The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 16, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1962
Page 1
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SERVING IRAZOSPORT, ANGLCTON, WIST COLUMBIA, BR AZORIA. SWEENY,, OLD OCEAN, OANBURY and DAMON SUNDAY 15 CENTS VOL. 50 NO. 170 fteu Member SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER U, 1962 Freeport. Texas Weefcdqys 10 Cenfs^uhday 15 Cents Polio clinics delayed at U. S. agency advice UNDFR U.S. PRESSURE Allies studying freight to Cuba WASHINGTON (API—Three. Al-1 decision by the three big shipping led governments — Britain, West'countries to look into the shipping Germany and Norway — were re-:problem suggested the American ported Saturday to have started!campaign is finally making a lit- inquirios into use of rfhips owned iy tht-ir citizea 1 ! In the movement Cuba of supplies from Communist-bloc countries. tie progress. But authorities here said It Is not much. News dispatches from London reported the British government The United Stales has been i was urging shipowners there to ircssing its North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies to join in ef- avoid transporting Communist arms to Cuba. A news report Irom Tiros to eye storms for Schirra shot CAPB CANAVERAL, Fla. ( —The sixth Tiros weather satellite SPIRE POINTS WAY TO DEDICATION TW* spite, tnetAng Wjfi In the Frofport Ay, marks the location of'ih* new Flrit Bnptlxt Church sanctuary to be dedicated todiy at the 10: M ». m. tervlce. Pr. T. A. PMti'rwm, tnero- live secretary of the Baptist General Convention of Texan, will brlnfc (he. dedicatory sermon. Thn Rev. FhlUp It. Brown, panlor (or th* pout 18 ye»r»; Vilrt j-rhK-h af the SiUKlay night wnk-o »t "ISO p. m., with «|KTlaI muitlc by flu Clupri Choir. The dedicatory plan* Include an nrjrnn prelirie !.jt Mr». J. M. Thonia., fullnwed by hj'inai ami Ihp sorvlre o( dedicathm by the Kev. Brown and the congregation. Of The Public 1 Mrs. Schillinger asks action against blight Watchful eye kept on Cuba something of his own and about time that he started some (Continued On Page 4) 'Weathercast GUANTANAMO NAVAL BASE, within its legal rights on the mis- Cuba (API—One way or another, sions. ^aLor understand why the ' h < ™** S ' a '<" "**«* » «™'* e^^**^™^ Mayor and City Council of Free-j' ul °>' e °" ™ e pn " re '00-mile s t in , t( . s „ mm , o ' s legitimate port alwayi hire outside en«i-; length of Fidel Castro's Cuba, in- area of ocean and air Cuba r,eerinf; firms to solve a city .formed sources said Saturday. claims a domain farther than this , problem, when the City of Freeport j Snips nnd planfs ope , ratinB oui Country acccpts-air space as far has an englneerim? department o(, o( cjuantanamc*represent only part; 01 " « s M '"'1" in some instances. Its own. > 0 f (ne surveillance conducted by! Top officials declined to say Mr. Blackwell, our city mana-, tnp us military. .whether there has been an in- Ker, is supposed to be an engineer j Among oilier things the Air < >r ™ se in "><• already considerable slso. Mr. Blackwell is getting, Ko rce operates radar-packcd su- "''•> »'«' •'•' patrols nut of this £1,™ nk ' <>round flsure of nround 'per Coastellations from Florida on u " s - k " K °» Ihl< «'ge nf Cuba. WOOD a year, plus expenses, to do a rourw , ha( fxfQsn a ,, Mm "Wre are patrols." is all the " is of Cuba. base commander, Rear Adm. Kd- And at least two U2 hlgh-nlti- wim! J - O'Donnell. would say. jtude reconnaissance planes have • jbeen at Patrick Air Fora- base on .1 .„• .. !the central Atlantic Coast of Flor- H/lfS, AlldaV QI6S 'Ida. Tlie slated mission of these planes is Infrared research in con-' A F r e e p o r t resident for 15 nee-lion with missile detection years, Mrs. Jessie Vera Allday, ; projects, hut It has tioon SUK- S "-', of 121S West 10th died Satu'r- JKi-stpd they may be doing double (lay night in a local hospital where duly- |she Ixviiwc a patient three days Since the surveillance Is car- earlier. ried out with scnipulous care toj The body will IK- at Kreepnrt | keep outside what Washington,Kunt<ral Home Chapel until noon InfOKiiues as Cuban uaicrs ami|Monday, then will be !>hip|)<xl to lair space, the United States Is j Lindenfor services and burial. era. moderate southeaster ly winds. High today K. 'orts to put a squeeze on Prime,Bonn said the West German gov- Uinister Fidel Castro's Soviet- j ernment was examining the whole supported regime. 'question of German ships travci- Word ci the evidently reluctant j ing to Cuban ports to find out whether any is engaged in transporting arms. Washington authorities say that | to the best of their knowledge i none of the Allied vessels under i lease to Soviet bloc operators is j carrying arms or Soviet personnel i to Cuba. 1 The problem is mu.-h broader than that, from the U.S. point of view. The problem is the continuing flow of goods into Cuba from CAPB CANAVERAL Fla (AP) the "on-Communist world. ' President Kennedy told his news conference Thursday night Is scheduled for launching within!that the United States was against a few days to photograph storm!having Allied ships engaging in areas in the Atlantic; and Pacific!'' 10 Cuban trade. He did not jirnit ! during .the latter haV of the 1962 t!lls to arms deliveries.^ ! hurricane nnd typhoon seasons. ' Kvpn beyond this", however, the 1 The satellite could help predict L ' nit(>t ' Slales is reported stepping 'Ihe weather for the upcoming or- |Un ' ts diplomatic attempts to get ibital shot of U.S. astronaut Wai- Allied countries to cut down on ter M. Schirra Jr., now scheduled a " " leir economic relations with to lie rocketed into space on Sept. Cuba - 2S. Castro has been buying and im- Late September and early Oc- Vear. The rate is declining but tobcr traditionally is the period of partment think it is s'ill very high peak hurricane activity in the'"" 5 * countries at the rate of some- Caribbean and Atlantic. If Schir- Porting goods tram non-Commu- ra Is returned to earth after one, i " 1e While House and Slate De- two or three orbits, he will land! 01 '"! 1 !css tnan ^l"" million a in the Atlantic. Completion of is receiving economic transfu- four, five or the full six orbits an ^ I" 3 ' Culra's battered economy would drop him in the Pacific at sions Irom tne West - Th" trade ,a time of year when typhoons are m 'Rht be even higher were it not a threat. for Ihe fact that Castro is abovt • The National Aeronautics and broke. Space Administration announced ™* makes him increasingly ! Saturday that next Tuesday is the dependent on the Soviets. In mid- 'earliest possible launching dale Jlll >' Russia began a large scale for Tiros 6. »U program with Castro, repre- Robert Rados, Tiros project Kp nting a substantial step-up in manager for NASA's Goddard its previous rate of-deliveries. In Space Flight Center, said Tiros 6 a Period of about six weeks a lit"will give ILS two satellites ob- tlc more tllan ^ sh 'P s 'rom Com- scr\-ing the hurricane belt during .'"unist bloc ports arrived at Cuta. the pi-esent season." Tiros 5. Many carried arms and military launched last June 19. still is in technicians. Some were known to orbit, IHII one rf its two camera haxc Allied owners, being opcr- <•>•«! lias Rone blind reducins its a'" 1 ur " ip r cliarlcr to the Com- effoctivene<is. munists. Tims 5's solar cells, which draw Bui that is only part of Cuba's i power from the sun. were slight- import story. U.S. officials sny |ly damaged by the radiation bolt tnat ol ">ore than 100 vessels of | created by ttie U.S. high-altitude a!! kin!is ™ VJ arriving at Cuban •nuclear expUwion abmc the Pn- P"r's every month, the majority cific in July. This also has caused are (ram non-Communist coun- some concvm. and the over-all o[.;tries and are of non-CommuniM feet was to advance by two ownership, and are, in fact, vcs- monlhs the Tiros G launching, sols of Allied countries. originally set for Noi-ntiher. Tiros G is iiilenrieti to orbit on a much lower course, 'iVl miles! high, wliii'h would keep it out ot. the most intense radiation in the. inian-niade belt. ' AKDKKN SCO'IT nnd BKOLIA ?.ll-:n,En. to mark birthdays today, while W. D. Cl.'NNKI.S and MARY TROUT will !«• due i-on- fiialulHlions on Monday. . . DR. and MRS. RAYMOND CARI.TON of FP, exiMrleil liack in a week or so (mm 11 Canadian hunting trip. They left Aug. 10. . . & MRS. CLYDK SIIUiiAItT, aak. InR neighbors on N. Hhmck Knaci in U if they'd w>cii H Imlf-skiii- nc<l hullfroK. She rnuulil the (rot; In hi'r yard und, thinkinu it WHS di.'id, tM'U'ill to skill il whrn it CS^CMfd. . . MRS, O. A. VOKI.KI.K. e\fmi- cil back Inline in LJ early next week after a visit with a clauch- ter In Bowie and a sun In Hous- Ion. . . The E. K. FORBF.S fiimily, «i'l- tint; settled In their new home ut SpniiH Branch. After living (or jears in 1J, FORBES was transferred to Uow'i engineering offices in Houston. ... DAVID S. LIVINGSTON, moving to Bra/osport tu continue his work in the real cMali' field He •nd his wi/c moved to l.'jll Ave. G in FP from Corpus CliriiU. , . Suri Data Risos loi.iy fi:W a.m. Sets today 6:1"G p.m. FEW TEXAS CIT/FS TO GO AHEAD By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Virtually all of (he Texas cities planning mass immunizations iaeainst polio postponed their 'drives Saturday night after the JU.S. Health Service recommended a temporary halt in the' use of Sabin Type III oral vaccine for •adults. ' A few smaller communities jplanned to go ahead with Type I; j immunization drives scheduled for Sunday. Among the cities postponing: immunization drives Sunday were! ithe state's two largest melropo-: ;Iitan areas—Houston and Dallas! —where more than a million and; halt residents were due to have! received their type lit doses. ; The recommendation by the i U.S. Public Health service fame! 'after a 10-hour conference in] Washington. The conference.' • originally set for Sept. 27, was •moved up after Canada reported ;four cases rf polio among 4 million persons who had taken the oral vaccine. Canadian authorities recommended agaiast further use of the vaccine pending further ?tudv of iis effects. Following Saturday's conference. in Washington, Surgeon General .Luther Terry said that IS cases of polio hnve occurred in persoas ;vvho received one of the three types of Sabin oral polio vaccine. He said that two cases were in the Type I croup, one in Type II and 13 in Type III. All those strictan with Type III were adults. Terry said that the committee would recommend continuation of mass immunization with all three types for pre-school and school age children and the continued u=e of Types I and II vaccine for persons of all ages. He said the use of Type III vaccine for adults in polio epidemic areas was also recommended. A few Texas cities have already given out the Type III vaccine. In Van Zandt County the Type III vaccine was administered ! Saturday with officials at Grand Saline reporting the turnout had been as good as that for the Type I doses. In addition to Dallas and Houston, other cities which late Sat. urriay postponed their Type III immunizations Sunday included Abilene, Sweetwater, Stamford, Demon. Denison. Sherman, Corsicana. and Greenville. Sonii' Texas counties which had planned Type I immunizations Sunday postponed their programs. .They included Smith and Rusk County. , Shaoklcford, Knox, Hockley, ] H;iie, l.imar, Delta and Jefferson.' Red River Counties were amon? theso planning to go ahead with Tyco I drives Sunday. Karlier when it was announced the U.S. Health Service would! hold its special session in Wash-! ington Saturday, a number of Texas counties announced they! would postpone their drives until' i further study could be made of j the vaccine. j ft w* nwxunm f Turbulent weather erupted at the extreme northern and southern sections of Texas Saturday as a weak surge of cooler air moved into the state. WASHINGTON — Sen. Mike Mansfield, D-Mont., Saturday cautioned advocates of military COUNTY MEDICS STILL FEEL VACCINE'S SAFE An indefinite delay of makeup clinics for Type III oral polio vaccine was announced late Saturday by Dr SoSy" 9ner> President of the Br " oria County Medical noon at ncllon In Cuba against taking 'said. their eyes off the Increasingly i <„ L dangerous ritntta. in Berlin *" ™ " "We cannot proceed with program In the face of this recommendation by the U. S. surgeon general," Dr. Heimbigner „ NEWPORT, R. I. - President „ i Health Service had issued a state- areas among the 20 million who have taken Ihe oral vaccine doses That is little better than one ease appearing out of each two mil lion that have taken the rinses. _ "No vaccine is entirely offec " out. _ live." Dr. Johnson pointed " . "A very few will fail to develop try's victor at ihe start ot the V T Te America's Cup races Saturday and '| P L, hv then paid an extra compliment to „?!„ O Australia's loser. mont recommending the tem-jimmunity after Inking the dose porary suspension of use of oral Usually these will be Droteeterl ' I l.'Elnninn ~.- t I— _. -i • *_. ... .1 .. - * '-•I'-V-ITLl Taxes seen as cause of slumn s.! from the disease by the high of those around them who neeting of an advisory are immune. But it is still possible polio experts who had for them to contract the disease." in Washington to review j He gave this comparison in Tex- similar decision Thursday by as to illustrate the safely and ef- 'o have that have mong those nra.1 vac, , _ . over 20 per million. factors. Dr. Heimbigner said: ; —There has been not a single Brazoria County is not an of polio that has appeared demic area. ; in the state among people who —Over 92 per cent of the coun- have taken the dose after the time ty's population has already been required Jor immunity to develop immunized against Type III (about one to two weeks after the polio, and this should assure com-'dose i. plete protection against the dis- ; The U.S. Public Health Service casc - : statement had indicated that oral —T h e Washington statement ; vaccine programs should continue Per would have an adverse effect on in epidemic areas, and that in at the makeup all areas it could be given to pre- clined to elaborate, they said. Reds stage large fAP) Jacobsson. managing director of the attendance 01 „.« numi-up an areas u couin oe given to pre- the International Monetary Fund, clinics. A greater turnout might : adults. The recommendation ap- atlimied Saturday his lears-c* an be expected later when the situa-iporpntlv applied only to nd'ilfs economic .slump and tniestionedaiun, fc xfcHiiri. - :,.-. . Wsk 1 ,?'of epidemic arcns Whether the high taxes of recent "We feel the vaccine is safe,! This portion of the statement jears still are wise. but we see liltie need for the!was confusing, Dr. Heimbigner Meeting with newsmen in clinics at this time. We said. Harris Counly medical "offi- vance of the annual meetings this will lose nothing in the way of cials, they said, had tried to get week of the IMF and the World community protection by delaying clarification from the surgeon gen- Bank, Jacobsson said high taxes for further studies," Dr. Heim-'oral. The federal office had "d°which posed little problem during bigner said, the post war inflation may have "If the studies indicate the a much more retarding effect if .vaccine is as safe as we think it a noninflationary world economy,is. we will stage the makeup becomes sluggish. i clinics later." The respected Swedish econo- ; He said there has been no demist was not carried away with ; cision as yet on the clinics sche- i gloom, however. He spoke with duled six weeks from now to im- i approval of the Kennedy adminis- munize agaiast the relatively rare tration's plans for a 1963 tax cut. Type II polio. " I M .• And he suggested that any threat For those who have already |OVCI MlCTlC c/ deflation, or recession, may be taken the doses of Type I andi erased if non-communist coun- Type HI vaccine, there is no rea- j WASHINGTON (AP) The tries worked together to increase son for apprehension about the'Atomic Energy' Commission an- credit and pursue expansionary- vaccine's safety, said Dr. 0. L. nounced the Soviet Union "xplod- polic-ics. Jc.mson. Lake Jackson pediatri - erf another nuclear device of sev- cian and chairman of the Medical'era! megatons strength over its Society's oral vaccine program. Arctic test site Saturday. Dr. Johnson had waited with Dr. : The brief statement said the Heimbigner at the polio center!test was conducted in the atmns- throughout the afternoon for the ( pi !ere j n the vicinity of Novaya statement from the government Zcmlya, the island in the Arctic agency. They had maintained con-'used for many of the Soviet nu- t.act with the Harris County Medi-'clear explosions. A financial report will be given cal Society. j it gave no other details. at the mewling of the Brazosport The Canadian action, Dr. John-! Earlier in the day the Seisnio- Board of Education at 7:30 p.m. son pointed out. involved four ' logical Institute at Uppssala, Sue- Tuesday at the Administration cases of polio that had appeared;tlen. reported the explosion as the Building, with personnel actions among four million Canadians second largest in the current Rus- the other only other item of new who had taken the oral vaccine.: sian series—15 megatons. A niega- busincss. There was no evidence at this-ton is the equivalent of one mil- Informational reports scheduled time that the cases had been lion tons of TNT. include progress of the architect;; caused by the vaccine, he said.i The largest was a 40 megaton membership: the State Board's Also, he pointed out, the Cana-; blast Aug. 5. Saturday's was the policy on junior colleges; auditor- dians were using an entirely dif- nth Russian test of the series an- iuni chair bids; seventh and eigh- ferent type of vaccine. It was pro- nounced by the AEC. Ih grade football schedules! an- duced in Montreal, and had notj nexation; ami school boards con- yet met the tests required for »• J— Q/»hofflllo vention. )licensing in the United States. | • IQC wCflCQUI" A presentation by head coach i In the United States, he said, jToday— Harden Cooper is also on the only 11 similar cases of polio have j High 4:-l7 a.m. and 5:43 p.m. agenda. lap pen red outside of epidemic' Low 1:39 a.m. Junior college on board agenda 7 beauties vie for County Fair Queen title I'AlltlCIA K. .Mc<;i,AIHKKV 1'rarliiiul Migtt .SrliiKil 1)1(1 S( II I A J. AI.I.K.N llanbury High Stlimil Uiinliury r«ljrnl JAH1I KI.VN B. BOVVliKV Krai4)»|Hirl High Si'luiul Oj»tcr I'rwk toldi-nt JIDITH ANN KKOUS' Sutvity High School U»es. near Suvruy SI SAN SI'KKI) Al\ln High Schuul Ah in resident KI'l'A A\\ COTl'OX ('olinulii.i High Schwil Ue&t Columbia resident JA.NK \\Al.l.\li; SIMMON AiiXlftmi l!i;h Si-h-ml

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