisco 7. Dartmouth 89; Norwich 0.. Montana 0 ; < Southern California 9. ' Idaho 0; Washinstpn ,14. . . . . Forfc' Lewis Aggies' 6; Western State 39.' . LaCrosse Teachers 18, Columbia 7. Memphis Teachers 0 ; Mississippi .92. Louisiana college 7 ; MIBS College 0. Colo, State 12; Wyoming 13. Howard 7; Alabama 7 (tie). Mercer 0; Georgia 31. . Colorado college 0 ; Denver University ' Youn'g 0 j Montana State col Presbyterian college 0; Georgia, Tecl 88 V. M, I. 0; Tulah'e 44. SpMth.westetrt (TetiH.) Ot Tetmesaee 20, H(iroD4en Sydney 12 ; Virg'lpia 7. . WoffdJa 0; Washington and Lee 18. St. Jos'ept 0; Valparaiso 2ff. Bradley. Oi. Iowa. 88. -i' •••-, At Veriion: West, Texas leWS' 8 < yon) 7, aoutheaitern Oklahoma Teachera 60 Yaf 4* On Intercepted Pass ioswsrA ff. M*, s^pfc. 88. (AJ? he Ne^if Mexico Military Itt Bronc'oes todft^ rios —The Ponies And Longh&rm Tm In Spectacular Vtetom , th'e ^h'rtififofclc ttisrifnen of Coacii afrkdii Riisli continued their uh- ihterriitrod march tb the Class B' title 1 , prt ^riday night by defeating d .fighting band of LeFors Pirates, Iff to; 0, at Shaw park, LcPors. ..LeFors wai Without her star end, fitearn,. who Was found to be in- ;llgible for future competition dur- iftg' the week, .The loss of Heam temporarily demoralized the team, which, nevertheless, put up & stiff battle agamst the blfegei- Irishmen. It, Was a case of too much Me- Ihtyre. The fleet and shifty Shnm- rpck' back scored all three touch- d&wns. His first counter WPS itt ihe second quarter when he stood oh the goal line and took a pass from Wells, good for in yards. He ! added the extra, point. , A Wells to Mkintyre pass for 25 yards placed the ball on the fl-yarct line late ih the third quarter arid !tt three' plunges, Mcintyre crossed ;he pay line. .The last Shamrock score came with less than two minutes to play. McInty:Js brouke through the LeFors line and raced 35 yards for the counter. LeFote threatened to score in the third pefio'd when Morgan, Hall, and Twlgg" carried the ball to the Shamrock 11-yard line where an off-side' penalty set them back out bf scoring position. Morgan and Hall starred offensively for LeFors with TWigg, fresh- iriah. again showing up defensively. The Ma'thlg Mothers were powers in the LeFors line, which, repelled the. big irish'fhtm m'o'st of the night. Fumbles and a cracked pass defense gave Slintmrock its scoring opportunities. The alert Irishmen took advantage of every chance, playihg one of the smartest games af the year. Fuller, Mills, and Thos- tle were pbWers in the Shamrock line. The lineups: dTORS Pos. SHAMROCK He'rari , LE Brady Drlg'gers LT. Fuller C, Mathls LG Schoonover T,. Sihimons C Brothers Williamson RG Mills Thbmffs RT. Usrey B. Mathls RK Trostle Morgan QB Mcintyre Moore LH Wells Twigg RH • Davis Hall FB Rook Officials: Gillham, Smith, and Pariick, nil of Carey. a Shiips Winning Streak ST. LOUIS. Sept, 28 (IP)— Joe Medw'ick's eleventh inning home run with Jack Rothrock on base, today gave the Cardinals a 7 to 5 victory over the Chicago Cubs, and .snapped the current winning streak bf tlie new National league champions at 21 games. Chicago 000 020 003 00—5 12 1 St.. LOUis .. 000 302 000 02—7 12 0 French and O'Dea, Winfoi'd, Haines, Walker and Davis. Kangaroos Defeated | 60-0; Arkansas • Also Wins by FELIX R. McKtflGHT AKoclatcd Press Staff Writer DALLAS, Sept. 28 (/P) — The "areisit circus" pcrtortried only briefly today but a sensational "side show" attraction of bruising-, running plays gave Southern Methodist's Mustangs a 60-0 triumph over the Austin College Kangaroos of Sherman. Coach Matty Bell sent back after back into the gains and all punctured the Kangaroo line with spinners, punt returns and power plays. When the Mustangs elected to pass they clicked. The dazed Kangaroos, after play- Ing creditable ball during the first period, crumpled beneath as merciless a battering as n Southern Methotlist team has dealt out in the early season in years. Harry Shufofd, giant Mustang fullback; Bobby Wilson, two years the Southwest conference's leading scorer; Big Bob Pinlcy, Bob Turner, James Russell and bouncing "Jackrabbit" Smith zigged and flagged all over the field for sparkling gains that netted markers. Twice Maco Stewart, veteran end, drew in passes and scampered across the goal line for touchdowns. 'Jackrabbit" smith and Bob Finley, normally second stringers, had the crowd of 5,000 wild with spectacular running plays. The ''Jackrabbit" scooted for runs of 50, 43, and 25 yards, besides other little pick-ups ranging up to 10 yards. Finley led a one-man drive down the field in the last quarter that extended 70 yards, finally throwing himself over a goal line heap for his touchdown. High into air leaped Russell In the third period, drew in a Kangaroo forward pass and sped 67 yards for the longer run of the day. 38 to 0 For Texas AUSTIN, Sept. 28 (/P)—Showing flashes of brilliant power the University of Texas defeated the Texas College of Arts and Industries today in the season's opsner, 38 to G. Texas scored shortly after the game opened on a sustained drive from the A. & M. 40-yard line, Gilbreath and Jurecka taking it over in four plays. Tlie Longhorns repeated a few minutes later when Jurecka passed to Collins for 31 yards and a, touchdown. The Javelinas' only tally came in the second period when Johnny McNabb, halfback, took a Texas kickoff and drive and wiggled his way through a broken field for a 92- yard touchdown run. Several Texas players slowed McNabb down but each time he shook free and led the pack to goal line with yards to spare. Texas scored twice in the second period when Arnold and Hacllock went over on three power plays from the Javejina 27 yard line and Judson Atchison. sophomore fullback, cut through right tackle from the 31-yard line for a tally. Pitzer, fullback, scored in the fourth from the 20-yard line and Sheridan got away for the final tally on a fake punt from the Javelina 36-yard line. Tlie weather - man has promised baseball weather for this afternoon when the Pampa Road Runners and Coltoxo of LeFors will put then- bats in front of the same dugout and meet a team composed of players from the Phillips CO Oilers and Huber Blackfaces of Borger at Metro park in Amarillo. Game time will be 3 o'clock. Lee Daney of the Road Runners and Jim Parker and Lefty Carithcrs of the Gassers will toss to see which will start the mound battle against Chody, Coburn or Caro\Vay of Borger. Polvogt and Horton will divide the catching assignment with Warren scheduled to work for the Borger nine. The Road Runncr-Coltoxo infield will be composed of Huffman < Hale, George and Scaling, wltli Hale probably on second base. Brtckell, Season and Seltz will patrol the outfield. Spencer, Summers, Moore and Clark will be Borger Infielders. Surface, Jackson and Gilbert will pace the outfield. Roff will be the utility player. The game will probably be the last of the 1935 season. BROOKLYN, Sept. 28 (/P) —Before only 194 cash customer, the smallest crowd of the season, the Dodgers defeated the Phillies 12 to 2 today for their sixth straight victory, ' / Philadelphia ..000 010 001— 2 ft 1 Brooklyn 110 052 12x—12 17 1 .IJulcaliy, Prim and Todd, Holben, Wilson; Earnshaw and Lopez. . **»— Babe Ruth's lifetime pass to National league ball games—a courtesy extended to all ten-year-men in the majors—bears number 500. There are 517 at large, the last one being issued to Jezebel Tecumseh Zachary. T. C. U. Disappointing- FORT WORTH, Sept. 28 (/P)—Although completely outplayed at the start and finish of the game, Texas Christian University succeeded in defeating- a surprising North Texas State Teachers College team 28 to 11 here at the T. C. U. stadium this afternoon. Led by a fast and slippery little (148 pound) blond who answers to the name of "Johnny Stovall, but who, in action looks for the world like Jake Wilson of recent Baylor history, the Eagles whipped over a touchdown in the first quarter as 5,000 spectators looked on in openmouthed astonishment. Stovall cut through for the extra mark. FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., Sept. 28 (JP)—A' pair of 45-yard dashes, both in the last period, gave the University of Arkansas a 12 to 0 football BARG 1—193? 1—193^ 1—1934 1—1934 1—1934 1—1934 1—1933 1—1933 1—1933 1-—1933 1—1931 1—1930 Buick 40 Series 4 door sedan. Buick 80 Serifes 4 Door Sedan. Ford 4 Door Sedan. Ford 2 Door Sedan. Plymouth 4 Door Sedan. Plymouth Coupe. Chevrolet Coupe. Buick Standard 4 Door Sedan. Buick Sport Coupe. Dodge Coupe. Chevrolet Coupe, Chevrolet Sedan. See These Bargains and Others Before You Buy TEX EVANS BUICK CO., Inc BASEBALL GAME WILL BE PLAYED THIS AFTERNOON victory over Kansas State Teachers college of Pittsburgh today. A terrific drive against the tiring teacher line, coupled with nn Arkansas Porker air attack led to the touchdowm, the first by Halfback Bobbie Martih and the second by Fullback Jack Robbins. The Arkansas drive began when Poolc intercepted Fahrnbruck's pass on Arkansas' 15-yard line. Quarterback Bob Johnson took a lateral from Van Brown around left end for 24 yards. Robbins passed to Poole, who lateralled to Martin. The halfback dodged through for the touchdown but Robbins failed to kick the goal. With the ball on Arkansas' 14- yard line alter a stiff Kansas onslaught, the Teachers lost the ball on downs. Robbins arid Captain Rycker alternated on consistent Bains that carried to mid-field. Then a pass, Robbins to Benton opened what looked like a scoring play. Beuton lateralled to Johnson as he was tackled on the 40-yard line and the latter raced across over a clear field, but the play was called back because Benton was on his knees when Us tossed. On the next play Robbins took the ball on a delayed off-tackle slant and ran for touchdown. Sloan missed the try for the extra point. 3HIN1T FROSTY HORNER' RONS SO YARDS FOR TOUCHDOWft ' WHITE DKER, Sept. 28.—Thg White Deer Bucks yesterda^ RWRmpecl the Happy Jacks 39 to 6 in their second game of the season. Mobeetio fell before the Bucks' lost wsek, 26 to 0. Under the capable direction of Coach Eugene McCollum, new muntor, the Bucks showed marked improvement yesterday. Hard blocking and timely interference markcc! all the touchdown marches. Early in the first quarter, "Frosty" Horner broke . into the open and raced 50 yards for a touchdown. From then on the Bucks wore never in danger. Gonch McCollum has an open date on Nov. 1 which he would like to fill with some strong team. Tlie bucks starting: lineup: Ends, Moore and Urbanczyk; tackles, Smbot and Gennett; gunrds, Katora and Osborne; centers, Pipes; backs, Howard, .Horner, Murphy arid Austin. Substitutes: Crowley, Mauldin t Staats", Hodges, Hynds, Russell, Compton arid W. Pipes. The remainder of the Bucks' schedule is all conference games, as follows: Oct. 4—Whittenburg, here. Oct. 11—Claude, here. Oct. 18—Groom, there. Oct. 25.—Miami, here. Nov. 1-^Open. Nov. 8—Panhandle, there. «j» Oklahoma Defeats Colorado 3 to 0 L 4 "is OW3OT FIELD, NORMAN, Okla., (AP)—In a game which packed its drama in two breathless moments the University of Oklahoma defeated the University of Colorado football team here today, 3 to 0. and crowned with glory the debut'of Captain Lawrence "Biff" Jones as Sooner coach. A colorful crowd estimated at 12,000, lured by perfect weather and the first chance to see .a Jones-coached eleven in action, shrieked its delight as Raphael Boudreau, 1C5 pound Sophomore back, on his second play of his college career' dropped back to the Colorado 34-yard line early In the second quarter to send a place kick squarely between the uprights. •o» Fourteen of the sophomore candidates for the Kansas state college football team, champion of the Big Six, captained high school teams. "Pick-The-Winner" The Ptimpa Daily News' Weekly GRID-GUESS Take your pick! Hare's fun for the entire family! j —And a crisp dollar bill for skilled prognosticator each / week. Whether you enter the contest or not, play/ the game and save' the results for a hilarious "postseason post-mortem." It's great sport! SCORING SYSTEM « All coupons are first graded on the basis of wins aild losses, giving one. point for a winning game and "0" when the out- 1 come is missed. Tlie highest group of coupons Is then regarded in order to arrive at the best coupon submitted. One point for correct store, '/t- for tie game, additional % for actual score of tie. Contest Games Scheduled for the Coining- Wcek-Eflfl (Square on left is for top team, one on right for lower team) --Pampa Harvester vs. Childress Bobcats Nebraska vs. — -Texas vs. Iowa Slate Louisiana State Michigan State vs. U. of Michigan Ohio Stats vs. Kentucky Amarillo Sandics vs. Capitol Hill of Okla. City—— Oklahoma A, & M. vs. Creighton __ Princeton vs. Pennsylvania like v». PlKlucsne J St. Mary's vs. California -S. M. U. vs. -LcPors vs. Tulsa , •'Memphis . -Stanford vs. U. at San Francisco -Temple va. Texas A. & W. _T. C, U. vs. Arkansas,...., -Tulaiie vs. • Auburn—, -Oklahoma va. New Meitco—.„_ ' —Notre Dame vs. Carnegie Tech—. .-Wisconsin ve. ' Marijuette-,.-^ ._Yaie vs. New Hampshire ^ — •' "w.v •>! CONTEST RULES Fpr Those Trying For Awards; 1) All cpupoiis must be MAILED to t{ie tor, and must be received by the Editor on ea.eb * 2) Only one answer will be allowed an " case of a tie all persons participating in a full award. C4) Decisions of the GRf be accepted as fi»al. (5) Oeu' " ' ~''' -'---'-—' •a* IV *f .( ••<*• 1 C, ^ V JU .4

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