Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 13, 1946 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1946
Page 4
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f AMf A *ltW§ * Wednesday, March 13, Service Chairmen of Local Red Cross Chapter Announced Pampa Matt Wins Fourth Place in Bareback Riding FORT WORTH, March 13.—</P>— With the champion Hereford bull bringing $10.450 yesterday keen competition was forecast, today in the auctions of the Shorthorn and polled Hereford cattle at the Southwestern Exposition and. Fat Stock Show. Also on the schedule of events today are the judging of beef and dairy cattle and sheep, and auctions of swine. •• First cowboy day money winners in three competitive events of the rodeo were announced yesterday afternoon. Bareback winners, judged on the basis of seven performances of the rocleo, were: • Paul Bond, Collinsville. Okla.. first; Cecil Henley. Haywaril. Calif- second; Wag Blesing, BurbanU, Calif., third; BUD SPEALMAN, PAMPA. fourth; Sonny Turemun. j John Cay, Ore., fifth, and Fred j Badsky, Denver, sixth. Buster Ivory of Hayward. Calif.. placed first among saddle bronc riders on the first go-round of five performances. Other winners in the event were: Bill Lineerman. Red Lodge, Mont., 1945 all-rounci cowboy champion, second; Tater Decker, Roswcll, N. M., third; Bill McMakcn, Florence, Ariz., fourth; and Jim Like, Kim, Colo., fifth. The speedy bull dogging time of 6.6 seconds scored by Rusty McGinty of Plains gave him top honors among steer wrestlers on a seven performance go-round. Runners up were Dub Phillips, San Angelo, 10, second; Steve I-loacock, Billings, Mont., 10.G third; Tom Hogan of Tulsa and Dick .Johnson of Bethel, Okla., tied for fourth and fifth lit 10.8 seconds each; and Dick Trultt, Stonewall, Oklu., 10.!), sixth. Duties of Navy Law Specialists Outlined NEW ORLEANS, March 13—Naval reserve and temporary USN officers who quality as law specialists an the regular navy will perform du- 'ties at naval districts and other shore bases, on staffs of naval governors and on large staffs afloat, according to an eighth naval district' announcement. The law specialists duties, in addition to curt martial work, will include every other field of law to •qualify him for selection to the highest positions in the law organization of the navy. Those requesting appointment, will 'be required to have a degree in law from a school accredited by the American bar ussociytion. Interested officers arc requested to contact the tegal office, eighth naval district, federal building, New Orleans i'12), La. At the Mar:h meeting, held Mon ciny night, tho Red Cross executiv committee ol tho local chapter, Jo Fischer, chairman of 194G fund rais ing campaign announced that $11, 32G.5G had been turned in, only slight increase over Sunday's re port. He expressed the hope tha division chairmen would get report ii. by today in order that quotr might be reached. Huelyn Layeock, chapter chair man, presided at the meeting. Th< following service chairmen were announced and approved hy the committee: home service, Mrs. Knox Kinard; camp and hospital service committee, Mrs. George Priauf; I difnstcr preparedness and relief ' Ed; home nursing, Mrs. W. R. Campbell; first aid and accident prevention. H. M. Cone; water safety. Jack Skelley; volunteer special services, Mrs. C. K. High; nutrition, Mrs. Qucntin Williams; junior Red Cross. Herman Jones. A report f?iven by Mrs. Betty flnslin:', 1 .-;, home secretary, indicated tin)I: then- has been a gradual increase in ox-.wrvice eases, counterbalanced by a decrease in service cases. There were 8G service cases open lust month and 114 ex-service cases open; but in February, 194-5. there wore 240 service cases open n'Kl onlv 38 ox-service cases. Mrs. J. B. White, executive secretary, reported that certificates had been received during thf month of February for a nutrition class taught by Mrs. Bob Sanford: a home nur.«- iivj, class taught by Mis. Ernie John- yon of Lcfors and a aid class taught by Mrs. J. M. Fitzgerald. Another nutrition class is in progress at Lefors. A refresher course for first aid instructors will be held soon in Pampa, according to information received from the St. Louis office. The St. Louis office has also askecV the local chapter to be host to homo nursing instructors from other Panhandle chapters. Mrs. White reported that 290 garments are yet to be cut and sewed to complete the spring quota of g'lU'ments fur children in liberated countru. 1 ;:. Besides the above-named the following were present at the executive committee' meeting: Mrs. Henry Ellis, Mrs. C. P. Buckler, Mrs. Mrs. George Frinuf, C. W. Burgess, Joe Fischer and Aubrey Stecle. HOUSE BUILT IN ONI DAY POR EX-CI At 50, pupils of your eyes admit only about one-half the amount of light they did when you were 20. Dr. George Snell Dentist Office over ^st National Bank Phone 1483 for appointment JEFF D. BEARDEN Representing THE FRANKLIN LIFH INSURANCE CO. Phone 47 Pampa, Texas SERVICE Any Make Washer, Electric Iron or Motor—Any Hour! Bradshaw Washing Machine Co. 438 N, Carr Phone 2072 MAGNETO R IE P A I R I N G Complete Stock of Parts Factory Authorized Sales and Service for WICO * Fairbanks-Morse K W Bendix SPLITDORP Robert Bosch EISEMANN American Bosch All Work Guaranteed Radcliff Bros. Electric Co. Phone 1320 Pampa 517 S. Cuyler DALLAS, March 13.—War Assets Corporation, has announced that it has arranged to sell several million packages of 10-in-l rations to cooperative for American remittances to Europe. The latter is a non-profit organization. These food packages, declared surplus by the war department, were originally destjned for export through UNRRAi an organization devoted to mass feuding. C. A. R. E. will deliver these food packages to individuals, groups and organization in Europe as designated by American donors. It is pointed out that C. A. R. E.s activities will be supplemental to the mass feeding pro- giam of UNRRA. For that reason UNRRA lias concurred in the reallocation of the food packages by the department of agriculture to' C. A. R. E. This disposal is covered by special order 27 of the surplus property administration at the direction of J*ie office of war mobilization and .re- conversion. Foreign Policy of Soviet Union Will Remain Aggressive NEW YORK, March 13.—The Soviet Union will not immediately abandon its aggressive foreign policy, despite its deperately weakened position as a result of the war, Business Week states in its forthcoming issue. "Moscow," the publication points out, "detects in such signs as this country's lack of enthusiasm for the British loan a widespread reluctance seriously to help Britain maintain tne empire. "Also the Kremlin believes—probably justifiably—that it can bully its way into northern Iran and eastern Turkey with almost complete assurance that neither Britain nor the U. S. would fight over concessions forced on these countries. "Test, as far as the U. S. is concerned, is likely to come in the Par East where Washington has, probably, its best defied foreign policy." i^to^s**"* •»£?» t*\ " < J&Sr*'' V*? & , . . i~ ^^-:V «$'* W : S ^%T c r-'lV- ' ' SAf - ! ' -> - s sf^^*vv4) fcw^&x - ,'j^™,^,-^,^*.^^ — •. x»—UdWi «* **8w»*.4SS Above (Ipfl) is a scene four hours after eoiistnicOrn \virk hrc,-p.n on (lie linuip of Tfc. T. AI, .lams, jr., Germany, nt Cnrmis Christ!, Murch fl. The house was l>nilt on fonn- diidons already laid in slightly more (linn ciglit hours by more Hum "00 carpenters anil crafts- men, and was a gift to the veteran by Corpus Christ! citizens. Above (right) Jiirvis and his wife, receive the keys ami dcol to the home from representatives of Corpus Christ i citizens. Rides Are Free in Jap Strike •' WATCH YOUR STEPS — Cording 'to the Red Cross, such; i hazards contribute to the yearly iloll of 32,000 killed and 4,800,000 jured in U S. home accidents. When the Japanese strike, they don't walk off the job—they keep . on working, but all services are free to customers. Striking conductor on a street car is shown above refusing the fare of a girl , passenger. Later the strikers resumed collecting fares but at the ! end of the day they deducted their wages, at a higher rate. Photo by NEA-Acme Correspondent Tom Shafer. Chow Line in Berlin iloll [inju Websmiiller Picks Evidences of diet deficiency among Berlin school children have shown marked decrease since Allied nutritional authorities started a school leeding program throughout the German'capital. Photo above, taken by Rmil Reynolds, NBA-Acme correspondent, shows sturdy, heallny-lookmg youngsters lined up to receive their daily school meal of nourishing, hot soup. New Product Ushers All the American industry needs is a chance to make a profit, a gambling chance to make a substantial one, and a fair chance to break even.—Engineering News-Record. DR. L f J, ZACHRY OPTOMETRIST First National Bank Bldg. For Appointment Phone 2G9 Depends on the efficiency of a prescription, filling is done with the freshets, most ts. Have your doctor call in your it will fee reggy when you cqll for it. Readers of tho Pampa News will be interested to iincl elsewhere in ( today's issue news of (he fast-grow- | ing new product that women find j advantageous in both heavy washday j \va;,hin;is and in that tedious daily j task of "washing out a few things i by hand." This product' i. r ; called Bin-White Flakes. For neavy washings in machine ur tub, it is dissolved in the wash water and the lanndry is done as usual. Bin-White Flakes add to the cleaning action, and aivo extra sucls. In addition, Bid-White 'Flakes' blue while you wash. Thus it ends all need for the extra bluing' rinse that is so hard on clothes and takes so mu:h work. And many users find that clothes come out with a more daszlim; witeness when they are blued with Bin-White Flakes. Bluing spots, and otreaks are entirely done away with. In addition, Bin-White Flakes arc all that is needed when ono cloes "washbowl washings." You merely dissolve Bin-White Flakes in the water. They -nids up beautifully. And as you push the suds aside you can see how blue the water is. Blu- Whilo Falkes are safe for every kind of malarial, including silks, nylons,, rayons. <coUons. linens and woolens. And it blues while it washes. Thus, white clothes coma out with a new sparkle, and delicate colors of lingerie and all shades of stockings are noticeably freshened. DALLAS, March 13.—Fixed prices for surplus aircraft engines, starting as low as $100, has beeri~ established by the War Assets Corporation. In arriving at the price structure for the engines, the War Assets~Cor- proation took into consideration the probable demand for them, the ability of the market to absorb these surpluses without disruption, and the aye and condition of 'the engine. The War Assets Corporation has several thousands of surplus aircraft engines of all types and.con- ditions which are for sale. The same type of pricing structure will be applied to other surplus aircraft parts and components. Sales of the engines will be handled directly from the Washington office. Inquiries should be directed to the following address: War Assets Corporation, Aircraft Division, 425 Second Street NW, Washington 25, D. C. By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD, March 13 — W Now that he's wearing clothes, Johnny Weissmuller is getting ideas —he names Hollywood's 10 best- dressed men. Until recently, Waissmuller's usual screen attire has been a cutdown loin cloth with a belt in back. Now he is playing a civilized role in "Swamp Fire" and the giddiness of wearing real clothes has prompted him to nohiir.ate the town's 10 males who dross most tastily. Okay, Taraan, take it away— 1. Walier Pidgeon "tops my list. The personification of fashion." 2. William Meiklejohn, Paramount talent head. "He has executive taste in clothes, never dresses flashily." 3. Don Amcche "always has a 'shine' look." ' 4. Clark Gable "always looks dressed for the occasion, hut never too deliberately." D. Adolph Menjou, "Always a fashion plate." 6. Robert Cobb, restaurateur. "One of the neatest men in appearance I've ever seen." 7. Cesar Romero. "I've never seen him carelessly dressed." 8. Mitchell Leisen, director, "always looks perfectly comfortable." 9. Gary Grant, "first to wear -the Windsor tie knot in Hollywood. A choice ,dresser, never top extreme." 10. Bing Crosby. "You may think it funny to include Bing, but actually he is one of the best dressed men—on any race track." Lack of Sugar May Kill Pigs CHICAGO, 111. -Speaking of candy for tho baby—a condition brought on by sugar-deficiency in baby pigs is now causing losses for many swine raisers, according to a report issued this week by the American Veterinary Medical association. The condition, known as "baby pig- disease" causes newborn pigs to shiver and shako, makes their hail- stand on, end, causes them to quit nursing, and results in death within 48 hours, the report states. Other symptoms include a desire to burrow under the bedding, refusal to mingle with the rest of the litter, and a "crying" type of squeal which is said to bo characteristi; of the disease. Baby pig disease is not caused by any specific germ, according to the veterinary association's committee on swine diseases. However, postmortems show that the pips' blood is almost wholly deficient in sugar. If a veterinarian is able to treat the pigs when first symptoms of the disease appear, most of them can be saved by injection!} of a special glucose-sugar solution under the skin, or into the peritoneal cavity, the report states. Use of baby pig hovers, to keep the newborn animals warm, are also recommended as a preventive measure against this and other baby pig diseases. ~»> Travis County Demos Favor Kesflgnation Remain throughout State AUSTIN, March 13—(-TV-Unemployment increased in Texas cUiriny February and is still rising, wit:i 176,500 workers jobless and la.ll 1 ? openings filed 'with the United States unemployment service, C. E. Belk, state director of that agency, reports. Cities having major unemployment problems are San Antonio, TexarUana, Longview, Lufkin, Beaumont and the Sherman-Denison area. Belk declared. There are no longer any areas in the state where the local demand exceeds the lojal supply of labor. Areas of unemployment include Austin, Lubbock, Orange, Wichita Falls, Dallas, Fort Worth, Tyler. Waco, Temple, Port Arthur, Brownwood, Abilene, San Angelo and Marshall. The only areas now listed in the balanced job and labor class are Houston, Corpus Christ), EJ Paso. Amarillo, Borger and Galves- lon-Teras City. During February, Belk said, 72,- 3BO workers applied for jobs, live thousand less than during the previous month; while placements by the USES totaled 27,0-13, an increase of 13 percent. It was pointed out that the agency put, on a drive to j contact employers during February, while the demobilization program of the armed services slowed clown. An employment, o[ 3.1 percent in the smller towns since V-J clay was observed. a» Germany's guilt cannot be disputed and no historical investigation will be able to deny it.—Rev. Martin Niemoeller. The vital atomic factory in the United States has never been seen by a single British, let ajone European, scientist. Unless we are able to break down this grim curtain 'concealing one nation's work from another, suspicions will grow between nations so fast as to make irrational and unobtainable the hope of an enduring peace. —Harold J. Laski, British Labor Party chairman. Six More Pampans Receive Discharges Six more Pampa men have ed their honorable discharge "from the services at the navy clente', Norman, Ok'.a. They are: , JAMES HALL ENliOfe, « (29 months in Uie Pacific thetttev). whose home address is given as 207 North Ward. HARRY JOHN DUMNEV, (22 months in the Pacific theater), Sox 1991. MILTON REEVES A^JEtfeS, (25 months in Pacific), Box 15S3. PLOYD DfiWEY SLATON, (23 months in Pacific), 509 Sdilth Nelson. / RAY PERSHING LONGLKV, (nine months in Pacific), Route 2, Rox 85B. OMAR RAY MILLER, (12 months ' in Pacific i, 2310 Alcock. The Louisiana Purchase doubled the nroa of the United States, LOANS PLAINS FINANCE CO. H. L. Phillips : Room 8," Duncan KWg, Ph. 1205 OVERHEAD A brand new overhead type garage door. All aluminum construction. Noiseless operation. No head room needed. Easy to install. i See them at Houston Bros., Inc. 420 W. Foster Ph. 1000 If ever Europe is going to be redeemed, if there ever Is to bo a Ku- rope, it will be thanks to two things the first League of Nations lacked —the cooperation of the United S.ates of America and the cooperation of the women of all the United States.—Denise van Moppes Butler, French Press and Information Service. "Go East, old boy" is the advice being given Hollywood producers by Stanley Neal, president of Associated Filmakers, Inc. "It's about time," Neal says, "that the myth be dissolved that movies can only be made in Hollywood. We can actually make pictures cheaper in the East. This was proved by 'The House on 92nd Street'." "Many stars have expressed their desire to work in the East," Neal argues. 'And also we can make use of Broadway personalities who refuse to come to Hollywood." I guess some folks just don't like sunshine. RKO is going south of the border to shoot much of "Honeymoon" with Shirley Temple and Guy Madison at the Churubusco studio in Mexico. Eight role's will be filled by Hollywood actors and 12 by Mexicans. FORMER PASTOR ON W2AVE • Major (Chaplain) Ray N. Johnson, pastor of the First Methodist church from May to November of lf<3l, is now living in Abilene, on terminal • leave from, the army. Major Johnson returned to the States Feb. 16 for the first time in 29 months. He had been serving with the G8th station hospital in North Ireland, England and France. The ex-serviceman entered the army in 1843 as a second lietenant and chaplain. He was separated from the army at Camp Fannin 'last Thursday and returned to Abilene Friday. Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Johnson of .Abilene,'Major Johnson first rame to Pampa from Mineral ' v to fill out a term of Rev, grf At thp excretion of th,e .term, fce iwnfld^.ip-finish *W'instruction £,t Southern I4etbo4t§| -university .STARRING 100 PAMPA BQYS AND SIRL5 i BETWEEN 3 and ] 4 Y|AR§ QLP PAMPA JBU.5 AUSTIN, March 13—(/P)—The Travis county leo.gue of active democrats was on record yesterday as favoring the mass resignation of the state board of education. This action was taken at .a meeting last night at which Dr. Homer I-'. Rainey predicted that Texas is headed for a political reformation. Some time ago the democratic organization called for the resignation of Maco Stewart as a member of the board, objecting .to his employment of Lewis Valentine Ulrey as a textbook advisor. The board' of education came right taa-k with a hearty and unanimous endorsement of Stewart, praising his services to public education in Texas. Last night's resolution was introduced by Rabbi S. H, Baron, who said he was sure the board would not resign and therefore the next move "is to elect, the kind of governor that will appoint the right kind of board of education and the kind of university regents that will pay as much attention to the four freedoms for both students and faculty as they do to the university oil lands." Sneaking at this meeting, Dr. Rainey, former president of the University of Texas, said one of Texas' great need is for political reformation. ^ HEAVILY PAID Comprising 5.2 percent of the total population of the United States, California residents received 7.8 percent of the national income in 1942. We only need wheat and fats. If the housewife will only save on these she can have anything else in the stores. I see no necessity for meat rationing or for a tightening in the sugar ration.—Herbert Hoover honorary chairman famine emergency committee. Dpn/t Ut "Gums" Become 'Repulsive' Are your ''OHMS'" unsightly? PO they itch? Do they burn? — Prug- gists return money if -first bottle of "LETO'S" fails to satisfy, adv. Cretney's Wi HAVE Your Favorite OiU 5hgmreck~-Penn»9il . Sinclair—Cpneeo Nth ' SAVE TIME AND MONEY OKLAHOMA CITY in I hour, 30 minutes from Amarillo only $1OMQ TO TULSA, 2 hrs., 26 minutes TO FT. SMITH, 3 hrs., 26 minutes TO MEMPHIS, 5 hrs.. 30 minutes (Government lax noljnduded in fare) For full information, call our Amarillo office BRANIFF AIRWAYS RULE BUILDING-PhCNE 2-4343 LaNora Theatre * BOYS AND GIRLS MOVIE REGISTRATION BLANK ' Fill Out the Blank Below and Mail or Bring to the LaNorq Theater, to Try for a Part in GANG CONEDlr PA M PA'S OWN

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