The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 9, 1961 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1961
Page 3
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JL ^^'^mHBtet^.-Hi and Brazorla County, Texas, Mon., January 9,1961 I USE From The Maternity Ward Thn debut of Tullln Arllno ID Iflng nnnomiml hy her pncnn's, Mr. 9»\ Mrs. II. T, McFwtaW nl Krpppiirt, The young Intly ,n.i.l<! her first npiirarnnro ru Aliglcttn llospllnl nt 12 p.m.. Dec. Vj, weighing seven pounds and threi It's a j?lrl lor Mr. and Mr*. K. I.. Srlxrr of AngMtm. Klm*x>rly Ann Is the young lady's oanv. She wns born at 7:22 p.m., D<v. 35, at Angle Inn Hrwpltnl, mid . In nt nevMt pounds, nml a holt ounce*. • * • Honnld Stephen Is the mme Mr. nml Mrs. A. V. Kinsley ol . Anglclon hnvo chosen for tnolr ] now son. The young mnn nrrived I nt Anslnton HoRpitnl nt 7:20 a.m , I Dec. 16, weighing seven pounds t Jr and six ounces. Nool Carol will make her hnmn wilhJw parents, Mr, nnd MIT, J. I™nr of Anglcton. The yiUii5 lady weighed nix poumls and 14 ounces on nrrlvnl at Angleton Ho«- pital at 3:45 p.m., Dec. 16. Another new Angleton rertdent Is Mfchucl Dvan Slurr, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Stnrr. 'i'ne youngster arrived at 8:53 a.m., Dee. 17, «t AnRlolort, Hospital, welching eight pounds and one Secretaries Plan Annual Dinner Honoring Bosses Riverside Country Club will bo Mr. nnrl Mr*. F, C. Conle i,f Anglelon ore proudly trlitnrj Irlcndx nboul their rww JOM, (Christopher Cohb, who wns norn nt 11:3-1 n,m., Dec. 19, nt ' ' Ion Hospitnl, weighing pounds nml three ounces. Kevin I,ynn Is the new nan ol Mr. nnd Mrs. Krnl Fox ol \.ifti-- ton. The yoUnff man . wven pounds ami nevrn otmoes tn arrival nt Anglcton Hospital at 3:10 p.m., r>cc. 22. * * • Mr. and Mr*. W. W. Smith of Roshnnm nro announcing the rr- rival ol a daughter. The youns lady was torn at the Am?loinn al 3:19 a.fn., i-1. .., . . Her birth weight was six pounds and nine ounces. » » • Mary Carol is the name Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Peltier of Dan- Imry hnvc chosen for tltclr n?w daughter. The baby arrived nt 12:!W p.m., Dec. 36, at AagH'tjn, Hmplifll, weighing eight pounds, eight and a half ounces. * • • It's a boy! for Mr. and Mr». Donald Bailey of Anglcton. They have named the newcomer Wade Tillman. He was born at 5:30 p. m., Dnc. 28, at Anglelon Hospital, weighing five pounds, 15 ounces. * * • Thomas Michael will make IU home with Mr. and Mrs. Jams* II. Pate of Anglcton. The .vounfl man weighed seven pounds awl one ounce on arrival at Annlclun Hospital at 7:40 a.m., Dec. 30. * « • The newcomer at the J. H. Hlnp home in West Columbia has bc<M named Ronald Dean. He was born on Jan. 3 nt 10:55 a.m., at Annie- third nnnunl dinner sponsorod by the Brazorla County Chapter nl the National Sccrelnrirs As*ociv lion Inlernational honoring thplr employers. At this time the Secretary of the Year will ho announced. Shn will be a member of the loeal chapter who has been Mlcctcd < n n merit basis which has provrn that she has contributed her time nntl*'Ifort to raise the standards of the secretarial profession mid her local chapter. The program will be • Hk't entitled "Century of Progrew" depicting the typical secretary m various year* of history witrt members of tha chapter participating. _„ ,„_ , „, ,„.._ „ , was eight pounds, eight otinc™!. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Kulhanok of Anglelon are announcing tic Clean Idea your car floor, cover it wrth a one-piece rubber car mfi contoured to flt smoothly over the center hump. To keep thl« clean, vacuum or shako It, then scrub with hot soap or detergent suds. A stiff brush will coax out dirt which settles in tha non skid grooves. CUSTARD BREAD PUDDING MAKES .FLAVORFUL WINTER DESSERT Ever hM/d of a no-hake bread pudding? Of * wiftfd Without eggl? - * tf Wtout eggl Both can be found in this tally new Custafd Bread Puddln*. A ttourfih. ing »nd economical dish, it's a perfect winter dcMtrt to Krve with hot fciif ««» rd I"?." 1 "'i* h " "J? old - f »«hi°rt<:? homemade cuwird flavor, but none of the tricky problems of traditional cwttri-maklng. It re' quires no baking, no eegi, and no paimtakJng preparation. Thif custard becomes a hearty ; bread pudding by simply Hirring in freshly-made. »oft bread crumbs. After chifling, the puddings unmold like a charm. Custard bread pudding is a versatile dessert. It can be eaten plain, rtght out of an earthenware custard cup, or unmolded and toppedwith My number of t««v «aur*«. r My number of tasty Sauces. CUSTARD BREAD PUDDIf'G J pactage Royal Custard Flavor Deintt Mix 1 cup finely crumbled soft bread crumbi 2 V\ cups milk Empty dessert mix into a tauceptn. Stir to milk. Cook over medium neat, stirring occasions Iv until mixture comet to a full boil. Remote from heat. Mixture will be thin, but thickens as It cools. Stir in bread crumbs. Pour at once Into heat-proof dessert dishes. Chill without itlr- tine. Serve as is, or uumold and top with favorite Uait or luudae Mttc* Mixes 4-w servings* . ._^^^, ( . . _ Diagnosis: School Phobia By MABV CAMPHKLL GH1CAOO (AP) - A comnVW childhood dlBOSW that parent* fliCn't always aWnrG of 18 ^a!1v*d school phobia. They symptoms: The youngster doesn't want to no to school, or he'* afraid to go. Dr. Jerome Schulman, attending psychiatrist at Children's Memorial Hospital, nays senoiil phobia strikes nearly all 'hi,. dren at some time or other. the family physician. He can treat th« organic Illness II Ih-re Is otW « rtnd the child ba.-h to school. At Children's Memorial HOB- pltal each year Dr. Schulman wes about 20 children with school touch with his friends, Dr. Schulman says, the harder it is for him to go back tn school, iiw family needs to gee a doctor, who may send them to a psychiatric. Stomach pains and headaches which really are school nh^Kfn «,.«.. I , . "...*.„ icailjr mu SCHOO1 DHOWa h~« fX SLi . Whom havent ma * ** m <** pronounced during been to School for years. school hour*, r£. ft,!,,.!™.- ™T. 8 Usually It happens when the child wakes up In the m t> r nlng, re-il Izes It's the day for a test, und suddenly has a stomach ache. Treatment In easy, gays D*. Schulman. Boot him out and send him to school, or tell him he'll have to spend the whole day in bed with no playing. If he's not sick, this prospect may sound so dull he'll discover he feels liXe going to school after all. Sometimes, Dr. Schulman «yr, the child may convince himself and his parents that he really is sick. Then he stays home from school and his m«ther takes care of him. The doctor says illness can be mutually satisfactory to mother and child when the child doesn't want to grow up — perhaps Irom dread of competing with other children — and the mother finds it strengthening to keep her child a baby and dependent on her. With this combination of mother and child, both can keep find ing excuses why it's not good tor the child to start back to scnoul today, ami the stomach ache may go on from day to day. When the child stays hom» several days, it's time tor father, or someone else to step In, the doctor says, and take the child to Most of these, he says, start with a feal illness. The child Is In a hospital or at home for a long time, then, when it s a), most time for him to go back (o school, he hegins to be afraid. He tells himself, "Maybe my friends will make fun of me; I won't be In the gang any more,I'm so far behind in my lessons 111 never catch up." He wants to put off facing the '•irn to school. Real symptoms e off Into a continuation of .v;.,iiploms. He may fool his moth•*• «f. again, she may enjoy coddling and caring for him, rmd subtly encourage him to stay at home. The longer this goes on, with the child getting farther behind m classwork and school hours, Dr. Schulman says, but not always. He gays a child with school phobia usually Is bright and imaginative, able to think of lots of good excuses and keep his symptoms consistent. It's not a new discovery. Mark Twain was aware of disease and treatment, When Tom Sawyer awoke oft a Monday morning wi'h a sore toe, only to be told by his Aunt Polly, "Now you shut up that nonsense and climb out of this bed." Blind Qirl Now Sees Because Pair Wants To Ojfive Thanks n>- ALAN CLINK TOKYO (API—A young girl. learned about other children nt the school—tykes suffering fron severe myopia, an eye ailmwv MVjmiess since mrm, now sees, severe myopia, an eye aiimen 4 at Anreton Mocnllnl' .„ i °" 1Pr y° un K stcrs ™y K« the]that could be helped through gpr* w^V^r P " snpl of:; *™j** •"*"«> «*« » v - «\™ ^ „ ,, h < uarknes*. An active 11-year-old had un All this is coming about be- dcrgone an unsuccessful operate n ounces. Nutritious Sweet potatoes arc a high- energy, hlgh-vltamln and minvnil food. Combined with bacon, their nutritional values rise still more. To make baked sweet potatoes with bacon, wash 1 potato .*r person and wipe dry. If soft «kin is desired, rub lightly with bacon been gravely ill. cause an American couple want- lo restore Mts sight. The boy's ed to give thanks for the iccw- Ulcr . a laborer, had saved ior cry of their two babies who hadji' cars '° S 6 * ^ c necessary funds. . j It would mean more years of siv- . v- Robert Nieman and his wife, i in e lo Provide another operation. Jacquelyn, decided to forego &ni Nieman discussed the ooy's cxt-hangc of Christmas presi-nts ! problem and others with friend and use the money to help a bluidland coworkers. Four decided tt ---— i sponsor individual cases. All Nieman Is a 36-year-old clvilhnj wished to remain anonymous. Army employe (nan Los Angeies. i Other contributions began conv .... u .....i *-MI i «w ii^lllljr W)UI IAJ(_AJI1 •"••-.» «• •••{•••^ji, ••!«•> «ju.-> <uta^v(l.A> I vuici. ^.VIlit 1 VMIIUtIB lATgOJI k-lHIV fat or shortening. Prick skin to; f ' e began his search in nearoy ing in so Nieman set up an or- Bake in a preheated «0-de«rec oven 1 hour or until done, with time depending on the size ol the potatoes. Remove from oven, peel and wrap a strip of raw ba-.-m around each potato, holding in place with toothpicks. Place Yokohama bwviuse lie knew ihat city as.a soldier during the occupation. He found Yoshiko Kagawa, 13, in a school for the blind. Cataracts had kept her in darkness since birth. Kanizalion called "Sight For Children Fund Council." The council has had 5 children i examined at the Yokohama Medical College. The next steps are corrective—and costly. A Japanese industrialist urer. Ar. Holland, San Diego, Calil., and Jolin Purcell, Pottsville, Pa. are council members. Capt. Tsuyoshi Okada, an Army doctor from Keenesburg, Colo., acts as medical adviser. ===== What They're Wearing... By LEROY BYRD VIRGINIA REED, wearing dress that went well w Circle Meeting The Tuesday Morning D.-cle of Freeport First Methodist Church will meet at the home of Mrs. R. L. Meek Jr., of 1754 West 10th. Mrs. R. L. Meek Sr, will be tha . WOMEN HittdayUftOYBYRO U Oran Roberts PTA Slate Tuesday Meeting Hie Uke Jackson Oran Roberts Parent Teacher Association "/ill meet Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. In the Sllzabet Ney Cafetorium for a wsiness session and program. The speaker lot the event is Mrs, Opal Eversole, principal of Ffeeport 0. A. Fleming Elem^i- ary School. She will be Intro duced by Donald Moore and her epic 19 "The Elementary Testing Program in Brazbspflrt Schools". All members are urged to ittend the meeting. You need a teaspoon of salt for each quart of water when you are NO ODOR AT ALL! DRY CLEANING THAT'S REALLY ODOR-FREE. MODERN GLEANERS 110 W. Broad Fntftot BE 3-5222 • H. Frank Carter STOCK UP NOW! WHILE QUANTITIES LAST HUGE COAST-TO-COAST WHITE GOODS VALUES! her MATT IE LEE JORDAN of j Sweeny, in FP and looking *s- tnis pecially pretty in a champai^ne . n hot oven, about 15 minutes, untlll? 110 bacon i« crisp. ini a ""- c "«<"• A Japanese industrialist this peciaiiy preny in a cnampai^ne in I Operation expenses came to i week gave the group its biggest | colored two piece outfit eomol»- itlllJllO and a Japanese eye special- donation, 2 million yen — Jo^rn. j mented with a matching hat i«t Wdivivl hio fno T3..* XTin>«nn «ntl«« ».— *l fnrfur-inm Vtnnr4r* f*i l»«.«_ _ _J Dow Film Program For Review Club The film, "Water Marks ot History," made by Dow Chemical Company was shown rece.itly to 22 members of tha Wedwsdiy Review Qub. Ctmmunity Club Elects Officers Mrs. LnWanda Blodgett wis fleeted president when the JQIV>SJ . , , Creek Community Club nrt cnwea ' Thursday night for a regular Beginning with the history c; San Luis Pass, the film toon members through the f o u n ding and growth of old Velasco, tlw newly located Velasco, the hiv lory of the cities of Bratoria Chile, Freeport and Lake Jact son. Authentic pictures of plant* dons, maps, and the lives of many Texas heroes — also who were iBrozoria Countians — were in- ist waived his fee. Voshiko saw objects for the first time tills week and exclaimed to Nieman about flowers, "more beautiful than I ever expected." She expressed amazement u-at an automobile is much bigger than she thought. While %'isiting Yoshiko, Nieman •Jut Nieman estimates there aie featuring bands of brown and 000 blind children in Yokonama ulone, 250 who might some dny see if given help. Niurmn acts as council president with John Buoy of Bostm, director of the Far East netware, •serving as recoroer and Gary Gentile, Bradford, Pa., as leas- tangerine. MARY CALDWELL and AGNES HALE, entertaining! gucsu New Year's Eve and clad' in black velveteen hostess pants. MRS. R. S. HACKNEY, toppirg her skirt floral print blouse a vary preity business session and the election of officers for the coming ye«>Others elected were Evor»tt Crajnor. Whft, Cnmier, vice president; B. rt. Wh*. secretary; Mrs. Pollye „„„... Iteacroft. treasurer; ;ind E. ji. | the coming of Dow Chemical Co. Gnu; Heallicuck ami MM. in 1!HO Indicated the growth of The picture* of the stornis which have hit the <mn and the following ensuing lloorts gave (fraphic signs at the power ol raging water. The oil. sulphur and cattle nnd . Ralph Gray, member* ol lue bixinl. All seven persons mak* up the Club Board of Dlrvctott. the arcn In ix-crnt years. Tha nineting was held in »,« home of Mrs. R, H. Dclvmo co- The business si?sition Included i Mrs. J. W. Waltrip was u discussion of fund raising w> hostess for the occn.iion. jccts to finance the finishing uf meats were served by the nnst construction on a kitchen nt the jesses from n table covered with Community House, and contrixi-i white llnon centered with (in ur lions are welcome, members rt~ ningement of pink roses. Mrs. R. L. Meek Jr., |>resH.?l. Members stressed the import- The next meeting will be nelti ,.-.. ^ mice of a kitchen in communl>y Jan. 18 in the home of the pn-si- ,ihouse fuiK-llons. Tliey «iuvxin':c! dent. Mill. Meek, with Mrs. P. W , tliut anyone wishing to use Hie i Mulli-liy giving a book review -if Community HOUM chould call ih« recent it^t teller "Advise 'White at BE 3-MOS. and Consent'. Cahoon, Massey Homes Party Sites Mr. ami Mrs. A. C. Cnhnon nf Kwi'i'iiy cntcrtulnnl with u bullot dinner parly on New Vi'.'ir't tvo. 'llic home wus dutxu'ulixi In a holiday motif for tile ocmsiuii. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mus,si-y, Mr. aivl Mrs. I.vie AiiAr, Mr. IIIK] Mrs. Vlmt R'lin- l«j. Mr. and Mrs. IVrry Nrwni'ili, Mr. and Mrs. Garden Club nnd their husbands verv Jiiu'sl.s. A stylized tree, symbolic ol d:o holidays, wus tile fix-al point <it the bulffl table. HIB guests \ve<c stated at indlvicluui curd tnhtos with ccrtunic place cards, with nunioi lettered in gold, murking the pluces. A trndilliuial holiday meiil A iseiTod to tin- tallowing KriH-sl iind Mr. ui.d Mu, Waynu Cun-i., . „ •- r iui K liuin ! ^•'° '*M'ber«. the \Vnn-i . ' ' ... , jlluyn, tlw Hill I'll xt OILS, tli" A oil,,.,; |«ir y wn» hrl.l r,-,vn'l.v| clwi .| cs Sl , (m ., llSi ,, 10 Wi(yill . ^ '. «i Hi,. H,]l M..KM..VS lumie 'vHeii.^^, ,, K , A H Cahaalui „,„, K Blcinbcrs ol UMI Crujw Myrllc | Mn. Sibyl U-llUuic. United's "SPECIAL 66 FAMILY PLAN PAYS SI.OOO ON EACH CHILD REGARDLESS OF CAUSE OP DEATH. WITH UNITED OF OMAMA'STJ. S. 86" FAMILY FLAN, YOU CAN INSURE YOUR WHOLE FAMILY UNDER ONE POLICY The family policy that meets your needs. Here is how it works for you and your family . . . AMOUNTS PAYABLE: (Examples based on husband and wife, both age (35) • Husband Wife For death resulting from sickness .... $ 3,900 $1,000 For accidental death, most causes (See No. 1 below) .. $ l,goo • 13,000 For accidental death of one by auto or na n pawnser on » common carrier (see No. 2 btlow) $11,700 $3.000 Maximum for accidental death of both from one accident by auto or while passengers on a common earrier (see No. 3 belov.^ $3 900 PLUS $1.000 PLUS $39,000-$43.900 Total —SPECIAL ACCIDENTAL DEATH BENEFITS ON HUSBAND AND WIFE . . . 1. Double Indemnity for accidental dentil, or 3. Triple Indemnity for death of husband or wife by auto accident or accidental death while a fare-paying passenger on a common carrier (train, bus, plane, oct.), or 3. Ten times the regular benefit on the huabund's life for death of both husband and wife from Uie auto accident or from the same accident while fare-pay' Ing passengers on a common carrier . . . In addition to their regular death benefits. —WAIVER OF PREMIUM BENEFIT W Dad is disabled prior to tgt 80 (as defined in tiie jK>llcy), the coverage continue* in force without payment of premiums as long as he Is disabled. -ADDITIONAL DEATH BENEFIT . NO further premiums are payable on the' coverage for Mother nnd the children upon the ilcath of the Father. Their coverage Is automatically paid up to the end of the term. -EMERGENCY FUND Age 25. In the event of a financial emergency, your "U S 66" Faimly Plan develops guaranteed Cash or Loa»i vaiues available to you For example: Cash Value, 15th Year $651.30: 20 year $769.28. BANK SERVICE PLAN $5.72 Monthly IP YOU CAN QUALIFY ... now is the time to decide. A year from now may be too late, and in any event the coverage on Dad would definitely be less. For more information on this unique Family Plan please fill In the Information and moil to: United Benefit Life Insurance Co. dig Bunk or .Soul h west Bldg., Houston, Texan. United OP OMAHA Pleu* send me complete details about UNITKU UF OUAMA'S SPECIAL W FAMILY LIKE INSURANCE POLICY. D»t* of N»m« _____ Birth Addri-ss -. Oceupalloa.. City twin 72 by 108 taches twin Sanforized fitted 81 x 99 WHILE QUANTITY! LAST NATION-WIDE MUSLINS FAMOUS FOR LONG WEAR! These are the same famous Nation-Wide muslins that homemakers across the country count on for fabulous long wear! All perfects, yet see how you save during Penney's tremendous January! Compare: strong staple cotton in a firm balanced weave—no weak spots! Smooth finish with minimum sizing—no loaded-finish to wash out! Sturdy selvages that takes countless washings! Here's years of value, stock up now at these new low prices! full 81 by 108", full Sanforised fitted .... 1.68 42 by 36 inch pillow case 2 for 75<j 63 by 108- 72 by 99 ; i._8 36 by 36 pillow case 2 for 71c PENCALE LUXURIOUS COMBED COTTON PERCALE! Yes, these snowy, silky-smooth Penney percales are every inch perfect! Yet, see how you save during Penney's tremendous January! Choice of American homemakers for generations- they're woven of selected, long staple cotton, combed to extra smoothness! The weave is high-count, firm and balanced for excellent wear. Selvages are strong, hems precisely finished. Now is the time to stock up on luxury at thrifty prices! Come in today ... come early! full 81 by 108" full Sanforiaed fitted 1.99 90 by 108 2.69 1 81 twin n by 108 fnche* twin Sanforized fitted 2 for TOWELS — TOWELS TOWELS THICK - ABSORBENT TERRIES 2 *1 For I BATH SIZE n x 44 HANDSIZE WASHCLOTHS I for $1 ... I lor II Penney's terries priced so low you can stock a plentiful supply for all those extra guests, camp, and swim trips! Colors galore in every, thirsty, thrifty size — yellow, brown, rose, pink, white, turquoise, grey. Hurry In for yours! n K. Remember, you can charge it at Pennev's!

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