Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 15, 1969 · Page 2
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 2

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1969
Page 2
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fuisddy, July IS, DEATHS & FUNERALS Smith Taps Nine For Rate Probe AUSTIN (AP) - Gov. Pristofi j Barker, news director of Mafeelm Hasllng§, 70 fiE LEON (§HC) — Services Smith named a committee of fof Malcolfn Hastings, 70, arel nine toda y to investigate the pending at Nabofs Funeral I "spiraling cost of private auto Home. Burial will be in Gorman '. insurance fates." Ceihetefy. TV in Dallas; and Harry Hubbard Jf. of Austin, legislative director of the Te*as APL-CtO. Deme Senators Dim Hopes For Early Surtax Action By Mi HALL WASHINGTON (AP) -» Mof« than a half dozen Democratic senators havfc served ftotiee they will offer a broad series 6f ta* feform amendments to the Income surtax extension bill. The annouflcement appeared the AFL-CIO has opposed In- j to apply the padlock after Dem He appointed former Gov. surance fate increases for ocratic Leader Mike Mansiield Me died Monday night in Medi- P? ic e Daniel, who did battle i years, saying Insurance cofnpa cat Center Hospital in Odessa. | with the insurance industry in j nies are profiting without higher Me had been ill three months, i 1961 ° v er Hurricane Cafla loss- j rates. He was bom July 18, 1898 in es, to head the group. Joriesboro. He was manager of! Also on the committee are a men's club in Odessa and mar- • Highway Commission Chairman Smith charged the group with virtually closed the door Monday on any chance fof final action on the surtax extension bill before Congress starts its sum* making "a thorough study to fner recess Aug. 13. fat 18 PIP earn surtax fof the laJt ii* ffiMfe Si fhil y«Sf, then 16W the rate id 5 per cetil fof lhe first half of 10M. Democrats Seeking Wide changes In thfe SuflM legislation" include Edfnund S. Muskii of Maine. Vance Maftke of Indiana, Fred R. Harris of Oklahoma, deorge McGovern of South Dakota. Lee Melcalf of Mori- tefta, William Pfoxniire of Wisconsin, and Philip A. Hart of Michigan. Their proposals will cover such subjects as oil depletion, a Hospital Notes determine the facts behind the By proposing a series of| m j n j mum ^ f of tn - 6 wealthy, lfltoMB.4* for this eolufnf) released by aulhiotity of jbatient of relative.) MfeMOftlAL HOSPIf AL DisiWJssals SatBfday Sfownwood — Mrs. James fe. Molfiies and baby. AdnlJssiofJs Srownwood "-Mrs. Sillie ft. AycoJc, 140§ Oakland fif.; Dee Pepper, 104 Salt Creek t)r.; Mrs. Gera'Id Callaway, 1411 Hawkins, Building Being Damaged Ifi It ISM 6Hi east fire few flpetttfl mm MM* i A fin a tfie cipg fil old Austlfi Aveftue ftfsbyteflafi ChufCri now beinj 'demolished, bf-eugbt the firownttbotl FITS Bept. eut at 2:33 p.m. Monday. Of iht tm IS Unknown but a Small poftiofi of wood in the ceiling was burned. The latest fife to be reported , - s it tf f-AA was a trash fire on the 1500 block of Austin The can was received by city firemen: at 8:44 a.m. today. A truck fire previously reported and a car fire gave sorhe variety to firownwood firemen 8? MArt, ffl ESifilftS, , ErSfh, witti, SIA s*6», *il«6 t>it thli B8B%r *n k »»Jf., ._» ASSOClAttB H Ihtilicdl ., . WEMBEft OP TH TW MioetSfM eluslviiy to uii tor publlcstion ill in this M « *m *.. mo PAY- Fled Grace Clements Dec. 26.!DeWitt Greer and former Sec-! spiraling cost of private auto amendments, the Democrats j stock options for executives, for-; Mrs. Hazel Coker, Sunset fer-j , 1921 in Comanche He had iived : retary of Stale John Hill, who j insurance rates." He said ha ex- could launch the Finance com-jejgj, earnings for executives,! race; Mrs. W. L«e Robertson, ;r A in Odessa about 20 years. lost a race for governor in 1978. j pects the committee to complete mittee into the time-consuming \ foreign earnings Of corpora-j 1508 Sixth St.; Walter Gary mc >Mb. Survivors are his wife; one ! Hill is a lawyer who has won , its work by early fall. : flt * pfl "' main* tav ttfnrm when i .I-.*.- ** .,._>... .....m. »„., ~*,j ! Watelro oin? Minih rtf • U?e fighting an un- of grass fires this (CoNT iNUfit> FROM PAGE 1) i area of major tax reform when j n of]S) afl e x c ess profits tax, and j Walske, 2103 Ninth St.; Mrs. son, Wayne of Andrews; two a number of suits against in- i In his "charge to the commit-, its public hearings reopen next • f arfn operations cohductPd at a Alpha Holland, 1802 Waco St. i...*.... ** . , ., .,..;,.... —^-«:_- »«- » iu. «„„. »^»iru«it., «mr,t ' loss to offset profits made else* Bangs—Robert Willie Pierce daughters, Mrs. Laverne Hodge su £ ance companies. tee," the governor specifically week. of Pecos and Mrs. Fay Allen i Others named are Dr. Alford ' asked for a study of the possi- The committee, after its final of Odessa; three brothers, Lewis Hazzard of Austin; Edwin Mer- j bility of mandatory liability cov- public hearing today on the proof San Antonio, Lyendell of Fortriman of Lubbock, president of \ erage, reduction in rates for visions in the House-passed sur- uoy M1Ii W>MK: ^ , ^ Worth and Walter of Rising ; the State Society of Certified i careful drivers, possible higher lax bill, goes into executive ses- Po ,. Committee was standing -J. .1 .. j... ^. .« • t~\, -t_ 1 • _ 1. . . .j- j _ i.i i _ «%f t~\ !_..*_. f _ f . • .. .__ ...• 11. i • ^.1. __ HIAM 'i MI tt*ns4 *tit f/l rtie/>t1oe tt/n 3 r ' ^ -. , .. ... ... ivfa n sri e |cl said in a speech the Senate Democratic Jr.; Robert S. Martin. Coleman—Henry H. Williams Brookesmlth— Mrs. Garland Ray Bailey. Dismissals Sunday Brownwood ^Mrs. Earl W. Staf; three sisters, Mrs. Stella Public Accountaints; W. 0. rates for persons with high ac- sion Thursday to discuss what f^iby jt s position thaf mean- Levisay of Seagraves, Mrs. Mo- 'Shafer of Odessa, former pfesi- j cldertt records, the possibility of , to do or itax reform. ingfu] tax reform must be com , zelle Nee] and Mrs Mary dent of the stale Bar of Texas; i including investment income in President Nixon has called for j siderec ] tfrnultaneously with sur- , Dennis Sr. t 1106 Ave. H; Pam> Greeves of Waco; nine grand- i Sam S. Wood editor of the Aus- determining the financial quick Senate action on the ; tax 6?ffension | 6 ) a Deeds, 1107 Holcomb St.; children and three great-grand- ' tin American-Statesman; Eddie strength of insurance firms and ' House bill, which would extend ^ Maniatia Democrat said Mrs. Sam Dela Rosa and baby, ' Mrs. G. L. children. APOLLO- (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) Richland Springs Revival to Begin HIGHLAND SPRINGS (BBC) him. If not. their death would —The Church of Christ here will s come after two days on the in• hold its summer revival from : hospitable, airless moon. Monday, July 29 through Sun- lf cvery thjng goes well, they day, Aug. 4, wi] ] lift off afler a 22-hour stay Everung services will begin _, oaded with up t 130 poun / s at 8. A singing school will be of moon dirt _: and r e tu rn to held from 7:15 to 7:45 each earln j u ] y 2 4. evening. | ,,j WOU ) dn ^ sa y f ear j s an un . FINAL The car is owned by 0. ft. classrooms beginning this fall, CHne of Brownwood and the j smith said. Two will be at North cause of the fire reported at fiiemenlary and one each at 10: 10 p.m. Monday was a flood- \yest and East Elementary ed carburetor which caught fire. No damage is reported from this blaze. one .he schools. Passed a resolution sewer field near the city dump t3:15i notes with First National Bank in the amount of $82,000 in case and federal monies do not in time for paying of there appeared no chance a 1217 Fisk ol ,ld Chrane, 507 E. Jamar, 104 the broadening of rate brackets. He also asked the group to make detailed comparisons of Texas insurance rates of acci-> dent frequency, repair costs and j ,„_.__.„.„_ ^r,™* n *nc« i\ ^sa. the effect of concentration of (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) But he sald> Congr e SS wou ld by_ the August congressional re-1 race, cess. f ar iu n . u f, b ^"» areas wiUl those i hour s g° in .g over chan s e ord . ers in connection with construction, approving most of them. They ««»,,... r«m!iB will be publicity has been giv- between tween young and older age LVTC^ill YUUJIK OJ1U I'lUl'l »&>- ' , i groups and the accident rates .?,??«?« t the change orders. Kasch Brothers of Big Spring, contractor for the project, re- be willing to continue through at least Sept. 30 the present wase and salary income tax withhold- Cross Plains — Mrs. M. J. Kelly; Mrs. Ella Mae Lane, Admissions Monday Brownwood Mrs. Karln Herring, 2019 Vine St.; Miss June ing rates which include the 10 ; Smith, 1615 Stewart. cent surcharge. A one- i Blanket —Mrs. Lonnle Minica. ported at 1:20 a.m. today three 1 miles out on the Bangs highway j teachers salaries this month, on the Santa Fe right-of-way j interest on the notes would kept the city firemen moving, be two per cent for a maximum The Bangs Highway fire was period of 60 days, exlinghished by the time fire- j s tx~ put off a decision on Morton. men arrived on the scene ac-1 p urcn ase of a new air condition- cording to assistant chief Burl er for ^ e scnoo i tax office pending further detailed study by the administration. per month extension of these rates j to July 31 already has been voted. Administration officials, however, have insisted on extension Dismissals Monday Rising Star —Mrs. Rose Gardner. BIRTHS A daughter, Suzanne, to Mr. edge that there may be some government is determined to paren t s are Mrs. E. T. Camp- U 1 T»t. Ul' " 1 '* iJ ' ~ «•*• • —•—* w <.<.»^ «w uv»ru L/CUUO V/l MJC QUHJ IIJPUI OJI*-U. ' - » 1 K'J V t-J HHiWii' tt-> vt\_> schools. The public is invited, thing that you haven't thought ra tes on private passenger vehi- pered early construction days. ; slow down inflation. •*•*• -HI in. •.. •• .•..••i. ...••• 5 «f ««J TAA! on** w>! —V-*t KA. •.«(-< Ul A i 4 it *>, »,t * i \XTttVi t\^f\ ( !»•(-• I 4C_rln\i Avi/incinn t ••»_ M^I.I _^: J lU^ of and feel you might be unable i c ]e S) " Smith said. — — — ... be)] of Temple and L. D. Snod- With the first 45-day extension, j Mansfield said the surtax and ; grass of Da]las> p ate rnal grand- Local Twirlers Win Honors at Abilene Revival Is Planned Two first places were won by ' ELM GROVE (BBC) -The a group of twirling students of revival at the Elm Grove Bap- Marijane Moore who attended list Church will begin Sunday the Big Country Baton Fesli- and continue through July 27. val in Abilene last Saturday. I Rev. Bruce Myrick of Brown- The 10 girls who attended pla- wood will be the preacher. Ser- ced first in a large team and j vices will begin al 8 p.m. each dance twirl team. These includ-1 n '6ht. Holt Revival Set to cope with. Our training and j The governor said Thursday ' the contract expired on May 15 ; refornl i ssue s could be consid- ; Sa rents are Mr and Mrs. M. f d all the work that goes into prep- the 11.4 per cent average state- with completion actually coming j ered j n separate bills but they ! L Bai]ey of Midland. 1 M aration for flight does ever}-- ; w j de private passenger car in- j last Thursday-56 days beyond , must be before the Senate at the ' ' A son James gdmund III to I bie Grecn< Brcnda + V»tnrt it ^>n« frttifoi-^ m*f3c-tMrT .. t • _____ ._ _____ .__ iiU^__«.i __ ^^ ...«:>.« 4 '. ^M l ______ il^^^. ' .' l\lTi»^v^nMT3*\rtrT*» fl/^ L ( . McCabe > Sher y! Crockett, HOLT (BBC) — The Holt ' thing it can toward erasing j SU rance rate increase recom- Baptist Church will have a re- those kind of possibilities." (mended by the state Insurance vlval beginning next Mon- j The three spacemen, veterans Board staff bordered day. Rev. Harley Pitts is pas- i of other launches, were asked if ; catastrophic. tor. Services will start each eve- the tension of being rocketed off; than on the nuig at 8:30. EasementOkayed For Small Dam An easement permitting 0. P. Leonard to construct a small diversion dam 204 feet down the canal from the base of the dam was more than watching a friend be launched. "There is no doubt when you're lying on your back on the Saturn 5 there is a different feeling than when you are looking up and seeing some of your compatriots doing the same thing," said Aldrin. "I think I would sum up my word 'anticipation' the contract expiration. same time. Soviets Still Silent About Space Shot New Post Office FoundationLease ;0pen af R /, and Formal OK Formal approval of a 99-year lease between the Brown Coun- P, . - Rodeo Plans Studied Mr. and Mrs. James E. Holmes | }f m **"> f^TT"',! 5f i Jr. of 1300 13th St., July 9, Me-1 f and Natalie Ho ' al ? d and Miss ' ELM GROVE (BBC) - The morial Hospital. Maternal' Tex-EUe Jolyn WhaJcy. ; Elm Grove Rodeo Assn. met grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. I Capturing first in small team i ] a st week to make plans for D. H. Day Jr. of Abilene and , competition were Betty Ann , (}j e rodeo July 31, Aug. 1 and 2. paternal grandparents arc Mr.; Chrisli. Sharon McCabe and p , ans are being made to bui ^ . ,, , „ . T, . rvc,- > and Mrs. Steven Ennis of Cana-.; Jolyn Whaley. ; , . , k - Richland Springs Post Office . da , In individual competition the j new P 6 " 5 and do [ cpalr W ° P U began operations today in a new-- A son> John Charles Jr., lo I girls won a total of 21 trophies ! «> the pens and chutes which ty Water Improvement District ly remodeled building. Mr. and Mrs. John Charles j and 46 medals. iy ,,«u Cl ,,u H , U v C u«= «.,« The safc , a " d ^ er «l« ! P m ? nl i Smith of 1419% Brady Ave Ju . No 1 and the 4-H Youth Develop- were moved lo lhe ncw locatlon i ly 9, Memorial Hospital. Maler- ment CndaUon Vai; Cn :'.«». "'^t. The buiJdlng provides | nya i grandparents are Mr. and are already there. Monday night by directors of the district. _ jv( ; n ; last night. The building provides „ nf , double the space for the post office and includes room for few days." Another time, Aldrin said, V-/HJWJJ J J4UA1JL-CJ f lJt-U «3(JVIIVC bWUUJT : J. 4 JU |W**lJV opprOVfll Vi 3 S lOi j . , •, on the unmanned spaceship j 78.76 acres of land adjacent to i slreet P arKin g 5 P ace Luna 15 that is expected to \ 'the Mountain View area on Lake j reach the moon about the time, Brownwood. Mrs. H. J. Holley of Brownwood. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. W. J. C. Smith Jr. of Allen. off Wednesday. the U.S. Apollo mission blasts initial plans for the 4-H state center consists of eight areas County Water Improvement Dis^ trict No. 1 at their monthly meet ong Monday. .. Wfl rprfainlu ^ , hinkjnD ^ News pap ers publishing for the ; including a^meeting siFe, admin- , first time since the launching ! ictratinn hnildint? dinine area mit Leonard farm and pecan i itively for VeJ7 many years." Sunday published the ^^&'^S^^\^S hous- orchard run an irrigation sys- { He assured a newsman "I think communique but added nothing.! - mR llnil staff ^}» a ,,nn and tern,Joe Paul, manager of the | we are very well suited to say i p r avda, the only Moscow news- j' t, a i nt ; na l p district said. 'when' we land-not 'if.' " j naDer nublished on Monday, did i a md " utndnce Collins noted that all Blakley Discharged Aiter Being Overcome by Smoke unit and ! AUSTIN (AP) — Former Sen. safety through the thick smoke. 5 Vacancies Left For Cify Schools In other business, directors •*.** W**W* fcSMWJ-lt^hJhJI V*4* W \-VJt ij ' 1 1 ' t t t it* 1 I l> 1 'l 1 agreed to cancel the contract I ™>rW wil I be watching the feat | day between the district and Lake paper published on Monday, did the ! not mention the moon probe to-1 Brownwood Yacht Club. Thej agreement followed a request by ; John Arthur, commodore of the i club to release the group from th d announcement Sunday said Luna 15 would conduct Five teacher openings remain in Brownwood Public Schools, Supt. Guy T. Smith revealed at Monday's meeting of the school board. Blakley, a"Dallas lawyer and j Smilh recommmended 14 in- accountant who started his ca-1 dividuais who were employed today after 1>eing overcome by reer as a cowboy, twice served j during an executive session. In smoke from a burning mat- as a Democratic senator from; addition, 1G resignations were tress in his hotel room. William A. Blakley was treated and discharged al a hospital hospital spokesman said of the moon and the space near "I have no television set on j the moon." board," he said, "and theiefore! There is considerable specula- — — „ „ ----- ,. — ,.w-~. "further scientific exploration j /\ f Q VVOOQ Center Blakley was given emergency i treatment and was discharged Variety day will be Wednesday ! at 4:10 a.m., about three hours o the club j organized last fall has not been made. Possible Whiskey ^ • i LJ*H r\ r\ Theft is studied Daniel, Hill Due Positions On Insurance Probe Panel The possibility of an undetermined amount of whiskey believed taken from a box car beginning al 2 p.m. al the Brown of lhe few j lion that it will try to scoop up j County MulU-Purpose Center, 's not going to i samples of the moon's surface i 125 Walnut A talent show will and return them to earth, get-) be f ea iured with music empha- ting the jump on the Apollo 11. S j zed> astronauts. open to the public, any type of musical talent or stunt will be welcome according to Mrs. Harley Black, director of the center. be able to gee" the actual landing on the moon. "Save the (television) tape for me," AUSTIN (AP) - Gov. Preston was reported Monday afternoon Smith will name two prominent to the Brownwood Police Dept, ' by George Bell, special agent for the Santa Fe, A cjoor to 'he boxcar was discovered open Monday afternoon by a railroad employe. According to Police Lt. Vic Fowler, the box car from Louisville, Ky, was destined for San Diego, Calif, Report of the possible theft was made at 6:30 p.m. Monday, After investigation both Bell and Fowler agree that most' jy some whiskey is missing from the car, however the two dp not think the theft occurred jo Brownwood, Fowler sajd this RD Texans who have done battle with (he insurance industry to a seven-member committee to investigate auto insurance rates, reliable sources said today. Smith's appointments were expected today. Informants said Smith's appointees will include former Gov. Price Daniel; former Sec* retary of State John HH1, a candidate for governor in the 1968 democratic primary; Highway Commission Chairman DeWitt Greer and Ed Merriman, a Lu> bock accountant. Daniel took on the insurance companies in 196} after some coastal residents whose proper* ty was damaged by Hurricane Carla were told they weren't protected from such Josses by their insurance policies, Hill is a lawyer who has won numerous cases against '""'~ ance companies. §mjth skipped PRESCRIPTION^ S A R V I C E ti VISIT QP8 AMP 6KACK BAJ| GIFTS jn4 COSMETICS FOB ceremony with the Texas Society of Architects Monday afternoon to compile a list of appointments to the committee. The governor said Thursday he was seriously considering the appointment of a statewide committee to investigate the rates and the state Insurance Board's rate-making policy. Tuesday, the state Insurance Board's staff recommended an 11.4 per cent average statewide increase in private passenger car rates. Smith said this borders on "catastrophe." He declared he would call a select group of insurance company presidents to Austin to discuss the increase. The beard said it welcomed ajiy investigation that might jm.» prove rgterrnaking or verify its sltffs findings of the need for an Increase, A source close tp Smith said the governor was trying to se* Jeet a weli-bsjanced group to serve m the cornrnittee. SPECIAL PBi'FINJIH PANELING 3 BOWIE 49 AND UP SLOW BUT PROFITABLE KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) - NepaJ has what may perhaps be the world's slowest train. It leaves Jayanagar at noon and reaches Janakpur at four in the afternoon—a distance of 20 miles. This train service is reported to be the only one in which makes a profit, Bluffvue DRIVMN THEATRE Artwlts i,QO Children FREE NOW SHOWING JIIA6K ANP&URNiNC AT BOTH IN W mm anr $ BOUUU mm mi,.- after a hotel guest smelled the smoke and reported it. The fire, on the eighth floor of the Commodore Perry Hotel, forced evacuation of about 40 guests, many in night garments. It was quickly extinguished, Blakley was carried to the lobby and given oxygen. An ambulance took him to a hospital, apparently still unconscious. He was still clad in trousers and shirt. Firemen said the maltvess presumably was ignited by a cigarette. A guest smelled smoke about 1:15 a.m. as it spread into other rooms on the same floor. Hotel employes helped other guests grope to Texas by appointment. He was named first in 1957 lo succeed Price Daniel who resigned to become governor of the state, and did not seek an elective term, His second appointment was to the Senate seat of Lyndon B. Johnson, who left it to become vice president, Blakley ran against John Tower, a Republican, in a special election that same year and lost. During the campaign against Tower, Blakley sold his 34 per cent interest in Braniff Airways for $13.5 million and resigned as executive committee chairman and a director of the airline. In 1961 Blakley disclosed the transfer of $100 million in personal assets to the philanthropic Blakley-Braniff Foundation, which he heads. INTERSTATE'S OWI OWN Hurry UST PAYS Adm, J.35^100«-5Qc OPEN J3?4S ifOO—3;l llARin|H"T s INT<:> HIGH GEAR i *& COMING WED. accepted. The vacancies include two in elementary schools, junior high hornemaking, junior high special education and senior high indus- Irial arls. Individuals hired were David Lewis, junior high band director; Cecil Elkins, junior high science and physical education; Phyllis Daniels, licensed vocational nurse at senior high; D. J. Tindol, senior high science; Nelda Posey, junior high social studies; Guy Nell West, senior high English. Also, Barbara Grady. Ronald Ellis and Sandra Driskill, all at North Elementary; Linda Bes- senl, South Elementary; Norma Bessent, music and art at Coggin and Woodland Heights: Linda Holland and Virginia Miles, both special educalion; Patricia Weaver, Title 1 English. Resignations accepted were Leona Shcrrod, Virginia Sellars, Sharon Lohse and Marilyn Sen- wamkrug, all North Elementary; Paula Berry and AJ Lohse, bolh Coggin Elementary; Jwj- elle Sharp, South Elementary. And, Jean Sutherland, Kay Robb, Troy Kennedy, all junior high; Ann Means, John Felts, James Scott and Myrtle Gil- brealh, all senior high school; Larry Nettleship, all schools. CAMP BOWIE DRIVE-IN THEATRE Adult* 1,00 Children Free THE RETURN OF THE GREATEST ADVENTURE AND ROMANCE IN A THOUSAND YEARS! "JBIG AS 'BEN-HUB. IF NOT BIGGER!" • TIMES SAMUEL 0RONSTON P1UHHTI CHAHl/TON »QP»M)A HESTON _ TECHNICOLOR f

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