The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 6, 1952 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1952
Page 5
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iearn About Natural Conservation Uia 'Mass, {U^-Nearly The children live in an old man, *rade puP ils o bt & med sl cn in the park. 5 knowledge of che funda- The cit of N the conservation of •n a new experi- Newton supplies a THE-BXYTOWfc : 5UKf; FRIDAY, "JUNE rodents, all from, the city %&ff^^ ^**>j£ 5$>re brought^in groups counsellors, two men and two 1 to the Bradley W. Palmer women, are selected from Massa» to k , where they spent a chusetts colleges for eJh trip ending lectures and **•" in P- For Houston Area g Jl U 1 Ji & • — outdoor living, conser- natural science. ifte Indians of the Northwest _. ;, erri4fcorv commonly referred to tne Americans as "Long Knives." The days of the American clipper ship ended with the Civil war. Fatigue in a person occurs first '"J^ brain ' ;then in th « nerve, and then m the muscle. Evangelist O. F. Capers of Waco, Texas ONLY MORE Glorious Services Under fhe Big Tenf One Block North ol Decker Dr. in Coad/; *s X EXPERT |fflSFAfem<*i, XSUARANlSEBf - 6 <tf^ov. Allan . F nday had approved a flood protection plan for Houston. I he recommended program calls for clearing, straightening, enlarg- wg and lining Buffalo bayou Brays bayou, and White Oaks bayou, m addition to the existing Barker and Addicks flood control reservoirs. Completion of the work depends on congressional appropriation of funds. . The governor gave his approval w a letter to Lt. Gen. Lewis A. .Pick, chief of engineers, and concurred in previous recommenda- f, ons , made by Arroy engineers and _, k° ard of engineers for rivers and harbors. "I realize," he wrote, "the necessity of providing protection to the highly developd areas in and adjacent to the city of Houston from extreme floods. I therefore concur in the • recommendations that the plan as outlined be approved. I feel the situation with its potential hazard to property and life, merits immediate attention." '&%>&'£&. A &9*tt*^ Has.^ V y &\ /J ^^s CORNER. 6TH AND ARON GLADIOLA SPECIAL FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY IBS. J?' WILLIAM B. UMSTEAD, former U. S. senator, is North. Carolina Democratic nominee for governor, tantamount to election. (International} POLIO The Saddesf Words: TOO LATE See Me Prior;to Them STIVE 3316 Minnesota Dial 6705 Step out on Father's Day m a new • : If you want to be the sharpest looking, the coolest, most '^comfortable Dad'on Father's Day you'll be dressed in a new ^ - Palm Beach suit Palm Beach porous "open window" - "Weave fabric will keep' you cool, confident, on-the-ball , ^5°J^k summer's worst And you'll like the way your Palm Beach suit holds its shape and press. AMERICA'S GREATEST J • ' - SUMMER SUIT VALUE AT Extra Slacks .....$10.95 ALSO VANITY SUITS $29.95 to $39.50 1 STYLE-MART SUITS $35.00 to $49.50 SLACKS The Perfect Gilt for Dad (FATHER'S DAT, JUNE 15) Slacks in our Men's Department from S5.95 to $14.95 MEN'S SUMMER STRAW HATS Stetsons $5 io $7.50 Lees ..-$3.95 to $5,00 Longhorns $1.95 to $2.95 MEN'S SHOES Fortune ..$8.95 to $10.95 Edgerton $10.95 to $12.95 Nunn-Bush $U.95 - $18.95 • USE OUR LAY-A-WAY * TAKE YOUR SUIT OUT WHEN YOU'RE READY COBLO1H 01 214-218 W. TEXAS Freed Bank Robber Alabama Torn Certain Waifs For Lord To UllIuG IlIS rliflir& resist cha "g es whic & beset the rest That's why when a'speciai cap^ " ^ of the world. They are convinced sule,was placed in a, cornerstone ^ their mayor will stil be a Republl- 'this winter.^'the'''betting'.'was ;that Can. . '•> ' * - ¥ i >• l 'tVj/i'movnt- <irVtrt **\r\a-ns f VioV- f /f^v^tn^a. rt DODUBLE SPRINGS, Ala. (HE) Double"'Springs,' AlaV deep "jtn1'tht -VCHizens of "the Free f State of heart of tse Democratic South^iias Winston" ^ feel their county 1 will never< had a DeniorraUc njaydji.'' resist changes which beset the rest HOLTON, Kans., June 6 (U-E)— can. Confessed bank robber AJl Johnson was free Friday waiting for the Lord to show him the way to become a missionary, preacher or evangelist. Johnson, tfie 'mayor who 'opens tbat^cap'sule For 100 years, the county*seaVof ** ov ,', 15 » 205 ° will-te'ja-Bepublfcan. Just A Misunderstanding , , PORTLAND, Ind, .(U.E)—When 23-year-old - sheet police stopped a car for leaving a metal worker, confessed to his service station without ^paying th'e Topeka, Kans., church congrega- kill, no" one was-more surprised tion. May 4, that he helped -rob than &** motorist.- The * driver the Hoyc, Kans., state bank of Pointed to his companion and said, $950 in 194S. "I thought he paid it." The equal- Wednesday, District Judge Rob- K surprised passenger answered, ert Kaul sustained Johnsons mo- l^? h l.^jf *£" ™ e * en tion to quash the charge he'helped | mm ediately rob the bank. Kansas statute of Were released limitations prevents prosecution for any crime except murder or treason after two years. All that kept the confessed robber from his Bible school goal was payment 1 of his lawyer's fees. He said the Loi'd would show him the way. Answering his critics, Johnson said he did not know about the statute when he told the Rev. Howard L. Brumme, pastor of the Seward Avenue Baptist Church in TWINS are born to Mrs. Clem Labine, wife of the star pitcher of "the T °P eka > last April that he wanted Brooklyn Dodgers, but they represent no future help for the Bum* **? ?* ake a PuWic confession to "get since they were'girls. The twins are named J Barbara and Gail and " S Wlfch God "" were born at Woonsocket," R. I. Labines have a son. (International} and fohn'son Harris county medical experts have outlined a six-point program for killing flies as a means of fighting polio and other diseases. Here is the program: No. 1—Every individual should clean up his own premises, keep garbage cans covered, keep cans at least 20 feet away fro'm the door, see that all screens are tight netting and eliminate all possible breeding places for flies. No. 2—Breeding places for flies at slaughter houses, dumping grounds and similar points should be corrected by the use of new, effective techniques of treatment. No. 3—Health and sanitation inspections by city, county and federal inspectors should be stepped up. No. 4—Garbage should be picked up promptly. No. 5—Houston and the county should provide enough funds to employ the personnel needed for complete inspections. No. 6—A year-round program for educating the public on health matters should be maintained. It was brought out that since [lies cause dysentery, food poisoning, typhoid and other diseases, any reduction in the fly population will improve the general health. Fly breeding places should be treated with a combination of oil, kerosene and sulphur. Garbage should be burned as.soon'as It is dumped. Oil and kerosene should be sprayed on the heaps of solid matter at sewage disposal plants. Sweepings from homes should not Deleft outside the door. En- homes should be sprayr ed. Flies should not be> killed Inside the chouse. No edibles should be left exposed to flies. Starlings Continue To Baffle Capital WASHINGTON CUE)— Washington's 60 years' war between, starlings and men continues but mankind has come up with a new weapon. Genus Homo is trying to vanquish species Sturnus with a'new resin-like substance called "No- Roost." Historically speaking; the struggle dates back "_ to 1890. In that -year, : 40 European starlings were released fay an unknown—and now often cursed—bird lover in Central Park, New York. The birds vringed to all corners of the land and those settling in Washington, founded a dynasty which : now'totals an estimated 1,000,000,000 descendants. Needles to say, the efthered pests are not wanted. They are disrespectful of the streets, sidewalks and pedestrians below and their ' roosting on building ledges has caused real estate agents considerable headaches. Lethal war can not be waged against the featured pests because they are protected by an act of Congress passed June. 30, 1906. The legislation made it "unlawful to kill any game bird or wild bird in the District of Columbia, except the English sparrow.'' Congress wanted the speckled black bird protected because of its feeding habit on the grub of the Japanese beetle. All types of gentle persuasion from, rattling tin cans "and spreading aching- powder to electric wires and 45-degree angel skid metal slabs have been used in an attempt to evict the starling. The latest method brought into use is "No-Roost." This sticky substance has had considerable success to date in keeping the birds off the gummed ledges. At latest report, the starlings are re-deploying and re-grouping for a new thrust to unprotected buildings elsewhere. Meanwhile, four more polio cases were reported in Harris county. Two of the cases, a 14- year-old girl and a five-year-old boy,. are in Houston. The others are a 10 months old Pasadena boy and a '20 months old infant from Bella! re.- The total number- of-polio cases in Harris county is now 110 with. four deaths reported. Last year at this time there were 41 cases of polio with only one death. LONDON (U.E)— A revolutionary type of radar and radio-equipped fish-factory trawler with an aperture in the stern, similar to whaling factory ships, is being built at the Aberdeen Yards of John Lewis. ,. the' ESS? ?w°i as proof of his sincerity. He paid the money to the bank's president, Orin Williams, who was the cashier Johnson and his two accomplices abducted in the holdup. Whea Johnson made his pulpit confession, the church was packed, his talk was broadcast and television cameras recorded the event. The courtroom scene was quiet and quick. The case was closed with Johnson's release. "~ A 52-year-old farm hand, called the "b rains" of the hold-up by Johnson was freed May 13 under the limitations law, but was taken to Birmingham, Ala., to face a 22- year-old murder charge. He is David Earl Williams. The third member of the robbery group, 14 at the time of the -holdup, is in the. Navy in California. Jackson County Attorney Don Sands said he didn't expect to sign a complaint against the youth. Dog Collects Coins For March Of Dimes $60. to $2000, Auto — SIGNATURE — SAVE MONEY — LOWER PAYMENTS NO BROKERAGE OR HIDDEN CHARGES NO ENDORSERS REQUIRED ... SIMPLIFIED METHOD EASY TO GET—EASY TO PAY - ; LET US PAY YOUR EJLLS—Combine them all Into one account with us and have only one smalt monthly payment to euit your Income. See "The Friendly Company" t"r«t ' Supervised by State Banking : Departrnent Cash { 15 Monthly You Receive [ Payments SI 3 3. 70 223.50 313.30 53. 15. j 1 21- \ --Cash j { You Receive | 5417.40 | 522.50 ' ( 671.50 | 1S Monthly, Payments $23. as. -45. Other Amounts from 560 to §2000 • GUARDIAN FINANCIAL CORPORATION SAYTOWN OFFICE: 307 West Texas Ave., Phone: 8233 " Next to Erunson , Theatre 713 Fannm St., Fhone: ATwood 6541 207 East Shaw A vs., Phone r GRand 2-3607 Across from Long's Theatre Across from Texas State Hotel " Guardian's Investment Certificates pay you. 3% per *m HOUSTON OFFICE: PASADENA OFFICE When" given a coin, he dashes under the Perry house and buries his treasure. Perry said he recently- turned of "Dimes but is un- and a button which Pritz collected. FRIANT, Calif. (ttE>—Fritz, a black and white terrier, unknown- rr.i- „, *- * 2.- ingly has become a coin collector The 245-feet-long, 44-feet-broad for the March of Dimes, according ship is equipped with a 30-horse- to his owners, Mr.-and Mrs. Alfred power electric motor - operated Perry. winch which pulls the trawl nets The. nine-year-old dog begs coins through the stern aperture instead hy, .standing ,on his hind feet and of" the usual over-the-side pro- gently "moving his front cedure. The catch Is then dropped through hold openings into fish- pans in. the factory space, wher« mahcinery^ washes, T fillets, skins and beheads the fish, after which they are weighed and packed into trays for quick freezing. The fish then are packed Into cartons and passed by conveyor belts to storage holds, where'they axe kept at a. temperature of 5 degrees f ahrenheit. Very little of the fish Is wasted. Offal is afed by conveyors to the fishmeal plant, where it is processed into fishmeal for use by cattle and poultry. Fish liver oil is extracted from the livers. The ship, which, is being built for Chris, Salvesen and Company, which formeiy operated whalers, carries fuel to enable it to stay at sea 80 days without refueling. It is powered by a 1900-brake horsepower marine oil engine. A full installation of radio equipment has been ordered from the Marconi Company. This includes long and medium range communication, facilities to keep the ship in touch with shore and other fishing vessels, radar direction finders and sounding apparatus. Nationally Known Kadlo and Recording Artists- Will Begin an In La.Porte, Tex., at the Corner, of.Main and Ohto Streets TUESDAY NIGHT, JUNE 10 ; THRU JULY 5 ' v ' t t" ' *~ This will He a five night weekly revlvah , . 'Tuesdays^through'Saturdays, No Services on.Sundays and Mondays 3SSS1 BSS AP&PLENTiFUL Try a Rice Casserole Tonight School Uses Cowbell BOWIE, Tex. (HE)—An ancient cowbell calls pupils to classes at Bowie's modern East Ward School. The school was completed with all the latest gadgets except an electric bell system. The cowbell is being used nntil the new system can be installed." Father and Son on Jury ALPENA, Mich. , <EE>—An unprecedented father-end-son team turned up at the,assault trial of Bernard Kwiatkowski. Ervin Gehrke and his son, Harold, served as jury members. , AND Gateway to a Secure Home For Positive Family and Property Protection Anchor Fences Are to Withstand the Elements : FREE ESTIMATES ^ 36 MONTHS Thad P, Pension DAILY STORE HOURS THURSDAY: 11:30 to 8:00 711 W.TEXAS AYE. BAYTQWN,vTKA$ PHOXE 5-1409 100 GRESHAM

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