Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on March 14, 1939 · Page 2
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 2

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 14, 1939
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I.W«--.. 1 .I«i:«j:''-:.-T'.->r<>-' 1 . "" 4. ,' BIGHT THE CORSICANA SfcMI-WfiBKLY LIGHT, TUBSBAY, MAKCH. 14:, 1889, SUBSTITUTES GRAVE DANGER TO COTTON W1TNESSJECLARES WASHINGTON, March 13.—(ff) — N. C, Williamson, president of the American Cotton Co-Operative Association, told the house agriculture committee today rayon and other substitutes constituted a grave danger to the cotton industry. "These substitutes from a more serious threat than foreign production In our foreign markets," Williamson said. "And when we raise artificially the price of cotton, we're encouraging the substitutes." Ho sold rayon was replacing market* for about 3,500,000 bales of cotton and added that development of the Southern pine Industry was cutting cctton acreage appreciably. Williamson strongly endorsed the program approved by a conference of growers with Secretary Wallace here Jan. 16. It included approplratlon of between $400,000,000 and $500.000,000 annually for parity payments to cotton growers, reduction of the government's holdings of about 11,000,000 bales of loan cotton and transfers to the federal surplus commodities corporation of 1,500,000 bales from the loan holdings. Meanwhile, Chairman Jones CD- Texas) of the house agriculture committee said the cotton problem could be mot under existing legislation. Without referring by name 'to the recent plan of Senator Smith (D-SC) to reduce the government's loan holdings, Jones said In a statement: "Fortunately the present act provides for handling emergency situations, x x x We can and should compote in the markets or the world through orderly market- Ing in a competitive way. This can be done with much less ex-1 pense than some of the proposed \ plans would Involve. | "Let us distribute some of the cotton through relief channels. Then let us sell some of it, or thu products thereof, abroad, This can be done without disturbing thp domestic price. In fact, In the long run the domestic price will be helped by the reduction of the •amounts now in storage." Kerens Man Weds Dallas Girl; Will Reside Corsicana The following social item taken from Monday mornings' Dallas News will be read with interest In Corsicana, where the newlyweds will make their home and where both bride and bridegroom are well known and popular. . • ,..Mls.s Ida Bock became the bride of Irving I, Kamen, son of Samuel Kamen of Kerens, Sunday afternoon at the home of her MAKE THIS MODEL AT HOME THE CORS10ANA DAILY SUN DAILY PATTERN Newest Spring-Day Flatterer ' • PATTERN 4073 ' Here's the dress you want for those balmy days when you can go outdoors without a coat I Anno Adams has just designed Pattern 4073, making It so simple that oven beginners will find it a pleasure to use, There's seductive charm in every soft, flowing llnol There's originality too (so that you'll know you won't meet your "double" In the next block!) See what an un- UHiml neckline Is formed by front fullness joining the yokes. These yokes am part of the bodice back. Indeed, as the sewing instructor shows, you have only six main pattern parts, counting both short or lone sleeves, Trim with lace—and contrast belt, buttons and ribbon! Pattern 4073 Is available In misses nnd woTncn'a sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, 32, 34, 36, 38,' 40 and 42. Size 16 takes 31-4 yards 89 inch fabric and 21-4 yards lace edging; belt, 1-4 yard contrast. Send fifteen cents (15o) In coins for this Anne Adams pattern. Write plainly size, name, address and style number. Order, and enjoy, the flrBt Anne Adams Spring Pattern Book ever Issued! All those stunning clothes you want to make In a Jiffy ore "paged!" Select from frocks for EINSTEIN ANNOUNCES m SOLUTION FOR GRAVITATION RIDDLE By HOW ABO W. BLAKE81.EE Associated Press Science Editor NEW YORK, March 18.— Pro- fussor Albert Einstein, the gclen- tln' announced today he had discovered a new solution of the riddle of gravitation. The riddle IB the unknown cause of gravitation and Hi connection with electricity, mattar and magnetism. Professor Elnnteln kept the solution secret, explaining that It | Courthouse News would be tested with actual experiments. The announcement was mad* in a birthday interview— Einstein will be 00 tomorrow— to L. E, Levick of the Science National Writers, Association of and released cassroom, office and the home! ">« Ji Also—"special occasion" gowns, On ? ug . h1 sportswear, suits, lingerie, and en aembled outfits! Patterns for everyone from one to seventy are Included, and each brings Important hints on how to sew easily, thriftily, smartly! Write today. Price of Book fifteen cents. Price of Pattern, fifteen cents. Together, Book and Pattern are twenty-five cents. Send your order to the Dally Sun Pattern Department, 243 W. 17th Street, Now York, N. Y. County Chapter of | Robert Finley And Delta Kappa Gamma Miss Lee Littlepage mother, Mrs. Jacob South Boulevard, Birthday Luncheon The Navarro county chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma'held its sixth birthday luncheon . and program at the Country Club last Saturday, with Miss Lucille Marsh as hostess. The meeting was called to order by Mies Alma Armstrong, first vice-president, who acted as chairman in the absence of Mrs. E. F. Archibald, who was a guest speaker at a regional meet- Ing held by tho Beta Nu chapter at Marlin. She was accompanied by Miss Blanche Greed- hill, principal of the I. O. O. F. schools, who was initiated by the state president. Mias Armstrong and Mrs. C. D. , _________________ o _.._ _____ _. _. Bock, 2500 ; Pevehouse gave short reviews of | chapter studies. Miss Dorothy Dr. H. Raphael Gold, assisted I Love, young Coraicana artist, the Rev, Reuben Kaplan, performed the ceremony. The fireplace which formed the ground for the wedding back- party, was banked with palms and ferns .On each side were pieced backets of stately white calla Hies. A • large mound of white stock was arranged on the mantel. The wedding music was given by Mrs. Bernard, Schanen, violinist. -.The bride, given in marriage by her brother, I. I. Bock, wore a navy blue costume suit with a powder blue blouse and gloves. Her navy blue straw hat was veiled ln_blue and she wore navy accessories. Orchids .formed her shoulder boiKjuet. Miss Jessie Bock was 'her sister's only attendant. She was gowned in a zircon blue dress and her accessories were navy. She wore a shoulder bouquet of Johanna Hill roses, , Julius Jacobs, Corsicana, was Mr. Kamen's best man. M|SB Kate Bock, a cousin 'of the bride, presided at the ring- shaped cake at the reception after' the ceremony. Yellow roses were placed In the hollow of tho cake which centered the bride's a wedding trip to New table. After Orleans, Mr. and Mrs. Kamen will make their home In Corsicana. The bridegroom ID a graduate of [| Iowa College. Among the out-of-town guests for the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. David Kamen, Athens; Mr. . and Mrs. M. Kamen, Mr. and Mrs, Samuel Kamen, • Kerens; Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Miller, Mr- and Mrs. Ben Bllman, Mrs. So- •phle Miller, Miss Charlotte Miller and Miss Betty Miller, all of Fort Worth; Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mll- ler, Shreveport, La,; Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Miller. Mrs. M. M. Gordon,- Houston; Julius Jacobs, Mr, and Mrs. Raymond Goldman and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Goldberg, Corsicana: Mr. Hewnan Bock; Miss and Mr». Annabellu Mabank; and Albert Cohn, / Jal, Ji. Hereford Breeders Hold Annual Banquet t JKMWVWORTH, March 18.-I/P) ] >Un ? rad cattlemen, here , for the annual banquet o? 1 exas Hereford Breeders Asso- will hear an address by MoKelvIe, former govern- .or oj Nebraska and a director of e, "national organization. 'McKplvle,, a past president of itn«i national association, now lives £«t*I*ke«lde. Neb. The program •~'U Include addresses by Roy J. ,rner, Oklahoma City, American ^.-aSSS 0 " 1 Association president; R, *J,TKlnzer, Kan»an City,-Mo., na- «on«j association secretary; A. W. nwru of Harris, Mo.i and John p,/Burns of Fort Worth; livestock oPTAWill Meet In Business A 1 Session Thursday lm " " Navarro Parent-Teacher Ion will meet March 18 In a business meeting. 1\ T members are urged to at- as the officers for the "en•year will be elected. Also Delegates for the 'district con- to • be held in fourth and fifth. Crocket t .p t B, Cowsar will discuss - and Purposes" In th«; .tai atxd Community IB the. program topio dlsoussed by Mrs. B, F. gave y "Bi eautlful Dreamer," and 'Old Folks at Home," accompanied by Miss Rosa Baade. The luncheon table was decorated with golden colored spring flowers and red candles In tall brass candlesticks. Mrs. Addle T. McMillan read the club collect as an Invocation., Following the luncheon, Miss Marsh Introduced the club's birthday gift, the guest speaker, Mrs. R. B. Molloy, honorary member of Alpha Rho chapter, who spoke to the group on "Old Glass. After giving a brief history of glass, she pointed out that the first factory of any kind on America established in Jamestown in 1608 to furnish beads, buttons, and window glass for the colonists to use in trade with the Indians and in ither homes. She told that the entire history* of the American nation could be traced In the designs of bottles were manufactured and that men tioned how the term "booze," a slang term, originated through a liquor dealer, whose bottles promoted the campaign of Harrison. Giants in the realm of American glass, such as Casper Wlster Sandwich were shown as artists and patriots. In conclusion, Mrs. Molloy displayed several pieces of pressed and blown glass, heirlooms and gifts, and Invited club members to examine them. Mrs. J. W. Stevenson of Kaufman, second vice-president and charter member of the chapter, read Mrs. Archibald's message, "Pansles for Thoughts," before the meeting adjourned. The clubhouse was decorated with a profusion of spring flow-> ers — blue Iris, dwarf and giant jonquils, pastel sweet peas, and fruit blossoms. Guests for the occasion were Mrs. Harry Burke, guest of Mrs. Archibald; Mrs. B. A. Lauder- mllk and Miss Martha Sullenher- ger, guests of Miss Thelma Burger; and Mrs. Caston, guest of Mrs.. T. B. Klrkham. Mrs. N. M. Welch Honored on Ninetieth Birthday with Dinner Mrs. M. N. Welch, familiarly called Aunt Nellie, was honored oh her 90th birthday Friday, March 10, by her niece, Mrs. J, M. Bursbh, and daughter, Mrs, Calesta Pearson, with a lovely birthday dinner at noon and open house In the afternoon hours, when sixty or more relatives and friends called : to pay their respects and to congratulate her. At -noon the table was centered with a beautiful blr£hday cake iced in white with the figure "90" in pink decorating the top. All through the home beautiful spring flowers were attractively arranged, . Those present for the dinner other than .the honoree, the host-, ess and the Pearson children, were Mrs. Welch's brother, Leonard Gray of Kerens, Mr, and Mrs, C. C. Albrltton and mother, Mrs, Stapleton, Dallas, Mr. and Mr* O, L. Albrltton and Uttle son, and Mrs. Letha Robertson of this city, Mitch Gray and Mrs. Ben Cartledge, Kerens, and Oscar Gains, Eureka. Out-of-town relatives and friends joining • the above relatives and friends for the open house were Mrs. G. W. Brown and daughter, Mrs. Spencer of Blooming Grove, Mr. and Mre.. • Dan Logging Mr. and Mrs, Ova Cartledge, Mrs. Kennedy and Mr. and Mrs, Frank Gray of Tyler, Mri, Ben Cartledge, Mr. and Mrs. Will Price, Mr, and Mrs. Wro, Gray, Mr; and Mrs. Elvy Gray and »<in, ;•! Dudley, pf Kerens, through the association. Einstein thinks he has discovered the clue to a long-sought single law that will explain the structure of the entire universe and all the mysteries of matter and radiation. Gravitation Is the missing link, Everything else, scientists have suspected, will become clear If someone can learn how gravitation originates. The mystery of the source of matter and of energy has seemed complete, all except fitting gravitation into the puzzle. Two years ago Einstein announced he had a tentative solution which he described as the idea that a particle of.solid matter was a "bridge between shells at space." However, that solution did not work well all matters. A year ago ' evidence In & book, t the known fields" that Is electricity, gravitation and magnetism may be "tho only reality." Everything else, including matter, would become combination of the •'fields." Married In Dallas The aoclety section of Sunday's Dallas News carried a picture of Miss Lee L. Llttlepago who be-' came the bride of Robert Finley, a former Corsicanan, and the fol- Goings and Comings Of Fail-field Folk And Their Visitors FAIRFIELD, March IS.—(Spl.) —Mr. and Mrs, Buck Roblnett spent the veek-ond at Venus. Mrs. Roy Childs and daughter, Charlalne are visiting Mrs. Childs' parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Clarke, at Palestine. Mrs. Mark Short and children and Mies E. R, Crosby and children were at Corsicana Monday. C. L. Williamson waa In Madl- sonvllle on business Friday. lowing account of the wedding! Mrs. W. B. Graves of Dallas which will be of ^Interest to the I visited Mrs. H. C. Cranberry Miss To! Sparks was at Corsicana Saturday, C. E. Finley family's many friends here: The marriage of Miss Lee L. Littlepage, daughter of Mr. andj Miss Zanello Posey of Wortham Mrs. Claude Littlepage, 6810 Ham-. visited here Wednesday. mond, and Robert Edward Finley, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Finley, 301 East Eighth, took place in a pretty ceremony Saturday at 7 p.m. at the East Dallas Christian church. Dr. L. N. D. Wells officiated. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a suit of fuchsia, trimmed with fox fur and her accessories were navy. Her flowexs were orchids and lilies of the valley fashioned into - corsage. Mrs. J. W. Callahan was her matron of honor She wore an ensemble of teal blue with lipstick red accessories and her flowers were talisman roses. Bill Mr. and Mrs» Henry Grlzzard of Streetman visited Mrs. Gris- zard's sister, Miss Bessie Jones, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Bowlen Bond of Austin spent tho week-end here. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Daniel visited their daughter, Mrs. R. W. Montgomery, at Navarro Thursday. G. A. Parker, Jr., IB visiting at Beaumont this week. George Owens and Blllle Huckaby visited at Gladewater last week. Miss Celeska Walker visited at Palestine Satuday. Miss Ruth Hunter of T. S. C. McKeji attended Mr. Finley as | w « ?' De " ton ' «pent the week- best man and John Hicks and John Keehoe were the ushers. The church was decorated with palms, ferns and candelabra and Mrs. Rouse Howell played the wedding music. At the reception which followed at the Littlopage home decorations were white ta- pera in crystal holders and sweet- peas. Miss Imogene Finley, a sister of tho bridegroom; Mrs. Robert Graham, Mrs. Rollln Fountain and Miss Rutho King presided at the cake, the bride's book and punch bowl. The couple left after the reception for Little Rock and Scranton, Pa., where Mr. Finley will play baseball on the Eastern league farm of the Boston Red Sox. They will spent the summer In Scranton, returning to Dallas next September. The bride was graduated from Wopdrow Wilson High School and attended the Hockaday Junior College, Mr. Finley was graduated from the Corsicana High School an SMU. Among out-of-town guesta were Lewis Finley, a brother of the bridegroom, I Harllngon; W. S. Dugger, Mr. and "Irs. Jackson, Longvlew,. and Mr. and Mrs- J. C. Buck, Coralcana. WOODWARD TAKES OATH OF OFFICE IN SENATEJM1DER AUSTIN, March 13.—(ff)—Tho senate smashed precedent today by suspending business to permit Walter Woodward of Coieman, for 10 years a'member of the senate, to take the oath of office as state Ufa insurance commissioner in the senate chamber. An appointee of Governor W. Lea O'Danlel, Woodward and the governor shared the public praise of senators gome of whom had criticized the chief executive for oth-f er appointments. • Woodward's nomination w a B termed by Senator John Redditt of Lufkln as "one of the best made by Governor O'Daniel or any other governor." Senator Allan Shivers of Port Arthur said the governor had "chosen wisely" in the case of Woodward. Senators Clint C, Small of Amarillo, Will Pace of Tyler, and Wllbourne Collie of Eastland joined in tribute to Woodward and the governor. •Responding-, after Associate Justice Richard Critz of the supreme court had administered the oath of office, Woodward said the honor was one of the greatest tendered him. Thla was especially BO, he added, because the appointment was made without his knowledge and without solicitation by the appointee. Ice cream and cake squares decorated with 90 In pink, were served. J. H. Farmer of Dawson waa here Monday morning. J. F. Smith of Dawson was here .Monday morning. . ; Sal e $5fei ,.»wwaiw, oi «.erens, , TWU-TJURDS OFF, Cash Onlyl ^•^•iW^? 1 ;^' •••W** ^W;' J>°UW, '-' f ^^VM^^^yj^jj^ : Wjj^^ end here visiting relatives. Miss Edna Earle " and Gory Brown of Houston are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brown. E. G. Miles of Fort Worth visited here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Algy Stroud and A, A. Stroud visited at Houston and Galena Park Sunday. They were accompanied home by Mrs. W. L. Orand and children of Galena Park. Dr. Howard Smith, director of the Tuber Culosls units, of Austin, was here Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Jackson and daughter, Virginia, of Powell visited Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Miles Sunday. A. C. Moore of San Antonio visited here during the week-end and was accompanied back by Mrs. Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Sterling ChildB of Palestine visited Mr. Child's father, R. R. Childs, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Childs and family of lola spent the weekend here visiting relatives. Miss Hope Bonner of Austin spent the week-end here and at Stewart Mill. Mr. and Mrs. George Fryer and Albert Mcllveen, Jr., spent the weekend at Dallas. •Miss Bennle McDonald of Austin spent the week-end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. McDonald. Jim Mrs. Carl Heath of Venua spent the week-end here. Mrs. P. Q. French has returned home from a visit to Denison. Dr. and Mrs. L. L. Bonner were at Corsicana Monday night where Dr. Bonner attended a medical meeting. Miss Etta Belle Owens Is spending the week with relatives Oakwood. at Mr. and Mrs. M, R> Lively and son, Morris, Jr., of Austin visited Mr, and Mvi. H. L. Wllllfwd Sunday. Dionne Quintuplets Will Make Visit to Toronto See King CALLANDER, Ontario, March 18.— (Canadian Press)— Olivia Dionne, . father of the quintuplets, announced today he had accepted the invitation of the Ontario government to take his famous daugh- terH to Toronto to be presented May 22 to King Qeorve VI and Queen Elizabeth. The little girls, who will be five years old May 28, have never been outside Callander and when the invitation was issued March 1 7 Dionne looked on It with disfavor, asking why the government could not arrange for the royal couple to come to Callander, Dionne today said he had a "keen desire" to have . the girls meet their' majesties and that he would take his entire family to Toronto if arrangements were made for their accommodation, * HELP YOBB, KIDNEYS If functional Kidney or Bladder disorders cause 'Getting up Nights Backache, . Disturbed Sleep, Dizziness or Rheumatic Pains Johnson Pharmacy and .Brown Phar. macy will sell you a box of Tui> District Court. Fannie Hubert vs. Alcphonz Hubert, divorce granted, Mre. Bessie Sumner vs. W. B. Sumner, divorce granted. Preston Bates vs. Emily Bates, divorce granted, Floyd Qolnes entered a plea of guilty to an indictment for driving a car while Intoxicated and was given a two-year suspended sentence by a Jury Monday morning. The jury for the week was excused Monday morning until Wednesday morning by District judge Wayne R. Howell. District Clerk'i Office. The following mase was filed: Herbert A. Rust Vi. Well Machinery & Supply Company, personal injuries. The petition asked for $6,850 damages as the alleged result of Injuries and damages sustained when a car of the plaintiff Is said to have figured in a collision with a car driven by E. B. Walden, owned by the defendant company, Oct, 10, 1938, on Highway 31 five miles east of Corsicana. Marriage License. J. B. Blakney and Thyra Mae Trent. Warranty Deeds. Mrs, W. H, Moore to B. L. Moore, Jr., 66.8 acres S. A Klmble survey, $3,000. G, H. Love et ux to Guy R. Love, 8P acres D. W. Collins aur- vey, $2,400. Mrs. Una Davis Peck et vlr to John S. Finch, Jr., a lot 57 1-2x168 feet In block 460, Corsicana, $10 and other considerations. Sheriff's Office, Two negrcsses were arrested for disturbing the peace Saturday night by Deputy Sheriff Jeff Spencer as a result of an altercation. One was armed with a knife and tho other with a large nail. Deputy Sheriffs Jeff Spencer and George Mnssey went to Pur- 4on Sunday night following the burglarizing of Mr. Farmer's house two miles north of Purdon when a battery radio was missed. A window screen was cut to secure the radio, officers reported. Justice Court. One was fined for disturbing the peace, one for drunkenness and three for speeding, Two were fined for disturbing thn peace and'one for vagrancy during the week end by Judge Pat Geraughty. Commissioners' Court. A continued discussion was held at the commissioners' court Monday morning with reference to the financing of the "findings" for thi five sewing rooms-now being f> erated In Navarro county—two m Corsicana and one at Kerens, Blooming Grove and Dawson. It was brought out in tho discussion that only $81.35 remains in the $850 set up for this work until Jan. 1, 1940, and $100 is necessary each month. Representatives from each of the places where the projects are located, appealed for a continuance of the work and pointed out that $8,400 In salaries, etc., are'provided In this manner. County Auditor E. Y. Cunning-, ham said that the general fund of Navarro county had $23,363 and owed the First National Bank of Corsicana $36,000. He said January tax collections In Navarro county were off $25,000 this year. Another meeting will be held of those Interested in this situation when the state supervisor can be present. J. H. Etter was appointed constable of the Dawson precinct. Mack Lawrence recently was appointed but had failed to qualify. Mildred school district was authorized to sell an old building located on the school ground, for $160. Texas Was Subject Pioneer Literary Glib of Kerens KERENS, March 13.—(Spl.)— "Texas, High, Wide and Handsome," was the program theme of the Kerens. Pioneer Literary club Friday afternoon, when It met in the home of 'Mrs. Hugh Barlow, with Mrs. G. H. Wilemon aa co-hostess With the president, Mrs. H. J. Ncwsome, in the chair, roll .call was answered with "Safety Rules," since our state Is so deeply concerned in maintaining life, liberty and limbs. Mrs. Newsome presented R. P. Walker, guest and Xerens traffic safety director, who w ave some Interesting and instructive pointers and in turn introduced and presented to the clu'i our distinguished speaker_, of the day, who!, RICHBERG ARRIVES IN MEXICO Donald Riehberg (left) is shown talking with newsmen upon his arrival In Mexico City for a conference with President Lazaro Cardenas con- corning problems arising out of Mexico's expropriation of the $400,000,000 Oil Industry. TRAGEDY IN YOUTHFUL ROMANCE Carole Morrison, 18-year-old high school senior (right), was given a SO-BO chance of surviving three gunshot wounds which County Attorney Sam Goodwin said resulted dxjrlng tt lovers' quarrel at Pauls Valley, Okla., with Murray Williams, 22, left, who was held In Jail pending outcome of the girl's Injuries. SENATOR WHEELER SUGGESTS SPECIAL COMMITTEES STUDY SITUATION TO AID ECONOMY WASHINGTON, March 13,— (IP) — President Roosevelt ' discussed with democratic leaders of congress today how much additional money would be needed to operate WPA until July 1. The leaders told newsmen afterward "the President would send a message 1 to congress tomorrow on the subject. Asked whether the message would request the full $150,000,000 which congress cut from the President's original $875,000,000 request In January, Speaker Bankhead, replied: "You'll have to wait and see." WASHINGTON, March 13.— (/P) — Senator Wheeler (D-Mont) suggested today that special congressional committees be created to study government fiscal and administrative policies with a view economy and ef- to promoting ficiency. "We as democrats or progressives must admit there is a lack of confidence on the part of business, both big and little," said Wheeler. "It is caused partly by threats of war, in Europe and the situation in tho Orient and partly by Internal conditions. "Unless the liberal forces of the country recognize the facts and seek to regain the confi- ¥.1 WATERMAN DIED CALIFORNIA; HAD RESIDED HERE W. H. Waterman, age 84 years, died at his home, 1419 South Fourth street in Arcadia, Calif., last Wednesday, according to word received here by friends. "* oorscnye of each j was an ern pu>y e e of the American " spoke on Texas and outlined an ideal program on the Industrialization of our resources As president of the Texas Good Roads Association he also brought Instructive data. Concluding hli discourse, Mr. Martin asked the ladies to stand and sing "The Eyes of Texas," after which Mr. A. S. Pritohard played as a piano solo, David Gulon's interpretation of "Turkey In the Straw." Brick cream and white cake squares with decorations In keep- Ing with the coming St. Patrick hodllay, were served to the membership, and to G. H. Wllemdn, Mrs. J. E. Simmons, Mrs. C. J. Hall, Mrs. Charles Reese, Mrs. Jere Daniel, and Mrs. Allen Mo- Cluney, who were welcome guests. KERENS, March 13.—(Spl.)— Miss Anna Ernest Tyus, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Robert Tyus, senior at T.S.C.W., Denton, Is gaining practical experience, this semester as she serves as a regular member of the faculty of the Denton school system. Miss Tyus will take her Bachelor degree in .June. Dallas Contractor Passed Away There Sunday Afternoon DALLAS, March 13.— Funeral services will be held here Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock for Henry W, Link, aged 79 yean, building contractor, who died Sunday. Burial will be In Wichita, Kan. Link has resided here 46 years and had constructed many churches and other large buildings here and several churches in Corsloana, Amarlllo, • MoKlnney, Clarksville and Terrell. Well & Prospecting Company a number of years, He moved to California about 10 years ago. Surviving.are his wife, a son, Dr, Herbert Waterman; a, daughter, Miss Gladys Waterman, two grandsons and a great-grandchild, all of Arcadia. Texas Farmers to Lead All Southern States' Payments WASHINGTON, March 13.— <if) — The Agricultural Adjustment Administration said today Texas farmers, expected to receive $55,000,000 in payments, will lead all others in Southern and Southwestern states as the distribution of 1938 soil conaervatlon benefit checks reaches a peak this month. About 20 per cent of the total to be distributed to framers who co-operated in, the 1938 programs had been paid up to March 1, the AAA said, checks amounting to about $11,000,000 had already been sent to 111,000 of the 714,000 ellgl- bles In Texas. ___ _ Grand Champion Steer Shown By Mason County Boy FORT WORTH, March 13— <#)— Twelve-year old Oliver Grote's 860- pound Hereford was declared grand champion steer of the 1039 .Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show today. Young Grote, Mason 'County . 4-H Club member, is a. brother of ' Gordon : Qcote, ^ Who ' showed • the dence of the people, we will be supplanted by a reactionary republican administration in 1940." Wheeler voiced belief congress should "find out for Itself how much money Is necessary to cover the needs of the unemployed under a coordinated, well-admlnis- lere'd agency." •• • President Roosevelt Is expected this week to renew his request for an emergency $130,000,000 appropriation to operate the WPA until June 30. Hlg recommendation already Is encountering criticism from congressional economy advocates, including Chairman Harrison (D-Miss) of the senate finance committee. Wheeler said "waste and extravagance" are apparent in government administration. He suggested efficiency could be increased and money saved if congress would set up committees to "get all the facts" about federal operations between now and 1940. Wheeler endorsed a bill by Senator Byrnes (D-SC) for a new department of public works to take over the WPA. and other existing relief agencies. Senator Barltloy (D-Ky), the administration leader, promised right-of-way for the bill oh the senate floor, but did not take a stand for or against it. FATHER CORSICANA MAN DIED SUNDAY AT CLEOURNE HOME CLEBURNE, March 18.—Funeral services for M. D. Sanders, long-time resident of Johnson county, who died Saturday, were held here Sunday afternoon at 2:80 o'clock from the Central Christian church with interment In the Hopewell cemetery. Mr, Sanders was a native of ^ Mississippi, but came to Texas and resided at Tupelo, near Corsicana, with his parents, Dr. and Mrs, M, D. Sanders, when he was a child. Surviving are his wife, a ion, / E. M, Sanders, Cloburne; five daughters, Mrs. F, E. McPherion, Corsloana; Mrs. P. E. Moore, Ranger; Mrs. Ralph Kuykendall, Huntsville; Mrs. W. M. Gray, Cleburne, and Mrs. Cora Leatherwood, Crosbyton, and other relatives. ^ Ford Moto? Company Seeks to Offer New Testimony on Fight WASHINGTON, March 13.— (IP) —The Ford Motor Company asked the labor relations board today for permission to offer new testimony to prove Us friendliness to labor and Its Innocence of wrongdoing in the May, 1937, fight at Ford's River Rought plant. Several organizers of the United Automobile Workers of America were severely beaten in the fight,-, but, today's motion said: i' "The persons who participated in the riots of May 26 were persons assigned to no duties by the respondent (the company) In connection with its preparations and a few persons who were assigned to such duties but who departed from thr' instructions." Those beaten had attempted to pass out union literature atijfi, the motion continued, on no sunk sequent occasions "were the persons who participated in the distribution of ll'.eraturo molested b" any employes of respondent." Boy Is Painfully Injured When Hit By An Automobile Odls Hlckson, aged 10 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Hickson, 309 North Thirteenth street, received severe injuries Saturday afternoon about 5:15 o'clock when he was struck by an automobile while riding a bicycle at the intersection of North Thirteenth street and West Fourth avenue. He was rushed to the Navarro clinic in a Corley Ambulance where he received treatment. _ Eastern Star Study Group to Meet With Mrs W. W. Halbert. Due to Illness In th" home of Mrs. W. H. Mliam, Jr., tho,East- ern Star study group will m,eet .«. Tuesday fflternoorr with Mrs. W. W. Halbert. Members of tl.--study group are urged to note the change In the place of meeting. Personal "^ Jess Tyner, constable of Kerens, was a Coralcana visitor Monday morning. C. L. Tillman of Blooming Grove was a Corsicana visitor Monday morning. Corporation Court. Two charges of intoxication, four of operating cars without tall lights, one of disturbing the peace, one of operating a car with only one headlamp, and one of intoxication and disturbing the peace brought offenders Into the Corsicana corporation court Mon-ft day morning. _ " Sale —on Fruit trees and arborvltas— TWO-THIRDS OFF, Cash Onlyl , CLOWK FLORAL COMPANY. V ' Go Crazy i: Sketched from stock. Ask to see style 294. io HUARACHES! Wear these mad little sandals with a flower in your teeth 1 Wear them with your gayest, dizziest dirndl or peasant dress! Wear !• them all day long with everything! For 'they're the smartest, most exotic shoes you've ever seen! Taken from the famous Mexican Huaraches, they're handwoven of American | leather, over American lasts. In natural leather, all white, or Japonica and white.. |g 4 Shoe Store Co. \ Surviving are bU wife and two

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