The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1936
Page 6
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\VEDNESDAiT, DECPMBKR 1C, 1036 BLYTf IEVILLE, {AUK)' COURIER NEWS Uf i THE WANT AD CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally fate per line lor consecu tive insertions: Ono time per line .......... IQc "Two times per line per day OBc Three" times per line per-day .. 06c Six tiroes per line per 'day .. 05p Month'/ate "per line ' OOc 7ards of Thanks 60o &, 75f Minimum charge 50o r Ads ordered for tl|rcc or Blx (teies and stopped, before expiration will be charged for the number' 6t : time's' the ad appeared aq<J adjiistment. of bj!' made ' All Classified Advertising copy tubmittcd by pprsonb residing out- kHe"of {he city miisfc be accompanied by cash Rates may be easily compufd from abo\e table • Advertising . ordered for .ii-regiilar Insertions takes the one time rate No responsibility will be taken for more than ohii incorrect tns'err tion of any classified ad. I EXPERr SEAMSTRESS Do fancy '' 'Work Qrace Mcl'arland, ""Holly Phoue 958 913 Directory PLASTERING BOB M ALONE . And Stucco - - : Phone 350 •"•• OUR BTpOK IJS NQ\y COMPLJETE pN Rawlings Athletic Equipment At School 'Prices Phone 35;'."" Shpuse-Henry Hdw. Co, J. W.' shoiiso' ! V Avijson Henry Cold Weather Coming ! ! ProUef Your House With " Nu-jfletal Weather Stripping . Cail PS For'' Estimates Arkmo Lumber Co. Phone 40 "'?8v | flnNG-PAPER' HANGING Freti-jan &• Bouse f" Call 719 " ALADDIN LAJIP PARTS 25c eafih ' BURKE HDW CO Coql & ^qod ! CALL E. F, Fp,V at Wonder Cjty Qoal Co, FOR ORIGINAL "GENUINE; Montevallo AND OTHER HIGH GRADE OUAL PHONE 4TJ N. W. TRANTHAM Dealer in 3EECH CREEK COAL Other, high grade Coal, Wood . and Kindling' S. Broadway - . Pho-ie^Gi Why ucrf) *Alth smoke £ soot? BURN SUN'faHlNt Sold Onl> By JOHN BUCHANAN My coal Ls Black But, I Treat You White Phone 107 WE ,SELIi Alabama & Kentucky COAL Blytheville Gin Co. WE HAVE THE BEST' Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky COAL At the Best Price Kindling Too GIVE US -A TRIAL We Guarantee Honest 'Weights f ' Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phone 278 Chickasawba & R, 1 * - * '' For Stfp Vc have several- late model Jars of ujKiuestiorted qurtl- t), \-|ucJi wjll g)>e the pm- haser Utmost Satisfaction iodv, lniish, tires !md mofoi n })est of condition. ORcrcil For Sale under pur "11. &. G " Money Back GUARANTEE, 936 JOKI) V gvCOUPL , { S1G3 035 tOKI> V 8 DE !U\b TUDOR . . 5145 1933 CKlVROLtT COACH $2<j5 18 J5 *ORD V-S PICK W $3^5 1935 CHJaypOl ftT PICK-U1* §WD You may have the advantage of the low U C. C. Finance Plan Call 0( Conic In and «c Mill gladlv jive )ou a demonstration, WJILLIPS USED OAK LO'i 5ih &. Walnut 810 01 811 36 model WILLYS "17 , cheap H AlkinV over Gem Theatre. lie ktf Nice "corn" fed HOGS. J. D. McDowell, '.Dogwood Ridge .store Phone 151D-F21. . 15o k!8 Nice, fat TURKEYS. Roland Green Call 354 ; or .; 222. '. , lie ktf TEAMTOE MULES,' \vt7;M50. Homer HqdgcVRU a; ,;\ ; ' 'is-piT-w '36 Chevrolet towh.'sedniij good coii- . 'dition," 10,000 liiiles.' Price rca- soiiflble; 2000 : W.'-.Vi'iie. 15-pk-lB p. & P. L. , Cpttoiii . ; Planting Seed or .will trade two : for one. BLYTIIEVILLE GIN CO. New Ejeptdc Scflng~*rrachljie. Les-s than halt price 509 Lumcratc. H-pk-18 FOR SALE — Eight good Wort TRUCKS FOR BALIJ Intc*mlji»i>»l, & Ton, LOIIJ vkiwl bast. Iqlernatjonal, 1 'lot), bfake body W5 l',i Ton Chevrolet, Slake bo4y. 1931 IJ'j ion Ciiovrolcl, Stake body. Nabori Pole Irailer, Lleetrlo brakes All In Good Mcclinnlcal oondltjon \jlth Good Tires DELIA IMPUHENlb. Inc. MULES Foi Sale or Trade Terms To Responsible Parlies. DELTA IMl'LLMEMb, Inc.' For Rent Nicely furnished bTEAMHBAlFD BEDROOM, bitll Clll 5CO 2 o-K-1 3 Nice coinforlablo bedroom, close In. Mrs. Nolcn. 310"W. Walnut. For Rent: Nice comfortaljlo bed-> room, close tn. 515 w. Wtthnit. Call 351 lO-ckp-11 2 or 3 Furnished Rooms, rensoii- ahle. 014 HcBi-n. FURNISHED ROOMS, over Gem Theatre. Harry Atkins. lie kif Personal PHEEl STOMACH ACID, GAS PAINS, INDIGESTION relieved quick. Get free bnniDlc doctor's prescription, Uclga, nt KIrby Bros. Drug Co. KINDERGARTEN CI/ASSES MRS. S. K. pAjlftE'll 1 Toi Cliiklien J to'd jcaib. Beglimini; Jauuaiy 4 628 W. Ash Clll §18 MFNI GET VLGOn AT ONOE J.U-Lji1. New ostrex Tonic Tnb- Icls contain raw o>sler Imig- orators and olhe. stimulants o>ie dose pops up organs, glands If not delighted, niakcr icfunds fott LV OS CIIECK Vpuit JJATTEKY COLD WEATIIER ]Ji5 COMING I J.B.CLUNE Onckson Service Slallon-Call 8 Vermontcr, 83, Plans Bicycle ST. ALDANS, VI. (UP)-Wllllam C. uailey, 83-ycar-okl bicyclist »ho 1ms iicdnled 11,000 ; wiles in Ine past five years, 'liliiiis n blcyelq IP to Clilcngo next spring:. Bicycling lm s kept liltn in siieh toutl trini thai |ic \viis ublo to iin'lnt «|b twp-stpry lioiise und ]>a;icr 'nil Ibe rooms l!i(s ycnr. Tl}c oclogeiiai'liiii took up llio exorcise nrt'cr ii serlpiis illness Ilircalciicd his lire. l Three Day Specials cal Jtnys h[ (Juoil Uiie'SIodd Cur U CHKyilOLK'l' STAM)Al(l) I'pi Dilvcii only 3,500 ..'....;,,.'.;..,,.;. $v 5 OHEVItOI-KT •• SEDAN. Kxlm 5115 V-S TUpOl).'Motor tlrlveii only -I.OIW nines S3I Kiunr From Cotlgusctcl FORT >Vpatll, Tex.' tyi')-A icxas nilll.h'ns produced n" bread mid pi\slry nour (rpin cottonseed, (Cpcirls ihe All-bputii Ue\elopmcnt Council. The flour contains so PIT cent vn'olcin, :nml lms sliorlcn- ii'l! properties and nutritive clc- sncnls. Phone 700 For MONTEVALLO COAL —<;t'\HANTKKI>— —ALSO— ARKANSAS ANTHRACITE Meat Cutlir Ituiiortil HONOLULU (Ull) — Gjlbcit ,J 'nllci manafjc! of [lie Havjui Mral Compnn- has Ji|5t iccelvix noni ihe iijstjtuio of Amciirai Me it Puckers at O!)|cp£o n B0l( 5C|V|(.0 Ijllltoi] foi 11101 1 •-•-:' seivlce in ll|e i*V lluin 50 dustiy OCONQMq^yoc, wl^ ( uf}- ., 303 \cm-old clock soon may lie 1 181)1 on Hie «nll qf Wi llaji I'cckmejcr'i home lieie riijlit "o wood, n,e clqcK has been'tent t ap expcij. foi lepalis 55100,000 li Half I)m\u - lialanco Next full % . ]}i, v N<j ff Hubbard'Furniture Co. \VHlr riidio. pnfy C()AC». Kuiis like hCU'. Itcal buy »t $5« Cplll'li. •. \villi ''" Animals belonging tu Ilic deer ininlly do not hnvo Bull blnddcrs. Of RADIO MECHANIC who will 'guarantee to ' repair your radio 'tti- first' class condition A of Tubes anil 1'arls - - 'Bcsl I'rlces Htlbbiutl Tire & Hnt, Co. Phone 476 R«ad Courier News.Wan^ Adj- El.ECTRIO ACETYLENE WELDING ATiBESp PIJI9E8 : PROMPT BERVICB. • Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 19 - T Ji U C K H — '», 'I'ORJ) y.« TliUCK. nunl "•liecls '..,..;.', ..'.'.. $)|5 •u oijiiynoua' TRUCK, '''Ires Illio new ,,..:,.;. 5:1(10 J'>cni,vui|ia:T iMCK-ur TllUUK, I'l'ifccUoiidilion 5Jli5 3! r»Kl) (JLOblil) C'A» 1'ICK-IU- TRUCK S IS) Many Olhcrs Tu Cliuuse From TOM unu CO. I'liouc (iii!) IT TP isyy CORN SOY BEANS CKAWORLV' & COL>1>E|K)K qjN po,' IIlBhway 18 - Phone 331 MaUiinlly jo\i ulll ulsh (ho last cervices • for 'yam* loved ones to bo ns Impressive nml (Hunlllcd ai> cnro can maUu Ilicm Ifcrc, icgtndlc£s of tlio coil, every (ill|iuto detail ll| rceelyo col|i>l(leiulo at- oi) Hry Kindling STOVE WOOD ' and good COAL At Prices You < iin Afford O — rii.- if MI :i tr^si" i"".' • • AIU01.AS »\>'CKS l«"K 8TOM.S i LAI'MIH* M0\» GHEAT HKAK1 CUAI. 1). >f )(-•; A* O FREE IIIIM I'nn With 1 Tt>l fobb f uriej/al Home. Superior Ctinl & Mininx Co. Phone 700 QAY Inc. 'Now located at ioi~Noflf Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER , , FropHetor ' ' All niikej of. Rebuilt Typewrllon, Adding AlacblnN to« Calcul a to rs— Re 1 i»l ring— Paris— B Ibbonj Mrs. J J Dayii—Spencer Corselicrf Call 421 W for Appointment^ t New Carload Shipment MOORE'S HEATERS, COOK. STOVES. OIL & GAS BURNING "STOVES, FUEL' OIL HEATERS SEE OUR NE^y iiTOCK Liberal Trade-In Allowance lor Old Stoves Hubbard Hdw. Co. •Bia^Bai^a Neu liivntiitn— ft ftf b b Du<t Pan With I i%bibl TOD at f',al. Superior Coal & Mining Co, Bus. Opportunities NEAV CLASSES OPENING ', Complete Beauty Course DAy & Nip?''?' CLASSES ''"' State ' supervised' TUITION VEJiV" HBA"-3ONABLE See : Mrs. WJn/Beirymaii Elaine Seauty ; Shop If You Want \\OOD, V,E HAVt IT' Ash & Oak $2-rank delivered Kentucky Lump Coal, $6.50 ton Economy Coal Co. 221 W Oherrj Phone 448 PHONE 244 POR THE BEST COAL FROM ALABAMA ILLINOIS, &. WEST KENTUCKY L. I. RICE CQAL, WQPJ), KINDLING Prompt Sen-ice — Call 47 KIM'S C0AL CO. anted To Night Qub DANCING Every Night 8:30 tu 2:00 Four Miles North of Missouri Line Frank "Wcnner" Ilarnion, and Ills Scrisalional 9-I'iecc prclicstra, oE Chicago Floor Show, Thursday Turqugli Sundpy - Direct "Ftom St. touis .HuLert Utlcy, Owner and Proprjetor- •Furniture. We -Buy CORN & SOYBEANS Blytheville Gin Co. Highest Prices JPaid' For IJsed Furniture Wade Furniture Co. _301 T 3U3 E. MAIN ...\YB BUY ' Hides & Furs Metals-iand Scrap Iron Blytherille Iron & Melnl Co. Cherry & R. It. - ' .Phono'«8 WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND -FURNITURE HuLbard -2nd .Hand ' Futnitur.e Slorc Tionc 1031 ••. ...- "•'•• "We-Pay-'; Highest .Prices .Foil SCRAP- IRON,,-METALS, ' 'PECANS.' ; HIDES '&' PURS . • AKIAN-AUTO I'AKTS . ... • • n 8 & >Ia in^-Pho- id.: 17G ' Real Estate For' Sale: ' DWELLING',- 2 lots' ht 200 N. .2tsl street, Blytliovillc. Will sell on terms or will trade for property in or.near Paragoujd. Everett Rogers, Paragquld.' Ark. ';"",'. "," ". ii-p-k-ia SALE 5 Rooni' House', bath, largo lot Across from high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes In town'* Could be 1 made into aparUncnt. Cheap Iqr cash. 800 'ChickaEawba. •" : " ••" •- '- dh'tf y ThorouRhly Exoerienced^ TO. WORK IN, BLYTHEVILLE 'Address Box "S'' ' Courier'Ncws. ., Se'illcd, Unenclimhcred iwlitus 'wo- . •'. man **-anls job : keening house. 1519 ; \V.'Aslii '•': •' '"' XMAS SPECIAL As U Labis! For Sale: 80 acres.FARM lapd iiear" 1 ilantla. 'stc'rnbefg ' Cottbii Co. --',•-••••, 20- C k T tii Hotels Brandy Clean, cpmfprUblfl, slca ' fpoms,, hot' anil.' cold", water, reaJ Eoiiable" rates—day, .week pr.liionlh. l'KABODY''ltOlEL '.. : " , .. l' ( JU!w Vllff. 53.5!) Cogiiaf, mSfijibctry ami •'-•.-;: i'wch '•'. .-I I'houo 1505F4 Stale Line Mules at a bargain cents paid Call, wiite Klrby Bros Bynun, 118 E. Main. ALAEMEP BY T^E THREATEN^ US CONDITION OP THE FOREIGN SI-RJAT10N, K1N6 SUZZLE CUT SHORT H!5 V|S1T NSAWALLA. AND HURRIEP HOME TO SEE TO THE MOOV1AN DEFENSES. BELIED I'M TELLI IT SURE \ BE BACK \\\ COULPM'T THIN& ABOUT WHAT TUNIC'S I'VE DOUK.EOTH A1IC6 60<t STRENSTHOFAUiCAPTAlM OUR. OUTPOSTS-/ OF W " 6UARP.' BOOTS AND HEL BUDDIES H\-b^^V^ UiftO-i-T AFf WR lt OE. VO WWCHEfe D-: Vf-AT.'OE MO fiffi AH "VQ S\VE OP R\6H\ KM'NO ?<• WASH TUBRS HOW THE SAM mtu'wife GIMME' X TO KNOW THM FOOL |THE Dice, EA5Y COULD R&HT LIKE JCOLONEI THAT? $m<£ WHS HICK /-I' ' r WAS • SAVIN& THIS KJR. CHRIST'" ' FRKCKLKS AND''l{g FRIENDS UK TKLI/S NO LIliS! WE CAVJ DROP You ;AWD Vquta ..GIRL, , IF Y3UD LlXET^ ^ItfFTV , WO THAMES, PAL....1LL T/4KE .. , . - ... - A MAW....I'LL TAkE HER NOME THE BREAKS O THE GAME, FPIEWD....THE BPEAKS OF THE GAME .'SO LOWG... TOOT S\'/EET AWD PIP PIP 1 TOO BAD JYOL) GOT THAT FAT GAL V/ISHED OFF OWTO THAT'S,TOO BAD, SILVESTER! OH, SYLyESTER! I'M SO 7HP-ILLED AT THE "THOUGHT OF PIDIWG HCT^t IM M3UR BIG, RED 10WU CAR ," THE TPOLLEV ALWAYS SUPP,||<K3 ' HERE,..I HOPE IT'S FIXED BV THIS TIME !/

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