The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 29, 1961 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 29, 1961
Page 10
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Sunday, January MRS. FITZ'S FLATS By Frank Reberot THIS »PR\NC=j TO PLKNT THE MINUTE V I'LL PUT ONE OVER WHVAREVOU EACH SPRINGj THrXT WOMAN NE*T DOOR. HfcS FLOWERS BLOOM INQ THE ABOUND BEETLE BAILEY By Moit Walker you ALWAYS WANT EV-RVOx'E- TO PO WHAT WAWT TO PO.' OH...THSN WOOLP YDLJ L'<= TO THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH you suys.'. 1 P-AV SOME BASEBALL By Jim Burnett & George Crandall HOW A\UCH 6CISK ' YOLJ TOR vcu TH:NK ITS CHANGE ! NICK2U 1 ? Sun Classified Ads Want- Ad Rates ( COBMCUtlVt D»T« I Conitcutlvt D»y« •ln(l« InttrUoa PER LINK PER DAT Classified Department JU 2-8234 JU 2-8235 IT* JOe lit Monuments-Lots TRi-crrr MONUMENT Co. - omnite, marble, bronze monuments and grave eurkcrt. Cemetery work. Terms, no carrying charges. Market at W. Main, next la People's stale Bank. JU 2-J702. 5. Personal ARE TOU LOOKING for a new Hairdresser? Try Mr. James at Cbris' ieauty Salon. Open Mondays ;in<l eve- Hints. 8101 Bay-way Drive. LO 6-7726. ELECTRICAL UNION HALL FOR RENT, 1219 N. Pruett. Day or mshl. Kitchen privileges, well heated. ;iir- ondltloned, will seat nxl people. Call W. H. Boucher, 40fi K. Jack. JU 2-722U. S'O MORE WAITING IN LINE! Ansel's Washatcria, 3323 Minnesota. Old Bay- own, has added enough new dryers to ake canj of your drying needs! 16. Apartments For Rent ILLINOIS. 3307 — Clean l-hedroom furnished dupl»x, 220 wiring, water paid. Adult.'. IVY APARTMENTS, 900 E. Kaylc— Bachelor or couple. 3-room efficiency, completely furnlsheil (ruga and drapes). Bills pal'l, LO 6-8-'93. JAMKS. 301 W.—3-room unfurnished duplex, desirable location, waaher connerttuna. J20 .wiring, garage. reasonable. Phone JU 3-S243. JONES. 512 N. — Clean furnished 4- room apartment. 2 lar^e clothrs aetH. ample kitchen cabinet apace. rage,, water-garbage paid, $50. In food condition. Apply Abe Rosenzweig, JU l'-29»3. After 7, LO 6-5818. JO.NKS. 308 N. — Furnished duplex, nice large 4 rooms and bath. Adu!t*. Also, extra nice furnished garage ijmrtment; special price for one per- ion. Apply 307 N. Jones, JU 2-7895. LIVE OAK, 513 — Large, clean 2-room furnished apartment. Near school, grocery .store. Large rlosets, private bath. JU ;i-37i3. JLOBIT, 201% w. — 3-Room furnished garage apartment, large, clean, with garage. $SO. Apply 201 W. Lobit. JU 2-9MO. LOHIT, 315 ',-i E.~2-be<Iroom nicely fur- iii.sheii garage apartment, lights and water paid. JU 2-712S after 6:30 p»Bi. MAGNOLIA OR PINK — Clean furnished houses, apartments or bedrooms. Low rate. Apply 1319 Magnolia. Lost-Found MR. ABERNATHY By Frank Ridgeway and Ralston (Bud) Jones "V j n ~i~, r rLJ ~ rry BUTXDOUSTIF rrW!U-HOLD WHERE YOl/PEGOINS, AND LOIS •yMort Walker and Kik Brown. INTERNAL REVENUE INTERNAL REVENUE BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By Fred Lasswell SHUX- PAW--VE \7 HE'SPROB'LY BETTER LOOK AT\1 JEST PLflVIN 1 *OL' BULLET"- I \ v POSSUM I THINK HE'S FEEUN 1 PORELV SEETHflR'.! I TOLD VE SO BRICK BRADFORD By Paul Norris THEY WANT ME TO COVffR THg 1 COULP tJWINS THIS THiNS MY WAY RvSHt NOW] I COUt-P KNOCK Off WtlCKT-ANP ! TH6N IT YSOULO W SATUKU ONE nAAH 66TWB6N US AMP A. 7X/P 9ACK 70 *OM / UXYMV ON Ml/VS»'J AIN'T JOHN" MO>HO£ Saunders of 424 Burnet Drive ibid Allen Scott Watkins of 905 X. Gaillard check with Baytown U. S. Navy Recruiter JEXC. K. D. West as he reads the'noti- fication that they have passed the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps aptitude tests. If they pass all NROTC test they will receive a full scholarship plus $50 a month during- the school year and $100 a month during- the summer. Each will take three cruises and be commissioned officer* after graduating from college. (Baytown Photos) Here Are Some Tips To Farmers On Soil Usage (EDITOR'S NOTE: This column was written for The Sun by J. R. Carroll, Chambers County Agricultural Agent.) How best to Utilize soil is important to a!!. The need for increased public knowledge of fertilizer use and the increased acceptance and proper use of lime and fertilizer in Chambers County has become apparent ^ the past few years. It is evident that no other farm practice will give greater profit over a period of years than the proper use of lime and fertilizer. A concerted effort by those engaged in farm production or its related fields to achieve this greater understanding of fertilizer use will result in a better community for all. Such a movement will result in the satisfaction of help- I ing farmers harvest more profit' able yields, improve the economic position of business and industry, conserve and build good soil for future generations. How to make the best use of the soil should be of vital concern to all — both those on the farm and in the city. Everything man eats, drinks and wears comes from the soil. Thousands of people depend upon the soil to provide them with life, and it seldom fails to do so. But many people fail to give the soil a second thought. To them, it is just plain dirt. Conservative estimates based on research would show that county farmers as a group have been j losing some IV; million dollars yearly by not following lime and t fertilizer recommendations and other approved cultural practices. *1 Such an increased income to the economy of a county can mean t more than sex-oral industries. With these possibilites in in- i creased income, leaders in agri- ^ | culture, business and industry need to accept the challenge of j a better agriculture and promote jl and endorse a soil fertility program for Chambers County. They need to promote new ideas in farming and revive those soil fertility principles which can help make a permanent farm security. actively engaged in farming as well as those who serve him. There are many reasons why an active and enthusiastic soil fertility program is needed in Chambers County to bring about an increased and more efficient use of fertilizer and lime. The main reason, however, is that most East Texas soils are lower in fertility than most any other soils in the state. Fertilizer and lime are necessary to raise these levels of fertility and to insure success in crop production. Proper use of plant nutrients will give greater returns on Chambers County soils than almost any other cultural practice that can be adopted. Thus, a large percentage of increased growth and correspondingly greater farm profits in the future will result from sound fertilizer and lime usage. New Cars Being Shipped More By Rail Than Before DETROIT (AP)— The chances ire about one in five that the new car you saw in your dealer's showroom made part of its trip rom the factory hy rail. Three years ago the chances would have >een not quite one in 10 From 1958 to the end of 1960 railroad shipments of new cars doubled. Rail officials now are alking of ^ at least 25 per :ent of the car-shipping business by the end of this year. The increased rail traffic comes at the expense of trucking; companies, whose long rigs loaded with new cars became an in creasingly familiar sight on the nation's highways following World War II. As the railroadte move back into the auto picture, more and more of these rigs are being idled. The Michigan Trucking Association says 15,000 men were employee in hauling cars a year ago againsl Cuban Students At LSU Cut Off From Home Funds BATON ROUGE. La. (AP)— Some 38 Cuban students at Louisiana State university today faced the spring term without funds /or tuition, books, room or board. The 38-nearly half of LSU's 80 Cuban students—are victims of a clampdown by Premier Fidel Castro that has prevented transfer of funds from the Caribbean island. A citizens committee, formed to help the Cubans, has asked for Ba^own" s<Sf. federal assistance. A state official nas been named to investigate the situation. At other Louisiana universities, including Tulane, Loyola of the South and the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette, Cubans are reported in similar difficulties. A campus organization has launched a drive at USL to raise J5.000 for Cuban students :here. Dr. Edward Grant Sr., a Baton Rouge chemical executive, tele- jraphed Welfare Secretary Abra- lam A. Ribieoff Thursday. He said that at least $20,000 was needed at LSU alone and additional funds were needed for other eastern and southern universities that have large numbers of Cuban students. Grant is chairman of the International Hospitality Committe which i<; working with local and iniversity groups to raise funds in Baton Rouge for the Cubans. LSU is lending a helping hand. The university has declared n 10- day grace period for students to, make financial arrangements forj" tr the semester. Registration for the spring term continues through LOST — Lady's black leather clutch Purse at San Jaclmo Hospital. Important paper*. Please return, no questions Hospital. MAIN. 2113V4 wr^~£argt~3-room furnished garage apartment. Garage. Bills paid. Phone JU 2-5226. MARKET .STREET—Newly decorated. unfurnished apartment, with jcarage. Winer and garbage paid. Across from Paul Prince Buick. Dial JU 2-7735. MAhYLAND, 19WH — Furnished garage apartment, tile features, garage. Ideal for single or couple. JU 2-40S4. to Main Desk, San Jaclnto LOST — Lady's small watch. On Tens Ave Jt/ 2-900*. Instruction FINISH HISH SCHOOL Or pre-high school Ht home In spare time. Write tor free, booklet AMERICAN SCHOOL P. O. Box 4198. OR 2-SS5S. 1312 W Harris. Pasirtena. Member National Hone Studj- Council. MICHIGAN. WISH — Unfurnished apartment with jtarajje, 525 month. Open. Call JU 3-4139 alter 5 p.m. MIRIAM. S—L'-room and bntli furnished apartment. Bills paid. Call JU 2-S171 or apply 913 S. Main. Fuller's. MIRIAM. 24 — Modem 4-room unfurnished brlcK duplex, hardwood floors. Venetian blinds, freshly papered Mini paimed, Karate, pnvei! street. $45. Apply Abo HnseniWf'.s. JU 2-2993' after 7. LO 6-5818. MINNESOTA, 3401 — Nicely furnished apartment Under new management. Bills paid. Parkinn facilities. 140 month up. Phone JU 2-7321. NAZRp. S W. — Lower apartment, unfurnished 4 rooms, screened porch, fir- Beauty Culturt PB^ARCK. U.V; W.— Furnished gara:« apartment, utilities paid. $60. Adllltt only, nn pet*. FESTIVAL, COLD WAVES 53.00 Shampoo-set. JI. 15—Haircuts. $1.00. POLLT'S BEAUTY SHOP 1021 Dalley. JU 3-4*21. 10. H«lp Wanted AGENT WANTED — Baytown. Highlands, La Porte, Full or part time. Home office a-islsinnce in field. StrMjiht commission only. Write- Monument Life Insurance Co., Box S62. Pasadena. Texas. 11. Female Help Wanted PRUETT, SGlVi S.— Tni«-room furnished Karaite apartment, near schools. JU STERLING, «W K. — Furnished 3-rooTTl apsrt'nir-nt. air <!onditlon»<1. .v n p-tf nr children. hills STERUNn, n(C W. — Furnished apartment. 4 rooms, bnth. esrasr. utilities paid, JU 2-7311 or JU 3-5643 before 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m. STI.MSON .'Ifl — Clrnn. lame unfurnished 5-room dnplrx. freshly painted, garage Waiklni instance to town, close to school. Water paid. (43.00. Apply Abe Rpsrniivels. JU Z-2M3; after 7. LO 6-5R1S. FOOD MANAGKR — - With experience WKST PBARCE—Close !n. Small 3- n»m furnishei! npartment, bills paid. Also l-r<H)ni bachelor apartment #vtry- thlnit furnished bul the groceries. Jt" I'-L'.ISft. and A-l rtferencfs for local establishment. Apply Box 875. care of The WANTED—Ladles to sell Tupperwart Full or part time. JU 3-49S9. DUE TO EXPANSION of our adver- tlslnK pro«5ra.m we are interested m appointing a capable woman xr-ith at neat appearance am! pleasing personality In this area. She should h« able o devote 4 to 6 hours a dny. Earning .verafre between |40. and J80 per week. 'tor pfrsonal interview write: lnt«rstat« headers Institute, 2411 Times Blvd., "mite 17, Houston 8, Texas. 12. Male Help Wanted XPERT UPHOLSTERER—Piece work. La Porte Trim Shop, 309 Main St.. a, Porte, phone GA 1-2JP3. 13. Sales Help Wanted 17 Houses ror Rent ALVA. all — Unfurnished S-bodroom house. JSO. Near school and church. JU M67S_pr_JU_3-1117. CEDAR BAYOU, 2517—Jennliehe Addition, frlirnlshed 1-bedroom house, J55; furnished 2-bedroom house, »«5. JU J-9448. FORTINHKHKY. SOT — Ljirtfe unfurnished house in same block Air-Wood Drive In Oiocery, I,O «-S)7l=. . VAE DRIVE, 531J — Both T«r>- clean 3-bcdroom homes, central heat, attic fan fenced. Either IM monthly. LO 6-7415 or Houston HI 7-4310- H1OHLANDS— Unfurnished ; bedrooms, panel heat, 2-car carnre, larne vard. $5». 4V9-3743. HIGHLANIiS—Out 3-room. J«.V and on« n-bertronrn with 3'- baths I7u Tall OK 2-lt;i4 < ; Such an intensified soil fertil-ilO.400 now. ity program should markedly ben-! The main reason is cost. Rail- efit Chambers County's agricul-Jroads, through the use of new ture and the entire "conomy of equipment and new rate struc- the county. It should provide helpful guideposts for future farm opportunities, overcome the press of past farm traditions and assist with present farm demands. A slogan of "sound Fertility Today Will Give a Better Tomorrow" should be on the minds of those tures, are offering lower rates on moderate to long hauls than the haulaway operators. The saving is $32 per car between St. Louis and Dallas and 527.68 per car between South Bend. Ind., and Baltimore. Railroads once transported almost all new automobiles, using box cars. The haulaways proved more efficient and cheaper. Then came piggybacking. Piggybacking, introduced by the railroads just a few years ago, meant putting loaded' trailers .„ „ aboard Hat cars and moving them Tuesday. Jan. 24, he began his| R -V rail on lojig trips. They were administration's study of disarma-< tnen unload A hitched to a truck ment in a White House conference and moved Uwieir unloading site. Marlow - (Continued from Page 8) ning, preparing and striving for disarmament." with his top advisors on that subject. In his speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination last July 35, Kennedy promised to do something about the "blight" which "has descended on The Transportation Act of 1958 allowed the railroads to adjust their rates to take advantage of this method. Haulaway rigs rode the rails. Now. special racks are available for flat cars, holding up to 12 standard size cars or 15 THE REVEREND •y lid O'Mollty I'M OINe TO PICK UP A PUDDLE! our regulatory agencies (like the Compacts compared with the four Federal Communications Commis- to_six_a_haula\vay can handle, sion and Federal Power Commission)." lie acted with sharp speed on this by asking James M. Landis, former dean of the Harvard Law School, to investigate the agencies and report on remedies. Landis turned in a blistering report. On Dec. 29, or 22 days before taking office, Kennedy assigned the job of Chambers Committee For Publicity Named Kight publicity committfpmen have been appointed by thn Chambers County Soil Intensification Commiffcr to aid in (hr regrn- ;ts- i Cation of Chambers County farm- sistant in reforming the agencies. Rut Kennedy madr campaign promises in many fields — like housing, dcprr.wrj lands. Momhrrs Mrs. J. T. Car- areas, and the economy — and appointed study groups to make recommendations to him by the time he became President. Thry did. So he's prepared to act or them with Congress. If what has happened in Kennedy's IT. Winnie; Mrs. Charlie (Ira- ham, Winnie; Rill MrAlistrr, Ann- hiinc; Preston Prndr-rgrnss, Baytown; Sherwood Blair, chairman. Hfinkamor; R. N. Woman Receives Old Scholarship DENVER. Colo. (AP) — When Viola Westberg was graduated from high school at Greeley, Colo. 33 years ago, she was awarded a half-tuition scholarship at Denver University. Instead she attended Colorado State College at her home town. She went on to become a school teacher, a wife and the mother of three children. Now Viola Bryan and a grandmother, she took leave from her elementary school teaching job at suburban Lakewood the other day and applied for the 33-year-old scholarship. Surprised officials at Denver University announced they will honor the scholarship in deference to Mrs. Bryan's long service to Colorado education. Building New Homes Remodeling; Cabinet*. Formica Tops. Asbestoj Sldlnc, Roofs. Fr«« Estimates. A. J. Nalser, Builder 1901 E. Teias JX7 2-5472 16 Apartm«nts For Rent New Polaris Sub To Be Launched Feb. 2 AUSTIN (AP)—A former Texan, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz (USN ret.) will make the principal address at the launching of the Polaris submarine Sam Houston Feb. 2 at Newport News, Va. Nimitz revealed this to Garland Adair, curator emeritus of the University of Texas Museum, in a letter. "This for me, Garland, a Texan and an old sub officer, is a great ionor and privilege," Nimitz wrote. _ He was born in Fredericksburg j" unVuniisncci du'piei.~220 id attended school in Kenville 1 """' Jffi - Ca " Ju 2 - S29S - yforr 1 beginning his naval career it Annapolis. Another Texan, Secretary \»vy John B. f.'onnally Jr., t'NUSUAL OPPORTUNITY yon SALKSMA.V OVER 30 Opportunity tnr quirk .idvunrenier.t. fommls.ilon enrnlnc.i nml 5011,1 mure with n growing ra.-npany. Sell vorid tamouK m:ilruennnre >rnd'.;r.M to Industry, institutions. K" V - rnment and farm trade. Products nr. e;>ted in over .V> rnuntrle*. M*ny «.re xriusfve developments nod non-com- All product* are repeat items. Ase !• HOUSTO.N", Sf>l W. — HiRhlands. 6-P.oom unfurnished house, nay worker owner retains 3 Iwdroom. 5-I>a>« board in »x- chnnw fnr r-tit Cnll 42<>"-3!»5 after 5 p.m. and ask for H. A. SColel. Ill/MOLK. .111 F. - Nire, unfurnished him*, prhMte entr.-inre, family onlv. Vented heat, atrio, garnK* 1 . bliis paid. J15 weekly. f=har« hath with landlady who works 14 hours a day from 10 a.m. till 12 midnight. Apply a. mi. to lu IOWA. 3L".'9 — 3-bednv-m hrm". 1 u balh.l, wash rriom, JK 3.1411(1. .AKKWOOD. Rent or f-ell—3-or<irot>m unfurninheii hnmr. screen ]>^rch, narrier--m:iny of our mi-n ;,rr fi> and over. Automobile t* essential. Our to;> men farn over Jin.non Year around ,-aleji because nfjMASSKT TOMPKIXS ROAD — Two bed- dlvprslfM winter and summer line. ! room no""', washrr connection. Water Full time wanted but part t, m , :'"™shcd._Phone JU_i.H80. acceptable to st.-irt. No capital re-1 MOKP.KLI. nilS-New TTrifTm (ur" inlred. Many frinte benefits including I ni,t, P ,i h'oii<»' IT,,«' >vi.t» ~,'. i «^,i free life Insurance. Write Con..oll,lnteii j t j jla ,1 c> K "- v """ r I"" 1 - » 5<1 - T*t f«» n«^ T.*» rnl.V. /••*-* T.-- _t 1"VUI_ ' . Paint and Varnish Corp.. East Ohio Cleveland H. Ohio. 15. Work Wanted PLEASANT DIUVK. SOT -- Attractive 2-be.iroom unfurnished house, corner Ini, $7n per month. Ice Sp.irky Pond '' " PRU1CTT. 713 K. — Unfurnlshe room home. 2-baths, close to schools, CHILD CARK — In my home. HestjISO. monthly, JU 3-»44, supe:"vlslon. excellent recommenda tlon. Call LO 0-5654. KJCPETUKNCEO DRESSMAKER sires new customers. Mrs. Woods, 1604 Elm, JU 2-8745 GENERAL CARPENTRY, sheetrock hanging, finishing and painting. Cabinets built, formica tops. Edwin Arabic. «U Bolster. JU 2-<9:». SCHOOL COURTS. CKDAIl BAYOU—^0 Knst Street, ."-bedroom house with huilt- In (Futures throughout. Living and dining <!'• rooms mm ranwt. Panelled n>n and C. L. i kitchen. Ontrnl hratinft. Newly refinlshed Inside. Fenrort bark yard. JIOO.Dfl prr month. I/seated near Cedar Bayou Jr High school._ ni»i JU 2-34% or JU 2-2673. STKRLINO. 11!) K. — S-room~furnTshH house and garnRC. Also furnished apartment, adulls JU M>324. REFINED WHITE LADY desires work as companion for elderly lady or c;;re for chlWren. to live in home. JI? 2-«»'1.1. RKLIABLE, depennable hoy wanis job dellverlnR weekly circulars, papers, etc. In general area of old Baytown. Phone JU 3-198S. WORK WANTED—Will do child care In my home or yours for working or shopping mothers. Reasonable rates. Excellent care. Apply 204 8. Second. WANTED — Part-time typing Job or •ales work. R.EL Senior. Fhon« JU 3-4226. BAYWOOD APARTMENTS — Spacious apartments. furnished If desired. Vented heat, air condltionliiE. wall-to- wall carpet, laundering facilities, carports Conveniently locatfd 1300 E. James. Jt; 3-3121. UEFEK. 2m K. — 3-Rooms, bath, furnished Raraffe apartment, 2 beds, bills pan:, rouMe. $15 weekly. JU 2-8S85. Redecorated 3-roorns. apirtment. hills paid. :>YF:K, 109 ha.!h, f*.n arpnrt, rr.upie. *l"i weekly. JU 2-SSM, FOURKST. «7<i. 407B - Two'bedroom IK. panel j TWO I,.\H(-,K HO'MEH! unfurnished. Karacfx, Rood location. Small family. JM and JflS. JU 2-SSM. TWO BEDROOM house for rent. Apply n'f)L> Monroe. WHITING. Ml S. — Small furnished house. Apply 513V4 S. Whiting, upstair*. WOOSTT1R. Coburn St. — Modern brtrk centra! heated. 2 and 3 bedroom, also frame houses. |M up. Houston JA S-8940. WINDY LANE. 1103—Hdiisi for rVnT. washer connections, blK yard. }35 month. Call after 3 p.m., JU 2-S8S3. 18. Bed rooms-Board AT CREOER HOTEL AND APARTMENTS - Home atmosphere, tub and shower baths, itood beds, gu beat, low rites. Phone JU 2-232S. NEW JERSEY, •J32n~- Bedroom with half-bath. Lncly preferred. Apply same address. APARTMENTS — 3 Rooms and oath. n\<y Jnhn K. (.rmnaily Jr., r>x-i 1 ' :•,::. ndrd (ho invitation, Nimifz said. OULF. ira B. 1 rtnt. 110 week. alr-rondltionH. >S5 month, Of! P»M, located behind Sin Jacinto Hos- ital .tt) 3-smM IIKART RKAT If your heart occasionally skips Ana-!a beat don't jump to false con- . , Kddie Dujjn?. Winnie; Billy Vlnsions. says the Houston Heart 3-1744. i (or bilU piM. Phone JU fiAIl.LARD. 3H.1 N.— Furnished apartment 1 'v h'oeks from main post office per mon'h, adults only HARD1NO RTREFTT, 617Vi~— " . M;itlu-\vs, Monroe City. hr.rk niil,e.|, c.>,k i Association. Many norm;*) heartsif.,-, «io montniv ipsrtn-fi.t. partly fur- mt'.c rromhors will coordinate: sometimes beat irrrcriilarly. ,, infi'.rrr.ntion on the propf>se<l soil , : advice about your henrt, see your i^ first wrtc is typical of how he sampling of Chambers County land;doctor. For helpful information, i hm * p " lfi -. JU J-3 " ntf>nds f<> perform throughout his jam) handle distributing of infor-lc-all the Houston Heart Associa-' XlHt — On* Z-bFdroom onfiirn- 1-fiirnnhfo' apurtmmt. all he arx? the country mat ion of the results of the tests tion. ',TA a United Fund fluency, *' . 2-1CT or InlaTrp flro Ullrmit. PKIJKTT. HIT N,— Private bedroom with bath, i-arare. JU 3-2«27. VinciNIA. 27H-Viirnlslie,! front b»d- rrxim, »lr-condltUm«d, <louWc closet.", near shopping, cliurrhes, schools, hitch- en prlvilenes, employed Indy only. References. Sc« owner 10 a.m. to « p.m. or telephone JU .l-.lfl?*). WEST BAYTOWN —"Bedroom »lurprT- ' man, no nmoker. . JU 3-8028. vnt« bnth References exchanir 19. Business Rentalt Available Soon DOWNTOWN LOCATION T'.».-n »d]olnir,K huiwings in best, of downtown locations. Lenst- either one m !><•>( h. Approximately 2rt' wi.le and inn' deep. No Information given over phone, call for appointment. Ruth Griffith, Realtor ruro.vK JOT 2-204*

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