The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 16, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1962
Page 2
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Spoffighf: U.N. agenda bristles with friction points H.v A. I. GOLDBERG ] The delegates must deride UNtTED NATIONS. N.Y. (API j whether the United Nations can —The United Nations, broke but go on pouring $10 million a month still brawling and growing, opens into the Congo in the face of a ]cfl( , it moun , ing to $1SO million . he ™" !lc the Sovi(>t B!oc ' bitterness in debate for the three months or more of the session. its 17th General Assembly Tuesday in an atmosphere of tension. Delegates from 104 nations- totaling 1,000 or more men and j and some others refuse to pay women—will play roles in the an-l»ssessed shares, nual international drama of poli-l They must decide, in fact, jj ( . s whether the United Nations has The 89-itrm agenda, or work enough money to keep going at program, dor? not include the all. question of Berlin and the walli They must elect a secretary- specifically. Tfiere is no entry to!general. The assembly and the pinpoint a dphate about Moscow's'Security Council hold the answer use of Cuba as an entering wedge i to whether U Thant, Burmese dip- in the Western Hemisphere. Thermal who was picked on a tem- U2 headlines do not figure in the i porary basis to succeed the late printed agenda. jDag Hammarskjold, now will get But the program contains!a full 5-year term. Britain and enough friction points to insure!the United States support Thant. A Soviet veto could end his career as chief U. N. executive next The agenda Li shot through with;April, hostilities — East aganst West, Delegates will decide in the face \ anticolonialists against colonial of increasing clamor from thej powers, anti-communists against Soviet Bloc and some African j totalitarian*—and in the case of:countries whether the United Na-| South Africa, blaeK against white, i lions should use force in ending! To start the session a general South Africa's -10-year mandate! policy debate lets spokesmen for over South West Africa and set: all countries give their views that territory tree. The delegates! about the state of the world and I must pronounce on quick indepen- what the United Nations should do'dence (or half a dozen other de- nbout it. These statements are;pendent territories in Africa, made not only to impress other, The United States probably will delegations but government offi-'take its traditional spot in the cials and the folks back home, policy debates next Thursday- Berlin, Cuba, Laos, Viet Nam, two days after the assembly open- U2 incidents—all flash points hut ing, unless deadlocks in electing not Included in the printed agenda ^assembly officers delay that, —are likely to figure in many i Before the assembly is very old, policy speeches. ;at least four countries will be In actual agenda items the dele-|added to the roster, making the gates also have plenty of fodder total 108. They are Rwanda are for censure, recrimination, the i Burundi in Africa, Jamaica anrj sharp word, the taunt, the rebuke. | Trinidad—Tobago in the Carib- They have before them a on-j bean, progress report oil disarmament Algeria, if it gets a stable gov- from the 18-nation committee that | ernment, and Uganda after inde- wrangled all summer in Geneva j pendence Oct. 9 are expected to over Soviet and British-American j raise the membership total to 110 disarmament plans. ! before the year end holidays. They must debate bans on nu-j clear weapons tests of the kind! A. I. Goldberg is an Ohioan that have stirred continuing U.S.-! who was a World War II fronl Soviet rivalry for a year since I correspondent and has reported the Soviet Union broke the mora- from AP bureaus in Paris, Mos THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE •AGI 2 BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, SUN., SEPTEMBER U, 194 BREAfCTHROUGH? torium on testing. They must try to reconcile U.S.- cow and other eastern European capitals. In recent years he has Soviet differences on cooperation j been stationed at the United Na for peaceful uses of outer space, tions. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS FMABLISHED 1112 Published doily ami Sundai except Saturday by Review Publisher!, lie., 307 1. Park Avt.. Freeport, Teicu. Jam« S. Nabon. fmitnt. JAMES S. NABORS PUBLISHER Glenn Hearh _ Editor Ernie E. Ziesehang Business Manager Advertising Director _ Georgt leaeom Retail Advertising . „ _ E. L» Fleld« Mechanical Superintendent — Morris Freeman Circulation Manager . E. E. Hendri* Classified Manager Pearl Glaver Managing Editor ._ _ _ _ Roberta Dantby Women's Editor . LeRay lyrd Sporti Editor _ O ( orqe Ferguson Office Manaaer Handle H. Mallery guests and gate-crashers. We jusl can't create new Paul Harvey News By PAUL HAAVIY Unemployment being imported Why has not one of Washing-[so much company he doesn't on's figure bounds explained the| know wnftt to do! ruth about our 5.8 per cent im- '" 1943 ' Hpnr >' WaHnce said al! employment? The truth is that s trying to play host to too many years. we hnd to do was socialize our American industry and we coulr our country | crpRle 60 million jobs within ten We created BO million jobs with jobs i n seven years, and without social s fast as new job - seekers are;i/ing our industry, rriving in our country, hut no-j And free, competitive, Amerl xidy wants to talk about it. 'can capitalism went on to create For some strange reason the,in August of 1962 almost 70 mil- ubject of immigration, legal ami]lion jobs. Still without socializing therwiso, is so hush-hush that not 'our industry. Today there are ne Labor Department release!more Americans working than ares to mention it. jever before in our nation's his True, all Americans are mostly j lory, omething else. All of us hav«| But there are more Job-seekers, deep compassion for the refu- too. ees who seek sanctuary hero. During that same month of ut the old molting pot is bccom- gust when w4 were employing ng a pressure cooker. I more workers than ever before, The Peace Corps is now train-!the number of job seekers In ig volunteers for Latin America j creased by more than 100,000. y sending them for six weeks toj Why, In Heaven's name, has not panlsh Harlem in New York: one union leader raised his voice ity. "They will encounter many j to protest this undermining of the " the same problems there." 1 j United States labor market by Now this hospitality business,'the influx of others who are swel any housewife knows, cnn be i ling our jobless roles? arried too far. Inviting guests or dinner is one thing. Inviting crowd is something else again. Canada and Brazil are crying (or immigrants. It's not as if there were no place for them to Patiently I have read and re- go. Those willing to work would •ad the Ijibor Department's ex-ibe welcomed in Australia, lanation for what happened last] New Frontier bureaucrats are nonth. More Americans working;so eager to "plan 1 our economy ban ever before in our history | for us. They are convinced that sit, at the same time, increased The World Today nemployment! The Department they can regulate and regiment and otherwise snoopervise our talks of stu - economy to keep it In balance. dents and teachers returning to| Why do they not dare limit this school, auto workers laid off for I mushrooming labor force by clos- model chatigeovers — they talk!ing the doors to tha hundreds of about every conceivable contribu- thousands of outsiders who are ting factor except the big one. The,unbalancing our labor supply and old uncle who lives in a shoe has I demand? OMINOUS Nons IN 3-WAY ClASHlHal Boyle's People By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press New* Analyst WASHINGTON (AP, — President Kennedy gave Fidel Castro cold comfort whsn he said this country sees no immediate need for American military action against Communist-run Cuba. The President left the door wide open for action—direct or indirect —by Cuban refugees with American help. Peace in the Caribbean looks a long way off. Kennedy at his news conference Thursday warned Russia and Castro this country will move in As of now, the President said- explaining Cuba is under "our most careful surveillance"—Communist supplies and technicians i being supplied Castro do not justify or require direct American! military intervention. 0V ML BOTUt militarily if Cuba gets aggressive] Then near the end of his pre- toward 'the United States or any Western Hemisphere country. Washington Scene By GEORGE DIXON Cowardice cause absenteeism pared statement the President threw in a single sentence which No sympathy for pro grid player NEW YORK (AP)— Remarks at "* "*" * SUNDAY & MONDAY TV CtttSN** BttHMrT ORANHH. KtWT-TT W1CMT 11 vnut-nr 13 WASHINGTON — Eight of the line impartial and unintimidated table, and a more unusual crowd. Ordinarily I know, at least by I wouldn't say he's delicate »< -ry Urne he bruises a ban*! "We stall continue to work with "Let's put in Tiger McGurk-i" 31 ' lle heads for the sidelines." I Cuban refugee leaders who are i the game's already lost anyway." | "The only reason we haven't al! dedicated as we are to that na-j "He eats enough during the ready traded you to Dubuque, Ti- j lion's future return to freedom."! (raining season to last him all ger, is that they don't have a I It was Cuban refugees who year." iteam in the league." imade a disastrous invasion at-" "They nicknamed him 'three-, "How's this for a trick play— let I tempt on their homeland in the yan j McGurk because, whenever 'Tiger go out for a pass. The other ! spring of 1961 at the Bay of Pigs. n e carric s the ball, he never; team will never think we're that jit was disastrous because theyji oses i ess than three yards." Icrazy." ; got no back-up American military , "The on ) y (jme he stays on hisi "There's only one thing really support. : f ee t | s when they play the national wrong with McGurk. He's got a From Kennedy's words it seems ; a nthem." 'million-dollar body with a 10-cent sensible to conclude this country "What we needed was a head' mind." IUMDAT MOnitmo 7:50 (2) Sign On 7:55 (2) Religious New* 8:00 (2) World of Adventure 8:25 (13) Sign on, Anthem, Prayer 8:30 (2) Florida Boy» Quartet 113) Th« Puipli 8:40 (U) Sunday Hymn 8:45 (It) The Living Word 9:00 (2) The Christophers (11) Lump Unto My Teet (13) Early Bird Theatre 9:15 (2) Industry On Parnde 9:30 I 2) This Is Tlie Answtr (11) Look Up and Live 10:00 ( 2 ) This Is The Lite (11) Camera Three (13) Houston Home Show 10:30 (2) Frontiers of Faith (11) Washington Conversation (13) Gulf Coast Jamboree 10:55 (11) News with Ned Calmer 11:00 ( 2 ) South Mnin Baptist C. (11) Your Area Churches (13) First Methodist Church 11:30 (U) Hollywood Playhouse 12:00 (2) Builder's Showcase (13) American league Foot ball 12:15 (2) Tarzan 1:15 (2) MGM Theatre (11) Pro Football Kickoff 1:30 (11) National Football League Game 2:45 (13) All-Pro Scoreboard 3:00 (2) Ideas In Focun (33) TBA 3:30 (13) Adlal Stevenson Reports (2) Great Voices From Great Books 4:00 (2) Bold Venture, (11) The Early Show (13) Issues and Answers 4:30 (2) Patterns In Music (13) The Iron Major 5:00 (2) Meet the Press (11) Twentieth Cenlury 5:30 (2) Science in Action (11) Magic Room SUNDAT flVENING 6:00 (2 ) Bullwinkle (11) Lassie (13) Six O'clock News 8:10 (13) Houston Headlines \ 6:25 (13) Weather 6:30 ( 2 ) Walt Disney (11) Dennis the Menace (13) Hollywood Special 7:00 (11) Ed Sullivan 7:30 (2) Car 54, Where Are You 8:00 (2) Bonanza (11) G. E. Theatre 8:30 (11) Who In The World 9:00 ( 2 ) Show of the Week (11) Candid Camera 9:30 (11) What's My Line (13) Lawman 10:00 ( 2 ) Sunday News Final (11) Eric Sevarcid News (13) Sunday Ni?nt News 10:10 (2) MGM Theatre (13) Weather 10:15 (U) Kiplinger's Changing Times and Newsletter (131 Theatre 13 — '"Jtn Admiral Wnn A 1/ady" — Bd- mund O'Brien, Wanda H»n- drlx 10;,10 till The t.nt* Show: "Rulers of the SPO" — Doug. In* Knlrhnnkn Jr., Margaret I-ockwood. 11:50 (13) Sign Off 12:10 (2) Sign Off 12:15 (11) Now* Klnnl 12:20 (11) Evening Hymn MONDAY MORNING 5:59 (13) Sifpi on, Anthem, Pr»y*r 6:00 (13) Operation Lift 6:30 (13) Cndet Don 6:55 ( 2 ) Morning Devotlonil (II) Sign On 7:00 ( 2 ) Today (11) Morning Report T:15 (11) Mr. Caboose Engineer 7:25 ( 2 ) Today In Houston 7:30 ( 2 ) Today (13) Morning Edition N«w* 8:00 (11) Captnln Kangaroo (13) Cadet Don 8:25 ( 2) Today In Houston 8:30 (2 ) ToiUy (13) People Are Funny 9:00 ( 2 ) Say When (11) Calendar (13) Jack LaLanne Show 9:30 (2) Play Your Hunch (11) I Love Lucy (13) Morning Movie 10:00 ( 2) Price Is Right (11) The Verdict In Your* 10:30 ( < ) Concentration (11) The Brighter Day 10:55 (111 Harry ncasoner Newg 11:00 ( : ) Your First Impression (11) lave of Life (13) Tennessee Ernie Kord Show 11:30 (2) Truth or Consequence! (11) Search for Tomorrow (13) Yours For A Song 11:45 (11) The Guiding Light 11:55 (21 NBC News Report 12:00 (2) Big Payoff (11) News at Noon (13) Jane Wyman Present* 12:15 (11) The Lee Shepherd Show 2:30 (2) Ann Southern Show (11) As The Woild Turns (13) Camouflage 12:55 (13) ABC Midday Report 1:00 (2) Jan Murray Show (11) Password (13) Home Edition News 1:25 (2) NBC Nrws Report 1:30 (111 House Party (2) Lorctla Young Theatre (13) Dragnet 2:00 (2) Young Dr. Malonc 111) The Millionaire (13) Day In Court 2:30 (2) Our Five Daughters (11) To Tell The Truth (13) Seven Keys 2:55 (U) Doug Edwards News 3:00 ( 2 ) Moke Room for Daddy (11) Secret Storm (13) Queen for a Day 3:30 (2) Captain Bob Show (11) Edge of Night (13) Who Do You Trust? will help the refugees recapture blocker, and what we wound Cuba from communism. Left un-j w j t h was a blockhead. upj "It has been so long since they put him into a game he's collect..... -"-•-"• —" -»»»•"• <*iw« muiiwi f*inr«n «I ( IT3*, Of iH4f FTerMO T«cat> Foil Office!-. und«r th« Act of Co«gr«M of Merck I. 1870. YOU'RE TELLi"NG~ME! delegation stavwl'fpnrt ™,r w~,n,, ™ «"" ~j said was how or when ' The l "Gee, it's nice of you to offer ing unemployment insurance." .t^±." Sa^weTaff^TnT ,™ r" an f:! montlls ***** should sh ° w w^'me this pas., to watch you play ta : "Tiger, we've got to do some- answer auairs. This time I would; Kennedy meant. i your next garnei Tiger . B^ frank- thing to get back some of the ly I'd *.. *....«,. j candidate voted most unlikely to convention of anhydrZ f ertiliaer j wiU put^a! ^ndTofa while t O \ succeed with the Kennedys. jtank salesmen. what has become a kind of inter- -By WIlllAM RITT- DT BASUTOtAND, Africa, Miss Tabltha Mojela la wed to Paramount Chief Conatantine Barons; Seetso Moshoeshoe II. Bet the new bride has a rough time memorizing her full new name! I I ! As Manager Casey Stengel of those hapless New York Met* uriU, no doubt, ten you—the first Mi tosses are the hardest! M*anwhil*, the lot Angeles AngoU, in their second season, are acting at frisky at >eor-olitt I ! ! . chussets Attorney General Ed-; K tends he would make French Revolution, according an historian. Those were, indeed, painful times! i i t There are more than 1/0 different kinds of sharks m the Curribean Sea —- Factographs, One would be more than enough! I ! ! For purposes of making vision te.t,, a Maine laboratory nwuie m Vms." Re P '."jameV T ™« • ,t f*t 11 wjiai iuia Lnruuiuc a tviiiu ut inicri* The ninth Congressman showed! The only member of the Ken-!national shouting match between up. and - guess what? - byjnedy Administration I could spotjhim and Premier Khrushchev. : sheerest coincidence he turned outlwas Frederick G. Dutton. whose! For weeks the American public I to be the candidates uncle high - sounding title of Assistant i was being informed through its ! Speaker of the House John jV. Secretary of State for Congres - i newspapers that Castro was get- to McCormacksatattheheadtable.jsional Relations is a euphemism it ing Soviet help in military s-up- ia- beaming avuncularly at Massa- for State Department lobbyist. IniiL , nrt t«.h n r,.inn. Th-nVh™. home and rake dough we put into you. How about yard." you helping sell hot dogs between "Sure, it's okay for you to hold:halves?" down an outside job. Tiger. But! "Here's a compass, McGurk. that don't mean you can try to Now, remember, if you ever get , sell life insurance to the referee your hands on the ball—run due "Sjduring a game." north!" "It's true he got off to a bad: "Where's Ihat doctor, Tiger just n - . •-—5, —i- — j "-r jstart. At the first practice lhey;fell off the bench again. 1 * u ,rn't P *, !"„ T,/ , ! P |ies and technicians. Then Khm-jtold him to tackle the dummy-! "Wake up. Tiger. The game's , T „ _ , , wont say Mr. Dutton skulked,|shchev thought it appropriate tol and he tackled the coach" ward J. McCormack, who.con- but he sat as far, and unobtrusive-i make B statement about it. a, back as he could get without; H is reason seemed obvious than spilling out of the ballroom. Them enough: to irritate and embarrass ., ., . ; he snuck out early. ]lne Uniu<i states an^ Cuba is the other members of; But he was there-after all he only 90 miles away in America's the delegation, except one, sent will have to lobby Mr. McCor-j backyard word they had previous committ-i mack should he win the Senator-) On Sept. 2 a joint Russian-! ac ' sh 'P- i Cuban statement in Moscow said But DAILY CROSSWORD lenses? After 2,000 years, wheel Corsets were introduced at too time ot , a two- marks of ancient Rome chariots can still be seen on Rome's Appian Way, we read. Looks i something or other, the news tick-; invitation but he man- There were rumors, unconfirm-) the supplies and men were going aged to get sick before the lun- e d, that the McCormacks had or- to Castro. Members of Congress, dered that native bearers at the i inflamed by the statement which t '"™ Into Just a., we were about to sit'eleventh hour to beat the bushes i on i y repeated what was already down to a sumptuous repast of to obtain a quorum. : known , called on Kennedy for something or other, the news tick-; The only positive thing I could j action. like the road repair crews surei ers °*< l - side the ballroom started i recognize was that most of the! The President acted in a slate- thejhave been sleeping on the job! jtlacketting a beef from Teddy j audience was considerably older j m ent of his own This said the ..- iKennedy up in Boston Ihat hiijihan the 39-year-old speaker -I Cuban military buildup wasn't o! primary election rival had been mpan the lower-case "speaker." I Uie kind that could be used for invited to address us, but he had; j go t the impression they hadn't accession outside Cuba but if it Try and Stop Me •By BENNETT CERF- the TWIST: the proverbial Englishman, Irishman, and Scotsman were in a diner for a cup of coffee. When it WSBJ served they were annoyed to discover that each cup bad a fly in it. The Englishman silently spooned the Of out of the cup and placed H on his saucer; Irishman did the , The Scot, however, reached into the cup, grabbed the fly behind the neck, and said angrily; "Okay, spit it out." • • * "Tov know," enthnsed tar. Goldberg, "that girl toy mm ha* picked out as a bride to a* smart a* she fa beautiful. Does she keep tip with the problems of tbe cteyi L*t me prove it to you. Linda, darting-, come over here not. This slung our mild and us-jbe,, n subjected to too many Teddy ua lly - unstingable president, i .Eddie jokes because they laugh- Cullen de-Jed immoderately when President aggrcssu ever takes Ihat turn the "most serious cwisoquences" will follow. Those consequences, of course, George Cullen. Mr. elared emphatically that Teddy |cullen remarked in a very droll ! ( . ould take various forms, like Kennedy had too been invited, but; mannel . Ulat Mr . McCormat-k's I invading Cuba or blockading So- appearance before us was non-j v j e t ships bringing it supplies. political. This no longer gets guf-j Kennedy also asked Congress for hadn't answered. So many other Democratic leader.: stayed away from our affair faws Irom initiates; only secret | approval to call up 150,000 troops, we couldn't get anybody except vilely nods. lit needed Uncle John and reporters to sit i when the lower caw speaker! Thi* in "turn seemed to irritate at the head table with fc-ddie Me- was introduced, the upper case! anri embarrass Khrash -hev. So Cormack, alihough jt was under- iSpc , aker jumpe(i lo his feett so | Khrushchev, who usually uses his s.ood Ihat Attorney General Ro-y e <el , obligated to follow suit.; hpaf j i^t has a tendency to loss bert i Kennedy had NOT asked T| 1U8 Eddie got a standing ova- <u spine-tingling statements like the m lo check on those who , lon . a bj ^ .^Jjerthnrtving muney showed up I must say I was favorably im- arwmi j, issued another. Press Club luncheon audiences pressed wilh the way Teddy's -r^s , ime the Russian pro- usually represent a cross-section! rival liandled himself. Eddie islnouncement. long enough to take of Washington life - bureaucrats, : very quick on , he verba l trigger. ! up almost a full page of news- politicians, diplomats, foreign cor-1He let us have this fast one: ^per type said that if this coun- respondents, and - gruesome as; "i am not entitled to a single!try attacks' Cuba or Soviet ships it may sound - guys who like to:vote because my uncle is Speak-(bound tor Cuba it will mean war. be seen lunching with newspaper-1 er . and Teddy Kennedy is not en- Kennedy relumed the compli- men. But I couldn t delect a soul j titled (o a single vole because his men! with Thursday's statement who was even trying to look as:brother it Attorney General." shortly alter the Senate save him if he knew a reporter. I askedi But I chalked him up wilh aniapproval on the troops. This now last . the ''ranger next to me what he i even deeper, and more penetral-igoes to the House where md tell this gentleman what you think about Red thought was keeping the familiars ! ing, subtlety when he was askediaction a also expected . ,. . , ^ awav : Hls re P'y. **'«••" wa » lo °! if he thought the President's pres-' Ai the end of two weeks ot " ' ' n facecl >'f"' c for me - was: I'me would he hurt it his brother powerful statements on both sides . ,, . f , ?.mnlv "l 7 lW ' n V "' tUeS °' su ' vival;i0 *'- ..oward.ce." , No, replied Eddie, It was a most unusual head more if Teddy won. 0» score i« slill n,, hits, no run,. il'd I* hurl, no enws. Bui this is one ball | KamB which u just beginning. ACROSS 1. A step of n series 9. Outlets 11. A chaplain: Mil. slang: 12. All around 13. Forefinger 14. City, Bombay province 15. Jap. fish 16. Burro 17. Hypothesis 20. Heraldic escutcheon Si. Owing at a debt 26. Rowdmeaa 28. Yearning 28. Roman mactstmtw 80. Orate 83. Grindinsf teeth 36. Service station "give away" !8. Living SB. Punctuation mark «, Coats with hoarfrost 42. Sixth VS. President 48. A drink to the bride and groom 44. To make drunk DOWN LA pin for meat 2. Ethiopian (. An increase 4. Anger 5. King 6. Mint 7. Hard, dark wood S, Secluded spot S. Melody W. Remain 16. Baseball team, formerly "the Bums" 18, Ooddeaa of death ». Teacher of Samuel 20. Timid 21. Garden tool Barry Ha* novrf M«a. •JMortmont 34. Capital of Peru 36, Ammunition Mil. slang 37.0000 by. 30, Locomotive •ompwt- merit 40. Poem A VACATION RETREAT I IONO WEfKENDS THEM FOR CONGRESSMEN? | MIGHT SOOTHE NEftVIS By HENRY CATHCART Central Press Auociation Washington Writer -TFrASHINGTOiV—Partly as an outgrowth of the endless BUM- W mers spent in Washington ty tho legislators, at least on* member of Congress is urging that the body acquire a vacation retreat where members can go for long weekends to soothe their frazzled nerve*. And Rep, Robert Barry of New York has Just tha spot Bsny wan one of the band of congressmen who last year fought a losing battle for Congree* to take a summer receaa. Now, he's proposing congressional pnrohe*e of a rambling, many-roomed boue* on at Island off the coast of Connecticut, to be tued by scions seeking surcease from Washington heat and pressures. The cost would be about 1135,000, tnolndtaK furnishing*, and Barry 1» even trying to cut this down by seeking nome foundation Hist Blight be inte'resttd in financing the purchiue as a means of improving the live* of congressmen, and thereto; a the national welfare. It has 14 bedrooms and three) ileeplng porchM, and could accommodate a healthy contingent of legislators through the long, hot nimmer weekends. Them's boatuvr. fishing, •wlmmmg, golf and tennis. Perhaps Barry'* idea will be taken seriously some day, because privately many congressmen support It. But they're een- •Itrve about the voters' reaction to doing something of this sort for themselves (remember bundles for congressmen t) mat to the whole plan probably will coma to naught. • ACCOUNTANTS' LOGIC—For saveral months, U. >. *Mine* have been paying money to ticket-holders who have been needlessly cancelled out on flights, and collecting money from ticket- holders who have failed to show up at flight time without Mi- celling their reservations. The idea, approved by the government, 1* to help Miv* tte airlines' problem of flying empty scats while having to refund payments by person* who failed to claim reservations. Many governmental employes tise the alrllni* in maUnff official buslnea* trips and their ticket* are paid for by the government. To meet the situation caused by the new penalty arrangement, the government's top accounting executive* have ruled as follows: If a government employe I* fined by the airline for fetttag to cancel a reservation, he must ]>ay the fine uut of hi* own pocktl If, however, the airline needlessly cancels his reservation. Uie money ho receive* from the airline must be turned back to the government. The idea it Uut failure to get to the airport le tha r-er»"P«' responsibility of the employe, while the bumia to the individual is compensation for a Ions of work timo—and the work Urns) loat Is by the government, not the individual. • • • • • OOOD EATINO—A couple of congreswnen were the large number of good restaurants in Washington. A third, who overheard them, Inquired about where one could find a good Chinoae rae> Uurant. That, said one of the legislators, remind* m» of a *torv, the kicker to which 1»: "Just find out where the Chinese truck drivers eat." The other congressman sJiiii tnat reminded him of another story, about an Indisa from his alate who we* visiting the '. "Are you a real Indian." a small boy asked hlmt "No." re«Us4 i Hew to Hue) ACM****

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